Kay: Thomas Markle could have advised Prince Harry on ‘mixed-race marriage’

There is a strong belief among Sussex Squad peeps that Thomas Markle isn’t simply a trashy, emotionally abusive, toxic father with his own agency, a man who lies constantly and sells out his daughter. Many see him as a pawn of the British tabloids, and (as some theorize) a convenient idiot for Kensington Palace’s anti-Sussex workshop. We know that Thomas was in contact with Jason Knauf, and we know someone has written Thomas’s British-languaged scripts. But I do wonder how much of this is actually KP versus how much of this is just the toxic British tabloids being the absolute worst. Anyway, now that Toxic Tom has “stroke-like symptoms” and he’s being hospitalized just days before he was due to fly out for the Jubbly, Richard Kay has a completely bizarre column in the Daily Mail: ‘If Harry doesn’t now reach out to Meghan’s poorly father, I fear he may come to regret it.’ I’ll spare you the bulk of the column, because it’s mostly just Kay trying to spin the facts in evidence and make Thomas sound like a poor, petulant victim. The significant parts:

Watching Prince Harry gallop across a sunlit polo field in southern California it was tempting to wonder if it brought back any nostalgic memories for the very different kind of life he used to lead as a member of the Royal Family. But of all the regrets he surely privately has over his exile, the greatest must be the animosity that exists between him and his father-in-law, who remains seriously ill in hospital after a suspected stroke.

The rift between Thomas Markle, his daughter and the son-in-law he has never met, has been one of the most tragic and enduring features of the entire Harry and Meghan saga. It is also by some distance the saddest. For despite the pain and suspicion that undoubtedly still exists between Harry and his father Prince Charles and brother William, the Prince has not completely severed those royal bonds. And although pointedly not invited to share the Buckingham Palace balcony, he and Meghan will be participating in next week’s Platinum Jubilee.

… No one is quite sure these days how Harry and Meghan will respond to the plight of the Duchess’s father and whether they will put aside the bitterness of the past four years and travel the four hours from their home in Santa Barbara to be at his bedside. This is a particular conundrum for a couple who in their public roles make a virtue of their compassion.

How different things could have been, not just for Thomas Markle but for Prince Harry, too. Far from home, having the kindly figure of his father-in-law to turn to might have provided Harry with the stability he has so plainly been lacking since abandoning his own family. And who better than Mr Markle to guide him in the realities of life in a mixed race marriage. But none of this wisdom has been available to Harry. Instead their relationship has been one of sour mistrust.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m sorry, what? “And who better than Mr Markle to guide him in the realities of life in a mixed race marriage.” Ah, yes, “mixed-race marriage” is so different than all of the “white marriages” we see from the royal family. If only Prince William had a better example of white marriage, then he wouldn’t have fallen prey to the social-climbing Middletons! Princess Diana suffered in her white marriage because she didn’t have good white-marriage role models. These people, my God.

As for the guilt trip Kay tries to lay on Harry, like Harry is galloping around Santa Barbara, thinking “we should go down to Mexico to see this toxic a–hole.” No. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it continues to break Meghan’s heart that her father is such a piece of sh-t. I am sure *that* affects Harry, to see his wife constantly victimized by her father and villainized in the press for trying to cut ties with such a toxic a–hole. But Harry sees all of this for what it is – a disgusting, desperate tabloid manipulation.

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  1. J. Ferber says:

    Oh, FFS.

    • Julia K says:

      Yes. I strongly suspect they are as fed up with this whole drama as we are.

    • Beenie says:

      I cannot for the life of me imagine buying into *any* of this. Who are the people that believe this narrative??

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Sad people that are getting dopamine rushes in anything that lets them feel justified in hating a kind, beautiful mother of 2 that never did anything to anyone.

        I know it’s not all of GB, but it paints the lot of them in a disgusting light to the rest of the world because of their loudest trash reporters.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Oh, FFS X 100!!!!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes!!! But this bit in Kay’s piece is absolutely as delusional as it is ridiculous; “father-in-law to turn to might have provided Harry with the stability he has so plainly been lacking since abandoning his own family.”

      Harry didn’t abandon his family, he is with HIS family!! Harry took his family and escaped for their lives and their own mental health. Is Richard Kay on drugs?


      • Debbie says:

        “Is Richard Kay on drugs?” Apparently, because T. Markle’s own family members say that he has never met some of his own (non-famous) grandchildren. So, if this is the role model of family concern, then we’re all doomed.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        Thomas Markle’s been divorced twice & by all accounts didn’t have a particularly good relationship with his children from his first marriage and then destroyed whatever relationship he had with his youngest child by selling her out to tabloids then harassing & threatening her on a fairly regular basis. Nobody in their right mind would think that he is even remotely capable helping to provide any stability or teaching the SIL he’s never met a thing about a healthy marriage or creating a stable environment for a family

    • Moxylady says:

      My father is a complete pos. Similar in some ways to Meghan’s but different since I was the family scapegoat.
      My husband 100% was behind me in whatever I wanted to do regarding my toxic family. And there are no regrets. We regularly say – oh thank god we don’t have to deal with them anymore.
      When you love someone, you hate to see them mistreated. ESP by family who still somehow had the ability to hurt you after so many years and so many disappointments.
      Why would Harry want to be close to
      Meghans abusive father? He wouldn’t. I don’t understand how the very basic idea of choosing to only have people
      In your life – family included – who treat you with love and compassion is somehow so confounding to these people. I mean. I do. They are old and horrible and demand their own families treat them with reverence. But they are a dying breed. Dying alone in nursing homes. Just saying.

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      Harry needs “the kindly figure of his father-in-law”? Really? The man who calls him an idiot that is being led by the nose by Meghan? How do they write this shite and why do so many believe it?

  2. Snuffles says:

    Does he mean TM’s short lived mixed race marriage that he completely fucked up? Yeah, spare me.

    “No one is quite sure these days how Harry and Meghan will respond to the plight of the Duchess’s father and whether they will put aside the bitterness of the past four years and travel the four hours from their home in Santa Barbara to be at his bedside.”

    They are practically BEGGING for this to happen. Which leads me to believe they were stupid enough to think this stunt would work. Oy vey! 🙄

    • Rapunzel says:

      They’re not even in Santa Barbara, either. Santa Barbara is not Montecito.

      • WHAT says:

        Harry is not worried about any of this. Check out the daily fail article of him riding his bike with Michael Jacksons former bodyguard and his long time friend from Britain. So he’ll open up willingly to people he can trust and keep his business on the low.

    • Blithe says:

      Yep! Aside from the amount of imagination that it would take to view TM as remotely “kindly”, the best possible spin on TM’s ability to dispense any sort of marital wisdom would have to note that he’s divorced and estranged from his ex-wives. His relationships with his children and grandchildren seem to range from toxic to estranged.

      Is there a self-published TM book in the works on “the realities of life…”?

  3. Miranda says:

    I’m just surprised it’s taken this long for them to say it so plainly. And that they avoided calling it “miscegenation”.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    There is nothing that Thomas could have advised Harry on except how to betray your family. But even there Harry has Will, Charles and other family members for that examples. These reporters are so pathetic and just digging anything out of their a**holes to write about now. Also, Tom is in this position because HE decided not to listen to Meghan and let her take care of things for him. HE chose to listen to his racist, jealous, ugly hateful daughter over the child who actually supported him. So now he is here, alone begging in the streets for scraps.

    • Nyro says:

      She didn’t cut him off because of the staged pre-wedding pictures. She was desperately trying to get in touch with him after the pictures and even said she wasn’t angry with him. She cut him off because after the wedding, he joined forces with her abusers and went on a campaign to portray her as a monster and a danger to the queen and white British identity. And he’s never stopped.

    • Truthiness says:

      Exactly. Thomas chose to take money and profit from his daughter’s marriage and new life. That grift is a dealbreaker for the Sussexes but also the Windsors. The media wants him for clicks, anything that garners attention, except oh no, the Sussexes don’t have the invisible contract and they don’t leak.

  5. Mina_Esq says:

    I also like the part about “nostalgic memories” of his former life. As if he isn’t still rich af with access to the same luxuries.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Yeah but don’t you know that the life of a royal is much more grander than being just rich? These people never listened or understood Harry. He hated being a royal.

    • MsIam says:

      I’m sure Harry is lying awake at night thinking of all of those ribbon cutting ceremonies he’s missing. I’m sure he regrets missing the opportunity to dress up in a feathered hat and ride a horse. Somehow though, i think Harry will get over it.

      • HeatherC says:

        What he’s really missing is the courtiers all around him, the courtiers arranging his life, and all it entails, right?. He escaped the gilded prison and is glad of it.

  6. s808 says:

    Ok Richard, this is low, even for you.

    • one of the marys says:

      This is some Game of Thrones level of rewriting history. Journalism students should be citing this for case studies. Is Tyrion Lannister over there advising Richard Kay how to spin this narrative. This is absolutely bonkers and amazing

  7. El says:

    What are the realities of a mixed race marriage – that you’ll have to deal with racist a**h*les?

    • Cate says:

      Also that your kids will have to deal with racist a-holes. Though I somehow suspect it was Doria and not TM who helped their mixed race child navigate that particular challenge.

  8. Nyro says:

    There’s a reason they want Harry to “learn” from Thomas Markle. For women of color who date interacially, Thomas is the embodiment of the worst fears about dating a WM. The fear that he could be an undercover racist. He is treating his daughter like a runaway slave. He has colluded with the racist British establishment, lending “legitimacy” to their daily and never ending abuse of her. He’s vile. I hope she shed all of the tears she’s needed to shed over this man and no longer even thinks of him. I hope he’s dead to her. He’s easily one of the worst fathers I’ve ever seen. And I’ve also been creeped out over his obvious jealousy of Prince Harry.

    • Jan says:

      He really hates Harry.
      I think Meghan would normally cave in to his demands and this is the first time, she has completely cut him off, so he placing the blame on Harry, not his psycho behavior.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Can’t even get into Kay’s BS. But @Nyro nailed it. They always dismiss Doria like she isn’t very much present in their lives but no the guy who wants a shoot out fight with Harry is the one to get advice from. Doubt he needs advice from the worlds worst father whose daughter used to call his ex wife the maid- which Thomas admitted when talking to a Meghan hating troll recently.

        I think the letter Toxic Dad sent to Meghan which he sold to the Fail mentioned something about Harry protecting Meghan from Toxic. He also mentioned about Meghan giving him 20k or something & how he had asked her for a little more help for his silence. I think Thomas & Meghan have had their ups and downs but this is first time he’s not been able to get her to “just get over it” so that’s why he’s lashing out hoping for a response from her. I think he also blames Harry for Meghan’s firm stance.

        My theory was that Toxic dad was initially quiet when the relationship between H&M came out because he was asking Meghan for cash in a round about way to keep quiet. He probably kept asking for more knowing she was with a Prince & until maybe Harry was like no stop blackmailing your daughter. Then with the British press having found his location & courting him & with Samantha in his ear about ways to make money from the situation- the paparazzi scheme mess was born.

      • Cate says:

        This makes complete sense to me. I am also estranged from my father, prior to meeting my husband I definitely did not stand up to him much and generally caved to his demands and BS. I think part of it was just…this is what I had grown up with so I didn’t realize how fucked up it was, and then also I was really scared of losing my only family. Once I met my husband, my dad’s demands started extending out to my husband and my husband was like “this is fucked up and not okay”, so he was pushing me to stand up to my dad. Then on top of that I knew that even if I didn’t have my father/family of origin, I’d still have my husband and the family we could make together. So cutting my father off was suddenly less of an overwhelming decision.

        I’m pretty sure my dad blames my husband for our estrangement and okay, in some ways he’s right–if I had never met my husband, I would probably still be talking to my father and telling myself that my relationship with him was good/normal. But on the other hand, if he had treated me and my husband respectfully, we would have no reason to want to cut him off!

    • Julia K says:

      Wow. New idea for me to ponder, ” treats his daughter like a runaway slave”. Now all the verbal and emotional abuse is starting to make sense, not only of Meghan but Harry as well. Lots to think about here. Thanks for your insight. @Nyro

      • Blithe says:

        Plus 1. Nyro, I think you absolutely nailed it. And Julia K, in a very sick way, some of this is, indeed, starting to make sense. Truly “lots to think about” and process here.

  9. kelleybelle says:

    The greasy shit-heap who wasted all his retirement money on hookers and blow? While still married to a beautiful, decent woman? The abusive trash who bashes his own daughter every day for money? Seriously? #desperation #thisisnotjournalism

  10. Emmitt says:

    So Toxic Tom, who couldn’t manage his own mixed race marriage (seeing that Ms. Doria snatched Meghan and ran when Meghan was 2 years old) and couldn’t manage his own white marriage to Scammy and Toxic Jr’s mother, is supposed to be a well of advice to Harry, who’s been in a mixed race marriage twice as long as Toxic Tom? Tell me more!

    • Debbie says:

      It makes about as much sense as Kate, who has flashed people of several continents & appeared before William and a crowd in a see-through dress, being hailed as “never putting a foot wrong.” Same principle at work.

  11. nina says:

    Desperation is finally making them to say the quiet part out loud. TT was married to Doria for 4 years. Hardly a successful marriage. Half of which was probably finalizing the divorce.
    It really bothers them that Harry married a Black woman and when push came to shove chose her over his lilly white family.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Yeah. They were married 4 years, but only technically. Doria dipped out when Meghan was 2!

  12. Over it says:

    F them all to hell
    Toxic Tom made his bed with the British media and Kp so he can continue to lie in it with them , let them go visit his deplorable ass if they want. Meghan and Harry don’t owe him or the British media a damm thing and Richard Kay can just go f right off.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    This Richard Kay piece is bonkers. This may be news Kay, but Harry is estranged from his father and brother so he can definitely understand Meghan’s situation and give her the support she needs. Not to mention there has estrangement in the history of both sides of his family. Kay talks about Harry as he’s a little boy and not a grown man with a family of his own. There is absolutely no advice that he can get from Toxic Tom.

  14. Mslove says:

    I’ll say it again, this Markle nonsense is making the RF look bad. Everyone knows toxic Tom’s true character. Chuck should tell the BM to knock it off. Sigh.

  15. tuille says:

    ROFL. Thomas failed at both his marriages & certainly isn’t one from whom anybody would seek marital advice. Samantha (in)famously referred to her step-mother Doria as “the maid.” That attitude developed under Tom’s parenting.
    I believe that Meghan has done some therapy re: her father & half-sibs, allowing her to cut poisonous relatives from her life & Christmas card list.

  16. MsIam says:

    Didn’t Thomas say Harry cursed him out about the wedding stunt? I hardly think Harry is looking to Toxic for anything let alone advice. I guess Richard Kay believes Harry should just forget about that and let bygones be bygones. And yet Richard continues to shill for William who can’t seem to get over the fact that Meghan “yelled at my staff, that bloody, sociopath woman!!!!” These people, I guess rats gotta act like rats. Smh.

    • Not a Subject says:

      Not sure where you are getting your opinions Ms I am but they are sketchy. I highly doubt Harry cursed out Thomas before Thomas hung up on him. Rather Thomas was embarrassed for being caught lying. And William’s problem with Meghan isn’t that she yelled at staff. Nobody knows if that is true and it’s highly suspect. Who knows why William doesn’t like her – probably because she’s magnetic and he’s jealous.

      • MsIam says:

        According to Thomas, Harry cursed him out and Thomas provided text messages showing that to the judge during Meghan’s lawsuit trial. And those other quotes are from Robert Lacey’s book on the brothers. Kensington Palace has never denied William saying those things about Meghan. And Lacey is a respected historian, not a tabloid journalist. Any more questions?

      • Debbie says:

        @NotaSubject: I’m with you there. I recall seeing a video of Toxic saying that Harry spoke to him right after he had faked those photos and told Toxic, “I told you not to talk to the press. I told you if you did, it would end in tears.” And Toxic said he was mad that Harry spoke to him that way while he was in a hospital bed, recovering from a “major heart attack.” Then, Toxic dad said that he hung up the phone on Harry. That hardly qualifies as “cursing out” someone.

      • Lady D says:

        …and after Harry said that to him, he said “I put down the phone” and the show host asked him, ‘you put down the phone?’ and Thomas said “yes, I put down the phone” I remember the conversation because I didn’t understand what he meant by that statement. finally figured out he must mean he hung up on Harry, which is what most people on this side of the planet say. It still bugs me that he used that phrase.

      • equality says:

        He cursed him out by text? Otherwise what does a text prove?

  17. Deanne says:

    For the love of god, when will this stupidity end? Seriously.

    • Well Wisher says:

      A very good question, as long as there is an audience.
      And/or there is no leaks concerning the overhyped jubilee.
      Most importantly, as long as the Markles have no problem being seen as unacceptable to the British aristocracy, as long as it shows their relative in a bad light.
      It is shooting oneself in the foot.

  18. aquarius64 says:

    The Markles and the BM are in on this. A family reunion for pictures to sell and the Markles get a cut. The Sussexes are on to them.

  19. Lululu says:

    This is maybe the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen. I didn’t think the British press could shock me anymore, but…really? Harry seems to be navigating his mixed-race marriage just fine, thank you. Excelling at it, even. He hardly needs advice from an abusive, lying dirtbag who failed to successfully navigate his own mixed-race marriage, or his relationship with his mixed-race daughter. Dear Lord.

  20. Bordelais says:

    You’re so right about this being desperate Kaiser. I suppose this is a win-win situation for the Daily Mail:
    – if the Sussexes did go to visit Thomas (which they won’t), there would be leaks for days and TMZ and the Daily Mail would be the beneficiaries.
    – if the Sussexes don’t go to visit Thomas, they can run stories on how heartless they are.
    The good news is that most people in the UK are currently preoccupied with the Sue Gray report, Rishi Sunak’s U-Turn on the windfall tax for energy firms, and the Conservative MPs telling people to move on from Partygate. So I doubt anybody is paying attention to whatever is going on with Thomas. They’re barely paying attention to the Jubilee (I’ve actually seen quite a few people complaining on Twitter and Mumsnet about not wanting to have to buy clothes for their children to dress up for Jubilee celebrations at school.)

  21. Well Wisher says:

    The only tragedy is that Kay took this assignment. Understanding that this written piece in the fail is an opinion, it is only acceptable if one was unaware of any of the events in.the pass four years.
    Megan set firm boundaries to alleviate stress, being constantly overwhelm by mud-raking journalism pretending to be ???
    None of her actions are retaliatory nor seem to address her father’s unacceptable behaviour towards her.
    She is not responsible for the bad choices he made from the available bad options from a terrible tabloids media in England.
    As to the “mixed-race” marriage assertion, the elephant in the room is finally addressed?
    I was that being divorced from Doria, Thomas is incapable to give proper advice to this particular marriage or it is Kay’s insinuation that Harry follow the idiot’s lead in this “pressing” matter?
    All married couples have to deal with what life throws at them, so I am at a less is not like the Sussexes’ are chronically unhappy like the Cambridges’.

    • Well Wisher says:

      The last paragraph should read as follows:

      * Being divorced from Doria, indicate Thomas failure as a part of a mixed marriage. Is it implied that divorce is the solution to the nonexistent problem?
      All married families have to deal with life in its complexities, so at least the Sussexes can choose to not be chronically unhappy as the Cambridges.

  22. FC says:

    In the alternate universe where Tom attended the wedding, walked Meghan down the aisle, and remained a part of her life, the RR’s and Firm would have had a field day with the “Meghan and her trashy American family are dishonoring the Queen” headlines. They only “care” about him because it feeds their narrative that she’s a terrible daughter.

  23. Dss says:

    That photo of Harry giving the “side-eye” is everything!

  24. Harper says:

    The insane canonization of The Duke of Mexico is on in full force over there.

  25. Jaded says:

    So Toxic Tom bounces not once but twice — first on his daughter’s WEDDING DAY because of some faked up heart attack and the tabs blamed Meghan, now he fakes a stroke to get out of the Jubbly because…Meghan/Harry something something and it’s ALL HER FAULT.

    Richard, don’t you think Meghan was hurt to the core of her very being that her own fecking father wouldn’t walk her down the aisle AS PLANNED and he continues to rail against her through the tabs every time she or Harry are in the news for….doing good things?

    What a sludge pit of a human being.

    • kelleybelle says:

      This is a shameful, shameful low, even for British media. And queen’s jubbly means absolutely nothing when they drag the Markle trash out of the sewers to harass Meghan. #abolishthemonarchy for real. Spineless Charles and his dullard son have ruined it. Zero respect from a Commonwealth member here. This is repulsive.

      • Fascinating Fascinator says:

        Completely agree – repulsive is the right word. And like you said above – this is not journalism. This is repulsive sewage waste.

  26. Rapunzel says:

    In the US, we have a SCOTUS who would not surprise anyone if they overturned Loving and made mixed race marriage illegal again. These British twats can miss me with this nonsense.

    • Beverley says:

      That would be problematic for Justice Thomas and his MAGA wife Ginny. But then again, I doubt that Clarence Thomas self-identifies as Black, so I guess SCOTUS could pull a huge surprise.

  27. Jais says:

    This is embarrassing. The BM is embarrassing. The RF is embarrassing. Just more evidence that Meghan and Harry made the right move in getting the hell away from these people. My god.

  28. Becks1 says:

    This is just nutso.

    This line:

    “the greatest must be the animosity that exists between him and his father-in-law”

    I mean, I’m sure Harry is upset that the situation with TM hurt Meghan in the past and maybe still hurts her today, but I don’t think that’s his biggest regret. I had a sister who was mentally ill and divided our family and as a result I had no relationship with her for years before she passed and I still have no relationship with my dad’s family that always sided with her and were really awful to my mom and dad as a result. So my husband has no relationship with them. He’s met my dad’s parents maybe 3 times? Trust me when I tell you he has never once stayed awake at night thinking about the problem. He doesn’t like it when I get upset about it (like when my dad’s father died and they did not list my dad in the obituary, but did list my sister), but it doesnt affect him, not really. he’s upset about how it affects me (which it still can at times, although at this point its been an issue for 25 years so I’ve figured it out for the most part), but not about the situation itself.

    not to make it all about me, just to say that that line stood out to me because I doubt harry gives two craps about his lack of relationship with Tom Markle after the past 4 years, he just doesn’t want him to hurt Meghan anymore. It’s not his biggest regret, if Harry even has any regrets lol.

  29. Well Wisher says:

    This is the second attempt to post.
    The only tragedy is that Kay took this paid assignment to produce a opinion piece, which is mud-raking disguised as journalism. Standard procedure.

    Meghan has established boundaries to mitigate stress, being overwhelmed by unacceptable behaviour exhibited in the last four years. None one should have to neglect their mental well being to seem conciliatory to any individual hell bent on making their lives miserable.

  30. Kalana says:

    This didn’t work in 2018 and it’s not going to work now. Everyone knows Thomas is not a good person. I’ve noticed that even many of the people who hate Meghan don’t expect her to have anything to do with them. Even they don’t believe he’s that ill.

    This is going to create sympathy for Meghan, not the judgement. The only people pressuring Meghan and Harry about Thomas are the bad faith royals and rota. The atmosphere they live in is so toxic and ugly that they’ve lost touch with how other people react to something like this.

  31. C says:

    This disgusting piece of scum didn’t even push back on his white children calling his Black partner and her child names.

    Meghan is done and I’m sure she didn’t need Harry to help her to that conclusion, but it’s good to know that Harry is fully in her corner in this to help protect her from these unconscionable actions by her father.

  32. L4Frimaire says:

    What a tool. Look at those exotic “mixed race marriages”. How do they manage, think of the children! Advice from a burnout boomer with a grudge is the last thing they need. Is this “ Guess who’s coming to Dinner” in 5k? I thought these tabloids didn’t think racism was an issue. This is so pathetic. We’ve seen this playbook before the wedding. This is a manufactured crises to once again create distraction. They haven’t verified one bit of information from this so-called “ stroke”. Neither Meghan, and certainly not Harry, are going to visit that man, certainly without a lawyer present. The rest of the article is drivel. Poor Harry in exile, playing polo. The tabloids spent months speculating that the Sussexes better not skip the Jubilee or they’d be the worst people in the world to disrespect the Queen, but now that they’re going with the kids, they don’t want them to go because they’ll have no access,lol. Why was this trash article written? Such BS.

  33. Bex says:

    Richard Kay works for the Daily Mail, which ensconced one of their reports to chummy up with Thomas Markle in 2018.

    Also, why would Harry need Thomas, a twice divorced man, to tell him anything?

  34. Shawna says:

    Kay goes from saying it’s “tempting to wonder” about IF he has regrets, before saying he “surely” has regrets and then identifying precisely which one is the “greatest.” It’s gross to see fan fiction disguised as journalism.

    • Debbie says:

      Consider what this means though. In a country full of royal family members, including some scandal-riddled ones (Hey, Andrew), and during the queen’s Jubbly year which we’re constantly being told should not be disrupted, this person choses to write about what he speculates is going on the minds of Prince Harry’s family. So, he spends his time writing about the 6th in line to the throne who has left England years ago. Now THAT’S a fixation.

  35. jodi says:

    they’re not even trying to hide their racism at this point. it’s disgusting. these people are a JOKE.

  36. Kelsey says:

    Very weird of them to consider half-white Meghan to be in a “mixed raced” marriage with a white man.

    That one drop rule just gets them every time, huh? Every time someone swears the hatred for Meghan “isn’t about race” they sure manage to say things that make it seem like it’s all about race. HUH.

  37. C-Shell says:

    I sound like a freaking broken record — Kay (like Wootton) is Bulliam’s factotum, minion, mouthpiece. That he’s weighing in on this drivel signals more KP involvement in the whole TM Goes To The Jubbly shenanigans than we’ve given them credit for. Credible journalists have admitted that William used TM against Meghan (“headwinds”) in the past, Knauf was his handler — odds are that KP thought a threat of TM being in London for the Jubbly would keep the Sussexes away. Their absence ONLY benefits the Lamebridges. It’s stunning, honestly, that Kay is letting his racist flag fly so high — spare me your concern tro!!ing, Kay.

  38. Lady Digby says:

    Also the rampant misogyny and racism on display that white man Markle is best to tell H how to handle mixed race wife and kids, I mean WTF?? Massa has spoken and must be obeyed because he has the authority and knows best?? This is incredibly revolting on a lot of levels to exclude Meghan’s right to self determine her own life and state rift is best left up to grown men to solve?? Wow Mr Kay doesn’t seem to know this is 2022 and every adult has the right to self determine what is best for themselves.

  39. Gabby says:

    I suppose Tom could have advised Harry that when the going gets rough in your biracial marriage, just fly off to Asia for a few days and bang some underage hookers. They never argue.

  40. booboocita says:

    That photo of Harry in an Invictus polo while holding his glasses screams, “Sure, Jan.”

  41. DeadA$$ says:

    What the DF (and all these litter box liners) fail to realize is that a majority of adults have learned the benefit of cutting toxic family members off for the sake of one’s own mental health and peace. Even if it’s one’s own parent(s). For MM to go no contact with that part of her family is just another high profile example of how it can be done. If her father was ever worth a damn (and any man who says that he didn’t really care about his older children because he married their mother out of obligation and not love isn’t worth a damn) he would have never entertained taking the staged photos and then refusing to communicate with his daughter afterwards. The lack of relationship between TT and H&M since then lands squarely at TT’s feet.

  42. esline mills says:

    I’m not sure why anyone would link The Markles with stability, disfunctional would be more appropriate term, but of course what Kay meant is, he would have advise Harry against a mixed-marriage.

  43. Beverley says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I spewed coffee when I get an eyeful of that headline!

    Yeah right. 🤣🤡🤣

  44. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I found information on MegHive that states that TT was to go to court the next day to PRODUCE evidence about his 2 heart attacks, which supposedly were caused by the paparazzi not paying him enough for those photos of him before the wedding. The hearing was continued because of TT’s “medical emergency”. That hearing has now been scheduled for July. Who else thinks this pretend stroke is because of the hearing, because TT doesn’t have any evidence to support his “heart attacks”?

  45. Debbie says:

    Well, if there’s one thing I know it’s that if you want to know anything about tolerance, diversity and racism, you go to the British media. So, if it’s their opinion that Thomas Markle could have helped Prince Harry in navigating a mixed-race marriage, then I must believe them. After all, TT was the man who – even though he wasn’t in England, in the palaces, or in communication with Meghan – said that Meghan was not mistreated while in England and that she was not subjected to racist treatment by the RF or the BM. One would have to think that a white man who knows nothing about being on the receiving end of racist conduct would know the facts in this case. In that vein, I also think that Donald Trump would be a good advisor on truth telling and Charley Sheen would be a good advisor on sobriety.

    Who do those people think they’re kidding?! It’s bad enough for the BM to be horrible and abusive toward Meghan and Harry but their feeble attempts to convince everyone that this duplicitous excuse for a father is anything but a selfish jerk is just laughable.

  46. diana says:

    I mean at this point I think Harry and Meghan have been together longer then Tom and Doria were ever together. These people are such idiots.

  47. LRob says:

    Of all the bizarre, rr fabrications, this one made Kay look like a complete idiot. He HAS to know that, so why is he humiliating himself? The stability Harry has been obviously lacking since he abandoned his family? Richard Richard Richard, who abandoned whom? & what qualifies TM to be called “a kindly figure”?
    Abusive fathers are toxic to one’s health and security. That is what TM has shown himself to be over and over. H&M do well to stay away at all costs.

  48. Agreatreckoning says:

    Richard Kay belongs in a mental health facility stat if he is truly willing to go on record saying Harry’s lack of a relationship with Bad Dad is a great regret.Bahahahahahahahahahaha. Harry has travelled all over the world. He has friends with multi ethnicities and marriages within multi races. The go to guy for advice on mixed race marriage is Bad Dad.lolz Sorry not sorry. Kay should be charged with moral turpitude due to his words. D@mn, if Kay wanted to make stuff up he should have made it more realistic. Like, it is reported when the Duke & Duchess of Sussex spent time in NYC with Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Mayor gave advice to the Duke of Sussex on mixed-race marriages. Technically, most people wouldn’t believe that was a conversation. But, it’s more believable. Hmmm…Kay could have fabricated a conversation between Alexis Ohanian and Harry about mixed race marriages and it would be more credible. Now, if Harry wanted advice on how to smear your daughter whilst playing a “McDonald’s eating’ “heart attack” victim..TM=The Count of MonteCrisco is that guy. None, of which, is the blame of Meghan.

  49. susan says:

    I laughed so hard at this that I nearly peed my pants.