BP: The bullying probe against Duchess Meghan is over, we changed policies

On Wednesday, Clarence House, Buckingham Palace and Clarence House all briefed the media on the expenditures, their diversity policies, the costs of running their offices and how much various tours cost. We will have coverage of all of those big headlines throughout the day. Interestingly enough, during all of those briefings, Buckingham Palace also confirmed the Times of London report two weekends ago, which was that the “bullying investigation” into the Duchess of Sussex had been completed and the report would not be released publicly. Conveniently, that was the headline used by the Daily Mail and other outlets, even though there was barely any new information. The Times’s reporting was right, because they got the story from Buckingham Palace in the first place.

An examination into how bullying allegations made against Meghan Markle by palace staffers were handled has been completed. The Duchess of Sussex has strongly refuted the allegations. The report’s findings will not be made public, but recommendations have been incorporated into the policies and procedures at the palace, a senior palace aide said on Wednesday. All staffers and members of the royal family “will be aware of what the policies and procedures are,” a royal source said.

New implementations include encouraging staff to be whistleblowers if they have complaints about “inappropriate” practices or actions, while a “concern at work” policy sets out how staffers have the ability to express a concern or “blow the whistle” on others within the royal household.

“It is not limiting in any way whatsoever — there is a procedure for how you would raise a concern,” the source said, adding that there are also opportunities to raise issues through independent counselors “if that’s appropriate.”

On Wednesday, a senior palace aide, Sir Michael Stevens, Keeper of the Privy Purse (a.k.a. the Queen’s accountant), said that the review, which was funded privately, was complete.

“This work was undertaken privately and had no [taxpayers’] Sovereign Grant money spent on it,” Stevens said during an annual briefing about the royal finances at Buckingham Palace. “I can confirm, though, that this was a review of the handling of the allegations aimed at enabling the royal households to consider potential improvements to HR policies and procedures. The review has been completed and recommendations on our policies and procedures have been taken forward but we will not be commenting further,” he added.

It is thought that staff and former staff took part in the review, which was carried out by an independent law firm. “The review included a wide range of individuals,” a royal source said.

[From People]

“New implementations include encouraging staff to be whistleblowers if they have complaints about ‘inappropriate’ practices or actions”… the problem was never that Kensington Palace staffers weren’t being heard, though. At a technical HR level, they complained to their immediate supervisor Jason Knauf, who kicked the complaints up to Simon Case. At which point the staffers rescinded their complaints. Knauf then held on to the vague, already-rescinded complaints for a rainy day, leaking them conveniently just before the Sussexes’ Oprah interview aired in what was an obvious smear. The problem was never “the mechanism in which to complain is broken.” The problem was that the accusations against Meghan were never credible or anything other than character assassination against a Black American woman.

It should also be said that throughout it all, this entire smear campaign and “bullying investigation,” literally no one has actually described what Meghan did which constitutes “bullying.” Claiming that she looked at someone and made them cry is not bullying. Claiming she sent a text or email at 5 am (while traveling across time zones!) is not bullying. Claiming that Meghan didn’t understand that KP staff are lazy and incompetent is not bullying.

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  1. BayTampaBay says:

    “The problem was that the accusations against Meghan were never credible or anything other than character assassination against a Black American woman.”

    The complete findings of the report should be made public.

    • Swaz says:

      I love Harry, I really do but boy, did Meghan pay a price.

      • Juniper says:

        I think about this, and damn. She must really love him. It’s okay when love isn’t enough and you need to walk away.

    • usavgjoe says:

      True Meghan stepped into a real “Witches brew”, with this family, but it is what freed her Love, Harry from a dismal gilded caged life.
      H&M are on a new path now… not without problems. That’s just the human condition.

      • Swaz says:

        So true, it’s almost like they were destined to be together

      • Siobhan says:

        So, they are certainly implying in their description of the investigation that it was found she did some things wrong since they’re saying they have adjusted their policies for staff to be able to be whistleblowers accordingly. I’m very interested to see if and how M&H respond to this – it may be an impetus to really “go there” in the upcoming memoirs and/or do follow up interviews with Oprah – though I have a feeling that they will wait to publish the books first to save their best material for the books, and then probably do another Oprah or morning show type press tour to publicize the book – and I would guess that this time around it would only be Harry doing the interviews since it will be his memoirs published first.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Siobhan, interesting take. Disagree the HR review found the Duchess of Sussex of any wrongdoing. It reads to me like one big ‘ol word salad or popcorn salad saying nothing. How do we know ‘new implementations’ are being made when we don’t know what previous procedures were? The whole thing is a bunch of caca. At best, they are saying that if you have a complaint or are feeling bullied, don’t wait until right before a globally televised Oprah interview to share an imaginary email with a member of the royal rota that involves the leaker of imaginary email(hired by William) and his goof friend that was dismissed for gross misconduct. Oops, typo of goof, meant good, goof stays.Or, if you have a complaint/whatever, go to HR, not your buddy that is the Comms Secretary hired to be Will/W&K’s yes man. LOL at people being given permission to be “whistleblowers”. I’m still trying to decide if the law firm hired to perform the review name is “Independent”, “External” or “Outside”.lol

        Ramsey County in Minnesota had to do an investigation into HR practices a year or two ago. An outside law firm was hired to investigate/review the situation. J. Selmer law firm was hired. In multiple articles, the law firm was named multiple times. To date, the lol outside law firm hired by BP to review, has no name. They must be very sad about being snubbed by the monarchy and potential publicity. /s

    • DK says:

      Oh my gosh, if those findings exonerate Meghan – and I’m sure they do, given SHE was being bullied, plus nothing she did would have ever come close to the physical & verbal berating of staff for which Charles, Andrew and even Anne are infamous – and they choose to “bury” it, then this is the BRF – QEII & Charles specifically – *officially* slandering her.

      Since they are clearly trying to imply they are protecting her by keeping it private.

      They are lucky H&M don’t sue THEM. Sheesh.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I’m just hoping they’re collecting data and biding their time until they can and will respond/sue.

  2. IForget says:

    She is absolutely breathtaking in that outfit!

    I know it’s already been said, but the fact she was not allowed to participate, and the matter is now apparently closed, is appaling. Absolute character assasination. Me, I would demand to see the receipts. But I understand if she wouldn’t want to focus on that. She knows the truth. Ugh this sort of toxicity is so rampant. I have worked for places here in the UK which tried to do similar things to me, though of course on an infinitely smaller scale. I wish I could see justice, but I know it won’t happen.

    • TurquoiseGem says:

      @IForget, I agree with all you’ve said. Also hoping that you are utterly surprised by life and see justice delivered for you in the most unexpected and satisfying way.

    • Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

      The palace cannot leak any of the report because I bet H&M have all the receipts and can prove everything to protect their reputations. If any of that report is published there will be a swift response.

  3. Brit says:

    Harry and Meghan will forever be respected in my book for leaving this foolishness behind. It’s hilarious to me that the palace and media have been floundering ever since they left. It truly highlights how dependent and parasitic this whole farce was on them. Meghan and Harry, keep rising above and protecting your little family because these people will destroy themselves. It has to be difficult and frustrating but the rest of the Royal family is stuck, losing respect and influence. Truly smart to leave Britain.

    • Myra says:

      Since the Sussexes left, the BRF have faced one scandal after the other. I want to say it’s karma but scandal after scandal is quite the norm for them. For Meghan, things have slowly gone back to pre-2018 normal. We don’t hear from her unless she wants us to. Her Markle family does their thing but we know their grift by now. Hopefully she can put this experience behind her. I am comforted by the fact that she stole the favourite Prince and left 🙃

      • KC says:

        THIS! At some point it is better to remove yourself entirely from, not just abuser(s)/toxic individuals, but also abusive/toxic environments where the abuse inevitably continues and no longer be part of that cycle. Eventually, they’ll destroy themselves or themselves and the environment. I think they’ve faced scandal after scandal with a bit more punch because they’ve had nothing/no one to distract from it. IF (and I don’t think this will happen) H&M return in any capacity I think they may have helped break the cycle of their being used negatively for press.

      • Tiffany says:

        @myra. You know that the BM is upset as all get out that the Ragland family is out here acting right. You know they got drafts ready at any given time for them.

        They were saying for years that Doria was gonna do a Oprah interview. It wasn’t Doria, it was Carole who was out here getting interviews and magazine covers. Projection, projection, projection. And racism to boot.

  4. Hic says:

    I think Simon Case and JasonKnauf are both heavily implicated in the bullying report. Given the royals proximity to Boris Johnson, the Tories and messiness that is British politics, the report was buried. Neither royals or Johnson can deal with another scandal. Case was Johnson’s right hands is implicated in Downing 10 parties during Covid. I think Meghan is just cover.

  5. equality says:

    They had an HR department so these procedures should have already been in place. And, even if they weren’t, it shouldn’t take an investigation to implement proper procedures. An investigation is only needed if you are going to assign accountability for things being handled badly. (Or if you are trying to cover your butt and vilify somebody by inuendo.) Everything the palaces do makes them look exceedingly unprofessional.

    • C-Shell says:

      For an institution of the size and duration the Firm represents, the level of ineptitude and corruption is stunning, really. Smears should have been smacked down at the outset, when Harry had to release his statement about the racism and sexism aimed at Meghan when they started dating, and consistently. Things would never have deteriorated to the point Meghan’s and Archie’s lives were at stake. The Sussexes would still be there. The monarchy might still be on the ropes thanks to Andrew, but they have run themselves into the ditch so often at this point it’s hard to see how they ever recover. Sweet stories about emotional meetings with grandchildren are too little, too late, and obvious diversions.

      H/M/A/L/D are soooooo much better off!

      • kelleybelle says:

        And lies. I don’t think anyone in that family gives a rip about Archie and Lili.

  6. Becks1 says:

    It seems to me the part that needed to be changed was allowing someone to make a complaint on your behalf, which is what Knauf did. My guess is the employees were complaining to him about Meghan and he emailed Case or whoever, starting the whole “bullying allegations” thing, when those employees never wanted the complaint to go any further. Like me venting to someone at work doesn’t mean I want to file a complaint, you know? But once the complaints were rescinded, the record should have been wiped clean.

    I think this DM headline is a problem for the palaces; they might have liked the idea of it bc better to have the DM talking about this than about the diversity numbers or the sovereign grant spending. But it brings the report back into the public focus and it brings the whole “allegations released right before the Oprah interview” back into focus, which isn’t a good look for KP.

    • Concern Fae says:

      This! I can complain about a boss to a co-worker without wanting it to be turned into a complaint. There is a world of difference between being frustrated with a task you boss has given you and a situation where you’ve gathered evidence of a pattern of wrongdoing.

      So I can totally imagine someone being frustrated over a new boss sending early AM emails. What astonishes me is that someone else in the org did was to tell the new boss not to send emails outside of work hours, instead of setting expectations on when a response to those emails could be expected.

      I know people on here saying complaining is unprofessional, but low level peer information sharing can also help set norms, let patterns become apparent, and help build friendships.

    • Nic919 says:

      I don’t even think Knauf was told anything that got close to making a complaint. They were likely bitching about having to show up to work five days a week, something they didn’t do before, so it might have been complaining but not for something of merit.

      Omg my boss asked me to do actual work is the most we ever got even from the tabloids.

      Making a stink about this bullying investigation and then dropping it makes it clear there was nothing to support what Knauf did. And it’s slanderous to suggest otherwise. I think there may yet be lawsuits if there isn’t some sort of statement confirming that there was nothing to this.

      • Siobhan says:

        So I’m not saying that this is what happened here, but in general I wouldn’t take the fact that someone has withdrawn a complaint or doesn’t want it to go any further as an indication that the underlying event never happened. Most people don’t want complaints to go all the way up unless there are very firm legal protections and whistleblower procedures in place. Especially in this sort of job, where they are aides and assistants to royals, and they rely on good references and leaving on good terms to get another job, I completely see how people would not want a complaint to go further and would decide to withdraw a complaint. Once it’s in the sphere of public opinion, they may also not want their names out in the press or to deal with the personal turmoil of continuing a complaint – they themselves would probably feel like they would be put on trial. All this to say, it is a good thing that the palace has apparently updated whistleblower protections though who knows how good they really are because they’re not telling us what the new policy is exactly. And meanwhile they are certainly trying to throw Meghan under the bus by implying that the investigation found that her employees needed whistleblower protections. So I am very curious how M and H will respond.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Siobhan, you keep saying the same thing implicating Meghan when no such thing has occured. Why is that? ‘the investigation found that her employees needed whistleblower protections’-where did it say that in the review? You must have read something the rest of didn’t. Any implications or inferences are done by the “invisible contract” and majority of nameless sources. There is no confidence if they remain anonymous. It seems lots of people are skipping over one very important factor. Harry. It’s always been easy for KP/RR’s to smear Meghan. Blame the the POC on things-the married in POC. If, and it is a big IF, anyone could be accused of “bullying” between H & M, it would be Harry. He made his stance known in Nov. 2016. That statement didn’t apply to the BM alone.

      • Jais says:

        Sure, I can see what you’re describing but that’s just not the case here. Jason Knauf, Simon Case, William, and Kate hated Meghan and certainly would have any employees’ backs it if there was legitimate bullying. Most importantly, these people leak like a sieve and there has been no leaks of anything specific that Meghan did that would constitute bullying. If they had something specific to leak, we would know. So nope to all that.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Sometimes, however, you are required as a supervisor to report something an employee has complained to you about. Different agencies have different policies to comply with the anti-harassment & EEO & etc., workplace rules & regs; but there are just some things that you as a supervisor simply cannot ignore or you’d be in deep sh*t if things escalate.

  7. OriginalLaLa says:

    Considering these are all gov’t employees (the BRF and staff) I don’t understand how the report can be buried like this with absolutely no accountability??

  8. Polo says:

    I’m sad for Meghan that she will never get the vindication she deserves from these people! It infuriates me!
    But I then remember yesterday and the great article with Vogue and it reminds me these people didn’t win.
    Their plans for her have failed and shes still standing!! Organizations, companies, charities, celebrities, etc still want to partner with her, support, and champion her.
    I just hope one day we get a real investigate journalist along to expose these people and that one of those new diversity hires is doing some digging for Meghan lol

    • C says:

      I agree but the comments on the Vogue instagram post made me so sad. I did my best there but it’s really terrible. They were harassing Jessica Yellin too on her page. I don’t understand this phenomenon. Then again maybe they’re all paid BRF trolls trying to distract from the rest of them. I have to think Steinem, Yellin and Vogue knew these losers would be the loud minority and didn’t care.

      • Polo says:

        I don’t even bother with the comments section. I leave mine and go!
        When Harry talked to Dak Sheppard and he posted on IG that was it for me on looking at what people were saying. The comments on there were crazy.
        I mean even Sussex royal comment section was toxic as hell! It’s just gonna be the way it is until the trolls find another target.
        I imagine they knew beforehand since they’ve warned people that they worked with before and gave had to deal with it personally on their old page

      • C says:

        Yeah, I normally ignore the comments, too. Yesterday was an exception because it just seemed way over the top. But yes, I imagine they were definitely expecting it. It’s unbelievable, really.

  9. Catlady4548 says:

    I think calling this an “investigation into allegations of bullying against Megan” (my own paraphrasing) is misleading. I see it everywhere. It was never an investigation into the (however dodgy) allegations themselves. It was an investigation into how the allegations were handled when they were first made. Most papers bigged this up as an investigation into the bullying claims. It never was. But that’s boring I suppose and wouldn’t generation enough revenue for them. . It’s also why Megan wasn’t involved. It wasn’t actually about her in the end.

    • Joan says:

      Yes, this. I hate that they are able to get away with this mis- characterization of the “investigation”. Which then leads to statements like Meghan must have bullied people, because she isn’t suing. What can she sue for?

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        All true. The investigation, as others have said, probably focused more on how Knauf acted badly and weaponized griping, elevating it into allegations and investigations rather than leaving right where it was laid. So the recommendations are outlining the proper channels and steps one should take if they actually want to file a complaint, and how otherwise, people should MYOB.

    • Mrs. CP says:

      Ofcourse! This is and has been the issue all along!
      Thanks for clarifying!

  10. Julia K says:

    If the report had found Meghan guilty of even one little allegation, it would have been released as front page news. Because it’s buried means that other names have been brought up, especially Andrew, who the queen will protect till her dying day.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Julia K – Agree with you 100%. The report exonerates Meghan and brings in the Andrew HR problems.

    • FC says:

      It also forever adds an asterisk next to her name. It gives every shitty “journalist” permission to use the words “alleged bully” at the lead-in of every sentence about her from now until eternity.

      • Swaz says:

        Who cares about asterisk. In ten years every citizen including you and I will have some type of asterisk, welcome to the New World Order. Asterisk is the new 15 minutes of Fame.

  11. YeahRight says:

    It’s messed up that Meghan’s name will never be cleared of this mess. Instead it’s being buried like she did something. The royals smeared her and got away with it.
    Almost drove this woman to unalive herself and no one will pay for what they did to her. A damn shame.

    • Chica says:

      It’s messed up that Meghan (and Harry) hasn’t done more to demand he name be cleared. She wrote a whole statement after her court case, having her spokespeople or her lawyer release a closing statement on this farce of an investigation, one that clarified for the record that she was not being investigated and she didn’t bully and one. I don’t know, anything at all that underscored the fact they’d tried to smear her… it angers me.

      I don’t see how this is standing up for herself by allowing this shit to just be out there without ever clearing her name.

      • BUBS says:

        If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn about Meghan, it’s that she quite patient and strategic with payback. The palace knows she has receipts as she clearly stated she had emails sent to HR. There’s a lot that Meghan is clearly holding on to, for a rainy day. In all of this, as Kaiser said, it’s noteworthy that no one dare says what exactly constituted the alleged bullying…because it’s all a lie. I think Meghan has weighed how the whole thing turned out…they were not able to sully her deeply in the end. I know there’s a lot of peace being maintained on H and M’s part, for Betty’s sake…it could not be me because I would burn everything down…but hey, the guy still loves his grandma, what can we do about that? In any case though, if this thing ever goes beyond the level of baseless allegations, I have no doubt that Meg and her lawyers will come out swinging. Although I still do believe that a lot more will be unveiled when Betty goes! I think H and M are choosing their battles carefully…not fighting today, doesn’t mean there won’t be a fight tomorrow. BP knows there are quivers in the Sussexes’ arsenal…just like Kate knows that Meg still has the apology letter she wrote after making her cry then lying about it!

      • equality says:

        If there is something that can be done, her lawyers are supposedly looking into it. By putting things in vague terms and calling it just a change of policy, the palace is covering its butt legally. If something is said or done that opens up a window to take action, I’m sure her lawyers will pounce.

  12. Lala11_7 says:

    I have to say…I know Meghan KNEW she wouldn’t be heading back to Salt Island anytime soon…so that IMMACULATE Dior outfit was an even BETTER choice than we thought since those will be the ONLY “official” pictures the racist royal press will get for a LONG TIME…and Meghan looks FLAWLESS and TIMELESS in that outfit❤

    I REFUSE to comment on this BS bullying investigation ☹

  13. girl_ninja says:

    “The review has been completed and recommendations on our policies and procedures have been taken forward.”

    Really? Meghan emailed HR begging for help because she was hopeless and suicidal…during her pregnancy with her first CHILD. They stole some of her joy! Forcing Harry and Meghan to flee that God forsaken island. They know she has proof and they don’t want it to come to light. Evil trash racist.

  14. Noor says:

    Making the results of the investigations private is their right but why leak to the press that it is to prevent tensions rising with Prince Harry and Meghan.

    • C says:

      Because they want to fan the flames of trolls insisting this was Meghan paying them off to keep it quiet.

      • BUBS says:

        Lol. One minute Meghan is broke, another minute she’s wealthy enough to pay off a whole Buckingham Palace! Talk about ultra derangement!
        By the way, all sensible people I’ve seen analyzing this matter online have clearly deciphered that BP has swept this under the rug as it incriminates them and only them! No one believes they are protecting Meg in any way. The deranged will always be deranged!

      • C says:

        Seriously. I never knew Sunshine Sachs was rich enough to pay off everyone in the world!! (Sarcasm)

    • Kels says:

      Because William and his people are bitter. That’s really the only answer! They didn’t get what they want so they have to try and make Meghan look guilty.

  15. Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenomenal Woman) says:

    The bullying allegation against Duchess Meghan was a sad attempt by KP to muddy the waters before the Oprah interview dropped. Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry told the truth to Oprah. Lies are meant to be exposed, eventually, the lies fostered by KP with the bullying allegations will come to light. Once again the BP. CH and KP are confirming what all sane people know that #RoyalFamaliyLied.

  16. Jais says:

    KP is trash. All the households are but KP is like the worst high school movie you can imagine.

  17. Amy Bee says:

    If Meghan was guilty of bullying there was no way that the Palace would have kept quiet about it. I think the investigation exposed the fact that KP was a very toxic environment and Meghan was the one who was bullied by William and Kate and KP staff. It’s forgotten that Harry and Meghan asked to leave KP, they weren’t kicked out. I have no doubt that Meghan has all the receipts about her treatment at KP and the Palace chose to bury the report to prevent the truth from coming out.

    • ABritGuest says:

      There was no investigation. Any real HR investigation would have required Meghan to provide her input & she wasn’t permitted to do so. I think the palace just had the firm look at its grievance policies to make them look like they were doing something after they charged in & accused Meghan of being a bully to get ahead of Oprah.

      As the palace opts out of a lot of uk employee protection laws I doubt whatever policies they allegedly have updated are particularly vigorous anyway.

      The palace doesn’t want to allow Meghan to formally clear her name as that would be admitting they lied before Oprah. Instead they hide & then will use anonymous sources to brief about the so called bullying to Tom bower & valentine low in their upcoming books but in a way that Meghan can’t properly litigate. Trash

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Exactly @ABritGuest. There was no HR review. There absolutely never was a “bullying investigation”. Why would BP spend $$$$$$$$ on something they knew Meghan wasn’t guilty of? BP has knew along about the KP/W&K smear campaign against Meghan. BP is guilty of covering that up for the sake of the lazy ass jealous future future’s and the British Media was sickeningly gleeful in helping out.

        Yea, the ‘whiter than white’ policy comes in to play too. If everything was on the up and up, the need for nameless palace sources is unwarranted. The privy purse? guy is a funny source. It’s questionable that a press or HR person wasn’t named. If there is anything we’ve learned over the years is that the BM/BRF have no problem covering up their lies with more lies-especially when it comes to Meghan. Still love that she has her receipts that are unknown to the guilty parties. It’s a beautiful thing when you know you have the best poker hand possible and your competitors are bluffing-and you choose to say nothing. Until…

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      I did hear a royal correspondent say that the culture at KP was incredibly toxic during the time that Meghan and Harry were there. No doubt staff at KP were acting in accordance with their employers (W&K) attitude and blessings.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Harla: Most definitely. I hope one day we hear about Meghan’s experience at KP . I can imagine that it was truly awful and contributed to her feelings of depression and suicide ideation.

    • KC says:

      This is what I suspect…..the investigation both exonerated Meghan and revealed a very shameful, toxic work environment in the BRF, which may have even included Andrew, Will, and/or Kate. Her name continued to be associated and she wasn’t allowed to contribute because it ended up not being about her. They had to clean and tighten up their business and likely the way “complaints” and “reports” were handled.

      Once again, Harry’s “branch” is used as a distraction from the real issues.

  18. Louise177 says:

    I think if there was anything substantial the report would have been released. Although technically it’s supposed to be a procedural issue, the allegations likely were brought up. So far the worst attack was early morning texts and emails. The palace would have looked ridiculous if that was it. But overall it still makes Meghan look bad. Nobody will know what she was accused of.

  19. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I wonder if Meghan’s lawyers will release a statement regarding the findings especially that they refuse to clear Meghan’s name. If I were her, I’d be pissed that these allegations will be out there forever and of course will be mentioned time and again by the British gutter press.

    • KC says:

      I feel like they need to walk away from/throw them a bone on this one in order to keep the peace. Hopefully, their knowledge of the truth and exit from the toxicity gives them all the peace they need.

  20. Lady Digby says:

    Billy Idle once again proving to be very short term in his thinking. Jason Knife produced the bullying allegations out of thin air to EXONERATE his boss in advance of Oprah interview in anticipation of all the tea they expected Meghan to spill. We didn’t bully her cos she bullied us nonsense. Also it is JUSTIFICATION for Basher’s continuing hostility towards his own SIL. We are completely through the looking glass with this bullying nonsense which is a narrative by the bullies to justify them all bullying an innocent woman newly married into THE FIRM.

    Now they have tightened up HR policies Basher could rue the day when he starts shouting and hollering at his staff and finds out that they now have certain rights along pay!!

  21. Sarah says:

    Honestly think about making a complaint in your workplace. Would you want your boss involved? Would you want your boss to know you are the one who made the complaint? If you got nervous about repercussions and rescinded, would you be happy that investigation took place anyway? Would you want to see policies put in place so that it didn’t happen to anyone else?

    • C says:

      Yes, I would want my boss involved. If the HR department is worth anything at all, it won’t hurt the employee to have their complaints brought up and investigated and the boss won’t be able to do anything about it. (I realize that that is not the case for many places – but that is not the point, which is that if these offices were performing as they should this should not have been an issue). *And remember that Meghan has wanted these findings made public since the very beginning.*
      The idea that this environment ever protected employees is laughable. We have former employees going on record stating that Charles and others physically assaulted them and they were dealing with sexual harassment and other horrible things. Nothing has ever been done about that. If that can be discussed in the public eye by these people, why not the findings of what Meghan supposedly did (which again, she has wanted made public) and the policies instituted to correct it?

  22. Feebee says:

    They can’t publish what’s not there so burial is the only way to save face. Total vindication for Meghan.

    The narrative some are peddling that they buried it so as not to anger Meghan, by all reports one of the kindest and most considerate people around, is laughable.

  23. CheChe says:

    The Royals will keep churning out false stories because it is part of their cottage industry to stay relevant. In the last couple of years it has turned vicious with the advent of Meghan and all her successes. The bullying accusations didn’t need to be proven just thrown into the media for clicks and negative engagement.

  24. Well Wisher says:

    The mention of the investigation in the financial report is to bury it. There was no investigation of the allegations. Just one person who was insubordinate.
    She cooperated in the leaks that constituted William’s cooperation with the Sunday Times.
    She was gainfully employed by the owners of the hotel where Meghan stayed before her wedding.
    BP simply left KP out to dry, there is a clip circulating about three weeks ago with Jobson and others relating how terribly disrespectful the staff was towards Meghan, whom they thought had too much attention. It is alleged that the Cambridges demanded that they get all the attention since they are the future monarch.
    Personally, it seemed that they crave attention for no particular reason.
    Just like to show off.
    English is complaining about the way BP handled the investigation so there is one salient conclusion there was no bullying by Meghan, she is the survivor of a terrible ordeal being in a toxic working environment just after her nuptials to Prince Harry.

  25. Blujfly says:

    English already outed one of the complainants/leakers. English tweeted that after the market tour moment on the Pacific tour, where the refusal to give Harry and Meghan the same protections and protocol as the Cambridges led to an overcrowded and dangerous venue, she saw one of the staff members, a woman, crying in a vehicle. The woman looked up and met English’s eyes and later called English to tell her the story. That moment on the tour was an incompetent, dangerous failure and the people involved in planning it ought to have been fired. So there’s your real story.

  26. Athena says:

    I’ll wait for Meghan’s book, “855 days”. The number of days between the engagement on November 27, 2017 and leaving on March 31, 2020.
    The number of days since she walked away from that toxic family is almost the same as the number of days she was part of that toxic family and still they can’t let her be.

  27. Rapunzel says:

    ““The review included a wide range of individuals,” a royal source said.”

    Where was Meghan in this wide range? Nowhere.

    • Christine says:

      This is what really gets me. It is going to be called the “Meghan Markle bullying investigation/report” until the end of time, and Meghan Markle wasn’t asked a single question.

    • Jean says:

      The amount of hatred the British tabloids have for Meghan is unfathomable backed by the RF of course! So openly racist and vile, I wish Harry exposes all the liars and jealous family members in his book

  28. aquarius64 says:

    Tin foii tiara: the investigation started in March 2021. KP announces Knauff is leaving on December 2021 in May 2021. Finding: Knauf trumped up bullying charges on Meghan that couldn’t be backed up. BP and CH ordered the Cambridges to FIRE Knauf. Knauf is American so expendable. W & K put out Knauf is resigning to save face and gave him a platinum parachute to stop him from going on US TV to dig up KP skeletons. To save his job Knauf with Billy’s blessing turned to the email to the Mail lawyers in Meghan’s lawsuit. It backfired so bye bye Jason,

    • Nic919 says:

      For sure Knauf was turfed because of this bs around the bullying report. Once the Oprah interview happened and it wasn’t what they feared it would be, Knauf looked like a total ass. And announcing in May 2021 that he’s gone by end of 2021… yeah he got let go. His role in the appeal which backfired also played a role too.

  29. India says:

    The RF are cowards and are afraid to let the world see what they are really all about.

  30. aquarius64 says:

    Dan Wooton is screeching in the Fail that the report needs to be released in case Meghan runs for the White House. Sounds like KP (Cambridges) is upset a cloud of suspicion is over their heads because the report is sealed. The Fail is pulling at heart strings that people who cooperated are not seeking justice.

  31. The Recluse says:

    Ah, but do these new guidelines actually apply to the royals who remain?

  32. MikeB says:

    This was an HR matter which should have been handled internally which they did not. Two staff members ran to The Times who along with other tabloids ran with it. An e-mail from Knauf to Chase found its way to the DM, such correspondence should be confidential (who authorized the leak?). Meghan vehemently denies she bullied anyone. Buckingham Palace announces that an independent inquiry will be conducted. During the inquiry senior officials, at various times, talked to the DM about progress without giving specifics (again who authorized them to talk about such a sensitive subject?). Two weeks ago The Times ran the story that the report will not be released to the public (who authorized them to talk?). Under normal circumstances such a report should not be made public, at the very least the accused and others should be made aware of the results. The way this has been left has only confirmed to the haters that Meghan is guilty of bullying. Meghan has not been involved in the process from day one and continues to be excluded today. The only conclusion I can infer from all of this is that from day one Knauf, Chase and the HR dept. were totally incompetent and leaked like a sieve for which in outside businesses they would have been terminated, the handing of the report shows they are still incompetent.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Except it’s not true two staff members ran to the Times. One person, Jason Knauff, made a claim to Valentine Low of the Times. Knauf claimed he sent an email to Simon Case. Said email has yet to make it’s way into public sphere. The “words” are out there but not the actual email. Valentine Low himself said the allegations were not made by staffers. The allegations were made by Knauf. This has been a lie complicit with the smear campaign. Like Meghan & Harry have said, it’s a smear campaign with a false narrative. There technically isn’t any leaking. There is made up sh*t by KP/Knauf that was being fed to the RR’s. Reminder, The Times is listed as a member of the royal rotal per the Sussexes.