Duchess Meghan kissed Harry, then wiped her lipstick off of his mouth

There were so many wonderful photos and videos from the Santa Barbara Polo Club over the weekend. Prince Harry’s polo team, Los Padres, won some kind of polo thing, and Duchess Meghan was there to present the trophies/plates. Meghan looked amazing in a polka-dotted blouse, Bermuda shorts and a black hat. Those polo dudes all wanted congratulatory kisses from Meghan too! Harry was ready to beef with his polo bros about it. Finally, Meghan got to her husband and she kissed him on the mouth. The issue? Meghan was wearing a great dark-red lipstick, so after she kissed Harry, she leaned in to quickly wipe her lipstick off of him.

A lovely moment, right? Just a sweet moment between husband and wife, correct? Not so much, according to completely unhinged British commentators. Meghan was “showing control over Harry.” Meghan was trying to “dominate” Harry. Harry was “embarrassed” by Meghan swiping the lipstick off his mouth. I’m not f–king joking, these are all headlines in the British media. Looney-tunes Angela Levin was one of the royal commentators freaking out about it:

This is just a reminder that Angela Levin still gets booked on British talk shows and even news shows. She’s considered one of the top royal commentators and biographers. And she spent all of Monday freaking out about a wife wiping lipstick off her husband’s mouth after they kissed. I cannot.

Photos courtesy of social media.

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  1. BUBS says:

    Angela misses a man’s touch…and it shows.

    • Annalise says:

      You’re totally right!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • BUBS says:

      On another note, I guess it does say something about Britain that a known commentator is okay tweeting such rubbish. Levin often goes on air to REPEAT conspiracy theories that she first tweets…so I assume that she deliberately tweets such drivel, with the aim of wanting to get booked to repeat them on TV or radio. It comes across to reasonable, logical folks as foolishness (which it is), but it’s all so very calculated. She knows there’s a market for her lunacy…just the same way FOX hosts and commentators know they also have an audience. If her audience ceases to exist or shrinks substantially, if she stops getting booked, I assure you her tweets will be revised.
      PS: The global audience outside Britain really loved H and M’s display of affection, as shown in all the news reports from far and wide, so you bet Levin knows she’s only playing to a particular British audience!

      • Jais says:

        I’ve long been shocked that the tv shows in Britain have Angela on as a commentator. Not sure why I’m shocked though when they do it repeatedly. It’s pretty gross.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree @Jais. AL is a proven liar with a grating voice and a face made for radio. If video killed the radio star how in all things reasonable does Levin have a platform. She must have lower fees than others. Angela’s that relative (like bad joke Bill in the office) you avoid. She’s like Dan Wootton. He looks and sounds like what I imagine a chupacabra looks and sounds like and yet is given a platform.

        Yes, it is pretty gross.

    • Joanna says:

      Bwahaha 😹 Good one

    • Seraphina says:

      Yes, someone tweeted (in response to AL) show us you are in a d!ckless and loveless marriage and then retweeted what she wrote.
      I got quite the chuckle on it.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      True. Plus, AL misses a man wanting to be touched by her.

    • sunny says:

      I am howling!!! How is she making such a big deal at this small sign of intimacy???

      • Louise177 says:

        I don’t even think it’s an intimate moment. It’s just what a normal person would do. Wiping off lipstick is common. It really says something about the media and haters that this is something to complain about.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Every man I’ve ever done that to, almost to a T, would flash a grin and when it was the man I was involved with at the time, grab my (rubbing) hand and quickly kiss it after, Then another grin.

        WTH did that creature grow up that this shows “dominance”???? Has she never kissed anyone, or has no one kissed her???

    • rawiya says:

      Honestly! Perhaps she’s never kissed anyone passionately enough to have to wipe off their lipstick. Sad.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      Bravo. and TRUE, I’ll bet.

      what a Bitter Betty she is.

      these two (H&M) are so clearly gaga for each other, and are both clearly much happier living in the US.

      and that just GALLS (some of the) residents of Salty Isle.

      keep on keeping on, H&M, you’re doing it right!

  2. HufflepuffLizLemon says:

    I can’t.
    Like, I would absolutely do this with my husband if he smooched me with a lipstick that transferred, and we would have both giggled. It’s intimacy and connection, not embarrassing or controlling. It would have been worse if he wiped it himself, they would have called him disgusted by her. There is no winning with the media…
    But there’s winning in polo and in life, and seems like the Sussex crew is doing both.

    • equality says:

      You’re right. However it played out, AL would have found something foul to say. That’s just who she is.

    • C-Shell says:

      All of this! Sooooo much worse had she left him to wipe off her lipstick. Or, if she hadn’t, he didn’t, and he stood there with her luscious red lipstick on his lips, the derision would have been off the chart. This is ABSURD. The intimacy of her gesture is driving AL around the bend — her jealousy is embarrassing.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        AL is truly an unhinged and very unhappy woman. The lengths she goes to to attack and present these preposterous and ludicrous conspiracies is an embarrassment to all of Britain. She is telling us exactly what type of woman she is. Bitter, jealous, unhinged and completely lacking any type of sensibility in her life.

    • The Hench says:

      Yep, I would do the same with Mr Hench. And Angela Levin is INSANE. It’s not like Meghan did what my mother used to do which was whip out a tissue, spit on it and then wipe my face (I was a kid at the time, I promise).

      • MsIam says:

        Yes, the spit wipe. Fond memories of that. Not!

      • whatWHAT? says:

        yes, the spit wipe! I said the same below before I read your comment.

        hey, at least your mom used a tissue. I remember my mother just licking her thumb and wiping something off my face.

      • HufflepuffLizLemon says:

        Did it this morning before I dropped my kiddo off at school-he had toothpaste on his face! Could have been much worse for Harry lol

      • Debbie says:

        A. Levin knows the difference. I suspect that’s why she deliberately (and incorrectly) wrote that Meghan wiped Harry’s “face” instead of his lips. Anyway, isn’t there anything happening in England right now that she could pay attention to? My, my.

      • Jay says:

        @hufflpufflizlemon “Could have been much worse for Harry lol”

        Hahaha, we’ve all done it!

      • Teel says:

        My mum did that to me a couple of months ago. I am 56 years old. 😂

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “It’s intimacy and connection, not embarrassing or controlling.”

      EXACTLY this. and THAT’S why the salty folks had to try desperately to reframe it because you’d NEVER see Baldy and Waity do this.

      most people saw this and went “aw, how cute!”…it’s not like she was cutting his meat for him at some state dinner, or like she licked her finger to wipe jelly off his face.

  3. Linney says:

    I suspect if Kate did this to William, the media would bombard us with gushing repots about how this gesture shows: how in love they are, how comfortable they are with each other, how Kate takes care of William, etc. Yeesh! H and M can’t win.

    • SarahCS says:

      That presumes they still kiss. Ever. My money is on no, they don’t. That’s one of the reasons the media has to hate on H&M for being human beings in a love based marriage.

      • LaraK says:

        I can’t remember the last time we saw ANY actual affection between K and W. The occasional forced knee touch or arm around the shoulder in photos maybe, but not a spontaneous, joyous gesture.
        I have no idea how they produced three children, honestly. The contract must be iron clad.

    • ABritGuest says:

      At Wimbledon in 2017 kate wiped something off William’s face & it praised as rare, tender moment of public affection.

      And I agree with Amy Bee- royalists & like Angela Levin get so triggered when they see Meghan looking gorgeous & even more so if her & Harry look happy together. You can always tell by the meltdowns if Harry & Meghan have been seen looking loved up. Pathetic

      I’m embarrassed for Clarence House & Camilla that she’s cooperating with this crazed bigot Angela Levin on a biography.

      • Debbie says:

        Would it be fair to say that Camilla does NOT get many offers from people who are interested in writing her biography? Perhaps that’s why she’s not so selective. I don’t know, I’m just asking for a friend.

      • Christine says:

        Camilla’s biography (assuming she would participate with interviews) would absolutely be of interest to any publisher. It says a lot if the royal family is still in bed with this woman.

    • Nyro says:

      @Sarahcs Someone tweeted that the only time Won’t and Can’t ever kissed publicly was on the balcony at their wedding, and that was only because it was a job requirement. They then went on to note that even Charles and Diana kissed publicly on a number of occassions. So, yeah.

  4. Megs283 says:

    Meghan is absolute perfection!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      she is F*CKING GLOWING, isn’t she? I was like “DAYUM!” when I saw these pics. effortlessly glamourous.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      That red is PERFECT for her! Radiant in general.

  5. BlueSky says:

    AL letting everyone know it’s been awhile since she’s known a man’s touch.

  6. Andria says:

    Please very wife has done this at some point!

  7. The Duchess says:

    My parents still do this and they’ve been married for over 30 years. It’s called true love, Angela. Something you know nothing about. I just love seeing Harry & Meghan bloom together.

  8. Scorpion says:

    You can tell Angie is single as hell! 😂😂😂😂

    • Persephone says:

      Hey, I’m single as hell and I practically melted when I saw this, I thought it was so sweet!
      What AL is is a jealous, dried up husk of a woman with no heart.

    • L says:

      Single as hell too, but I thought it was 🔥 when they kissed and sweet when she wiped off the lipstick from Harry’s mouth. The raggedy bitch is just bitter and jealous is all.

  9. SussexWatcher says:

    They really will just never get over the fact that Harry chose Meghan over every single possible white woman in the entire country 🤣 And then he chose his family over his royal privilege.

    They are still shook and really just can’t comprehend that he does not care about those he left behind (besides his grandmother). And most especially, you, the RRs!!! They really thought that because Harry was polite to them in the course of his past work engagements, that they had some special sort of bond. No, RRs, Harry loathes you all. He wasn’t gonna marry you because you once had a drink together while he was working. I love every single second of their meltdowns.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      I really love Harry stepping forward when his wife/that guy kissed cheeks. He’s like, “Wait, you better watch it, bro!” Not in an overly possessive way, but just like, okay, that’s enough.

      • C says:

        My favorite was in Australia when Matt de Groot gave her that huge bouquet and Harry said “Hey! You can’t give flowers that big to my wife!” LOL. So adorable.

      • Jan says:

        He said, “Hey, Hey”

    • Gruey says:

      And if Harry got anything in return for these choices?? Horror!

      Oh no! There’s no way this is a sexy little moment between a happy horny Harry and his absolute smoke show of a wife on a gorgeous day in coastal Cali surrounded by loving friends!!! Nope! It was public humiliation!

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Yep! The bitterness and seething about Harry choosing *his wife and their kids* above all else is truly something to behold. I repeat, this man has placed the well-being of *his own family* as his top priority and this is the reaction he constantly receives from certain segments. Racism, envy, and white resentment in action.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Meghan triggered the royalists and Kate stans yesterday and I loved it. I can’t wait for her show up in the UK for the Jubilee. Yesterday made me realise that the royalists get angry everytime they see Meghan because she reminds them of what the Royal Family has lost and that she makes the rest of the family look dull and boring, especially Kate.

    • L84Tea says:

      Tri-iii-iiiiiiggered. I think their brains may actually implode when she arrives in the UK. They cannot handle happy, thriving, beautiful Meghan at all.

    • Christine says:

      You nailed it, Amy Bee! It was something to behold. So much incandescence about a sweet intimacy, so little time, apparently.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      It’s SO insane how bitter and angry they’ve been about these polo pictures. Honestly, I don’t think their reaction to Invictus was quite this sour. I feel like part of it is the usual factors at play, but also the timing of the pictures. We were just coming off of those awkward, unflattering, and even tense photos & videos of the Top Gun premiere, and here comes Harry and Meghan a few days later with completely different vibes. It was probably very triggering for the royalists and derangers to have this back-to-back comparison.

      • Christine says:

        You’d think the back to back Landrover comparison photos a week apart would have prepared them, but no.

  11. WhatHappenedtomyComment says:

    If you pass by comment sections on social media especially Harry leaning ones, certain commenters specifically women are spiralling in rage.
    They convinced themselves that Harry really is under a spell. They came up with excuses to justify everything the couple does. For example, surrogacy claims to console themselves that Harry and Meghan are not really intimate with each other to conceive children and because racists dehumanize people especially black, pregnant women.
    Seeing Harry and Meghan so loved up on Sunday was a reality check from their delusions and their anger, jealousy and hate is eating them up.

    • Yoke says:

      Angela’s take is absolutely bonkers and she deserves to be called out for it for sure, or better yet fired or at least ignored because it is so pathetic and unhinged.
      However, I am quite shocked to see all the people going straight to her being single/loveless/missing a man’s touch. I thought this was the favorite comeback of ignorant bigots, who think that every issue can be solved by access to their magical d*ck. I find it rather pathetic that so many people here went straight for that « argument ». How are you better than Angela?

      • WhatHappenedtomyComment says:

        Replying to Yoke,
        🤷‍♀️ I have never spoken of missing a man’s touch or needing a man. If that’s what you took from my comment then that’s your prerogative or maybe my comment hit close to home for you in which case that’s your own issue to deal with.
        Angela Levin behaves like she has ownership of Harry. One observation I’ve had regarding these people especially women is that they would be perfectly fine if Meghan was fully white. They (monarchists) live vicariously through the married-in women like Diana, Meghan and Kate.
        If they were satisfied fantasizing through Kate that would be enough for them.
        This sense of ownership they have only extends to Harry. They don’t do this to William or Charles or anyone else in the royal family.
        Harry marrying Meghan broke their fantasies. The fact that Kate is morphing into an imitation Meghan shows they want all of Meghan’s qualities, just in a white woman’s package.

      • C says:

        Nah, as the saying goes, if the shoe fits….
        Most of the time people using the “bitter” and “single” insults problematically are men and Stepford wives getting upset about feminism. That’s not at all the case here.
        This is a perfectly normal thing for couples to do (of ANY gender). Her ranting about it shows she’s a bitter lonely old hag. Her creepy obsession with Harry has been obvious for years. This kind of ranting is borderline stalking. She definitely encourages others to do it outright too with these comments.

      • Jaded says:

        She’s irrationally obsessed and infatuated with Harry and because of it she loathes Meghan and will turn the smallest and sweetest of gestures into one more thing to hate her for. So yes, she’s a bitter hagela who who probably fantasizes about doing that very thing to Harry…and more.

      • Lemons says:

        @Yoke, this may have been true pre-Evangelical conservative right, but now…no. These people practically flaunt that they do not know what true intimacy is ie Ben Shapiro and his comments about “WAP”. The rest of us are just living normal lives, exploring our sexuality, learning new ways to be good, thoughtful human beings.

        And these cretins are just continuing to be awful.

      • Beverley says:

        @WhatHappenedtoMyComment, you better preach! 🎯🎯🎯 The rabid anger is that Meghan is half Black and Harry continues to adore her.

        Racism and envy are a cancer in their stony, loveless hearts. Let all ‘em Karens stay big mad!

      • BeanieBean says:

        I agree with Yoke. It veers a little close to the line.

      • Debbie says:

        Clearly, the reason some people have responded by saying that Angela Levin must not have been kissed for a while is because she took a natural gesture between a man and his wife and vomited out at least 3 tweets within a short span of time, making up her own false details, then insulting H & M over her own made-up scenario (of wiping Harry’s face rather than his lips) all while they were going about their own business on a separate continent away. So, Levin sticks her nose in someone else’s congratulatory kiss, so others question her own gestures of affection, or lack thereof. Simple.

        So, for those asking how some commenters are any better than Angela, perhaps it’s because they are not harassing a young couple trying to live their lives 24/7. If some still sympathize with the Angela Levins of this world after seeing what they spew, then that says something very unpleasant about such people.

    • tifzlan says:

      The comments agreeing with Angela Levin under her tweets were extremely unhinged. Like, I truly wonder what parallel reality these people live in that they work THIS hard to convince themselves of an alternative narrative they’ve concocted and are desperately clinging on to of people who are in actual fact complete and utter strangers to them! It’s… very concerning…

      • WhatHappenedtomyComment says:

        To Tifzlan,
        I agree. Angela Levin is unhinged and dangerous.
        She behaves like Harry is her grandson, boyfriend, crush and property all rolled into one.
        I hope one day she will be served a restraining order. She hates Meghan and she is using her followers to continue her harassment of a man she reportedly only met for around 10 minutes.

    • Lady D says:

      @Whathappenedtomycomment, I wonder if these are the same commenters who had built an entire fantasy life for Rob and Kristen Stewart? The fans had those two married in private, raising twin girls and fooling the whole world, except for the secret Robsten fans. Reality eventually reared its ugly head and they’ve found a new obsession after Rob and Kristen to fill the hole in their lives.

  12. Becks1 says:

    omg. she really is deranged. It was a cute moment. You know how I know? Even the daily mail said so!! (I was looking for pics of Abigail Spencer and found a DM article devoted to ‘the kiss’ and the subsequent lipstick wiping and it was……surprisingly positive, lots of comparisons to Diana and Charles and their awkward kisses, with the idea that “Harry and Meghan are showing real affection as opposed to his parents awkward kisses.” I mean the article was a little creepy bc it detailed every movement of the kiss (Meghan tilted her head this way, Harry tilted his head that way, lol) but it was still overall positive, even with the lipstick thing.

    Angela Levin needs to get over it. She’s not getting Harry.

    • C-Shell says:

      She amplifies all the most deranged hate on SM, has quoted Yankee Wally and Scammy in her “official royal reporting,” and SOMEHOW has brainwashed herself that she has some kind of hold over Harry. It’s sick.

      ETA — thanks for reporting back on the Fail! I refuse to click on anything there, so am always appreciative of Kaiser and others reporting on their stuff.

    • Eurydice says:

      The DM was strange yesterday, wasn’t it – like it had been taken over by aliens. Gushing over how “radiant” Meghan looked and how in love H&M are. Also creepy were the number of photos of Meghan, like they didn’t bother to edit anything, just used every single photo taken. Of course, after the billion photos, they had to bring in the Netflix documentary, but overall it seemed like the DM was admitting, “Here’s what’s really interesting.” I’m sure that won’t last.

      • L84Tea says:

        I think the DM got their orders to tone it down for now. But it won’t last.

      • equality says:

        For all the worry over Netflix filming, the RF announced on Twitter that ITV would be broadcasting a morning show from BP. They are getting all kinds of flack for that.

      • Eurydice says:

        @equality – I think they did that show yesterday, with a tour inside BP. There seem to have been complaints.

      • Andrew's_Nemesis says:

        Sounds as though they’ve been told to tone it down by BP/CH for the upcoming Jubilee ‘rapprochement’.
        Which goes to show that Her Maj. could have called off the attack dogs at any time, doesn’t it…?

      • Andrew's_Nemesis says:

        Sounds as though they’ve been told to tone it down by BP/CH for the upcoming Jubilee ‘rapprochement’.
        Which goes to show that Her Maj. could have called off the attack dogs at any time, doesn’t it..?

      • lemontwist says:

        Agreed @Andrew’s_Nemesis, I think this ‘softening’ or what have you is allll about the Jubbly. I wonder how much of it involves the BRF saying ‘hey knock it off for a bit’ and how much of it is the BM’s own doing.

        Obviously the BM is frothing for pics & ESPECIALLY pics of Archie & Lili. This just seems like a tactic – ‘I’ll play nice for a while and hope you forget about how abusive I was for years’ and ‘If you don’t give me what I want, now I can say but look how nice I was to you, how dare you deny me!’

        It just seems disingenuous & calculated (although given the BM & the BRF’s history, not very *well* calculated).

      • Becks1 says:

        I think they were given orders to tone it down (by Charles, not necessarily the Queen, but its possible) and it does beg the question of those orders were not issued prior to this. (It also begs the question….”hey isnt a little problematic that the heir to throne, who will be, like his mother, an unelected head of state, can make a phone call and change the coverage of their family?”)

        My guess is now Harry is in a position of power and Firm knows it. They need Harry more than Harry needs them as we’ve said and if Harry made it clear that he expected some help in the press from Charles, then I think Charles (or whoever else at the Firm) would have complied. 3 years ago Harry didn’t have the power he has now, within the Firm.

        Also, I think part of the change in tone could be coming from the press themselves. They have gotten SO extreme and SO nuts about the Sussexes and while the RRs dont seem to care, its not playing well in the international press – for example some of the negative coverage of Harry and Meghan during Invictus got a LOT of pushback. People on a global scale were again picking up on the abuse in the British press and the Tomineys and Levins of the UK looked really petty and mean spirited. They know their coverage will be scrutinized for the jubbly and are probably trying to cover their butts in advance.

  13. Maxine Branch says:

    The ownership Levine claims over Harry is downright dangerous. This women is an unhinged as they come. A 15 minute interview of a young Harry turned into a book by her and an outraged Harry of her audacity to do so is her claim to his life. Those gutter gossipers have a hard time realizing the Monticeto couple considers them an unpleasant memory.

    • lanne says:

      I agree. Harry should apply for a restraining order. If a male reporter went on and on about a female celebrity in the same way, he would be called out, big time. She has been writing this nonsense for 5 years now. She’s obsessed with Harry to a dangerous extent. I think she’s a danger to him, Meghan, and their children. Someone needs to put that miserable cow out to pasture.

  14. girl_ninja says:

    Angie creates situations and runs with them because of her hatred of Meghan. What a sad old bat.

  15. Cel2495 says:

    Lol, has that woman ever been touched by a man? Lol, she def needs some loving to stop being so bitter.
    That was such a loving gesture and nothing more than a wife wiping lipstick off her husband. Heck my partner ( when I had one) used to kiss me on the lips even with red lipstick ( which I did not like because I was afraid it will get all over my face), anyhow , I usually wiped it off as a helpful gesture and to make sure it was really off.
    Angela is unhinged and crazy… she prob wished she was the one wiping her lipstick off the ginger prince that she’s been obsessing over 😂

  16. Tessa says:

    Netflix does not supply cameras Angela

  17. Joanna says:

    I love seeing a couple so in love. She is so gorgeous! I’m awe at how she can make her hair look so good. My hair is not as thick and I can’t get it smooth without it frizzing up.

  18. Haylie says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present Angela Levin’s new hit single: DAP!

  19. Tessa says:

    If kate did that Angela would swoon only william would look annoyed

  20. L84Tea says:

    We all need to chip in and buy Angela Levin one of those life size pillows with Harry on the fabric. The woman is deeeep in her want of him. Oof…

  21. UNCDancer says:

    So people are nuts, crazy royal commentators, etc. I just want to mention the really good causes this “some kind of polo thing” supported: the charities were @FoodbankSBC, @CALM4kids & @healtheocean. You can also support them with the purchase of Los Padres merchandise by James Pearse Collection ( jamesperse.com). It was charity polo match Harry and Meghan hosted.

    • windyriver says:

      It’s nice that Pearse will give the funds from those merchandise purchases to the charities, but did you see what they’re charging for that stuff? Beyond ridiculous.

  22. Jttrain says:

    I mean all I had to do was see the pictures and know they were going to be up in arms! That’s the problem right? Meghan is a star, end point. And even when people claim that she climbed her way there, it was a lot less climbing than Kate or Phillip for that matter. Less than Edo. Less than Camilla.

    Why. Because she has “it”. And it’s not her fault that William didn’t keep his hair, or that Kate filled her face until it fell off a cliff. Even if meghan wasn’t as attractive as she is, she still has a personality that contains awareness of the rest of the world.

    They aren’t mad that she poses for the camera, they all do that. They are mad that she’s so much fn better than them at it. Meghan has never been as thirsty as Kates funeral glamour shots, or Williams colonial bongos.

    Charles is for sure getting a call today for more money to spend on coatdresses.

    • Haylie says:

      Do coat dresses have the magical ability to hide saggy jowls? Kate doesn’t need a tailor. She needs an 11th hour miracle.

      • Jaded says:

        She needs to gain 10 lbs or more. No amount of filler is going to make her youthful face come back.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Honestly, I think at this point it’s beyond saving. It’s not just the weight loss (though it plays a huge part), it’s the amount of times she’s been messing with her face in the past 1-2 years. Eventually you hit a point of no return, and I think she’s hit hers some time ago.

  23. Well Wisher says:

    I do hope that Ms. Levin finds grace, she would be so much better at her job, whatever that is.
    The wise Viola Davis once stated that “how you love, defines your life”. It seems true with the Sussexes.
    They are traveling light, they did most of the work before they met. By slowly unpacking their baggage and examining their life slowly but surely with love.
    I hope their detractors can learn to love in their similar but unique way, it will make them more sociable, easier to bear and most importantly coming to the realization that viewing people as commodities to be controlled is a moral sin.
    Harry does not belong to them, Meghan did not steal him, they simply fell in love and am comfortable expressing it in an open manner.
    These foaming-at-the-mouths are so annoying.

    • BUBS says:

      “They are traveling light”- a word!!! Thank you.

    • pennypop says:

      “They are travelling light” is a beautiful way to put that and provides yet another lens through which to view their partnership.

  24. swirlmamad says:

    Tell me you ain’t got a man without telling me you ain’t got a man. Sit the F down, Angela. Your patheticness is showing.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      I laughed pretty damn hard at AL’s twitter avatar bc I know what she’s doing with that hand…
      She’s compressing her turkey wattle neck, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  25. Liz Version 700 says:

    It was such a normal loving gesture. Angela and other middle aged women with weirdly possessive feelings about Harry can’t stand that Meghan looks and acts like a wife…. It is a constant reminder to them that she has Harry and they have a bag of day old crumpets.

  26. Layla says:

    Can someone give Christopher Bouzy a hint to go after that stupid so called “body language guy” the way he went after the three witches? This guy is really starting to piss me off

  27. J. Ferber says:

    Degrading? Embarrassing? WTF? It was a simple, lovely moment in their passionate, lovely love story for the ages. Suck a lemon, Angela. That’s what you do best, anyway.

  28. MsIam says:

    I think more people are starting to see that commentators like Angela Levin are really cray-cray. (Of course Sussex Squad has known this for a long time). So keep exposing who you really are Angela and please, sincerely please, get some help. And isn’t she only on that channel that Piers is on and in Australia? I can’t believe any reputable network would put a microphone in front of her, she’s a freak show.

  29. Sakura says:

    I just had to go to Angela Levin’s Twitter. I couldn’t help myself. God, what a shitshow. I did leave her a nice little comment about letting Meghan live rent-free in her head, when Meghan isn’t thinking of her at all. I can’t wait for the backlash🍿

  30. Chelsea says:

    A woman wiping her lipstick off after kissing someone is sexy as hell but when the woman doing it as beautiful as Meghan that’s on a whole other level. Levin and her loony followers are just pressed because Meghan is hot and her husband obviously adores her and they’re gonna stay mad, oh well.

  31. Nilber says:

    I did this exact same thing to/for my husband at his USAF retirement last month. It was honestly an automatic response and one that he appreciated.

    Their body language is natural and affectionate. They either truly adore each other or they are some of best actors to ever live.

    It’s sad to me that the idea of not just loving the person your with but liking them to is so foreign to some.

  32. Agreatreckoning says:

    ‘What sort of woman would wipe their husband’s face during a public outing when crowds are looking?’.

    1. A normal and loving one.
    2. A former FLOTUS. Michelle Obama during the National Prayer Breakfast. Feb, 4 2010 wiped lipstick off of Barack’s face. and another time caught on camera with crowds-August 2016.

    I guess it’s obvious what sorts of women shouldn’t be doing such things per AL Old hag.

  33. Jais says:

    The kiss pic is so perfect. Love how Meghan’s hat shades her face in that moment.

  34. Ginger says:

    I just love how upset the Kate Stan’s and royal commentators are over the kiss. They lose their mind when William looks at Kate’s shoulder ( talking about how in love they are and how William can’t keep his eyes off of Kate) and they spent the WHOLE day ripping on the polo pics because Harry and Meghan are actually in love and Harry can’t keep his eyes off of her and it kills them. They wonder why it can’t be W&K . What a sad life Kate Stan’s and Angela Levin have.

    • booboocita says:

      What would anyone in their right mind prefer? A loving kiss with a little lipstick smear, or a “festive glance?” Hand holding, or teeth gritting? A warm hand on your back, guiding and supporting you, or some man other than your husband helping you up some steps when you’re wearing a tight gown?

      H & M are living the dream. I know what I’d prefer. And I’m pretty sure I know what AL would prefer: she wants Harry’s warm hand on her back. What’s that old En Vogue song? “No, you’re never gonna get it …”

  35. Julia K says:

    I did what I said I would never do. I read all the Daily Fail comments about the polo match, also the comments of another well know gossip site as well. I am heartsick over the hatred and outright lies. Tossed and turned all night .

    • Polo says:

      I hope you’re feeling okay today. It’s not worth your mental health going over there. It’s like Fox News message boards. Just an alternate universe where trolls gather in misery.
      Thankfully it’s not a reflection of the world. It’s a very small group of people with nothing better to do with their days

    • Christine says:

      I did that once, and never again. We all learn this one the hard way.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Some of those people lead empty lives. Others are simply bots and not real. Others are paid to hate. It’s never the majority. Only the squeaky wheel.

  36. Over it says:

    Never had a man have you Angela?

    • Jaded says:

      Apparently she’s been married for a long time and has 3 kids but there is absolutely NO information about them anywhere. He’s probably totally hen-pecked and p-whipped and her kids are probably so embarrassed by her they’ve taken new identities.

  37. Bettyrose says:

    And this is why they aren’t ever going back as working royals. If a split second moment of affection thousands of miles away generates this much negative press, why would they ever walk back into that madhouse?

    • Polo says:

      There was literally no negative press except tweets from Angela. Every article I’ve seen has been gushing over the moment even from Daily Mail.
      Not saying I want them to go back because I don’t but a tweet or two from Angela and the usual suspects is not all press.
      I also greatly doubt that Harry or Meghan care what this woman has to say.
      At some point all her crazy will come back on the palace since they are working with her on Camilla’s book.

  38. Elsa says:

    These people are unhinged. It was a charming moment.

  39. ChillinginDC says:

    The people who agreed with her are baffling. I saw someone say that if Harry had told her no that she would have abused him when they got home! WTF???

    • Debbie says:

      That sounds like that person is projecting their own impulses onto two complete strangers. At a certain point, these people on social media get so twisted that their comments reflect poorly on them, not the Sussexes.

  40. Luna17 says:

    That photo of Meghan looking at that baby is making me lol! I don’t think I’ve ever looked that excited at my own kid haha. I’m surprised Angela didn’t write that Meghan looks like she is about to attempt to kidnap a polo baby. How is the person not embarrassed to tweet such dumb shit?! No shame I guess.

  41. Anna says:

    Degrading? Sick woman. Harry probably thought this was sexy as hell and asked Meg to do it again, in private… I mean, I would ask her!

  42. Dillesca says:

    Angela Levin is positively unhinged. Tweeting three times in less than 10 minutes about such a non-issue…

    Yes, how EMBARRASSING for Harry that his wife kisses him and makes sure she doesn’t leave lipstick on his face 🙄

  43. Carmen says:

    That bitter old cow wishes she could wipe her lipstick off some man’s mouth.

  44. WestCoastBestCoast says:

    THIS is exactly why Buttons can’t stand her. Meg won the prize Buttons wishes she had; a hot husband of royal birth, who actually shows her affection and respects her and has the life she wanted. Fundamentally, she can’t handle that she lost…and she’ll make it everyone else’s problem.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Guess who took these pictures? Bad Dad’s co host on that You Tube that slags on the Sussexes. The same photog that was casing the empty house next to Doria.

  45. February Pisces says:

    Angela is still mad the Meghan gets to kiss harry and not her. They still look crazy hot for each other which clearly gets the trolls mad. They keep hoping for the day harry leaves Meghan, moves back to the UK alone and confesses his undying love for Kate, then kate marries both brothers.

  46. L4Frimaire says:

    Would they rather he have red lipstick on for all the official photos? This was probably a brief nanosecond, something all women do. These critics seize on any tiny thing because it was a successful fundraiser, great turnout with lots of friends, and Meghan looked amazing and showed us what real glamour looks like. So a brief intimate gesture, that shows a wife comfortable around her royal husband, sets them off. That’s why they’re mad.

  47. what's inside says:

    In that thumbnail picture, for a moment I thought it was Scammy. Is Levin related?

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Levin follows scammy’s troll accounts more than any other RR. And repeats lies more than any other. This woman breathes to hate Meghan.

  48. Hannah says:

    🫢 Madam Duchess can wipe her red lippy off my cheek any day of the week 💋 Lucky Harry 🔥 This is such a stupid nothingburger, I can’t believe I’m justifying responding to Angela Levin

  49. Beverley says:

    Poor dear Angela. She’s dry and crusty AF and so damn thirsty! It’s been a minute since anyone has kissed her passionately enough to muss her lipstick. She has never been in a position to wipe a smudge off a lover’s face. To see the dreaded black American so comfortably share such easy sexy affection with Harry breaks poor Angie’s dried up racist heart. Because a man hasn’t as much as noticed her for decades, much less desired her.

    Perhaps she’s been saving herself for Harry and dreams of being Wife #2. She fantasizes that Harry will dismiss Meghan and take Angela to his bed, all the while expressing his gratitude and relief that her relentless journalistic fuckery has FINALLY run off Meghan who embarrassed and belittled him. He’ll confide in Angela Levin that he was desperate to rid himself of that gorgeous American because she made him so miserable. Now he’d be able to return to the Firm as the Spare and prop up the Dim Bulb and Furious Bill. And Angela is the one to thank, having actually saved the monarchy and reunited the RF.

    Then Angela will finally have the Prince’s touch that she’s been starving for.

    Poor dear. Dreams are free.

  50. Yo says:

    These ugly on the inside and outside women really don’t know what it’s like to love let alone kiss a man And they Wonder why this man left the country screaming for America lmaooo

  51. tamsin says:

    I never thought much of Harry or about him until I did some research after the news came out that he was dating Meghan. I didn’t know anything about Meghan either, and initially wasn’t really that interested in her, but as their story evolved, I started reading up about them. I was impressed with both of them for their humanitarian work, and with Meghan, the way her friends talked about her as well as the way she had handled her career. Harry’s setting up Sentebale and the Invictus Games really establishes his legacy because of the evolution of the work these two organizations do. Anyway, I considered Harry with an attractive guy next door kind of vibe, and of course a very eligible bachelor, but not overtly sexy; in fact kind of goofy looking at times. I think his meeting Meghan and falling in love with her changed Harry in more ways than one, and in the way he is perceived. She seems to bring out the best in him; it’s being in love with Meghan that gives Harry the sexy vibe.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Regarding your last line, I personally think Harry is sexy all on his own. I am more his mother’s generation and I remember when Harry was born. I saw him in his different stages of growing up, so I don’t look at him in a lustful or romantic way. I just think he’s always been rather cute (especially in his teens and early twenties). In addition, he’s been through phases of drinking and smoking too much which wasn’t good for him, and doing so sometimes made him appear puffy around the face and midsection. After he was encouraged to retire from the military, he wasn’t happy so maybe he was drinking more. He seemed at loose ends, and not pulled together well sartorially. He had a baby face, but then he grew a beard which immediately helped him look more mature.

      With the beard, Harry became a bit scruffy looking. Also, his eyes are rather close together, so that’s not a very pleasing physical trait. He gets that from Philip and Charles. The blue color of his eyes is nice though, coupled with his red hair. Anyway, IMO Harry has always been very cute, and very sexy as he matured. His voice is especially lovely, strong, and alluring with its deep timbre and his British accent.

      For sure, after he met Meghan, Harry began to come into his own, with more confidence and a greater sense of purpose. Meg surely helped Harry with grooming his beard and the hair around his neck and sideburns. She also influenced him to dress better. Over time, Harry began emulating Meghan’s clean living habits. He ultimately stopped smoking and he cut down on drinking, so he’s much healthier looking. While dating, M&H began coordinating what they wore, which I’m sure was due to Meg’s savvy fashion sense. She’s a wonderful, down-to-earth womanly woman, and he’s a kind, empathetic manly man, with his mother’s charming personality. Together they exude love, soulfulness and great chemistry. They are both sexy in their own right. Together, wow, they’re magical and hot. Like Harry said, “The stars aligned.”

  52. Jay says:

    So, just so we’re clear, Angela, she should have let him be photographed wearing bright red lipstick smeared all over his face? Ask him try to wipe it himself and get it all over his shirt, too? Wouldn’t that be just as “degrading”?

    Oh, you would complain about that too because actually this is not about the lipstick at all, but about who is doing the kissing? Well then.

  53. Jessica says:

    Her tweets are frighteningly unhinged, but wow — the replies. I was expecting her to get dragged, but these delusional freaks are just as bad as her. The fixation is profoundly disturbing.

  54. tealily says:

    She’s looking very Amal Clooney here.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I was thinking Rita Hayworth, or some other old-time movie star. Maybe Lana Turner, Bette Grable. Any 1940s era star, when they wore shorts/skirts of that length, big hats, big sunglasses, & red lips.

  55. The Voice says:

    How about this? They’re in America and in America, we don’t shy away from touching our spouses in a loving way, even in front of crowds and cameras. Seems like Harry has adjusted well and has no issue. He was more than happy to kiss his wife. Maybe Angela should familiarize herself with American culture before commenting on an American in America doing American things. Do some research or is that not part of her job?

  56. Kitt1 says:

    Royal commentators like Angela stirring up hate against Meghan (and Harry) are the reason why H &M are so worried about security. These people are like Fox News hatemongers and Alex Jones for filling the airwave and internet with daily hate. Their followers follow them into the sewer pit of lies and crazy conspiracies and when a few decide to act their hate out, we get mass killings in Buffalo or crazy stalking behaviors.

    People like Angela Levin know full well what they are doing. They are laughing all the way to the bank with no consequences. These media vultures are called vultures for a reason. They feed off dead carcasses. If anything happens to the Sussexes and their children, that’ll only add more gossip juice to make them even more money. Think of all the endless books, YT vids, tweets, talk shows, they can churn out. You only need to look at Diana’s death, her funeral and the 25 years since and how the Palace and these vultures (latest being Tina Brown) are still making money and building their legacy/brand off her premature death.

    What does that say about the monarchy and the British press?

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      I read the twitter comments and there are racist sycophants everywhere!
      I wiped lipstick off my husbands face at our wedding! No one felt I was treating him like a child. If Kate did this it would be an epic display of affection!

      Levin is obsessed with hate and jealousy over Meghan’s life to pay so close attention to a husband and wife giving a brief kiss during a charity event she was not invited to.

      Poor salty hag needs to pay her bills by appeasing the keens.

  57. HamsterJam says:

    My hairdresser brings in her white lab and will give him a big kiss on his forehead and then he goes around for the rest of the day with a giant lipstick kiss on his head.

    Wearing other people’s lipstick is a great look for doggies, not so much for people.

  58. pennypop says:

    This is such an unhinged take. Especially since moments like this are typically bread and butter for RRs because they provide insight into Royal relationships. Remember how Princess Margaret’s affair with Captain Townsend was discovered? She publicly picked lint or something off his uniform and folks went into paroxysms of speculation about what their relationship entailed, with the common factor in that speculation being that there was romantic intimacy.

  59. RoyalBlue says:

    Ok folks, we have used the word unhinged on this thread too many times to count to describe Angela and it’s driving me crazy. I feel like switching it up and will now declare that she is a lunatic.

  60. RoyalBlue says:

    I also think Meghan is wearing culottes, not bermuda shorts.

  61. Woods says:

    Waiting to see the next controversy unfold as DM announcing Thomas Markle has had stroke days before Jubilation.

    • C says:

      I assume it’s the same kind of “stroke” as the “heart attack” he suffered before the wedding.

      • Woods says:

        C, I was thinking the same thing.

      • Cha-Cha-Slide says:

        If you go on Twitter, there’s a photo of TM looking straight at the camera while on a stretcher. It’s pretty obvious that it was a set-up.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Deja vu all over again with his f*ckery.

        It’s got to be a set up. Most people having a stroke are not looking at cameras that “just happen” to be there or travel 30+ miles to a hospital when there is at least 3 much closer by. Who honestly believed he was going to go to the Jubbly in the first place. Bad Dad is far from being in shape to traipse through airports and odds are pretty good he wouldn’t want to be caught with or have some of his questionable prescriptions confiscated.

      • Debbie says:

        I actually thought you were just kidding about T. Markle and his medical misadventures; that is, shenanigans he engages in whenever Meghan has an event planned in England. This guy…

        I sure hope this story will be covered in Celebitchy. Apparently, his daughter Scamantha went to the DM (an English paper where neither live) to tell the story and promptly ask for “privacy.” You can’t make this stuff up.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Debbie, right, you can’t make this stuff up. It is fascinating how Bad Dad & half sister have TMZ and the Fail/BM on speed dial. Did Scamantha ask for privacy before or after blaming Meghan for everything ? Much less TM was supposed to appear in court on th 19th for something. It’s like when SM had the Floriday freeway “accident” and TMZ had pictures of her at the hospital. But, the Florida police had no records of said accident. Someone/s on Salty Island is not pleased about the Sussexes going to the Jubbly weekend-especially after a weekend of them looking healthy, happy and fabulous.

        Bad Dad has Tom Jr. and Samantha to look out for him during his time of fake “distress”. lol Honestly, during any real recovery you don’t want publicity, right? You just want to recover. Let the other two be the saviors.lol Apparently his “heart attack” before Harry & Meghan’s wedding didn’t scare him into a healthier lifestyle. He looks like someone who went against any and all recommendations for people who’ve had heart attacks. So much false concern from Wootton, Bad Dad and others saying the Sussexes would overshadow the Jubbly when the they/the BM are doing it. Why is that is the big question? Wootton obviously doesn’t truly respect the Queen as he’s professed. If he did he wouldn’t be talking to/with Scammy & Bad Dad. Scammy is not helping her position with the current lawsuit either. She & TM are the definition of bad actors in a lawsuit.imo

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        lol at my typos. Florida not Floriday. Bad Dad is a repugnant grifter. We have 5 nieces/nephews between 2 of my husband’s siblings that want/have nothing to do with their parent related to him. Grifters/@ssholes/narcissists/thieves. Meghan owes Bad Dad/half sister absolutely nothing. When TM said Meghan should just settle the lawsuit with $$$$$, certified everything know about him.

  62. Doc says:

    Angela better be worried about what’s going to happen with Brexit and leave Harry and Meghan alone. This is not even worth writing or reading. Most ‘real’ women I know always wipe lipstick off their husbands or even love ones cheeks.

  63. Lynne Davis says:

    I know this is a post about Meghan and Harry, but polo players are so so so good looking!

  64. Justjj says:

    AL needs to catch a D. That’s all I’ve got.

  65. blunt talker says:

    Harry and Meghan are married with two children-I saw the video and Harry leaned toward Meghan and she leaned towards him for a quick peck kiss-I do this all the time with my husband with or without lipstick which I wipe off if it is in a public setting which is not often-the UK buzzards need to worry about what is going on in their own damn country-I don’t know how old this Angela is she sounds childish and out of touch with today’s younger married people-May Meghan and Harry have a safe trip and peace will reign among all royals.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Yep, people do it all the time-moms/kids, husband/wives whatever. I’ve had siblings & friends & my spouse (and vice versa) wipe something off my face. A couple of things we whisper to each other about taking care of on our/their own is regarding nose boogers, eye boogers or food stuck in teeth.

  66. mycatlovestv says:

    I remember watching the character Abigail Bartlett do this loving move after kissing her husband, President Bartlett, on The West Wing. I thought…what a nice touch for the writers to include. It shows such devotion between the couple. Naturally, the Meghan haters MUST find ugliness where there is none.

  67. JJ says:

    As Pete “ Maverick “ Mitchell would say she’s lost that lovin feeling lmao who am I kidding she’s never had it 😂