Bower: Prince Harry spoke at the United Nations because of Netflix!!

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The most confusing thing about this story is that Piers Morgan is back on the air at TalkTV, Rupert Murdoch’s sad, sweaty, right-wing chucklef–k network. Remember a few months ago when Morgan’s ratings were beyond dismissal and he mysteriously went “on holiday” for six weeks right around the Jubbly? Good times. Anyway, I thought he was being fired quietly by FlopTV, but no. He’s back on the air. One of his guests this week was Tom Bower, whose royal book seems completely sourced by anti-Sussex Deranger accounts. Bower and Morgan decided to get to the bottom of… Prince Harry’s Mandela Day speech at the UN? These two galaxy-brains figured out that Harry only made the speech for MONEY! Don’t you know that it’s the most profitable thing in the world to speak about Nelson Mandela’s legacy and progressive politics?

Prince Harry only gave a talk at the UN headquarters “to get money” and “for Netflix”, royal biographer Tom Bower told Piers Morgan on TalkTV. According to investigative journalist Bower – author of the new bombshell book In Revenge: Meghan, Harry And The War Between The Windsors – Harry agreed to talk “because he needs a profile”.

The author claimed everything he and Meghan do is “built around the future documentary series”.

On TalkTV tonight, Piers asked Bower: “Why does he do this, what does he think he achieve by it?”.

Bower responded: “He does it because he needs a profile, that’s the only way they can get money by showing the profile and for Netflix. Everything is built around the future documentary series to promote the Sussexes.”

Piers then pressed Bower on whether the UN should have “avoided using people like Harry”, who the presenter claimed is “rankly hypocritical for preaching about climate change but using private jets”.

Bower said: “Well it was pretty empty the auditorium wasn’t it. The UN is quite famous for being a centre of hot air. What was unbelievable was Mandela’s legacy was really betrayed by the South Africans and South Africa could have been a completely different country if Mandela had been able to live a few more years. I just thought he really skitted over all the problems of Africa and the self-inflicted problems when he just lives in luxury in Montecito.”

[From The Sun]

Ah, yes, Netflix! “Because Netflix” is the bitter, explanatory war cry from Salt Islanders. Why do Meghan and Harry do anything? Because Netflix! Why did Meghan and Harry come to the Jubbly when the Queen invited them? Because Netflix! Why did Harry speak at the United Nations after being invited by the Mandela Foundation? Because Netflix! Why do Meghan and Harry exist? Because Netflix! These people belong in a padded cell, I swear to God.

Oh, and one of the funniest f–king things to me is when these salt merchants cry about how Harry and Meghan “need a profile.” Every time they appear anywhere, they make international headlines. Every time they say or do anything, it’s front page news. Tom Bower is literally promoting a book about them in this interview whilst simultaneously claiming that they don’t have a profile. CRY HARDER.

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  1. C says:

    LOL, “the UN is famous for being a centre of hot air”. These people are SO bitter!

    I saw Mandela’s grandson spoke to Piers bashing Harry. Apparently he’s upset that his opinions aren’t shared by the rest of his family? I’d appreciate his objection a little more if it wasn’t to talk to someone with one of the most racist agendas of all time.

    • IForget says:

      If the UN is famous for being a centre of hot air…then what are the royals famous for??

    • pottymouthpup says:

      the same grandson that partnered w/Harry & Elton John on a HIV/AIDS initiative?

      I didn’t see the interview to hear if he was really bashing Harry but press accounts point out that he pretty much said Harry (and others) should lead by example when it comes to climate change. He had no idea about Harry’s speech and only found out about it from Morgan’s people so any criticism of the speech contents may have been skewed by what he was told Harry said. Also, it was Morgan who posited the question whether Harry’s struggles were the same as Nelson Mandela’s and, obviously, asked to get the response along the lines of that’s a ridiculous comparison! To my knowledge, Harry didn’t claim he had it as rough as Mandela or anything remotely close to that. It sounds like Ndaba Mandela didn’t really know who he was speaking to or that Morgan is a racist who tends to play footloose & fancy free with facts as it suits him

      • C says:

        Yes. I wonder why he’s even talking to Piers.
        I could sort of understand it if it were, like, 2012 (even then, but you know what I mean – back when Morgan still had some kind of clout as a journalist even if not the greatest reputation) but I don’t get it now. I read some reports of the rest of what Ndaba Mandela said so no, I take back that he was bashing them. But I’m also surprised he didn’t know about the speech at all. Whatever.

  2. Cel2495 says:

    Lol, gosh ! Neflix 😂

    This man needs to be committed to the Bellevue ( nyc thang)

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    What scares me most, is the people who listen to this–or any Faux News and Murdoch outlet–and make it make sense in their minds. How is any of this coherent? And yet, people hear it and digest it, and spew it back as though there is any logic to be found in the nonsensical.

    • Dee(2) says:

      That’s the most puzzling and hilarious thing to me about all of these various authors and commentators. Harry and Meghan are irrelevant, no one likes them, they’re desperate, and yet here I am writing a book about them and appearing on every single show that’ll have me to talk about them and everything that they’re doing. It literally makes no sense.

      • Brit says:

        It’s like they’re trying to shape a new reality with the one that’s right in front of them. Harry and Meghan are their money makers and they need them for relevancy but in this new delusional, fictional reality, they’re irrelevant because we deemed them so. They hate them because they need them for clout and money and the object of their obsession won’t give them the time of day. So they want them to be irrelevant badly but it’s not the reality.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        But, but, you know, NETFLIX! The majority of royal commentators/authors are simply ignorant and not right in the head.

        Parts of PM’s bloviated chat with TB were shared on twitter. They said some things out loud. Bower admitted why he wrote his book of lies.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        They are like stalkers. On the one hand, a stalker may choose a victim because they find the victim desirable — but when the victim doesn’t reciprocate, the stalker becomes jealous and resentful, and their obsession turns to hate. The anti-Sussex crowd are the bitter people you rejected for a date, and now they live to terrorize you as punishment.

      • pennypop says:

        This! The cognitive dissonance is staggering. If they are irrelevant, if no one is interested in them and they don’t “sell,” then why report about every thing they do, why flood articles about them with comments, why harass online commentators who talk about them even remotely positively, why opt to write books about them (who do you expect to purchase them?!)? It strikes me that there must be a certain kind of enjoyment or pleasure that comes from the idea that the royals “are theirs” – to love, to hate, to prop, to take pride in, to shame, to spend their money on and to profit off of – and they must be FURIOUS that Meghan’s entry to the family (which seemingly was given only begrudgingly) opened the door for both her and the prince they’ve claimed ownership of since his birth to reject the entire dog and pony show.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ ThatsNotOkay, it clearly lays out the ignorance of many minds in today’s society. Bowels has taken it to a bombastic level and is purely fulfilling his insatiable desire to profit off of H&M.

      I think that Bowels knows how incredibly successful that H&M are, otherwise he would not be writing a book. Bowels speaking daily of creating more fan fiction is a clear indication that he is intent on creating a narrative that mitigates the clear facts. He is also filling the minds of those that are incapable of thinking for themselves.

      Yet the more Bowels talks the less integrity he is showing himself to be more satiable in feeding his lies.

    • Snuffles says:

      They are lurching into QAnon territory with their refusal to accept reality and their bizarre conspiracy theories.

    • ABSOLUTELY @That’ Not Ok

      I was doing my recreational chain blocking people on twitter yesterday (I love block-chaining derangers AND all their followers! Oh, and depp bot stans) and I came across a whole long incredible thread about how Meghan had faked her pregnancy and someone on there said ‘WHY WONT THE ROYAL FAMILY ADDRESS HER FAKE PREGNANCIES” and the complete lunacy of this coupled with their self importance!?!?!?! WTF?!?!!

      No matter if it’s Q, election & covid deniers, derangers, Depp stans-they all have such incredible arrogance and hubris and take themselves SO SERIOUSLY with the most wack job views, and the pretense that only THEY have the SECRET KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE!. The anti-intellectualism and gullibility of the american public is absolutely terrifying and something we have to address. Every time I come across it, it takes my breath away and WHY!?!?! I should be used to it by now, but thank god, I’m not.

  4. Julia K says:

    Is that bottom photo Harry checking out wife’s bottom?

    • Dee says:

      He’s probably looking at the floor or the step, but the angle makes it look otherwise. It reminds me of the photos where Kate is looking longingly at William, and he’s clearly looking at/talking to someone to the side or behind her, but the photo is taken at an angle and is sold to the Kate stans as proof that Kate and Bill are two lovebirds.

  5. Selene says:

    His lack of logic is astounding. How the hell are you gonna write a book about people you deem irrelevant? Wouldn’t that make them the opposite? The way the Sussexes eat away at them, you’d think they were a horcrux.

  6. Tessa says:

    Bower them thinks the UK totals do not live in luxury when he accuses the sussexes of living in luxury do will and kate live in a four room condo instead of having four lavish residences

  7. Smices says:

    I hear his book has been put on pause in the US and Australia, due to poor fact-checking. Maybe that’s why he’s so bitter?

    • Polo says:

      We don’t know if that’s actually true. All we know is that that it’s not being released until later in November in Australia from that one screenshot. It’s still out on time in the Uk. The US it’s not available.
      I hope it’s completely canceled but I doubt it.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Thing is, if racists want to read it (yeah, a kind of oxymoron, I know), all they have to do is order it off the book site/Amazon from the UK now. When the very first Harry Potter came out, I ordered it from Amazon UK from here in the US. No problem.

      • Minty says:

        Yeah it’s a bit frustrating cause people are gloating about delayed or canceled books but they are actually just promoting the book.

        From what I’ve seen it’s still coming out so people are just helping him get sales/letting the world know there’s interest cause they can’t stop talking about it.

  8. Zapp Brannigan says:

    I have no time for Piers Morgan, he associated with a now convicted child trafficker and exploiter, I know this as I have seen him photographed with Ghislane Maxwell, both of them laughing it up. This image is all over the internet, so the proof exists that he associated with a now convicted child trafficker and exploiter, the question is why he associated with her, for what purpose?

    To add to the above comment I have now provided more proof that PM is scum than he has ever provided to support his claims against Harry and Meghan. So once again PM associated with a now convicted child trafficker and exploiter. I think it’s worth repeating.

  9. C-Shell says:


    This is hilarious! Bower is swiftly becoming a monumental joke, and the book seems to be in some trouble in some locations and distribution sources (like Zon). Anyway, I think we can be assured that very few people actually watched those two wankers (I love that word).

    I adore that pic of Harry admiring Meghan’s derrière on the escalator. 😌

  10. T S says:

    “What was unbelievable was Mandela’s legacy was really betrayed by the South Africans and South Africa could have been a completely different country if Mandela had been able to live a few more years.”

    Nelson Mandela died in 2013 at age 95, what is this clown on about?

    • C says:

      Not only was it Harry’s fault for speaking, it’s also Mandela’s fault for dying, apparently.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    If Harry and Meghan have no profile how come he’s writing a book about them? Bower is unhinged and I’m sure he was one of those Tories who thought Mandela was a Marxist terrorist when he was fighting against Apartheid.

  12. Pentellit says:

    Harry & Meghan are earning their $100 million pay out from Netflix just for the amount of free PR coverage Netflix is getting via these clowns. No need for H&M to produce a damn thing!

  13. girl_ninja says:

    Cry more indeed. These fools have no shame or dignity. Harry and Meghan have gone and made a life for themselves and those heifers will never get over it.

  14. Smices says:

    This is the same interview where Bower openly admitted he hopes his book will bring down the Sussexes reputation because they are a threat to the monarchy?

  15. JMoney says:

    It’s clear what the BM (british monarch and british media for that matter) agenda is and has been since Meghan married into the RF which is to spam everyone with H&M to the point of exhaustion and frustration. They aren’t able to control them so now its to bombard/spew hatred of H&M in the hopes ppl get “tired” of hearing them and they become irrelevant b/c as long as H&M are successful outside the fam, they will always be viewed as a “threat” to the BM. It’s working by the way notice not as many blue ticks talked or mentioned anything re: H&M this year (I’ve been paying attention) save for the usual ppl who tweet about them. Its not that they hate H&M but tweeting about them illicits so many trolls most ppl would rather not bother. Hence their tactics are not for naught.

    I know what everyone says that the Right Wing Media in the UK does not have the influence amongst common folk ppl think they do but if you were to ask the average brit if they think H&M left the RF b/c of privacy and for money they would most likely agree. The privacy and money angle came from right wing sources.

    This isn’t unique to the UK by the way. The difference between the UK and US media is the UK has 3 categories: Celebs, Royals, Current affairs and the US has two: Celebs (where Royals are lumped into) and Current Affairs. B/c Royals are lumped with celebs most ppl do not pay too much attention the way they do in the UK where Royals are viewed in a clearly separate category of news.

    For those who say well American news is different its not its how celeb news is in its own lane. Right wing media in the US is just as pernicious as the UK. Look at how the right wing successfully made “Critical Race Theory” into an election topic in Virginia despite CRT only being taught as an elective course in certain law schools. They’re doing the same now with LGBTQIA literature. Yes there’s pushback but the fact they have as much support as they do shows just how influential Right Wing Media is. Don’t forget Fox News is still the #1 cable news slot and Joe Rogan is the top podcast listened to in the entire US.

    • San Diego says:

      @JMoney, Thank you!! I noticed the same things and it’s been happening for a while. The media’s hate clicks and constant attacks is actually having the desired result and I’m afraid when the US right wing media starts to fully go after H&M… they are truly screwed. The amount of hate directed at them is just mind bugling. Ppl have to realize Murdock and the right wing press are the most powerful figures in the US, England and Australia and look at how their media empires controls the narrative and politics of these countries.
      I really think sites like these and other neutral sites should join together and do behind the headlines shows starting from when Kate married into the family until now. Compare articles and show clips of the coverages between William, Harry, Kate and how it changed when Meghan came onto the scene.
      I know some sites are already showing the difference but I’m talking about actually showing day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. Who/ What/ How the story is written and how it changes when William and Kate are doing it vs Harry and Meghan. Most people don’t see it that way because they only get royal news from right wing press and William and Kate are gaining a huge amount of fans in the US too.
      I think once the US right wing starts going after them… smh it’s not good.

  16. Scorpion says:


    BM/RR/: Netflix!!!

    I bet Netflix love all this free publicity 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Brit says:

    Piers and that idiot were on that show talking about how that book will destroy them forever because they’re ruining the royal family. It was delusional and cultish. They seem to have lost all sense of reality in their desperate attempt to bring Harry and especially Meghan to their knees. They want Meghan and Harry to acknowledge them and they’re traumatized that nothing has worked. These people are truly crazy. I really do think some of these people will have some sort of breakdown. They’re too involved and obsessed.

  18. Jais says:

    “These salt merchants” crying about Harry and Meghan😂😂😂
    They’re crying for sure but a lot of these people really want Harry and Meghan to lose their reputation. Why? So they can’t make money. Bc they want them broke and forced to return to the firm. Sure, it’s so they can make money off them but it’s also bc they get off on controlling and abusing this couple. It’s pretty insidious. Stay salty, salt merchants, cuz they are never going back.

    • Brit says:

      This. It’s giving Fatal attraction. Basically the BM are like, “if we can’t have you, no one can” level obsession. Harry and Meghan smiling, laughing, making money and thriving pisses them off. Nothing has worked in breaking or stopping them but it’s backfired on them and the royals more than anything. Piers lost his job and relevancy, royal experts have been embarrassed and called out and the RF have lost commonwealth countries and respect. The more they attack the Sussexes, the more they lose. Which is why they need to stop. It’s like a self fulfilling prophecy at this point. They made the Sussexes into mega watt stars. All they had to do was wait for the Sussex mania to fizzle out but they did too much. Now we’re here.

  19. Lizzie says:

    Is this Revenge book even being sold on Amazon? I just checked and all I found was a synopsis and a review of the book, but not the book itself.
    Sounding a lot like Scammy’s book.

  20. Becks1 says:

    LOL at the private jet comment. How many helicopter rides has William taken over the past year? How many private jets? Same with Charles? But sure, its Harry who’s the hypocrite.

    These people are so mad and bitter bc the Sussexes are successful and every move, every appearance, every speech, just cements more and more how little they need the royal family. That wasn’t supposed to be what happened so they’re just….bitter.

    • Smices says:

      Not to mention they actually flew commercial. NBC reported that Harry watched Bad Boys and Meghan watched Serena’s documentary.

  21. TheOriginalMia says:

    Bower & Piers are projecting their irrelevance on Harry & Meghan. Harry just gave a lauded speech to the UN. Do they really think the real world is looking at Bower’s book and thinking “aha, he’s exposed Meghan and Harry! Mwahahaha!” No, no one is doing that. What most people are saying is “wtf is up with these Brits that they can’t leave the Sussexes alone?!” But carry on being the salty, pressed a$$es that can’t seem to let go of this beloved, respected couple.

  22. Well Wisher says:

    I watched a documentary on Robert Maxwell recently, it featured Bower briefly and was puzzled as to why a well balanced piece would have this clown.
    It turned out that Maxwell challenged Murdoch and Bower wrote a book about Maxwell.
    It indicated the collaboration between Murdoch and Bower, that was about business as this book. Murdoch is hoping for a two-term like ‘Finding Freedom’. They are hoping that the book will sell and the channel/newspapers etc will attract new subscribers. Still dreaming of replicating Fox News success.
    Apart from the money, these men of little “peens” are hoping to stop the lawsuit, which has the potential to reveal the news of the world and the sun’s history of illegality and immorality. It is the shame and penalty of being exposed.
    Because it is not about news, but about ranting about issues at the core of which facts matter, they also need to have people and issues that are trending.
    Here is where Meghan is needed, as the fuel of the irrational hate of their potential customers whether they be people or bots.
    For those people, quarrelling/ ranting is more important than facts, (the aim is to attract enough of like minded people as bait for ad revenue) and they will be steady and consistent with their consumption like functioning addicts.
    Bower’s book does not have to be true, well researched with good writing and editing; it is tasked to negatively influence
    ienough people with addictive habits and no expectations of proper journalistic standards.
    They want to be able to successfully sell disinformation for profit and most importantly power.
    It is always about the peen or more so lack of peen.
    Who reminds them of their chafing inadequacies? – Prince Harry?
    What is their weapon of choice to lash out in spite??
    Scarcity (Harry’s) inflicts misery and value simultaneously, it is their only remaining weapon except screaming ‘WOKE’.
    This explains the Netflix obsession, it takes care of “tall poppy syndrome” poor Harry means controlled Harry.
    In this scenario the only remaining question is would he sell?? or just be an object of malicious ridicule to sake malice and envy??
    His memoir and its impending release and success means ????
    Would the little and non existent consumer base will remain as such or disappear altogether??

    So who needs whom??

    Remember for this people it is about two things power and money.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Edit: two-fer not two-term
      * Murdoch company published “Finding Freedom”. He made money attacking the Sussexes in his tabloid then published a book that was supposed to be their “defence”.

      Should read “Remember for these people, it is about power and money. “

  23. NCWoman says:

    He’s lying by obfuscation from the first sentence. The UN General Assembly is not in session until September. Given that fact, it was actually pretty well-attended. It was designed for broadcast. Maybe it’s time to stop giving Bower any attention.

  24. Karieta says:

    Tom Bs intention is very clear from this interview. Try to dim Harry and Meghan’s light and flood the zone with negativity.

    Sussex fans please don’t help them.
    Bower already has the help of the rota, British media and trolls promoting everything negative about Harry and Meghan.
    Fans should be countering that with positivity and all the great things Harry and Meghan have done.

    Repeating the lies, sharing the BM hate videos or articles all over social media just helps them in their evil pursuits.

    Flood the zones with love and positivity.

  25. Steph says:

    “self inflicted problems.” Racist much?

  26. JC123 says:

    Kaiser, you were asking about an ID for Meghan’s tote in the original UN article. From what I can see in the photos of this article, I think it’s the Mulberry Belted Bayswater ($1,900). I don’t see it in that exact color on their site, but it is a very typical “Mulberry” color.

    I love Mulberry, I have two of their bags! They’re great quality, and although definitely a luxury brand, it’s not in the tens of thousands like LV or Chanel, etc.

  27. MikeB says:

    The tabloids have a “Netflix” complex. Everything H&M do is for Netflix, they go to the Jubilee for Netflix, they go to the UN for Netflix, they wake up in the morning for Netflix. What drives the tabloids mad is they don’t know the details of the agreement between Netflix and H&M so they have to resort to nonsensical stories like this.

    • Well Wisher says:

      To their disdain success at Netflix pushes them into further irrelevance and represent financial stability for Harry.
      It is simply a combination of envy and malevolence on the side of tabloids.

  28. minnieder says:

    I love the last pic, it looks like he is gazing appreciatively at his wife’s booty!!

  29. The Recluse says:

    Bowers and his ilk are leeches. They make their living off of sucking attention from people who will have nothing to do with them, or who benefit from their lies.

  30. jferber says:

    Why are these f-ckers obsessed with Netflix, as if it were the bearer of the black plague? It’s actually the Daily Mail and its ilk that are the bearers of the apocalypse.

  31. MikeB says:

    The difference between Harry and Morgan/Bowers is Harry has a heart. Now we have the same old bleating about Harry using private jets. If one analyzed the latest travel details for the RF for 2021/2 you would discover that the only people who travelled scheduled air were their staffs who arranged details of their tours. The RF climate champions used charter flights (read private jets) 44 times and helicopters 183 times. We even have that climate warrior, William, using a helicopter to start a vacation. Where’s the outrage Morgan? oh its ok because they don’t have to abide by what they preach.

    • kirk says:

      Is there any data on royals use of carbon offsets?
      Understandably, quality of offsets matters. However, imo the Sussexes always use carbon offsets in order to achieve specific goals. However, have not been able to sus out details on royals. Chuck ALWAYS uses private jets.

  32. I wish Tom Bower’s book fails and tanks. He’s the devil incarnate. He and Piers Morgan. Throw in William.

  33. sammi says:

    Bower was on Kay Burley Sky (No) News and she did not ask any pertinent questions as to his sources for his unbalanced novel . It was a complete bashing of both Harry and Meghan to a selected audience to promote the Royal Family. The funniest thing he said was that after the ‘Book’ they would have no way of making any money! I suppose they could ask the tax payer for a handout.
    Even Kevin Macguire, who is an anti all royalists, called Bower out on another channel and highlighted the fact that Meghan was right to stand up against the Misogynistic, Racist, Elitist gang of ‘friends’ Harry previously met throught his ‘training’ via Eton etc…..
    Glad to see this guy talking because he epitomises all the problems we have in the UK with Old, rich, predominantly white Men holding the power of press and government. They do not appeal to the younger generation or even anyone with a brain cell and some perspective.