“Brie Larson’s social media presence is a bit lonely and offbeat” links

Brie Larson is a bit offbeat on social media, but I bet she has lots of friends. [Gawker]
Beyonce is in her Lady Beydiva Era. [Dlisted]
Andrew Garfield is shirtless, furry & available. [LaineyGossip]
Dune 2: Rise of the Dunes has a new release date. [Just Jared]
Bret Michaels was hospitalized on Thursday. [Seriously OMG]
They’re rebooting Quantum Leap. [Pajiba]
Vintage Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell. [Go Fug Yourself]
Logan Paul signed a WWE contract. [Buzzfeed]
Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee says MTV treats her like trash. [Starcasm]
The monkeypox vaccine is being expanded. [Towleroad]
Joey King strikes a pose. [Egotastic]
Eva Mendes wore Saloni on The Talk. [RCFA]

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  1. Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

    I am certain Brie Larson has friends, not everyone is performative about it (I rarely post pics with my friends.) But her IG is boring and I stopped following her for that reason. Natasha Lyonne, on the other hand, has a SPECTACULAR IG. Utter wackiness and cute dogs. 10/10.

  2. BUBS says:

    I think more people need to live their lives away from social media!

  3. Jo says:

    Ah Larson… she is one of those people who is aggressively basic and whose Instagram would drive me crazy if I followed it (just checked it and it is cringe inducing). It’s like she’s trying to have no personality whatsoever (even the books she chooses and the food she posts are blah). It’s so pointlessly bland that I could be persuaded about it being a social experiment or a social performance.

    • Kelsey says:

      But the gag is, most people are so outrageous and wild now that I LOVE her boring ass. Haha.

      • JayBlue says:

        Same here Kelsey. I love brie’s calm laid back content, it’s so unobtrusive compared to a lot of other celebrities’ socials.

      • Jo says:

        So we’re settled on social performance then, LOL.
        I get you! It’s just not my vibe at all.
        I only follow a few celebs such as genuinely passionate (Tracee Ross), bonkers (Boy George), glam and joyful (Ashley Graham), bonkers but too performative (Miranda July).
        I find it really fascinating how celebs manage their social media presence, and Brie just leaves me perplexed. The only explanation for me is that someone told her that her brand was “relatable white girl next door”.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I don’t get it. I have basic and calming at home. I browse social media for chaos or something interesting. Not to voyeur someone very bland. Nothing against her. She just does bland very blandly. Bland can be interesting too.
        My guess is she has to have a SM presence and she’s being as boring as possible so people ignore her while fulfilling her obligations.

    • Mimi says:

      I get if people find her posts boring but tbh, I really hate the “basic” label. I’m basic and proud of it lol but it gets thrown around as a bad thing. She may really be basic or she may be going for the girl next door vibe, but I don’t understand why there are opinion pieces about it or places like Lainey Gossip are always ragging on her posts. I know she’s a celebrity but it’s not that serious.

      • Fabiola says:

        I must be basic too. If you’re not over the top, dramatic and crazy then you fall in basic category. I like my neutral colors and cheese pizza. I like my hot gossip like everyone else but following people on instagram is creepy. Like why do you care what celebrities are reading or eating for breakfast?

  4. Kaye says:

    I desperately want Brie’s pink sweater with the leather arm patches. I’d be interested if anyone has a source, but I’m sure it costs as much as my yearly house payment.

  5. Maxine du Camp says:

    Celebrities don’t owe us an inside look into their private lives and we always complain—often rightfully so—about problematic celebs, if someone’s biggest fault is that their socials are boring? That just seems like grasping. Find her boring; don’t follow her and move on. Easy peasy.

    That being said, I follow Brie on IG (probably from when she was posting when she was filming Skull Island with Hiddleston and never bothered to unfollow because she seems pleasant enough) and at least until recently most of her posts were of her strength training with her PT. Woman is an effing beast! It’s remarkable how strong she is. Also, she’s posted pics including her husband or boyfriend (not sure if they’re married).

  6. JP says:

    That Gawker article comes across as so weird. Larson is in involved in really high profile projects right now that require a lot of secrecy (Marvel, Fast and Furious) at the moment. I’m pretty sure she has to be careful about even saying where she might be at any moment, in case fans deduce she’s at a particular filming location (rumors about a potential Captain Marvel appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder come to mind). Overall, her IG just comes across as extremely managed and curated, which is…fine? This just seems like such a bizarre bone to pick, let alone dedicate so many words to.

  7. Bex says:

    Brie Larson was subjected to a coordinated harassment campaign a few years ago, so I don’t blame her for keeping her social media pics to just her, her dude (?), and maybe a few co-workers. I don’t blame her for not posting much with her actual friends and family members. For what? So some neckbeards can harass her non-famous family members and friends as well?

    • Deering24 says:

      Yeah, she got a lot of vicious unjust grief over her Captain Marvel comments. And she’s said some political stuff that IIRC was problematic. I’d dial it down,too.

      • Dutch says:

        I wonder if the Gawker writer realizes there was this recent world event called the COVID pandemic and many people still don’t pal around in person quite the same as they used to.

    • JP says:

      There are videos on YouTube dedicated to “analyzing” the body language of her co-stars and deducing that they all hate her. This Gawker article feels like an extension of that bullshit.

    • Jenn says:

      Yeah, exactly. I also recall that she was cool as hell before said targeted harassment campaign, and it’s depressing to have to completely hide yourself online just because one scary person might start it all up again. (Thank you for mentioning it, because I wasn’t going to. No I am obviously not Brie Larson. I am a random person who feels strongly about this topic, though.)

  8. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I used to follow a bunch of people lol. Friends, family, celebrities, all of it. But something happened around…..2009, 10, 11ish. I was raising three boys, all at home at the time, and the oldest was in high school. Everyone was in my business. How did I do my walls, how did I make those things, and where did I get all my stuff for that party I threw? Granted, these are silly things, but my shit was blowing up all the time. And I only posted certain pics. I could see where this was going on a massive scale. I’m a nobody and was going crazy. I might start a private account just for family, but isn’t it awful that I don’t trust anyone lol? I really don’t. Not anymore. Not ever again.

  9. AmyB says:

    Gawker’s long time sister loved to go after AnnE Hathaway to the point that it was called Hathahate. It was never clear quite why other than they want to pick on someone. Guess Brie is now in that place.

    • Teal says:

      The Hathahate thing started when people thought she was campaigning too hard for an Oscar.

  10. SarahFrancisco says:

    The opinion piece on Brie just reminded me that there’s a mentality in American culture I will never understand. What is this opinion piece trying to say exactly? And where is it coming from? Brie has 7 million followers and she posts pretty much exactly what millions of others do – snippets of HER life. There are ppl who also don’t perform on their IG. There are ppl who don’t post their friends’ faces. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in her IG whatsoever. It’s a completely made up story. What is the author smoking? Or is it a troll? Or is it a bored panda that’s walking on the keyboard? And yet some commenters have picked it up and agreeing on… what? A completely ordinary account of another celebrity? As someone who’s immigrated here in my early twenties or pretty much an adult, things like this make me feel like I will never understand Americans. It’s like a parallel reality. A Twilight Zone.

    • SONYA says:

      It’s bully culture. And hate for anyone who don’t conform and perform for them.

  11. Justjj says:

    I think that Gawker article is super strange. Honestly, I never post pics of my siblings or even my family. Just pictures of my kid and my cat for my limited audience of close friends and family who live far away. I hate it when someone tags me in a post or makes a post of us without checking in first or mentioning it. The reason why is because 99.9% of the posts I see about someone else and a friend/friends… isn’t really about said friends, it’s about *them* and making themself look better. The poster nearly always looks prettier/hotter than the unwitting friend(s), the poster gets the added benefit of “hey look, I’m a caring and social person” and what does the friend get? A happy birthday? An I love you? I would much rather get a heartfelt text or a brief phone call than a performative post online.

    There are lots of reasons for someone to not post pictures of friends and to keep it simple online/hide in plain sight with more generic and accessible posts… Really strange for someone to write an article about that (?)

  12. Valerie says:

    That is one weird article. I’m not a fan of hers (nor do I actively dislike her), but is that level of scrutiny necessary? i know she’s a celebrity, but that seems excessive. If she posted pictures of herself living the high life, people would come down on her for being out of touch. I can’t believe that Gawker paid someone to write that nonsense.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      It is weird.
      I think she’s an ok actor.
      The issue seems to be as a celeb in the marvel universe and action movies generally speaking people expect her to be more exciting. In reality she seems boring as hell and private.

      She said in an interview before CM came out that she was hesitant to take the role because her life could change. People would recognize her more and all the pitfalls that come with global stardom like that. She knew enough to be worried and yet she signed the contracts.

      She gets the work, does not trade her privacy for it so people might be upset she got her cake and is eating it too. That imo is why we get these articles like gawker’s.

      To another link… that McKee girl is coming oblivious to how racist and entitled she is.

  13. Mothra says:

    Just saw her IG and there’s nothing negative to point out. Loved her pics on the pole because I do pole classes too, I might not like the lack of pets content… Some people just want a reason to pick on others, that’s what it seems.

  14. Silent Star says:

    I checked out Brie’s IG and I like it. She seems like a fairly regular person. I don’t know if that’s an intentional social media shtick or not, but it’s refreshing from a celebrity.

  15. Fabiola says:

    Seriously are we in high school? People hating on someone cuz their IG isn’t exciting enough for them. Maybe stop living through others and create your own excitement and let people be.