Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis ‘don’t speak to each other,’ she’s ‘upset’

Last week, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’s lawyers were in court in New York, trying to work out which jurisdiction should deal with the ongoing custodial issue of their two kids. Otis and Daisy Sudeikis were born in New York, and the family lived in New York for years. Then in 2019/20, Olivia moved to LA full-time for work. Jason and Olivia were somewhat bicoastal for a while, although the end of their relationship is still in dispute (Olivia claims they split in early 2020, Jason says late 2020). Jason wants the custody issue resolved, which is why he filed to allow the New York family courts to have jurisdiction. Last week, the New York court said no, the kids are LA residents, this belongs to the LA family court. Jason also claimed that Olivia was planning to move to England next year and take the kids, which is something else for the family court to deal with. Anyway, People Magazine got an update on where things stand with Jason and Olivia at the moment:

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are continuing to put their children first. Despite the exes’ contentious custody battle surrounding their daughter Daisy, 5, and son Otis, 8, a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue that Wilde, 38, “wants to focus on what’s best for the kids.”

“She and Jason don’t speak to each other, so they have help communicating about the custody schedule,” the insider adds.

And though she is “upset about the custody drama,” the Don’t Worry Darling director still “wants the kids to see” Sudeikis, 46, “as much as possible,” adds the source.

“She hopes they can figure out the best living situation for everyone,” the insider says of Wilde.

Wilde and Sudeikis have been embroiled in a legal battle pertaining to where they will parent their children, among London, Los Angeles and New York City. According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE on Aug. 10, a judge granted Wilde’s motion to dismiss a custody petition filed by Sudeikis in October 2021. As a result, the case will remain in California.

[From People]

I would assume that Olivia and Jason use that same family scheduling app that is seemingly pretty popular with parents going through a divorce? I remember that detail about the scheduling app in Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans’ divorce case, where Alice refused to use the app. I don’t think we’ll see a Gruffudd-Evans type situation here. Olivia and Jason are seriously pissed at each other though. He’s mad because she dumped him for Harry Styles. She’s mad that he had her served at Cinema Con and that he won’t move to suit her needs/whims.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    She doesn’t get to move the kids to London, full stop. So the kids will be deemed LA residents and both parents will be told that’s where the kids will go to school and nowhere else. So neither parent is going to get his/her way. And each will be bitter, but the kids at least will have stability. Should have worked it out privately and not been dumb-dumbs.

    • teecee says:

      The only person saying she wants to move to London is Sudeikis, probably because he knows how the internet would react to that. Her filings say Los Angeles, where she and the kids have been living for years, where the kids have friends and a routine. Jason is mad because she moved on with someone more famous, that’s it. Generally it doesn’t work out for the woman that way, and he wants to punish her.

      • Beth says:

        I think you could be right about her not wanting to move to London.

        However, I also think there’s a fair amount of evidence that Olivia cheated on Jason with Harry (possibly just emotionally) and then used that relationship with an affair partner to promote her movie, so it’s all over the news.

        Both of them of have real reasons to be mad at the other person.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      The kids lived in London for years during Ted Lasso filming, so it’s not completely unreasonable that she’s interested to see if they can continue living there.

      • Abby says:

        They were in London because of Jason’s work. Jason and the kids aren’t citizens, and I’m pretty sure Olivia has a dual citizenship to Ireland not the UK. It really doesn’t make sense to keep the kids there when both Harry and Olivia travel for work and Jason has no want or need to be there.

    • Kebbie says:

      “She doesn’t get to move the kids to London, full stop.”

      She has made absolutely no attempt to do that. She requested Los Angeles be their primary residence.

    • DK says:

      What’s weird to me is the timing discrepancy. She said they broke up early 2020, he says fall 2020. They apparently moved the kids to LA early 2020 too (this article says “2019/2020,” but everywhere else I’ve seen it, it’s just said 2020).

      It’s possible she’s decided retroactively (i.e. if she cheated with Harry Styles but doesn’t want it to look that way) their marriage ended earlier than it did, but if she truly already knew in her heart/head it was over early 2020, then moving the kids to LA at that time…could have been part of her custody plan all along.

      Even regardless of that, the idea that the kids were born and raised in NY, moved to LA just before a pandemic that is still on-going (so, many people ended up stuck in places they didn’t intend to be in, and many others moved during the pandemic but haven’t fully acclimated yet to their new homes because so much has been in a stand-still until recently), AND spent much of the time since they moved to LA living in London for (both) Jason & Olivia’s work, then deciding they are Angelenos seems a weird move to me?

      Also, doesn’t NY seem like an easier compromise mid-point between LA and London, if either/both of them will be doing a lot of work in either place?

  2. AppleCart says:

    It sounds like they need to be locked in a room with a mediator until they can agree and do what is best for the kids. Not their egos, boyfriends/girlfriends location.

    Just because you can afford it, it shouldn’t give someone the right to use the legal system to abuse their exes.

  3. Plums says:

    I feel like they both are probably super messy people, and infidelity breaks up marriages all the time, but if I was Olivia, there is never getting over being served on stage at Cinema Con. That move goes down in the recordbooks for vindictive pettiness in all of Hollywood history, lol.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Agree. That move changed so much for me, I really loved JS’s work, but now I see abuse abuse abuse.

      Obviously she shouldn’t be able to take the kids to another country where their father won’t see them often, but I get why she wants to get away from Hollywood. Maybe they can find a better place to raise kids nearby.

      • Arizona says:

        I think we need to be cautious in defining everything as abuse. there’s no sign he’s abusive. the process server served her at work, it didn’t have to be onstage, and there’s no indication that he specifically requested that to be done.

        and one petty move in a divorce does not make someone abusive.

      • Mel says:

        How did a process server making a bad choice equate to his abusing her? Can we please stop treating women like babies and every time something doesn’t go their way scream ” abuse”. They both sound messy, they will be forced to work it out.

      • Jennifer says:

        I don’t think we have enough evidence to know for sure as to why the process server did that. He said “Don’t do it at certain places” (so he says) and that’s all we know unless the process server herself decides to speak.

    • Heyhey22 says:

      Man please lol 🙄 you must not have heard much about Hollywood and the history of petty breakdowns of relationships and marriages out there, there’s been plenty of worse, so she’ll be upset but it’s no justification to just up and run and move the kids to another continent.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        I used to work in Hollywood. In film. And his move was vindictive, unprofessional, cruel, and petty.

      • JustVisiting says:

        The only person who has said OW wants to move the kids to Europe is JS. You know, the same dude who definitely pulled strings to get the process server a lanyard to Cinema Con. It’s an industry-only event. People can’t just walk in. He knew what he was doing.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      @arizona, I don’t need to be careful with “abuse.” I found his deliberate public humiliation of her at a huge work event abusive, it’s definitely on the wheel of abuse – which is a lot more than physical abuse.

      Look up the power and control wheel.

      • Mel says:

        The client doesn’t tell the process server when and where to serve. They have a general idea of where the person they want to serve is and they make the choice that will enable to serve.

      • Owlsyn (Ableism is Not Cool) says:

        I got an excellent pearl of wisdom during my divorce process: it isn’t against the law to be an asshole. It also isn’t abusive.

        Embarrassing someone professionally isn’t in and of itself abuse. Being mean to someone or shady isn’t abuse. That’s where context comes in and the context we have doesn’t show it’s abusive.

        Women suffer, struggle and die in abusive relationships. They can’t get anyone to believe them. They can’t always leave. Even very famous women with agency in many other aspects of their life. Breaking up with someone, cheating on someone, or embarrassing someone is not automatically abuse just because it happens to a woman and it does a disservice to the women who do actually suffer to label things as such. It makes it that much harder and it takes away from the utterly devasting nightmare of abuse to label every dick move a guy or girl makes as abuse.

      • MMRB says:

        if this is your definition of abuse, I might argue that the public humiliation of your spouse by being unfaithful and fronting that relationship would then also be considered “abuse”

  4. Woke says:

    It’s pretty clear that Jason is mad at Olivia for moving on before ending things officially with him because it’sclear they weren’t involved romantically anymore when she started with Harry . That’s got to hurt but I don’t get why he’s fighting her in public about it. Olivia was wrong to not keep things low key with Harry before ending things officially with Jason and also she can’t plan to move to London and not expect their father to not fight her about it. Both are wrongs in some way for failing to solve things amicably for the sake of their kids. And I don’t get why Olivia is made to be the big bad guy.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      It’s because she has power as a director. Never fails. Any time a woman has power she’s suddenly all kinds of evil for not being a perfect patriarchal doll. Nobody’s claiming she’s perfect, but the standards sure aren’t equal. It’s getting old.

    • Ramona says:

      I agree with you totally :both are wrong in some ways. I like Jason since the Snl days and I love Ted Lasso and I also like Olivia and I don’t understand why they can’t be more careful and intelligent about all of this:their kids have to be more important than their petty feuds. I hate this for them and their kids.
      And why some of these celebrities men are so messed up: Brad Pitt, Depp,Jason?Ugh

      • Lexilla says:

        I wouldn’t put Sudeikis at Depp or Pitt level without more evidence. The latter two are documented abusers and jackasses.

      • Ramona says:

        I am not trying to put them at the same level, sorry if it came that way. It’s more the display of messiness to the public. Jason is certainly not abusive or using substance but why is he so vindictive towards the mother of his children ?

    • why says:

      the only one that said they are moving to london is JS, I don’t see any of her pr articles stating that and she already chose LA as her residence. where that london move came from?

  5. MK says:

    Is it her whims, though? I read both filings and it sounds like they had an agreement about location (that they had planned schedules around) and then he decided last minute he wanted to change it to Brooklyn from LA. The future move to London also sounded like something they had discussed and maybe he hadn’t realized was serious? I love Ted Lasso as much as anyone else and really want to be wrong but something about him through all of this has my spidey senses off the charts. Including him not agreeing on when their relationship ended- I see this a lot with my IPV clients. (She says it is over, he disagrees, he drags his feet on moving out or making a separation easy, etc).

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      I agree there’s something…gross about him and she has always rubbed me the wrong way. She was in that awful Clint Eastwood movie in that awful role and he looks like a douche.
      I don’t think there was any IPV during the relationship but the court system itself is misogynistic and abusive and so easily enables abuse.

      • MK says:

        Oh, I didn’t mean to imply there was IPV! I apologize. I meant to say that it is a common ploy for certain abusers to paint their ex as a cheater in court when the reality is completely different, and something in this feels off to me, hence I am now looking back and questioning the “OW as cheater” narrative and wondering if that was a power play on his part. Doesn’t mean he is an abuser specifically, just saying it is unfortunately one of many tactics I’ve seen. His filing really has me questioning everything now. If he has been misrepresenting their private agreements I can’t blame her for wanting to communicate via third parties.

    • Woke says:

      Same for me him not agreeing with when things ended sounds like bitterness to me. Like they probably talked about ending things and he still had hope or it didn’t click for him yet so seeing her move on hurt him and he’s trying to get back at her by painting her as a cheater.

    • Silver Charm says:

      That stuck out to me too. It doesn’t seem like this is all on her whims when he’s the one trying to move everything to new York all of a sudden.

  6. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    Like Florence Pugh, I’ll never get over Wilde saying something completely inappropriate and offensive about sex. Y’all remember when she and Jason first started dating and she said they had sex “like Kenyan marathon runners”?
    She’s been a No for me since then and her constant whispers to the press about her relationship with the 1 Directioner and Jason.

    • Malificent says:

      The one that stuck in my head was Olivia talking something about how her “vagina had died” during her first marriage. Even if her ex really was was a lousy lay and a complete putz, there really is no need to share that with the world. People (like Twigs) warning others about an abusive ex is a public service, but otherwise it’s totally classless to air your detailed complaints in public.

      • Jenny says:

        I will say her comments were not meant to publicly embarrass her ex husband. She was giving a monologue for the “vagina monologues” which was a series of like intimate shows where women would give funny monologues about sex, relationships, and their bodies. It was intimate because what was said in those monologues was meant to stay only between the people attending the event. But someone at her event recorded her and then sold the juicy (out of context) quotes to tabloids. She expressed frustrations about it happening like that on twitter a day or two later. Should she have been smarter to know she might be recorded? Probably. You can also disagree that it was okay to say that stuff even only among a small crowd of people. But her intention was never to call him out on a national, public scale. She and him are still very good friends. He said as much in 2017, we’ll after that happened. I think she has been forgiven by the people who matter and I’m not willing to hold that mistake against her.

      • Cava 24 says:

        This seems to pop up in comment sections a lot. I think people are relying on other comment sections for their information and it has been mis-stated all over the place.

        The event was not the Vagina Monologues, the only person who delivered a monologue about their vagina was Olivia. The event was called “These Girls” and it was sponsored by Glamour magazine. The press was invited. There was a red carpet that was recorded. You can find photos of Olivia on the red carport online. The theater was Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater. That is a decent sized small venue, it’s not 20 people, it’s over 100. No one did a “sneaky recording” – (despite what she claimed) the press was invited and someone from New York Magazine wrote the story which is on their website, still. There are no tabloids involved. Olivia spoke to the journalist at the afterparty and is quoted in the article. The monologues were filmed. If you looks at the photos it is clear that she and all the other women had their hair and makeup professionally done for the event. TL:dr – I think Sudeikis is a dick but news flash, Olivia is dishonest sometimes.

      • Cava 24 says:

        This is how CB covered Olivia’s comments at the time-

        “But that’s not even the worst part, in my opinion. The worst part is “Sneaky recorders are everywhere these days, but performance art doesn’t always translate accurately to tabloid interpretation.” Really? Dear Olivia Cockburn: YOU SPOKE TO A MEDIA OUTLET. Don’t claim that it’s a matter of “sneaky recorders” or that all of the comments Vulture used were straight from your monologue. You actually spoke to a press outlet, and they quoted you. If the quotes were inaccurate, that’s a separate issue. But she’s not saying the quotes weren’t accurate, just that they were “sneakily recorded”. When she was talking to a media outlet. UGH. Ol’ Cockburn strikes again.

        PS… You know what makes it worse? Her parents are journalists. For real. Certainly they would have taught her that when she speaks to a media outlet, the media outlet will report what she said?!”

    • Jennifer says:

      “Sex like Kenyan marathon runners?!?” Aren’t they….too busy running…to be having sex?

  7. PaperclipNumber99 says:

    Sorry. Not buying the female empowerment argument OR the poor Jason schtick. I think they both made a lot of mistakes, but they weren’t made in a vacuum. She’s a major a**h*le who’s pretty much always gotten whatever she wanted and never been ashamed to shade people she’s actually hurt, and he’s a passive aggressive pr*ck who enjoys playing the nice guy who’s been wronged. End of. Poor kids.

    • sunny says:

      This…this is the take. They are both messy as hell, given how their relationship started, the way she was absolutely awful about her ex-husband, they way she has played up the Harry relationship in the press , and he is hurt about being dumped and weaponizing his nice guy image against her. How she was served on stage was absolutely embarrassing and cruel.

      They are both really talented and seem to love their kids so i hope they pull it together, act like adults and go to mediation. Good luck to the children.

      • Lens says:

        Exactly paperclip end of! Professionally I loved him in SNL and Lasso and her in House and her debut Booksmart but personally I have just distain for both. You really have to love your children more than you hate each other. If you’re famous that means keeping the fact of a new lover and the timeline of separation away from the press, in fact keep it ALL of it away from the press. Nobody knows what goes on in a relationship except the two people in it and that’s how it should be. It’s all tit for tat with them good for gossip but destructive for their children. This reminds me of marriage story and that seemed realistic because it was based on a director and actress disagreeing on NYC or LA. It isn’t uncommon when they’ve both been going back and forth between the two coasts on jobs but now the court has spoken and they both need to see about sealing their court case and getting a private judge.

      • sunny says:

        @Lena, Marriage Story was realistic because it was a thinly veiled version of the director Noah Baumbach’s own divorce from Jennifer Jason Leigh.

    • Cait says:

      Yeah, I think this is it exactly. He’s not Ted Lasso in real life, and they’re both certainly messy.

    • Cava 24 says:

      I agree with this take. They are both kind of ick.

    • Mel says:

      This!!!! Thank you! There isn’t always a victim in a break up and women aren’t always the victim. Two self-serving idiots can cause a lot of damage.

    • Ivy says:

      ^^^This all day long. As someone with a long history of disliking both of them for a litany of reasons, all I see in this whole mess is shades of grey and two unlikable people being exactly the a-holes I’ve always assumed them to be. I feel for those kids.

  8. CanadianK says:

    What did Florence P say?

    • Christine says:

      Nothing directly. To me it sounds like Florence is unhappy with how the film is being promoted and part of that is due to Olivia. There’s a lot of focus on the sex scenes

  9. Kirsten says:

    It sort of seems like she had the expectation that there wouldn’t be a lot of difficulty involved in navigating their separation, and she’s upset that JS isn’t just going along with what she wants to have happen.

  10. Silver Charm says:

    I don’t blame her. After what happened at cinema con and how it did/could have impacted her professionally I’d be pissed too.

  11. WiththeAmerican says:

    People falling for it again. If a woman isn’t perfect, she deserves public humiliation. If she wears a t shirt someone finds offensive, she doesn’t deserve to be believed.

    I 100% believe OW is a top b*tch sometimes. Who else could make it in Hollywood to direct movies in a boys club?

    The arguments against her are just like the arguments against Hillary. She “wanted power” – yeah she did. And she deserved it. No way I’d want to put up with what these two have tolerated, I don’t have the constitution for it. Someone’s got to pave the way.

    I’m waiting to see the argument in reverse, that some male director wore an offensive t shirt (this is from yesterday’s comments on OW) and therefor is a liar who should be publicly humiliated. (Spoiler: most of them have worn t shirts that offended someone, yet we have never heard one peep about it.)

    • Cava 24 says:

      Do you have a recent example of a male director wearing a tee shirt about ejaculation on set or you just want to pretend that’s normal some more?

      Olivia got her first directing job through Will Ferrell’s female producing partner who had worked with Jason in the past. This woman handed Olivia a script that other people had initially written, another female director had done a rewrite on and then it was taken from her by the production company she had worked with and given to Olivia to work on with Katie Silberman. There’s no boys club to fight in that story and Olivia had no issue with the fact that the production company took the project away from another female director and gave it to her. No boys club at all- just some women taking a project away from one women and giving it to another who had no trouble cutting another woman out of it.

  12. TIFFANY says:

    She really thought Jason was gonna be like her ex husband.

    Oh well.

    Here is hoping one compromise first because at the end of the day, very young kids are involved.

    • AppleCart says:

      @Tiffany she had no kids with her ex-husband. That doesn’t really make sense as an argument.

      Why would her ex serve her custody papers did they share a dog or something?

      At the end of the day high powered people have highly paid lawyers to deal with these things. And not be served during a convention. And not take their grievances to the press to get there way. It was an assholery thing to do and Jason knows it. And Olivia has to compromise where the kids live. LA seems fair. They both have to suck it up and make a peaceful environment for them.

      I know a few divorced couples that are tied to their state due to the divorcee decree and kids. It’s nothing new here.

  13. Owlsyn (Ableism is Not Cool) says:

    “And though she is “upset about the custody drama,” the Don’t Worry Darling director still “wants the kids to see” Sudeikis, 46, “as much as possible,” adds the source.”

    Damn this really ground my gears. I realize it isn’t a direct quote but, yeah, that’s how co-parenting *works*. Don’t brag about doing. …. what you’re supposed to do. You support the relationship between your children and their other parent, even when you don’t ‘like’ that other parent. She doesn’t get a medal for not withholding the children because she’s mad at Jason.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Thank you. Thought it was just me.

      • Lynne says:

        Same reaction here. I am guessing that Olivia’s publicist wrote this statement to shape the narrative that she is the preferred parent. Ultimately its up to the courts to decide what is in the best interests of the children.

  14. Elaine says:

    I’m sure not speaking to each other is what’s best for the kids 🙄

  15. MsK says:

    The app is called Family Wizard. It is not ‘popular’ so much as it can be court ordered for couples who are not able to communicate effectively about custody, or any thing else for that matter. It’s a chat app but also records interactions so that they can be used in court (so no he said/she said or I lost my phone/text messages gone). My divorce/custody settlement was pretty acrimonious but we never got to Family Wizard levels. To me, that would indicate that all useful dialogue has broken down but they need a way to communicate about their kids (pick-ups, schedules, etc).

  16. MsK says:

    Regarding the app they are using, it’s typically ordered by the court for parents in acrimonious custody disputes. It takes out the ‘he said/she said/I lost my phone and texts excuses’ because all interactions are recorded and admissible in court. I went through a pretty bitter divorce and custody dispute but we never got to the level that the court ordered us to use this app. But I know people who have. Their having to use it says that they are not longer communicating and probably no longer trust one another.

  17. Turtledove says:

    Didn’t HE cheat on HER through their entire relationship? I could have sworn I read that here long before she was with Harry. I googled, and I can’t find a peep, but that may be because their two names + cheating in a search brings up a ton re current drama.

    It would have been HERE that I read it as this is my only gossip fix.

    Two wrongs do not make a right but if he was an epic cheater it is pretty rich for him to be so pissy about her doing it.

  18. Miranda says:

    What Jason did on stage was cruel. No one can convince me he didn’t know/plan this and/or give the process server the information to carry it out, given her attendance was not publicized in advance, tickets cost $1000, it was industry only, and you had to be credentialed/registered weeks in advance. The public facing nature of this is entirely his fault. He filed those papers in October of last year and sat on them for 6 months before serving her. The papers were public record when he filed them but no one knew about it until he had her served like this. Now the entire internet gets to comment on what should be a completely private matter. His behavior in this leaves an awful taste in my mouth, and seeing people excuse him and villainize her because they *think* she cheated (even though two weeks after Olivia and Harry were first apotted, Jason was confirmed to be datingTed Lasso co star he’s know for years and wrote a character about while still with Olivia so there’s at least as much evidence that he cheated if not more and he also didn’t wait long after the breakup to be spotted publicly) is frankly quite gross