Kate Gosselin on Halloween wig of her hair: I don’t benefit from the proceeds

The 2009 Women's Conference - Day 1 - Long Beach, California
Kate Gosselin’s “question and answer” section of a “very special” Jon & Kate: farewell to the kids aired on Monday. Kate has an existential or maybe just a redundant moment when she says of her new single status, “I don’t want to be alone, the aloneness is so alone.” She adds later that she doesn’t see herself remarrying in the immediate future because “nobody is going to buy into my mess.”

My favorite part is her response to what she thinks about the Halloween wig of her beaver hair. She first looks indignant and repeats several times that she’s not getting paid at all for sales of the wig. Yes, because Kate’s reverse mullet Flock of Seagulls hair is so unique that she should make a mint off people mocking it. Then she claims that she “laughed her head off” at the wig but she doesn’t look amused at all.

Kate promises that her children have an “untouchable” college fund that “is a healthy amount of money… and it is safe.” She also swears that they’re not affected by all the media attention on one hand, but admits they fight often. I guess that’s to be expected among so many siblings.

As for her future ambitions, Kate predictably wants more time on TV and maybe even on film. E! Online has a bullet list of details from the segment, some of which are below. There’s more coverage on US Weekly, and Radar Online has an extended clip with the Halloween wig comments.

We have to say, single life seems to really suit Kate Gosselin.

She might be lonely, but the 34-year-old future divorcée looked more relaxed than ever as she commandeered the confessional armchair and quipped her way through a special Q&A session on Monday’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

(Perhaps knowing that the Jon part is going away soon helped.)

“Really? Seriously? Do you really think now is a good time to be answering that?” she said in response to the question,

“Do you ever see yourself married again?”

“I struggle because I really don’t want to be married again—can you blame me?—but I don’t want to be alone,” Kate admits, before wrapping her response with a little joke.

“We shall see. Maybe when I’m 73 1/2.”

So she’s a bit ambivalent on the remarriage front. What else did we learn from the “You Ask, Kate Answers” special?

  • Little kids hit each other a lot. And sometimes take a cardboard ax to their sister’s fingers. So when Kate is asked how much help she has, and she talks about the small army that assists her, she insists that she isn’t pampered. “It’s called survival,” she says.
  • You can, perhaps, buy Kate Gosselin some love. “I would wait to see Patrick Dempsey, maybe?” she suggested when asked, considering people wait in lines to see her, who she’d be willing to meet eight hours to see. Also Julia Roberts, Tiger Woods and Matt Damon as people she might stand around for…
  • One probing fan, a journalist perhaps, asked whether there’s money socked away for the kids that neither Jon nor Kate can touch. “A healthy amount of money is put away for the kids, and it is safe,” Kate says. “It will not be touched other than for education…Come hell or high water, they will have the opportunity.”
  • ” If I was still wearing those crinkly dirty t-shirts with sweatpants, there could be a problem,” Kate said, answering a question about her fashion sense and comparing how she looks now to how she looked when her kids were 4 and 19 months old. “If you take care of yourself and try to look nice, it’s reflective of how you feel about yourself. I want [the kids] to be proud of me, to think, Mommy cares, and so should I.”…
  • Kate sees herself, or her voice at least, on the silver screen. “Somewhere in here I’ve discovered that I’ve done enough years of TV that I feel like it’s a normal, natural, comfortable place to be. I’d love to be in a movie at some point. I would love to be the voice of a cartoon character in a movie for my kids. I think that would be fun.”
  • Where does she see herself in 10 years? “I do not project anymore. Do you blame me? If I had my choice, myself and my kids in 10 years will be happy, healthy…I would love my TV career thing to be successful. I’ve found my niche. I would love not to be alone…but nobody’s ever going to buy into my mess, so I probably will be. But it’s OK, I’ll just be working hard anyway.”
  • [From E! Online]

    Watching the clip on Radar, I felt sorry for Kate when she talked about being alone but then her bitchy side quickly took over and I started getting annoyed with her as usual. Her kids may be off the show thanks to their daddy, but it’s clear that she’s not going away.

    Her haircut will forever be synonymous with bad taste and domineering moms, that’s for sure. Maybe she should get paid for that wig after all.

    The 2009 Women's Conference - Day 1 - Long Beach, California

    Here’s Adrienne Curry in the Kate Gosselin wig on 10/21/09. Credit: WENN.com/Fayesvision

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    25 Responses to “Kate Gosselin on Halloween wig of her hair: I don’t benefit from the proceeds”

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    1. Ana says:

      Why should she benefit from it? Why not the hairstylist that created it…

    2. Anastasia says:

      She opens her mouth, she lies.

      (Not about the wig. But her answer to that question should tell you where her #1 concern always is: what’s in it for me.)

      I refuse to watch anything with her or Jon in it. These two grifters have made enough money off the backs of their kids.

      They need to shut up and raise their kids.

    3. MeowBea says:

      LOL that wig is actually better looking than her hair LOL

    4. Judy says:

      Kate thinks she should have a career in films…wants to make a movie and also do voice-overs. Can we say overblown ego much? She nauseates me.

    5. Firestarter says:

      Who in the hell wants to be Kate for Halloween anyway? I am sick of seeing her on tv every 5 min or on the net. I sure as hell do not want to see a bunch of her on my favorite night of the year.

    6. Cinderella says:

      She won’t be alone. Her bodyguard will see to that.

    7. lem says:

      ok the comment about the wig wasn’t that she thought she should get paid for it, all she said was that they don’t actually use her name in the marketing otherwise they’d have to pay her proceeds. this article makes her seem much more money hungry than her actual statement did.

    8. mollination says:

      She is so fake. She said she thought the SNL/Kathy Griffin thing was funny too. Yeah, I’m sure she thought Griffin poking fun at her short temper towards her children’s thirst was hilarious.

      There are so many things wrong with her saying “No one would buy into my mess”.
      Mess better refer to her hair, attitude, and Jon, and not her self-created scrutinized family of 8.

      Your niche?!? You think you belong on T.V.? You entitled whore. F off woman.

    9. canuck_grrl says:

      I loved the interview, and all Gosselin related gossip…obviously all the commentors saying they are so sick of it should stop clicking on these stories then!

    10. Lem says:

      Kate rarely tells the truth, I think she thrives in these interviews because she can control exactly what’s going out.

      Shame, I’ve very much enjoyed watching the children grow. Too bad the parents are such tools.

    11. temeneos says:


      I am pretty sure you couldn’t put a postive spin on her comments.

      Self-centered, selfish, narcissitic….

      and, worst of all, I think this woman thinks that she is a saint!

    12. shorty40 says:

      I don’t know what all the hate is for against her hair, I think it suits her well. I imagine it just has to do with the fact that you already dislike her so therefore you dislike her hair. And if you’re so sick and tired of hearing about her and seeing her, why are you reading this article and posting about it??? I say she’s doing the best she can which is admirable and kudos for her hair and clothes fashion, it better than frumpy moms wearing sweats or baggy crap with their hair pulled up in a sloppy ponytail or clip.

    13. shorty40 says:

      Tell me what you think you would do, being a single mom of EIGHT CHILDREN?!?!? At least she’s not doing “nothing” and standing there with her hand held out waiting for welfare checks to roll in. When she found out she was pregnant with all those children, I’d be willing to bet she didn’t see her marriage falling apart and her husband becoming such an ass.

    14. KelBear says:

      Why did you people click on this if your just going to complain about having to read about them?

      She is a mother who is supporting her children. Dont put her down for that.

    15. shorty40 says:

      Yay KelBear!!! :0)

    16. Judy says:

      Shorty40: You obviously don’t know all the facts. Kate told Jon it was over ONE YEAR ago. Her idea, NOT HIS. Click on one of the links above–it shows Kate’s BROTHER and his wife stating that it was HER idea and that everything she does is for the CAMERA. Yes, Jon has acted like an ass, but I can’t say I blame him after all the Kate abuse.

    17. OXA says:

      Welcome to the Kate Gosselin self pity hour. This episode yet again was staged to try to make fake Kate look good.
      This chick is as big a narcissist/fantasist as Heather Mills.
      The kids are not suffering my ass, you would have to be in a coma not to see the pain they are in.

    18. Commander Cody says:

      Amen OXA.

      And to all you proclaimed agents of “Love for Kate,” I’ll be looking to here your comments when the kids begin their teen years. This is a trainwreck, and I always enjoy a good trainwreck. It reminds me to be humble, take care of family, and not be a whore to fame.

    19. Jeri says:

      Hey ShortyForty – Kate didn’t ACCIDENTALLY get pregant. No one held her down & squirted the embryos in. This is what she wanted: FAME & MONEY.

    20. Juice In LA says:

      I like Kate more and more as a single mom. When she was with “HardyJon” I hated that people felt bad for him because she bossed him around (he was a waste-iod useless putz long before they headed for splitville). Loneliness can suck, but it can also make you stronger. She will be fine – she is a very strong woman. Her kids will eventually be fine too. She has done well as the role model in this mess.

      Give her a show, a hosting gig something- someone! Supporting 8 kids- I can’t even imagine. (heck, raising 2 kids is hella expensive).

    21. Lauren says:

      I am not going to criticize Kate, because she does need a lucrative means to support her 8 children. Kate is articulate & educated, and I think she should be given a chance in Hollywood. At least she is not a drug addicted milf like so many other high-profile mothers-Brit Spears for example. I do not want the 8 Gosselin children to be supported by welfare (Octomom), Kate wants to work so give her a chance.

    22. Ana says:

      Kate is articulate??? That is hilarious. She says “Um” after every few words!
      If Kate wants to work maybe she should get a job doing what she was educated for.
      Why should she be in Hollywood? She just popped out a bunch of kids. She has no actual talent to speak of. She’s not even a good mother.

    23. Lem says:

      here here Ana!
      nursing pays well

    24. Deb says:

      some of the comments are so crude they make me sick. Since when is it OK to talk that way about anyone, including a woman that’s had children? So,she said she wanted out or whatever a year ago, that’s not new, she said a long time ago, there were things that happened earlier, that she didn’t care to rake over the coals and start talking about. How do you know what it was, with a little baby for a husband, who knows what she had to put up with for years with him? Sounds like most of you think just because she has a different hair do, she’s some witchy bitch !! ha!! that shows how smart some people are. Guess some are jealous over her thick golden locks. Maybe your honey went for someone like her and you’re just mad yet? huh?? get over it, jon boy is the one that’s being such a great example for his kids and smoking, cheating, leaving the family,not working hey and ya, Kate’s the bad one, she stayed with the family, she wanted the “Old Jon back” , she tried to earn money by selling/signing books.,she gave birth to those cute little beings and didn’t go the easy route and kill them off before they were born. I think you arabs should get your heads outta your behinds and smell the coffee and not what would be in the south end !!

    25. Marissa says:

      haha, those photos of Adrian Curry wearing the “Kate” wig is hilarious!