Brad Pitt wore a beachy linen skirt to the Berlin ‘Bullet Train’ premiere

Europe is currently on fire. There is a massive heatwave from the UK to central and eastern Europe. Keep in mind that in much of Europe, there is no air conditioning and no ice and they’re completely unprepared for any temperature above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s also interesting is that this week, the casts of Bullet Train and The Gray Man are trying to promote their movies by making stops through Paris, Berlin and London. They’re melting, especially the Bullet Train cast.

These photos are from Tuesday’s Berlin premiere of Bullet Train. Brad Pitt has been making the rounds with Bryan Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Joey King. They all look sweaty. Only Aaron eschewed long sleeves, and I have no f–king idea what Joey King’s stylist was thinking, putting this poor girl in a f–king black turtleneck and black trousers. Only Aaron and Brad were dressed somewhat reasonably. Brad’s current style seems to be “oversized linen blends/expensive hobo.” Which is why Brad wore a linen/burlap skirt to the premiere. I think the skirt was a good idea, honestly, I just wish he had leaned into it by wearing sandals. The boots have convinced people that Brad is wearing a kilt. This is not a kilt!! It’s just a beach-grandma skirt.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. Toniko says:

    Pitt and sandals? Lol Where would he insert his lifts then?

    • freddy says:

      Not to mention, sandals with a skirt (on anyone on a red carpet) is too casual for words

    • Kaykay says:

      I was today years old when I learned that BP uses lifts and that he is actually pretty short.

      • JammyToes says:

        Yeah it’s a lie. He’s 6ft tall; go back through the world of images and see for yourself.

  2. Normades says:

    Can confirm. It is so hot.
    WTF is Joey doing in a black turtleneck???
    Brad looks sloppy AF but I always appreciate a man in a skirt.

  3. Laalaa says:

    Can confirm the weather is insane. Here in Croatia we have always had warm summer months, but this year it’s unbelieveable. The sun is burning at 8AM already.

    As for the skirt, I believe it’s his first good/smart decision in a looooooong time.

    • Ivy says:

      I passed out twice because of heat stroke so I think the skirt was a good idea. I like brown on him. Bullet train looks like a good movie.

  4. crogirl says:

    “Keep in mind that in much of Europe, there is no air conditioning and no ice and they’re completely unprepared for any temperature above 75 degrees Fahrenheit.”

    WTF, I am in Croatia and air conditioning is everywhere.

    • IGaddis says:

      So explain the long jacket on Pitt if he was burning up with heat?

    • GirlOne says:

      “Much of Europe”. Southern Europe obviously is more accustomed to higher temperatures. But Central and Northern Europe not so much. Not a lot of AC units in Germany, where I live.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      Here in UK I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who has aircon in their house, however rich. Obviously offices and big shops have it, but no when it was 40°C yesterday we just had to close curtains and windows and put ice packs on our faces. Most of the trains were cancelled, some schools closed. We are chronically unprepared for adverse weather!

      • Kebbie says:

        I have to admit at first I didn’t understand why those temperatures were such a big deal. I didn’t realize you guys don’t have air conditioning. It sounds a lot like when Texas freezes. We completely shut down because we just aren’t built for it. We don’t have salt trucks or snow plows and our pipes aren’t made to withstand freezing temperatures, so it’s just a disaster. It’s been such a hot, dry summer I can’t imagine surviving it without a/c. Hope you guys are doing okay and hopefully you get some cooler temperatures soon.

        My trick when we’ve lost power in the summer is to keep my hair wet, or put a cold wet towel on my head.

      • Lady D says:

        The area I’m in gets hot in the summer. I’ve gone through periods of heat where my hair/head was wet for 10 days and nights straight. I’m getting used to it, but it’s not fun.

      • Desdemona says:

        @Lady D… Same here…
        My hair has been dripping water since june already… It’s always wet…
        It’s amazing…

    • Christine says:

      My family is from Malta also on the Mediterranean. I can confirm that most homes to not have central air.

    • Kaykay says:

      I guess the “much of Europe” part comes in play here. Not all of Europe.

  5. mich says:

    Why is his fat so puffy?

  6. Merricat says:

    Lol, Brad wearing his way through his midlife “Look at Me!” fashion collection

    • bergamot says:

      Lol, he’ll be 60 next year, he’s way past midlife.

      • Jaded says:

        Actually midlife is characterized as between the ages of 45 to 65. “Way past midlife” is wrong…you must be twenty-something or senior shaming.

      • tealily says:

        @Jaded I think bergamot means in the sense that if 60 was mid-life, we’re expecting him to live to be 120. 65 seems extremely generous.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Thank you for putting a name to this collection. He looks the very definition of mid-life crisis. So ridiculous what he’s wearing these days.

    • Mary Tosti says:

      He looks like he smells bad.

  7. MiddleKit says:

    Love the skirt. Hope it had pockets.

    • bergamot says:

      Lol, he is almost 60, that’s way past midlife.

      • Skyblue says:

        Midlife is not defined as the exact “middle” of your life. It is considered the middle decades of your life, such as 40 to 60 or 45 to 65. That said, Brad is moving towards the exit of mid-life.

  8. bergamot says:

    Well, he is copying his friend Flea now, who wears skits on stage for ages. I guess he got his stylist, because every detail of each of these “sloppy” looks is thought out. He’s artsy and edgy now, y’all!!

  9. GirlOne says:

    You don’t “beat the heat” in combat boots and a jacket. Clearly a fashion choice and nothing else.

  10. Nicegirl says:

    I do love a skirt in ridiculously hot weather.

  11. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    Brad Pitt who continues to abuse his family now just via the US legal system looks hot in his skirt and boots. He has a great stylist and surgeon.
    And maybe this abusive recovering addict (is he still sober? he looks a bit off during this press tour) has janked toes and that’s why he chose the boots?

    • LeaTheFrench says:

      Can confirm – that’s one intense heatwave. Quick note : countries like Spain, Italy, Greece or Portugal have relied for centuries on smart floor plans, specific construction materials (e.g. tiles), greenery in private patios, as well as shades etc to keep houses cool during hot summer days. There are few AC units but also buildings that are designed from the start to not turn into a furnace as soon as there’s a ray of sun. Eastern Europe though…is another matter.

      • lionfire says:

        ALL of the Mediterranean countries used smart floor plans, materials etc. For cemturies, even before aroman times-this includeS Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries outside of Europe(Tunisia, Egypt…).
        Still, most of the countries you spoke of in your post, as well as for example Croatia, have AC units in private properties also-in the last 10 years summers have become unsurvivable without them.
        Mediterranean countries have the biggest problem with fires right now, bc that’s not something we can control in any way during this heat wave.

        Germany, Austria, Central and Western Eu and continental Eastern Eu countries have the worst problems, I think because-W. And C. Eu countries aren’t used to this kind of heat waves and people in Eastern Europe have much bigger concerns than buying AC’s right now, for instance how to survive inflation, overall economic crisis and keep praying Putin doesn’t attack them next.

  12. DuchessL says:

    Brad trying to prove that he’s edgy, artsy, modern by wearing a skirt and still be a masculin sax symbol so attention thirsty with the skirt and the way he tries so hard to be smooth and cool irritates me

    • Jules says:

      Yup this is for the woke crowd. He’s proving how hip and edgy he is to appeal to millennials who live for this performative shit.

  13. Kirsten says:

    Joey King needs to fire her stylist yesterday.

    • LeaTheFrench says:

      I was thinking just the same!! You would expect a stylist to check the weather forecast, no? It’s criminal to put her in that outfit in this heat, she could pass out!

    • SarahCS says:

      Absolutely. And refuse to wear that, I don’t care that it’s the outfit schedule for today, find something else!

    • Lady jane says:

      🤭 💯

  14. Selene says:

    I saw this yesterday and the first thing I thought of was Celebitchy.

    • Barbie1 says:

      Ha ha. Why in the world is he wearing a skirt? This after Tarantino told GQ how masculine and riveting he is. Someone alert Sean Penn.

  15. zinjazin says:

    Love Brads outfit. But poor gorl in the turtleneck, still love her hair and makeup but you got to wonder sometimes what these stylists are thinking, please dress according to weather and season.

  16. Lucía says:

    I don’t mind this look at all, actually. But I am PISSED on Joey King’s behalf!!! That outfit in those temperatures is straight up torture. Who thought it was okay to do that to her??? She seems to be pulling through like a boss, though. But she shouldn’t have to.

    • Lucía says:

      EDIT: Took a second look at Joey’s attire and it’s A JUMPSUIT, which I hadn’t noticed before. What on earth was her stylist thinking!

  17. L B says:

    Thanks Europe for taking over our “heat dome” from last year where we broke records at 40 degrees Celsius for a week in vancouver and Seattle. The heat wave killed over 600 people in BC alone. Stay safe over there!

  18. Honey says:

    As a Texan (gonna be 108 degrees today), I’ll approve anyone who wears a loose linen skirt in the heat. That’s all I wear in the summer. So much cooler and more comfy than pants or shorts.

    • Green Desert says:

      Southern AZ here and I agree! I have discovered loose linen pants as well which are decent when I don’t want to wear a skirt or dress to work (I’m in shorts when not at work). Gonna be over 100 here as well. We’ll get through it, @Honey! 🙂

      • tealily says:

        I’ve been living in linen pants the past couple of summers here in Louisiana!

  19. saltandpepper says:

    WOW, he looks gorgeous!

    • bettyrose says:

      IKR? I was never into Brad (too white boy preppy for my tastes) and pretty much can’t stand him now, but dayum, he pulls this off nicely. Those legs.

    • Green Desert says:

      He is still so fine. Whenever I see pictures of him now I wrestle with what we know about him now vs my longstanding crush on him. Started when Legends of the Fall came out when I was in seventh or eighth grade and is hard to shake.

      • Lauren says:

        Brad looked good in the video, and how many men his age look that hot? He is in great shape, and I like his skirt ensemble. Brad is a hard worker too, and most of his movies are successful. He’s made mistakes, and has admitted he had to stop drinking because it was ruining his life, and everyone around him. Stop all the hate.

  20. Jais says:

    Always love when a guy wears a skirt. Unfortunately, I don’t much like him at all.

  21. bettyrose says:

    When I was a kid and school banned shorts, I remember thinking it was crazy unfair to boys who couldn’t wear skirts on hot days. That was the 80s. I imagine these days boys just would wear skirts if shorts were banned, but honestly at some point the shorts thing stopped being enforced in my school district. (I obviously did not grow up in one of those awful districts that heavily restricts what girls wear.)

  22. Thoughts says:

    It’s an ugly outfit from head to toe, and if Brad was a woman no one would be defending it or pretending to like the skirt.

  23. FHMom says:

    I don’t know why, but I love Brad’s look. If I were him, I would have skipped the top half and worn an open vest. I think he still has the body for it, and if not, button the vest.

    I feel awful for those celebitches sweltering in Europe. Stay hydrated

    • SarahCS says:

      Thank you! It’s crazy here in the UK and our infrastructure is just not designed for it, once the buildings get hot they stay hot. I’ve been drinking water like crazy but still waking up feeling groggy and almost hungover. Thank goodness it’s finally dropping back. Now we just need all the fires to go out.

      • Lady jane says:

        Yea it’s defintly cooler today and might even rain. I’ve been drinking coconut water – I don’t love it but it has a bit of sugar and salt to rehydrate you better than water. I saw some advice to drink milk or coconut water

      • Lady D says:

        Or add one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt to a gallon of water. This is from my doctor and he said to drink at least half of it daily in this heat.

  24. SIde Eye says:

    Superficial comment: I am all about combat boots all seasons. I love them and they do look great on him. He is really fit! I sort of like the grunge sloppy thing he’s got going on. I feel like this is who is when there isn’t a partner to morph into.

  25. Lady jane says:

    I can confirm it was 38°C in the north of england yesterday and was around this temp for at least 5 days. It’s never usually hotter than 24°C. I’ve stayed indoors mostly but had to go out yesterday. My favourite kind of weather is usually a heatwave but this was way too much

  26. Maria from Tercer mundo says:

    Brad Pitt in his Granma-style era. Just ridiculous. Even the hair is appropriate for a sweet granny.

  27. Mary Tosti says:

    All three of them look ridiculous.

  28. Velvet Elvis says:

    Jesus, that ensemble is hideous. He looks homeless.

  29. Lauren says:

    I am really distracted by Aaron Taylor-Johnsons high heels. Isn’t he already tall?

  30. Lauren says:

    I am really distracted by Aaron Taylor-Johnsons high heels. Isn’t he already tall?

  31. HeyKay says:

    Velvet Elvis is 100% correct. He looks awful.

    This is not how to dress for a red carpet, #1. Be showered, he looks half baked and grubby, then the outfit adds to the ugly.

  32. Gobo says:

    By far the most bizarre fashion choice is that black polo neck. Why would you do it to yourself?

  33. jferber says:

    Velvet Elvis, yes. If he wanted to rock a skirt, there were SO many better options than this hellish mess.

  34. PaperclipNumber99 says:

    Aaaaaaand the transition to full-on dirtbag is complete…

  35. Deb says:

    Oh my. Hope he doesn’t jump on the Jared Leto “ Please look at how enigmatic I am” bandwagon

  36. Karisma says:

    He’s such a try hard. What a loser

  37. N says:

    It looks like there are quite a few Pitt’s bots on this site. Normally Pitt’s posts attracted threads of scorns, and yet in this post, there are barely any and most of them are complimentary. Strange.

  38. Omg says:

    What in the world. He is desperate for attention and was hoping he’d trend for that terrible skirt.

  39. Omg says:

    That video he’s moving like a crack head. Wow I’m actually shocked they let him be that high on the red carpet

  40. LIONE says:

    Why is he wearing a wig though?