Adorable pet tags, a body lotion for crepey skin and eye cream with retinol

From CB: The toilets in my new house have those little rings around them so I bought the pumice scrubbers we featured a couple of years ago. They work well to remove the rings but you do have to work at it. I’ve been using the Paula’s Choice liquid exfoliant at night occasionally and it makes such a difference in my skin! It really makes it glow. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A stainless steel water bottle that filters too

This stainless steel water bottle by trusted brand Brita has a filter for better-tasting water. It comes in eight colors and in 20 and 32 ounce sizes. This has over 18,000 reviews, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say it’s pretty, keeps their water cold all day and that the filter makes their water taste better (please note that it does not purify completely). You drink out of a straw attached to the bottle and there’s an unlocking mechanism under the cap. “Had this bottle outside while working in the yard. Put ice in it and stayed cold all day (even when left sitting in the sun).” “Best water bottle I’ve ever had. I bought the stainless steel version. I paired it with the WaterMinder app on my phone and it’s helped so much with keeping me hydrated and from using plastic bottles.”

A body and face lotion formulated for older crepey skin

Now that I’m approaching 50 I’m noticing my skin is changing. It’s sagging and I don’t like it! This body lotion by Medix has retinol and ferulic acid to treat sun damage and sagging skin. It’s only $15 for a full 15 ounces and has over 12,200 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. Some people say it works quickly and others that it takes a little while. They are also divided on the scent, so if you hate perfumey products it might not be for you. “Within a week, I noticed my throat and upper arms looked a LOT better. My skin looked smoother, and more even toned. Within two weeks, I noticed the skin above my knees, that was so crepey it always felt and looked rough, no matter how much I moisturized, was also a lot smoother.” “After using this for the past month I can’t believe the difference in my skin! The results were great after the first week and it just keeps getting better. I use it everywhere.”

A cooling memory foam mattress topper for more comfortable sleep

I’m looking for mattress covers so that my son’s bed at college is more comfortable. This egg crate memory foam mattress topper by Linenspa is a bestseller. It comes in twin to California king sizes and in 2 or 3 inch widths. It has over 3,500 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say it’s very comfortable and helps with back and joint pain. “My husband and I were getting frequent headaches and backaches. I was convinced it was due to our mattress. My husband disagreed. I bought this topper based and reviews and I am very pleased! We are both amazed at how much better we felt the first night we had this on our bed. We feel better and better each day! Worth every penny and then some.” “It is 3″ thick and we’ve had it now for 3 weeks and I sleep perfect now. Our old mattress topper was just a Memory foam topper and did not have the cooling gel like this one does.”

A cordless wand vacuum that gets in small spaces

From Hecate: I forgot how much a decent cordless handheld vac can cost but those suckers (ha!) can get expensive. Ours died somehow and my dogs are, once again, shedding their third coat. (I swear they are going out and finding fur to shed at this point.) This TaoHorse rechargeable handheld vacuum is being called a car vacuum because the shape is ideal for small places. It also works on couches and chairs that are covered in pet hair. It’s only 1.5 pounds, has LED lights to see the dirt and comes with 3 attachments. Over 2,500 people rated it 4.4 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. Customers say it’s small but a powerhouse, “Don’t let the size fool you. So far it is Hands Down, the best little bagless vacuum I’ve ever used. The design is great, it sucked dirt out of corners that I literally couldn’t see.” And pet owners rejoice, “ I have a black cat so of course my light colored furniture sees all kinds of hair balls—this hand vac is just what I needed to keep my furniture looking clean.It also has a few features I haven’t seen in other vacs (this price range) like a flash light feature, hepa filter, and that it could suck up liquid.”

Double sided clothing tape for end of summer functions

From Hecate: August is our hottest month in California, or so it’s become. So any functions we have, we have to become creative in our attire. Double stick tape just keeps everything in place. Most people associate it with keeping boobs from popping out, but it also keeps straps from falling down and backs from gapping. It’s even helpful taming ill-fitting foundation pieces like a slip under light fabric. You can get 50 strips of Fearless Body and Clothing tape for $11 this week (normally $13). It’s safe for both skin and fabric. And once you stick it, you can forget it. Fearless has almost 25K reviews and ReviewMeta rates it 4.3 stars. It’s a great worry-free must for low-cut formal wear, “This product works great! I wore a very low-cut maxi gown for my engagement photos and absolutely NEEDED tape to make the top portion stay in place/avoid a nip slip. This product totally did the job.” And it holds up with summer fun, too, “I wore this to a concert where I was dancing and jumping and everything stayed in and the tape stayed intact! Highly recommend!”

Eye cream with retinol to reduce dark circles and fine lines

From Heacte: someone asked for an eye cream a while back. A friend of mine was raving about this Neutrogena eye cream the other day so I thought I would pass it along. Especially because it’s so well priced. You can get a .5 oz tube for under $15. It’s paraben free and fights dark circles and fine lines with hyaluronic acid and retinol. And it’s fragrance free for those sensitive to smells. It has over 18,000 reviews and ReviewMeta gave it 4.4 stars. A lot of reviews talk about how effective it is with dark circles, which is a big issue I have, “The dark circles under my eyes are noticeably brighter with a single day use, and I look so much better too!” And it doesn’t take long to take effect, “Been using for a (week) and VAST improvement. Can not brag on neutrogena products enough. I’m 50 and ppl seriously think I am in late 30s early 40s.”

Fancy pet tags to upgrade your furry friend’s style

From Hecate: I recognize that some of us pet owners are a little over invested but – well, so be it. I was looking for a cat tag for my princess and they all just seemed so – ordinary. Amazon has some fun options now that allow your little fur bebes to shine like the stars they are. These tags let you pick the design that matches their personality better than just some flat piece of metal. Be it stars or laurels or a scenic mountain backdrop – doesn’t Fifi deserve her name embossed? These tags run $10 with personalization and you can pick the tag size and personalization font. They have over 10,000 reviews and 4.9 stars according to ReviewMeta. Lots of people said they were easy to read, “Super pleased with this dog tag so far! It’s easy to read, super cute, appears to be well-made, and is a cheaper option than many other competitors.” Even pet store employees opt for these, “I work at a pet store that charges between 8-30 bucks for tags that feel flimsy and scratch extremely easy. Buy these instead.” A lot of reviewers noted they initially got a far out delivery date but all said the tags came way sooner, usually within 10 days of ordering.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I’ve used that body lotion and it is a very effective formula. The smell is a very old fashioned cheap perfume – I dislike any scent and especially did not like this one. However, the scent does not linger so I still highly recommend this lotion!