The Telegraph: The Sussexes skipped the flyover at Trooping the Colour, gasp

Weird how Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace all briefed the media openly about their finances and hiring practices, and in the wake of those disclosures, we’ve been getting endless stories about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Incredibly obvious! They’re not even hiding it – the Windsors aren’t hiding the fact that they’re STILL briefing about and against the Sussexes, and the British media isn’t hiding the fact that Harry and Meghan are the biggest stars of the British monarchy. Well done, everyone. The Telegaph’s Camilla Tominey had a big, dumb story about Harry and Meghan’s lack of visibility at the Jubbly a month ago. Yes, the palaces are still briefing about that. There’s some old news getting regurgitated, but there’s some new info here.

Harry & Meghan missed the Red Arrows flyover at Trooping the Colour: The Telegraph has learned that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in such a rush to leave last month’s Trooping the Colour ceremony in honour of the Queen’s 70 years on the throne that they missed the flypast altogether. As the aerial show featuring the Royal Air Force aerobatics team captivated the nation, the couple were already making their way back to Frogmore Cottage, their Windsor home, to see their children Archie, three, and Lilibet, one. Although prevented from watching from the balcony, they could have joined their fellow “non-working” royals on the roof of St James’ Palace, but opted to go home instead.

They missed the Cousins Lunch: The swift exit meant the couple also avoided a family lunch with royal cousins, including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, after watching the parade of pomp and pageantry together from the Major General’s Office overlooking Horse Guards. According to several sources, the cousins had planned to pay Harry and Meghan a visit at Frogmore later that day, but the “celebratory” lunch went on much longer than planned. As one insider put it: “It was quite boozy and went on well into the early evening, by which point there was no time to get to Windsor to see the Sussexes.”

The silence around the Bullying Inquiry: The decision [to not release the report] has raised serious questions about transparency at the publicly funded institution and its responsibility towards members of staff working closely with the Royal family. The unusual silence on either side about the issue has also led to speculation that Buckingham Palace and Sussexes, who work closely with their lawyers, are both moving to downplay the long-running dispute. Both sides are understood to be hopeful of drawing a line under the episode – after the Duke and Duchess met with the Queen at Windsor Castle as soon as they arrived in the UK on June 1.

The Sussexes saw the Queen upon their arrival: Contrary to reports they introduced her to Lilibet after the Trooping ceremony, they actually flew into Farnborough airport the day before and headed straight for Her Majesty’s private apartments. The couple had hoped to bring their own photographer to capture the first meeting between the sovereign, whose family nickname is Lilibet, and her great-granddaughter. However, the Queen personally intervened to prevent an official image being taken, apparently advising the couple that she had a bloodshot eye and did not want to feature in any pictures for public consumption. It came after aides expressed fears that publicising a private meeting could set a dangerous precedent, not least if any photographs were shared with US television networks or Netflix, with whom the couple have signed a multi-million dollar contract. The Duke is thought to have expressed a desire to get an official photograph of the two Lilibets together at some point in the future.

People were mad that Harry & Meghan walked at the Jubbly service: The Telegraph has also learned that the Sussexes’ decision to take a solo walk down the lengthy aisle of St Paul’s Cathedral for the service of thanksgiving on June 3 “raised eyebrows” behind palace walls – not least when they could have walked with Beatrice, Eugenie and their husbands, who were seated next to them in the pews. One of the reasons the couple were spotted leaving Clarence House that Friday morning was because they were in a security “pod” with the Duke of York’s daughters, having apparently expressed concerns about their level of protection throughout the whistlestop visit.

The Sussexes didn’t speak to the Cambridges: Clive Alderton, the Prince of Wales’ private secretary, was strategically seated at the end of the row behind the Sussexes – who had no contact with the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge during the hour-long service, nor throughout the weekend.

Lili’s birthday party: Although the wider family were invited to Lilibet’s first birthday party on the Saturday, only the Tindalls’ and Mr Phillips’ children attended, while their parents spent the afternoon at the Epsom Derby. According to one source: “There was a bit of reluctance among the royals to admit to having any involvement in Lilibet’s birthday party.”

[From The Telegraph]

There was some confusion about whether Harry & Meghan did go to the “cousins’ lunch” after Trooping, so I appreciate that there was some clarity about that. They went to Trooping, watched it with the cousins and then left. The cousins were then too drunk to go to Frogmore later on that Thursday. The next day, Meghan and Harry went to the Jubbly service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where everything was stage-managed down to the minute, and yet some of the royal houses are big mad that the Sussexes got their very own mini-procession, where all eyes were on them? Gee, I wonder who was mad about that? As for the stuff about the “reluctance” to go a baby’s birthday… the eagerness with which these people WANT to be seen snubbing little kids is actually appalling. This is not “family first” or “family values.” And the whole thing with wanting a photo with the Queen and Lilibet… Jesus. They’re falling all over each other to brag about exactly why they snubbed a baby.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Dee(2) says:

    It’s funny how there were so many articles about the Sussexes being warned not to speak about the goings on at the jubilee, but everything we learned about their visit has been from the British press. Also do people understand in the media on that island what Netflix is? Why would Netflix want a picture of them together? They aren’t the Enquirer or the New York Post, how are they supposed to monetize a picture when they’re a streaming service?

    • Monika says:

      It’s clear they don’t know what a Netflix is or maybe their readership doesn’t. I half expect them to refer to Netflix as, ‘The Netflix, an on the line streaming service’ or other weird wording.

      • SarahCS says:

        Eh, given that our minister for culture media and sport doesn’t understand what a Netflix is (or most other parts of her portfolio by all accounts) they’ve got company in that!

      • Sam says:

        They just can’t think of anything better..

    • equality says:

      What’s really stupid is that if they wanted to make money off Lili’s pictures they didn’t have to have QE in one to do so. Even Zara managed to sell baby pictures for big bucks with just her and her nasty husband in it and (gasp) none with the Queen.

    • Jais says:

      They were warned not to speak because the BM needed to make money through leaks and stories.

    • Blue Nails Betty says:


      A two hour extravaganza of photos of The Sussexes™️! Never seen before photos taken by and of HarryAndMeghan™️ of their life in Montecito, their 11 Bathrooms™️, their children Archie™️ and Lilibet™️ (named after her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II™️), as well as photos of them at Invictus Games, hanging with The Cousins™️, video of the entire walk into the Queen’s Jubilee™️ church service in slow motion (20 whole minutes), Lilibet’s™️ birthday party, and of course, the Sussexes’ Pets™️!

      Subscribe now to view this legendary footage!

      • Lorelei says:

        Thank you for a hearty laugh 😂

      • equality says:

        You jest but you know it would sell. All those whining about netflix would be glued to the screen.

      • BothSidesNow says:


      • Agreatreckoning says:

        LOL @ Blue Nails Betty. We’re lucky to have Camilla T. explain that if you want to share photographs you go to US television networks or

        The way the BM explains Netflix reminds me of how my Mom explained the internet (not very well). She (my Mom) gets a pass because she was in her 80’s when she said things like, ‘maybe you can goggle it for me’ or ‘I heard it was on the computer’.

  2. Brit says:

    Lol. The Sussexes are irrelevant but we continue to brief about them to a press who is desperate for any content about them and to use as a shield when we get bad press but we’re also salty.that they get too much press from the same press that are obsessed with having any and every detail about them for column inches and clicks and who you willingly put on a platter for. Thank god they got out because the BM and RF are toxic and parasitic when it comes to these two. Just a circle of nonsense.

  3. Nyro says:

    They were literally at the jubilee for two seconds yet look at the amount of briefing and stories on them. Unreal. I know they’ll have to go to Betty’s funeral but no way should they go to the coronation.

    • SURE says:

      Recollections may vary amongst members of that family but they never forget how to sacrifice the spare in order to deflect from their own scandals.

    • Athena says:

      Of course they should go to the coronation. At that point Harry would be the son of a king, whose bloodline has shaped the World as we know it. Why should he allow himself and his family to be erased.

      • Roaa says:

        The same king who wants to deny his grandchildren of their titles. Such a loving grandpa!

      • teecee says:

        Most of that shaping was done through theft, murder, torture, and slavery. I know celebrating the monarchy is just a small part of the Little England fantasy that “Imperialism was Good, Actually”, but it would be incredible if Harry had the guts to refuse to play a part in it.

        (I know he’ll go, though.)

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @>Athena, why would Harry and Meghan attend?? There have been some nasty actions on the part of Charles!! Neither he nor the Queen stepped in to save and call off the vipers from printing lies and harassing Meghan at every step and on every day.

        Harry’s loyalty is with Meghan, and their children. Unless Chucky apologizes profusely and with true empathy, there is no longer a father-son relationship. Charles made it perfectly clear that he was NOT intending on protecting any of them, most of all Meghan.

        Harry woes Charles nothing, and that INCLUDES his coronation.

      • Bunny says:

        Harry is 5th in line when the Queen dies. You could argue that Elizabeth has been useful to Great Britain during her lifetime, but there is no possible way that you can argue that Charles will be worth the fuss ot the untold millions paid annually for BRF upkeep.

        They’ve maintained their lock on the Empire through genocide and slavery. The time of reckoning is at hand. If I were Harry, I would not wish to be any part of that.

  4. Aurora says:

    I find it hard to believe the Sussexes didn’t get at least an informal iPhone pic of the Queen meeting their daughter for the first time.

    • Ginger says:

      I agree that Harry probably took some photos with his phone and never brought an “official” photographer. Everything with the Queen is stage managed to the second and I find it hard to believe that Harry would show up with an official photographer without the Queen knowing. And the thing with the ‘blood shot eye’ can be easily photoshopped ( if true, which I doubt)

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I don’t agree, as the photograph of Lili was at Frogmore during the birthday party. For all we know the Queen came by for the celebration!! We don’t know because their source has nothing. They were shipped off not to be seen or heard.

      • Selene says:

        That’s the lamest excuse in the world. She’s been photographed and recorded from every angle since forever. We’ve seen her with bloodshot eyes and every other “concerning” and imperfect look. I don’t think they brought a professional photographer or any of that. H & M are very careful and cautious when it comes to giving fodder to anything they do, and I love it.

  5. Becks1 says:

    The phrase “official photograph” is doing a lot of work here. My guess is photos were snapped of the queen and Lili and the RRs are just using the presence of Misan Harriman at Lili’s party as proof that H&M aren’t happy that he couldn’t meet the queen or whatever.

    Also refusing to attend the first birthday party of your cousin’s child isn’t the flex the royals seem to think it is.

    • equality says:

      The being too drunk to visit also not a good look.

      • Steph says:

        That may be a Harry rule. He mentioned alcohol and drug use as a coping mechanism in the past TMYCS, maybe he currently completely avoids it?

      • Deering24@ says:

        I’m surprised the article even went there. Though after such a long day, one can imagine the booze was flowing faster than the Thames…

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Becks: The story about the official photos makes absolutely no sense because when Harry and Meghan were working royals the press complained that they didn’t get photos of Archie. So how could it be Harry wanted official photos now? It was press who wanted official photos of Lili and the Queen but since they didn’t get them they are saying the Palace banned them. The Palace wanted those pictures as much as the press.

      • Jaded says:

        Yeah, remember how the press b*tched and moaned because Meghan and Harry didn’t do the photo op in front of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital but were at Portland Hospital instead, in secret. Then, BP released an erroneous statement the afternoon he was born confirming that Meghan had gone into labour “in the early hours of the morning”. However, a second announced stated she had delivered a son at 5.26 a.m. that morning. The two notices were made within less than 20 minutes of each other, even though Meghan had already given birth. Honestly they can’t get anything straight…..

      • Duchcheese says:

        The BM are just trying to use reverse psychology to get the pictures released. They think that by printing and bragging about how the Sussexes didn’t get “official” (emphasis is on official) pitures of TQ and Lili, they’ll baili and goad the Sussexes into releasing pictures to dispute the BM claims. They’re just getting more and more desperate because the Sussexes aren’t biting.
        Notice how the empasis is placed on “official pictures” (possibly lots of picures) which tells you there was NO official photographer but that the Sussexes took their own personal pictures and maybe videos.

    • Nic919 says:

      There are definitely photos of the meeting with Lili. It just wasn’t a person hired to take a photo like there was for Archie. Seeing as how the Sussexes release few pictures of their kids, this is just Camilla repeating the bitter lines fed to her by the Cambridges.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Nic919, can we also discuss the massive elephant in the room??!!!! I know for a FACT that had the Queen wanted photos, she would have had them!!! The Queen isn’t one to be pushed around by anyone, including AK 47 Kelly!!!

        Let’s face it, the BM are pissed as they don’t have every the most delicious details of the ongoing meet ups with the Queen with H&M!! The Lambridges only have so much information to leak, hence the utter lies upon lies. They were purposely sent to Wales solely due to their pettiness and jealousy.

      • PrincessK says:

        I bet that we will see pics of the Sussex children displayed on the Queen’s table during her Xmas speech.

  6. Laura D says:

    This is old news! We all knew that they weren’t on the balcony and left early. Is this more deflection away from Sporty Barbie’s non-attendance at Wimbledon? I saw two different “news” sites rehash old pictures and stories of Sporty Barbie at Wimbledon. I thought it was a clever way of duping people into thinking she was there.

  7. ThatsNotOkay says:

    They have plenty of iPhone shots of the Queen and the kids—just nothing officially photographed. The kids will enjoy the pics privately as they get older. No wonder someone was trying to spin it as—we couriers BARRED those fame whores from exploiting this poor, withering old pillar of virtue and judgment, the Queen, and are warning the Sussexes if the release any kind of photo, Satan himself will rise from the depths of hell and Zeus will descend from Mt Olympus to swallow their sprog whole . The reality is far less sinister and boring. “My eye is bloodshot. Another time for that? Let’s play the floor is lava instead.”

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t think the purpose of this story is to frame H & M as “fame whores” as you put it. If that were so, why would they write a story about people quietly living their own lives a continent away? Wouldn’t t that tend to give someone who wants fame more publicity? No, I think that after all the stories last year about how the queen was reportedly “disappointed” in H & M, or how she was sad, about them leaving, the BM and KP were surprised at Harry’s interview with James Corden where he said he spoke often to his grandmother and grandfather (when he was alive).

      Since then, the BM and KP have been determined to (rhetorically at least) create some distance between Harry and his grandmother. I think that’s why they were so incandescent about Lili’s name and insisted that granny was unhappy because she had nothing else in life, not even her golden piano. Likewise, they keep flogging that story about H & M being “banned” from commemorating their seeing the queen for maybe the last time. It sort of echoes their incessant stories about how other members of the so-called family didn’t speak to them, sit by them, or attend their function.

  8. Smices says:

    So Eugenie didn’t bring August to the birthday party? But the Tindalls sent their kids? Hmm. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was pure speculation drawn solely from the fact Meghan was seen with the Tindall/Phillips kids during Trooping.

    • Nic919 says:

      This is what doesn’t make sense. If Eugenie went to the party she would have brought her baby. Really the only family with young kids who avoided the party would be the Cambridges and Camilla is working hard to not make that look obvious.

      • tamsin says:

        Wasn’t there a picture of August watching the flyover with his parents on the roof of St. James Palace? And people sent their children to the birthday party but didn’t go themselves? Hope a few nannies went along. None of this makes sense. And the main worry about pictures is that American publications would get them? Who would be upset about that? Not the royals. Only the RR.

      • BeanieBean says:

        tamsin: the flyover was on one day & the birthday party on a different day. The parents who (allegedly) sent their kids to the party went to Ascot that day. Eugenie could very well have been at the party with August. I don’t think we saw photos of her at Ascot; Beatrice yes, Eugenie no.

  9. Polo says:

    If we’ve learned anything about the BM is that they will take the most basic fact and create a whole book of fiction around it.
    This should have been a simple article but Camilla needed to try and push her narrative that the Sussexes weren’t “wanted” when in reality everything says the opposite.
    They were invited to all the events, they got their own procession, the cousins sent their kids to the party..all facts.

    The fiction is the “source” who claims there was reluctance by the family to be seen with Harry and Meghan when really it was just one couple..aka Willy and Kate….everyone else except maybe Mike was fine. This same source also hated them getting their own procession..gee who could that be? Willy and Kate.

    You don’t send your kids to a bday party if you hate the individual. Guess who’s kids were missing?

    Also I bet theres a pic of the kids with the Queen… They keep saying photographer as if someone was following them along which we know isn’t true… Harry or Meghan could have had their own phones.

    Anyways it’s interesting that this was a much softer article than what they usually pedal.

    • Ginger says:

      There is no way the palace wouldn’t know Harry and Meghan would get their own procession. It definitely sounds like W&K had no idea and were pissed.

      The rota were expecting (and hoping) that Harry and Meghan would be seen more and they could push their ‘overshadowing’ narratives. It upsets them that we barely saw them and they are trying to save face. They initially pushed that H&M weren’t invited and it turns out they were but declined. It’s clear that they were there for the Queen and the Queen only. And it’s clear Harry doesn’t like being in the UK and wanted to leave ASAP. I’m shocked they didn’t stay for the flyover. That’s a big sign.

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree. This is all spin to avoid the obvious fact that the Cambridges were excluded from any event relating to the Sussexes but the cousins weren’t as fussed and sent their kids. Louis and Nanny Maria would have certainly enjoyed the party but it’s the parents who are the problem.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree @Nic919, Ginger & Polo. The only part of Tominey’s Litany of Nonsense that rings true is that the Cambridges & Sussexes did not speak to each other. The Sussexes accepted the Queen’s invitation to the Jubbly. They agreed to certain things. Hanging with the Cambridges was not one of them.

        Pshaw!! Camilla T. Did you get your info on the Jubbly events from the Montecito water board?

    • Jaded says:

      Agree. And let’s not forget Keen’s stink-eye and huffy comment she made to Egghead in the church when she took a glance at Meghan and Harry. More obvious spin from Captain and Mrs. Obvious.

    • Jais says:

      I’m loving the idea that the Cambridges had no idea that the special sussex procession was going to happen. Then to find out in the moment? Hilarious and yep paired with Kate’s bitch face and under breath comments, epically hilarious. Basically more on brand bitchiness. Kate’s behavior in a church is becoming an iconic example of how not to act in a church. Meghan’s wedding, CW day, and now this. There are probably more examples out there somewhere. Lol what is it about a church that sets off her inner bitch?

      • Merricat says:

        Truthfully, I’m surprised Kate didn’t burn to cinders the moment she stepped on holy ground.

      • Margaret says:

        Don’t forget the stare down at phillips funeral. K8 can’t help herself, mean girl for life.

      • Jais says:

        Omg @merricat! 😂😂😂
        And yes the funeral @margaret! When she kept laser staring at someone else’s husband.

    • PrincessK says:

      The whole thing is filled with inaccuracies. First of all we know Charles met the children and so when did that happen. We know that the Sussexes met with Charles and Camilla just before the Church service. The separate solo procession was well planned in advance to send a clear signal of Harry’s senior position within the royal family. He was seated on the other side to prevent the media taking stupid body language images. All the cousins are well aware of the leaking stories issue which is why nobody will confirm or deny anything about the party. They know that the Sussexes are on full alert for mischief makers.

  10. Red Weather Tiger says:

    So, the Tindalls and Phillipses (?) just used Lili’s party as a babysitting service while the parents partied elsewhere, but they were all embarrassed to admit any contact at all? These people are just vile.

    • Not a subject says:

      Actually, both Peter and Zara have been very outreaching/peacemakers. I think Harry is close with Peter. And also Eugenie & Jack are still very close with both Harry & Meghan. Mike is a jerk and I don’t really get much of a feel either way on Beatrice. I know she dislikes William & has had big fights with him in the past (and Kate) but she seems like a huge follower and trying to ingratiate herself with The Firm. If there was ever a pile-on I imagine Beatrice participating/gossipping rather than remaining friendly & neutral like Eugenie.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Not a subject, its interesting to hear that Peter and Zara have been “very outreaching/peacemakers”. I’m not sure where that has been stated. If Harry is close to Peter and Zara, Peter especially, I think we would have heard about that by now. Instead, Eugenie and Jack are the only ones we’ve heard for years about. Somehow, I just don’t see Mike wanting to be anywhere around H&M. The fact that this article says that people just dumped their children off and left them there is noteworthy. Let’s see if we have this right. Zara and Peter the peacemakers didn’t want to be seen with H&M, but left their children for the birthday party. Yep, it sounds like they’re peacemakers to me! (sarcasm) This article specifically ignores Eugenie and Bea and their children. What’s wrong with this picture? I’m having a difficult time believing the new peacemakers are Peter and Zara (KHate will be furious that they are trying to steal her title). Also, I find it interesting that you believe that Bea is now “participating/gossipping”. Maybe she’s going to become another scapegoat. Time will tell.

  11. The Hench says:

    It was made very clear by all the TV commentators at the time of the solo procession that it would have been – and could only have been – authorised by the Queen. It was also debated what message that was sending from Her Majesty, given this fact. So, 1. It wasn’t the Sussexes’ decision and 2. if it “raised eyebrows behind palace walls” it was either because the owners of the eyebrows were out of the loop or they were surprised by the Queen’s decision.

    Seriously. The nonsense and rewriting of history to continuously make H&M look bad is endless.

    Also – sidenote – how sh*tty is this family that they don’t turn up to an arranged get together with family members who live abroad because “lunch went on a little too long”? It’s not like any of them were driving themselves to Frogmore.

    • Lucy says:

      I found it very odd that they emphasized where Will’s secretary was seated? Like, he was supposed to keep the Sussexes in line? Or eavesdrop? It’s clearly meant to imply something.

      And it’s ridiculous everyone was too wasted to walk it off to visit at the cottage. I mean, I guess if I lived the Royal lifestyle I could see myself drinking like the queen (gonna say that from now on instead of like a fish). But these are all people with kids and lives. Kanye shrug

      • Joey 🦘joey says:

        I read that uniformed man behind HM was QE personal security the one smiling.
        Im extending God’s blessings to other family members and hope we all enjoy just another day off. 🇺🇸👠👠💈🌭🌭🌭🍔🍔🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

      • BeanieBean says:

        Maybe Will’s secretary was the source for this article? I couldn’t figure out why it was important, either. He was on the other side of the aisle; was he supposed to leap up & throw himself in front of WillyBoy if Harry made a run at him?

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ The Hench, I remember listening to the BBC broadcaster who declared that the entrance of Harry and Meghan was purposely choreographed by the Queen. Not Charles, not Prince Anger nor the men in grey. The Queen handled every moment and presentation of Harry and Meghan to showcase her full support of Harry and Meghan. Too bad she didn’t reach out and rectify the smearing campaign at the very beginning of this fiasco.

      It only clarifies that the Queen showed everyone, the public, the family and the RR’s that they have her full support!!

      • Julia K says:

        Respectfully disagree. I don’t believe the solo walk had anything to do with her support of Harry. I think it was a clear message to William and Kate, ” enough with the future king and queen swanning. You’re not as entitled as you think. I’m still in charge. “

  12. Carnivalbaby says:

    I’ve wondered if this visit went down the way it did because of security concerns, plain and simple. What if behind the scenes there were several threats that had to be managed which caused them to leave things quietly and early and not really interact with others.

    I mean I get they probably didn’t really want to be amongst those people, and were fulfilling obligations, but perhaps they were mitigating threats too? Her outfit at the Church Service in particular did look like she was wearing a vest below. The RF would never want it to come out that there were credible threats to Megan’s safety that had to be managed.

    • Surly Gale says:

      @Carnivalbaby…you’re the first person I’ve read to say this, but when I saw her side view in the white coat at the beginning of the walk it was my first thought too, that she was wearing protective gear under her coat. I wasn’t sure about Harry, but I thought for sure she was. When no one said anything, I decided not to either, as I didn’t want to contribute to any discussion that might could have M feeling even more unsafe than she already was.

      • Lili says:

        I thought so as well. Also think this isnt the first time she has had to wear one

    • Laura D says:

      You may be on something. It makes far more sense than the ridiculous “hidden microphone” stories! Especially, if coupled with the court case (in June) where Archie and Meghan were targets of a white supremacist podcast. Unsurprisingly, few of the usual news sites seemed to think this would be interesting to their readership. Yet, the Sussexes requesting security was enough to outrage their uninformed readers. *SMH*

    • Jan90067 says:

      You can see the collar of the shirt she was wearing under the coat. It was said that she had on a matching Dior shirt and skirt under the coat. Did she have something on top of that, under the coat? I doubt it. The perimeter on the ground and on roofs surrounding would’ve been completed guarded due to all the *other* royals walking in, so I doubt seriously that *any*one* could get close enough to shoot.

      • Lady D says:

        Snipers are regularly hitting their targets at 3,000 meters or more distant. That’s well over a mile away. They don’t have to be close anymore to shoot.

    • Not a subject says:

      She was not wearing a vest under her dress. But who knows…there might have been security concerns. It’s likely. I expect they just decided to be reserved & focus on their kids & the queen rather than all the events surrounding things. They didn’t feed the Drama bugs (which made said drama bugs angry)

      • Voominvava says:

        They don’t have gun threats like they do in America in the UK . I doubt she’d be wearing a vest.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Voominvava, I’m not familiar with what’s happening in the UK in regards to smuggling. So, are you saying that smuggling weapons/guns into the UK isn’t done?

  13. equality says:

    Not much of this makes sense. They were in a “security pod” with B&E but nothing about B&E being at CH (and why would they be?). It was H&M’s decision to take a solo walk in an event planned by others? What does the Clive guy have to do with anything? Was he supposed to keep H&M from trying to talk to W&K? And we’re to believe that Eugenie, Jack and August didn’t attend Lili’s party? The Queen has never heard of photoshop? A bloodshot eye would be an easy fix. It’s sad to think that one day the children involved will read all this garbage about their supposed “loving” family.

    • Athena says:

      @Equality. Totally agree with you. Beatrice lives at St. James palace and Eugenie at KP, the cousins probably drove to BP for the bus ride to the church. This security bubble makes no sense.

      The Sussexes not only walked solo they did it with an escort, that had to have been planned, it’s not like Harry walked in late and said ”excuse me my good man can you show us to our sits”.

      How sad is it that William would hold it against his cousins (or in some way act out against them) if they attended Lili’s birthday party. That’s what this story is telling us, that Peter, Zara and possibly Beatrice didn’t go to Lili’s party because they didn’t want William acting against them for going.

      And we are to believe that after a 12-14 hour flight with two small children, the Sussexes got off the plane and went straight to the Queen’s apartment? Tominey is making this up. Harry had said when they flew back from Canada they wanted to go straight away and see the queen so she’s applying that here. The difference is, they didn’t have two small children with them back in then.

  14. Mrs. Smith says:

    I think it’s telling that we’ve heard zilch from H&M since they returned home (save the Diana Award video from Harry). Salt Island is doing their damnedest to get ANY reaction or statement. Personally, I think H&M used every ounce of patience and grace during their visit and now are tuning out the family and the rota for the rest of the summer.

  15. ABritGuest says:

    So after claiming that H&M werent invited to certain jubbly events & that if they spilled to Netflix or US media about the jubbly that H&M will be cut off, turns out that they were invited, chose not to widely participate as in line with Harry’s Invictus interview his priority was his nan meeting his kids AND it’s the palace that is spilling to UK media. What a surprise. The firm & the uk tabloid press do everything they accuse H&M of. Harry knows his family so no wonder they didn’t go to many events. Too many blabbermouths.

    The press will put out things like “nobody wanted to be seen as being involved in Lilibet’s party” but then come Balmoral or Christmas at Sandringham if H&M are absent will be crying that Archie & Lili are missing out on spending time with their royal relatives.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    This confirms that the Harry and Meghan only went to the Jubilee because the Queen asked them to attend and they told her they would not be on the balcony and attend the church service. Everything else written is Palace spin.

  17. MsIam says:

    Didn’t Prince Charles put out a bunch of crap about how “emotional” he was to see Archie and Lili? So who exactly was “reluctant” to admit being involved with Lili’s birthday party? Let’s see, could it be …. the Lamebridges? I guess the Jubbly will be the new Oprah interview where we will be hearing about it over and over for months, if not years from now.

    • Amy Bee says:

      I’m not sure I believe that Charles even met the chidlren. He’s not opposed to lying to make him look good.

      • Lady D says:

        They are an incredibly dishonest family, Harry and probably Eugenie aside. They lie as easily as they breathe.

      • Valerie says:

        @Amy BEE Charles was at the Birthday Party. I have a friend who was there and actually spoke to him.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Valerie, since you have this on good authority, then you could certainly educate us as to who was and wasn’t there. I strongly believe that the Queen was there, even if it was for a short period of time. She would have certainly attended had the invitation been extended.

  18. nutella toast says:

    I’m so confused – was this supposed to make the Windsor fam look good? Because it really doesn’t. Even if you can’t stand your family, you don’t RSVP to a gathering at someone’s house and then not show because you all boozed too hard. Guessing Meg had great snacks and drinks at the ready and Archie was expecting his extended cousins. But they were supposed to “know their place” and stay downstairs with the hired help during the flyover or something? I mean, that’s how this reads. And if Meg and Harry were babysitters while Mom and Dad ghosted the Sussexes and boozed elsewhere, that’s even worse.

    • Kels says:

      I believe they are saying it’s 2 separate events. H&M left the trooping early instead of going to the lunch for valid reasons. Sounds like the cousins coming over after was just a causal thing.
      Lilis bday party happened around the same time as the horse show or one of those events. The parents sent the kids while they attended the official jubilee event.
      I mean that’s no different than what most families do. Drop your kids off at a party and come back to pick them up.
      Whether or not it was an excuse to ignore H&M we’ll never know…. but from what we’ve gathered H&M have no issue with the cousins and vice versa..
      This article sounds like it’s about saving face for William and Kate not seeing H&M the whole time. Everyone else did if we are to believe what is written.

  19. Jan says:

    I’m sure Lili had a great birthday party, you can’t miss what you don’t know.
    The British Media is pissed that they only saw the Sussexes once, other than using long lens to spy through windows, so they could not make money off of them.
    Camilla the liar knows that every detail is nailed down, so how Could the Sussexes just decide to walk down the aisle on their own.
    They came in a separate car while their cousins came in a bus/ people carrier.
    Every article this liar writes she is trying to link Andrew to the Sussexes, like they committed a crime.
    The BM and BRF can’t get over that the Sussexes walked away and they can’t controlled them, and they’re successful. Meghan and Harry are not scared of hard work and are willing to do it.

    • MsIam says:

      Bingo, that’s the real issue, they’ve lost control of the Sussexes. What a horrible institution that wants to micro manage every aspect of your life. There was an article a couple of weeks ago about how Archie and Lili will have to get Charles or William’s permission to get married or they will be kicked out of the line of succession. The BRF is like some kind of monster with tentacles, always grasping and trying to drag its prey back into captivity.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        That story was completely ridiculous to me. In 25 years, George and Charlotte, maybe even Louis, will most likely be married with at least one child of their own. That would push Archie and Lili far enough down the line they wouldn’t need William’s permission.

      • Tessa says:

        I worry more about William’s children. If he gets “controlling” and tells each of them to “slow down” and expresses “disapproval.”

  20. Steph says:

    I’m confused about the “security bubble” thing. Why would he be at his Dad’s for the York’s security instead of Charles’? Why would the York’s security come from Clarence house?

    • Well Wisher says:

      Your confusion is understandable because it seemed implausible. Why is it difficult for the “royal source” to accept that Prince Charles invited the Sussexes for a quick visit?

  21. Noor says:

    Well.. well.. the British media weird obsession with all things Meghan continues unabated

  22. Tattletale says:

    The image of the Sussexes waiting for their guests who decided not to show up is incredibly sad … along with the intentional and super harsh snubbing of Lillibet. It’s so cruel and heartless.

    • tamsin says:

      Why would the Sussexes invite everybody over on Trooping the Colour Day and again for Lili’s birthday? It just sounds silly. Are they that desperate to prove that Harry and Meghan were snubbed?

    • Merricat says:

      It’s sad for the adults, who must be so morally small that they pay their grudge out to a baby. Proud moment for the Cambridges, for sure.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      It’s not sad to me @Tattletale because neither scenario actually happened. It’s nice, lol, Tominey wants people to think so.

    • PrincessK says:

      The Sussexes have loads of friends in the UK who would want to attend the birthday. The people who attended all kept their traps shut.

  23. Plums says:

    The phrase “it is thought that” is doing a lot of legal cover for all this speculative fanfiction as to the Sussexes actions and expressed desires.

  24. Rapunzel says:

    “There was a bit of reluctance among the royals to admit to having any involvement in Lilibet’s birthday party.”

    Translation: The others were afraid to admit going to the party for fear of incandescent rage from William.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if he wanted the others to snub Harry out of loyalty to him.

  25. Jay says:

    The nasty Windsors still out here wanting everyone to remember just how they snubbed that adorable baby on her first birthday, lol.

    I’m sure this surfeit of Windsor stories has nothing to do with the fact that the royal family spending is UP after losing their two most prominent members and doing fewer events, and meanwhile the railways are striking and ordinary people can’t put food on the table. It’s not great, guys, and that’s why royal reporters like Camilla here are desperate for the bullying report to be released. They need some kind of distraction!

    • Kels says:

      There is no “bullying” report. It was a palace inquiry into HR practices..nothing to actually do with Meghan..
      They probably didn’t even make a HR report. They just briefed the media to cover for themselves just like when they claimed they were hiring a diversity csar.

      The BM created the narrative that there was a report to smear her and they are the ones that want to keep it alive for the very reason.

      • Joan says:

        And BP is also happy to let this mis-characterization of their review continue in the media.

  26. Athena says:

    The way they carry on about Lilibet you would think she was the next in line to the throne with an evil uncle plotting against her instead of a happy one year old American baby girl living her best life in sunny California.

  27. aquarius64 says:

    Tominey is a Cambridge mouthpiece but she did them no favors. The invitation to Lili’s birthday party was extended to all. The Cambridge kids’ non presence was the parents’ decision. And I don’t believe the York sisters kids weren’t there.

    I bet there are tons of pictures on Harry’s IPhone or even the Queen’s IPad. Charles may have seen the Sussex children and Cammy was ordered not to bring that up. I think the Cambridges are afraid when Charles becomes king he will issue Letters Patent that Archie & Lili officially get the ranks of Prince and Princess. Or worse, talk to the queen to confer the ranks now. Exception to the George V convention was made for Charlotte and Louis.

    The procession: that was the queen’s call. Question though, why did the family stand when the Sussexes walked up to their rows?

    The “bullying” probe: I think the Sussexes know Meghan is cleared but agreed not to go after KP and the Cambridges for the queen’s sake. However something may be in the works to go after Jason Knauf; he started this mess. The Palace may plan to have Knauf to take the fall for everything.

    The BM is just salty they are cut off from Sussex news and pictures and US media gets dibs.

    • Kit says:

      What is Camilla talking about here, jesus Cammy you are embarrassing yourself at this stage, this conversation is nonsense and she as a experienced journalist should know better ,. Of course the procession in the church was pre-arranged, Charles and the Queen arranged it to look inclusive , Harry is a Prince ffk and weather William likes it or not Harry is in and he is out !!! Do l think de other two fools knew about it NO they where told nothing….hence de ‘wow’ face.and I also don’t think they knew of the extent Harry s hostile anger towards them until that very moment when de Sussexs where on de opposite side to them lol…..They are absolutely raging there is now a reset within the family as witnessed when they visited Charles in Clarence House that Friday morning but oh no they where just ther for security don’t ya know Camilla l!!!
      To be honesty as far as l can see all de cousin’s where there at the birthday party except maybe Sienna and de other 3 Billy junior no mates ! .

    • Emmitt says:

      Archie and Lili automatically become
      Prince and Princess the minute the queen dies unless action is taken while she’s alive to strip them of those titles (which Meghan claimed they were discussing) or if Charles dies before the Queen.

    • Signed - Aquarius says:

      @aquarius64 – I believe the cousins stood when DDoS walked up to their rows because H&M’s seats were in the center and the cousins were seated on the end.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        So, is it possible that H&M were supposed to sit on the isle and across the isle was Wont’s Comm Secy? If H found that out in advance of the “do”, he might have arranged with the cousins to move Meghan and his names to place on chairs at the end of the cousins and in the middle of the row. That’s the only thing I can come up with regarding Wont’s employee being there.

  28. BeanieBean says:

    These tabloid writers crack me up. They make a big deal about H&M missing that cousins’ lunch, then state that the cousins’ PLAN had been to visit the Sussexes at Frogmore after the lunch. So the Sussexes were never expected at the boozy lunch.
    They also write that the lunch took place after Trooping at the Horse Guards. How is that possible? Because the next part of the day is the carriage ride/get yourself over to BP to watch the flyover. For which they’re excoriating the Sussexes for missing, but not the cousins at the boozy lunch?
    And so they missed the flyover, so what? God knows they’ve seen it before. They watched Trooping & then boogied on home to be with their kids. Good enough.

  29. L4Frimaire says:

    I was listening to a discussion of this whole baby birthday thing and someone brought up a good point. If you’re snubbing someone or don’t like them, the last thing you’d do is drop your kids off at their house for several hours. Ignore what Cameltoe is writing but look at what was actually done. Also who actually wasn’t involved at all, assuming they were even invited. It seems like only one household sticks out like a very sore thumb, and they and their goblins are the ones constantly stirring the pot. As for the procession, that was coordinated and decided by the Queen’s people and some don’t like that it was the highlight of that service and made the international news. Oh well.

  30. CheChe says:

    A month later and the rota is still throwing out stories about HM because the other attendees at Jubbly just don’t generate interest. Nevermind if any of it makes sense or contradicts previous fiction, the rota has to see what might stick to write up more tales. A whole woeful business needs the Sussex family.

  31. MaryContrary says:

    And if M & H had gone to more events the stories would be “How dare they upstage the Queen!” So ridiculous.

  32. Jaded says:

    It amazes me that the magnitude of William’s hatred and jealousy of Harry and Meghan allows him to control the rest of the family, that they all seem to fawn over him because he’s FFK. He’s somehow managed to have them all dancing like puppets for his attention. Tindall’s a perfect example. That they all seem to dislike Khate is obvious — she’s a jealous, cold-hearted shrew who constantly tries to hog the limelight. And the smearing of the Sussexes continues unabated. What a useless pair of losers…

    • Julia K says:

      Wi!Liam will eventually control the purse strings. They all know that their survival depends on being his puppets. It’s always money and proximity to power. Kate doesn’t matter in the long run. It’s all about William and he knows it. Harry and Meghan have no choice but to stay far away.

  33. kyliegirl says:

    Do the RR actually think these articles put the royal family in a good light? The cousins has such a boozy lunch that went well into the evening and were too drunk to see H&M. So the royals are a bunch of drunk free loaders? Then, no one wants to admit they went to a birthday party for a 1 year old. Or take a picture with her? And they think this makes H&M look bad? The lot of them sound like horrid people. I guess these are the new royal family values. Make this make sense?!?

  34. Margaret says:

    I don’t think the Sussexes were allowed to walk that aisle at the behest of the queen. It was meant to be the walk of shame. With all the Karen’s, and Kevin’s giving them the stink eyes, which they tired to do. So sorry that plan backfired, with the Sussexes doing the unrepentant, I ain’t missing you at all, strut. I believe those grown ass people took their hatred of the Sussexes out on that adorable baby’s birthday party. Such petty, pathetic, little people. Shame on all of them. How can you respect low lives who act like that?.

  35. Betina says:

    How can they not realize that continuing to drag a literal baby makes them look so bad? I cannot stand these people.

  36. Julia K says:

    I’m at the point where I believe there are NO royal experts or palace aides who speak anonymously. These people are fabricating and misrepresenting themselves. We’re responding to made up stories. Look at the so called experts who critiqued the Oprah interview days before it even aired. Bunch of liars who get paid to ruin lives.

    • Lady D says:

      Read the best story about one of them yesterday. I kept going back to laugh at it, all day. Hopefully Kaiser covers it tomorrow.

  37. Zut Alors says:

    My take away from all this is that Dorian was not there to celebrate her only granddaughter’s first birthday. Instead, it was attended by irrelevant people who couldn’t wait to tell the world how they snubbed the baby.

    • Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenomenal Woman) says:

      @Zut Alors, You jump the gun on this one. How on earth did you conclude that Dorian was not at the birthday party from reading at #CamillaTomineyIsALiar fiction?

      Irrelevant people did not attend Lilibet’s first birthday. Distinguished people attended her party. From the pictures we saw, Liibet was very well celebrated. She, her brother, and her parents partied with people who love and cherish them. One such person (Misan Harriman) took the precious photo of Lilibet that was released by the Sussexes. Misan Harriman, his lovely wife, and 2 beautiful children were attendees. Check it out @misanharriman if you missed Kaiser’s post on the party.

    • Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenomenal Woman) says:

      @Zut Alors, You jump the gun on this one. How on earth did you conclude that Dorian was not at the birthday party from reading the above article?

      Irrelevant people did not attend Lilibet’s first birthday. Distinguished people attended her party. From the pictures we saw, Liibet was very well celebrated. She, her brother, and her parents partied with people who love and cherish them. One such person (Misan Harriman) took the precious photo of Lilibet that was released by the Sussexes. Misan Harriman, his lovely wife, and 2 beautiful children were attendees. Check it out @misanharriman if you missed Kaiser’s post on the party.

      • Roaa says:

        Who is Dorian? It’s Doria. And It is clear that Doria stayed in the US and didn’t travel with them to that island. So Doria wasn’t there to celebrate her only granddaughter’s first birthday.

    • Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenomenal Woman) says:

      @Roaa, I know it’s Doria, I was having fun with @Zut Alors. I’m sure you have proof Doria was in the US on June 4th. And if she stayed in the US, it doesn’t mean she did get to celebrate her only granddaughter’s first birthday. There could have been a party in Montecito for Lilibet when they got back home.

  38. Roaa says:

    I really don’t understand why the Sussexes invite Philips and Tindall’s children to Lili’s birthday party. They are much older than the Sussex children (except Lucas and Lena). They also don’t know each other and their parents are racists.

    • equality says:

      That’s usually what families do for children’s birthday parties. They don’t just invite the children who are close to the birthday child’s age unless it’s some kind of activity only for older children maybe. The children obviously do know Harry and seemed friendly with Meghan at the palace.

  39. Beverley says:

    Ha! William is STILL enraged about the Sussexes’ solo walk at the church service. What a small and petulant man the British FFK is! My condolences.

    • Julia K says:

      See my reply to #11 above. William has his panties in a bunch because the Sussex solo walk was a slap down to Wm and Kate who are just a little too full of themselves for no good reason. ” you’re not the only members of this royal family”. Would the Queen be getting sick and tired of all the future king and queen posing?

  40. Maeve says:

    I mean you’ve seen one fly past from the balcony, you’ve seen ‘em all. I’ve seen a couple from the Mall. It’s nice but I’d not be hanging around especially if I’d got a couple of jet lagged kids to get back to abd a birthday party to organise. It’s not like it was a one off, they do them all the time.
    I recall the D of E being interviewed and asked what he’d thought when he saw Concorde flying up the mall for the 50th and he gave his ‘stupid bloody question’ look and replied ‘I thought ‘There’s Concorde.’ It flies over Windsor Castle every day you know..”

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Tominey is trying to imply Harry dishonored military or that they left for other reasons. Unfortunately for her, the military knows Harry honors them in ways that are of greater support than watching them fly overhead. The best time to leave without drawing attention is when everyone is looking overhead.

      This is all coming from the same beyotch that put out the false crying story, misrepresented what Meghan said about Archie reading, false/funny water/lawn story-countless others. Oh yea, Virginia G. was terrible and Andrew was the victim.

  41. MikeB says:

    It appears that once Camilla Tominey arrived at the palace aides lined up to speak to her and gossip about things they didn’t know about, note that Camilla refers to several sources. Where are the leaks coming from?
    The fly-past “captivated the nation”, really? how would she know? certainly it would have captivated those watching in London, but what about the rest of the country?
    Per Camilla the royal cousins were that boozed up they were incapable of making a 40 minute drive to Windsor to see the Sussexes and their children.
    Camilla then builds on the false story of the photographer and Netflix. Did H&M arrive with a photographer in tow, there is a lot of information being given from what we were told was a private meeting, so the question is who other than the Queen, H&M, and the children were in the room? my guess is no one and the whole story is garbage.
    If nothing else the story, if you believe one word, gives a clear indication of how the royal family from the Queen downwards worked to sideline the Sussexes and try to humiliate them very chance they had, and once again they have shown the world what a sad bunch they are.

  42. Noor says:

    Camilla Tominey .. Didn’t she discredit herself over linking the Grenfell cookbook to terrorism and that Meghan made Kate cry.

    I wonder what Freedom of the press and free speech means to such journalists. All that education and laws safeguarding free speech and freedom of the press gone to waste in the hands of biased and highly partisan journalists.

  43. robin samuels says:

    #CamillaTominey isALiar went around the world. Everyone knows she inserts words and statements to turn the truth into a lie. Presently she is working to present Victoria Arbiter’s case against the YouTube pranksters to the court. A guaranteed loss for sure.
    Why would Harry and Meghan plan a social event for the family that conflicts with a luncheon? The luncheon after Trooping the Colors sounds like an annual event, nothing new.
    The Queen had a bloodshot eye, and only Camilla Tominey reports? Another amazing feature.
    It’s shameful that the reporter takes pride in informing the general public that the Royal Family willfully snubs a one-year-old baby. How low can you go? When dealing with Camila Tominey, the depth is astounding. How long before William and Kate fall into that ditch they’re digging for Harry and Meghan? The informing has become boring. According to Dan Wooten, the calls are coming from inside Kensington Palace.
    Harry and Meghan came to show respect for the Queen. They made their appearance at Trooping and attended the church service. I believe they wanted to entertain “friends” at Frogmore, which they did. Family members were welcomed but not obligated. I’m confident they traveled on a round-trip schedule, so the return on Sunday was not unexpected. Harry was still actively involved in tournaments with Los Padres. The tabloids reporting of them overshadowing the events with their presence didn’t work, and the prompting of massive crowds to boo them in public failed. They didn’t get the photos or the stories.

  44. AmelieOriginal says:

    To be fair a baby’s first birthday is pretty boring and I wouldn’t make it a huge priority unless it was my sister’s kid (she doesn’t have any). It’s a birthday for the parents, not the baby because the baby will not remember anything from it. Not defending the BRF in any way as I am not a fan of the way they have treated the Sussexes. But it was already a pretty packed weekend full of Jubilee events, the Queen was the star of the show and the priority, not Lilibet. My guess is even if the Windsors had somehow managed to be on good terms with Harry and Meghan, most people would probably have skipped Lili’s birthday party with everything else going on. It explains probably why Eugenie didn’t go and she is Harry’s closest ally in the family.

    • PrincessK says:

      You may think first birthday’s are boring, something said by people who are not very keen on children or family gatherings.