Buckingham Palace completed the inquiry into Duchess Meghan ‘bullying’ staff

After trying and failing to get kompromat on the Duchess of Sussex, Kensington Palace staffers decided to simply lean into the worst racist tropes and claim that Meghan was an angry Black woman who “bullied” them. How exactly did she bully them? We’ve never really gotten a straight answer on any of that, and whenever we do hear stories about Meghan’s alleged “bullying,” it’s always sh-t like “she asked a staffer to complete a task” or “she looked at someone and made them cry” or “she didn’t understand that the palace is structurally incompetent.” Kensington Palace threw the “Meghan bullied staffers” accusations around just before the Oprah interview in what was a deliberate and obvious smear. Buckingham Palace then backed up KP by launching a “review” of the complaints (even though the complaints were rescinded).

Post-Oprah interview, BP has desperately been trying to clean up KP’s mess. As the months go on, it’s clear that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Jason Knauf made Meghan’s life a living hell, and BP doesn’t want anyone to look too closely at any of it. Which has led to months of reports that KP’s aides fear the inquiry was being slow-walked, or worse yet, that the inquiry was being buried. Now the Times reports that all of those aides’ fears have come true, the report is being buried and BP will change their Human Resources policies and procedures.

An investigation into claims that the Duchess of Sussex bullied members of her staff has led to Buckingham Palace “improving the policies and procedures” in its HR department, according to royal sources. However, the findings from the highly sensitive inquiry, which was paid for privately by the Queen and conducted by an independent law firm, will never be published.

It is understood they will be kept under wraps to protect the privacy of those who took part and to limit tensions between the Sussexes and the palace. Courtiers have insisted the inquiry, which was launched in March last year, should “not be played out in public” to ensure those who took part felt “comfortable”. Some participants are deeply disappointed the report is being “buried”.

It is understood that the inquiry only recently concluded but those who took part have not been informed of its outcome which has caused upset.

Changes to the royal household’s HR policies as a result of the inquiry were expected to be published in the annual Sovereign Grant report later this month, which details the use of the annual payment by the government to the Queen to fund the royal family’s official duties, and includes royal staffing.

The Sunday Times understands Buckingham Palace no longer plans to make any public statement on the inquiry, or even publicly acknowledge the subsequent changes to its HR policies.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not invited to participate in the inquiry, but Meghan’s solicitor, Jenny Afia, a partner at the law firm Schillings, gave an interview to the BBC last year rebutting the claims. She said: “What bullying actually means is improperly using power repeatedly and deliberately to hurt someone, physically or emotionally. The Duchess of Sussex absolutely denies ever doing that. Knowing her as I do I can’t believe she would ever do that.”
Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

[From The Times]

This is so weak from Buckingham Palace, but I guess that they never really intended to land in the middle of Kensington Palace’s disaster. It’s important to understand that both Kensington Palace and BP were completely and utterly panicked about what Meghan would say during the Oprah interview and what she would reveal, which is telling in and of itself. KP came up with this harebrained scheme to smear Meghan as a bully and BP made the choice to back up KP, thinking that the weight of the two palaces would delegitimize Meghan before she had the chance to tell her story. This is BP trying to desperately get this mess off their plate.

Also: BP is not trying to protect Meghan – they’re trying to protect William and Kate, who are f–king racist morons. If I was in Meghan’s shoes, I wouldn’t let this go. I hope she issues a statement pointing out she wasn’t allowed to participate in the inquiry. I hope she pulls out some of her receipts. I hope she demands that the inquiry gets published so at least we can finally hear exactly what she’s accused of doing.

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  1. BlackFemmeBot says:

    #Royalfamilylied was trending in the UK, US and France when this was announced and TMZ and Deadline both published stories about this so we’ve ALL clocked what a messy clean-up job the RF is attempting #RELEASETHEREPORT and clear M’s name. I hope she drops a statement spilling ALL the tea about this racist smear

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      I was utterly shocked to see the overwhelming support for Meghan on the MAGA cesspool that is Deadkine. I cannot fathom how that happened.

      • Laura D says:

        The only thing I can think of is; she’s American! MAGA can slate any American they want but, they’re not going to let the royalty who they fought to get rid of, try to humiliate one of their own! It would make perfect sense to their warped reasoning.

      • PaulaH says:

        The Murdoch Family has going to great extremes to cover everything about the RF and consistently attacking Meghan. I don’t believe for a second MAGA cares about Meghan. They just don’t like being fed news about the Brits daily. They are more concerned about supporting lies told in the USA vs supporting lies being told in England. There’s a BIG difference for MAGA. So as much as The Murdoch’s would love MAGA to lead the smear campaign against Meghan in the USA it will never happen. They care to spend their energy on one battle, their King Trump

      • Charm says:


        I think its just the sense of fairplay and natural justice that beats in the heart of every individual who values freedom and personal autonomy.

        Sycophants of monarchy believe that those descendants of criminals who raped, plundered and stole the wealth of others and set themselves up to be worshipped, are indeed better than other human beings and that their sense of entitlement is justified and every indecent thing they do is acceptable.

    • CheChe says:

      I think you are right Meghan should release a statement giving her side of the bullying claims. She was not included in the ” investigation” so she is free to insert her facts since this is her name that is being sullied for filth.

      • equality says:

        Without access to actual claims that is hard to do. That’s why they aren’t letting out any specific information.

      • MeganC says:

        There are no actual claims. If there was a sliver of a hint that Meghan did anything wrong that report would be on the front page of every tabloid today. The BRF have egg on their face and they know it.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I’m willing to bet that KP/The “independent” law firm will already have hung Meghan out to dry in the investigation’s conclusions. The fact that she was not invited to give her side of the story and defend herself, just makes me think that it was a deliberate one-sided exercise in shutting her down. Of course they are going to give all the excuses in the world as to why the findings will never be published, to make themselves appear to be an honourable entity. But like after big organisations they have a nest of vipers among them.

        Someone refresh my memory please. Were any specific accusations made about Meghan? How is it that not one of the supposed victims of Meghan’s bullying have ever spilled their guts to the Daily Mail or the other rags? I mean, haven’t any of their usual “sources” done even a little snitching? It’s hard to believe. And let’s not forget that lots of people tell lies. A ppx on The Rpils.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Exactly @MeghanC. There were no actual claims. An unnamed imaginary independent law firm conducted an imaginary investigation to cover up the false allegations made right before the Oprah interview.

        How big of hole does one have to dig to bury nothing?

    • Ginger says:

      It was trending in the top 10 for hours and then disappeared. It’s still trending in the ‘For you’ section but I’m sure the RF made them remove the hashtag from the trending section. It has over 60,000 tweets now. This has the RF shook, no doubt.

      • equality says:

        That’s funny because I saw tweets saying that would eventually happen. Some were guessing how long it would take to bury the trend.

    • PaulaH says:

      When William and Kate finally decide to divorce, we will know the full details of what happened with Harry/Meghan.

      • Lady D says:

        Both C’s will be desperate for good press once the divorce news hits mainstream media. That, and the fact they will never, ever stop making Harry and Meghan the focus of their lives, and/or using them as scapegoats.

      • PaulaH says:

        what Lady D said, and the Cambridges will have a Nasty Divorce. The British Press will go after Kate for something, and I believe they will blame her for the brothers separating. Of course, Carole is going fight back so it will be EPIC

    • Louise177 says:

      I hope BP will be pressured into releasing it. Most of the reporting is slanted as protecting Meghan which is laughable. When the bullying claims came out it was so vague that you would think there would be more details in trashing Meghan. I’m assuming that the complaints will be along the same lines of 5am texts. That would be too embarrassing to release.

      • Christine says:

        There is one member of the royal family who they have never raised a finger to help, and that’s Meghan. The actual “investigation” must make KP look especially wretched.

        If there was anything negative about Meghan, they would have distributed copies of the [likely nonexistent] report to the British media in 2 seconds flat.

      • Charm says:

        Meghan and her legal team dont hv to await a “formal report” on this matter by BP before they respond. BTW, we only have the story in the shidtrags (I include the Times and Telegraph with this lot)……….we dont really know if BP has indeed completed the “investigation” and have made a decision to “bury” it.
        Perhaps someone is flying the proverbial kite.

        In any event, all that M needs from BP is a definitive statement that they have indeed completed their “investigation.” And thats only because she will continue to afford them all the rope they have been given so far, to hang themselves. Remember, her legal team had demanded that they pony up all the evidence they have that prove that M had bullied anyone. BP had become so flustered by that demand (rmbr, BP had only gotten involved to cover up for KP, the miscreants who started all this) that they handed it over to CH to do the evidence search.

        M and her team waited almost a year for this evidence. And we dont know if they received a response. Rmbr BP attempted to hide the matter in last year’s SV report but failed to do so after utterances from M’s lawyers.

        And now suddenly, here comes this story about “burying” the matter to avoid “more tension” between the Sussexes and the BRF. Some royalists are already trying to spin the narrative that BP is protecting M from what the investigation reveals of her “bullying.” LOL

        Ask yourself, who benefits from any decision to “bury” the report and “never ever reveal its findings? Does anyone believe that after all these years of smearing H&M, that the Firm now wants to “protect” them from the findings of their phony report?????

        Because BP had NOT invited M to be part of the “investigation” [which is itself a breach of natural justice], they can refuse to give them a copy of the report.

        Be that as it may, once that formal, ask-and-answered scenario has taken place, M and her team will have every right to issue whatever statement they wish on the matter.

        I know that some folks expect M to file legal action but thats not gonna happen.

        However, what I am hoping for and looking forward to, is a legal statement from M’s team, worded in such a way that it excoriates those lizards in that viper’s nest, including that biotch that just sits on her thrown and allows all sorts of atrocities to be committed in her name.

    • Aj says:

      If we actually consider that they did a report on bullying, we’ll realize just how stupid and sociopathic they are. I mean, the whole lot of them are liars, cheaters, racists bullies. They bully their own staff yet, Meghan Markle. TF!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I read somewhere that those who were interviewed as part of the investigation are not happy its not being released. Its obvs they didn’t find anything or it uncovered something else that they want to keep secret (i.e. evidence that Khate and Carole were the real bullies of staff).

  2. ML says:

    This is totally evil. The Times makes MM sound like some mega witch who has successfully vanquished her hapless minions. I too hope that the receipts are made public, because right now the UK press is using a lack of info against Meghan. Considering stories about Andrew and Anne’s mistreatment of servants, this is absolutely wrong.

    • Flowerlake says:

      Recently read an article from the Times on a completely different topic (that I know something about), and was surprised at the errors and the unproffesional tone.

      Read like a gossip rag.

  3. Merricat says:

    I hope Meghan’s attorney jumps into this with both feet. Make them show and tell. Let the world see again how racist they are, this so-called royal family .

    • Formerly Lithe says:

      I think M’s attorney absolutely has to respond! And I don’t understand why KP would put them in the position of having to do this. I mean if you take the latest statement at face value, one could easily believe that the “bullying” allegations against M were much worse than we could even imagine. So of course M’s attorney cannot let that go.

      This BP clean up job is what you do when you want to make a big mess even bigger. Do they think they were being clever with this latest attack on her credibility under the guise of trying to be fair? Do they think the bots who were plastering social media yesterday with “they’re trying to save M embarrassment by burying the report” were actually helping smooth things over?

      Is BP deliberately putting M in the position of having to publicly fight back? I really don’t understand how this statement helps anyone at all. And why now? Are we getting this compliments of any combustible compatriots who couldn’t even hold a candle to M?

    • Ariel says:

      I know they’re wealthy- but money does not grow on trees.
      And she could dump receipts if she wants to.
      But i could see her just walking away- unless the slander ramps up about these bullsh** accusations/investigation.
      She has a life and a family and may just want to wash her hands of their toxicity.
      She cannot turn the tide of racism against her in the UK.

  4. Surly Gale says:

    I hope she does everything you say, but I doubt it. I want her lawyers to go after EVERYONE and everything, but I doubt it. I think she’ll let it stand, and let it go. I do not believe she is the vengeful type. I can be, we can be, but I don’t think she is.
    We saw, we know, she knows we all know. I want her to come out, receipts blazing, but I don’t think she will.

    • Snuffles says:

      Meghan’s lawyers can challenge this without Meghan coming out the gate dropping receipts. At the VERY least, Meghan is entitled to see the report, and challenge the fact that she wasn’t allowed to participate in the process.

      • Debbie says:

        I can’t believe the accused was not allowed to participate in an “inquiry” about allegations against them. Is this consistent with English law? Do they not believe in innocent until you’re proven guilty in that country? If not, this makes the royals look incompetent because how does anyone who works in the palaces have any assurance that any future allegations (against royal family members or upper-level staff, like a Jason Knauf) will be handled properly, and not with an eye towards protecting certain parties?

        Off topic, but I also find the timing of this so-called report – right after their Jubbly, to be… interesting.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        No legitimate investigation denies the accused her due process rights. This is true anywhere, and that’s all Meghan’s legal team ever has to say about it. It was all trumped up, anonymous charges dispensed with in a kangaroo court.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        This was a private investigation. Paid for privately by the queen and co ducted by an Independent law firm. The whole thing is just private. Nothing ever had to be released.

        Just the fact that this independent law firm found no reason to involve Meghan and couldn’t substantiate any claims at all says everything. They’re trying to word it like they’re protecting those who were a part of it, but that’s BS. Everyone knows if they dug up anything on Meghan it would be used.
        Everyone knows this made KP and all associated with KP look like awful criminals too.

      • Nic919 says:

        There is no way an investigation based on a complaint can be considered private. Occupational health and safety laws would require that it be disclosed to anyone who is being accused of something. Meghan and any potential complainants would have legal recourse to get a copy of any such report.

        The only thing that could be private would be a review of the HR policies of the palaces. So there was never an investigation of anything. The law firm at best did a review of their current HR policies with no reference to any accusations made against Meghan, or specific complaints. The media has lied about this being any sort of investigation when in reality it was simply a policy review.

    • Merricat says:

      It is not “vengeful” to take the appropriate steps to clear your reputation. This action by the palace implies she has something to hide. She does not.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Exactly her good name and reputation are being globally ruined in an attempt to protect racist trash bags in the palaces. Any action she takes to challenge that is not vengeful.

      • windyriver says:

        This is one of Shillings’ areas of expertise. We’ll see where they/Meghan decide to go from here. I’d expect at least a statement of some kind, at a minimum.

      • Jais says:

        Getting justice isn’t about being vengeful. Meghan setting anything right here shows an example of how terribly a black woman can be maligned and gaslighted in a workplace and how she can go about finding justice, even when powerful systems are set up against her.

      • Myra says:

        IIRC both Harry (himself) and Meghan (through her lawyers) have called it a calculated smear so I don’t think she will hesitate to clear her name. They are likely digesting this news before releasing any statement.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    We’re not telling you what you did, we’re not giving you a chance to defend yourself, and we’re not telling you the outcome. But we’re sure gonna publicized that someone made an allegation—because it accomplishes our goal just the same. Racist, ignorant, dumbf*cky creeps.

    • Becks1 says:

      Bingo. They accomplished their goal, which is to put out there that Meghan bullied staffers at KP. There’s no accountability for that lie, but there doesn’t have to be bc they buried the allegations(nothing specific beyond 5 am emails and making staffers cry), and now they’re burying the results, but the basic story is still out there, and that’s what KP wanted.

    • Eurydice says:

      Add to this – We didn’t do anything wrong, but we’re changing our policies and procedures.

      • Kimber says:

        While the “investigation” and subsequent report may have been paid with private funds, the institution is publicly funded. The ‘victims’ salaries are publicly funded. The report should not be allowed to be hidden. Disgusting how they can operate without responsibility.

      • Jay says:

        I would love for someone in the UK to push on this change in policies. What is being changed? Specifically? How will such allegations be better dealt with in the future? Saying “Yes, we did the investigation, we found out a lot, but we can’t tell you who did it. Just know that we know” ain’t gonna cut it.

        Because it was pretty obvious when these bullying accusations came out that not one of the palaces was equipped with the minimum HR supports we would expect at the turn of the millennium, let alone 2018.

        So, where is all of that money going that’s earmarked for KP? Is there any additional oversight of the staff? Any new procedures for making a complaint? Are they ensuring their hiring practices meet professional standards? I’m going to make an educated guess that the answer to this is not a positive one.

        And it matters to taxpayers – remember, many royal staffers hope to parlay their way into long careers in the civil service.

  6. Noki says:

    Is that why they used a private firm and also the Queens personal ‘funds’ to pay for this inquiry. This way they dont owe it to the public to disclose the findings!?

    • Christine says:


    • Lorelei says:

      It seems so, and it’s disgusting. What reputable law firm would conduct this “investigation” and issue a report without ever speaking to Meghan? The whole thing is bullsh!t and I’m infuriated on her behalf. If this report even exists, there’s no way it contains anything negative about Meghan or else we would have heard allllllll about it by now. It will be interesting to see how Meghan/Schillings responds.

      • SuzeQ says:

        I’m guessing the law firm made some initial inquiries, realized there was nothing to it and there was no need to inquire further and knew its investigators would be shredded by Meghan’s lawyers, and so advised BP to make it go away.
        Good luck with that, geniuses.

  7. equality says:

    I wonder if the “investigators” carefully curated their questions to only ask about interactions with Meghan or did they dig into interactions between staff and other royals? There are things going around on Twitter showing articles where Anne, Andrew, PC, PW and others have yelled at staff and where staff members (like AK) have had fights.

    • Seaflower says:

      They would have only asked about Meghan, no way would they would have wanted to open any other cans of worms.

      • Debbie says:

        That’s where questioning Meghan, the accused person, and allowing her attorneys to question her accusers would have been helpful, if the palaces were truly interested in discovering the truth.

    • Pentellit says:

      Even high-handed Sophie has been rude to staff, allegedly, and Princess Margaret was notorious. Prince Charles was accused of choking a member of his staff according to one of the clips I saw on Youtube. This is crazy sh*t, but Meghan, Meghan, Meghan!!! These people sure know how to enrage you.

      • VoominVava says:

        Yes, but they have royal blood so they are untouchable.

      • Princessk says:

        Loads of stories about royal bullies which they need to suppress. The RF were totally stupid trying to smear Meghan with this.

  8. Lady Digby says:

    Anything even slightly takinaSsStyng about M would have been released or leaked. Independent report exonerated M and very embarrassing for Basher and co hence the burial with spin!

  9. Nikki says:

    If it drives me crazy reading about the idiocy, cruelty, and racism of it all, how terrible for her to have had to live like that. Living well is the best revenge I guess; good for Meghan & Harry!

    • Merricat says:

      No. Bringing people to account for besmirching your reputation is the best revenge. Living well is just what the Sussexes do as a matter of course.

    • WallOfFire says:

      @Nikki, and they clearly think they had a right to do that to her. She deserves to live like that. It’s sickening. The BRF and the BM that supports them are foul.

  10. Mpume says:

    Sadly I don’t see much recourse for her. The palace are such cowards that they won’t ever release anything official…it will just be leaks and innuendo like this.
    I also think Meghan wants to move on. Yes this isn’t fair to her but she’s been fighting and fighting for ages against the DM and the palace.

    I just get the feeling they want to get on with their lives.
    And despite all the mud DM and KP have thrown at them it hasn’t stopped their bag as far as we know. She’s still working with CEOs, governments, brands and charities. All their big money deals were after the bullying claims were made so it hasn’t “canceled” her like they wanted and it won’t either.

    • Merricat says:

      I think she does have legal recourse.

      • Mpume says:

        She might but is it worth it to her and her team? Only they know that answer…
        I personally would be pissed and want to do something but I’m not Meghan.
        I haven’t been through what she’s been through the last few years.

        And again she hasn’t lost work from this as far as we know so I feel like it may not be worth it to them. I imagine there’s been a lot of emotional trauma but does she want to be fodder for tabloids in that way again after the DM win? I personally don’t think so.
        So I think they’ll let it go.
        But that’s just my opinion….

    • Brit says:

      I get the sense they’re done too. They didn’t even attend that many jubilee celebrations and interact with anyone barely. They’re tired of the games. They left for a reason, got their side out and are at peace. When I saw that picture of Lilli and Meghan with Misans wife, she looked glowing and happy. The problem is that the family can’t afford to not leave them alone and keep the “rift “ going because they got a beast to feed and the Sussexes are the money makers. Unfortunately, it’s always going to be an issue of some kind but it doesn’t penetrate their world anymore and for that they’ve won. Everyone else over there has to play the game or else and that’s the definition of trapped.

    • Jais says:

      I don’t necessarily get the sense that they’re done or that she will just let it go. That sounds like some wishful thinking from BP and KP. If Meghan wants, she can choose to let it go. It’s her right. I’m just not sure what evidence there is that she will. Right away, when it was first released, her team put out a statement calling it a smear campaign. Harry stated in the apple series that Meghan cried herself to sleep over their lies. I don’t know what course of action the Sussexes will take next. It’s up to them. But the idea that they’ll just let it go and move on seems like something the palace hopes she will do. I hope she doesn’t but the attack and abuse happened to her and it’s up to her.

      • Dee Kay says:

        I think Meghan’s team will respond. It could be a simple statement, like “Meghan was not interviewed [which is standard procedure for real investigations of this nature] and we also wish for the findings to be published so we can respond appropriately.” Even if they just say that, that will be enough to get it on the record that they disagree with the Firm’s handling of this matter. But I wonder if they will wait until after William’s birthday to issue a statement.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I hope if they do release a statement (and l really feel it’s in Meghan’s best interests that they do) it’ll be on William’s birthday to give him the mother of all gifts.

  11. Carine says:

    They make it sounds like they are protecting the sussex while they are only protecting themselves. Avoid tensions? Why? The sussex are not working for the firm, so what tensions. She was so right when she said they would lie to protect others and refuse to tell the truth to defend her. Shameful and racist family.

  12. Nikki says:

    All the royal family has done with this press release is shoot themselves in the foot. #royalfamilylied has been trending for over 24 hours. Nothing about the actual family can beat it. No one cares about #williamat40.

    The Cambridge Stan’s are just crazy. I actually had one of their Stan’s try and argue that the blackface that took place at Williams 21st birthday wasn’t racist.

    Eventually something will leak, nothing stays a secret for long in they family.

  13. s808 says:

    If at all possible, I’d consider legal action to have the report release. They really played on her name and did irreparable damage to her reputation.

    • CheChe says:

      Hopefully there is legal recourse for this allegation. Otherwise the smear with have stories for years.

  14. Julia K says:

    If the inquiry had shown Meghan was guilty it would have been published in 10 languages worldwide. It is being shelved because the real culprits don’t fit the royal family narrative. Protect the guilty and punish the innocent. I think we finally get it.

    • Chaine says:

      Yes, this! Someone would have “leaked” the report long ago, too, if the investigation found Meghan liable for so much as sneezing in a way someone didn’t like.

    • Christine says:


      Who in the hell actually believes there is any sort of evidence against Meghan that we wouldn’t have parsed by the British media in 14,398 articles, if it existed? All the palaces do is leak through their “sources”, even about the really stupid stuff that is obviously a lie, i.e. Willnot bringing Kitty a G&T every night.

  15. Amy Bee says:

    It’s interesting that the Times didn’t put this story on the front page like the original story and that none of the other royal reporters are talking about this new development. I think they’ve known for a long time that there was nothing to this story and that KP jumped the gun because they thought Meghan was going to talk about her illtreatment by staff and William. I hope Meghan and Harry does pursue this further. If she was really guilty of bullying this report would have been leaked a long time ago.

    • Amy Bee says:

      It’s also notable that the reporter who broke the original story didn’t retweet yesterday’s story on his timeline. Some thing’s not right here.

      • Harper says:

        I’m thinking The Times is seriously concerned about Meghan filing a libel or defamation claim against them, hence not adding any more fuel to the fire by tweeting and writing about the allegations. I am not sure about the intricacies of UK libel/defamation law, but from a quick Google search (where defamation vs. libel UK was strangely the second highest search item) it appears Meghan would have grounds. The Times would be forced to prove the bullying statement was true to avoid a loss. I know Meghan has been through a lot, but this was a worldwide smear and The Times started it. They are supposedly not a tabloid like the Fail, and should operate at a higher standard. I think they are in trouble.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        I think they all got told to move along by Charles honestly. They all just put it out there and didn’t do their usual this is why Meghan secretly has horns mess.

  16. Belli says:

    It’s funny that Meghan’s haters are also furious that the report won’t be released, but because they think it’s going to have some damning evidence on how she’s been evil all along or something.

    • Christine says:

      Oh, God, has hell finally frozen over? Do the Sussex supporters and Cambridge stans actually agree on something?

      I hope the derangers make it impossible for BP to move on from this, that would be hilarious.

  17. Jay says:

    After all this time, messing up again and again in exactly the same way, the RF have learned NOTHING. I laughed out loud when I heard.

    This is their plan! They think in the year 2022, they can announce a big investigation into claims of bullying, then years later when it’s time to release the report, they literally announce that they have the results, they’re just not going to tell us. For…reasons! Amazing work.

    This makes me think there must be a lot more things about the inner workings of KP that would be damaging if they were public.

    • Laura D says:

      Agreed. 🙂

      I’ve said for a while now that whatever Meghan did/said would probably pale in comparison to other members of the RF. She may have been a little short with someone on an isolated occasion but, knowing what we know about her mental health in that toxic environment it’s hardly surprising. Whatever led to her possibly lashing out is probably the reason the report is being buried. It could also have been that the report showed that courtiers were actively encouraged to be rude and dismissive to her requests.

      • Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenomenal Woman) says:

        @Laura D, You are being sarcastic. Duchess Meghan with over 20 years of work life choose her time in the royal family to possibly “ lashing out”. She choose a time when she had to be on her best Poc mode in an all white institution to let her bullying tendencies fly. KP/BP went with oldest trop of the angry black woman and it failed.

      • Debbie says:

        @Petra: Thank you for saying that. Some people just don’t get that the person with the least power of the senior royals, who had staff members regularly running to the BM with stories about who left their household, would lose control and yell at people. I mean, even the so-called allegations don’t mention yelling at people. They claim that Meghan “looked” at someone and “made them cry,” something would be laughed out of any court if a lawyer was foolish enough to bring it up.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Yeah, basically they were upset that Meghan was existing while Black. That’s what it boils down to. And it really gets my goat.

        She sent emails at 5 am? She was stern or firm with a staff member (MAYBE)? This is so pathetic for the supposed pinnacle of humanity, anointed by god, to be eternally whinging on about. They should be ashamed of themselves exposing how obsessed they still are with a woman who left years ago! It is so embarrassing for them. It makes them look so weak and petty and SO racist when you consider how they completely focus on these fantasy peccadillos while once again, Andrew is RIGHT THERE being an actual hideous criminal.

        🎶 we don’t talk about Andrew, ew, ew 🎶

  18. Kels says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Meghan worked for the firm only 18 months…there were no issues once Harry and Meghan had their own team for over a year? So doesn’t that means she was with Jason Knauf for only a few months?

    I think that needs to be shouted loud and clear more often. Meghan became a supposed bully for a few months after a lifetime of spotless reputation both before and after the firm. She was only only a “bully” with William’a people. YALL. Make it make sense

    • notasugarhere says:

      And that one of the people claiming they were bullied was a Knauf personal friend and plant on Harry and Meghan’s team.

  19. Brit says:

    I’ve never seen a family repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot. I look back at everything and if they didn’t want Meghan to marry Harry to begin with, they should’ve publicly owned it instead of doing all this this back stabbing and the leaking and briefing against them. Why did the palace allow Kate and William to become so consumed with jealously? Why did Charles do nothing? Why are these palace aides and staffers allowed to run amok? That family could’ve had everything and been a United front. Meghan was never the problem and they need to stop because it’s only backfiring on them.

  20. original+minny says:

    This is a five alarm fire. William will never recover from his skullduggery against his brother and sister-in-law. For the astrology enthusiasts out there, William currently has Saturn retrograding in his third house of communication, thoughts, neighbors, aunts, uncles and yes SIBLINGS. Saturn is literally going back (retrograding) and dealing with all things related to the THIRD house.
    Willy has a communication problem, a sibling problem, and mostly likely a mental health issue. When he tries to communicate (his milestone 40th birthday) it will fall flat because Saturn is saying, “Oh no, not so fast. You got a so called Bullying report that needs to be addressed. A report that has intensified the estrangement of your only sibling and his spouse. All because of some undiagnosed mental health issue that has never been addressed.

    • Brit says:

      It’s interesting. It seems that since they went after the Sussexes scorched earth, nothing has has been good for them. I mean you had Andrew, the Commonwealth, no one really caring about Prince Phillip or the Jubilee. It also seems to bother them that Harry and Meghan keep thriving and they more they try to disturb them, the worse it gets for them.

    • Kels says:

      I love hearing this stuff from astrology point of view. I hope the affair rumors are next..
      But even better I really hope he finally suffers some consequences for his behavior and is fully exposed.

    • Gabby says:

      For those of us who are interested but not informed in astrology, is Saturn retrograding a bad thing?

      • Feeshalori says:

        Saturn retrograde basically teaches you a lesson, especially in the house of your natal chart where Saturn transits and has its effect. It’s when you’ve avoided something that needed to be addressed, Saturn in retrograde will turn around and bring karma to you if you don’t do your due diligence. So now that Saturn retrograde is falling in William’s house of communication in astrology, Saturn is bringing it home to him that he has issues he needs to address.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Like all his leaking and briefing against Harry and Meghan in the press. Saturn retro is telling him to clean up his communications or else!

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      This is so so so bad for Will. Why on earth would Buckingham release this tidbit during his birthday PR campaign? There’s nothing else to talk about but what a duck he was to Meghan and us waiting to see how the Sussexes will respond.

      • Hic says:

        The idea was to bury it in the between the photo release and all of Andrew’s bad press. Celebs usually dump on Friday to avoid weekday news cycle..KP didn’t count on Twitter or HM fans to fire back.

      • MsIam says:

        This is exactly what he deserves plus ten times more. All this to avoid apologizing to a black woman and his own brother. Happy birthday William.

      • Feeshalori says:

        The gift that keeps on giving.

  21. MsIam says:

    This seems like a typical Queen Elizabeth response, bury it and hope it doesn’t pop up again. She doesn’t see how this is a cloud over Meghan or over their heads. Meghan can’t be right because then that means they treated her wrongly. They can’t say Meghan was in the wrong because there is no evidence. So everyone pretends like its all fine, no consequences for Baldemort, no apologies for all the cruelty and pain to Meghan. Fcuk that family forever for this but I’m sure they’ll keep rolling along.

    • kirk says:

      But isn’t it so zen of Betty to just be “still.”

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ MsIam, that is why this report isn’t being publicly available. There were NO bullying actions on Meghans part, period Their supposedly claims of bullying were nothing but lies.

      The bottom line is that there was no there there. Meghan didn’t bully anyone. This is why they are refusing to release the report. IF they HAD found actual evidence, they would be screaming it from the rooftops!!!

      Keeping it under wraps is code for that Bullyiam and Knauf made up these lies. We must protect Bullyiam at all costs!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      The Ostrich Queen

  22. WiththeAmerican says:

    I suspect the force of H and M will respond, through a lawyer and with a statement, that M has been smeared and libeled and unable to even face her accusers and accusations because they’ve been hidden by the firm.

    If they don’t respond, this kind of bs will continue and we’ve already seen that they’re having none of it.

  23. Moira's Rose's Garden says:

    Can’tnher lawyers just release the receipts? Play stupid games when stupid prizes

    • RoyalBlue says:

      She can’t release the receipts if she hasn’t been accused of anything. Who did she bully, when did she bully them, what actions demonstrated she bullied etc. BP have produced nothing, so she has no receipts to release. This was their intention all along. Conjecture, and the sheep will believe it.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      On what though? We don’t even know people’s names who supposedly accused her of bullying. She can’t go out there and say what X, Y, Z said is a lie. I do see that some are claiming that the RR author is going to put out a book about the “victims” because they are angry they didn’t get their say. Sure.

  24. Becks1 says:

    I mean I think we all knew this was going to be how it went down. If the report had found ANY truth to the allegations, it would be released far and wide, but it didn’t, so they’re burying it. I think BP always knew nothing was going to be “discovered” and i am sure there were shouting matches behind the scenes that this farce of an investigation had to take place bc William is a racist idiot.

    • UnstrungPearl says:

      Yep agreed. The Queen and PC want this to go away. They know that pulling on this thread – RF bullying staff – will only exonerate Meghan and backfire on the rest of them. It will also push the Sussexes further away and they KNOW harry and Meghan have the receipts.
      I’m interested to see if anything ‘leaks’ though…KP just can’t help themselves and I’ll be surprised if they don’t give in to their usual spiteful urges. They’d do best to keep quiet and consider themselves lucky if Meghan doesn’t pursue this.

      • Jais says:

        Yeah, I’m also wondering if more about this leaks bc they rarely don’t give into those spiteful urges. This is one case though where they might not? But honestly they just can’t seem to help themselves.

    • Eurydice says:

      I keep thinking that if Meghan was really the problem, they wouldn’t have to improve their procedures – everything would have gone right again once she was gone. This whole thing is so stupid – why bother to announce anything?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Good point! I believe it is being shelved due to not finding any evidence of bullying on Meghan’s part, but it did show however how INVOLVED TOB and Knauf were in scheming and lying….

      • Shawna says:

        IIRC the initial announcements about the investigations were always hedging by saying it would mainly be about the handling of accusations by HR. Of course, the true intent was just to smear Meghan, but they were trying to prevent Meghan from acting back by claiming it was more about investigating HR procedures.

      • Christine says:

        Eurydice, seriously.

        “She’s been gone for years, but we are still going to update our human resource department.


  25. Cel2495 says:

    The RF is truly disgusting. I hope Meghan issues her own statement and demands they clear her name or produce the receipts of her “bullying “ allegations to have her team of lawyers finish them out with a KO. She should burn them all and tell all that they did to her.

  26. aquarius64 says:

    #RoyalFamilyLied is now 65K tweets. People think the “investigation” found KP liable. Why change HP procedures if there was no wrong found in the institution? Meghan and her lawyers may be weighing there options, but the Cambrigdes have been found guilty in the social media Court of Public Opinion. Hashtags: #pricewilliamisabully; #princewilliamisaracist; #KatemadeMeghancry; #katemiddletonisaliar. Happy early birthday Billy.

    • Brownsugababe says:

      I commented down below but you said it way better than I did. They need crisis managers stat! I’ve never seen what I saw trending on Twitter for over 24 hours in multiple countries. Even the royal reporters were shook, they hid.

  27. YeahRight says:

    They tried to sully her name and character she shouldn’t let this go!
    She should take whatever legal actions she needs to to officially clear her name.

    *sigh* However I think she’s going to fold and let it slide because it’s Harry’s family and she wants move on from the drama.

    • ABritGuest says:

      The problem is there likely wasn’t an investigation at all. It was just briefed by the press that way to smear Meghan but BP’s actual note said they would review how their HR handled the complaint Jason Knauf submitted. But the affected employees asked for complaint to be withdrawn when they heard about it.

      So not only is it just framed as an internal review which BP doesn’t have to release publicly but it’s also likely there wasn’t even a review because the complaints were rescinded. The times talks about Knauf & Melissa being interviewed for this review but Melissa was allegedly dismissed for gross misconduct so not sure I believe she would be involved at all. So much for the numerous employees the press claimed last march would be lining up up tell their stories..

      The palace has set it up to make it hard for Meghan to formally clear her name. She denied the allegations at the time & submitted a 30 page dossier allegedly. I also think she submitted legal complaint over a times article about the bullying claims. But the fact a complaint was made is a fact so not libellous. But the palace won’t give exact names & details & will rely on briefing Tom Bower & Valentino Low for their books with anonymous sources & innuendo whilst carefully avoiding anything that would be legally actionable to keep the bullying claims alive.

      It sucks but thankfully most people can see it was a panic move pre Oprah & I don’t think even Meghan’s haters actually believe it. It also hasn’t spoiled her bag & stopped people working with her that we know of. Love that #RoyalFamilyLied trended in so many countries though. Shows people aren’t buying what the firm is selling which must be had for the firm AND the tabloid press

      • Snuffles says:

        I question there was even an investigation too. They thought they could drag this out, bury it and hope Meghan would let it go. And MAYBE if things were thawing between the Sussex’s and the Cambridges, they might have. But when the Cambridges approved Jason Knauf to speak on behalf of the tabloids in her lawsuit, I believe that was the last straw for the Sussex’s.

        If Meghan’s lawyers demand to see the report and take legal action for it to be released, and the lawyers find out there was no investigation, that’s all she needs to do.

      • Christine says:

        Agreed, Snuffles.

  28. BP has no evidence of bullying against Meghan. The concealment of facts is evidence of whitewash by the RF specifically William and Kate. They are hoisted with their own petard.

    • Debbie says:

      Are you seriously suggesting that an institution which is on record as successfully lobbying their government for an exemption from British laws about racial discrimination would behave in an underhanded manner? Noooo, say it ain’t so!

  29. kirk says:

    Well somebody, possibly even a journalist, with half a brain should be able to pick out the differences in HR policies when the Sovereign Grant report is published. Meanwhile, it’s been noted that the Palaces have been soooo sensitive “to protect the privacy of those who took part” that they’ve hung only Meghan out for the vultures to pick at despite their professed concern that this “not be played out in public” (except for Meghan) to ensure those who took part felt “comfortable” (while excluding Meghan from taking part). Willy and Kitty should be ecstatic that their anti-US racism gambit succeeded so well at ridding them of the irritating spare & his wife.

    • Brownsugababe says:

      Cain and Unable look horrible for this. Twitter was on fire and everything is pointing back to them. This is supposed to be his bday week and the royal family is going down in flames. #Royalfamilylied was trending for 24 hours straight in multiple countries. I’ve never seen anything like this, they look like racists inbreds. Even the royal reporters were shook, none of them dared to jump in.

      • MerryGirl says:

        @BlanketyBlank they’ve been deemed liars (the entire RF) in the court of pubic opinion. Trending all over the world as liars on the eve of Cain’s birthday is not a good look for him. All this is following his out of touch Caribbean tour, his getting booed by football fans, his homeless PR stunt and moving to a 4th taxpayer funded home in hard economic times. Way to go Cain.

  30. Brownsugababe says:

    This just goes to show how incompetent they are. My gosh they thought we would just let this go. Black Twitter had a field day with this, elephants riding all night. We aren’t going to let this go. I remember when it was published by BP, this was before she had won her case and before she really got her lawyers involved. They can’t win this bc anything they say she is going to challenge it with litigation. BP has followed KP off of a cliff. KP doesn’t realize what a sh** storm they have created. I feel like Meghan will make a statement, she should.

  31. Mslove says:

    This sucks for Duchess Meghan. I can’t believe she has to take the fall for the Cambridges. Unreal.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Weirdly I can see Charles and TQ seeing this as her not taking the fall because they said this was about HR practices. But once again people are reading into it.

  32. Tessa says:

    Yet no investigation of Andrew and how he acted toward his employees

  33. SunRae says:

    Meghan, the teeniest little dork ever, came into a majority white institution and started pushing her weight around, bullying principles to the horror of their hapless royal charges who could only but wail at the sight of such unprecedent inhumanity. They can f**k off.

    I hope she releases a statement with receipts because it’s insulting that these people thought they could get away with this. We know how things work and if they could do it to her then what other British establishment can reputationally damage a person they dislike by weaponizing harmful tropes.

  34. Tessa says:

    Burrell was on trial but there were letters he had that made the totals look bad the queen quickly stopped the trial and exonerated Burrell she should exonerate Meghan now

  35. Lady Digby says:

    The Crown belongs in the colonial past . William and Kate are their biggest problems and they are being protected once again not Meghan. Both are mediocre and mean and all the spin in the world can’t hide that forever. They are indeed well matched Sulker and smiler, what a miserable pair!

  36. Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenomenal Woman) says:

    #RoyalFamilyLied. The dumping of the report on a Sunday is the best their new PR guy who knows “international stuff “ achieved. It may not be today or tomorrow, but the truth will eventually come out. This is the BRF last weapon; and it’s backfired bigly. #RoyalFamilyLied.

    Elephants never forgets!

    May you be happy; May you be free from pain; May you be healthy; May you be safe, Duchess Meghan, Prince Harry, Archie, Lilibet, and Doria.

    • Michele says:

      I would be surprised if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex comment on this. The internet is doing it for them. You don’t become a bully for 2 years. Meghan Markle is a decent woman who landed in a pit of vipers.

  37. Nic919 says:

    There is no report and no investigation ever happened. Jason Knauf decided to toss out bullying allegations in the days before the Oprah interview and the mistake BP made was in following this up with a communications memo that there would be an investigation. They should have let KP and Knauf flounder.

    In a normal employer situation this would never happen because employers have to investigate complaints under most occupational health and safety legislation. And the UK has those laws too. That said the palaces seem to not have to follow any laws.

    BP should confirm that no investigation ever happened, but they won’t because they are run by fools.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Admit that there was no investigation because the complaint was withdrawn. But then they would have to explain why they sat silently for a year on this piece of information until the end of the Queen’s Jubbly celebrations.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        @blankety this is a bold-faced lie.

        @chilling i think the person you are referring to is Melissa, the baby sitter/nanny/PA connected to Jason.

        and yes, I agree this was supposed to be a preemptive strike….that backfired.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        @Royal Blue thank you! I couldn’t remember her name.

        And yeah it was only ever 3 complaints. That was in the original articles and the fact that 2 of the so called victims were like no one talked to us about this and we did not okay this. I love how the RR forget that part. Most of them keep hammering that Meghan sent early emails and made someone cry once. That’s it.

      • Nic919 says:

        If there was an actual complaint then by law it would have to be investigated. If it isn’t then the complainant can pursue the palace for creating an unsafe work environment and doing nothing about it.

        There is no complaint hence why this “investigation” has been shelved.

        So maybe the derangers need to consult with actual lawyers before they come here and spout lies.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Melissa Touabti is her full name.

    • Jaded says:

      @Nic919 – I was just about to post the same thing. This was Jason’s way of preemptively ruining the Oprah interview but it blew up in his face. Then two people (not one) mentioned in the original complaint asked to withdraw their allegations. I really hope Schillings demands a copy of the report because all it will show is that Jason and a few of his minions cobbled together a completely baseless accusation in an attempt to take Meghan down. This has the Cambridges dirty little fingerprints all over it and I truly hope this sees the light of day at some point.

  38. LuLubrown says:

    This hurts the Royal Family more than Meghan. To have the #Royalfamilylied trending for over 24 hours is not a good look. It had a reach of 4.3 billion people. It trended in the United States, France, UK, Africa, and other parts of Europe, and it’s still trending today.

    When the Royal family initially accused Meghan of bullying right before the Oprah interview, People didn’t believe it then what makes some of you think people believe it now?

    #meghanisabully never trended on Twitter but guess what did trend. #Princewilliamaffair #Andrewisanonce #princewilliamisracist #theroyalfamilyisracist #charlesandcamililacheated
    #meghanweloveyou. That’s why the royal family buried it. They’ve tried and tried and still can’t get her to trend negatively or get the general public to turn on her.

    • Lorelei says:

      The BRF STILL does not understand that it’s not 1952 — or even 1982— they can’t just make a pronouncement, newspapers print it, and that’s that, end of story.
      Those days are long over. They used to be able to control the narrative, but they can’t anymore, yet they still (!!) haven’t adjusted the way they operate. So it results in them constantly looking like dishonest, moronic fools.

      The only times William trends on Twitter, ever, are for negative reasons. THAT should be where they focus their concerns, instead of continuing to trash Meghan, because the level of worldwide support for the Sussexes and mockery/condemnation of the Cambridges is a serious fcking problem for them. They need to look beyond their own tabloids and see what the majority’s perception of their FFK is. It’s not good, and it needs serious attention. But they’re dim and racist and mean-spirited, on top of being some of the most arrogant people on the planet, so they’re going to keep doing things their way and keep digging themselves into an even deeper hole.

      I really hope that we learn the whole story about Melissa Toubati someday. There is an interesting (and probably sinister) story there, and I sincerely hope a reporter decides to go all in and figure out exactly WTF she did to the Sussexes that was labeled “gross misconduct.”

  39. tamsin says:

    Not releasing the report sullies Meghan’s reputation. Their accusations of Meghan’s bullying linger in the air. I’m apalled that palace people think they can still get away with this. And once again, the BM shows that they collude, lie, are sycophantic racist fiction writers whose living depends on the soap opera that is the royal family. They traffic in destroying lives. I hope this is not the end of the matter.

    • LuluBrown says:

      Meghan’s reputation is still intact, the only people that need to be concerned about their reputation are the Royal family. Twitter proved that yesterday. Meghan’s good.

  40. JaneBee says:

    “BP is not trying to protect Meghan – they’re trying to protect William and Kate, who are f–king racist morons.”
    👏👏👏👏 Truest words I’ve read today.

  41. ChillinginDC says:

    I am not shocked, I think a lot of people called this would happen. Look, I know no one here likes this, but this was a BP and CH clean up because William and his stupid henchman were so focused on ruining Meghan they didn’t think this mess through just like they did not think through the Royal jewel story. I noticed the nasty Royal fans never bring that mess up because it made all of them look terrible.

    I assume this was all done with Harry and Meghan’s full knowledge with it being sealed so that this doesn’t lead back to the future King of England being a petty person who had his right hand man set out to destroy his brother and wife. It’s the same issue with Harry and Meghan not revealing who kept asking about Archie’s skin color. Harry said it would be devastating for that person. The only person whose reputation could not take a hit would be Charles or William. Based on everything going on behind the scenes lately I think Charles is doing clean up with not only William and his mess but also Andrew. Charles wants Harry back and this stupid report was hanging over everyone’s heads. Kill it on a Sunday and then have it be about William the next few days and hope the press ignores it.

    • Athena says:

      The Press is ignoring it. Nothing on Twitter from the usual royal rota suspects, no coverage from Lorraine, Loose Women, Good Morning Britain, etc. crickets from all of them. It’s social media that is covering this. Something is going on behind the scene.
      I would assume Meghan’s attorneys are in discussions with BP today. BP needs to release a statement and explain how an investigation can be done and conclusion reached without the accuser being interviewed. How as the accused Meghan never received a list of what she was being accused of or given the opportunity to present her side.
      In America if you’re accused of something, you have the right to know what you are being accused of
      In America we’re used to seeing “a pattern of behavior” when someone is accused and we did not see that with the accusation against Meghan.
      We have now seeing this royal family naked and we’re not impress.

      • Jais says:

        Russel Meyers was on Lorraine and they discussed. Lorraine said wouldn’t Meghan want that information. And Meyers coyly responded with but would she? Yes, obviously she wants that info. so Meyers’ coy question is pretty disingenuous. A few reporters tweeted about it but didn’t really comment more about it beyond what Roya Nikah reported. I think they’re waiting to see the sussex response or whether they will get further leaks about it. Also, the SG comes out this week, I think? So it’s a lot of hedging to see what’s next. But yeah, they could be saying more and they’re studiously not.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles helped make the mess from the beginning not making harry and Meghan non negotiable and telling will to back off he is too busy with Camilla promotion

  42. Dee says:

    My first thought was that they have been sitting on this smear for just the right moment.

    Now, after the huge success of Invictus, the crazy interest in everything Harry & Meghan during the Jubbly, from her clothes to their kids to Kate “giving witch” about them, and the unbearable fact, shoved into the RF’s faces, that these two are wildly charismatic and will continue to outshine them all—not to mention the fact that they provide a moral contrast to the RF by living lives of service and being scandal- and pedophile-free—after all this, the RF released this bullshit in a desperate effort to further crush the couple.

    My dog, the hatred and jealousy and dysfunction can hardly be believed. When H said they won’t stop until they kill her, it was no exaggeration.

    So sickening.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      I actually think the opposite, they wanted Harry/Meghan an the kids to come back. If they had released whatever this mess was, I doubt they would have come. I still say as clumsily done as this was, this was BP putting this mess to bed without it leading back to William.

      They put this out before William’s birthday so people would focus on that instead.

      • MsIam says:

        Hmm interesting theory, lol. William is getting lots of “birthday greetings” on Twitter. Just not the ones he expected or hoped for. And for a lot of black Americans the fact that they released this on Juneteenth really set folks off. I don’t care how many black MBEs they trot out there, this will be a hard fix imo.

      • Shawna says:

        “the fact that they released this on Juneteenth” – THIS!

      • Athena says:

        Responding to MSIAM. I doubt anyone at those palaces know what Juneteenth is, but would not be surprise if they tweet about it next year. Just like they felt the need to celebrate MLK day this year.

      • SAS says:

        @MSIAM- they’re “so informed” about US matters that they wrote a letter related to the insurrection but don’t know the first thing about Juneteenth. Fucking figures.

  43. Beech says:

    Lol, I entered #roy . . . and immediately the rest came up. 💥

  44. jferber says:

    I think the inference is they’re “changing policies and procedures” because M DID do something wrong and they’re changing things so no one will do that thing again, NOT to protect an innocent person (M) from being accused falsely. So the inference is that Meghan did something wrong. That’s why her attorneys have to fight back on this. By letting the record stand, Meghan’s reputation is still sullied. They cannot let this stand, in my opinion. They need to get the truth out there that M was being bullied and victimized by KP.

  45. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I don’t understand why the brf didn’t include one more sentence to this. They could have said something to the effect that a cursory review of the allegations against The Duchess of Sussex did not rise to the level of bullying. There fixed it. That would have been the end of it and everyone could get on with their lives. I believe that Meghan should be given this much (at the least). The brf raised these allegations into a big thing. Now they need to clean that up, and they can with little difficulty.

    I’ve never seen any Firm that was so determined to be this horrendous at PR. Get a clue.

    • MsIam says:

      They can never say that because for the past three years William and Kate have based their irrational hatred of Meghan on this alleged bullying. If there was no bullying then why the hate from the Lamebridges? Its because they were jealous, crazy or *gasp* racist. My money is on all three. So much for the future of the monarchy. Never forget that these two almost drove a woman to suicide.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Well, I certainly hope that Meghan’s attorneys let BP know that they expect some statement regarding the allegations. I don’t see how this can be left undone. It will continue to be used against her if it isn’t finished now.

  46. aquarius64 says:

    I think there will be a palace Deep Throat who will leak the report especially since the Windsor name is getting trashed globally. You know it’s bad when someone on Twitter called BP BuckingScam Palace. Someone will have to swing and it can’t be Meghan because if she is officially found at fault they know Meghan and her lawyers will come for them. Also Harry may go nuclear in his memoir if the report is not released, leaving a cloud over Meghan’s name.. BP and CH have to be livid that KP created this mess, but those households made matters worse but not shutting KP down.

  47. Lizzie says:

    I wish Meghan’s lawyers would put out a statement saying that they are confident that the ‘investigation’ found Meghan to have been warm, engaging and encouraging in all work relationships.
    Let the palace try to contradict that without releasing the bogus report.

  48. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Well, this is surprising . . . NOT. It’s the outcome we all predicted, that the palace would quietly whimper “it’s over now and was handled privately” (never clearly exonerating Meghan), and then never speak of it again. That it played out exactly the way we all predicted just shows how pathetic and useless BP is. They needed to exonerate Meghan, but of course they won’t. Because “rank” within that horrible family trumps truth and fairness.

  49. Emily says:

    The bullying investigation would likely reveal that Willy tormented staff. He has a temper.

  50. Robin Samuels says:

    Once again, Queen Grandmother and her aging son must clean up a false leak caused by Silly Willy and his Monster Bride. There was never an investigation because there were never factual allegations. It was a silly ploy to smear Meghan’s name before the interview.
    She should not spend one cent on legal fees. Her attorney spoke on the allegations in the BBC special last year. She defined “bullying,” and everyone who knew Meghan before entering that Klan knew she was neither a bully nor a narcissist. Buckingham Palace thoroughly vetted her. Bullying is a characteristic not easily hidden. It’s time for Charles to sit William down and read him the “riot act:” because his childlike behavior is causing severe damage to the integrity (cough) of the institution. I believe he’s on a mental decline, and they’re doing all they can to cover him. My advice to William the Bully is not to test Andrew’s patience. Meghan’s character is intact. She’s a guest for a unique program in the fall. Frankly, she could give two hoots about the haters; they don’t consider her human anyway. #The RoyalFamilyLied

  51. Feebee says:

    Buckingham Palace can’t release the report because it’s all bullshit. Everything about it is a lie. As you say KP made this up and BP decided to back them. But there’s nothing there. I wonder if there is even a report to release. I’m not doubting they spoke to a number of staff but what exactly was written down as it’s pertains to Duchess Meghan. The answer is probably nothing.

    Ass covering at its finest, or worst – which is par for the course where the palaces’ HR/PR is concerned.

    I too hope Meghan and Harry don’t let this go.

  52. Dee says:

    Anyone know what the “gross misconduct” was that Melissa Tabouti (sp) was fired for?

    • Julia K says:

      She was Meghans personal assistant for a while and from what I can recall she told Jason that Meghan threw a teacup and had a hissy fit about a hotel room?? possibly. Then she quit or was reassigned or fired no one is talking I guess. Has something to do with her relationship to Jason, all being kept quiet , reason ??

      • Athena says:

        Possibly? You can really see Meghan throwing a tea cup at someone? Could she have gotten angry, possibly raise her voice because something she expected done was not, yes. Throwing something at someone, no way.
        Or did this white french woman get all into her feelings because a black American woman put her in her place.

      • Cathy says:

        Melissa is reported to be working as a nanny now. I seem to recall that she was working as a nanny for Robbie Williams before working for Meghan too. So I’m not sure how that qualified her to work as a PA? One story I read was that it was Jason who got her the job with Meghan. I’ve seen various stories where she was only employed for 6 months? Did she not understand that she was only there to work on the wedding and once it was over that meant her contract was finished? I did also see a small paragraph at the end of another story about another royal saying she had been fired. As she was placed in the job by Jason I think it’s quite possible that she may have been there to leak stories considering the leaks which were happening from the KP offices to Dan Wootten, DM etc. I considered this bullying story to be them throwing mud before the truth came out about Melissa?

        Of course her employment could be entirely innocent? But something doesn’t seem right? And considering pre that time there has never been any stories about Meghan being difficult to work with, consider those who went looking for dirt please, then I’m inclined to think that the stories have been created by the person who made the allegations? If so then the Palaces should be putting in place policies to make sure no baseless allegations can be made against other employees or members of the Royal family? An apology should be expected in my opinion.

      • Fm says:

        If Meghan had thrown a tea cup at somebody then why hasn’t that been mentioned in an of the official/public documents to come out regarding the bullying allegations? I mean if that can be proven then it’s over for Meghan but yet still nothing official has be said or leaked about that supposed incident in the mainstream media. That suggests to me it didn’t happen and it’s merely spiteful gossip. Instead we have 5am emails.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Julia K, it’s known from legal documents in Meghan’s case against the ANL that Melissa Toubati was fired for gross misconduct. The BM just actively chose to ignore that. The tea cup story started from some rando on a social media platform. At that time, it was a friend or a friend of a friend or a friend’s cousin’s Uncle twice removed from another relative.lol Much like the rando that tried saying (and was disproved) she was waitressing at THREE different restaurants in Toronto? and coincidentally, Meghan was there at all three different restaurants when rando was working.

        The “tea cup” story has at least 3 different versions. lol 1-She threw tea at one of her staffers. 2-She threw tea at one of Admiralty House’s staffers and 3-She threw tea at Lady Cosgrove. Not a hotel room in the false story. The sell was Meghan was mad they weren’t given their own wing.lol No credible source is talking because the tea cup story didn’t happen. That didn’t stop the nasty cretin LCC from including it in her book.

        @Dee, the answer is no. We do not know what the gross misconduct involved. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it was discovered Melissa Toubati was putting out false and defamatory stories on social media using a burner account along with other nefarious deeds sanctioned by Knauf & W&K. After Toubati’s firing she obtained a nannying job with a millionaire? billionaire? that has connections to the BRF. Maybe it’s just me-I wouldn’t hire someone to watch my kids that was fired by Prince Harry due to gross misconduct. I’m guessing Melissa Toubati was given a letter of reference by someone higher than Harry who knew what she did and was okay with it. Hhmmmm-who could that be?????

  53. anna says:

    them making the investigation public in the first place will be the dumbest thing the royal family has ever done – it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that this is fake and clearly the bullying was the other way around, and that significant real bullying comes from other members of the family and has for years. that they thought they could get away with this and come away looking like anything of a real institution is insane. a local mcdonalds run by 16 year olds is WAY better run.

  54. blunt talker says:

    This may be an olive branch for Harry’s book deal-if we lay off Meghan don’t you write anything negative about any member of the royal family-They tend forget-the negativity about the royal family really begun with Prince Andrew and the way the royals are trying to ease him back in-there’s nothing that Meghan did could ever overcome what Andrew did-they are trying to ruin Meghan’s life in the public eye while trying to save Andrew’s public life behind the scenes-If there is any real God in this world the royal family as many things to atone for-when I look at them now all I see is evil and demented people who suppose to be above everyone else because God has chosen them to be-any family who have centuries behind them have done many awful things whether in public or private-I will always remember how Meghan was treated before she married Harry and after she married Harry, and after she, Harry, and baby Archie left that horrible Salty Isle-I will never forgive this so called royal family for mistreating the Sussex family and causing ugliness upon them through their invisible contract with the UK media-God bless and keep the Sussex family safe from all harm.

  55. Carrie B says:

    When does the 40×40 program start? Been waiting to see how that shakes out!

    • kirk says:

      Are you referring to Meghan’s 40 x 40 mentoring initiative launched on her 40th birthday? If so, perhaps you should check with Melissa McCarthy, Princess Eugenie, UK Smart Works, YWCA, L.A. Works or any of the other mentoring participants to find out how it all “shook out” for them. Better yet you could find somebody who was mentored by one of those lovely ladies to find out how mentoring “shook out” for them. Were you somebody who committed to sharing your expertise as a mentor in response to the call? Do share!

  56. Noor says:

    The onus lies with Buckingham Palace to issue a fair statement on the completion of the bullying allegations.

    The Times bombshell on the bullying story created a global media storm and resulted in countless articles condemning Meghan before investigation such as Daily Mail Rebecca English article dated 3 March 2021 “Revenge of the Sussex survivors’ club: The extraordinary inside story of how a fairytale turned into a nightmare of ‘traumatised’ staff”

  57. Princessk says:

    The RF dare not try to take on Meghan over bullying, she would wipe the floor with them.
    Meghan has both intelligence and power.
    The RF and their advisers have once again been revealed as foolish idiots.

  58. Sour Pasoa says:

    It looks like this was all just for show. They investigated, nada.

    Me thinks big Lilly shut the whole thing down, but they still had to give the racists something, so ‘finished inquiry’ it is