Taylor Swift was named the celebrity with the highest CO2 emissions

Recently, Kylie Jenner was named a “climate criminal” for her obscene use of her private jet. Kylie uses her jet to fly around LA County and the surrounding areas, sometimes with flights as short as twelve minutes. Truly bonkers. What’s even crazier is that Kylie doesn’t even make the top ten for “celebrities with a massive carbon footprint.” The worst climate criminal is none other than Taylor Swift, apparently. Taylor has at least two private jets, in addition to homes in Nashville, LA, New York and I think London as well. She travels around to all of her homes – and then some – by private jet, apparently never commercial.

Celebrities using private jets to take short trips have become a hot topic lately with many people criticizing the Kardashian and Jenner family for their frequent trips but a new study has revealed the biggest perpetrator of it none other than Taylor Swift.

Yard, a digital marketing agency that focuses on sustainability, conducted a study using data from celebrities’ public private jet usage statistics, to find out who is flying the most.

To everyone’s surprise, Swift tops the CO2 emission list with 170 flights since January, racking up 8,293.54 tonnes of emissions this year.

Swift’s emissions are “1,184.8 times more than the average person’s total annual emissions,” according to Yard.

The company says her shortest flight was a 36-minute flight from Nashville to Missouri and her average flight time is around 80 minutes.

Most people may have thought Jenner was the largest culprit of over-utilizing her private jet since she’s faced backlash in the media for taking short flights and bragging about her expensive transportation. But Jenner isn’t even on the top 10 list, although her sister Kim Kardashian is number seven and her boyfriend Travis Scott is number 10.

[From Indy 100]

Swift’s spokesperson issued an interesting denial, telling Buzzfeed that “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.” Meaning, I think, that Taylor’s two jets are probably available to rent for a price, as many corporate jets are. That would explain why Taylor’s fans are sometimes confused about her movements too, because they’re tracking her jets without realizing that Taylor isn’t always the person using her jets. Still, Taylor is using her jet(s) a lot. Too much. As many have pointed out, she’s not even touring this year and her jet is being used (sometimes/most of the time by Tay) a lot. Obviously, Taylor is not the only celebrity or rich person overusing private jets, but this f–king sucks.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    It’s a good thing they are being called out like this

  2. HandforthParish says:

    What I don’t get is that she’s so wealthy- why does she even need to rent out her jets? The optics are so sh*t.
    Yet another preachy celeb who ‘cares about the environment’.
    It reminds me of all those ‘offsetting’ people- or those who plant trees. The fact is big houses and jets pose a problem right now, and offsetting years down the line does not help.

    The world is going on fire right now, not in 2030.

    • Chisey says:

      I don’t think she *needs* to rent out her jets, but she’s pretty money-minded so I’m not surprised she found a way to turn a luxury into an investment and make more money with them. But I’m curious about the whole preachy celeb who cares about the environment part – is she particularly passionate about the environment? I know she talks about feminism and gay rights a lot, but I don’t remember her being into environmental issues. The only thing I can think of was that Wildest Dreams music video that backfired pretty intensely

      • Kate says:

        She isn’t, I’m generally a fan of hers and I wish she would say more about environmental issues. She did a collab with Stella McCartney who is somewhat environmentally focused but even with that I don’t remember Taylor saying anything about environmentalism. Given this insane private jet usage, I’m not holding my breath, but I do hope some of this shaming encourages celebs to reconsider their wastefulness.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Seriously, if all of these uber rich can afford to KEEP a jet (with hangar/maintenance/crew costs), they can afford to buy out an ENTIRE 1st class section of a plane, and even bring their own attendants and catered meals on that plane with them.

        Oh, wait…they won’t have a shower and a full bed…poor petals!

      • Case says:

        I’m a big Taylor fan, but Taylor only speaks on issues that directly impact her. She’s not an environmental advocate.

    • Mc says:

      Can’t you not let planes sit idle for long periods of time? I don’t remember any details but it can cause maintenance issues.

      • Beth says:

        You can absolutely leave a plane in a hanger for a while and just do simple maintenance to ensure it’s in good working order.

      • TheCrownJulz says:

        Just as Beth says, you can leave a plane in a hanger, however, a plane that isn’t in the air is seen as a financial loss. I realize this is odd thinking to those of us who don’t get upset if our cars aren’t used 24/7. Since Taylor’s father is/was in finance, I’m sure her advisors make sure that she gets maximum $$$ out of her assets by renting the jet out as often as possible.

    • Noki says:

      I think its just good business, since when have wealthy people ever had enough!? I suppose it better that it stays in use.

    • Izzy says:

      Jets are like larger boats that way – require ongoing maintenance and upkeep. If the definition of a boat is “a giant hole in the water into which you throw money,” then the definition of a jet is “a giant hole in the air into which you throw money.” So renting them out for use is a way to offset costs. Not saying it doesn’t suck from a climate perspective, but the reasons behind renting them out usually come down to finances.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      The wealthy are always acquiring more wealth. They never have only a few streams of income. They have as much as possible. And Swift’s family was wealthy to begin with so they likely know how to make assets make money.

  3. Louise177 says:

    The rep’s response is ridiculous because it’s still Taylor’s plane in use. If she didn’t rent out her planes the carbon footprint would be much lower. If as the rep claims that others are using it more than Taylor.

    • Case says:

      Why is the response ridiculous? They just want to make it clear that Taylor is not flying every other day as the data implies. Clarifying isn’t being defensive.

      • kirk says:

        Perhaps it’s not the actual response that’s ridiculous, but the implication that Taylor is not responsible for those emissions when she’s renting to others. The emissions came from her plane(s), ergo hers. Wouldn’t know anything about carbon offset(s) that may have been used since they were not included in article.

      • R. says:

        Global warming isn’t solely on T.Swift, but IM SO ANNOYED (and I know I have to do better myself at being environmental conscious). Summers in Europe sucks more every year, I’m immunocompromised and my grandparents are not getting any younger and are feeling the effects of extreme summers, and not to be sanctimonious, but I can’t even imagine how much of a shitshow it must be in poorer parts of the world. And like commenters have said, still her planes, emitting shit tons of CO2 in the air.

  4. Silver Charm says:

    Her team’s response is terrible. There were so many ways to handle this and this wasn’t it. I know she has a victim complex but you’d think she’d learn by now that this defensive crouch never works in her favor.

    • girl_ninja says:

      She does have a victim complex doesn’t she?

      • Hootenannie says:

        I am genuinely confused by these comments – she is definitely being defensive, but how is she playing the victim/demonstrating a victim complex here?

        This is PR and they noted others are using the plane – which I acknowledge has not been proven – but Taylor Swift hasn’t come out with a statement saying poor me, I am the only one being criticized here, or can you blame me, it’s too much of a risk to fly commercial because I’m so famous.

      • C says:

        Well, generally, defensiveness and perceiving yourself to be a victim of certain critiques go hand-in-hand.

      • Hootenannie says:

        @C – does that mean any time the person defends themselves, and let’s say in a situation where they are demonstrably not at fault, they are playing the victim? That doesn’t seem right to me. If someone gets angry at someone else and yells, and in a totally different scenario says they are annoyed in a normal tone of voice, does that make them irrationally mad?

      • Silver Charm says:

        Bc her victim complex manifests in different ways, one of which is her defensiveness in situations that do not warrant it and could benefit from self reflection. She often has to backtrack and clean up the initial PR response bc that victim instinct, the knee jerk reaction of hers rarely helps her.

      • C says:

        What? She and her team clearly acknowledge the emissions being produced and point to something sort of unrelated to excuse it. If she was “demonstrably not at fault” as you suggest, her team’s response would probably be “these reports of unusually high emissions are untrue”.

        Don’t see what the second hypothetical situation has to do with this, or anything, since it’s highly contingent on like 900 factors completely unrelated to Taylor Swift’s carbon footprint.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    All these rich folks really need to get their sh*t together in regards to all this traveling by jet here and there. Sh*t, I try calculate and make certain of the things that and need to do I need as far as groceries or meeting friends and try not to make multiples trips. I am not always successful and I am traveling in a car but we all have to be better. This taking planes just to go to the corner market sh*t is outrageous.

    • IForget says:

      Literally this. I hate paper straws with a passion. I have really sensitive teeth from history of bulimia, so use them with everything. I tried to curb my straw-biting habit with reusable metal straws but I chipped 3 teeth trying to make it work 🙁 I know it’s not great to still use so many straws but ffs, eating disorder is traumatic enough. I don’t own a car, I walk everywhere I can, I take the train rather than plane if I can, I carpool if a car is absolutely necessary, and don’t buy fruits and vegetables in packaging. I’m not having children. I reuse literally everything I possibly can.

      It all feels for naught. The celebs on this list make such a mockery of the ways us plebs try to help. I have no empathy for the ire they’re all getting. Do f***ing better. Sell your jets. Boycott them all together. All of them. I’ve had enough of the super rich and their entitlement. Since they refuse to give half a sh*t about the rest of us, they need to be shamed and forced by government into doing the right thing. The human thing with empathy. Actually caring about the environment and leaving a planet for our children.

      • girl_ninja says:

        We have to keep doing our thing but I understand that feeling of helplessness. I honestly need to be better! Why have I not thought of not buying veggies in plastic packaging enough? I even purchased a reusable vegetable bag and have only used it a couple times. I’m really good with not using straws and use glass ones when I can. I love the train and when I DO travel should really think of that option before a plane ride. We just have to keep calling each other higher and you actually did that with sharing what you do to help our planet and each other. Thank you!

      • IForget says:

        Awe thank you <3 it feels so futile, and for what an inconvenience/struggle/financial cost so many of these choices are. But mainly I ask myself 'is it truly necessary?' I buy second-hand clothes or anything wherever I can. One good thing about London is that there are a ton of apps where you can 'rescue' food that is going to be tossed, or trade with others who may need something you have and vice-versa, rather than buying new.

        But as I'm really struggling paying for rent and bills, when I go to buy veggies & fruits, if there aren't any affordable ones without packaging, I find myself choosing to go without. And that sucks, when we have this list of people with their private jets and their sarky replies (if they do bother to reply at all).

        I'm far from being able to completely convert at present, but there's great subreddits like /r/zerowaste that advise how we can make changes. It's hard though because these sorts of things often lack intersectionality.

        That was long and rambly. Thank you so much for your kind comment, and I appreciate yours <3

      • tuille says:

        Amazon has silicone straws in several diameters, with a size-appropriate cleaning brush.

      • Lucy says:

        @Iforget – when it’s for your health, use the plastic. For real. Reusables are fantastic, but using them has to be sustainable for you. Not all reusable straws work for every need and that’s OKAY.

    • Vera says:

      I know. I had to listen to the bloody loud helicopters ferrying rich entitled people to Formula 1 and back all weekend, going above my apartment.
      Spending 400 euros for a less than 20 miles journey to watch gas guzzling cars going around and around.
      I felt the same, what’s the point? My job is literally to try to reduce the carbon emissions from transport and it just felt so pointless.

  6. IForget says:

    That’s not better??!? Just because it’s not always her, doesn’t mean it’s okay. She owns two jets. Even if she’s lending them to others, they’re still in the air. And if she were to have any altruistic use for them (I disagree but whatever), surely whoever she’s lending them to do not also have the same security needs she does?

    If the queen can take the regular train to kings lynn, if Prince Harry can fly commercial, if regular celebrities can fly first-class, she doesn’t need a jet.

    There shouldn’t be billionaires. Private jets should not exist.

    Do better, everyone on this list. You are NOT that special to ruin the planet for your convenience and comfort while the rest of us struggle.

  7. Madchester says:

    I haven’t done the math but how much emissions are contributed a year by private aircrafts etc? Considering how there is push back globally on farming emissions and CO2 why is there not a massive luxury or carbon tax on private aircrafts, yachts over a certain size, jet fuel etc.

  8. Stupidpeopletricks says:

    Greedy shallow poor excuse for a human.
    Too bad she can’t blame Kim and Kanye for this one.

  9. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    If we’re going to start doing this, let’s go all the way. Governments. Corporations. Politicians. Macro to micro. Let’s spell this shit out.

    • IForget says:

      YES. What about Musk, Gates, etc etc etc.

      I live in the UK and my family is from Canada. I see them once every few years. I really try hard to bank my annual leave so I fly less often, but see them for longer (also for jet lag ofc!!)

      But, since living long distance, my sister and I have been closer than ever. Why? Because we make such an effort to mimic things that we used to do but can’t do anymore. We have so much technology at our disposal- shared Spotify playlists, video conferencing, subscription services, you name it. Unless there’s a national security reason for it not to be videoconferencing (I can see why high level politicians couldn’t always forego flying in for a sensitive meeting, for example), then it should be done via WebEx or whatever.


      And shaming those of us who dare to take one holiday a year abroad, or who may have a takeaway a couple times a year, is just not it. It’s not up to just us individuals. It’s up to all of us, in proportion to how much we output.

  10. WiththeAmerican says:

    Expected and gross. And her reps defense is just sad. That said, she isn’t using her jet to go across town, which I find a lot more irresponsible than using it to travel a distance.

  11. E.A says:

    why are people surprise she rents her jets, apart from the obvious environmental issues, i’m guessing the jet would just be unused 80% of the time so why not make money, makes sense other people want private jet used mine just pay, I would do the same

    • tuille says:

      It probably has more to do with tax savings. You can deduct the expenses of an “income producing” asset, even if it loses money & doesn’t earn enough income to cover its costs. There is a limit to “personal use time” though so that may be why Tay has 2. If any asset is used more than the allowable time for personal use, you lose the tax deduction.

  12. Sunday says:

    This is so gross. People defending her saying that climate action ‘isn’t about individual output’ fail to realize that her carbon emissions outrank many countries. So, she sucks, this sucks, but it’s just another reminder that we need actual legislation to tax the sh*t out of private plane usage and the like, rather than leaving the literal survival of humanity and the planet to celebrity a*holes who take one selfie in a forest or record one PSA about clean water and declare themselves a climate activist in between mega-yacht parties and luxury flights.

    • Lucy says:

      Yes. Thank you. When we say “individuals” we mean the hoi polloi, not people with grotesque wealth and consumption to match. The mega rich ARE corporations.

  13. SH says:

    For some reason the first part of the spokesperson’s response that said there is no way Taylor was actually on 170 flights this year and questioned the use of dubious source material wasn’t included. From what I gather they scrapped a Twitter account that tracks a handful of celeb jets, but it hasn’t been even tracking the ones it does follow all year. it’s not actual study. This was generated by a PR company the same way things like studies saying Prince William is the most admired bald man.

    Checking out the Twitter account it was sourced from Swift is not flying any more than Tom Cruise or ARod or Elon Musk etc. There’s nothing more egregious than any of the other wealthy people using them on an almost daily basis. Swift, I guess at least has never talked about climate so she has at least spared us the hypocrisy of Leo who is no stranger to private jets or of course private yachts.

  14. Mothra says:

    Surprise surprise, who would’ve thought.

  15. Eurydice says:

    My question is why does she have 2 jets (at least)? She can only fly in one at a time. And if her use is limited so much that she can rent them out to others most of the time, then why not just rent somebody else’s jet for whenever she needs it? Maybe it’s a celebrity status thing or a privacy and security thing, I don’t know.

    • Both Sides Now says:

      I was asking myself that same question, why does TS need TWO jets?? She’s one person….

      • Lucy2 says:

        I wonder if one is smaller for personal travel, and the other is larger for touring maybe? Either way, still gross.

  16. Luna17 says:

    I’m glad these celebs are being called out and shamed. No one needs a freaking private jet when the world is on fire. I don’t give any of these elites a pass, including Harry and Meghan (who many defend here to use a private jet). Many rich,”important people” figure out how to travel first class with security without using a jet. I’m all for shaming these people into change. One private jet trip Is worst for the environment than the average Americans carbon footprint for a whole year. We need to do better if we want our planet to survive.