“Cruel” Madonna treats Jesus Luz like an errard boy & sex object

Madonna Visits Judaism's Holy Site
The jumping off point for In Touch Weekly’s Madonna and Jesus story seems to be that Jesus went home to Brazil for a few days and he flirted with some girls his own age. IT even has pictures of Jesus deejaying at a club, and a very young blonde was at his side. Thankfully, the girl wasn’t touching him, or else Madge’s Vadge would have to shank the poor girl.

Not only did Jesus flirt with girls (his own age), he even went out to dinner with one of them. Scandal! Accordingly, Madge felt “humiliated”. And while Jesus is “thankful” for all that Madge has done for him, he also gets annoyed with her dismissive attitude about their relationship. I believe this is also referred to as “a boy-toy temper tantrum”.

While Jesus has said that Madonna is “a friend who is my life…she’s wonderful, and full of positive energy,” Jesus also knows that Madge can be cruel.

“She doesn’t treat him with respect,” a friend says. “She talks to him like an errand boy, like he’s stupid and has nothing to say. Madonna makes it clear that he’s nothing but a pretty face. She treats him like a sex object.”

Unless Madonna adopts a new attitude, she may find herself alone again. The same friend says that Madonna’s not paying enough attention to Jesus now – “He’s not sure if they have a real future.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition, November 9 2009]

I’m not so sure what the point of this whole thing was. Okay, so Jesus is upset because Madge-Mom isn’t paying enough attention to him. So what? He’s her boy-toy, and she’s not interested in amusing him constantly. Thus, she pays for him to amuse himself, like those deejay lessons that came in handy for flirting with girls his own age. And if Jesus is really serious about this whole “You need to pay attention to me or I’m quitting this bitch” crap, my guess is that Madge will be all “Smell ya later, Jesus!” Seriously, it’s not like she can’t find another random 20-something starving model to be her boy-toy. Even I might be up for it – the perks are pretty amazing.

 Jesus Luz arrives at Madonna's London home in a very old fashioned London taxi

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  1. NeNe says:

    Hey, cry me a river buddy! Jesus knew what he was getting involved with when he hooked up with Madonna. He’s just there to be her hot piece of ass. He’s there to just look pretty, and provide sex whenever she wants it. Poor baby, how horrible that must be? Notice how he’s not complaining about the ‘allowance’ Madonna gives him.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find this guy hot?

  3. Fire says:

    nope, firestarter. i don’t see the appeal either. he has a nice bod, but i’ve seen hotter faces, for sure.

  4. princess pea says:

    He’s a big boy, he can leave if he doesn’t like it.

  5. NeNe says:

    @ Firestarter

    There is something cute about him, but I definitely would not define him as ‘HOT’.

  6. Iggles says:

    I think he’s hot. Mostly because he has an amazing body.

    In defense of Jesus, (I know, what am I saying?!) over time it must be grating and demoralizing when someone has little interest in you as a person and doesn’t respect you. Sure there are perks, but Madge is the one wearing the pants and his feelings/concerns are not viewed as valid because she’s paying for him. After all, she’s “allowing” him to be with her.

    Any relationship where two people are not equally bringing things to the table is doomed to fail without understanding and respect. From what it sounds like, it’s what they lack and why their relationship is doomed. After all, there are plenty relationships with huge age gaps that last (you see old rich guys on their 2nd or 3rd marriage to woman half their age all the time. For example Ted Kennedy and Larry King had stayed with their younger wives for decades).

  7. ligeia says:

    he probably has rock hard abs and thats why he’s hot!
    in other news boy toy throws a temper tantrum over being treated like a meaningless object, more at 8.

  8. Guest says:

    Please pass the tissues…geeze.

  9. barneslr says:

    Please. He’s nothing more than a prostitute. I can’t feel sorry for him if he’s unhappy.

  10. Kevin says:

    I think Lourdes has more viable facial hair than this bought and paid for living dildo.

  11. Embee says:

    Hmmmm… does Madonna have a “type”?

    Sean Penn; Carlos whats-his-name (Lourdes’ dad); Rocco’s dad; A-Rod; and now Jesus.

    I’m not seeing a trend.

    Whatever, J. Buck up, young buck.

  12. Ally says:

    Please, this guy is David Gest Jr., just an arm candy escort to preserve Madonna’s post-divorce dignity, as Guy Ritchie begins hooking up with a bevy of starlets.

  13. shah says:

    True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost

  14. lin234 says:

    lol does he even speak english? Wasn’t Madge buying him lessons?? Madge is older than his mother. What did he expect? What is really funny is that he has thoughts.

  15. Fire says:

    I do feel a bit torn about this. On one hand he probably isn’t used to the woman wearing the pants in the relationship and he seems young and maybe inexperienced. But, I mean, it’s Madonna. What did he expect?? Isn’t that one of the main complaints from all of her ex’s – that she wants to control everything? He is a big boy and can leave whenever it gets too tough to take. But I’m sure the perks he is enjoying might outweigh what he has to “endure”?? He’s flirting with girls his age, while he’s “DJing” after the lessons she paid for (and is probably using his new found fame to get the gig, right??) I dunno, it is hard for me to feel sorry for him….

    I do think it’s irresponsible on Madonna’s part to involve him in her children’s lives if he is just a fuck buddy.

  16. gg says:

    I’m not finding him hot in the least, but I don’t like the usual swarthy stereotypes anyway.
    He has a weird face and upper lip. Paid prostitutes should move on if they’re unhappy doing that for a living.

    Also: “Smell ya later, Jesus” 😆
    Kaiser that totally just made my day.

  17. Dhavy says:

    He should be thankful that she even looks his way! let’s face it, he was really a nobody with a nice body and even if she dumps him he will have more work than he ever had before! Think about how many young studs will like to be in his shoes. We’re talking about a woman that’s tougher than a lot of men. Suck it up dear, you’ll never get another chance like this one

  18. yadira says:

    He has pretty eyes but everytime I see the hair pattern on his face, can’t help but think “Dirty Sanchez”!

  19. SARAH says:

    What does it matter, he’s using Madonna anyways. He should be thankful that she even looks his way. He was a nobody before, still kinda is, but if she dumps him, he’ll have more ladies running to him afterward. Unless some girls are put off by him having done a woman old enough to be his mom, but still seems to think she’s in her 20’s still.

  20. WTF?!? says:

    “What is really funny is that he has thoughts.”

    As a Latino male, he probably IS hating not being the dominant partner, but as barnesir said, he’s nothing more than a prostitute, so he should suck it up or leave. I find him thoroughly unattractive, as those eyes reflect zero brain activity. Ripped abs are not a deal-maker for me.

    @yadira– disgusting. And hilarious.

  21. genie says:

    And we should care about this because….?! Get over it!

  22. GatsbyGal says:

    “Cruel” Madonna treats Jesus Luz like an errard boy & sex object

    …but, that’s what he is to her, isn’t it?

  23. Larissa says:

    yeah, and you all believe in Santa Claus…do any of YOU ALL realize that the same people who releases those stories are exactly the same as those whom create stories about brangelina??? ffs…GET REAL!

  24. TwinkleToes says:

    I agree with those who don’t find him that hot and the reason is he has a feminine chin. The rest of his face is fine but his eyes are a little crazy looking. Madonna needs to buy the baby Jesus a CHIN IMPLANT, toute de suite!

  25. Dominique says:

    it’s his eyes, they’re creepy!