Duchess Meghan went to Uvalde, left flowers at the memorial & dropped off food

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The Duchess of Sussex made a surprise visit to Uvalde, Texas on Thursday. She arrived about 48 hours after 19 children and two teachers were murdered inside Robb Elementary. Incidentally, Uvalde law enforcement allowed the mass murderer to go inside the school. They didn’t follow him and they waited for nearly one hour as he murdered children. The cops waited outside and handcuffed and detained parents who begged them to go in. The massacre of children has once again left a community crippled in anguish and a country on its knees as we try to process yet another slaughter of innocents.

Meghan’s spokesperson confirmed to media outlets that Meghan went to Uvalde in a private and personal capacity as a mother. She laid flowers at the memorial site (white flowers with a purple ribbon) and she spoke to some of the other people at the memorial. She also dropped off food at the Herby Ham Activity Center, which is acting as a blood drive center. She reportedly “quietly dropped by the community center’s kitchen to drop off two ‘large’ crates filled with sandwiches, beverages, and desserts for blood donors.” Buzzfeed spoke to one of the volunteers who said she didn’t even recognize Meghan, but carried on a conversation with her for a while. One of the volunteers did recognize Meg and asked for a photo, and Meghan obliged. The women she spoke to said that they honestly thought Meghan was one of their neighbors.

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  1. FC says:

    This is nice. The DM went on about what she was wearing and the cost of her jewelry. Now they’ve spun the story to include her trash dad. That story is higher up on the page than most shooting stories.

    • MsIam says:

      Honestly who cares what that trash paper writes. it’s only fit to wrap garbage in so I guess its appropriate that they write trash.

    • As a devastated American I don’t give a damn what the British rags have to say about any of this. At all. It’s the same old bullshit over and over and I don’t understand why people feel the need to breathlessly share what they have to say, especially at a time like this.

      • Swaz says:

        Me too, I don’t give a damn what these British Rags have too say🤢

      • Beverley says:

        As an American, I agree all of this☝🏾☝🏾. It’s so ridiculous and distasteful that so many Brits HATE the fact that Meghan lives and breathes. Personally I believe that if all the BM’s bullying and the British public’s constant piling on ever succeeded in destroying her, there would be another jubilant multi-day bank holiday. I’m sick and tired of the BM’s rampant racism – and let’s be crystal clear – RACISM is the ROOT of their hatred for the Black Duchess.

        The world is seeing just how uncivilized and vile the British really are when it comes to the concept of a WOC – specifically Black – being one of their so-called “betters”. It’s deplorable!

      • T says:

        A quiet, respectful gesture of solidarity as a parent, American and fellow human. Thank you Meghan.

      • Tiffany:) says:

        Yes, they are out of line commenting on it. Shaming compassionate gestures doesn’t help the family and community in need, it could actually hurt. It’s disgusting they would use this as an opportunity to bash her. They need to stay in their lane.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        I have read that the police waited about 40 minutes and just listened to the shooting. Evidently, they held parents back by (what I read) tasing and handcuffs. When they did go in, they got their children out FIRST. A border patrol agent is who shot the shooter. I don’t care how their police department or the state of Texas tries to rewrite the story, this is indefensible. I hope the police officers who were there are suspended while an investigation happens and then they’re FIRED.

      • Delphine says:

        They handcuffed a mother and when they finally uncuffed her she snuck behind the school, hopped the fence, went into the school and pulled her two children out to safety.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I read a woman ran in and grabbed 2 children. I did not hear they were her own.

        The cops are trying to claim it was a barricade/hostage situation and they were waiting for backup. As news comes out we’re learning that’s all BS. They had a good 20 minutes from the grandmother calling 911 after the shooter shot her in the face. They had a good 12 minutes of the shooter firing at random buildings after crashing the truck he stole were he drove like a maniac in through town.

        Then after he entered the building they had a good hour before he came out.

        Initial reports came from the police. Now parents, witnesses and 911 calls are being released. The police, the guns they carried. All were no good.

        Even my husband who almost never gives an opinion on current events or politics said the “police aren’t fit for their job. They didn’t act out of cowardice.”

      • AC says:

        Same here! I am torn up and I want them to do something! As for the British media It’s the same thing every day, hate!

    • Moxylady says:

      I was a new mom when Sandy Hook happened. It changed my life. I was devastated by other mass shootings but Sandy Hook gutted me.
      I imagine it’s much the same for her. And Harry. Harry hasn’t been in the US as a dad during a school mass shooting.
      She did what every mom wants to be able to do. I’m thankful for her actions and proud of her for doing what we all want to. She HELPED. She can’t fix any of this horror but she can help the helpers. And she did. Thank you Meghan.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        Sandy Hook broke me, even though my kids were in high and middle school at the time. I cried for weeks and even writing this brings tears. This event brought me to tears, as well, and those motherfuckers in the gop are still planning to go to the fucking nra convention this weekend. Mild Mittens Romney took over $13m in contributions (see opensecrets.org) from them (and do recall the nra got a lot of money from russian oligarchs expressly to funnel it to senators). I hate these fuckers with a burning passion.

        110m people didn’t vote in 2020. They better vote this time. We need to remove every parasitic and traitorous (remember 8 of them went to MOSCOW ON THE FOURTH OF JULY) gop-er in the senate.

      • Christine says:

        Same, I had a toddler when Sandy Hook happened, and it changed me forever.

        What Meghan did here is beautiful. I had the thought that this was going to get swept under the rug right after, because, unlike Sandy Hook, these are brown kids. Thank you, Madam Duchess.

      • Claire says:

        I was in a high-risk pregnancy when Sandy Hook happened and my Dr had instructed me to not use the internet, read the paper, or do anything that might cause me stress. I found out about it aftwr my kid was born and cried for days. I could not BELIEVE nothing was done. Nothing was done! Good for Meghan for showing her respects.

      • Jessi223 says:

        I was a new mom when Sandy Hook happened and it also changed my entire life. I was enraged, scared, anxious for the future. My daughter who was a baby at that time is now a 4th grader. This massacre hurt just as bad. I have so many tears and the more we learn about their final 90 minutes the more I feel helpless and rageful at our country, the police… everything.

    • Tessa says:

      I’m glad Meghan did this.

      • TurquoiseGem says:

        @Tessa, so am I. She knows that some will criticise her and her motives no matter what, and clearly isn’t going to let that deter her from doing what she feels is right.

      • Truthiness says:

        Absolutely Tessa. This could’ve happened to our children, our neighbor or cousin. Meghan showed up to HONOR THE INNOCENT CHILDREN LOST and she brought food. If I was one of the grieving parents I would be moved, I would have felt seen. There are certain media that will criticize Meghan just for existing and we have to ignore them. Of all the things to criticize, bringing roses and food should not be one of them.

    • Jananell says:

      They won’t show the video of the mother asking the cop “you afraid to get shot? I’ll go in without a gun”


  2. Snuffles says:

    The haters and the British tabloids are going to twist this into a PR stunt and claim she brought her own photographers and Netflix cameras. But press was already there, just look at the photo credits. And Buzzfeed only got the story at the center because they were already there following Beto O’Roark.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I saw someone on Twitter posting a screenshot from an ‘I hate Meghan’ Reddit forum claiming that she did have a Netflix crew and that the Texas Rangers yelled at her etc., as proof that it was just a PR stunt. As if the reporter on the ground wouldn’t have found out that information if it were true.

      • Ginger says:

        The haters always scream “Netflix” for everything they do. It’s going to be that until their deal is done. That’s all they have. It’s pretty pathetic.

      • Yvette says:

        @Elizabeth … They’re also spreading the lie that Meghan ‘demanded’ to go inside the school and was forced to leave by police.

      • Tessa says:

        I thought the producers of the films had the camera crew. Netflix is a streaming media service. The best picture of 2020 Nomadland was streamed on Netflix but they had nothing to do with the filming of it.

      • Lukie says:

        I hope at some point she does show up with a camera crew. This needs to all be documented. Everyone needs to put their foot down with the 💩. I hope HRHs Sussex make a huge powerful documentary about this because I am so tired of children being killed because half this country cares more about their guns than their children.

    • SarahLee says:

      So kind of like when Duchess Kate went to the vigil for the young woman in London who was killed? That one where she took off her mask so the photographers could get a good shot of her? But she never put a foot wrong…..

      • Cate says:

        I have sort of mixed feelings about celebrities showing up at these kinds of tragedies (it does feel a bit intrusive) but I will say that if they’re going to do it…Meghan is doing it way better than Kate (bringing what sounds like a very solid food donation, I also wouldn’t be surprised to hear later that Archewell has donated to some sort of fund or related cause/charity).

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yeah – Khate showed up with her own pap who filmed her walking in the park and was up close when she was looking at the flowers left.

        As others have said the press were already there – this is just the BM trying to spin this to trash her.

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        Didn’t Kate just show up unmasked in a crowd of masked people, stand around for 30 seconds, and then leave? Meghan brought flowers, seemed deeply affected by the tragedy as she has small kids, and then brought food to a nearby food bank and chatted with people who didn’t even recognize her. Kate has never done anything like that as far as I’m aware. She didn’t speak to anyone at Sarah Everard’s memorial and then just ran away before police brutally broke up the crowd.

      • SuzieQ says:

        I love that Meghan brought food for the blood donors. She always brings something. Her mom clearly taught her well — and I’m sure she’ll teach her own children well.
        This latest shooting has gutted me, too. And the police response (or non-response) just adds to my rage that we ask children — babies, really, both at Sandy Hook and Uvalde — to lay down their lives so some people can buy weapons of war.

    • Swaz says:

      I would have gotten a heart attack if that story wasn’t twisted. What’s new, , Kate and William must be busy searching London to see if there was any shooting this morning to get in on the action. This is an easy one for Kate, baseball cap, white T-shirt and Jeans 👖 here you go😦

      • PrincessK says:


      • Dizza says:

        @swaz you seem to forget mass shootings are an American trade mark

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Please @Dizza with your self-righteousness regarding gun tragedies and mass shootings which I’m sorry to have to tell you, can and do happen globally. Sure it continues to happen disproportionately in the U.S. due to the right wing’s laxity toward gun laws. But again that’s nothing to start finger-pointing about in a self-righteous manner.

        Guns in the hands of irresponsible, crazy, rash, or mentally and emotionally challenged humans can cause tragedies anywhere. It’s sad to point out to you that it has happened in Great Britain, and at a church in New Zealand, etc. In 1996, when Andy Murray was a youngster attending Dunblane Primary School in Scotland, a deranged young man killed 16 people at that school. A traumatic event that Murray will never forget or recover from. For all the suffering parents of such victims everywhere, the trauma is much worse.

      • Ms Petit says:

        The difference between the shootings in Scotland and New Zealand vs. the US is that those countries passed restrictive gun laws that stopped the mass murders. There haven’t been any since those tragedies. A small part of our country with too much money and influence keep us from doing that, so the mass murders will continue here.

      • Dizz says:

        @aftershocks have several seats, mass shootings is a very specific problem in America. The government has continually allowed for this, they continually prioritize gun rights over rights of children. It’s not self righteous to state the obvious problem here, which is this keeps happening in America. This trauma of the victims would be a non issue if the government had taken action. There are more mass shootings in America than anywhere else in the world because America also has more guns than people.

      • Jaded says:

        @Aftershocks – America has the highest rate of mass shootings, especially of young children IN THE WORLD. Do some research before posting something so idiotic.

      • notasugarhere says:

        @aftershocks, gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children in the US. Educate yourself.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ I’m educating @Dizza to the fact that such tragedies have not only happened in the U.S. Of course, they happen in the U.S. disproportionately, and I said that in my initial post. The statistics are quite obvious and senselessly tragic. Still, I don’t see the point of referencing the situation as “an American trademark.” That’s pretty self-righteous and dismissive, especially if it’s being said by someone who lives elsewhere.

        If it’s being said by someone who lives in the U.S., then it’s probably best to think of ways to fight for better gun legislation, rather than coming up with dismissive labels on social media posts to describe the devastating problem.

        I doubt parents who are endlessly grieving would describe this as some sort of grandiose ‘trademark.’ It’s horrific, catastrophic, and a stain on our society. It’s horrible, no matter where it happens! And it’s important to point out any preventative measures that have been instituted in specific places where it has happened elsewhere in the world.

        Spouting off that such massacres are simply ‘an American trademark,’ leans toward a kind of cockeyed acceptance of these tragedies as an inevitable way of life. No matter how commonplace such school shootings have become, they should NOT be passively viewed or casually described that way, ever.

      • notasugarhere says:

        No, you’re not. You appear to be making roundabout, in some ways pro-gun statements in the midst of this tragedy or trying to downplay it. Tells me exactly who you are.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ @notasugarhere, I am asking you politely to please stop insulting me and making assumptions via misinterpreting my comments. I’ve never met you. I know nothing about you, and you know nothing about me. Stop.

    • aftershocks says:

      Below is a link to the true story from on site witnesses, followed up on by Buzzfeed in the aftermath of all the faux news surrounding Meghan’s visit to Uvalde. The head of the blood drive center, where Meghan brought refreshments, gives an enlightening account that offers honest insights:


      This link has also been posted by @MA, far down toward the end of this comment thread.

  3. Over it says:

    Every time I think of these children and the teachers and their families, I cry .

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Same. It’s all just so heartbreaking 💔 And the husband of one of the teachers who died after from a heart attack? OMG 😭

      And I also feel intense rage at the police who were there. What the actual fcuk?!? Cowards. I know they won’t be, but I hope somehow they can be tried as co-conspirators or accessories or something. They literally stood around and allowed those children to be killed and even worse, stopped the parents from going in. Aren’t they supposed to be “the good guys with a gun?!” Ugh. I just cannot.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        I think those parents were predominantly Latino. I don’t know what race the police were, but I’m not above jumping to conclusions in this case.

        The details of what happened get worse every day. Anyone defending the police or gun advocates after this incident had better keep that shit to themselves. This ends now.

      • PrincessK says:

        If it is true that the police failed to stop the boy going into the school and didn’t go after him for an hour while he massacred those students, that is beyond belief. The parents must be tearing their hair out.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ SussexWatcher, I had heard he had a heart attack and he was a local PO too. They had an armed off duty PO at the entrance and he did come in contact with the shooter, but he still got in. Apparently there was gunfire just a rocks throw from the school and the PO’s didn’t arrive for 20 minutes!!! This shouldn’t be happening, period!! I am sick of these assault rifles being on the streets and the loopholes around the purchase of guns. We have had an unprecedented number of mass shootings this year alone. Democrats have tried to pass 20 new laws regarding gun control and they are all quashed by the Repugnant’s. Plus the NRA is having their historic meeting in Houston starting today through Sunday. This community is Latino. The PO’s did hold the parents back. There are reports that some students couldn’t be identified due to the carnage, though I don’t know if that’s true.

        There’s a petition going around demanding gun control. That ass Cruz now wants to arm teachers 🤬. He has no idea what the f&ck he is doing.

        As for Meghan attending, I don’t care. She is a private citizen and if she can bring attention to the atrocities being committed across the country, I am all for it. It’s her personal business and given that she and Harry have small children, I am certain that this shook them to their core. I think it was very thoughtful for Meghan to also bring food too. Meghan has every right to pay her respects and deliver food.

        Everyone is outraged except those in Congress!!! We are all tired of the same excuses from our government statesmen that always label these bastards as having “mental health issues” as if that excuses the atrocities. It doesn’t. Abbott has even allowed anyone to openly carry a gun, without a permit of any type.

        Yet here we are. Ten people butchered for shopping at their local grocery store due to the color of their skin. A boy goes into a community Baptist church, where he is welcomed for Bible study and he kills everyone inside the church, due to their skin color as well. We have these loons on the right spreading these lies about how the minorities are trying to replace the Caucasian population and we have another mass shooting, as that was included in the shooters manifesto in Buffalo, NY.

        Sorry for the rant but I am so angry!!

    • Charm says:

      @Over It
      I agree with you…..my sentiments exactly. I consider your post to be the first one on this thread.

    • Nikki (Toronto) says:

      @ThatsNotOkay It doesn’t matter what race the cops were they are going to act like cops. Uvalde is 100 miles from the border, so it has a heavy law enforcement presence.

      • Yo says:

        Race doesn’t Matter? You ever see this happen to a classroom of white kids?

      • Turtledove says:

        A heavy law enforcement presence? Well, maybe you are right, they WERE present. They stood around, not helping, and actually hindering parents from helping, but sure, they were there.

      • NotSoSocialB says:


        Please don’t forget about Sandy Hook in CT where 20 six year olds were MURDERED ten years ago.

      • notasugarhere says:

        @Yo, have you forgotten Columbine?

    • JanetDR says:

      @Over It, Me too. It’s impossible not to cry. And then think about what you would do if it happens in your school. How could I keep them safe?

      • SuzieQ says:

        No one can convince me that police officers would have handcuffed distraught middle-class white parents as they pleaded to go into a school to save their babies.

      • Lorelei says:

        @NotSoSocial, I completely agree with every single word of your comment. I was shaking with anger yesterday as more details about the cops came out.

  4. Jeanne says:

    I like Megan markle and I’m glad she helped. I’m sure the people there were grateful however she’s getting tore up on Twitter. I sort of wish she would have just sent food and help instead of showing up. Optics wise it looks a little opportunistic and I hate that she gave all the haters this ammunition against her. I don’t think she was using this pr. She wanted to help. I get that but it still plays bad in pics.
    Please everyone don’t go crazy on me. It’s just an opinion. All focus should be on those poor families.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      They make everything negative. It’s why they’re haters. It’s not like everyone got arrested after she left the memorial for a photoshoot and nothing else came of this.

      It’s their fault they see the negatives instead of goods delivered to a community in crisis.
      You can nit pick the Meghan (not markle) for showing up, but she didn’t make this about herself and other people didn’t realize who she was. She was just a mom on her private time trying to help others. But because it’s Meghan it becomes the worst thing ever and how dare she!

      • Chergui says:

        I can see where Jeanne is coming from because the exact same thing was said about Kate when she showed up after Sarah Everard was murdered in the UK. She was also visiting in a private capacity but they both knew there would be cameras and it would would get press attention.

        We can question motives all day long but we aren’t going to know for certain and the focus should be on stopping this kind of thing happening in the first place.

      • C says:

        The difference is Kate coordinated the press attention on her “visit”. Where women were brutalized afterward…without a word from her.

      • windyriver says:

        @Chergui – Kate was NOT visiting in a private capacity. KP made it clear that she was there for “work” to explain why she was at a gathering that had already been deemed illegal by public officials – that’s why all the other women there were arrested. Arrested, conveniently, right after Kate left.

      • Gracie says:

        The first article I read about Meghan’s visit was from a scan of faux news headlines (I know…sometimes I just need to see what is being fed to the followers), and they asserted that she quietly stopped by and refused to talk to reporters who recognized her.

      • Mich says:

        @Chergui The reason Kate didn’t get charged with a crime the way other women attending the vigil were was because, in the words of the Chief of Met Police, “she was working”. She was not there in a ‘private capacity’.

        Furthermore, Kate has zero track record of showing respect in this kind of way. Meghan has done it again and again over the years. She has also spent her adult life donating and advocating in times of tragedy…something else Kate doesn’t do.

        So, yeah, we do know that this is something Meghan does because it is where her heart is. And we know that, outside the Everard instance, it is something Kate never does.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Chergui, context matters. Kate has never done or said one thing before or after this to support women /advocate to end violence against women.

        The two are not the same.

        Also, frankly, we need every single celebrity, sport outlet, etc speaking out and drawing attention to this because this country will implode without gun regulations and republicans refuse to even allow a vote on basic reforms in the senate.

      • Nick G says:

        Also, some of the volunteers and other townspeople commented that they felt thankful that Meghan came all the way to do what she could, and that her presence helped them feel supported and seen by the nation.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:


        Everyone in response to you is correct.
        Kate did not show at that memorial in a private capacity. It was listed as work. She had her photographer and videographer. She brought nothing else with her and reporters got quotes because they were told to be there. This is all confirmed information.

        After her work was done the police moved in and arrested the crowd. Kate never spoke a word about Sarah, violence or safety again.

        So, chergui. With this information how do you feel about This?

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Mich, the Met (Cressida Dick) was so confident it was a “work” event for Kate that when they wrote a report they said the Duchess of Sussex instead of Duchess of Cambridge. Have they amended that report yet? Kate was there “working” privately – not an official event. Not wearing a mask during a mask mandate. That’s how Kate shows her work. That she/KP never came out with a statement in support of the women/people arrested says a lot. Not shocking though. Cressida fumbled with her words.


    • Haylie says:

      It only plays bad to people who wake up everyday figuring out how to hate her no matter what.

      Why are you helping them?

      Better still, why are you trying to police her actions based on your comfort level?

    • IForget says:

      I don’t want to go crazy on you. But personally, I do find her ‘defiance’ inspiring. She does what she thinks is right, even at the face of such adversity and disproportionate hate. She gives me confidence to speak out and put myself out there, even when I know there will be backlash. I agree, I don’t think she wanted or needed the PR.

      Again, this is all so upsetting. I have no words.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Iforget, wigletwatcher, and Haylie, well said!!! Meghan is going to be vilified by some no matter what she does, so she should keep doing what she feels is right and living her values (which, she has done this before, so it’s not new or performative for her).

        Jeanne – maybe you should follow better people on Twitter. I’m part of the Sussex Squad and 99% of what comes down my feed is positive! Over the years I’ve blocked and muted tons of accounts, so it really is possible to ignore the trolls and the noise they spew and focus on the good works and voices supportive of Harry and Meghan.

      • MrsCope says:

        Absolutely right about her defiance. At a certain point if we based all of our actions on the negative response of others we would be paralyzed from doing anything. She’s not on Twitter. She knows the reactions of the internet, but the people who she met, who she hugged, who she talked to? Those are real people. Those are the people that matter. Not the keyboard warriors critiquing her. The people she met were comforted by her presence. And that’s her “why.” Good on her.

      • Robem says:

        I agree with you completely, but I wouldn’t call it defiance, exactly. I think her giving spirit and empathy is more aligned with the the words of our philosopher, Ricky Nelson: “But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well. You see, you can’t please everyone. So you got to please yourself.” She holds true to her values and has lived them honestly and consistently her entire life.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:


        Kate is only vilified by the British media, racists and sycophants of the Cambridges. It’s pretty jaw dropping. The rest of the coverage is balanced or pro Sussex. But only the negative comes from a very small region in the world.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Wrote Kate instead of Meghan!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Robem, I agree. It’s not defiance. It’s living by your beliefs/convictions and supporting them behaviorally. There will always be naysayers regardless of who you are. Whether you are a high profile/low profile individual. Suffragettes were pilloried and they kept on for good reason. I’m glad Meghan went there. Her personal history before she dated Harry demonstrates she shows up in support and not empty handed either. Eff anyone who takes issue with it. July 2020: (my eff anyone doesn’t seem very positive-I’ll get over it-Meghan is a better person than me)

        We bought a new flag today at the local VFW. I was informed, in case I didn’t know, that tomorrow flags should be at half mast to honor the schools and suffering they are going through.

    • MsIam says:

      It only plays “bad” to the people who are Meghan haters already. You have to be some kind of twisted to be upset about someone donating food. Celebrities show up for things they support all the time.

    • Mslove says:

      I’m sure Duchess Meghan didn’t give a damn about optics, she’s a mom. She’s hurting like the rest of us.

    • Ramsi says:

      Do you know what’s bad optics? Shaking the hands of black children through a wire fence or showing up to Jamaica in colonial costume and giving a salute with your plantation-theme dressed wife. Better yet, showing up to an ‘illegal’ vigil for a murdered woman, taking pics for the front pages and leaving while other women are assaulted by police for the same thing and then writing that down as a work event in your calendar. That’s bad optics.

      Meghan donating food and supplies and laying fllowers in person to a community is not bad optics. I wouldn’t be bothered by what the deranged have to say about Meghan if I were you because they want Meghan to never show up or be visible or vocal about anything.

      • Athena says:

        Bad optics is also sending a letter to the victim’s parents expecting them to run to the media with it and when they don’t announce to the media yourself that your sent a letter. Or showing up and offering your smiles and a tin of a dozen brownies for volunteers.
        The hypocrisy of the coverage is what’s bothersome, for the press it’s a wonderful act when one family member does it and self serving when another does it. Can the British press go an hour without mentioning this woman’s name.

    • Moi says:

      Sorry the pictures made you uncomfortable. Sorry people opinions mean so much to you.

    • Sofia says:

      The ones who want to complain about Meghan will. Nothing she’ll do or say will ever please them. If there wasn’t a photo, I’m sure they would have spun it as “this isn’t real she’s so thirsty she would have taken a photo” or “she sent food but couldn’t bother to visit how cold is she” or something else.

    • truthSF says:

      That’s a lie! She’s not getting tore up on twitter. The hater were quick to comment with hate, but they soon got drowned out by thousands of tweets supporting Meghan. And most of those supportive tweets were not even from fans, but observers who saw her getting attacked once again by the usual haters!

      • Charm says:

        Isnt it amazing how some human beings go out of their way to seek out negativity and then internalize that and paralyze themselves with fear & negativity?! Fascinating!

        And I say “go out of their way” because you cant be on SM and not know how it operates, even at the most basic level of your understanding. I:e that it feeds to you the things you go looking for. There is no such thing as: oh it came up on my feed……no-uh. YOU might not recall the first time you clicked “yes” to some of the suggested topics that were recommended to you; YOU might not recall that you agreed to accept notifications for whenever someone makes a post on a certain topic (that you clicked “yes” to be notified abt.); YOU might not recall that you engaged with a persistent naysayer/liar and, thereby, ALLL the folks that said liar interacts with.

        But now that you know, go ahead and UNDO all that cr@p you did when you didnt know better.

        Theres a reason that some folks timelines do not reflect the gratuitous, ad hoc negativity and lies that is rife on SM. And a reason that some do.

      • truthSF says:

        Well said CHARM!!👏🏽👏🏽

    • Ginger says:

      So Meghan should just be silent because of haters that hate her regardless? She offered more than thoughts and prayers, she DID something. What is wrong with that?! If this upsets you then I am concerned. Meghan has the money and resources to do this and I am happy that she did. If she made one more person donate and one person happy ( which they were, they appreciated her visit) then good for her.

      And Meghan isn’t getting torn up on Twitter. A lot of people are appreciated for what she did. She has the usual haters that hate tweet her 24/7 but they are getting called out.

    • Maxine Branch says:

      I am happy Meghan chose to go there herself. Why on earth should she hide. This is how the gutter UK press wants her to live, hiding. As a mother of two young children, I am pretty sure this provided her with great solace going there in person. I deeply admire her courage for doing so because she did not allow the fear of backlash from the gutter UK press discourage her from showing her humanity. If more folks showed this type of courage in the face of the vilification she is receiving just from being herself, our world would be a little bit better. Meghan has always showed up in any capacity she could to help those most in need. Kudos to her and May she continuously show her humanity.

      • MrsCope says:

        This part. The hiding is what they want. She’s not supposed to thrive, she’s not supposed to move how she wants. When people are in crisis, you mobilize in person or whatever means you have. That shouldn’t be dictated by anyone else besides your conscience.

      • Harper says:

        Yes. It’s echoing the Men in Grey telling her to stay inside, don’t go for coffee with your Mom, be 50 percent less, wear duller clothes, because you are everywhere–even when she hasn’t left the house in two weeks.

        IMO any impulse to say Meghan should not show up is a direct result of William and Kate’s smear campaign to turn public opinion against her and get her out of the picture. It saddens me to see how effective that smear campaign was and how people have absorbed that negativity and continue to bludgeon her with it.

      • SuzieQ says:

        I also love that Meghan went there. And that she was so low-key and down-to-earth that the volunteers didn’t even realize who she was — they thought she was a neighbor, which is kind of the best compliment.
        This tragedy has been gutting. If I had the resources, I’d board a plane, too, and drop off food to the helpers — anything to take the edge off this pain.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Nearly all of the buzzfeed comments are praising that she went in person without a crew and delivered supplies.
        A lot of people are saying their opinion of her changed because she acted so low key and did small, but impactful acts of kindness.

    • artemis says:

      my first thought was same as yours but i realized a little later that we are talking about meghan and she is a brave woman, so i respect her decision and i trust her to do what is true for her

    • emmi says:

      To some people, she can do nothing right and to others, she can do now wrong. I think you know which group most commenters here belong to. I think she’s a human being and as such, sometimes she wants to do good and the result is a little off. I agree that maybe waiting a little longer, going when the horror is not so fresh in people’s minds and when the town isn’t crawling with reporters would’ve been better. This is a story now. She is a story wherever she goes and usually, that can be used in a good way. But today the focus should be on the children.

      • Haylie says:

        You don’t seem to be focusing on the children. Just coming to a message board to spread anti-Meghan sentiment by way of “concern.”

        What have you done for these children, their families, or the community?

      • C says:

        Like your focus on the children by criticizing someone who volunteered and brought food?

      • emmi says:

        Thanks for proving my point.

        I haven’t done anything for the community, I’m on another continent and focus on my own community. And you’re bringing the argument “You’re not focusing on the children!” on an article that is entirely about someone else? Really? Again, you prove my point.

        I’m in no mood to fight about this, I stated my opinion and clearly, anything remotely critical of Meghan sets you off. So I’m removing myself from the conversation.

      • MsIam says:

        @Emmi, tell me again about when is the right time to show love and compassion? Is there a rule book? If Meghan had waited, I believe others would say “Well why did she wait so long?”. The world is truly fcuked up if a person can be criticized for giving instead of always taking.

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s okay for people to have different opinions on this visit, we don’t have to have a hive mind for everything Meghan does. this tragedy hits too close to home for many of us with young children and I’m sure its the same for Meghan. It’s personal in a way that some other things aren’t so I can understand why some are going to view this differently than i do.

      • Harper says:

        Thankfully, Meghan didn’t dampen down her impulse to help by weighing if it’s too soon or not too soon, will it be a big story or won’t it be a big story, will it take the focus off the children or not, and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

        Do you know how Meghan became the person that she is now who will walk fearlessly into what will turn into a media firestorm but ignore that media firestorm in order to do what’s right? She did it by being filleted to within an inch of her life by the British press. They almost got her–but she survived.

        She is truly free to follow her compassionate heart. She has cut off the media from her life and it does not control her. The goodness and bravery of this woman overwhelms me.

        And she is also saying to all the Tom-Foolery going on with Wooten, Scamantha, and her Dad, that there are bigger things in the world right now than faking strokes for media attention. Uvalde is where her heart is, and yes, she can travel to wherever she thinks is worth her time. There is so much human failure to be accounted for in Uvalde, but Meghan is not part of that.

      • MrsCope says:

        But was the result off? Or did the people there receive what they need/want (comfort, a listening ear, to be seen as a person) and she get what she needed (to not feel like she was helpless in a hopeless situation). The press was there, she didn’t draw more media, the photographers were already there and then they sold or released those photos to other outlets (that’s how media works). She didn’t add to the madness in any way. And those families aren’t reading the newspapers and watching the news. They’re grieving in real time. In Texas that was maybe 15 minutes of time at the memorial and then she went and dropped off food.

      • Haylie says:

        Thank you for proving my point. You have done nothing for this community except criticize someone who has. Not terribly compassionate for anyone involved.

      • Sofia says:

        I agree with @Becks1 here. This is a situation that hits close to home for many and therefore people are going to state their opinion that may not be something you want to hear/agree with it. And that’s fine. I understand that a lot of Sussex fans are tired of Meghan being criticised every time she leaves her house (or doesn’t leave it at all) but again, this is very highly charged emotional situation so I would give people a lot of slack here.

      • Ginger says:

        Emma, the focus IS on the children. The Today show had footage from that exact memorial and they didn’t mention Meghan once. They talked about the tragedy. The children. She is a grieving mother that is devastated by this. Don’t police her actions.

      • Mich says:

        What a weird thing to say. (Some) US media noted that she was there…and went right back to talking about the victims and the issue of gun violence. She is not the ‘story now’.

      • windyriver says:

        Of course she stopped to pay her respects – there must be a better way to describe these things – at the memorial erected for the victims. But then she moved on to help at the community center running a blood drive for other victims of the shooting. She gave blood. That’s where the food went, including snacks for others giving blood, which she reportedly helped workers put out. Some reports say she offered help with funeral expenses if needed. This is something concrete that people need, NOW. WCK is on the ground providing meals for the community, something else they need, now. Given their connection, wouldn’t be surprised if she asked them what she could do for the community. She’s a mother, but also head of a foundation, and this is what we’ve repeatedly seen about how she works. Pay a meaningful visit, but bring something useful with her. She came, made what contribution she could, then left. Most people in the center she visited didn’t know who she was until she was already gone.

      • Eurydice says:

        I think what people outside of the US don’t get is that Meghan isn’t a huge story here. I mean, she’s a celebrity and when she does something the press will cover it, but then they move on. Even the press outlets that don’t like her will move on. There isn’t an agenda to pick at everything she’s done, over and over, for years and years.

      • Truth says:

        If the people in that community valued her help that is all that matters.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Truth, that’s exactly right!!! She came to help a community drowning in heartbreak and shock. Meghan has and will always do what is best for the community. Meghan isn’t one to bleep her own horn. As a Texas resident, I applaud her compassion and her selfless act to be there, to listen, to provide comfort and to help out in any way that she can. As a parent, she is deeply troubled by this tragedy as we all are. The community was touched by her heartfelt message and her selfless actions. Meghan has always been one to show up and do what people need. And everyone in Uvalde needs our help.

      • Gruey says:

        @eurydice this. What is the story here is the agonizing pain, horror, and fear Americans feel. American parents especially. I find a real failure of empathy for this in the British press’ reaction to Meghan.

        Frankly, anyone saying it was inappropriate of Meghan sounds a heck of a lot like right-wingers gatekeeping our emotions after these things: now’s not the time, doing anything would be inappropriate, thoughts and prayers.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Emmi: “… sometimes [Meghan] wants to do good and the result is a little off.”

        ^^ This comment doesn’t make any sense. The only thing that’s more than a little bit off are the ridiculous and vindictive reactions by haters to anything and everything Meghan does, including caring about victims of a horrific tragedy, and including something as sweet and mundane as kissing her husband in public and wiping her lipstick off his face.

        Meghan and Harry have passionately combined their energies and financial resources to do tremendous good in the world. They are collaborating with other individuals and organizations in meaningful and productive ways. Sussex supporters have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Sussex-affiliated charities, and are also inspired to volunteer in other ways in their local communities.

        There is currently an ongoing Sussex Squad fundraiser which has so far compiled over $62,000 to support the vital work of World Central Kitchen, which is affiliated with M&H’s Archewell Foundation. Your comments are completely inaccurate.

      • Bex says:

        @emmi It was never going to be the “right time” for her to go, so it’s good she opted to do what she felt needed to be done now, rather than “later” (which I’m sure some would whinge about as well, like they did when she donated money to fix the roof at a Texas women’s shelter).

        I truly do not think these people complaining about “timing” understand just how devasting a school shooting is, not only for the families who lost their children/parents, but for the community as a whole. There are only 16,000 people who live in Uvalde. It’s safe to say that EVERYONE has a connection to that school, whether it’s immediate/extended family, or friends or co-workers. These people are hurting, and I’m so sorry that you personally feel there’s a “right time” to offer grace and comfort to this community. I’m so sorry that you’d rather get your criticisms off, instead of empathizing with what that community is dealing with, and seemingly being incapable of understanding just how ANY help is needed.

        ESPECIALLY in the face of the Gov. Abbott, who received MILLIONS front the National Rifle Association and recently signed laws that basically removed all restrictions for gun ownership in Texas, and he had THE AUDACITY to sit in that community’s face as if he gives a damn.

        Of their Senator, Ted Cruz, the guy who chose to fly to Cancun during electrical blackouts last winter which resulted in the deaths of several people. He also received millions from the NRA.

        Meghan has never accepted money from the NRA. She went there with love and all people do is take it as a personal offense that she did.

      • Truthiness says:

        Emmi, I emphatically disagree that “the focus should be on the children.” People from coast to coast are talking about what needs to change. The mass shootings have become commonplace. In 1994 we had an assault weapon ban for 10 years, until the Republicans purposely let it lapse. Yesterday Kaiser posted videos of Steve Kerr and Senator Chris Murphy talking about the legislative change that is needed, immediately. We have to discuss change and we have to talk solutions, especially in an election year. Criticizing Meghan for paying respects and/or telling us to focus on something besides change is morally and ethically reprehensible.

      • Christine says:

        “I agree that maybe waiting a little longer, going when the horror is not so fresh in people’s minds and when the town isn’t crawling with reporters would’ve been better.”

        How would this be better, in any way? She should wait until it’s not “so fresh” and show up in the middle of town, and proclaim she is there to offer support after the fact, if anyone is interested?

      • Luna17 says:

        @Emmi, I also don’t get the Meghan Stan’s here sometimes. It’s weird. She is just a person and there have been some questionable stuff here and there like all celebrities have. The Kate is a dumb, horrible loser and Meghan is so amazing, smart and can never do any wrong narrative is odd when they often have similar actions IMO. They show up to events, donate stuff then go home to their big homes. Both women live in luxury homes and have luxury lifestyles and benefited from the RF privilege. I don’t think you can buy a Montecito mansion on the suits paychecks people, where do you think that money came from? Harry was born into it and didn’t “earn” that money, he inherited it from a family that stole it from others. It’s nice if they are trying to modernize themselves and be decent people but putting these extremely privileged people on some kind of pedestal is silly IMO.

    • Snuffles says:

      In the same breath you judge her for going to Uvalde and not going to Buffalo. Can you not see your own hypocrisy?

    • Haylie says:

      You don’t live in or near Uvalde. I know by the Buffalo comments that you are trolling in a racist way.

    • PaulaH says:

      Girl BYE

    • Maxine Branch says:

      Big difference between what Kate did and Meghan did. Folks were arrested immediately after Kate left and she went there maskless. They would not arrest while Kate was there they waited until she left. So yes, I would say Publicity stunt 101 from Kate. Authenticity from Meghan.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      This was her thought process: I can’t just sit here and do nothing! I have to go there. I have to see the makeshift memorials for those babies. This has got to end.

      Meghan is a relatively new mom. Her kids will be going to school in no time. Her grief seemed genuine as she looked at the memorials. This is an immense tragedy. The days immediately after 9/11, you couldn’t keep people away from going to the site, even with all the toxic fumes. We all went, we brought clothes, donated blood. Thanked every firefighter (and, yes, the police) we saw for months/years afterward, We pay for it now with our health, but in the moment, all that mattered was trying to make sense of what happened and trying to be there for each other. Cameras were down at the site, in the thick of it, hoping to get “good” shots and videos of mourners and volunteers. Is that why any of us went? No. So you can tell the haters they have obviously never known profound, immeasurable, overwhelming grief, and they can f right off.

      • Petra says:

        @THatsNotOKay, you nailed it.

        For those looking to be of help, here is one organization you can help.

      • Blithe says:

        ThatsNotOkay, thank you for sharing your perspective, and your experiences. As someone who has known immeasurable, overwhelming grief — as well as the solace of shared community grief and support, your powerful words have truly touched my heart.

    • MrsCope says:

      I get that you have been to that town before. I’ve been on the front lines of a community suffering and grieving at a large scale. They are in pain, yes. But they also want to be seen, and comforted and supported and held. A woman with a ball cap holding your hand for a few minutes while you cry, or bringing you a sandwich ’cause you haven’t thought about feeding yourself is real, tangible support and she had the means to go be that support. She is a mom, she has a heart. She is not always a brand. She is not a politician. Mass shootings shouldn’t have etiquette/protocol. “This shooting gets a message on our website, this shooting gets a personal visit.” She reacted because she’s human, and she didn’t hurt anyone. If you went to that community and asked THEM, not PR experts, not the collective society, you’d have more people who were grateful for her presence than not. She didn’t say anything or do anything about Buffalo because she processed that tragedy differently. Don’t do that.

    • C says:

      I see your comments on here all the time trying to subtly troll and now I think you’ve shown yourself. She is an American who can volunteer if she wishes. And the people she met with were happy with it – so I’m glad to know you don’t care about their feelings.

    • Sweet potato says:

      Agree with you completely Jeanne, and your comment was very respectful. I’m sure there are lots of folks who like Meghan, but feel like this is taking attn from the community.

      Not sure why people are jumping on you.

      • C says:

        A lot of the responses are respectful too. Channel your energy into volunteering if you think it’s being done incorrectly and stop contributing to the criticism of someone coming to help, please.

      • Susan says:

        Agree with Sweet Potato and Jeanne. Your comment was respectful and not cruel. I’ve noticed we are a society that is all or nothing, love or hate, no nuance. Much as I feel the same way about my children, my husband, my friends, I can love them unconditionally but not love everything they do or say.

      • C says:

        Ok, I’m starting to feel like I’m in Bizarro World. You’re talking about loving people unconditionally despite “mistakes”…because she came and made some people feel loved per their own words?

        I’m all over this post so this is my last comment on this. But this is getting surreal, lol.

      • Haylie says:

        Responding to a person’s comment is not “jumping on them.” Everyone else is entitled to express an opinion.

        I do find it shady when people set up their comments to claim victimhood, ie,”Don’t all jump on me.”

        I also find that toxic commentary can hide behind nice words. This is why concern trolling is effective.

      • Ginger says:

        @C , the haters from twitter are mad that they were getting push back from non Meghan supporters and people in the community last night. They have decided to swarm this site. It usually happens with a bigger story like this.

      • PaulaH says:

        You people act as if you can’t control what you watch or what you read. The ONLY way Meghan can take attention away from this horrific event is if you allow YOUR attention to be distracted. Stop blaming Meghan because you can’t focus on multiple things at once.

      • SMS says:

        I also agree with Jeanne. I wish people could accept nuance and remember Meghan’s own very gracious, intelligent and kind comment “They really seem to want a narrative of a hero and a villain. She’s a good person. So much of what I have seen play out is this idea of polarity where if you love me, you don’t have to hate her. And if you love her, you don’t need to hate me.”

      • Bex says:

        It’s taking attention away FOR YOU, which is why you’re on a gossip site, instead of on a news site. So maybe this is a you problem and not Meghan’s fault.

        There’s no “nuance” because you people are always chomping at the bit to take offense or offer unsolicited advice on how Meghan’s “behavior” needs to change in order for people to not dislike her, all the while ignoring that the irrational hatred towards her is unjustified.

        Also, when she sent food trucks for the volunteers for MLK Day of Service in Atlanta, GA, she was criticized for doing that. “Critics” claimed she was “taking attention away” and “doing it for good PR” because the recipients publicly thanked her. She can’t win with you people and your wrong “opinions”. She knows this, and she still does what she feels can best serve the public. To me, that’s admirable. She is unbowed and unbroken, and that’s why you all get on your sanctimonious soap box and whine WHATEVER she does.

        You people aren’t slick and you’re transparent as f*ck.

      • Jaded says:

        @Sweet potato — this is how you mobilize others to help a community in dire distress. You show up, you sympathize, you cry, you donate food. She’s not doing this for eyeballs FFS, she gets enough just showing up at a polo match, and it’s clear a new bunch of Meghan-bashers are showing up on this site to spread spite and lies. Go back to the Fail.

      • HeatherC says:

        My opinion, for what it’s worth, is Meghan would have had bad optics either way by anyone looking for bad optics. If she sent supplies like food and a money donation, they (critics and haters) would have said what, she’s not good enough to go there herself? She’s hiding in her 16 million Montecito mansion with its 23 billion bathrooms, she won’t face the “common people.” or some such nonsense.

        Either way she gets criticized, so she does what she feels is right for her, which is how we all should operate.

    • Charm says:

      I’m so glad Meghan is Meghan and not you.
      SHE lives her life out loud and proud and doesnt quail into inertia nor give in to fear at the prattling of naysayers.

      I thought all Meghan-watchers, including both her admirers & the jealous haters, knew this by now.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      I agree with you. I like her and stan her work ethic so much, but she shouldn’t have shown up. Just send all the help she can & whatever is asked for. Imagine if every celeb and humanitarian showed up in person and wandered around with tribute flowers and food baskets. She could have sent all of that.

      • MsIam says:

        So you think it would be bad if people show up with food baskets and flowers? And celebrities show up soon after to tragedies all the time. When that apartment building collapsed in Florida, you had football players and basketball players showing up right afterwards and I don’t recall any responses like yours, saying they should have stayed away. Only when its Meghan Markle do people act crazy and get mad.

      • Sarge says:

        I imagine people who had access to free food during a cost of living crisis supplied by Meghan were very grateful – why should she hide?

        The Queen made a mistake by not visiting Aberfan in a timely manner – you could argue the optics of why she did later. I think Meghan has every right to show up if she wanted to. She is her own person, and not so insignificant as the RRs said they would be once they were in America

      • Eurydice says:

        Well, not “every celeb and humanitarian showed up in person,” so there’s no need to strain yourself by imagining things. And there’s no need to worry about how Meghan chooses to show concern and help people – it’s her business and she can take care of herself.

      • aftershocks says:

        &Smart&Messy, @Jeanne, et al, no one needs to police what Meghan does, nor tell her how to navigate every choice she makes.

        Meghan, as a concerned private citizen, regardless of her high profile, is placing her focus on the victims, the grieving families, and the volunteers.
        Kudos to Meghan for caring enough to take the time and money to do something helpful and meaningful, rather than simply expressing shock on social media, or in a public statement.

        There are probably a number of people lending their help financially or otherwise in private ways. Since Meghan is a high profile public figure, whatever she ends up doing is bound to be made public by other sources. It was kind of Meghan to oblige the woman who asked to take a picture with her. Bottom line: Meghan truly cares, and she decided to do what she can in-person, and that means a lot.

      • equality says:

        That would actually be a nice thing to imagine. I wouldn’t even slam the Kardashians for that.

    • nina says:

      Here we go again with the : “…I love Meghan Markle but…” Just stop and say what you want to with your whole chest. She is giving comfort and sometimes presence is enough. She didn’t announce that she was going , the press chose to publish her presence because they know it gets them clicks.

      • Truth says:

        Most these names I don’t recognize. They aren’t here regularly. We know why they are here now.

      • Gingerbee says:

        Yup, I also noticed the “I love Meghan, but” brigade are out in force today commenting on CB. If I had the means, I would be there too supporting the people. I shed a few tears, when I saw the parents being interviewed.

      • Lila says:

        Yup, it’s always so obvious. And the people who are complaining that “it’s too soon”, “she pulled focus”, a reminder that people in the community that was directly affected by this tragedy didn’t even realize who she was and appreciated her support. I would argue that’s the only thing that matters.

      • Yup, exactly. They claim that they “generally love” Meghan but THIS is what they have a problem with?? GTFO of here…

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Lots of random new names here. They don’t repeat. They only appear on Meghan posts. And they claim to like her. Then they list all things they perceive as wrong and only apply it to Meghan.

      • Debbie says:

        So many people have said it so well. Some were very eloquent, and others were pithy, as in “Girl, bye” above. So, I’ll just say, “Amen!” to you guys directly above. And to those trying to direct how this woman should conduct her life, I say stop telling an American, on American soil how to react, how to alleviate the pain, and how to help.

    • Isabella says:

      I don’t get why this is bad optics. Good for her and her compassion. It’s only bad optics if you don’t like Meghan to begin with. We don’t have to imagine what would happen if every celebrity showed up because only Meghan did.

      I’m kind of amazed by the number of Meghan haters who posted today. Shoo, shoo.

    • susan says:

      She’s like Hillary Clinton. No matter what the haters say, she keeps getting back up and back to work. “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

      I was glad to see that she did this. She didn’t say a word to the press or do any publicity. she consented to a photo with some volunteers, but wore a mask.

    • PrincessK says:

      Meghan knew that there would be an international back lash against her. To me it proves that she is strong and is not going to allow her life and movements dictated by what the British tabloids and racist journalists think she should do. She is a free agent and she can go where she wants , when she wants and do as she pleases. Meghan is strong she knows that the BM and RF will be in her face in a few days but she is signalling that she is her own person.

    • Tisme says:

      Agreed 100 percent

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        But why? Everyone stated how that opinion is based on misinformation by stating facts. What specifically are your views that make you feel this way now that you also have the facts?

        Should all people not help others? Should we all stay anonymous and not get exposure for causes? Or is it just Meghan that can’t quietly help others?

        What is it about her and these acts of kindness that eats away at you so much?

    • Jaded says:

      @Jeanne, @Chergui, @Tisme — why should she not go there? It was in a private capacity without advising the paps and press. Why should she not show her face, speak to the bereaved and volunteers, bring food and show support at such a catastrophic event? She’s a mother, she’s a philanthropist, that’s what she does and she doesn’t need to shrink herself and just donate money behind the scenes because the BM and haters might go after her. That takes balls, compassion and a big heart, which she has in abundance. Kate’s appearance at Sarah Everard’s memorial was pure performance. She was dressed to the nines, all made up and hair freshly done, and brought along her own professional photogs and videographers to stage her *shining moment* unmasked. You can’t compare the two at all — one was utterly self-serving and the other true public service.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I’ve been here since the dating years on CB. I generally remember most names, what posts we are regulars on etc…
        I’ve never seen these names. They only come out on Meghan posts. Rarely on Kate specific posts. And it’s always to nit pick her. When you give them facts that can be confirmed they do not change their minds and maybe even don’t respond. Why? Because they’re either paid to post or they’re enjoying spreading hate and misinformation.

        I think we all know why.

      • Jaded says:

        @Wiglet Watcher — yup, no coincidence that all these new names pop up. Toxic Tom, Scammy, the DF and bottom-feeding tabloids are all in cahoots.

      • Nic919 says:

        Lots of new names here having a problem with Meghan donating food and giving blood. Please go fuck yourself with the faux concern that she should have done nothing.

        The Ellie Hall and Kadia Gosa article make it absolutely clear that she did not seek out the press, she did not have a Netflix crew and she happened to be caught near the public memorial for a few seconds while it was surrounded by photographers. Otherwise she was taking back doors and most people didn’t even recognize her.

        Anyone criticizing this has a very black soul.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Nic919. Love the PGFY comment. Truth. I will disagree that anyone criticizing this has a black soul (maybe heart). They are soulless.

    • HeyJude says:

      IDK, I thought that at first perhaps it wasn’t a good idea but then I realized- no matter what she did she’d still be thrown under the bus like always. The British media/US right wing would criticize any call she made for support or gun control as a publicity stunt because she DIDN’T go there. If she sat at home and didn’t say anything she’d be criticized by them. If she only went later on to a public remembrance ceremony with other notable figures she’d be criticized. They would have ripped her for all of those choices too.

      So yeah if that’s that treatment you get no matter what I’d say the same thing- “screw it I have the resources and want to help and can bring attention to this grave event and to the fact that the community needs support- so I’m going to hop on a plane and do it then!”

      Meghan never gets the benefit of anything. Her optics WILL ALWAYS be bad to a huge section of society who are hateful bigots- so she should do whatever she wants. There’s no reason not to. They’ll never be satisfied by anything she does anyways.

  5. PEARL GREY says:

    Compassion in action is what she said her Archewell foundation stands for and that is what we are seeing in how she conducts herself in her everyday life too. The people appreciated her help and her actions will inspire others to also do whatever they can and that’s all that matters.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Well said, Pearl grey 👏🏽

      • SuzieQ says:

        I mean Meghan was just a little kid when she wrote that famous letter about the sexist dishwashing soap commercial. She’s an activist to her core. She sees a need and she tries to fill it — and she has the resources to do so.
        She was as low-key as she could have been. She wasn’t swanning around, handing out baskets like Lady Bountiful. She brought crates of food and volunteers said she “snuck” into the donor site through a back door.
        There was nothing attention-seeking about her conduct. She wanted to help, so she helped.

  6. IForget says:

    My heart just breaks for those babies, those parents, those families, the community, the teachers. It hurts.

    The police…… I just have no words. I’m just…I don’t know what to say.

    On a superficial note, even when her hair isn’t ‘done’ it still looks shiny. I decided to wear a hair mask for the first time in ages, going to wash it out shortly. She is definite hair goals.

    • Harla says:

      @IForget, I read the Meghan uses Wella Luminous Smoothing Oil so of course I got some and it’s lovely and a little goes a long way.

      • IForget says:

        Oh gosh thank you so much for the recommendation <3

      • Lorelei says:

        @IForget and @Harla, thank you for this little bit of normalcy in such a depressing post during such a terrible time. I’m going to buy, it too (:

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Lorelei, thank you for echoing my thoughts! I was like d@mn that’s a nice bit of levity. Thank you Harla for the name of what she uses. I’ll buy too. My mid fifties hair needs it.

  7. CherHorowitz says:

    Daily mail already dropping ‘she said she wanted it to be private’ in some pointed ‘she’s an attention seeker’ way to incite some awful comments. Even the headline makes it so obvious what they are trying to say.

    You know, as opposed to kate visiting the sarah everard vigil which was totes not a photo op and just showed what a down to earth thoughtful person she is amirite /s

    • PaulaH says:

      Salty Island will not let this woman rest. They feel they must have an input into everything that she does in the USA as they remind us daily that they don’t want her in their country. Meghan has the right to do as she wants. I’m very proud of Meghan and I hope she continues to show her compassion and care for the world around her.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      CherHorowitz, of course that’s what they said. The question I have is, “who is getting the attention?” Well, the BM is getting the attention. That’s really what all of the hate is about Meghan–based completely on racism and the other isms. The reality is that the attention gets focused on the BM. We should all congratulate them, because the world sees them. I am furious that they are using murdered children and teachers for their own gains. People want to hate? Target the BM. They’ve earned it.

  8. Wiglet Watcher says:

    I didn’t know the details about the police. I’m in tears. Meghan responded perfectly. And I hope she never does another one of these visits. I hope there’s never another massacre.

  9. Alexandria says:

    She’s a good person.

    There are people more upset about this than dead children and teacher. I have no words anymore.

    • Lady D says:

      This. What the hell is wrong with some of these people? The fundamentally flawed among us are losing their minds.

    • Jaded says:

      How can these monsters turn a heart-breaking catastrophe into a means by which to continue bashing Meghan and spreading such malicious lies because she did something compassionate. I wonder what they’re doing to help the bereaved and volunteers? Donating money? Food? Joining groups to protest the NRA and government’s inaction? Nope. Evil prevails.

  10. Baby says:

    So not critism from you like with Kate at the Sarah memorial? It is the same.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Why should there be? The two situations are not the same.

    • Haylie says:

      Sure Jan. Sure.

    • Alexandria says:

      We already went through this.

      Since you’ve made up your mind that there is no difference, so be it.

      • martinibar says:

        do tell the difference. both went in private capacity. both photographed. both had security. kate was called vile and reprehensible IIRC.

      • C says:

        They seem pretty different to me. I guess I must have missed the part where the police cleared the way for Meghan and then brutally arrested everyone once she left without her saying a word about it, like what happened with Kate.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      It’s not the same. Kate showed up with her own photographer and videographer. The police arrested the memorial attendees after she left and she did nothing about it. She did nothing at all except exploit a dead girl’s memorial.
      Kate made it about her. The complete opposite of what Meghan did.

      • ABCD says:

        Who took the high quality photos of Meghan though?

      • L84Tea says:

        The press that was already there!

      • Marleigh says:

        ABCD – The associated press that were out there taking photos and videos of everyone that came to the vigil. KP actually called Sky News to have them cover her visit. Kate was wearing a mask in the car and took it off amongst the people (during the time there were mask mandates) so she could make sure Sky News had a clear picture of her face. Meghan actually gave blood and brought food and beverages which she helped organize for the volunteers. She also talked to several of the volunteers and most of them didn’t realize it was her until she left. They thought it was a neighbor so it was a completely different experience.

      • Sonia says:

        This was a tragedy covered around the world and news crews from around the world have been there for days. If you have two brain cells, you can quite clearly see the photo credits are taken by photojournalists from Associated Press and Agence France-Presse.

      • Ginger says:

        And this is typical of Meghan. She went to a memorial for the mass shooting in Vegas, she wrote an essay on the Sandy Hook shooting, she went to a memorial in SA in 2019 for a young women that was murdered. And this is all on the top of my head. This isn’t new to her. Plus the countless times she volunteers at food banks and other charities. This is her. This is what she does.

        Kate has never once went to a memorial and didn’t go to one this year ( or last) of a young black women that was murdered. It was just that one and she went maskless during a pandemic and the attendees were arrested and Kate said nothing. It’s different.

      • PrincessK says:

        Thanks for all this additional information, it makes even more sense for Meghan to get involved .

      • ABCD says:

        Thanks for clarifying!

    • VivaAviva says:

      I wondered about this. How is this different from what Kate did?

      I say that as someone who is glad she was there.

      Edit: thanks for pointing out the differences.

    • IForget says:

      DId Kate deliver goods & chat with volunteers? No.

      Did Meghan send to the media that she wrote a letter to the family, when the family did not want it known? No.

      Did Meghan call it work so that she could attend, while other attendees were grappled, forced to the ground, and arrested? No.

      Did Meghan imply it was the children’s fault they weren’t safe as she did when she stated she knew what it was like to walk at night before she was married (which of course keeps her safe, now that she has a man)? No.

      Did Meghan pretend she didn’t want to be seen, even though she was the only one without a mask when everyone else was, and a Sky News reporter was there to get exclusive photos? No.

      Did Meghan put Kate’s name on it so that she wouldn’t appear as to have done something illegal and not speak out about the many women who were attacked by the police within minutes after her leaving? No.

      Ergo, not the same. Try again.

      • amyb says:


      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Iforget *chef’s kiss*. Apparently, what you wrote, is too hard to argue against. ‘Cause crickets’. It struck nerves with the Fail. Eden trying to blame it on someone else is lol. Sorry, dude, that ain’t the way things went down.

    • rawiya says:

      There was a travel ban the day Kate went. She wasn’t allowed to travel anywhere, but she did. She also took off her mask, so everyone would see it was her. She also went with a photographer. Also, the day she went, police were arresting women for being at the vigil, but they just happened to forget to arrest her.

      Then, when asked why Kate was there the Palace flip-flopped multiple times between it being an official duty and her going as a private person (which she shouldn’t have done because there was a travel ban in place.)

      Do you see the difference…maybe just a little bit?

      • Haylie says:

        Put it all out there for these desperate haters to see. Kate showed up empty handed with a photog, made sure they saw her face by taking off her mask, left just in time for the police to start beating and arresting the other women at the vigil, then made sure to publish the letter she sent to the victim’s family. Cambridges are big in publishing private letters.

      • IForget says:

        Exactly!! I live in London and I wanted to go at the time, but it was about an hour walk away, and there was a travel ban. I thought best to stay home and donate to charity and write to my MP. There are many ways to protest or to show support. The fact Cressida Dick deemed it was illegal as soon as Kate left…. AGH it makes me so mad.

    • Becks1 says:

      So I do get why people are saying this, but here are the differences in my mind:

      The vigil Kate attended was supposedly illegal, and yet the police did not break it up until AFTER Kate left. and yes, Kate made sure there was a photographer there just for her, she took her mask off, and she centered the tragedy on her – remember the headlines about “Kate remembers what it was like to walk alone in the city” or whatever.

      Here, Meghan attended a public memorial, which already had press photographers there, and she delivered food without announcing who she was (i.e. not centering the tragedy on her.)

      • sunny says:

        All of this. I think some people will interpret the situations as the same but they are quite different- Meghan showed up to help. Kate showed up empty-handed(but with photographers).

        What a tragedy for America. I cannot imagine the scale of the grief for that community and those families.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        “Kate remembers what it was like to walk alone in the city”

        People forget that Khate had police protection since 2007 and before that was always papped falling in/out of cabs and driving her car everywhere. She was never really alone.

    • Sofia says:

      I sort of get why people think this but it’s not the same:

      Kate showed up, put some flowers and then left. Which is fine if she was Kate Windsor but she’s not. She’s HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, the future future queen so she’s got a huge platform and the capacity to do more and honestly, she *should* have done more. I don’t expect her to go out to to the streets to campaign but something like a donation to a charity that helps with sexual assault victims or a strong statement would have been great. Instead she showed up with some flowers, sent a letter to her parents and… that’s it. She basically put her “thoughts and prayers” on a piece of paper when again, she could have done more and she should have.

      Whereas Meghan showed up and had her picture taken yes but she also brought food for the volunteers, listened to them and had a chat with them. She brought help, she brought resources that will actually help people. And at the end of the day, the people in Uvalde really appreciated it and her and I think that’s what matters the most rather than our comments/opinions. Similarly, if it comes out that Sarah Everard’s parents were touched by Kate’s involvement and thought what she did was enough, then that is also what matters most.

      • Magdalena says:

        This is so disingenuously written that I don’t know where to begin.

        Kate also “had her picture taken”, with the sigificant difference that she had arranged for this with reporters prior to attending. She made sure to remove her mask while attending an “illegal” vigil, left immediately after the photo op, remained silent when the women at the same vigil were violently attacked and arrested by the police AND centred the death of a woman on herself. Every damn headline the following day was about Kate and HER feelings, with Sarah Everard being a side note in many reports. Not only that, she made damn sure to publicise that she had written a “touching” letter to the dead woman’s family, even though the family had not mentioned or sanctioned this.

        You’re quite right that it’s not the same, not for the reasons you have stated, but for the glaring omissions in the narrative.

      • Sofia says:

        I say it in my very first sentence that it’s not the same. I don’t say the rest of what you say but I admit that it’s not the same at all. So don’t understand why you’re so mad at me.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Do you know what Baby, go to hell. I am not going to be as polite as other posters and just tell you to stop, just f8cking stop. You are using the death of innocent children to try to “one up” a woman who spent her time and money bringing supplies to a community that needs every pair of loving arms wrapped around them that they can get at the moment. You saw the write up about innocent children being gunned down in a school and thought “but what about poor Kate” well f*ck her and everything she represents, which is self interest, greed and having smoke blown up her starved ar$e.

    • C says:

      Part of what community? The community of…every woman in London? She couldn’t even wear black for MeToo.

      The other women there got brutally treated after she peaced out. She didn’t even wear a mask. Nobody was there talking about how helpful she was. Many residents of Uvalde are stating how helpful Meghan was. Quit pretending Kate’s visit was something it wasn’t.

    • Sofia says:

      Can I see those reports confirming that she brought her own camera person? I’m being serious because I haven’t seen genuine reports just people assuming/guessing.

    • L84Tea says:

      Troll. Get lost.

    • Anna says:

      Saying that shows a blatant erasure of context, even at the surface level.

      Not only did Meghan make it a point to centre the victims of the tragedy, she showed up to help the community. She engaged with them, offered comfort and helped where she could, she volunteered her time. According to some, she even offered to financially assist the victims’ families with funeral costs. There are people *named* in this reporting too, real people who aren’t ashamed to be associated in this context with Meghan because what she did wasn’t shameful. She showed up for a purpose, and it was acknowledged and well received by the people that mattered.

      What did Kate do besides be seen? She was only there long enough to be noticed, and she didn’t talk to anyone. Did the community benefit at all from Kate’s presence? They weren’t even protected when the police decided the gathering was unlawful, and Kate herself didn’t say anything after the fact either.

      We can argue about whether either of them wanted to be seen (and whether Meghan just had better judgment in doing so), but the fact remains that only one community benefited from a duchess’ presence, and if you refuse to acknowledge that, there’s no point in discussing it further.

    • Jaded says:

      Kate showed up in a completely self-serving PR move complete with photographers, press and video at 6:00. She took off her mask, dropped some flowers and left.

      Meghan showed up with no fanfare, no designer outfits or hair and make-up immaculately done. She spoke to the bereaved, brought food for the volunteers, and will no doubt make a generous donation through Archewell to the families of 22 innocent people affected by this horrific tragedy. THAT is the difference. One was merely performative, the other action on the ground.

      To conflate these 2 examples is mean-spirited and shows you clearly don’t understand the meaning of compassion, public service and how much simple gestures like Meghan’s can mean to people whose lives have been devastated beyond belief.

    • Jaded says:

      @Baby — you don’t deserve to be commenting on this site, you’re pathetically uninformed about this whole situation and your name reflects your intellect.

    • Christine says:

      It is not remotely the same. As far as I can tell, all but 2 victims in Texas were brown. The script flips entirely for Sandy Hook.

      Of course I am not suggesting one spree murder is better than another, they are both horrifying beyond words, but the victims in Texas are different, and I think there will be a tendency to get over this faster than other school shootings, especially by members of the government.

      No shade towards Biden, I speak of the other politicians. I cannot imagine that man is ever going to get over this, which is as it should be when you aim for the presidency.

      ETA: I intentionally didn’t mention Kitty. If you think this situation is a moment to ride in on Kate’s defense like a knight in shining armor, we are having two entirely different conversations.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Christine, this is an excellent comment and I totally agree with everything you said. I hadn’t thought about it from that angle before.

        I saw one comment someplace that Johnny Depp’s trial got far more coverage than the shooting in Buffalo, and we all know why.

  11. Belli says:

    She’s just a sweet, kindhearted person.

  12. Ramsi says:

    I really like that Meghan continues to show up knowing she will be attacked and her motives dissected. I’m impressed by her bravery. This was a really great thing to do and Meghan is not new to this, she’s true to this

    • Christine says:

      I love your comment so much.

      Meghan knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she was going to be dragged for showing up in Texas, and she still went. She gets hate for everything, which now that I think about it must be freeing, because you really can just do what you want, since a vocal part of the population is going to be terrible no matter what she does.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yep @Christine. Meghan has actually said that she “feels free” because she understands that both flattery and criticism should be ignored and allowed to “go down the same drain.”

  13. Amy T says:

    I saw this yesterday. It’s so overwhelmingly awful, and I suspect many of us would be moved to do the same if we had the capability and capacity to do what Meghan did. Everything about it was dignified and decent.

  14. Amie says:

    Good for her. I’m glad she went. If I could go I would. It amazes me how people can spin such a decent thing into something nasty. I will never understand it.

    • Snuffles says:

      Even jaded TMZ said the same thing:

      “While she’s getting criticized on social media for inserting herself into the tragedy … Meghan does have the same connection to the shooting as every American who is distraught over the mass shooting. The only obvious difference is she has the time and means to go there.”

      • Nic919 says:

        When TMZ isn’t being critical… yeah that says a lot about the trolls and fools who think this was a bad thing.

    • Meghan says:

      I love this and it is 100% Mom Meghan. This isn’t Duchess Meghan or even Meghan Markle, actress. This is a mom who is hurting for those kids and families and wanted to show support. Dropping off supplies at a community center is something that anyone can do, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Harry leveraged their celebrity for bigger donations, efforts, etc. But this? This is just a Mom.

  15. Sue Hurley says:

    I love that Meghan did this. I loved that she walked away from toxicity and is now following her heart and being her true authentic self. She wanted to go and she went – good for her. Apparently she was also offering financial help to aid with the burials of these little angels and I love that, too. This situation was so tragic and heart-breaking and I loved that Meghan reached out. She is an inspiration to me and a true example of standing up and following your own heart even in the midst of toxicity that wants to bring you down. Good for you, Meghan, and may God comfort all the pain in Uvalde – a tragedy that breaks all our hearts.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    The stories coming out of this tragedy are devastating. I hope this will spur those in power and voters into action and positive change. Meghan is really a thoughtful person and her generosity has been appreciated by the people in Uvalde. She has a lot of guts too.

    • Over it says:

      It’s heartbreaking. The thing is in regards to Meghan, like me , she is a mom. She is also a mom who has also experience the loss of a child. I know the circumstances were completely different but I would imagine that to a parent, loosing your child hurts the same regardless of how it happened. If I can’t stop crying and thinking about it, she must be feeling the same or similar. If you have the capability and means of helping to relieve another parents suffering and pain in any way shape or form, why not try to do whatever you can.

  17. Seraphina says:

    Good for Meghan. She will get raked through the coals by those who don’t like her. As a mother and a person with humanity, she did what she needed to do.
    This entire tragedy has gapping wholes on how it went down and what law enforcement did. The sentiments that have been expressed afterwards by politicians have made me sick to my stomach. What sad times for us as Americans and as humans.

  18. L84Tea says:

    I hate that her visiting is being twisted online by some as a PR stunt. She is doing what any decent person would do if they had the means to go there. If I could drop everything, fly there, bring food and flowers, I would in a heartbeat. But I can’t. Meghan has people who can look after her kids, and she has the financial means to hop on a plane and to bring loads of food to donate and flowers to lay down for all the victims. We would all do that if we could. She can, so she’s doing it. It’s called having compassion and actually doing something besides just offering thoughts and prayers. I’m just sickened this morning over some of the reaction to this.

    • MrsCope says:

      I think there are times where it is “fun” to see what the mental gymnastics the haters will engage in over everything she does. This is not one of those times. I would say for our own peace of mind and sanity, we should steer clear of the comment sections and threads because if in this tragedy we still can’t find the humanity to say all help is good help, then what hope do we have? The folks who are shouting PR stunt, or bring her dad into it, or her watch or anything else that doesn’t center that community’s grief have something really dark inside of them, and I don’t want to be near it (in person or virtually).

      • L84Tea says:

        Yeah, this has me particularly hot this morning. I think we as Americans are beyond fed up this week. I know I am. I’m scared and angry and tired. I’m betting that Meghan feels the same way as an American–something I think people sometimes forget. She’s an American citizen and parent like all the rest of us, and I’m betting she’s fed up too. I know Meghan haters love to take their cheap shots at her, but this is one particular area that they need to back up and lay off. This tragedy is not the place for their twisted, racist “she stole our prince” BS.

  19. SAS says:

    Jesus, I haven’t seen the memorial before. So utterly heartbreaking.

    I’d side-eye most other celebs for this but I have a feeling she’s probably meeting with some politicians or lobby groups too. The cause could certainly use them!

    • Bettyrose says:

      That’s my feeling. This is an absolutely desperate situation. There’s one simple solution and the most powerful lobbying group on the planet is fighting it with everything they have. The indoctrination in this country is so powerful and so thorough there’s no room left for real thoughtful dialogue. If Meghan can use her platform to impact this dead lock at all, more power to her.

      • SAS says:

        Hear hear! I believe this is an issue close to her heart, so wishing her lots of strength for the fight.

      • SomeChick says:

        their convention is happening this weekend! perhaps a huge sinkhole will open up and swallow the whole thing.

        it would be great if this somehow becomes the tipping point… but you know I’ve been thinking that every time this happens.

        we have to make them stop. because they aren’t going to do it on their own.


  20. Nev says:

    Go on Duchess.

  21. Eurydice says:

    Good for her. This is her thing – helping families and communities. With other tragedies in the world, she has to help from a distance – but she could do this personally.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Remember when she and Harry were caught on surveillance cameras volunteering and dropping off food?! This is what she does. She shows up. She turns words into action. No presence of cameras or lack thereof will stop her. That’s the difference.

      • Eurydice says:

        Absolutely, and she did the same while in the UK, with the Grenfell community – figured out a way to help and to bring the community together.

  22. Becks1 says:

    I like that she delivered food. That’s such a Meghan thing to do.

    This situation is such a tragedy all around and I think its important that we help where and how we can.

    • MrsCope says:

      Thank you for your comments earlier about how charged this situation is. We’re all bringing our perspectives, our experiences, our baggage, our different faiths and belief systems and I hope some grace into this situation. I’m a doer, I’m a mother of school-aged kids, and I’m a person. When we come to sites like this to laugh, roll our eyes and put on our tinfoil conspiracy hats, it is usually all in fun (at least it is for me). This is a nightmare situation and I think most of us have commented more than we usually do in an unwinnable debate. That frankly shouldn’t be a debate. It happened. It’s over. People received food. Pictures were taken. I’m going to pivot my energy to figuring out how I can help from my little corner of the world. And yes, it will be in part to make me feel better and to make me feel less helpless. But I also hope that whatever I do will offer support and comfort to those who receive it. Both things can exist in one action.

  23. MsIam says:

    This story is so tragic. If Meghan or anyone else can shine a little bit of light in the midst of the situation then I will be glad for that. I won’t add to the darkness by choosing hatred like some have done.

  24. TeamAwesome says:

    World Central Kitchen is there helping, and we all know Archewell was a partnership with them.

    • windyriver says:

      For anyone that’s interested, or wants a bit of a break, or some, ultimately, hope and inspiration about people who work/volunteer to help meet the immediate needs of people in desperate circumstances, and particularly, the importance of small gestures of empathy, Ron Howard’s documentary on WCK dropped today on Disney+. It’s no surprise Meghan/Harry/Archewell have connected with them.

  25. C-Shell says:

    We know — SHE KNOWS — she’ll be criticized regardless, so she lives her life of service and takes the hate. This is exactly the kind of person Meghan is, it’s what she is at her core, I admire her so much for this. Anyone with a heart wants to rush to Uvalde, bringing something to help and comfort.

    • truthSF says:

      Exactly C-SHELL!👏🏽 She’s gonna get hate no matter what, so might as well do you and keep it moving! 😌

    • Anna says:

      It makes me so sad that Meghan’s actions are being framed in such a negative context. If there’s ever a time to shine some “celebrity attention” on an issue, let it be for the intention to help others. I hope Meghan’s appearence encourages others to show up and help where they can.

    • Christine says:

      Agreed, 100%!

  26. Grace says:

    I think Meghan knows she can’t win. She knows that if she’d just sent some stuff and money, she’d have been criticized for not showing up like Kate and not finding the site worth visiting, because someone would have leaked that she donated supplies. When she went there, she knew she’d have been accused of using this tragedy for PR. So she decided not to care and just did what she felt was the right thing to do. I admire her for that.

    • Babz says:

      You’re exactly right. There were some jerks on Twitter bashing her for not going to Buffalo, as if it’s now her responsibility to show up at every mass shooting site. There were enough of us pushing back on those comments that they soon disappeared. We can all praise people who take the time to do what Meghan did. With her, there’s one major difference. She knows what’s waiting for her, and she follows her heart and her instincts anyway. My response to the haters was to show screenshots of comments from the citizens of Uvalde, thanking her for coming, for her love and support, and for her offer of payment for the funerals. That’s how we found out about those offers – from the people on the receiving end of her kindness, not from her. Their comments are the ONLY ones that matter. Everything else is noise.

  27. Scorpion says:

    19 dead!!! Let that sink in.

    Meghan knew that the wolves would come after her but she still did it.

    She can’t live her life in fear of the naysayers. She has to live her life to the fullest and so should her fans!

    Haters are going to hate so Meg should shake it off…

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      19 kids. 2 adults plus one of their husbands in grief. Innocent children standing there, confused, scared, obedient probably as the were ordered to come to him and get slaughtered like innocent lambs (I’m guessing). I cannot wrap my head around it. I’m so sad and angry. And the police…That vile, irredeemable institution. I’m done.

      • Bettyrose says:

        It’s nearly impossible to calculate the damage done. The impact of the trauma on this community for generations.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        I saw one of the parents interviewed by Anderson Cooper who is a med aide and found out his daughter died when he was treating one of her friends – his daughter had just got a phone for her 10th birthday a few weeks ago and was shot using it to call the police.

    • Winter Day says:

      The people who are saying Meghan did this as a PR stunt? Whatever and fuck off. She is like the majority of Americans. We are fed up and angry this shit keeps happening over and over again due to the lack of political will from our politicians.

      Her motive for assisting should not questioned especially since she is a mother. An American mother who constantly worries about her babies. No doubt in my mind, she looked at her children and was compelled to hop on a plane to do something to bring comfort to that grieving community. Especially since she has the means to do so. People fail to remember SHE’S BEEN AN ACTIVIST HER ENTIRE LIFE. Anything she can do to help change the gun laws in this country I am all for it.

  28. SussexWatcher says:

    This is who Meghan is and who she’s always been. A caring and compassionate woman who uses her privilege to help others. She’s been doing this consistently since she was a child. Personally, I think it’s wonderful that she went and was able to provide comfort, support to the volunteers, and financial offers to the families to help with burial. And it’s not the first time she’s done this after a mass shooting.

    She’s also brave as hell, knowing there are some that are just waiting to vilify every single thing she does, even when other white duchesses are praised for doing the same thing, wearing the same thing, etc.

  29. Cessily says:

    One thing I am seeing a lot of is people with ties to the town/school are pushing back hard on the haters. There are a lot of non Royal people appalled by the hate and the academics who study gun violence along with Non Murdoch (or Brit rag) news are also speaking about the viscousness of the hate targeting her. People around the world are paying attention to this horrific event and we all are in shock but these hateful people are now crossing into the real news/academic world who might never have known who a taz was until yesterday.

  30. Lilpeppa40 says:

    I’ll admit that at first I felt like she could have just sent her support and not gone because ppl were going to rake her over the coals and I knew it would be twisted and the comparisons with Kate who people rightfully blasted. Then I realised, it’s because I’m not as brave as she is and that made me admire her strength of character even more. I absolutely would have buckled under the weight of all the scrutiny long ago and would likely have been locked up in my house never going anywhere. Truly, kudos to her, ppl will focus more on her as if she committed a crime rather than the tragedy. That says more about them. Also, it’s so in her to bring food to donate, that’s always been her love language of compassion for others for years. I think it’s beautiful. Others have pointed them out but there are absolutely marked differences between Sarah Everard’s vigil and this and if Kate had actually stood up for the women who got arrested after she left, even a bland statement about her having been there and people were peaceful, I’d have respected her visit a lot more.

    I also like that she’s wearing a mask inside. Covid is still a thing people! I know we don’t see her with it everywhere but I imagine at other events they likely know the vaccination statuses of attendees (tho I still think masks should be worn) but I’ll get off my soapbox.

    • Carrot says:

      Lilpeppa40, this! What a brave thing to admit, ironically, that sometimes we’re not so brave. Thank you

    • Lorelei says:

      @Lilpeppa40, this is exactly what happened to me. Mixed thoughts at first, but changed after reading more.

      But I agree with everything that @Becks said, and realize that people are going to have different opinions. We’re all so hurt and upset. So I don’t think that someone who comments that they thought it would be better if she’d sent food instead of going personally should automatically be called a racist or a “hater” on CB.

      We’re all on our last nerves and emotions all over the place. I believe that someone can truly adore Meghan, and at the same time, think it’s possible she handle something differently every so often.

      This entire thing is just too heartbreaking and I’m shaking with anger at the stories about those useless cops.

      • Lorelei says:

        Too late to edit, but wanted to add that imo the Kate comparisons are totally off base.

        Kate SET UP A PHOTO SHOOT in order to generate some positive PR for herself. Meghan did not. Kate went while there was a travel ban in place, but received special treatment from the authorities because of who she is. Meghan did not. Kate showed up with nothing except her own memories of walking alone at night while she was still single, making the story and all headlines about her instead of Sarah. Meghan did not. Kate purposely took off her mask so she would be recognizable in photos. Meghan did not.

        There is absolutely no comparing the two situations.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Lorelei: “We’re all so hurt and upset. So I don’t think that someone who comments that they thought it would be better if she’d sent food instead of going personally should automatically be called a racist or a ‘hater’ on CB… I believe that someone can truly adore Meghan, and at the same time, think it’s possible she handle something differently every so often.”

        I’m sorry @Lorelei, but I think you’re conflating and bunching too many things together in your comments. The bottom line is that Meghan cares enough to do something and she has the capacity to do something. Her compassionate actions do not need to be policed and nitpicked. Too often people are projecting when they get on a soapbox to tell a high profile person how to behave, and how to make personal choices.

        I haven’t seen anyone call the negative commenters ‘racists.’ In some instances, they have been called trolls and haters, which most of them actually are. I haven’t seen anyone picking on commenters who have genuinely qualified their reactions and comments in reasonable ways. I appreciate the commenters who have pointed out that their first reactions changed when they realized that they are not as brave as Meghan.

        Lastly, your mentioning that it’s possible to ‘adore’ Meghan, and to think that she should “handle something differently every so often,” makes little sense in the context of this tragedy. You appear to be overinflating and conflating everything due to Meghan’s high profile status and because she’s married to Prince Harry, which has excited all kinds of emotions globally.

        Ever since Meghan met Harry, all of the unnecessary noise from supporters, haters, and so-called ‘neutrals,’ has existed outside of Meghan, and has absolutely nothing to do with who she truly is. It might be helpful if everyone kept this distinction in mind.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Aftershocks, I disagree with everything you said, and I think you misinterpreted parts of my comment. But I don’t want to go into a long explanation right now; I’m just too mentally exhausted, and now isn’t the time anyway.

        You and I both love Meghan, and that’s what matters. We’re on the same side here.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Aftershocks, I also meant to say that I *am* one of the people you’re referring to, whose opinion changed after realizing the issue is that I’m nowhere near as brave as Meghan is. I wrote it in a comment this morning, and you must have missed it. But if you scroll up, it’s there, more than once.

      • Lux says:

        Action and Compassion. If Meghan uses her huge platform to take down gun violence and bring awareness to the fact that these mass shootings MUST stop, I will throw everything I’ve got behind her. MORE people need to step forward, not less!

        The NRA and the ridiculous faction of people who value guns over children need to be torn apart. I would fear for anyone going against them — they are unhinged and armed — but something needs to be done. Kudos to Meghan or any celebrity who won’t let any of us forget that innocent lives are being taken every single day. This is unique to the US (yes I know there are shootings in other parts of the world, but this is ENDEMIC in the US) and it is preventable if we can just acknowledge that certain laws are not set in stone.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Lorelei, I appreciate your feedback. And I’m glad if you were the one who said you realized that you’re not as brave as Meghan. I recognize that I’m not either. 😊 I’m also sorry if you don’t agree with the clear distinction I pointed out that Meghan is a unique person outside of what supporters and haters alike think and say about her at opposing ends of the spectrum.

        There’s a Meghanpedia article cited down thread which quotes Meghan as saying that she ignores “flattery and criticism.” She feels a sense of ‘freedom’ because she has learned to allow all of such opposing commentary to “go down the same drain.” She’s wise and fortunate to be able to do that. Meghan is comfortable with her identity, and she understands that she has no need to adhere to what others think. She is not going to try to please people who are making all of this outside noise, because that’s impossible and useless to try and accomplish.

        I find Meghan and Harry to be wonderful role models. But that doesn’t make either of them perfect. The problem is that they are unfairly demonized and overly criticized about every little thing. Therefore, a lot of drama has been falsely built up around them, in general for craven purposes, by the tabloid media. Thus, they have become lightning rods for divisive social media battles.

        In such an environment, it’s rather difficult to make reasonable criticisms, when so many off-base lies are constantly being floated. There are Sussex supporters who become overly defensive and protective, but there are many more haters and trolls who make outrageous, unfounded claims. And then there are in-between advocates who seem to get overly worried about what the Sussexes do, how they’re doing it, and what the irrational critics have to say.

        Everyone is entitled to have variant opinions about the Sussexes, but much of it is just excess chatter that is focused on projecting our own overwrought feelings onto them, while the haters are simply completely mad about M&H successfully living, breathing and thriving together.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Aftershocks, thank you for posting the link to that Meghanpedia article upthread; I’m going to read it right now

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ @Lorelei, I went back to reread. To keep the record straight, it was specifically @Lilpeppa40 who said she recognized that she is “not as brave as Meghan.” @Carrot agreed, and you were the second poster in that section to agree, stating that you had “mixed thoughts at first but changed after reading more.” In an earlier section @Lorelei, I also notice that you praised Meghan for her bravery and stated that you don’t feel “nearly as brave.”

      • Nick G says:

        @Lorelei and @ aftershocks I love you guys being kind to each other. What’s needed in the present raw situation.

      • aftershocks says:

        Thanks @Nick G. 👍 You’re right about the need to treat each other with more understanding. It’s important for us all to join together in fighting to prevent these terrible things from happening.

        I am inspired to do more than shudder and turn away, and feel depressed about all this terrible news. Even if it’s just engaging in active prayer, or donating to groups fighting on a number of fronts including, awareness efforts; pushing for the passage of effective gun legislation; advocating for mental health programs for youths; and making social services more available and responsive for families in need.

    • Christine says:

      SO MUCH THIS!!!

      I would love to believe that I would be as brave as Meghan, but I know in my heart I am just not.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yep @Christine. Me neither, as I confessed earlier. I think that’s one of the reasons why Meghan is so loved by those who truly see her through her words, her kind acts (compassion-in-action), and her prodigious energy in getting beneficial things done for real people on both a small and a large scale. Also, the way she has navigated her life altogether is so courageous and #goalworthy!

  31. Well Wisher says:

    What would you do if no one is watching. If it is something worthwhile, that’s what you do.
    Sometimes thoughts and 🙏 do not seem like they are enough, if you have the means to do more, then do whatever it is that would helpful and in this case move towards eventual healing.
    Meghan had a moral compass, firm boundaries and the means to make a difference in some one life and does not hesitated at the opportunity to do so.
    I was pleased to read the kind responses from two black American doctors in particular, and their response to her kindness.
    This is the behaviour that should be amplified, and lots of people in everyday life do so in sometimes tiny gestures, a small effort to make our societies a livable and loveable place.
    I choose to think of those people and Meghan with kindness in remembrance of the countless people who lose their lives to gun violence and the victims in Texas and Buffalo.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Thank you so much @Well Wisher and many others in this thread for your heartwarming and enlightening contributions to this thread. None of this should be about whether or not we ‘adore’ Meghan or whether we are Sussex supporters or trolling naysayers, or whether we agree with how Meghan goes about her humanitarian endeavors.

      This is about providing compassionate help where needed. This is about placing humanity and caring above fear, violence, and divisiveness. This is about acting in a meaningful and substantive way in the face of a horrific tragedy (that abhorrently has become too commonplace in our culture).

  32. C says:

    All of the Uvalde residents who stated how sweet she was and appreciated her help. I love to see it.

  33. Sonia says:

    Some of you may have seen the deranged people sharing a photo that “proves” Meghan was setting up shots with a photographer, when in fact in this video she is doing nothing but trying to walk past that person in a crowded area. It’s really really really scary how something can get so twisted. https://www.instagram.com/p/CeCgFfksJv1/

    • Haylie says:

      They always take Kate’s shady actions and assign them to Meghan. Kate is big in staying shits and videos of her show it.

      Derangers have empty lives and spend their days making up lies. They also love photoshop.

    • SAS says:

      Gosh @Sonia, she looks absolutely shattered in this clip. And the fact that she keeps moving fairly fast and keeps her eyes straight on the memorials clearly shows she’s not trying to give any good photographs.

      You can tell she really wanted to put her eyes across each memorial to honour each person 💔

  34. girl_ninja says:

    I love her. I really do. I am so glad that Meghan is not ruled by what others think. That she has ALWAYS been a person who has a heart for people and looked to serve where she could. Meghan and Harry are a great team and I look forward to seeing how much more they do in the future with their platform. Screw the haters and racist.

  35. amyb says:

    She went I am sure with full knowledge that she would be ripped apart by the paps and those who hate her. But she went anyways and did something.

  36. SunRae says:

    It’s an unimaginable horror the massacre of these children and their caregivers. If anything, the darkness we see permeating around us is a reminder that good people cannot afford to cower.

    I don’t have children yet but if I have a daughter, I hope she looks up to someone like Meghan who refuses to be cowered by irrational hatred – the very plague that leads to such unspeakable violence. Anyone who believes she should do things ‘privately’ or hide exposes themselves.

    For too long people have used reputational damage to erase women they’re envious of and threatened by. It plays out in our homes, schools and communities… just say “slut”, “pushy” and “bully” and you get to be disappeared. You get old enough you learn that once people’s opinions no longer matter you, they’re feeble power evaporates into thin air. I hope that’s where Meghan is. I’m so proud of her. I hope she never backs down.

  37. LULUBRown says:

    This is sad.

  38. Shawna says:

    I’m going to be totally honest here. I’m a Texan mother and have been grieving and angry and desperate for days. I went to Twitter last night in hopes of finding easy pro-Meghan content to get my mind off things so I could sleep. When I saw she went there, my heart sank. This wasn’t the escapism I wanted, and here was my “hero” putting herself out there for criticism and reminding me of things I wanted to forget. And yes, I saw lots of hating comments, and it made me feel worse.

    But here’s the thing: I can’t expect Meghan to walk on eggshells for her fans. She gets to live her life not caring what other people think about her motivations, whether those people are haters or fans. These critiques are the same that were leveled to Diana (AIDS, land mines, etc), and yet, in the distance of time, most people accept that she was doing the brave and right thing.

    Terrorism is designed to make people cower in fear and disappear, letting extremists get their way. I was upset last night, but in a selfish way. Somehow, we all have to find the bravery to do something about this.

  39. Qzie says:

    I’ve been a big Meghan and Harry fan, and in general think they are living their best life in CA.

    I’m not sure I have the words quite figured out—but I was a little taken aback to see Meghan go to Uvalde. Maybe it felt too early? President Biden and his wife haven’t even gone there yet. The shock and grief of the community is so raw.

    • C says:

      If someone coming to help and bring food, where the residents themselves are talking about how appreciated it was, makes you feel taken aback, with all due respect I think you need to look at your own reaction not her visit.

      • Cessily says:

        This 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼


      • girl_ninja says:

        Agreed @C Agree completely.

      • Anna says:


        And let’s face it, if she went after the Bidens did there would be spin in that too. Damned if she does or doesn’t. I’m personally glad she did what she felt she should in the moment instead of waiting for the imaginary “best time” to act.

      • Mia1066 says:

        You can always pick a troll by the ‘I’m a meghan fan but…’ language they use. It’s disgusting they’re trolling meghan over this tragedy. They need to get a life.

    • Haylie says:

      Is this the new talking point? That Meghan should’ve waited for The Biden’s to visit first because it’s too raw?

      This feels a lot like “know your place”

      I’ll add this to the list with “Why didn’t she go to Buffalo?”

      • Christine says:

        It’s the new “she’s upstaging the QUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNN!!!!!”

      • Babz says:

        I think those Buffalo comments pissed me off more than some of the others. I understand the rawness and grief from that shooting. It’s getting lost in Uvalde because that’s how it happens in the news. Those comments just seemed designed to open another line of attack on her, using another unspeakable tragedy. It’s all exhausting.

    • First comment says:

      So what if the president hasn’t visited yet? Do all the people who want to express their sorrow, their condolences and their support have to wait until he visits? I can’t understand this reasoning… so many children died and people have to keep an “order ” in attendance in order to express their grief?

      • MsIam says:

        The president usually visits later because they have to coordinate with local authorities and have adequate security. In a tragedy, the president doesn’t want to pull resources away. The president is the head of state, so that person can’t just “show up”. So of all the dumb excuses to criticize Meghan about, this is one of the dumbest.

    • Interested gawker says:

      Americans don’t have to wait for the President. The hierarchy people insist upon in monarchy culture doesn’t apply here.
      Americans are at a serious crossroads where extremists and political/judicial decisions based on similar far right ideology are dismantling our democracy and the Four Freedoms, ( freedom of speech and expression, the freedom of worship, the freedom from want, and the freedom from fear ) with haste and precision. Meghan conducts herself as an engaged, compassionate citizen with the time and resources to make a difference and a foundation to put forward her aims. That’s the energy we need right now – to go forward ignoring naysayers and negativity to support society, comfort the grieving and defend our rights.

    • Jaded says:

      @Qzie — what? If you are capable of acting immediately to bring support in the wake of a disaster of this catastrophic seriousness you don’t have to “wait” for anyone to show up! You show up with whatever resources you can to help a community in deep mourning. Meghan did the absolute right thing by bringing sympathy, by talking to front-line volunteers, by bringing food, by standing with them, not at a distance.

    • Agreatreckoningc says:

      @Qzie, ‘felt to early’, why? Because the POTUS hadn’t been there yet? Do you believe President Biden felt affronted because Meghan went there before him? Are you of the belief that President Biden is big mad that major press showed up before him. Such silliness.

      Curious, what is the correct time table? Asking for President Biden. He hasn’t exppressed supposed disbelief at anyone breaking imagined protocol.

  40. Myra says:

    Some people express outrage on social media. I have seen posts from a few celebrities. She chose to pay her respects in person and provide hands-on help. I imagine it would be mentally damaging for a person to attend all mass shooting vigils in the US. This one incident may have touched her in a different way for reasons known only to her and those she confides in.

  41. CC says:

    For anybody making comments or thinking of making a comment complaining about Meghan as if you’re speaking truth to power or something, why don’t you get off a celebrity website and use that energy and anger to address the real problems here? Why don’t you go email your Senator or Representative, sign a petition, make a charitable donation to help the people suffering unimaginable grief right now or to help try to prevent someone from the same horror in the future?

    • swirlmamad says:

      Word. Since they think it was so inappropriate to go to the scene and help people on the ground and all.

    • Haylie says:

      CC, I think we both know that these complainers won’t lift a finger to do anything for this community or to fight against the US Gun Lobby. Their only actions will be to migrate over here from failed trolling attempts elsewhere to attack Meghan while barely pretending to care about the victims and their families who aren’t online complaining.

  42. Brassy Rebel says:

    When I first saw the pix, I thought, “Cue the outrage machine!” It’s very predictable at this point. Meghan could find the cure for cancer and her haters would swoop in with their negative hot takes. And how can they even suggest that she just wants recognition when she so clearly made an effort to be virtually unrecognizable? Everyone with a soul who has a child or children in their lives wishes they could do what she did. I prefer to think she did it for all of us who couldn’t, as well as herself and her kids.

    • swirlmamad says:

      “I prefer to think she did it for all of us who couldn’t, as well as herself and her kids.”

      Exactly this.

  43. Snappyfish says:

    First, I like Meghan a great deal. I think the donation of food was fantastic. However, considering this is such a Horrific situation being found more so every minute, I feeling visiting so soon was inappropriate. She has the means to donate from CA. Her presence caused a sincere gesture to be spun out of control & then compared. Why TX & not Buffalo? She can’t be everywhere or do anything without someone complaining or pointing a finger. The heart was in the right place

    • swirlmamad says:

      And when she and Harry sent their thoughts and well-wishes for the people of Ukraine right when the war started, they were mocked because “what would their words do? NOTHING!” If I had the money and means to go and help, I would do it too. I’m only upset because of what I knew all the cynical, hateful detractors would say, not at all at what she did.

    • MsIam says:

      @Snappyfish, do you think if she went to Buffalo the reaction from the haters would have been any different? You think they wouldn’t have called it a publicity stunt or pulling focus or whatever ridiculous thing they say? As you said, her heart was in the right place. And just leave it at that. There are plenty of hearts in the wrong places to go around.

      • Babz says:

        @Snappyfish, It’s not her responsibility to show up at the site of every mass shooting. We have no idea what her response was to Buffalo. She could have made donations and reached out to the families behind the scenes. Just give it a rest. It’s not our job to monitor her every action. The citizens of Uvalde loved her for coming. Theirs are the only opinions that matter.

    • aftershocks says:

      @Snappyfish, there’s no need to preface your comments on this topic with the fact that you ‘like Meghan, but…’ This situation actually has nothing to do with Meghan. It is the people criticizing her, and/or overreacting to haters’ reactions who are the ones making this about Meghan.

      It might help to take some deep breaths and take a step back from all the Salty Isle drama, and simply accept Meghan’s acts of human kindness at face value. Meghan has been caring about others and advocating for humanitarian causes since she was a child. So, her compassion in this instance is not new nor unusual. It’s also OTT to police when and how Meghan should make personal decisions to reach out to others.

      None of us know what Meghan & Harry may have done to assist victims in the recent Buffalo massacre, so you are right in pushing back against that nonsensical critique. Certainly, World Central Kitchen (which is affiliated with Archewell) was on site in Buffalo to offer their support. Those who bring up Buffalo as a way of criticizing Meghan going in person to Uvalde are off-base. Meghan has the capacity and resources to provide support, and she hasn’t hesitated to do what she can for countless people in need.

      I personally find Meghan’s contributions comforting, as well as sad in the fact of why help is necessary. It is unfortunate yet impacting that Meghan has also experienced, via miscarriage, the sudden overwhelming sense of grief and unexpected loss. The only thing that truly matters is how those who are grieving feel about receiving help from Meghan, and from many other volunteers.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @aftershocks, your last sentence reminds me of a famous quote attributed to a number of people. Regardless of who said it, it means something.

        “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”.

      • PrincessK says:

        @Agreatreckoning….great quote …thank you.

  44. swirlmamad says:

    When I saw this at first it was a small bright spot in what was such a tragic, awful situation, and then I felt bad again because I knew exactly what the haters would do — spin this as a PR stunt by Meghan. I truly believe she did this out of the goodness of her heart and wanting to do something, ANYTHING to try to erase the feelings of rage, sadness and helplessness we all feel. As a mother of two and wife of a teacher I have been so emotional since this happened and I think the hopelessness and demoralization is the worst of those feelings.

    Meghan has the means and connections to do what she did and the citizens of Uvalde are all grateful to her, as am I. No, she’s not perfect by any means, but she’s damn well going to use her position and resources to do SOMETHING tangible, which is more than most of us will be able to do. How can you watch and read the news, hear how those babies and teachers were murdered senselessly and be ANGRY AT SOMEONE FOR TRYING TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP? There is so much f*cking hate in people’s hearts which is why we’re in this predicament to begin with. I think I’ve officially lost faith in the majority of people.

  45. Petra says:

    19 children and 2 adults were murdered, but the British Media, maga crowds, and others would rather demonize Duchess Meghan’s visit to their memorial. To those looking for ways to be of help, https://twitter.com/connectforlife is an organization you can support.

    • Margaret says:

      Think about it, it cast meghan in a kind act, which archwell foundation pushes acts of kindness. They have to attack, but it doesn’t reflect well on them. There is nothing wrong with giving your condolences, as a mother of young children. And a foundation founded on compassion and giving to those in times of need. They bm and troll need a false narrative to feed their hate and attempt to convince others to keep hating. Can’t have people changing their minds.

  46. First comment says:

    My deepest prayers for those in mourning! It’s an unbelievable tragedy. Instead of focusing on this, some people choose to attack another human being for offering support. Haters gonna hate, no matter what, unfortunately. I admire Meghan for having the guts to be there and help however she can. And no, it’s not the same with what the other duchess did for all the reasons mentioned by others in this site but also, because Meghan is known to offer support using her platform many times in the past. It wasn’t a random act. She’s constant in providing whatever is necessary when a tragedy occurs (pe.in Africa etc.)

  47. Cee says:

    She’s American, she’s a mother, and she’s a human being with empathy… she had every right to attend. I actually think every person against this violence has a right to help and mourn. Moreover, she is someone known world over so maybe, just maybe, she can help bting about some change. It’s not like she brought her own crew along to capture the moment for PR.

    • Gayle says:

      Whatever event the Sussexes attend there is media coverage- often worldwide coverage. Sussexes are known for using their platforms to highlight, help, or start productive dialogue about an issue.

      Meghan is very brave. To know that an action will cause pain, harrassment, censure, or other repercussions BUT still act to cause change or highlight an issue is phenomenal!!

      Meghan is phenomenal. Period.

      It does not hurt that the residents appear to appreciate her donations, financial help, and spotlight on their tragedy. Perhaps the residents hope for a productive dialogue to prevent another city from experiencing the same massacre.

      • Christine says:

        I agree with you so much. There is a conversation happening that would not have happened if Meghan hadn’t attended, and for an issue in this country that feels like running on a hampster wheel, I appreciate her bravery. She absolutely knew what was coming for her, and she left California anyway.

  48. bitsycs says:

    Like Meghan, I’m 40yo. Like Meghan, I was in high school for Columbine and every school shooting reminds me how nothing changes at least not in the ways it should. If you were a high school student in 1999, it’s pretty likely you can track your life stages by school shootings. Personally I also had a 6yo for Sandy Hook. My other child is 11yo right now. If there was anything I could do besides donate to victims and places I like Everytown I would but my means are much more limited than hers.

    There’s a particular powerlessness and rage that I think every parent who came of age in the Columbine era feels.

    • Ginger says:

      I graduated in 2000 and remember Columbine very well. I had a kindergartner when Sandy Hook happened and I have a 3rd grader now. I’m so tired of being afraid to send my kids to school. Every time I hear a police siren during school hours I have a near panic attack. I’m so tired of this.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yes guys, it’s so heartbreakingly beyond words. While tragedy happens in every era, at least I grew up going to school and feeling safe there in a different time, even despite having to practice for bomb attacks because of the Cold War Cuban missile crisis stand-off. I didn’t understand why we had to kneel in corners with our heads down, but that situation didn’t last long term. Plus, I always felt safe walking to and from school in my neighborhood.

        What children have had to experience in decades since that time is senseless and anguishing. I’m not sure why there isn’t more outrage and coming together to build a unified voice for change, and action to pass reasonable legislation regarding gun ownership.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      A year after Columbine, our daughter came home from junior high and told us about the shooting drill they had. It was sad to hear that. More sad that there really isn’t a drill to protect you from stray or directed bullets.

      I remember my K-12 schooling. We had tornado drills to get to the lowest/safest level in an organized manner and put yourself in a position to protect your head.

  49. Gina says:

    Side note: I saw hateful comments on Twitter (I don’t even try to go to Daily Fail, I want to stay sane).
    I want to say that I’m on this site for more than 4 years, so I’m familiar with the situation and how it developed. Still, I can’t comprehend this, this level of hate and bile. Complete absurd. Something surreal.
    Just to think: she lived her life, had money, some level of fame and influence, had plans for the future, I’m sure, something active and positive.
    Then, she married into British Royal Family, and her “normal” life ended. Now, her every move, every breath are dissected and distorted. I know, people in Squad tried to give rational explanation to completely irrational situation. Still, this is unbeliavable.

    • Ginger says:

      There is hate from the haters but there is a ton of pushback from non supporters, journalists that are there and people from the community that appreciate her visit. It’s good to see.

    • Margaret says:

      Maybe it is me. I have BEEN giving my opinion on mirror, and express, lots of hate there, BUT, I refuse to allow the opposing opinion to go unanswered, it is daunting, however I find I enjoy it, I get pushback, but it is better than letting those echo chambers to go unchecked if their trolls can come here I can go there. As I have strong beliefs, and I am not thin skinned.

    • Babz says:

      I agree about her life before Harry. And I’ve said all along that her love for that man is true right down to the ground, because if it wasn’t, she’d be long gone from that marriage.

  50. Muggs says:

    I feel like everyone who is commenting that this was “too soon” or “for attention” or “inappropriate” or “she should have just donated” needs to include a screenshot of what they’ve done to help

    ETA I’m even mad at myself for commenting here when the real story is how the police totally effed this tragedy 🤯

    • Haylie says:

      They won’t lift a finger. Except for a keyboard warrior typing finger to attack those who are providing tangible support.

    • Sweet Potato says:

      Proud to! Been part of Mom’s Demand Action for years, donate money, and my family and I marched in 2018 and are eager to do it again. I call legislators and I freaking vote!

      • Kkat says:

        @sweetpotato then it’s sad that after that you’re still a hateful piece of crap

      • Nic919 says:

        So donating food and blood is a bad thing? Hating someone for doing that really shows emotional issues.

  51. Julia K says:

    In many cultures, mine and assuming Meghans’ also, when you wish to offer condolences you go in person and bring food. Always food. Nourishing the body as well as heart and soul. Many of us out here in the ( flyover) states understand exactly what she is doing. It’s what we were taught to do. It’s the right and proper thing to do.

    • First comment says:

      So true!

    • Jan90067 says:

      Same in Jewish culture. Old joke: food=comfort, but it does. It also helps so those in grief don’t have to think about feeding families or themselves.

  52. Mina says:

    While the optics look bad and there is going to be a dozen negative stories, I don’t think Meghan cares anymore. One bad thing about her being so photogenic is that even candid shots look really good. Well I hope they are candid.

    What people don’t understand is that the way Meghan works is by being on the ground herself and gaining a scope of the situation. Right now, the community is in crisis and while Meg could have waited, I think she wanted to know how exactly she could help now and in the future with a project or partnership just like she did with Hubb kitchen. I worked in an esteemed non-profit and you would be surprised how many higher ups were just so ignorant about the day to day realities of people our projects were suppose to help long term. They got the gist of it, but it didn’t really resonate. I think it’s important to spend some time (sharing meals, multiple visits) with a community before or while you are working on a project.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Mina: Why do the optics look bad? If this was a regular person laying flowers at the memorial would the optics look bad too? Should that person also wait for Biden to get there before paying respect to the dead?

      • Sofia says:

        The optics are bad because Meghan photographs so well that one could assume she brought a photographer with her and used the tragedy to draw attention to herself. People here have already pointed out that that was not the case as the press was already there. Meghan is a mom and probably grieving so she has a right to deal with the situation as she would like to and if it helps her process it to be close, then by all means. I do find it a bit exaggerated though to say that she did something great or extraordinary for others. Sending a donation, flowers and food would have been as good.

      • MsIam says:

        I’m sorry but how many people will travel a thousand miles to deliver food to strangers? It doesn’t happen everyday so it is great and exceptional. Even when “regular” people do that its celebrated because like you said they could have just made a donation. When people caravan down to hurricane zones or where there has been a tornado or flood that makes the news. And most say the same thing, that they couldn’t just stay home and watch on TV.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Sofia, your comments are a bit confusing and contradictory. The ‘optics’ are only ‘bad’ for those people caught up in the Salty Isle drama who can’t seem to resist making this somehow all about Meghan. This is about a tragedy, and about compassionate acts of kindness, coming from many people, not just from Meghan.

        How well Meghan looks in photographs has zip to do with this. Anyway, in the photos I’ve seen of Meghan in Uvalde, she looks like any normal person and mother of young children who feels deeply affected and anguished by this senseless tragedy.

        I’m not sure where you are seeing people ‘exaggerating’ that what Meghan has done in Uvalde is ‘extraordinary.’ Being kind and compassionate in reaching out to do whatever she can for others is part of Meghan’s DNA. It’s not anything new or extraordinary. It is, however, ‘great’ in my estimation that the help Meghan has provided is a source of comfort and sustenance for many.

        Lastly, and once again, there’s no need to police Meghan’s (nor anyone’s) way of going about helping volunteers and grieving survivors in Uvalde. Can we put our focus more on how we each might individually be able to offer help, even if it’s only via our prayers?

    • Ginger says:

      Mina, I don’t know how to take your comment. I’m stuck on the fact that it seems to bother you that Meghan looks good in candid photos. Just wow.

      • MsIam says:

        Ikr. Meghan is wearing a baggy t-shirt, jeans and sneakers and people are mad because she looks too “good” in the pictures. Lordy.

      • Christine says:

        This is the only humor I have been able to take out of this situation, but it really is incredible that she can be the textbook definition of dressed down, and she still looks too good for it to be true, to nutters.

        This is exactly what I wear to take my son to school when I have no intention of ever getting out of the car.

    • CherriePie84 says:

      The “optics look bad” because the derangers say it looks bad, end of. Why isn’t it “bad optics” for every other well wisher and mourner that attended? Was it too soon for them to show up and support too? What is wrong with people? If the deranged British press did not make a huge deal about “optics” no one else would be talking about it. People put too much stock in what they say. She went as a mother, a volunteer, an American, a donor and just all around supporter. Jut stop with the nonsense already!

    • Jaded says:

      @Mina – one CANDID photograph, taken by someone on their phone attending the memorial, and you say the optics look bad? Meghan shows up in jeans, a t-shirt, a baseball cap and sneakers, barely recognizable, and you say the optics look bad because she’s so photogenic??? She came with food, she met with people, talked to the bereaved, cried, donated blood. And you say the optics look bad. I am gobsmacked. I don’t care about your job at a lofty non-profit. What you’ve just said, although couched in less strident language, is just as bad as some of the hate-filled statements by derangers.

      • L4Frimaire says:

        This is what I don’t understand. What “ optics “ would look good? Shroud the town in a dark fog and keep out all outsiders. Ban photographers and press from all memorials? I tell you if we heard about this without one photo, it would still be criticized because they’d say she brought attention to herself because we know about it. A photographer can get close ups without being anywhere near a subject, since some people seem so bothered by photos.

    • Eurydice says:

      Perhaps by “optics look bad” you mean “she’s in a position where her detractors will criticize.” And, if so, that would be true. The thing is that her detractors will always criticize, no matter what she does – and there’s no way to appease them because they don’t want her to change, they want her to be destroyed. So the only way out for Meghan is straight through – cut through the crap, ignore the critics and do what she thinks is right.

    • aftershocks says:

      @mina: “… while the optics look bad.”

      What optics? Only if you are looking at it through the lens of noisy negative social media commentary. As I said earlier, this is not about Meghan at all. She was there to help. Others are overdoing scrutiny, which only accentuates the senseless Salty Isle jabs. As Meghan said in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, “The only wrong thing to do would be to do nothing.” I would also add, “… or to allow others’ opinions to prevent you from acting in the most helpful ways you can.”

  53. Jais says:

    I feel angry and sick over the death of these babies, the adults that protected them and the ones who didn’t. I have no anger toward Meghan. She is consistent in her actions.

  54. Amy Bee says:

    I think some people have to realise that Meghan and Harry don’t care about optics and what other people think about them. Especially Harry who was forced to live his entire life worrying about what people thought about him and the optics. They are going to do things that they think are important and those who oppose of their actions just need to accept that and move on with their own lives.

  55. Digital Unicorn says:

    My heart breaks for the families of the teachers and children, esp the Garcia family who also just lost their father too.

    Meghan acted from the heart and I wish more people on this earth did the same.

    The police need to answer for what they did NOT do when the gunman entered that school – the coverup has already begun and am sure Cruz and Abbot are already looking forward to preaching to the NRA today – gotta work hard for that 30 pieces of silver.

  56. artemis says:

    i disagree…

  57. Surly Gale says:

    Meghan this, Meghan that is not my focus.
    “Incidentally, Uvalde law enforcement allowed the mass murderer to go inside the school. They didn’t follow him and they waited for nearly one hour as he murdered children. The cops waited outside and handcuffed and detained parents who begged them to go in.”
    This is the part of the story that is absolutely fucking with my head and my heart
    This is the party of the story I so completely don’t understand
    This is the part of the story that needs to have a hot, bright light shone upon it.
    They tasered the PARENTS. They arrested parents. The police who swore an oath to “serve and protect” stayed OUTSIDE when they could have saved some lives. WHY? WHY? WHY?
    This part of the story, alongside the shooter’s ability to do what he did, is what I simply cannot wrap my head around.

  58. MsIam says:

    I thought people who have a heart to volunteer appreciated that same heart in others. You do what you can and Meghan does what she can. I don’t get the criticism, its coming across like jealousy.

    ETA this was a reply to Sweet Potato but it ended up here.

  59. Margaret says:

    Let’s be clear, the Sussexes have been talking acts of knidness repetively. See archwell foundation. A act of kindness, is a act of kindness, she has young childten,, she can’t help but be touched. She came as she was, not in full regalia, and make up, she did not come empty handed. Acts of kindness are always pushed by the sussexes. The hateful are losing it, because the risk of people seeing her as kind, why that would hurt their narratives. And so what if the cameras took her pictures, why should she hide her light, so haters sensibilities won’t be hurt. A act of kindness, is a act of kindness. Period. Full stop. People need to stop chosing which persons kindness is more real than another. The bottom line is what counts.

  60. Red Weather Tiger says:

    Meghan did what I wish I could do: be there, mourn the victims, nurture some in the community a little bit with food and kind words. In a terrible time like this, every bit of goodness hellps. Making it into something ugly contributes to the darkness, not to the light.

  61. NYC212 says:

    Anyone who is “concerned,” “troubled,” “or unsure” about Duchess Meghan’s actions should be quiet and listen to the voices of the people of this community. They were happy to have her; she brought food to a bereaved community and the volunteers who her serving them; she laid a wreath of flowers at that stunningly sad memorial. Your feelings, your concerns, and your thoughts on whether it was ill-timed are totally irrelevant because the people with whom she interacted and learned she came were happy she came. One person asked for, and got, a picture with her. That tells me that she put at least one smile on one face and stopped at least one tear from falling into that ocean of unspeakable grief. How could you possibly privilege optics and the response of the twisted people who hate her over the respite, however brief, she gave to those people? Just listen to yourselves.

    Oh, for those who said she should have waited for POTUS and FLOTUS, they will not be arriving until Sunday because he is speaking at a commencement. They aren’t staying away to give people space to grieve, they have scheduling constraints. You would know that if you spent less time swimming in the hideous and grotesque cesspools of hatred for a kind woman.

  62. Mle428 says:

    If I had the financial means to go to Uvalde, bring food and snacks to the blood donation site, and leave flowers I absolutely would. I had just graduated high school when Columbine happened, and I too can measure time in my life via the school shooting that have happened since.

    I have a 6yo Kindergartener, and this felt so deeply personal. My heart hurts so much for the grieving families.

    As a health care provider, I can confidently say that bringing food and drinks to the blood donation center was *chef’s kiss* perfection.

  63. L4Frimaire says:

    I read about this after the fact so was catching up. It seemed most people didn’t even know she was there until after she left, including the photographers and press that were already at the memorial. Ellie Hall of Buzzfeed confirmed a lot of details with a colleague who was there on site. It was a lovely gesture of support and the people there seem to appreciate it. Of course she is going to get hate for this. A lot of the anger seems to be that she was seen, and is visible and not shrinking away. It’s easy to say that it’s the UK tabloids but a lot of it is here too because she refuses, in their eyes, to do what they want her to do, which is hide away and be silent. However, the tabloids will amplify and exaggerated until the pitch forks and torches show up. She knew she’d get the hate and vitriol but still showed up. This is a fraught time so if people are upset about her visit, let them be upset. However, the people at the community center seemed genuinely happy she stopped by and brought food and spent some time with them. It seems that apart from Law enforcement and press, Beto was the only prominent person who had shown up there. Abbott is going today instead of the NRA convention, I guess he was embarrassed and saw the polling. I’m not fighting ( too much) with Twitter trolls on this and posting my support for what Meghan did. Just thinking about all this and the violence, and how intransigent some are on guns. Still feel so sad and frustrated that nothing will really change.

  64. Case says:

    I think it’s a beautiful gesture that she took the time and traveled to do this. She has so much class and kindness and it just radiates through her.

  65. Majidae says:

    Before she was a duchess, Meghan worked with and spoke at the UN — but if she does that now, that would be “clout chasing” or “pretending to be royal.” But that is categorically untrue; she is merely continuing the passion projects she’s always had, except now she’s more famous. The same thing is happening here. She has a demonstrated history of caring about people/causes, and it makes sense that she’d be there if she had the resources. People will say that she could have just made a private donation rather than show up, but that’s just an insane argument to me. Just because you’re famous or know that there will be cameras doesn’t mean you should temper your activism. And she SHOWED UP with actual food/supplies. She didn’t go and demand special treatment. Tangible help for a community in need. Celebrities showing up at places can be a minefield, but this is one of the better examples I’ve seen of famous people actually leveraging their fame and not stunting.

  66. Luna17 says:

    I think this was really thoughtful and respectful. I understand the comment about just sending food as well and not showing up however (outside this comment section) Meghan really isn’t a huge, massive celebrity in the US. It’s not like the royals in the UK. Most People may be aware of her in the US but I generally don’t think she draws the kind of attention outside of royal followers. I think she can move around pretty low key.

    • Margaret says:

      @ LUNA17
      I am trying my best to understand what you are dancing around, with meghan not well known,iike the firms, actors. She chose to deliver her condolences, respect, and food in person. Why should she hide her light, for your strange sensibilities. Well you have your opinion, and I saw nothing wrong with her act of kindness. Dear Luna she drew your attention. How is that for a nobody.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Luna17, what you wrote is really quite funny. It reminds me of a poster name Anne SurelY? something like that. That poster was trying to sell the idea that H & M’s time cover was paid for(THIS IS HOW IT WORKS they decried lol) and often said Meghan was hated globally.lol Anyone that wants to pretend that Meghan isn’t well known in the US is someone I want to sell swamp land to. And is apparrently someone that isn’t familar that H & M’s wedding beat royal weddings globally. But, sure, she isn’t a ‘huge, massive celebrity’. Hello Global Vax Live! Unseen by millions every where globally much less NYC. Yep, no one knows who she is. After all, she only appeared on a “chat show” with the unknown interviewer named Oprah that had extraordinary high ratings globally. Thank you for the side stiching humor.

  67. aquarius64 says:

    This was a wonderful gesture on Meghan’s part. That community is grieving and it sounds like it was appreciated. Why not Buffalo? I don’t know. The Sussexes may have given privately but they are on the record supporting African American projects and communities (e.g. Harlem visit during NYC trip). Meghan’s getting dragged for not visiting Bad Dad due to his “stroke”. I think Meghan is saying unintentionally the BM and the ratchet Markles are not going to bully and blackmail me to see a man who has been slagging me and now starting to go after my children. And the majority of the US press is not dragging her for it. Frankly I think H and M believe that “stroke” was a stunt.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I think it’s safe to say that most people think the ‘stroke’ was a total stunt, notice nothing is being said how how he’s doing or where he is – it’s all about how she should go see him. Plus the fact that the only rag still talking about the ‘stroke’ is the Fail tells you ALL you need to know about how real that story is – even TMZ has backed off it.

      • Aq says:

        Which means the BM wants a money shot of the family reunion, complete with kids. First pictures of Archie and Lili with Bad Grandpa and the Wicked Aunt getting their cuts. The BM is mad Meghan and Harry are not taking the bait despite what they’re writing and saying.

      • Tourmaline says:

        The fact that anyone would be aware of what happened at that school in Uvalde TX, and then in the next breath say —“But what about the sufferings of Thomas Markle?” is really just beyond grotesque. Even if Thomas Markle wasn’t pulling a stunt that is a total replay of his antics before the wedding. Beyond grotesque!

      • aftershocks says:

        @Aq: “… the BM wants a money shot of the family reunion, complete with kids. First pictures of Archie and Lili with Bad Grandpa and the Wicked Aunt getting their cuts.”

        But this would never happen @Aq. First of all, Meghan has already publicly stated that her father is already ‘dead’ to her, due to his unforgiveable and ongoing betrayals. I don’t think any of us can measure the heartache Meghan must have gone through. She may still be receiving therapy for the emotional pain and grief of his cruel and blatant disloyalty and his selfish uncaring.

        If TM is ever confirmed to be deathly ill, there’s no way Meghan would ever bring her kids to see him. Neither would Harry go, unless to support Meghan. But surely they would do it completely privately and under-the-radar, or not at all. I lean toward no contact even when TM does pass away because Meghan has no need to deal with Scammy, Tom Jr., or anyone else among the treacherous Markles.

        At most, perhaps via a legal intermediary, Meghan may offer to help with funeral expenses and/or make a donation to a family-related charity when TM kicks off for good. In that respect, it would likely be to recognize the fact that he was her father, and to sentimentally uphold whatever fond memories she may still have of him from her childhood.

        Since TM has refused in this latter stage of his miserable existence to honor and respect the bond he once shared with his younger daughter, he doesn’t really deserve any recognition or contact during his remaining lifetime from Meghan or her children.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Digital Unicorn, it is safe to say that most people know the “stroke” stuff is a stunt. They just don’t ‘think’ it. It’s a known stunt. Without going into too many details, I have three relatives with master’s in PT/OT-higher up positions. Big, huge, maybe? Not one of them has ever said, implied that they could replace a speech therapist. I cannot stress this enough. Apparently, bad half sister (after she and Bad Dad realized that saying he couldn’t speak for a year meant $$$$ lost), had to change her tune. If I didn’t know better……Scammy is our exiled relative for over 20 years.
        There are no words for Bad Dad. He is a sh&t of a parent.

  68. Blue Nails Betty says:

    Meghan did more to support Uvalde than law enforcement and politicians have.

    Meghan didn’t jump in front of a camera like those same nitwits did nor did she make a fuss. She brought food, visited with the affected people who are trying to keep things going, paid her respects, and left. So basically, the usual procedure in a time of grief. Bring a dish, visit with the grief stricken, pay your respects to the dead, go home.

  69. Margaret says:

    Dan Wooton, and scammie set the hold thing up. It was a stunt to keep them from coming to the uk, with, I will confront meghan, and meet the queen and prince charles. The Sussexes called willie, bony, dan, toxic tom, and scammies bluff. And their cover was to fake a stroke, as the heart attack ploy was weak. They all knew he wasn’t coming in the first place. Old boy admitted to the hospital for observation after his big ass might have hit the floor. I don’t believe anything coming out of scammie, and Dan woowoos mouth. Dollar to a donut big pr stunt that didn’t work. So much for that payday, if they could keep from the jubbly.

  70. L4Frimaire says:

    I haven’t read most of the nasty comments and my timeline is mostly positive. I’m glad to see many in the press and people actually there are calling out the lie that Meghan brought a camera crew when it’s clear as day she didn’t, she was very respectful and low key at the memorial, and that cameras and press have been there 24/7 since this massacre. The amount of hate in just uncalled for and glad others are seeing it for what it is. Apparently a BBC crew followed her and got in her face, forcing her to leave the memorial. I’ve never experienced this type of grief and loss but sometimes it’s important to be acknowledged and heard. A small gift like food and just spending time may not be much in the grand scheme of things but people know that it is from a place of caring and paying respect.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ It’s also being reported that Meghan has offered families her support to help pay for funeral costs.

    • Feeshalori says:

      I just heard on this morning’s news that an anonymous donor is paying for the funerals so maybe it is her.

      • Jaded says:

        Abbott said “We appreciate that anonymous donor for his generosity” so it looks like it’s a man who donated…maybe Harry?

      • L4Frimaire says:

        I don’t think she or Harry is that donor. A resident mentioned she offered help toward funeral costs and she was told that was already covered. I assume it’s a Texan who donated. Some people are speculating Matthew McConaughey, but who knows.

      • Margaret says:

        The funeral home direstor, is not charging any of the families, he is footing all cost.

  71. Love says:

    This comment is but a drop in the ocean, but I am going to keep using my voice, and Meghan has set a brave example for doing just that and not hiding her voice or her light. I will never understand why anyone would be bothered that someone took time from *her* life and family, with *her* money, and *her* resources, and shared them with people who are grieving and with those who are helping those grieving. If I had cameras show up everywhere I go, I don’t know that I’d continue moving through the world as I always had, but here she is, doing what she has always done. It is not her fault that there is attention paid to what she does, but it has shined a light on the helpers, and set an example to the world, that in moments of crisis, we cannot simply despair and do nothing. We must do something, and sometimes a small thing is a very brave act. It would have been so much easier for her to remain in her own life and zone out of the entire circumstance, send a check, put out a statement. If she were attention seeking about it, she could have made any number of different moves that would have gotten attention. Who but utter sociopaths could be bothered by someone helping people who are grieving?

  72. CheChe says:

    Seeing Meghan in Texas taking action has helped me try to process my despair. I want to be stronger, but the stories are just devastating . The simple acts of kindness help with the healing. I thank God for those who show love with acts of kindness.

  73. blunt talker says:

    This was an open memorial and anyone could stop by-I know Harry and Meghan were jolted to their core because they have two little ones to think about-Meghan acted humbly and very respectful during this visit-the Sussexes are thinking about their little ones who will go to a regular school someday-just imagine having to teach your children how to be safe in a dangerous world as this-anybody who should be fussed at are the politicians and government policy makers-children should not be living in fear going to school period-this incident causes anxiety in children about attending school-I am proud Meghan went and I could see the distress in her face-someone said she was crying when boarded the plane–BRITISH SHITGIBBONS OF THE MEDIA-MEGHAN IS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN AND CAN ATTEND EVENTS WHEN AND WHERE SHE CHOOSES-SHE HAS RIGHTS IN THIS COUNTRY WHICH I THINK MOST BRITIANS FORGET BECAUSE THEY HAVE KNEEL-BOW-AND CURTSYEVERYTIME SOMEONE ROYAL SHOWS UP-DO HAVE FREEDOM IF YOU DECIDE TO NOT DO THESE THINGS IN FRONT OF ROYALTY-SOMETIMES PEOPLE DON’T HAVE THE BRAINS THAT GOD GAVE THEM.

    • equality says:

      Actually had someone on Twitter argue with me that CNN only showed police officers putting flowers on the memorials so they were only for the police.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Some dumb@ss really tried to argue that CNN only showed police officers (that did nothing for a long time) putting flowers on the memorials and not all the people affected. CNN was there for the police is their argument?

  74. AJ says:

    In theory I’m not a fan of celebs going to these sorts of things because I feel like they get in the way. But in this case I don’t mind it because she didn’t do it with a camera crew (like Kate) and we really wouldn’t have known about it if someone didn’t spot her. It shows how good her heart is

  75. Maxie says:

    It would have been iconic to see her pull a Beto and ask the sheriff what in the fresh hell his officers were doing in that hallway while students were getting shot on the other side.

  76. MA says:

    @Kaiser and anyone else, there’s a lovely Buzzfeed follow up interview with the head of the center. Haters won’t be swayed as they exploit a tragedy to bash a well meaning celebrity who actually DID SOMETHING to help a suffering community other than send thoughts and prayers. But people who are on the fence should be informed on how it all went down. She made every effort to be incognito.


    • windyriver says:

      Thank you for this link. Very interesting. So this wasn’t the only place in town that she visited. And the head of the community center only agreed to talk further to BuzzFeed because her team gave the okay, since the news had already gotten out that Meghan had been there.

    • Christine says:

      Thank you for the link! I love the detail that she left when Beto showed up with his cameras for the blood drive.

      This part made me giggle.

      “I didn’t even tell my poor husband,” she said. “So when she came here, he walked in and he met her and she said, ‘Oh, you must be Jimmy!’”

  77. Angela says:

    Unlike Billy and Katie, Meghan doesnt just show up. She shows up with something to contribute to the work being done. She helps those already helping.

  78. Mia1066 says:

    “I’m not going to police how anybody sees me. It’s other people’s problem as far as I’m concerned.” Hannah Gadsby.
    💯 Applies to H and M. I’m sure that’s their vibe.

  79. Lilpeppa40 says:

    I think the BM and get haters get this riled up and so impossibly crazily angry because Meghan (and Harry) don’t listen to them and don’t have their actions guided/influenced by what the media says and after years of them being able to control the Royals to some degree, it leaves them frothing at the mouth. They bitch about everything she does but yet she doesn’t go into hiding. As much as they call her attention seeking, sensible people would realise that starving her of the attention by not talking about her would be a quicker way to “punish” her; but they won’t because they know she’s not actually attention seeking, just a genuinely good person, and they have a vendetta. They’ve made her the story in England. She did nothing wrong. Let’s say, God forbid, she did go in for PR or a photo op, she did still bring food and did something tangible. That’s a lot more than most ppl have done.

  80. Marty says:

    Good on her for doing something and who cares what her critics say, they’ll always drag her and Harry so they should carry on with their life changing work.

    I hope Meghan and Harry become strong anti gun advocates – with their level of fame and influence they could really help change things.

    • loras says:

      Maybe it is wonderful she is going to Texas but trust me not a thing is going to change.Stephen King said it best,you want this crap to end,vote out the politicians taking money from the NRA.It is that simple.Unless we do that this will continue.There will be another school down the road.

  81. Isa says:

    The thing I love about Meghan is that she doesn’t just simply show up, expecting that gracing people faced with hardships or tragedies with her face is simply enough. She acts. It’s how she has been her whole life, even before she became a royal.

    The BRF have way more opportunities, a whole PR team to organize something, all they have to do is follow the plans, and yet they don’t. It’s because they simply don’t care.

  82. Truthiness says:

    There was a lot more criticism than usual for the Duchess today. I honestly wonder if the GOP and the Guns Rights fanatics are trying to argue people away, especially in an election year. We have witnessed plenty of people wanting to marginalize the Duke and Duchess, it hasn’t worked. This is more than usual and the increase doesn’t smell right.

  83. Carrie says:

    Madam Duchess Meghan or indeed any other woman, does not need to be policed. Meghan is a free woman and can make her own decisions regarding any actions she takes. She is not dependant on anyone else’s thoughts on how she should or should not live.

  84. aquarius64 says:

    So BBC got in Meghan’s face? I see no footage in the British media. Did Harry call Granny and Granny called the Beeb?

  85. Aiglentine says:

    Diana faced criticism for her initiative but over time that’s been forgotten. What we remember is her shaking hands with an AIDS patient and walking through a mine field. This was her showing leadership. I see Meghan exercising leadership in her own way.

  86. Kyliegirl says:

    I think it is wonderful that she went even though she knew that she would be dragged for it. We in America are experiencing such violence in our communities and while people are outraged, heartbroken and scared, we are also becoming overwhelmed and numb. Meghan showing up, providing support and compassion might have inspired others that even though we have a long road to go to get gun control laws passed, we can start by taking care of each other, making our communities stronger, and hopefully seeing the humanity in one another. We have to come together to make change happen. Let the hater scream NETFLIX cause that’s all they have. Harry and Meghan don’t need to produce anything to earn the money NETFLIX has given them. Between the BM and the derangers, NETFLIX is mentioned thousands of times everyday. Advertising dollars they don’t need to spend.

  87. Julia K says:

    It’s so easy to sit in the comfort of our homes and mouth” sending thoughts and prayers “. People who actually Show Up and bring food and comforting words are putting others first and the real ” good Samaritan “, while being demonized for it. Guess I’m not surprised that haters can’t wrap their brains around her motto ” a life of service “.

  88. Erica says:

    Thats nice! Really love the way she treats others.

    The medias could learn from that.

  89. L4Frimaire says:

    I’ve been watching the news coverage today at Uvalde. The memorial Meghan visited is overflowing with flowers, a steady crowd of people are paying their respects and POTUS and FLOTUS are there today. When Meghan visited the memorial site, it was relatively quiet and not that many people were there. You can tell just by the amount of flowers. Today it’s overflowing but when she visited there weren’t that many. Yes the media were there because this is a national tragedy but that had nothing to do with her. I hope those criticizing her timing have a bit of hindsight now. She was able to come and go relatively quietly, very few recognized her, and except for the BBC crew that got in her face, the media did not bother her . The photographers at the memorial were already there. If she had tried to visit now, she’s be attacked worse and accused of trying to overshadow the President or the governor or whoever else came to visit.There are much bigger issues surrounding this shooting, and Duchess Meghan showing up to lay some flowers and deliver food to volunteers is not among them. Meghan did a good thing at the right time, and those who met her appreciated it.