Buckingham Palace is ‘trying to bury’ the Duchess Meghan bullying inquiry

It occurred to me recently that Kensington Palace spent two years trying to get kompromat on the Duchess of Sussex, only to have their efforts to gather legitimately compromising material fall flat. Which is why the Cambridges began their leaking campaign to push out the Sussexes, even going so far as ordering Jason Knauf to trump up the bullying accusations against Meghan. Because of the failure to hold something real “over her head,” they decided to just falsify accusations and insinuate and lie, and they hoped that enough racists would just buy that there was “something wrong” with the Black duchess.

As for those bullying investigations, wouldn’t you know, on the same weekend as the start of the Invictus Games, suddenly the Mail had an update on how things are going with Buckingham Palace’s investigation. Nevermind that BP pushed the investigation off their plate and hired a law firm to do the investigation shortly after the Oprah interview aired. For months now, we’ve heard nothing but tabloid whines about how the investigation is being slow-walked and ignored. And now this: the Mail reports that Buckingham Palace is actually trying to bury the investigation. LMAO.

Buckingham palace has been accused of ‘trying to bury’ its inquiry into allegations that the Duchess of Sussex bullied her staff. It is understood that only ‘four or five’ former members of the Sussexes’ team in total have been spoken to as part of the Royal Household’s official investigation into the claims. The couple would have had up to 25 working for them at times – many of whom could be considered potential witnesses. But nothing has been heard since last summer by any of those involved in the allegations.

One source told the Daily Mail: ‘This should have been an opportunity to do the right thing. Now it looks like they’re going to do nothing instead. It has been a very difficult situation for all involved, but the Palace is a very powerful institution and there clearly seems to be a cultural problem of not handling bullying, particularly when you consider some of the allegations about the way Prince Andrew is said to have treated his staff over the years.’

Buckingham Palace refused to comment last night. But it is understood that senior officials believe it is unfair to accuse them of burying the inquiry and that they are all too aware that the public scrutiny of the issue will not vanish.

What was done about the original complaint is now the subject of the inquiry and the Mail has been told that Jason Knauf is one of those who has been spoken to.

Part of the problem is that the Palace has never before had to deal with an official bullying complaint against a member of the Royal. Family and so has no precedent on which to act. It also fears that if officials were to investigate the actual detail of the claims about Meghan then they would have her lawyers ‘crawling all over them’. This is why the household have settled on a ‘procedural’ investigation: how the complaint was handled at the time and whether there are any lessons that could be learnt from this as part of their HR policy, as opposed to the truth of the claims themselves. Critics say this is an unhelpfully narrow scope of inquiry and have questioned what the investigation will actually achieve.

Just over a year later, and without those interviewed having heard a ‘peep’ for at least six months, critics are now accusing the Queen’s private secretary, Sir Edward Young, of ‘burying’ the report amid a ‘wall of silence’.

‘No-one even knows whether they have formally concluded their work, are considering their findings or are just trying to bury it all, which is actually what the consensus seems to think is happening,’ one source told the Mail. ‘They haven’t even spoken to everyone who was there at the time and will have witnessed what was said to be happening first hand. It just seems like they wish it would all go away.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This feels like the Kensington Palace contingent stomping their feet and screeching “but Meghan is a bully!!!” Buckingham Palace is still between a rock and a hard place – they want to placate their in-house morons, William and Kate, but they also know that they’re opening Pandora’s Box if they actually do a real investigation into KP’s trumped-up bullying claims. William and Kate are simply too stupid to understand that BP is trying to protect them, because if any of KP’s inner-workings over the past five years comes to light, it will make the Cambridges look bad, not Harry and Meghan. Until BP finds a way to protect and insulate William and Kate from their own mess, BP *has* to just tread water. Oh well, stay incandescent!

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  1. C-Shell says:

    We’re just going to stay in the FAFO Phase of this a while longer, right? 😂

    Personally, I WANT them to pursue the “inquiry” because I know Meghan’s lawyers are keeping a close eye on this and will ensure that findings are published in parity with the public discussion of the allegations in the first place.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, the receipts will fall like the autumn leaves.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Love ‘the receipts will fall like the autumn leaves’. I want them to pursue the imagined “bullying” investigation too! Sussex fans don’t want it dropped. Friends of Harry & Meghan don’t want it dropped. We know who wants it dropped and buried. A reminder. Gawd I love Janina. She fully supported the investigation in March 2021. The whole interview is at the end.


        Melissa Toubati was fired/dismissed in Oct/Nov 2018 for gross misconduct. Melissa Toubati is a good friend of Jason Knauf. Jason Knauf was hired by William in 2015 because he fit Will’s yes man needs. In Nov. 2018, tiaragate, Meghan made “Kate cry”, Toubati “quit” stories came out. Backtrack, Jobson had something about “tiaragate” at the end of Oct. 2018. I’m guessing Toubati & others were caught doing some things. Gross misconduct. Toubati gets a job after being fired with a billionaire as a nanny. Christian Jones partner is paid off by Wootton. Simon Case leaves to a bigger position. Sussexes are done with Knauf in in March 2019 and move into Frogmore at the end of March 2019. The burying is to cover up the FFK/FFQC’s despicable behaviour.

        At no time has the BM covered Toubati’s firing. No correction. Even when it became public record in court filings. Things that make you go hmmmm.

      • betsyh says:

        Excellent post Agreatreckoning! I watched the interview again and that and your review of the Palace’s coconspirators really sums up why the Firm wants the bullying claims buried. I think instead it’s the Daily Mail that wants the investigation and are trying to poke the bear with this article

    • PaulaH says:

      I believe that BP and CH have finally come to the conclusion if they continue down the path of allowing William to pursue his need to destroy Harry that he will ultimately destroy the Monarchy. William has been placed in the corner. I also believe that all the talk of the Sussex attending the Jubby is so that Andrew can stand next to The Queen. When all is said and done The Queen wants to make sure that she rehabs Andrew’s public perception before she dies. I believe she loves Harry, but she doesn’t really care if the Sussex’s are on the balcony. Charles on the other hand needs the Sussex because the Cambridges will destroy the Monarchy and Charles is acutely aware of this.

      • Blujfly says:

        I agree with you wholeheartedly that the designation of the balcony as a “family event” is absolutely to allow Andrew to be there. What a disgraceful institution to continue to equate Andrew with Meghan and Harry.

    • Christine says:

      I want their feet kept to the fire, at this point. I want this inquiry because Madam Duchess has shown exactly who she is, and I can’t wait for the house of cards to fall while Salty Isle tries to pursue this against a woman who has shown that she is completely capable of defending herself, with evidence.

      They should probably be worried about the fact that many Sussex fans, including myself, are clambering for an investigation. That feels like a bad sign, for them. Imagine Willnot and Cannot’s people wanting an investigation into anything those two do.

  2. Jan says:

    I like that they know Meghan’s lawyers would all over them, to show proof.
    They thought they could get away with claiming she was a bully but when her lawyer asked for evidence, 2 years later and they’re still trying to manufacture it.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yup!!! They are sitting ducks in the water, or whatever that saying is!!

      I am going to have to practice my poker face as todays allegations are purely outrageous!!! I can’t believe how utterly clueless and devoid of any common sense OR actual sense that God gave a toad to this entire bunch of anointed by God bunch they are!!!

      What’s next? Investigating Knauf for going rogue for having filed “false” allegations of bullying to COVER their own asses?

      I stand with @ C-Shell!!! FAFO!!! Yes, please do as we need more laughter our lives right now!!

    • SpankFD says:

      Agreed. But I also feel like the Daily Fail is threatening the RF with continued racism. From the article:

      “But it is understood … that they (senior officials) are all too aware that the public scrutiny of the issue will not vanish.”

      Gee, I wonder which paper will delivering the public scrutiny? It’s as if the DM is putting the RF on notice. They’re like a dog with a bone. A racist bone. #Profit

  3. Aurora says:

    If I were Meghan, I wouldn’t go anywhere near that family until they publicly clear my name.

    I still wonder if Meghan and Harry understand that actual members of the RF screwed them over or do they think it was just the courtiers?

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m sure they understand what actually happened better than any of us do.

      • Sofia says:

        Exactly. H&M know more about the situation more than any of us do or ever will so they’re more aware than any of us of who was involved and in what.

      • PaulaH says:

        Seriously, Meghan/Harry are playing the game better than the Palace.

      • Christine says:


      • teecee says:

        I don’t necessarily agree with this. They certainly know more of the circumstances and context, but we aren’t blinded by affection or familial ties. I bet Meghan knows. Harry probably hasn’t fully admitted to himself what monsters his living family members are. I don’t blame him – how else could one survive? But all you have to do is look what they did to his mother. Their actions towards Diana are beyond damning.

      • Becks1 says:

        If Harry was that blinded by his family, he wouldn’t be living in California right now. He’s in more “burn it down” mode than Meghan.

        You can have biases due to affection or familial ties but I think the idea that H&M don’t “understand” what happened or who screwed them over is just wrong. Even to the extent that the Oprah interview talked a lot about “The Firm” and “the courtiers” H&M know who was giving those courtiers their orders.

  4. Becks1 says:

    Of course they’re trying to bury the bullying investigation. They know what’s going to come out of it – the allegations were fake or exaggerated and pushed through by Jason Knauf with the permission of the Cambridges (meaning Jason took an employees complaint against Meghan for expecting them to work and turned it into a bullying allegation) and even just investigating “the process” is going to be bad for KP.

    • Chloe says:

      I actually reallY curious to hear your thoughts about this @Becks1. Because the article mentioned that “sources” are specifically upset with edward Young. Could this be Charles trying to push him out?

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t think so. I think that may be KP trying to pin the blame on Young and pressure BP to release….something….something that presumably validates Jason Knauf et al.

        I don’t know though. I feel like this is a big mess and BP is probably SO MAD they have to deal with it. They’re trying to make it about “the process” because they know there is nothing there, but they also want to be careful bc they know there are lots of bullies in the Firm so they don’t want there to be too clear a process, you know?

        I feel like the longer this drags on the more it validates Meghan and the more it invalidates KP, and that I think that’s the big issue.

      • Jais says:

        I’m really curious as to how this will eventually play out. They can’t drag out the investigation forever…can they? Interesting you think this is coming from KP. It feels there’ve been a few negative articles about Andrew Young lately. I’m trying to remember the other one?

      • BeanieBean says:

        Jais: I think that’s part of the problem with not having an established process, because established processes have associated deadlines–when to file your complaint, how much time HR has to review the complaint, etc., etc. And that is likely part of the foot dragging–establishing a process wherein the golden ones can be held accountable for the poor behavior on the job.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Becks: There’s no way that the law firm can investigate the “process” without examining the bullying accusations.

      • Becks1 says:

        Which is why they’re trying to bury the whole thing like I said.

        i don’t think there will be any report, but I think at the most we’ll get something like “the appropriate person to contact when you suspect bullying is X and then that person will do Y.”

        They’re going to try to make it as simple as that but Meghan’s team will push back on that, hard.

      • windyriver says:

        This is one situation where I don’t see Meghan/her lawyers accepting anything less than a retraction and apology, unless the Firm can present solid evidence of the supposed bullying, and soon.

        Jason Knauf is gone. It’s interesting that throwing him under the bus on this particular issue isn’t an option. I suppose that’s KP’s influence. And I’m still interested in whether or not JK’s voluntarily providing information against Meghan in the DM’s court case will boomerang back on the RF in future. One can only hope.

      • FeedMeChips says:

        Maybe they’ll set up a hotline exclusively for Pedo Bear related complaints!

    • PrincessK says:

      They have not got a leg to stand on. Several members of the royal family are actual well known bullies and nothing happened to them, so this could open a can of worms.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s a big part of the problem IMO. They don’t want a “process” bc then there is a way to complain about other royals. They don’t want this to be “transparent” bc they don’t want all the dirty laundry to be aired. I think William thought he was going to put this story out there right before the Interview and that it would damage M’s reputation and everything she said in the Interview. But instead, it supported everything she said.

        It was a messy messy move and BP can’t figure out how to clean it up without throwing KP under the bus.

        @Windyriver – re: Jason, I think the issue is that he’s gone. I think at this point if they tried to use him as the scapegoat he would push back and possibly release emails or the like from William telling him to do this. THAT’S the effect of letting Jason Knauf get involved in M’s Daily Mail lawsuit, IMO. I wonder if William said something to Jason like “well release what you think you need to clear your name” (bc “his name” was at issue, eyeroll) and basically JK has permission in writing from William to release emails etc that is wide-ranging enough that he thinks he’s safe now. I don’t know if that makes sense lol.

      • windyriver says:

        @Becks1 – Actually, it’s the fact that JK is gone that made me think he might be a candidate to throw blame on; IIRC, his leaving was announced not long after the bullying claims were put out there, even though we were told he wouldn’t leave for another 9 or 10 months. It seemed at the time this oddly early announcement of his departure was to make it appear to be a consequence of the bullying mess – especially after the news the women he cited as being bullied didn’t want to be part of it.

        But, good point that JK likely would retaliate (with receipts) if there were attempts to throw him under the bus for this even though the idea was almost certainly his. William is so stupid and shortsighted it’s easy to forget that not everyone around him is likewise.

        Meghan’s case against the DM wasn’t about the bullying though, it was about the release of her letter to her father. There was some discussion here about a precedent being set by JK releasing private information in the case voluntarily and not under subpoena, and that’s what I was referring to as boomeranging back on the RF at some future point. I’m not an attorney (I believe you are?) so I don’t really know if that’s likely, but it would be delicious if it came back to bite them in the butt at some point.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    There’s no there there. There, I said it.

    They turned it into a procedural investigation because they knew there was no merit to any of the claims, and it was the fact that KP sent a mole into H&M’s private home/living quarters that would be the biggest scandal of all. So, in that sense, yeah. I WISH THEY WOULD do a full investigation, just so it could hasten the fall of the monarchy. #DownWithTheMonarchy

  6. GuestWho says:

    “It also fears that if officials were to investigate the actual detail of the claims about Meghan then they would have her lawyers ‘crawling all over them’. This is why the household have settled on a ‘procedural’ investigation…”

    Her lawyers aren’t going to let them let this go. They made malicious accusations up (again) to torpedo Meghan. If I were M&H one of the conditions of having anything to do with his family would be a statement vindicating her (that will never happen). They have painted themselves into a corner, and I love to see it. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I would expect nothing less from Meghan. She is incredibly brilliant and has street smarts to boot!! They clearly under estimated her with these “bullying” accusations.

      Pretty soon the entire BRF will be able to visit their opposite global position without needing air-fair as they keep digging themselves deeper into trouble!!

      • PrincessK says:

        When Meghan first joined the RF an insider said that she has a higher IQ than all the royals put together, and we can really see that now…lol!

  7. Cel2495 says:

    Ha and they still think Meghan and Harry will go back to this disgusting family? Crazy

  8. Noki says:

    Meghan is a smaRt woman and so are her lawyers. If KP have not figured that out by now and realised Meghan will ask for the receipts, they are idiots. I am sure she has records of EVERYTHING.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Noki: Meghan’s lawyers have already asked to see the evidence, that’s why the report has been delayed.

  9. ChillinginDC says:

    This is hilarious. And this is William being ticked off that BP is like yeah we are not doing this. It would blow up in all of their faces. It seems the Queen and Prince Charles are smarter than Egg and know this won’t work out well. My God, the monarchy is going to be crazy when he takes over. And not in a good way.

    And considering that we know that the allegations by the people that Jason put up came back and said no one asked them and it wasn’t true I would shut up if I were that dude. I really wish that Prince Harry and Meghan could sue his lying butt.

    • susan says:

      William will never take over. The monarchy after QEII is gone will be a shadow of its former self within a year or two. Once the biggest players leave the commonwealth, there won’t be any reason for these ridiculous foreign tours. There may be coverage in the British tabloids of Kate’s dress when she attends some random ribbon cutting, but honestly, who else cares?

      Bottom line is the reason the tabloids spend so much acreage on Harry and Meghan is that everyone else in the BRF are a bunch of dowdy, gormless, charm-free wastrels-or pedophiles, or racists. The star power of H&M eclipses all of them. And they know it. The Jubbly may not even happen because it sounds like QEII is withering away.

  10. PaperclipExtrordinaire says:

    One word: Receipts

  11. Sofia says:

    Over a year in and nothing. Of course it’s being stalled while BP figures out how to clear KP’s own mess.

    BP’s best bet would probably be to say that there was a “culture clash” and “miscommunications”. Staff “simply”wanted the Duchess to take it slow as a newly married royal but did not take into account that she was a working woman before marriage and would have wanted to continue working and get stuck in with projects. Because of that there was a miscommunication and misinterpretation of expectations on both sides. The mismatch of their job role caused a few staff members to informally complain but Jason took them too seriously and filed a formal complaint. If they want to throw Jason under the bus, just say he acted without thinking and shouldn’t have done that or if they want to save him, say he only did it because he cares so much about his colleagues.

    Obviously someone else can write a better reasoning that I just did and of course this is probably just bullshit but this is probably the best way for BP to say Meghan wasn’t a bully and to also save face for KP.

    • Dot Gingell says:

      Absolutely! Jason’s pal Melissa Toubati was a deliberately engineered ‘mismatch’. Why was he so determined to appoint a celebrity’s nanny to a key personal assistant role in a Royal household and give her the responsibility to help plan a Royal wedding and organise Royal tours? We all know she was fired for gross misconduct, but those who know why can’t talk about it. I’d also love to know who hired the night nanny who didn’t even last one shift.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    Last year the press was saying that the report would be delayed because Meghan’s lawyers wanted to hear the evidence. Now they’re saying that very little investigating has been done. I think the law firm has found that there is no evidence of Meghan bullying anyone and so the Palace has chosen to do nothing and hope that everybody forgets about it. When KP leaked to the press, BP should have stuck to its mantra of never complain, never explain instead of jumping at the chance to defame Meghan.

    • Lemons says:

      They look so dumb, right? KP has nothing else to leak, so they go back to the bullying claims. BP was giddy to mount a coordinated attack at the time, but now they look incompetent.

      This is obviously coming from KP again because they need something to deflect from the good of the Invictus Games and Meghan’s event-appropriate outfits and jewelry, but it just shows how bad they are at this.

    • Tina E says:

      This is exactly what I think happened. I work in HR and investigate “bullying”/”harrassment” complaints all the time. It is not uncommon for two employees to clash and one to claim “harassment” when really, they just don’t like the person or each other. I suspect they didn’t like that Meghan asked them to work. That’s probably why the law firm only spoke to a few people – the accuser’s story doesn’t fall under “bullying” so there’s no use investigating further because any witnesses have nothing to add. And now the RF is trying to ignore it and hope it goes away.

      Also, at least in my country, if someone files an official, external complaint of
      how their company handled bullying in the workplace, it actually ruins the credibility of the company’s investigation if they took too long to complete it. A multi-layered bullying investigation where several levels of management or people are involved, should still be resolved within 3-5 months at most. The fact that this investigation is still happening is ridiculous and tells me all I need to know. They have nothing on her.

  13. Snuffles says:

    If Charles and the Queen ever wanted to extend an olive branch to the Sussex’s. And I think they do to varying degrees, the Cambridges will reflexively throw a fit to stomp out the possibility. Charles need to get these two under control, and not just because of the Sussex’s. They are a wrecking ball to the monarchy.

  14. Izzy says:

    “ It also fears that if officials were to investigate the actual detail of the claims about Meghan then they would have her lawyers ‘crawling all over them’.” Her lawyers already ARE crawling all over them. They are keeping a steady eye on this sham of an investigation and have asked to see the evidence. I agree with the idea that this is KP having a tantrum. BP or CH could easily take control of the narrative here just by having the law firm issue a report on their findings that there was no bullying and this was a few disgruntled employees not used to an increased workload, which was then twisted by their supervisor to look like something it wasn’t. This family throws everyone under the bus anyway, so it wouldn’t be out of character for them.

  15. Harper says:

    The Firm totally needs to bury the bullying investigation because they will tick off William if they publicly come out and say that William’s staff made false reports. KP accused Meghan of being a bully, they sided with the Daily Fail and went to court against Meghan, yet are never called on their actions.

    I say this is equal parts fear of Schillings and equal parts finessing Prince Incandescent. No one wants a big blowup now that the Queen is in poor health and any siding with Meghan will send William into another fury. It will be up to Schillings to issue a statement and to start making noise on clearing Meghan’s name. This was a world-wide smear and will be addressed in the future, but just not by the Firm.

    • Jaded says:

      I was an HR professional for many years in a large media company. ANY complaints of bullying were acted on immediately. The employees involved on both sides were interviewed right away by a team including the VP of HR and the company lawyer, and everything was recorded scrupulously. A mediator would often be brought in to discuss options. So in any professional HR capacity, the complaints would be followed up on in a tight time frame. In Meghan’s case, this has been spinning in the wind for several years now, and the reason is the BRF is deliberately sitting on it because this was clearly a plot by William and Jason “The Snake” Knauf to discredit and humiliate Meghan. The so-called complainants have retracted their stories out of fears of being proven false. I want to see William and Knauf brought down by this.

  16. Blujfly says:

    I note that the quoted source is not even designated as a Royal source or Palace source or even a close to the investigation source. In other words, it’s one of the reporters or perhaps even the author of the article, or it’s Knauf. The line that BP is all too aware the media won’t drop it is a warning to BP from the Daily Mail to play ball. The right wing media and particularly the Times and Daily Mail have sunk their teeth into the Meghan is a bully narrative and desperately need something concrete to go the full Hillary Clinton treatment on her.

  17. Joy says:

    Ok I’m shocked the UK media isn’t claiming that Megan is mocking Kate’s colonial cosplay tour by riding in a tiny Land Rover. LOOK AT HER MAKING FUN OF KATE BY SIMPLY EXISTING.

    • susan says:

      well, to be fair, Harry and Meghan sat down when the kids were driving the Land Rovers bwahahahahahaha

  18. Sunshine says:

    This entire article further demonstrates that Baldy and Mumbles are STILL out of control.
    I highly recommend that MM demand a conclusion/report for this travesty otherwise this will reappear if ever the incandescent psycho gets any power.

  19. Louise177 says:

    I love how BP couldn’t act fast enough to investigate Meghan but couldn’t be bothered to investigate how the staff and courtiers treated her. Another reason why they wouldn’t be part time Royals. I think it’s obvious that she did nothing wrong since there barely any leaks. It says a lot that the worse the came up with was 5am texts.

  20. Connie says:

    The investigation will expose Tom Sr and how he worked with KP to mess up the wedding. The queen and Charles signed off on Williams shenanigans. The removal of Meghan’s name from Archie’s birth certificate. The Cambridge’s need to exile the Sussex. Bullying a pregnant woman the queen is guilty as hell. No titles for Harry’s children. William kicking a pregnant woman out of her home. Pulled a Mockingbird. They don’t like the Sussex children. Who goes to a polo game with a baby and the 1st cousins n aunt distance themselves? The queen and Charles did nothing to protect the Sussex. Is William the queens replacement? I don’t get it. I wouldn’t want them around my children. Give those bastards a second alone with Archie and Lili that family would put so much BULL💩 in those innocent childrens head. I have no doubt WK don’t bite their tongue when it comes to the Sussex. They express their hatred to their children. I think George is confused. Charlotte and Louis were too young. The monarchy is over their showing their true colors. Their a hot mess, lazy and are parasites. Ribbon and cake cutting vs Invictus Games. Their a joke like the trolls and BM. Did the British press and royal family support British veterans at the games? Assholes assholes

    • ElleE says:

      Interesting that you think that George “is confused”. Kids grow up and they make their own choices.

      I think that George was really excited about having a new cousin, and told a random stranger in Jan 2019 that his name was “Archie” (Archie was born in May 2019) – way too random a name to come up with on his own. Keeping George from his first cousins is not going to work out the way W&K think that it is.
      (OT 1st time M&H were accused of stealing a royal nickname was when they chose “Archie” https://www.marieclaire.com/celebrity/a31913836/archie-nickname-prince-george/ clown show).

  21. molly says:

    Look, they got exactly what they wanted from the initial announcement. Their little press release drummed up hatred for Meghan ahead of the Oprah interview for a hot minute to placate someone’s ego.

    That’s honestly as much as they could have hoped for. If they had any real evidence, it would have come out by now. Take the L and let it go.

  22. equality says:

    If I were H&M and really did have to meet with PC before seeing the Queen, this “investigation” would have been one of the things discussed.

  23. Larasaurus says:

    That’s the way it goes. You can already see that in the elementary school. Bullies are the ones who constantly go like “Teaaacherrrr, he bullied me😫 He bullied me again! She also bullied me! And they bullied my bestie too! Will you please give them bullies some detention😤”

  24. s808 says:

    Ofc they’re trying to bury it. KP majorly messed up throwing those accusations out there with no proof. WHY they didn’t expect any formal pushback is beyond me. Meghan and her lawyers called their bluff and 2 years later, they’re still stuck. I’m sure her lawyers still check in as well if only for documentation’s sake. Glad BP is stuck cleaning up KP’s mess, that’s what they get for placating that big bald idiot.

  25. Barbie says:

    Or they could be holding it in reserve

    • K says:

      For what special moment? When Megan or Harry does what exactly? The length of time is lessening the impact of whatever they may think they have.

  26. Barbie says:

    I’m puzzled. Who is keeping George from his cousins?

  27. AA says:

    Until Kate the ‘Karen of Cambridge’ comes clean publicly and acknowledges it was she who was the aggressor and made Meghan cry for inserting herself at their wedding, then apologised & sent a gift privately while Meghan was ostracised in the media worldwide, I will never respect her spinelessly hiding behind complicit silence. The day that Royal Stepford Wife overloads & malfunctions….