Beyonce’s Renaissance leaked two days before Friday’s album drop

It feels like it’s been several years since the Beyhive really swarmed, right? The Beyhive is always there, the Beyhive is always watching, the Beyhive keeps it very positive about all things Beyonce. But the Beyhive will swarm if someone steps out of line. The Beyhive has been counting down the hours and minutes until Renaissance drops on Friday. The hive is showing exceptional patience, especially given the fact that Beyonce hasn’t dropped a full-length album in six years. But some Beyonce fans got their hands on Renaissance early, and they tried to leak the tracks online. The Beyhive said NOT TODAY.

Beyoncé’s upcoming album has sprung a leak two days before it’s supposed to drop around the world … and her most loyal fans are pissed. A French fan posted a pic of Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” album — in CD format (yep, they still make those) on Wednesday — alerting fans worldwide that the album wasn’t being confined to Friday anymore.

Songs titled “Alien Superstar,” “Church Girl” and “Cuff It” began to make their rounds on social media, disrupting the natural order of the music world. Of course, it is 2022 … meaning for the album to leak, the “fan” would have to first find a CD player, rip the tracks into MP3s and then spread them across the web.

As a method to fight the leaks, Bey’s trusty Beyhive fan club sent out alerts threatening to swat down any possible leak links they see appear.

[From TMZ]

Not only did the hive swarm, but they’ve effectively bullied the trending topic to the point where people would really have to spend some time searching for the actual music. The hive has been on a reporting spree and they’re getting all of the leaker accounts taken down. I wonder if Beyonce will sue? I doubt she would sue individual social media users, but she would absolutely consider legal actions against the French companies/people who released the album ahead of schedule. Beyonce does not tolerate this amateur hour bullsh-t.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Beyonce’s IG.

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  1. BB says:

    Well I’m french and I didn’t get the CD 😐
    Can’t wait til friday!
    Can’t wait to see her on tour again! It’s been 4 years already !

  2. kimmy says:

    Even if you aren’t a fan of her music, the way she does every little thing is incredible and you have to respect the h*ll out of her. The power of Beyonce is just insane to me.

    What else can the Beyhive accomplish? Can the Beyhive help us with the blue wave in Nov? Can the Beyhive take down Trump? Let’s harness these powers and change the freaking world!

  3. Imara219 says:

    What I love about this story is that her FANS said nope! And then handled it. Now that’s fans. 😄

  4. Oop says:

    If the snippets I heard on TikTok are legit, this is going to be an AMAZING House album. OOF.

  5. ME says:

    So why was it released in France 2 days earlier than everywhere else? I mean, they must have known someone would post it ! Was this intentional? Who exactly is the Beyhive? Do they have actual jobs? They seem to be ready on demand lol. Makes me wonder if the Beyhive is really hundreds of people on Beyonce’s payroll. Sorry but it’s so odd. Anyways, I am sure this album is going to be amazing.

    • Fig says:

      Individual stores sometimes mistakenly authorize sales of cds before the official release date. It’s happened to other artists before.

      The Beyhive are just a bunch of super stans who will defend Queen B to the death (see also: Swifties). They’re ordinary people so yes they have jobs but it’s a worldwide sort of thing so that’s why they seem “on demand”