Produce savers, a versatile workout tank and a serum with collagen

From CB: I’ve re-ordered these acne patches by Avarelle several times. You get 40 patches for under $8 and they work so well to reduce pimples overnight. They have over 65,000 ratings, 4.2 stars and a B on Fakespot. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon!

A firming serum with collagen for over 50% off

From CB: Neutrogena Rapid Firming Collagen Triple Lift Face Serum is currently on sale for $14.99, which is 54% off the list price (update it’s now at $20.99). This is formulated with amino acids and collagen to lift and tighten skin. It has over 4,000 reviews, 4.4 stars and an A on Fakespot. Reviewers say they noticed a difference in the tightness and appearance of their skin after just weeks. It’s also said to be safe for sensitive skin. “I just turned 60 and have lost a phenomenal amount of weight and had sadly declared my neck a “lizard neck.” I had tried numerous products specifically for the décolletage, without any noticeable improvement. This has been an absolute godsend! It’s also greatly improved the delicate area under my eyes.” “I am an over 60 product junkie. This product will make a difference for anyone with aging skin. Noticeable difference in the first week.”

A crochet dress makes a gorgeous cover up for the beach

From CB: I saw these crochet coverup dresses featured on People and they reminded me of Katie Holmes’ recent dress, which wasn’t great for an event but would look perfect at the beach. These coverups come in eight different styles and colors and in sizes small to extra large, all under $26. They have 871 ratings, 4.4 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. Women rave about how cute they are and how much they came in handy on vacation. They’re also said to be cool and not hot like other knitted materials. “I bought this for a trip to the Bahamas and I absolutely loved it! My boyfriend complimented it every day haha. I wore it more than anything in my suitcase! It was so cute, fit well, and was the best purchase!” “I was very picky when looking for a swimsuit coverup for our upcoming vacation. This one quickly fit all my criteria! Matches anything I’m wearing, simple, lightweight, sexy and comfy. I’m more than happy and will likely order another one.”

Produce savers that really work

From CB: In August, 2019 I featured these Rubbermaid produce savers and my mom bought them. She loves them and says they keep lettuce fresh like nothing else. I’m definitely buying these! They’re clear and have filters to make your produce last much longer than usual. You can get three for under $27, which is 18% off. These have 4.6 stars, over 5,200 ratings and a B on Fakespot. Other people say they work really well too. “The capacity is great and they keep my produce unbelievably fresh. “ “This really works. I’ve had a head of lettuce in it for 2 weeks and it’s still fresh and crisp!”

A two-in-one facial scrub and cleanser perfect for the shower

From CB: Yes to Tomatoes detoxifying charcoal cleanser stick is under $10 for 2.5 ounces and is vegan with no parabens or silicones. It’s formulated for all skin types and is in a convenient package for quick application and no mess. This has over 3,300 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers say it really works to clear skin fast and that it even works on sensitive skin. “I have really sensitive skin that tends to break out with certain products. I bought this to try on my body just to find out what the craze was with the sticks and ended up using it on my face as well. This product is amazing!!! My skin doesn’t break out from it and it actually cleans deeper into my pores than I expected and it even made my pores look smaller!” Amazing!!! I have been using this product twice a day for the last 2 weeks. My blackheads on my nose are completely gone! It also has shortened and prevented several pimples that have tried to pop up.”

A gorgeous accent chair that looks expensive

From CB: This accent chair by Duhome comes in 24 different metal and fabric choices, most under $135. There’s a chair for just about every color and finish. The listing has over 4,000 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers say it’s easy to assemble, comfortable and looks high end. “This is such a fantastic chair in every way: the sleek mid-century modern styling, easy assembly, wonderfully soft upholstery, comfortable design, great price, and if you like teal like I do, it’s a marvelous shade. Although the legs look delicate in the photos, this chair is amazingly sturdy, too.” I’m also eyeing these end tables, which have a B on Fakespot.

A versatile workout tank you’ll want in several colors

From Hecate: Amazon is having a big sale this week on workout tops. Most of them are half off so it’s a good time to stock up. I just bought a couple of these Beatiun tops because I like how many ways you can wear them. They come in either tank or tee shirt options and a variety of colors. The split back allows you to wear it open for a nice flowing look or tied for a pulled together plunge that shows off your cute sports bra. Both give you that extra ventilation. They’re normally $40 but they are on sale for $18-$19, depending which style you choose. Plus there’s a 5% coupon. They have almost 2,500 reviews with 4.5 stars and a B from Fakespot. Customers really like the value, “This was so similar to others costing well above this price tag! Great for working out/yoga-no worries about your cleavage being on display either.” I think they’re cute enough to wear outside the gym as well and people agree, “I didn’t buy this to work out in – it is a really cute top! I didn’t have anything that I could wear my cute bralettes with, and this shirt works! I have worn it with the back completely open and it is awesome.” Amazon says they fit as expected but customers say if you think you’ll tie it, go up a size.

A highly rated tabletop composter

From Hecate: Summer always tells me how effective my indoor composter is. My last one was… not good. So I looked at a lot of sites to find one that would keep scents and flies out of my kitchen, but still hold enough to be worth it. This Utopia can was rated #1 on all the sites I checked. It’s taller than the one’s I’ve been using but it’s sleek so it doesn’t look too intrusive on my countertop. I’ve only had it a couple of days but so far so good. The lid has a good suction on it, really good, I can’t get it off with one hand. The filter is really big, which should go a long way towards keeping the odor out. I got the steel can for $33 but it also comes in white or black for $35. As I said, this was rated # on many sites, but it also got over 14,000 reviews on Amazon and 4.6 on ReviewMeta. Customers like the size, “It’s BIG, I cook a lot so there’s no way smaller would work—our brown bin is on the far side of the yard. I love the bale handle, the clean, straight sides—easy to wash.” Even though it’s big, it’s not perfect, so washing is important, including the filter. That’s important where fruit flies are involved. “There is no compost smell with this bin, and the fruit flies are much improved. I have still seen some inside the bin, but we have probably 85% fewer fruit flies now and those can be taken care of by some apple cider vinegar/dish soap traps” The only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t work well with composting bags. Or I haven’t figured out the right bag yet.

2-in-1 lip balms in summer colors

From Hecate: These Julep lip balms are really highly rated with 4.2 stars from over 3,100 reviews and an A on Fakespot. That’s what caught my attention and I love the colors they’re offered in! They’re soft but really pretty. The balm will help prevent or cure cracked lips and the gloss gives your lips a little glow for some daytime pop. Each stick is between $11-$12, or three for $28. Customers say this is the perfect lip for light makeup days, “It’s perfect for my subtle make up days. Similar to my own natural lip color but a bit deeper of a color.” I like the fact that it’s less fussy than actual lipstick, “Was looking for something that had the ease of use like a chapstick but the color of a lipstick and this hits the mark!”

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  1. Amy Too says:

    Can someone tell me a little bit about how you use the pimple patches? Do they have to be stuck onto bare skin? Do you skip your skincare routine that night so that they’ll stick?

    • diffraction says:

      I don’t have the ones mentioned above, but I have used other patches before. When I use them, I wash my face like normal, put the patch on, then proceed with my normal routine while avoiding that area.

  2. manda says:

    I have the rubbermaid produce savers and they are really good. It looks like these ones are new and improved over what I have, mine have a little green tray with holes in it that sits on the bottom of the container. I totally accidentally tossed one. But I think it’s the vents that help keep it fresh. The biggest one will hold a bag of lettuce

    I will also say that I have a salad spinner that I keep lettuce in, and that works nicely too.

    • souperkay says:

      The little green trays in v1.0 for the produce savers make a lot of sense but are annoying. They lift the produce up to keep it from resting in any moisture which is helpful, especially for berries. Keeping track of them is the doozy. I like the new design with the bumps.

  3. pamspam says:

    I have the long sleeve version of that workout top and I love it! The fabric is a nice weight and has that perfect drape. Cute and flattering.

  4. pamspam says:

    I’d like to try that serum, but it’s priced at $25.99, not $14.99. ☹️ That’s still not a bad price, just not as tempted to try it now. Anyone used it and liked it?

  5. Giddy says:

    I’m going to detoxify my skin with the scrub, then use the serum, especially on my neck. I’m hoping to be clean, clean,clean, and firm!

  6. kat b says:

    Following up to say a quick look at the fabric texture indicates it’s knitted (which can be done my machine), even though it’s described as crochet. Still, you can bet that the labourers operating the machine are not adequately compensated.

  7. HeyKay says:

    Oooh, those gold leaf end tables are pretty!
    Good price too, I wonder how they’d look in a dark hunter green? Used as a indoor plant stand?

    My interior is mostly MCM in dark wood.
    I really like those, might buy them and then figure out how to use them.