Original Charmed writer and writers of the reboot feud on Twitter

Spoilers for Charmed reboot finale, which has already aired
The original version of Charmed ran from 1998-2006. The reboot began in 2018 and just ended its run this month. When the reboot was announced, none of the original series stars were particularly happy. Some said it felt too soon and opted for a wait and see approach, while others were super salty. Apparently one of the original series’ writers was also a pillar of salt about the reboot. In the reboot’s series finale, the new Charmed Ones end up at Halliwell Manor, the OG Charmed house, and the series ends with them heading inside. Well, original writer Curtis Kheel very maturely took to Twitter to write his dream ending where the original Charmed Ones “vanquish” the new “imposters” after their “invasion” and blow up the portal they came through. Um, aggressive much?

If you thought the tension between Charmed old and new would cool off now that the latter has ended its run, you’d be wrong!

In the wake of the reboot’s CW series finale, one of the original series’ writers — Curtis Kheel — took to Twitter on Saturday to slam version 2.0’s climax. (The June 10 swan song ended with the current Charmed Ones — Mel, Maggie and Kaela — entering a portal to Halliwell Manor, the very home where Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige honed their craft in the original Charmed; read Andy Swift’s full recap here.)

“As an original Charmed writer, I can tell [you] what happened next: Piper, Phoebe and Paige vanquished the [three] imposters right after they invaded Halliwell Manor,” Kheel tweeted. “Then [Holly Marie Combs] blew up the portal to that other universe [and] quipped: ‘We wish them well.’” (The reference to original Charmed star Combs was not incidental; the actress’ displeasure with the reboot has been clear since the project was announced.)

The reboot’s writers wasted little time responding to the dig, tweeting, “Unlike with the OG version of the franchise, we had a strict ‘no a–holes’ hiring policy in the writer’s room. We feel mostly sorry for these people, because unlike them we actually like each other and had the best time.”

In a follow-up tweet, they added, “And for the record, we love both versions, which is why we set out to create a cohesive universe. In our minds there is zero competition in a long line of strong young witches tasked with repeatedly saving the world.”

The war of words continued on Sunday with Kheel tweelaborating, “My problem with the Charmed reboot is that from Day One, it pretended like the original Charmed didn’t exist, yet it borrowed a ton of ideas from it. We worked very hard on the OG series for many years [and] to disregard that is offensive and disrespectful to us and our fans.”

[From TV Line]

The reboot’s writers appropriately hit back against that immature aggression, calling the former writer an “a-hole” in a backhanded way and insinuating that he’s pathetic and salty. “We mostly feel sorry for these people” is a pretty sick burn. And honestly, the former writer is pretty pathetic with his violent little fantasy alternate ending. The new Charmed ones were not “imposters” or “invaders” and him seeing them that way has disturbing undertones. Also, why is he still mad about the reboot four years later, after it has been canceled? Even if the reboot did try to distance from the original Charmed, perhaps that was because they received such a frosty reception in the beginning? Peep his Twitter — I understand being proud of your professional accomplishments, but he’s really hanging on hard to a show that has been off the air for 16 years. In an interview with TV Line, the reboot EPs said they were going for a Spiderman-esque multiverse thing and if they had been renewed for a fifth season, they would have reached out to the original series cast members to see who was available and amenable to appearing. It probably wouldn’t have been Holly Marie Combs or Rose McGowan if that happened. Though the reboot did have a framing problem in the beginning by ignoring the feminism of the first series, I feel bad for them they had to deal with such persistent pettiness.

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  1. Wiglet Watcher says:

    It’s been 4 years? Wow.

    I never got into the reboot. It wasn’t awful. It was just wasn’t anything new or interesting enough to play in the background while cleaning.

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      I watched the reboot just because the original cast was so obnoxious about it. The original had run its course and I don’t think they had anything left to say. The last season was just awful, other than parts of the finale

      I thought the show was most interesting when they were first learning to use their powers.

  2. Ariel says:

    Wow. All that saltiness makes the og charmed writers seem incredibly silly and petty. Makes me think less of the original show.
    I tried to watch the reboot but it wasn’t for me. I’m old, it was for the next generation of fans.

    • HelloDolly! says:

      I am so confused as to why the OG writers are even salty to begin with? Did the OG show creators/actors feel they weren’t credited enough or compensated for the continuation of this media franchise? Or does someone need to tell the OG folks to give up the ghost? The show ended many years ago. Once you create art, other generations are bound to reinterpret the text.

  3. Oh_Hey says:

    I was a huge fan of charmed as a kid and watched every single episode multiple times. That said it had its issues. The one new was so bad from jump and some of the actresses in the reboot were bad mouthing it in the beginning.

    The reboot was never good but the originals were so salty about it for no reason. It’s a tv show about witches y’all. Let’s all calm down.

  4. Noki says:

    I dont get it! Did the new Charmed not seek permission,buy the rights or however it works in hollywood. Why so mad !?

  5. Elle says:

    I was a huge fan of the original so I was biased when I watched the reboot. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it! It was fresh, and daring. The scene that one of the charmed was emanating light from her hooha… It was empowering, unapologetic, awesome. I understand that there are some places that the writing could need some work, but I am definitely love to see what happens next.
    The previous Charmed was great for the time period that was aired, but that time period is over.

  6. Emme says:

    I loved the original….and it really was very original. Rewatched it many times. But the reboot, despite being quite excited about it and watching all episodes in hope, was a dud. It just lacked the “charm” of the original and real one.

  7. Merricat says:

    I guess that guy didn’t get any new writing jobs. Huh.

  8. CuriousCole says:

    I’m a massive fan of the original series and I was disappointed from the get go about the reboot. I definitely understand the originals being defensive about their work. There was such rich potential to do a true reboot incorporating some of the key characters from the original series, and we definitely didn’t get that.

    • Yasmine says:

      Do you mean to say protective? Because being protective of your baby is one thing. Getting defensive and bullying people online is different and not excusable. Not a good look.

      • CuriousCole says:

        Protective is a much better choice, yes 😊

      • FF says:

        Every time the reboot execs want headlines/SM “discourse” they start some beef with people from the OG show.

        They literally can’t generate headlines based on their own show after four seasons, so they have to fill up the trades with manufactured twitter commentary and baiting.

        The truth is, nobody asked for this reboot, hardly anyone watched it, and nobody cares that it’s over. Didn’t even realize one of the actresses was booted off in more manufactured drama. The people running the reboot are awful. They need to leave the OG people alone, they’ve been pretty clear about how they feel about the original series. And the OG people should stop falling for the bait.

  9. Deanne says:

    While he may come across as immature and salty, I get it. People loved the original series and the reboot was a total dud. I don’t know anyone who liked it and am surprised that it lasted 4 seasons. It wasn’t a reboot worthy of the original at all.

  10. Dee says:

    The original was very “colorblind” about race, and wasn’t actually about magic. It was a show where magic was a metaphor for white women’s romantic lives. The new one was tedious sometimes, and had problematic moments around race (“black” magic/African religion being demonic was a foolish decision from the writer’s room), but it also actually about magic most of the time. Also, Holly Marie Combs behaved like a child fighting with the new young starlets online. McGowan was a typical disgrace, behaving as if all she has going is twitter and the minibar

    • Elle says:

      Yes to all of the above! Magic, representation…
      Older shows thought they were all inclusive if they had a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead, plus magic was nonexistent.

  11. Common sense says:

    How do you pronunce the name Kaela? Is it like Kayla? My son’s name is Kaelo, it’s a Setswana name. I am interested in finding out if the pronunciation for Kaela is closer to the pronunciation of my son’s name or it’s closer to Kayla. I was a huge Charmed fan back in the but haven’t watched a single episode of the reboot.

  12. ChillinginDC says:

    Them still fighting over this is bonkers to me.

  13. Amy T says:

    I liked the original, but after Shannen D left it wasn’t as good. It was okay. I thought the last four seasons were off. I knew Rose McGowan was disturbed, but I didn’t know how petty Holly Marie Combs was. I don’t want to watch either of them in anything again. How many shows are true reboots. I don’t think Walker, Roswell, or Magnum PI were true reboots. I liked the new show and found it stupid to continue comparing it to the first all the time. The other reboots were allowed to breathe. Chuck Norris was a producer. They were not the actors nor writers make any money from the reboot. They were in different places and had different relationships. I don’t see how anyone could call the reboot bad that watched the final seasons of the OG Charmed it was AWFUL. Losing Cole hurt as well and they ran out of good enemies. Piper was a fricking angry Goddess or something. I liked the new show. I’m sorry it ended. I hope someone else picks it up.

  14. Yasmine says:

    I feel like a lot of people are missing the real story behind this. Hint: it’s about white gatekeeping.

    When the reboot launched, it was advertised as a version that would be representative with POC and queer characters and storylines. The original cast and writers (all white from what I saw) got offended and started bullying the reboot cast and writers online. It was peak white fragility, because no one criticized or said anything bad about the original show. The reboot actors (all racialized women) were tweeting back about this and practically saying: this is about POC representation, it’s not about you.

    The original cast and writers probably think race has nothing to do with it, which itself is racist lol. When racialized people tell you that race matters and racism is involved, if you dismiss them and refuse to see the involvement of race, then you’re erasing them. And that’s what I saw unfolding on Twitter.

    I’m racialized and I’ve seen both series. I saw the original and thought it was cool at the time. The new one was okay at times, a bit cheesy and cringe, but IT SPOKE TO ME as a racialized person. The characters experience racism and talk about bi-racial identity a lot in the first two seasons. I never related to the old series. But the new one, despite the cheese, made me feel seen. The debate here isn’t about the story arcs or character development, it’s about “white gatekeeping.” For anyone new to the term, Mamademics defines it this way: Being a gatekeeper means you serve as a protective barrier for those inside the system, in order to receive residual benefits.

    Watching the nasty tweets from the original cast and writers only confirmed to me the racism because they refused to see how attacking the reboot’s POC actors and writers was racist. They were literally proving why a reboot was needed for a whole other audience they excluded in the original.

    And you know what? Even if the original cast and writers didn’t like the new story, it’s not for them. It’s for other women and non binary folks, so leave us alone. We have the right to our own stories.

  15. Pulplove says:

    I used to watch the original Charmed until Cole left. I thought it was entertaining and great to have women at the center of a show. But I never felt that it was really deep, to me, there was always this fluff element that permeated all Spelling productions. And that’s alright, some things are simply much needed entertainment that help others brighten their days.

    The reboot somehow grew on me. I like the women (and Harry) and appreciate the representation and touching on topics of today’s society. It was a fun show, no Shakespeare either and certainly not deserving of any nastiness from this writer.

  16. Athyrmose says:

    I would like to see the response, but there’s no link. Can’t search it for myself because the person’s name isn’t included. :/

  17. Roast says:

    I wanted to love it, but it was terrible.