Gary Goldsmith: Duchess Kate is brilliant as ‘a wife, a mum, a counsel, a partner…’

The Sun published a curious story about the Duchess of Cambridge this weekend: “Kate Expectations: Kate Middleton and Prince William are ready to move on from ‘glorious prison’ of Kensington Palace, say royal experts.” Nevermind the fact that British outlets are increasingly using Kate’s maiden name! The real story is that something seems to have significantly shifted in recent weeks, where Camp Middleton is being incredibly “extra” about how Kate is extremely important, completely perfect and that everything she does is queenly. To say that someone is laying it on thick is a gross understatement. So, why? Is it just some sleepy summer keenery? Or something more nefarious? Some highlights from this Sun piece, including new quotes from everybody’s favorite nutjob, Dodgy Uncle Gary Goldsmith.

One last Norfolk summer: The family are making the move to Windsor after one final “normal” summer at their country estate of Anmer Hall in Norfolk. They are believed to have the keys to Adelaide Cottage, a four-bedroom house on the Windsor estate. Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith says: “William and Kate are going to have their hands full this summer as they move home to be nearer the Queen and settle the kids into a new school. But I think they are ready for the next chapter in their lives.”

Why they’re moving to Windsor: Royal biographer and editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, explains: “I think Wills and Kate need space to bring up their children. Kensington Palace is a glorious prison for kids – they want to be able to play football without being watched from behind the gates. I think Windsor will be perfect for them, as they will have lots of freedom and they can all be at school together.”

The kids were “brought up” in Norfolk? Having enjoyed a relatively normal upbringing in Norfolk, it’s inevitable that the children will become more visible following the move, and William and Kate have been preparing them for their role in the public eye.

Kate’s Jubbly mess with Prince Louis: The young Cambridges were front and centre during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, including enjoying an official visit to Wales in June, and George attended the tennis at Wimbledon with his mum last month. Kate’s reaction to Louis when he became restless during the Jubilee celebrations cemented her place in the heart of the nation, proving that she faces the same challenges as any mother. She gave her youngest a stern talking to after he jumped up and down on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, covered his ears due to the noise from the RAF planes overhead, and pulled funny faces and shook his finger at his mum, before placing his hand over her mouth, at the Jubilee Pageant. Her common touch provoked a swell of support on social media.

Uncle Gary has more to say: “Kate has been brilliant in so many ways – as a wife, a mum, a counsel, a partner, an ambassador, a figurehead and a future queen. She never lets anyone down. She shines in every situation, on every stage, and behaves with class. She is already the one we all watch first as a role model. We are all, as a nation, super-proud of her. The royal family is in safe, beautiful and heaven-sent hands. She has got this in both the good times and the bad times.”

[From The Sun]

“The royal family is in safe, beautiful and heaven-sent hands…” Oh, my. The Middletons are surely worried about something. It’s not just rumors of William’s sexual proclivities either, although I feel like the Middletons are well aware of those rumors and reacting to them partially. I’m genuinely asking: what is going on behind-the-scenes that has the Middletons so unsettled? If Kate and William are – as I’ve long suspected – living separately for the better part of two/three years, why does it feel like DefCon Keen over in Bucklebury? They brought out Uncle Gary, for the love of God.

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  1. C says:

    Thought they “distanced” themselves from him! They’re worried about something.

    • JMoney says:

      They never have. He was invited to all the Middleton children weddings and before the Oprah interview came out he did the Australian 60 min version. On that show he took digs at H&M and of course lauded Kate (which was the entire PR goal) and at the time he said that Kate wants 4 children like The Queen. He stopped parroting that it seems as Kate knows a 4th child won’t be happening (well with Billy anyway). Notice how that rumour nor pr games with Kate being “broody” and Will “telling off his wife” have been missing as of late?

      • C says:

        I knew about the rest but I thought there was a big PR push from them that he wasn’t invited to James’s wedding? Maybe I’m wrong!

      • aftershocks says:

        Uncle Gary: “Kate is already the one we all watch first as a role model. We are all, as a nation, super-proud of her. The royal family is in safe, beautiful and heaven-sent hands.”

        ^^ Huh? 🧐 Say what?? 🤨 Come again??? 🤪 Sure Jan. Gag! 🤮

        Woosa! All that OTT flowery pile-on. So much telling without any actual concrete evidence to show, let’s us all know that none of this blather is even close to being true and factual. IOW, ‘actions speak louder than,’ overdone p.r. embiggening by a relative who has suspect motivations.

    • MakeEverydayCount says:

      Maybe the Middletons are also worried about Harry’s book. Harry knows EVERYTHING including EVERYTHING Kate!

  2. Laalaa says:

    Wow, I really didn’t care about WK rumours, and I really didn’t think they were separated.
    But now I am convinced they are, wtf is with these stupid articles, a little nuance would do them good, jizs

    • Chloe says:

      These puff pieces were laid to rest for a little but but now they are in overdrive again. This seems to be a pattern so i am thinking that every time they go into “kate is so great” overdrive (with exception of her Bday) william has been getting his pleasures outside the house again.

      This story dropping a week after kate was seen without her engagement ring, arriving separately from william to an event and charlotte carrying a (what seems to be ) duffle bag out of the helicopter is suspect.

    • Cee says:

      their separate arrival for the Commonwalth Games did it for me. Charlotte was EXCITED to see her mother and you could see her little feet running towards her. She also carried a pink duffel bag.
      They’re privately separated and are maintaining a public union for the time being but something is about to drop, for sure.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Even if it becomes too obvious there is a physical and emotional separation it could force a divorce.

      • Nyro says:

        @Cee Yep. Charlotte looked like a kid excited to see her mom after a week away at sleepover summer camp, duffel bag and all. I’m shocked that cameras were able to catch all of that. Just goes to show how protected by the British media the Cambridges feel.

      • Nic919 says:

        And this is after the separate cars for Wimbledon and George getting his father like he hadn’t seen him in a while and not just that morning. The excuse to justify two cars was that William was meeting John Kerry about Earthshot, which is ridiculous.

    • Belli says:

      They were never subtle, but to throw subtlety out of the window completely says they’re desperate.

  3. Persephone says:

    Trying to get ahead of the narrative. These people are so incredibly thirsty.

  4. OriginalLaLa says:

    Well golly be, isn’t Kate just *the* most perfect woman in absolutely *every* way!


    • TurquoiseGem says:

      Oh dear…! Now, I have no idea what might be afoot but something clearly is. It wasn’t a good idea to fetch Uncle Gary out of cold storage…..

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Last time they brought Gary out was because of Meghan. He’s such an embarrassment that they never want him talking for too long.

      • The Hench says:

        Uncle Gary is as rough as a badger’s a*se. and here he is saying “We are all, as a nation, super-proud of her. The royal family is in safe, beautiful and heaven-sent hands.”

        Like WTF is this unbelievable nonsense?? These are not Uncle Hookers’n’Blow’s authentic thoughts. Who the hell wrote this script for him and thought it would be taken seriously? Is he taking the mickey?

        I seen a lot of puffery and embiggening written about Kate but this is off the charts!!

      • BeanieBean says:

        ‘Heaven-sent hands’!!! And I couldn’t help but notice the contradictions in the Sun article. The kids were brought up in Norfolk but are being coached by their parents into being seen more because they’re moving to Windsor? But Kensington Palace is a kind of prison for the kids, so they’re moving to…Windsor…where they’ll have more freedom? Truly makes zero sense.

      • Harper says:

        Heaven-sent hands minus Big Blue.

      • Gabby says:

        I think Uncle Gary was being serviced at the local massage parlor when he was trying to decide what to say. Luckily for him there were some “Heaven Sent Hands”.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        @Gabby I’m crying omg that’s hilarious XD

      • aftershocks says:

        @Gabby: “I think Uncle Gary was being serviced at the local massage parlor when he was trying to decide what to say. Luckily for him there were some ‘Heaven Sent Hands.'”

        ^^ 🎯 🙌 😇 LOL for days! 🤣🤣🤣😂😆🤪

    • ArtHistorian says:

      The Middleton PR is always super obvious because they really like to stress this image of perfection with Kate. I think that is a mistake. People don’t relate to perfection but they probably stress it because they are so class-insecure.

      • Kitty Walsh says:

        They have always been class insecure.
        Not long after the wedding Kate was at a garden party at Buckingham Palace and it was reported that the only person who spoke to her was her lady in waiting. This was an awful position that Ma Middy pushed her into compared to her other daughter who seems to have truly won at life.

      • aftershocks says:

        @ArtHistorian: “The Middleton PR is always super obvious because they really like to stress this image of perfection with Kate. I think that is a mistake. People don’t relate to perfection but they probably stress it because they are so class-insecure.”

        ^^ There’s a lot of insecurity for sure. But in Kate’s case, there’s good reason for the insecurity. Poor mean girl made the mistake of wasting her college years and her young adulthood running after a Prince, for personal gain. And even once she landed the worthless nonce, she did absolutely nothing with the global platform all that scurrying and waity-ing offered her.

        As far as the Midds’ overdone p.r., they just come off as scheming and desperate. It’s more like they’re hoping enough people will continue swallowing the rota & BM kool-aid. Or, they are resorting to throwing everything at the wall to see what might stick. A useless, ineffectual attempt.

    • Ginger says:

      They love to push that she is so incredibly perfect but also SO real and relatable but, so beautiful and perfect we must weep in her presence BUT she also does the school run like all the other “normal” moms. It’s ridiculous.

      Also, when she does the school run she is dressed perfectly in pearls and a blow out but it’s okay because she is just a “normal” mom.

  5. Snuffles says:

    It’s definitely DEFCON 5 at Camp Middleton these days. I can only imagine the nuclear meltdowns happening behind the scenes.

    Am I the only one who feels like Carol is more upset about this than Kate? Not that Kate isn’t upset, but if she gets a nice financial security blanket for the rest of her life without having to work, Kate might welcome a divorce at this point.

    • SarahCS says:

      CarolE was always the driving force/ambition in Kate’s life so that would make sense. SHE is the one losing it over the (increasingly obvious) split. How much Katie Keen really cares is another matter, her life is clearly miserable and who knows if she ever wanted any of it? As has been said here before, she’s utterly incurious and lazy, she’s happy to potter along doing the bare minimum in any given situation so why not sit back and relax into a life of luxury without any demands being placed on you?

    • ShazBot says:

      I’d be willing to bet that since William has always come and gone during the relationship, the “living apart with Kate at Anmer and Will at Sandringham” during the pandemic didn’t really freak her out.
      But setting Kate up in her own house?? Well, that is progress in the wrong direction. They could always reel Will back in before, but it is obviously not working this time.
      Even if they never publicly divorce, separate homes is pretty final for aristocrats, this is as close to the edge as Carole has been since 2007.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Separate, private residence is part of the divorce package.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        ShazBot, did you notice that the article about the move is riddled with “I think” and “it is believed”? I keep saying that there has been no formal announcement that anyone is getting AC. I also have to wonder if all of that money POP gave the Mids for their new house could turn into KHate’s postnup house? I just think after more than a year of this someone could confirm that AC will house KHate or Cambridges or something.

    • Green girl says:

      I would think Carole is much more upset than Kate. All of that hard work just down the drain.

      Also: What if a divorce happens and wife #2 is considered better than Kate? I think that would be icing on the cake especially if the palace positions it as “at last Will has married someone fit to be the queen consort.”

    • Nic919 says:

      The panic seems to suggest that there is another woman who is serious for him and it’s not just randoms. And it’s not Rose.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        @ Nic919, I had been hinting that the Other Brother has possibly found someone but I do believe he will wait until TQ passes. As for Charles, he will thrilled to be rid of the Meddletons, especially given that CarolE pushed the sleazy Uncle Gary to sing the praises of the Other Brother over Charles. CarolE’s shenanigans backfired on her, as well as Uncle Gary. It was an attempt by Gary for his enormous payday to come to fruition earlier than later as he will probably be dead by the time the Other Brother becomes king.

        The Other Brother has decided that CarolE and her manipulative actions have been untethered for too long. The Other Brother is also out of a great deal of £££££ for beefing up the Meddltons compound as well. Stupid is as stupid does.

        I do believe that CarolE will be the one that will gutted when they divorce. She has spent decades, and millions of Gary’s money, to elevate CopyKeen. CopyKeen just wants a lovely settlement as well as a life to live free from the tirades of the Other Brother.

        CopyKeen is the perfect example of what NOT to be in a marriage as well as Mum.

      • Harper says:

        This reads like Middleton panic over the woman who will replace Kate (and a rare pause from Meghan-bashing). Given that Burger King has been rumored to be with a lawyer, describing Kate as a brilliant counsel is kind of showing their hand.

        As for being an ambassador and a figurehead, Kate’s blown it. Kate is simply too weak in the diplomatic department (Biden roundtable anyone?) and has not shown any growth in that area (one would argue that going down a slide while visiting a foreign country is a regression).

        If he’s looking to usurp Kate with a lawyer who can act as a diplomat, a wise figurehead, and as a councillor of state during his reign, then the panic seeping out of Bucklebury is understandable.

  6. Tessa says:

    And now Uncle Gary is back with overpraise.

  7. tuille says:

    They must be desperate if Uncle Gary is allowed to broadcast praise for Kate. Wasn’t he often excluded from Mid’family events because of his sleazy rep?

  8. Tessa says:

    The bestest, keenest, perfect, superlative, can do ANYTHING and can reach people in 3 seconds and does not need a degree to be an instant expert on Child Development. Gary needs to tone it down. Oh yes and she is the stunning-est, classiest person who will Save the Monarchy with her sunny smiles. LOL.

  9. Nic919 says:

    Carole has lost her common touch if she thinks anyone is going to feel bad for the Cambridge kids and living in a palace and a country estate and think it’s a prison. They didn’t need Adelaide cottage because they already have Anmer. They also could have found a school closer to Anmer if they wanted to be in the country more often than not.

    This is happening because Kate has been frozen out of Norfolk by the turnip toffs and William is making KP the home base for his side pieces and he doesn’t want his kids to be around when he brings her / many hers over.

    The separate helicopter ride with duffel bag for Charlotte more than confirmed they aren’t living together if the Wimbledon video with George didn’t do that.

    Also the more I read these crazy stories the more I believe Buckleberry manor is behind the blind item.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      I didn’t think about Carole being behind (snicker) the Peggy blind. She’s burned William before. Thing is…she truly has no power over him anymore. He has his heir and spare. His line is secured. She and Kate helped to drive H&M away. He has as much ammo on them as they have on him, except he can control the press if he truly wants and they’ll turn on the Middletons for increased access to the crown.

      • Snuffles says:

        Hey Carol (if you are watching), you have used up all of your cards. The RRs are bored wit Kate, the walking coat hanger and “perfect” mum who barely works. They will ALWAYS side with The Crown no matter how much dirt you have on William. And since you helped drive their meal tickets away, William, the single Dad, Bachelor King in waiting would sell more papers that Kate, The “Perfect”Queen in Waiting.

      • Nyro says:

        @theoriginalmia ITA that the Carole and Kate were the source of the Peggy blind item. He’s probably seething and embarrassed but I do if that’s enough to get him to come back home. They trapped him once with baby Louis after his adventures in Verbier. They shook him by dropping the Rose bombshell. If he wanted to leave after that couldn’t because the Sussexes left. He probably feels like he has to stand firm this time. So I expect the blinds to start coming fast and furiously.

    • Cairidh says:

      I think Carole might have released it to make it sound like a) they’re still a married couple and b) the mistresses aren’t there because theres anything wrong with Kate, or William doesn’t like her, it’s just because he has extra needs, Kate’s too perfect/traditional to take part in.

      But I don’t think they’d release it with the hope of shaming William to go back to Kate. He would be absolutely furious if they did release it, he’d never forgive, or want to go back, after that. So if they did, they must believe there is no hope of William returning. That ship must have long sailed.

  10. Cathy says:

    Have they not read the Scottish play?

    “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”

    • Truthiness says:

      💯 I read a newish article based off something in The Globe that when Kate found out about Rose, she ran to Berkshire and “collapsed.” Carole immediately called a doctor and William. When Will arrived Kate screamed at him and Carole lectured him before he was able to escape. It feels plausible, that Carole would try this tack once, just to see if she had the pull to effect a change. Can’t vouch for it, I was looking for something else. Rose had been deemed ‘best dressed’ at Will’s wedding and I was looking for a photo of it out of curiosity.

  11. TheOriginalMia says:

    How bad are things if they are bringing out Uncle Gary?! Is it possible William is ready to divorce her? Because nothing screams desperate like bringing Uncle Gary out to provide positive affirmations on your character and readiness to lead in 30 years.

  12. Eurydice says:

    Wow, I don’t know what Gary’s smoking, but he’s imagining Kate as literally the second coming of JC – heaven sent, but in human form, so “normal” and ” common.”

  13. Pam says:

    That HAS to be the most nauseating thing I’ve ever read. They’re really laying it on with a trowel. I love the way one minute the article says the children want to play football without being stared at from the gates, and the next minute the article states that they are going to be more visible in their new place—which is it??? And may we pause here to say that separation/divorce is hard enough on children, without them being in the public eye. I feel really badly for them.

    • Sunday says:

      I agree completely – aside from all the “sent from heaven to bring buttons to the masses” bs, they can’t even stick to a consistent narrative on the basics. The children can’t simultaneously be moving from KP to Windsor to escape prying eyes while becoming more visible… pick a lane!

  14. Sinéad says:

    Maybe they’re worried that if W&K split Will might meet someone else and she’ll be the queen consort not Kate. 20+ years of trailing after Will gone poof. That would worry Carole I think.

  15. Noki says:

    I am shocked they still allow this Uncle Gary to speak in public.

  16. Beach Dreams says:

    LOL…this is so cringe. It really does feel like things are dire behind the scenes. The “final normal summer at Anmer Hall” alone is brow-raising simply because it appears they’re not giving the home up. It was one thing when the initial moving reports suggested they were relinquishing that property, but now we know that they’re (or just William?) keeping everything. What exactly is preventing the children from having more ‘normal summers’ in Norfolk? We all know the workload of their parents isn’t going to change significantly (if at all), so what’s preventing them from having more of these summers in the future? The “space” excuse for moving to Windsor continues to be a shoddy one. Really, all the excuses they’ve put out for moving are on shaky ground at best.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, that made me wonder if they’re now planning to have “abnormal summers,” like the kids having to divide their time between W&K.

  17. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Praise from a man that punched his wife unconscious in a drunken argument in the street, why are the press giving air time to this abuser?

  18. IceBattle says:

    I would like to nominate myself to live in the “prison” of KP. SMFH

  19. Weatherby says:

    Came here to add that in some articles, they are using her *divorced* name.

    It was the latest People (so take that for what you will), but the caption underneath a photo read: “HRH, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge…” This same paragraph would go on to include mention of “Rose Cholmondelay, the Marchioness of Cholmondelay.” I add the mention of Rose Chumley to highlight that People got HER title correct.

    For starters: HRH, Prince William is “His Royal Highness,” and not “Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,” as would be proper. They’re *only* giving the HRH to William.

    Second, they use her name (no last name as with Rose) , a comma, and her Cambridge title WITHOUT USING “THE”. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge signifies she is divorced. Whereas, The Duchess of Cambridge is her current and official title.

    Add in the curiosity that People correctly use “the” in Rose’s title, AND include her last name (indicating that their audience may not know who she is, and making the comma work as mere separation from explanation and Formal Title). It would be the same as “Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge.” A correct title for the married Duchess of Cambridge.

    For reference, when Diana divorced, her formal title went from “The Princess of Wales” to “Diana, Princess of Wales.” She gained her first name and lost the pejorative “the”.

    An innocent error by an outlet that isn’t steeped in British Monarchy peerage rules? Perhaps. But add this to the reappearance of Uncle Gary, and methinks that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has something to fret over, indeed.

    I shall include a link to the article, but I’ll have to find it first. It’s about the affair, hence how it caught my eye.

    Second image from the top (hint: look for the image the includes Rose Chumley).

    Edit: article is Mercury News, not People. Still American based.

    • Jais says:

      This styling of her name is interesting. Imagine if they’re already in the process of divorce, or at least discussions of it, and the styling in these articles is a hint that there’s more than a separation going on.

    • TarteAuCitron says:

      Well, well, indeed. Thank you 🙂

    • Both Sides Now says:

      Thanks for the article!! Fun read too!!!

    • Weatherby says:

      One slight, but important correction: Diana’s married title was “HRH the Princess of Wales.” Meaning, in addition to the ever-significant article “the” being dropped, she lost her HRH as well.

      It’s why it’s so glaring to see the HRH (un?)intentionally omitted from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Only just after the HRH was granted to Prince William (using his birth title, no less. And NOT his married title “HRH the Duke of Cambridge”).

      Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

      • Christine says:

        You can smell the flop sweat coming off the rota, desperate to break this story. We are parsing commas, rota, do better (even though I completely agree that Kitty is being restyled a la Diana, Princess of Wales).

  20. aquarius64 says:

    The fear is strong with this one. The family knows even the nouveau riche will lose their phone numbers if the Firm fires Kate via divorce court. And the Middletons know the press and the Rota will turn on them if the palace gives the order. The Middletons are not a powerful family and the panic from Uncle Gary tells Kate has no real leverage.

    • Deanne from Canada says:

      100% agree Aquarius – It’s done.

      Kate received “facade” house, primary custody of the kids & can live near mummy who will dictate her “every mean girl” move (possibly reign influence over her grandkids). They will all be fazed out.

      William has 2+ homes and freedom to be an unmitigated unapologetic entitled racist ass with a revolving door of side pieces.

      Who loses? Those kids! They need to not be used as PR pawns. I can totally see Carole using them in the press. Deplorable.

  21. Mooney says:

    I still think we’ll get an announcement before Betty goes. After all,a lot of us thought that Harry would never leave as long as she’s alive,so…

    I’m sure prince Peggy had a good look at his brother and made a decision. He knows that he’ll be protected at all costs.

    • SAS says:

      Agreed Mooney, it would help W’s PR a LOT to have a vague statement of support from the Queen; disappointed about the marriage but faith in him as a father and FFK.

  22. HeatherC says:

    Uncle Gary is worried is return on investment is threatened.

  23. Miranda says:

    Alright, settle down, Uncle Gary.

    (Is EVERY sketchy uncle named Gary? I feel like I know several people whose Uncle Garies are like, deadbeats or pervs. It’s always an Uncle Gary who buys beer for underaged nieces and nephews, then goes to the party and hits on teenagers.)

    • kelleybelle says:

      Yes, please sit down Uncle Gary. Kate isn’t brilliant at anything, not even dressing. Utterly and completely talentless. Early Years was handed to her only because Meghan was on fire and Kate was doing absolutely nothing and looking like hell.

      • Cairidh says:

        She’s talented at stalking, seducing men into marrying her, and getting out of work. Those things all took real skill and effort.

  24. tuille says:

    If Kate anticipates a divorce in her future, will she work even less or will she try for more tasks to show how important she is as mother of a future king? (If the monarchy is still around in 30-40 years.)

    • Roo says:

      Let’s see. A smart woman would work harder and get her name out there (let’s ignore that a smart woman would never be in this situation in the first place), so Kate will likely do the opposite and just laze about at home.

  25. Amy Bee says:

    This is just further confirmation that Kate and William have separated and Adelaide Cottage is for her and the children. Another thing, if Archie had behaved like Louis did at the Jubliee (his behaviour was justified btw), the press would not have found it delightful and would have called Meghan a bad mother.

  26. Sunday says:

    IMO, the most interesting part is that Uncle Gary directly saying this means we know unequivocally that these are the talking points the Middletons desperately want to push. Whereas in the past we got a lot of “Kate is a calming force, she is William’s support system, Will can’t even put his pants on in the morning without her, Kate cuts up Will’s meat for him and absorbs his incandescence for the rest of us” embiggening, this latest batch of PR spin doesn’t mention anything about Will or their marriage whatsoever. It’s all focused on Kate being a good mother and Kate being a great choice for future future queen consort – that’s it.

    To me, that indicates a shift from the earlier campaigns where Kate was pushing how perfect she was for William to how perfect she is for the institution. She’s given up on pretending they’re the perfect couple, so now she’s the perfect “heaven sent” one, a partner and (in-name-only) spouse who will play along with whatever is needed, as long as she can retain her royal role. She’s no longer trying to be the perfect wife, it’s the perfect partner, which although it’s a common (and convenient) synonym for spouse, can also be interpreted to mean partner in co-parenting, partner in work engagements, etc.

    I’ve thought that Will and Kate would never divorce and would just live separate lives privately, but this latest Kate pr push really seems like the Middletons are actually worried that Kate’s role isn’t as secure as they (and a lot of us) thought.

    • Nyro says:

      Well, remember in the infamous Catherine the Great cover story Gor Tatler, one of the lines that got removed was something to the effect of her family knowing that the climb was not over until they see Kate on the throne with a crown on her head. They’ve always known he could get rid of her at any time, heirs secured or not.

  27. The Hench says:

    I’ve been trying to make some sense out of this latest craziness – or, at least, work out what the Middleton PR machine is trying to achieve by it. My guess is, as others have said here, that the separation has happened or is agreed. So now the Middletons are trying to use popular opinion to create a new role for Kate. The narrative has shifted away from her being or doing anything for William and is just (desperately) trying to say that she is the safest pair of royal hands ever – translation ‘please, William, don’t dump her completely, she can still be useful in public’.

    But I would lay money that Kate just doesn’t care herself if she never had to do another royal engagement again. She’d be happy to float about as the divorced Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. It’s CarolE who is worried about seeing her replaced and erased by a new Mrs Cambridge.

    • The Hench says:

      ETA I was reminded yesterday of that weird story by MSN via a foreign (French?) publication that the Cambridges HAD separated and Kate had packed and left with the kids. Weird because MSN must have been pretty sure to print something so bombshell in the first place and my money is on them then printing because they WERE sure. Yes, KP had it pulled and issued denials but the timing was right. It was after that story (as well as Richard Kay’s weird piece about “blistering rows” between the Cambridges and Kate “giving as good as she gets”) that we have seen both a more relaxed vibe between them in public – ie not total disdain from William and the separate arrivals to events.

      There was also that story about K&W distancing from Carole. Maybe that’s because both of them wanted to separate and Carole was the one desperately trying to prevent it?

      • Jais says:

        Was that msn story a few months ago? I’m trying to remember but this theory does fit.

      • The Hench says:

        @Jais – MSN broke the story on the 18th May. It was on here on the 19th.

      • GDubslady says:

        Blaming Megxit on Kate could work bc a lot of the early stories evolved around Kate and her staff. Will can say he was misinformed by Kate and Carole.

      • Nic919 says:

        The MSN story was pulled quietly without any lawyer threats of defamation which suggests that they weren’t wrong. It was an outlet not based in the UK which is likely why they printed it in the first place.

  28. Haylie says:

    Well if her woman-beating junkie uncle says it’s so, it must be true.

  29. Jaded says:

    When they trot out a bloviating sh*tbag like Uncle Hookers-n-Blow you know things are bad. Things are getting really dirty which can only mean that the Duchess of Bucklebury is in full panic mode. The walking coat-hanger, on the other hand, seems to be looking like the cat who licked the cream lately and couldn’t give a toss about Momager. Something has definitely shifted in her universe.

    • Belli says:

      Maybe Kate’s decided that life as a rich divorcee looks much more appealing than having to keep pretending to do work and like being around William.

  30. Blujfly says:

    What kind of niece is she, Uncle Gary? How many times have you been in the same room with her children? When’s the last time you had a conversation with her? Pippa’s wedding ceremony? (Not reception, he wasn’t invited.)

  31. ❌Stevie ❌ says:

    It is not just that Louis put his hand over Kate’s mouth. Notice how he watches the program while covering her mouth, as if, she had been a nuisance to his view that he needed to SILENCE!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Truthiness says:

      I don’t think that’s the first time a member of the Cambridges wanted to silence her, he was defiantly proud of his actions and didn’t expect to be put in time out/whatever Nanny does when he is misbehaving.

    • Nyro says:

      YES!!!! That’s what made it both hilarious and humiliating. The complete dismissal of her. He just wanted her to shut up and let him watch the show, which was much more important that her.😂

  32. Izzy says:

    I know William hates his younger brother for a variety of stupid and incomprehensible reasons, but by now he must realize that his life as a royal would be easier if he actually had Harry and Meghan around and accomplishing things because it makes the whole family looks good. So I wonder if he’ll try to use the split and blame it for the rift between him and his brother and sister-in-law, shift all the blame to Katie Keen and Carole.

    • Both Sides Now says:

      @ Izzy, the Other Brother would have no issue in blaming CopyKeen for their departure. As long as his hands remain clean, the Other Brother has zero difficulty in throwing anyone under the bus, including his wife…..

      This man has no morals or compassion. The Other Brother is the epitome of a narcissistic, angry, disgusting human being. The Other Brother will lose no sleep by throwing her, and her manipulative Mum, under the bus.

  33. Slippers4life says:

    Def con keen is my new favourite

  34. Lola says:

    What I find baffling is that most people assume Kate is all broken up over this. Being in a long term relationship with a man who continually rubs in your face that no matter what you do, he will never ever love you, is an awful, painful, extremely lonely existence. When a relationship like that is coming to the end and you realize that now you have the chance to find someone who truly loves you, it’s like the sun finally comes back out and you see it again for the first time in years. People assume that you’re devastated and are baffled why you look like you’re walking on air. Everyone assumes that William saw what H&M have and realized that’s what he wanted for himself. I think it’s much more likely that it would have that impact on Kate. William is a spoiled brat who is used to getting what he wants and probably still assumes (contrary to his looks and personality) that he can find a woman to love him at the drop of a hat. Kate on the other hand has probably doubted if she could ever find a man who would truly love her, since she has ever only had romantic experience with one man, and he treated her awfully. She’s probably excited now at the idea that maybe she could finally experience what she sees other people have. When she told Megan you just have to put up with cheating, I’m sure that’s what she truly believed at that time, because that is literally the only thing she has ever experienced. Now, maybe she has the chance to find someone who will actually really love her? I’m not a fan of Kate but as a woman who can empathize with women who are treated like shit by men, I am happy for her.

    • Both Sides Now says:

      @ Lola, we should also take into account of Pippas married life. I am certain that Kate would love to have a marriage that Pippa has with TMW. Kate sees her younger sister expanding her education, a husband that adores her as well as giving Pippa anything should could possibly want. I am certain that it was a rude awakening for Kate and she has taken her goggles off for once. If she can live rent free as well as work free, she will pounce on it!! You can only fool yourself for so long.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate had other boyfriends before William. I recall she broke up with one during Winter break from St. Andrew’s.

    • C says:

      Eh. She dated other guys before and flirted with plenty to “get back at him” in 2007.
      I’m sure she does believe she has to put up with the cheating but it’s specifically in regards to William.
      She’s after the crown. That’s why we’re seeing all these articles about how stable and wonderful she is for the monarchy. Otherwise she’d be putting out more PR about how she’s the most wonderful partner William could ever have.
      She treated Meghan worse than William has treated her, honestly.

    • Cairidh says:

      She had at least two serious boyfriends at school, William Marx who looked like William, and another who treated her badly/or dumped her/can’t remember.

      At St. Andrews there was Rupert finch, who she possibly cheated on to get with William. The quote was “their relationship was already coming to an end” which sounds like they overlapped.

      Supposedly she had a fling with Williams friend, who told him she could be trusted to be discreet.

      • Flower says:

        I had a front row seat to Rupert’s law school ‘break-down’.

        He even told me his version of the story one day i.e. he was supposed to go to OLIP (Oxford Institute of Legal Practice for Law School) and Kate was supposed to transfer from St Andrews to Oxford University that same year so they could live together in Oxford. Looking back the plan stacks up as Rupert I believe did a non-law undergraduate degree, so had to do the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) then the LPC (Legal Practice course). So if Kate did transfer, she’d finish a 3 year degree at about the same time he finished 2 years of law school.

        Instead he ended up at Guildford College of Law (2002-2004). This was a fate worse than death at the time for toff’s like Rupert, as places like OLIP and Nottingham Law school were the secret society for the well heeled (before BPP dominated the market). The toffs would go on about it non-stop as if letting us know they were forced to study with us mere mortals – even though us mere mortals had our training contracts lined up with firms they were dying to get into on our own talents and not nepotism. Also the fact that Rupert went to the CoL instead of one of those institutions tells me he likely bombed his degree as he did not have a training contract when we started the course so his firm were not mandating the CoL.

        He was a typical toff and let the rest of us know it. Wore the same sloane uniform every day including the trusted base-ball cap to hide unwashed hair and a pullover or jumper over a shirt which was never tucked into cords, chinos or occasionally jeans. And that puffa jacket in winter – my gawd I was glad to see the back of that awful thing.

        TBF I don’t blame Kate for running from Rupert, granted she was the cause of his broken heart, but that guy was miserable AF.

      • BeanieBean says:

        @Flower: Great insider info, thanks for taking the time to share!

      • Cairidh says:

        Yes thanks for the gossip!

        Although there is no way Kate would ever have in a million years transferred to Oxford.
        1. She would never have left the place where William was. She had her eye firmly on the prize.
        2. She would never have been accepted by Oxford, she’s neither clever enough nor hard working enough.
        3. I don’t think Oxford accepts transfers, it’s hard enough to get in at the start of a degree, I don’t think they take people part way through. Except organised exchange programmes, but that’s only with top universities such as Ivy League.

        So that’s either another case of Kate saying what she thinks her boyfriend (in this case Rupert) wants to hear or it’s Kate telling William she’s moving away to Oxford to play hard to get, and to make William think she’s capable of getting into Oxford.

      • Flower says:

        @Cairidh I’m not so sure – I think it could have been arranged.

        Maybe not a transfer but to start again from scratch. My understanding is that Scottish degrees are 4 years so Kate would not have lost any time transferring to Oxford (if that was on the table).

        And calling in a favour would be a small price to pay for the BRF to dispose of a clingy heart -broken 19/20 year old girlfriend, especially if the trade off was a place on one of the worlds most prestigious courses at one of worlds best institutions.

        People forget that Charles went to Cambridge with two A levels and graduated with a Desmond despite all the private teaching.

      • C says:

        People have said Kate has that exact same personality so I doubt it was a personality clash with Rupert that was the issue.

        And I don’t think the BRF would have ever put that much effort in to call in a favor to Oxford for Kate. None of them even knew it was serious, like, marriage serious until he actually proposed.
        And Kate would have been eaten alive at Oxford academically. So would William for that matter. So I agree with Cairidh.

    • Jaded says:

      Only one romantic experience??? Whatever gave you that idea?? She’s had plenty of boyfriends only they’ve all been pretty much scrubbed from social media. Furthermore, she knew EXACTLY what she was getting into with William. He cheated on her consistently over the years but she wanted the FFQ and PoW titles more than anything and put up with it willingly. However at some point William’s cheating led him to become emotionally involved with at least one other woman (possibly Rose Hanbury) and that is something Kate can’t tolerate. Physical infidelity is one thing but emotional infidelity is far more painful. I’ve no doubt she’s being put out to pasture — whether they will officially separate or divorce is up in the air, but all signs point to them leading separate lives.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate chose this life. She’s stalked William since Marlborough/Downe. She chose to bed multiple of his friends to be ‘approved’ for William. She chose to be used as his ‘Mattress’ for years. She sat back and put up with cheating for 10 years prior to the wedding, and the 10 years after. Her goal is the titles, not the man. The problem is, for William the business arrangement is ending. He’s done, she doesn’t want it to end.

  35. SussexWatcher says:

    DEFCON Keen! I’m dead 💀🤣

    Something is definitely happening to have stirred up allllll the Midds! I’m guessing a formal separation is coming sooner rather than later (rather than waiting for the queen’s death). A separation also explains the new, severely downsized living arrangements. This will be Keen’s separation home.

    I even wonder if The Other Brother’s upcoming US trips will be his first as a newly separated heir to the heir.

  36. L4Frimaire says:

    The last time they were this extra was when Kate wasn’t allowed at the Diana statue unveiling. Why all this flattery and nonsense? Not much happening on either side of the Atlantic. This can’t just be a reaction to birthday princess tweets or tmi about wayward husbands. What I find surprising is that the Middletons use someone as crass as the shady uncle to speak for them unchecked. It smacks of desperation and amateur hour. Usually in the past, it was some aristocratic or notable friend who’d talk up a royal’s attributes like a Lady Glenconner or Lucia Flecha de Lima for Margaret or Diana.

    • Cairidh says:

      The Middletons had a high opinion of Gary because he was rich.
      It’s been claimed by goldsmith relatives he paid for the children’s education and Kate’s campaign to bag William – the plastic surgery, flat in London, clothes and expensive hair treatments, their claiming/appearing to be millionaires when they’re probably not.

      Gary was/is a millionaire (from drug dealing and Pimping). So to the middletons, he was impressive.
      When there was the scandal in the papers of Gary being photographed snorting cocaine and offering journalists “fresh young girls”, instead of carol scolding him, she was phoning him apologising to him, for the trouble they’d caused him.

      So when they have Gary speak to the media, to them, that’s their most impressive relative speaking – a millionaire! It’s like hyacinth bucket – my sister violet, the one with a Mercedes, a swimming pool, and room for a pony. Whereas everyone else in Britain see Gary as Onslo.

      • Chrissy says:

        LOL! I love the Hyacinth comparison. So right about Bad Uncle Gary = Onslow.
        What a warped, pathetic money-grubbing family the Goldsmiths/ Middletons are. Carole must be freaking out that all her scheming has come to almost nothing. At least she’ll still be the grandmother of a future King George, I guess. She’ll be cashing in on that connection til the day she dies.

  37. Siobhan says:

    I have to say, I highly doubt the Middletons ever authorize or ask Uncle Gary to comment on anything – I think he’s similar to Meghan’s father in that he’ll sell himself out to the highest bidder and I think probably has zero access or inside information at this point, and just makes up whatever narrative he thinks sounds good enough to make some money and/or to sound relevant in the press. The Middletons know how unsavory Gary is and I’m sure want to distance himself from him in public, I would never believe that anything he says is coming for any actual access or inside information that he has.

    • Jaded says:

      The thing is, Uncle Gary is filthy rich so he doesn’t need to sell out to the media to pay the rent the way Markle senior does. I truly believe he’s in cahoots with Ma Meddlesome and she trots him out from time to time to attempt, in vain, to embiggen Kate who is, for all intents and purposes, on her way out from a bad marriage whether she likes it or not.

      • Flower says:


        Uncle Gary is a loudmouth so Carole can get him to speak with plausible deniability.

        Uncle Gary makes a statement and Carole can deny any knowledge – but the message is out.

    • Nic919 says:

      Tom Markle says things that are negative for Meghan whereas Uncle Gary shows up to praise kate and bash Meghan. It’s clear gary is doing what his sister wants.

    • MoonRiver says:

      I agree completely with Jaded, Flower and Nic919. Uncle Gary is the mouthpiece for Carole and Kate. He doesn’t need a payday and he isn’t spewing venom at Kate to be provocative and get a bit of attention from time to time. On the contrary. He is praising her as a “heaven sent” gift. Lol!

      Neither Carole nor KP attempt to silence him as they would if anyone said something they did not like or want attributed to Kate.

      Uncle Hookers and Blow was critical of Harry and Megan regarding Black Lives Matter and racism in the UK and he was particularly nasty in his critique of them on LinkedIn, I believe. (Why there, I don’t know). He even stated immediately that he would not be apologizing, the hubris of someone who knew his a$$holery was sanctioned by KP, and he would suffer no blowback and in fact be protected if things got rough.

  38. Jean says:

    Whatever happens in their marriage, everyone should strive for an authentic, decent life that makes them happy and a partner who can cherish them, no amount of money, power, glory or crowns could compete with that!

    • Chrissy says:

      Of course, but he settled for her after everyone else he was interested in rejected him and, no matter how much he humiliated Kate, she stuck around. Didn’t Michael Midds have a chat with TOB at about the 9 year mark, about proposing to Kate or breaking up with her? TOB had a close, though, sycophantic relationship with the Midds, so he thought he should “do the right thing” and marry the pathetic Limpet (as Harry called her). I don’t think the word love ever came into it, for either of them. He didn’t want to look like a pathetic cad and she was willing enough to do anything to keep him, as per CarolE’s instructions.

  39. aquarius64 says:

    Taking bets if the divorce goes down Kate is named the Royal Racist and she’s the source of the bullying allegations. William will claim he was manipulated. Jason Knife is back on the payroll and you bet he’ll back up William. Kate and the Middletons are too stupid to keep receipts.

    • Flower says:

      I think taking the fall will be a condition of a decent settlement.

      It won’t be spelled out explicitly, however there will be penalties for speaking up for herself i.e. less money, sh!ttier house, less access to the kids etc.

      There are a multitude of ways the RF can make Kate’s life miserable if Carole dares to ‘fight back’ and Kate is no Diana with bawls of steel. Instead I see Kate slinking away to Buckleberry and possibly eventually marrying a billionaire so that she can afford the security to keep the media away (Diana’s experience is etched at the forefront of her mind right now).

      The problem with grooming a 23 year old to marry your daughter is that eventually the 23 year old has a mid-life crisis at 40 and then distances himself from everything that he feels he was manipulated into and then projects that on those closest to him i.e. Kate.

      Personally I don’t see these two getting divorced before Chuck ascends the throne. Chuck would not want such an occasion mired by Bill’s bullsh!t. Rather I think they’ll live their separate lives and just move on.

      Also based on everything that has happened over the last few years I am finally convinced that the injunction is to protect an illegitimate child.

      Kate and Carole rolled the dice and lost. If I were Kate I’d be planning a soft landing with one of James Matthew’s super wealthy clients. I notice he’s set up a new super secret Hedge Fund recently – I;m sure he must have a few uber wealthy billionaires with grown children.

      • MoonRiver says:

        @Flower, what specifically makes you think the injunction is about an illegitimate child? I gotta say, it never occurred to me, but I’m open to it if you got something to go on. Lol.

        I distinctly remember a journalist on a UK program at the time of Sussexit stating that a legal reason precluded him and others from disclosing something about William that if revealed would cause the public to “sympathize with Harry and Megan”, and look unfavorably upon William and Kate. I took it to mean William the Terrible and Kate engaged in some particularly nasty behavior to destroy Meghan.

        I didn’t presume it had anything to do with William and an affair(s). I could be wrong.

      • Flower says:

        @Moonriver I’ve thought about this from a legal stand point and the only reasoning that fits the use of the Human Rights Act AND a super-injunction is to protect a child who cannot otherwise be protected because they are not a public person. Or where disclosing the identity of the mother and the timing of the affair would essentially expose the identity of that child, hence the black out on reporting.

        It also explains a lot of William & Kate’s behaviour since that point – separate homes, engagements , flinching , Kates many hair and wardrobe rebrands. They have clearly been struggling for a while. Worse still however is how much the children are clearly aware of their situation and likely being affected.

        Basically there is so much to unpack, but with all the other theories it feels like we’ve tried to put the facts together but with this theory – it just makes sense.

        William cheating has never been a problem for Kate, even his emotional proximity with women like Jecca was tolerated. But this situation has knocked her sideways and sent Carole reeling, which suggests something much more serious is afoot.

        I think they’re working out the details of the divorce and the BRF are walking the tightrope of keeping Kate onside whilst managing her.

        This is why Uncle Gary has been wheeled out. Because he is unpredictable and unpredictable people say unpredictable things. So possibly W&K have reached a sticking point in negotiations so uncle Gary has been wheeled out to re-focus Bill’s mind and motivations.

        The Duchy of Middleton are way too chicken sh!t to say anything, but clearly they are using Uncle Gazza as a carrot and stick to make William remember that he doesn’t want his life reduced to Thomas Markle style theatrics.

        It is this latter point that now confirms to me that KP were behind the Sperm donor’s outbursts. I hope William & Kate get a taste of their own medicine when this all melts down and Uncle Garry realised that this is the second time he has publicly pissed away his good fortune on an investment that was never forthcoming.

      • MoonRiver says:

        @Flower, WOW! (Standing Ovation) I am still a new poster here but a long time lurker. This is one of the best and most thorough assessments of the Kate and William marriage and what is likely going on that I have read on this site, and that is high praise given the number of superb posters on this board.

        My head is spinning, there is so much in this post I want to address. First, I was aware of an injunction issued at some point but was unaware of a “Super” injunction and as I have no legal background, I don’t fully understand the distinction. I assumed the invocation of the Human Rights Act was overkill in response to the story about the Rose affair in the spring of 2019. And, as I understood a few posters here at the time, it was an Act whose effectiveness would disappear once all ties with the EU were severed and Brexit took full effect.

        So, when Sussexit went down in January 2020, and that journalist on UK television claimed there were “legal reasons” he and others could not disclose something about William, I assumed (given the context of Sussexit) that William’s behavior had something to do with H&M, namely that he tried to siphon some of Meghan’s Grenfell Cookbook money to benefit his own charities within The Royal Foundation.

        Now, you are mentioning a super injunction. Do we know when and under what circumstances it was issued? Timeline would help us surmise the possible reasons for its issuance. Was it after Brexit, when the Human Rights Act could no longer be utilized to keep the press at bay? I always thought the invisible contract was used before and especially after Brexit to silence any and all unfavorable press about William…

        I agree with all of the other pieces of the puzzle you referenced that I had not fully put together before, and I would add the strain and body language between these two in their every joint appearance since the flinch of Christmas 2019. The tearful or tired look on Kate’s face that Xmas walk about, their first with George and Charlotte. Rose’s sudden inclusion at church on New Year’s, days before the announcement of Sussexit. Kate’s first appearance after Sussexit with William, where she sports the band aid (plaster in the UK?) on her hand again, a possible indicator of a binge and purge flair up. The fact that at that engagement and several subsequent ones, Kate’s fashion choices consisted of huge bows and she began to wear items designed to obscure her shrinking frame.

        Appearances with William in the two months with William pre-pandemic, saw Kate
        with a faraway look in her eyes and during the pandemic, her Zoom calls with William felt incredibly awkward as they never looked at one another and Kate seemed uncomfortable with William and he was completely disengaged – and, that was before they moved those Zoom calls to Sandringham.

        I’m not even going to go into the numerous examples of marital misery that seemed to increase in April/May of last year when I seriously began to question for the first time if they were possibly separated. The biggest argument in favor of that was the unceasing Carole Middleton PR campaign that diverged from the wimpy KP PR on behalf of William, and seemed to place Uncle Degenerate front and center. For some reason he felt the need to sing Kate’s praises, endorsing her for Queen as if her inevitable fulfillment of that role was suddenly in doubt.

        One eyebrow raised when Will showed up separately from Kate and George for Wimbledon, but last week when Charlotte and Will flew in for a joint engagement with Kate, and Charlotte waved excitedly at her mother before hopping out of that helicopter with a DUFFEL bag, I ALMOST swallowed my tongue. It was the strongest “proof” in an unguarded moment that they are leading separate lives.

        And, the re-emergence of Uncle Sleazy, along with the People Magazine fluff nonsense out of nowhere, Kate advertising her hands without big blue (likely to encourage speculation that shames Willie back in line), pretty much tells me SOMETHING pretty close to your speculation is afoot.

        So final question…if there is an illegitimate child, do you think the mother is someone William is still involved with? Clearly, he is or was involved with someone that had/has both Kate and Carole concerned enough to run to the press promoting Kate as the savior of the Monarchy. Is this woman the reason for a separation or is the existence of a child reason enough for both of them to want space?

      • Flower says:

        @Moonriver the UK’s leaving the EU does not affect our accession or adherence to the ECHR or the Human Rights Act – although I understand the confusion here.

        The ECHR was actually formed by leading UK Lawyers amongst others after WW2 to codify the rights of citizens in EU countries much like say the Geneva Convention etc.

        Although our membership is under threat by our current conservative govt, whom are intent in stripping UK citizens of any rights that impact the profit of corporations and the far reaching arms of our UK Govt institutions i.e. Home Office and it’s Rwanda Policy.

        So I suspect it will be around for at least a few years.

        Re the child – who knows – could be someone he still sees regularly. I’m guessing the Turnip Toff story is a clue or convenient distraction/ cover up.

        I think other people have also had the same theory about W’s extra-marital affairs bearing fruit, so this is not new.

        Personally I believe the inner circle of RR’s know in the same way they knew about all Chuck and Di’s shenanigans and that is one of the reasons H&M knew they had to leave bc essentially W is now compromised and owned by the UK press. Compromised people are dangerous to be around as they will always have a beast to feed. Some will argue that Fergie took it on the chin, but Fergie was often the architect of her own stupidity and was not a bi-racial American divorcee marrying into a family who were leaning into a Govt leaning to the extreme right. This is not a comparison of like for like. Meghan was skewered on the regular for merely existing. And that is before we talk about the angry hit pieces because Harry would not allow access to his family. In the end the Sussexes realised that the game was rigged for them to ALWAYS lose so bounced.

        I now understand why Chuck did the Dimbleby interview (which all the RR’s like Penny Junor advised against). He wanted to be free of their shackles, not be their eternal b!tch and was willing to do his time and be free on the other side to re-brand – cue Mark Boland.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kevin Maguire was the one who said that there are legal reasons he can’t say more but that if the public knew they would be far more sympathetic to H and M. He clearly links this to a family issue and not the media.

        I don’t think this relates to an illegitimate child, at least not Maguire’s comment. I think Maguire was referring to H and M learning about Knauf and his deception, especially with his friend Toubati.

        However, I do agree that William’s use of a super injunction relates to an illegitimate child. A super injunction doesn’t exist in many places and basically lets rich people prevent the media from even reporting of its existence. And since there has been reporting about William and rose having affair, that wouldn’t have been a part of the injunction since the cat was already out of the bag and human rights letters were issued. The super injunction is for something more. And an illegitimate child for a future king would be the type of thing an English court would consider worthy of keeping out of the press.

      • MoonRiver says:

        Kevin Maguire! Thanks, Nic919. I was beginning to wonder if I had misremembered some or all of his statements. Of course, you are right that he couldn’t be referring to an illegitimate child in that context.

        Thanks for explaining the application of a super injunction. I should have guessed the wealthy and powerful would have legal recourse to censor unfavorable information.

        I have to confess that my heart nearly stopped beating when I read about this “super injunction” along with Flower’s belief that this could only have been imposed to conceal the identity of a child. If this is true, the level of betrayal and deception in their marriage will give rise to other problems in their union that will out in time. The fact that many of us have deduced marital discord and speculate with confidence that they are co-parenting, and not likely living together full time, doesn’t bode well for their ability to keep the depth of their dysfunctional relationship under wraps well into the future.

        And, as we saw with the decision to seal the contents of Prince Philip’s will for 99 years to “preserve the dignity of the Queen”, senior royals aren’t going to live by the same rules as the rest of us.

  40. RoyalBlue says:

    Gary’s rubbing it on thick today, how would he know Kate is all those things unless he spent a lot of quality time around her. Sorry Uncle, it’s game over for these two, the writing is on the wall and there is no viable future with Kate in it. There are many times we have seen this where Mumbelina is desperately grasping at straws to hold on when she is paid no heed by the royal family/her husband. To me her 40th birthday celebrations was a big one. It was almost as if she and Carole were told to plan her own events. She decided on those antebellum photos all by her lonesome and publicized they were to be sent to display in every town she lived in and we never heard of that again. Then she came out and cosplayed a piano master, and that was it. We never heard if she was having a birthday party or anything. I felt they hung her out to dry. For the final Jubbly concert, charles, Camilla and Cain were seated next to each other, then came the children and then Kate was seated on the east coast of the island. Just S-P-A-C-E.

    • Deanne from Canada says:

      Yes! No Portrait Tour? No Royal star studded giant fete for both W & K?

      Wait… was this portait blitz one last ditch effort to entice hubs back? Looking like a super photoshopped Pageant Contestant Shopping Mall Glam shots?

  41. Jay says:

    There’s something so creepy about uncle Gary just generally, but especially creepy in the language he uses to talk about his niece. “The royal family is in safe, beautiful and heaven-sent hands”? Ick.
    It’s not the first time we’ve noted this weirdness in regards to Gary and how he talks about Kate, but just imagine if this were your brother describing your daughter. Your 40 year old daughter. It’s…not great.

    • Cairidh says:

      Didn’t he comment something about the size of Kate’s breasts??? and William replied anything more than a handful is a waste.

      • Nyro says:

        Yes. Kate’s uncle is the reason we know that William prefers small boobs, bragging because his niece fits the bill. That man is pervy as hell.

  42. jazzbaby1 says:

    My personal opinion is that the “rumor” from a week or so ago about TOB is one of the things the Buckleberry Barons had on him. Now they have less leverage so they’re bringing out Uncle HookerzNBlow to remind himself that there’s plenty more where that came from.