Page Six: Jennifer Garner is ‘thrilled to get rid of her fourth child’

In the lead up to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s second, more formal wedding we heard that Ben’s ex wife, Jennifer Garner, was invited but that she was busy working in Texas. On the day that Affleck and Lopez had their big wedding in Georgia, Garner was seen shopping at a Sam’s Club in West Virginia, where she’s from, with her dad and low key boyfriend, John Miller. She posed with fans and generally seemed fine. She knew it would get out that she was shopping that day. Sources recently tell Page Six that Garner is “thrilled to get rid of her fourth child.” As you know, Garner drove Affleck to rehab in 2018, after they had already split and he was dating that Playboy model. (The one he cheated on Lindsay Shookus with, not to be confused with the nanny.) Here is more from Page Six:

“I’m sure she’s thrilled to get rid of her fourth child,” said a source who knows both Affleck and Garner, referencing all the actress has done for her ex.

The former couple’s children — Violet, 16; Seraphina, 13; and Samuel, 10 — were all present to witness their dad say “I do,” following his and Lopez’s quickie Vegas chapel ceremony last month.

Insiders told Page Six that it’s not clear whether or not Garner was even invited.

The 50-year-old actress was all smiles as she was pictured at a Sam’s Club in South Charleston, W. Va., on Saturday hours before J. Lo and Affleck wed for a second time.

She appeared to be joined by her father, William, along with her businessman boyfriend John Miller, for the outing and was spotted posing for a photo with a fan.

And another Hollywood insider this week told Page Six that although Affleck is now off Garner’s hands, the exes will always be entwined.

“Jen has always approached things the same, no matter who Ben has been with,” said one insider. “They have kids together — so if he has another episode, or falls off the wagon, it would be her problem.”

But the source who knows both Garner and Affleck reiterated: “Jen is a great mother, she has really mothered those kids — and it’s great that she doesn’t have to have a fourth child anymore…

As the source who knows Garner and Affleck noted, “Jen grew up with her parents happily married and her sisters are married, so I know that she wanted it to work out. But she’s moved on.”

[From Page Six]

Garner also helped Affleck’s career by calling the director of the movie he was working on, The Way Back, and asking him to wait to filming after Ben relapsed. Wherever it’s coming from, this Page Six assessment probably isn’t wrong. Garner has been cleaning up Affleck’s messes since well after they broke up. Maybe Affleck has changed, and he does seem very devoted to Lopez, but is he sober? I’m genuinely asking because he hasn’t looked it. Whatever is going on with him, and I wish him and J.Lo the best, he’s not Garner’s problem anymore.

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  1. A says:

    Doesn’t sound like Garner’s camp thinks Bennifer 2.0 is solid, stable, and sober!

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      The shade! “Got rid of the fourth child/not her problem anymore” seems like Garner’s side is shading Ben as immature and full of still ongoing issues. Ben is now passed on to Jlo, good luck to her! I believe in love but not in Hollywood! Red flags all the way!

      • Lens says:

        So this was my stock answer to those Benjo fans who thought jennifer garner must be soooo upset about their breakup because ‘love of her life ‘(which she has a new once, like most of us have more than one in a lifetime) and her letting him stay with her & the kids until they filed and basically being classier than he deserves. I certainly have wanted her to be a lot more petty than she is, but if you get past the clickbait she never said that ‘someone who knows both’ did. But that requires people reading the article and not the title and no one can do that.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        @ Lens, the Page Sic article makes claims based on two people who know both Jen and Ben, which it states in the last two paragraphs;

        But the source who knows both Garner and Affleck reiterated: “Jen is a great mother, she has really mothered those kids — and it’s great that she doesn’t have to have a fourth child anymore…

        As the source who knows Garner and Affleck noted, “Jen grew up with her parents happily married and her sisters are married, so I know that she wanted it to work out. But she’s moved on.”

  2. Arizona says:

    I’m guessing he’s sober, especially since Jennifer is. I think any time the guy has an unflattering paparazzi photo everyone is like “HE’S CLEARLY DRINKING” which isn’t fair. if it comes out that he is, so be it.

    I don’t know why everyone is making a big deal about whether she was invited or not. it’s not standard to invite the exes, and no one seems to be commenting on Marc Anthony not being there either. my husband’s exes didn’t want to watch us get married lol (and yes, they’ve got kids) and we weren’t invited to their weddings either.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      It really is gross how people seem to want him to relapse. Those people really need a hard look in the mirror.

    • A says:

      Page Six said they couldn’t find out whether she was invited and the rumor started with HollywoodLife so I don’t think she was. Not because I think there’s drama there but it’d be highly unusual

    • Ramona says:

      @Arizona +1 I agree with everything you said and I am appalled that ppl are judging Ben’s sobriety based on a photo? Like what? Ben has been open with his addiction issues and always addressed it. Jlo doesn’t drink and she loves that man so why would she watch him drink and destroy himself and what they have?
      Ben drank moderately when he was married to Jennifer Garner but he began to drink heavily when they were separating and divorcing (remember that People article detailing their 8th anniversary when they were drinking white wine in Detroit) so why now that he is with Jlo suddenly he is drinking ?
      His last girlfriend was drinking wine during her birthday and nobody questioned if he was still sober…
      Celebitchy, I know from old articles that you loathe Jlo but as a former addict yourself, you know that the path to recovery and sobriety is not easy so why are you speculating on Ben’s sobriety ? Like why addicts would want to recover if ppl are always doubting them or feel they don’t deserve confiance ,love and trust ?

      • Karisma says:

        Ramona 👏
        I’ve never seen people openly speculating on someone’s sobriety the way they doing it all the time with Ben and based on nothing except a couple of bad paparazzis shoots. This is disturbing and disgusting.
        Ben is emotional? He’s drinking! There is a bad photo taken of him by paps in Georgia after his 3 days wedding, he’s drinking!
        If he really gives us a reason, like brad pitt keeping beer on his fridge for his “guests” for example I can understand it but otherwise it’s just wishful thinking and ppl desperately wanting him to self destruct again.

      • Ramona says:

        I mean if we are only going by assumption,Ben never looked better like in a long time. He is enjoying himself in Italy.

  3. CidySmiley says:

    I dont think he’s sober now. He doesn’t look it, he looks like he’s in the middle of his normal cycle “have some success, good girlfriend/partner, trim down work out look better, become bloated drunk Ben”

    I HOPE he has a support system around him and is able to stay sober, I can’t imagine how hard it is on their kids. Jen Gardner has done so much for him honestly, she saved his career and his family.

    • Facts says:

      Jen was so on this high horse of this is how you’re suppose to treat your ex father of your children for PR that she lost all sight of common sense to me.
      We get it but she did all of that to be crown the good girl of HW. Ben has serious problems but he isn’t an abusive parent to his kids when drunk.

      • Lucy says:

        I’m not saying he was, but we also can’t know that he wasn’t. Having a parent with addiction is no picnic.

      • Taehyung's Noona says:

        Fu&^*(g your children’s nanny is emotional abuse. It shatters boundaries in a profound way.

      • Tiffany:) says:

        As Taehyung’s Noona pointed out, he slept with the kids’ nanny and also talked on Howard Stern about planting himself on the couch with a bottle of booze, so I’m not sure you can say his problems didn’t impact his kids. I also don’t think you can say Garner’s actions were because “she did all of that to be crown the good girl of HW”. No, she was trying to help her family get through a crisis of addiction.

      • AMA1977 says:

        I want the bar to be higher for my kids than “dad doesn’t abuse them when he’s drunk.” I want my kids’ father to be healthy and happy, and to model healthy adult behavior for my kids. I give Jenn Garner the utmost respect for doing all she did to keep his sh!t together and help him be a healthy, present parent for their children, and I think that she did it because she loves her kids more than she hates her ex. The fact that she went above and beyond like she did speaks volumes to her character and compassion.

    • A says:

      I think he is sober because he’s been photographed driving his kids around a lot. When things were bad, he had a driver even in his downtime away from work. And because he’s had the kids for long stretches this summer while Garner was working. 2 2-week stretches at least.

  4. Aria Johnson says:

    I mean if Ben isn’t garner’s problem anymore it would be nice of her or her team to stop mentioning him any chance they can. Like we get it garner has moved on, but the fact that this needs to be shoved down our throats is a red flag for me. I want her team to now start talking about her career as opposed to always mentioning bennifer.

    • Jan says:

      3 children with Ben, and have been picking up the pieces every time he falls off the wagon.
      This time his wife will have the honor.

    • Colby says:

      Yeah I really agree on this. While I love how deliciously shady this article is…it doesn’t sound like someone who has moved on – not have any of the other pieces from her “sources” mentioning him.

      • Rapunzel says:

        I’ve long believed that Garner would’ve taken Ben back in a heartbeat if he’d wanted to come back.

        That’s, to me, the only explanation for why she kept putting up with his nonsense. Any other woman would’ve left their ex to get help from elsewhere. Like even with kids, if it was my ex, I’d call his mom to mommy him. Or his agent. I’d be dammed if I’d drive him to rehab and Jack in the Box.

    • aggie says:

      This. She’s mentioned doing Al-Anon so you’d think she’d be more self-aware of how codependent and resentful this type of PR looks. JG and BA clearly had a twisted dynamic but she seems really invested in perpetuating the narrative instead of letting it go.

    • Lens says:

      It’s pretty hard when every time he gets married or goes on another honeymoon the thing everybody runs to is where was his long ago ex and what was she doing at the time and who everyone is desperate (and getting a lot of help from JLo’s fans see above uh ummm) to make into a jolie-Pitt-Aniston triangle. Like I said people don’t read the article she didn’t say that and to think she has a ‘team’ to keep her in the Ben public relations loop is just you benjo fans who can’t believe she could move on.

      • Taehyung's Noona says:

        After all of the stuff BA has pulled, it’s astonishing that anyone is going after JG. She was not quoted directly. And even if she was, she can speak her truth. Why should she be forced into silence?

      • Mel says:

        i always give a side-eye to “sources.” They may or may not know JG or be part of her team. “Sources” have been saying stuff because JLo and Ben are in the news right now and the media insists on inserting JG in the middle. They don’t do that with Marc Anthony. I’m not convinced like others that JG’s team is the one putting out stories.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        @ Mel, yes, excellent point!! Where is MA?? Isn’t he pinning away after having just divorced his fifth wife, is it?? That would be a match made in kids heaven to have their parents back together, right??

        All this mention of JG. My gawd, she has moved on. These “sources” could be a random neighbor that has seen both of their daily lives over the years…it could be anyone, or no one.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      Do you really think this came from her team, though?
      Tabloids use the “common assumption” tactic all of the time, where they take something that seems pretty obvious and say they got it from a source. The tell is that no new information is included with the story. I think most people would assume that after years picking up an ex with lots of problems, that the former spouse might feel relief when they get married again.

    • North of Boston says:

      Aria, the sentiment of “it would be nice if she wouldn’t keep mentioning him” makes me think of people thinking the Meghan should stop speaking out about anything: 95% of the time, it’s not the *woman herself* who is bringing it up, putting the subject in the the press, it’s the press, bloggers, gossip columnists bringing things up because they want the clicks, the views the money.

      The woman themselves are mostly just going about their lives. They aren’t the ones talking about stuff constantly. Even in this article, JG’s not the one talking about BA. It’s some 3rd parties…. And we have no idea whether the sources are relevant, or if whoever wrote the piece asked whoever “what do you think JG’s up to?” because they wanted to put out a piece given the hits all the Bennifer wedding stuff generated.

  5. Jan says:

    Ben can’t help self sabotaging. He looks this close to having a breakdown of some sort.
    JLO and Ben are loving all the publicity now.

    • thaisajs says:

      I’m not convinced it’s all about the publicity for her. She genuinely seems into him. And she definitely has a history of being with men who cheat and treat her badly, so it definitely follows her pattern, sadly. It feels like Ben just likes having someone to take care of him while simultaneously treating that person like trash. I imagine the 2nd happiest person on the wedding day was Jennifer Garner. She’s been over this for a while.

      • Jan says:

        And JLO have treated men badly also, it was alright to use puff daddy to get ahead, but when he got into trouble, all he saw was the back of her heels.
        Same with husband number ??? Cheated on him with Ben.

      • Seraphina says:

        @Jan, truth!!! That’s right. The incident with Puffy was bad her image and out she went. I really think she learned a lot from Puffy. But she dropped him like a hot potato.

      • A says:

        That’s not true, JLo stuck with Diddy through his court case and dumped him afterwards because he was a serial cheater. He obviously still thinks highly of her all these years later.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      That’s a stretch! She saw puffy was involved with guns and getting arrested and she ran for the hills, that’s smart, I would have done the same!

      • Both Sides Now says:

        As would I @ DiegoInSF!! That isn’t a scenario I would want to be near at any point or for any one, not even a man or husband.

      • joey says:

        Puffy was cheating on her left and right. He was playing her and Kim Porter PLUS countless other women. Jlo describes in her book how she was walking through the hall of a hotel looking for him to catch him in the act cause she suspected he was cheating.

  6. Aria Johnson says:

    And I don’t think Jlo would be looking this happy if Ben wasn’t sober. I don’t see her letting him ruin his life and his relationship with his children especially since he’s now around her children as well. And frankly, I don’t see Ben wanting to lose his kids again either so unless we see with our eyes him drinking or him going to rehab again, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • Taehyung's Noona says:

      BA is an addict. As with his first wife, JLo has ZERO control over what he does. She can’t stop him from “ruin[ing] his life and his relationship with his children, especially since he’s now around her children as well.”

      Let’s not set up JLo for Ben’s choices like so many did with Garner.

  7. ELX says:

    Ben was and is madly in love with JLo and she with him. I hope he has a therapist and is really working at changing his behavior, but that’s a heavy lift. He is, sadly, a very self-destructive person and his go-to behavior when stressed in a relationship with a woman is to cheat, regardless of whether he’s drinking.

  8. Amie says:

    Hey, that’s cool. I hope Garner’s team starts talking about her career then instead of attaching her to Bennifer all the time I mean if she moved on they wouldn’t need to do that.

    • Seraphina says:

      This drama is the Anniston Pitt drama for 2020. Media always has to have this narrative somewhere because it sells.

  9. Louise177 says:

    I don’t sympathize with Jen because it was her choice to clean up after Ben. I get wanting the father of your children to be happy and healthy but being a crutch after being divorced isn’t doing anybody any favors.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi this is not meant to be disrespectful to you, but maybe you’ve never had someone who is in crisis or having an episode or mentally ill or an alcoholic or addict in your life or family. It’s hard to know what it’s like until you do.

      The first and many times you often err on the side of doing whatever you can to save them or support whatever progress they’re making, and sometimes you have to go the tough love or self-love route and walk away for a while, but you’re never really not worried and sometimes you know you’re the only one they’ll listen to or accept help from or who stands between them and life and death. With kids in play and issues that I suspect were far worse at times than we know, Jen Garner probably did the best she could with the tools she had at the time. Sure, sometimes you look back and realize maybe you would’ve set more boundaries or done something differently. But I bet that Jen Garner overall is so relieved that Ben is alive, and maybe thriving, and has a shot-especially in a way that might enable her to move forward more freely with her life, and I be she’s especially happy about it for her kids’ sake.

      That said, she knows what she’s dealing with from experience and, while I think if this comes from her team they could’ve left out the “fourth child” dig, if it does come from her team she is also sending a message that she supports and is hopeful about his relationship with JLo and that, no matter what (maybe knowing the odds are he’ll self-sabotage), she’ll still be there for him, he’ll always have her as family: ‘“Jen has always approached things the same, no matter who Ben has been with,” said one insider. “They have kids together — so if he has another episode, or falls off the wagon, it would be her problem.”’

      Honestly, that’s the reality of true unconditional familial love and friendship. It’s too bad the story didn’t emphasize that, while getting the message across to him.

      Moving forward if I were them, I’d try to take, if not a Demi Moore/Bruce Willis approach, maybe at least a Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson/Antonio Banderas -ish tact on this-maybe they’re not all BFFs on vacation all the time, but they could be a nice model of blended families with kids that are clearly close and everyone came through the addiction and divorce OK and gets along well enough to attend sporting and school events and the occasional holiday together. I feel like that would be a good look and, if it’s real, a good life too.

      • pocket litter says:

        Excellent comment. Thank you.

        He’s not sober. At all.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        @ Anonymous, your entire story is so eloquent and truthful in every sense. There are people that we are tied to that are for lifetimes and these are commitments we made. We honour them.

      • turtledove says:

        Well stated Anonymous.

        I get it when someone says “I wouldn’t be driving him to rehab” and if she refused to do so, I wouldn’t blame her. But this is not like having your awful ex ask you for a ride to the airport. This is not the same as any ol “favor”.

        So often addicts are not willing/ready to admit they need help. The window is small and he is the father of her kids.

      • Juniper says:

        Well spoken Anonymous,

        Addiction is no joke. I had a dear friend recently die as a result of her drug use (not an overdose, but the drug use exacerbated the issue). The guilt is terrible.

    • Lucy says:

      No sympathy for people who care that the father of their children is alive, well, and thriving and do everything they can to help and support that person that they clearly have love and empathy for? Nice.

    • Jaded says:

      @Louise177 — it’s called compassion. Once upon a time I lived with my then boyfriend who ended up having addiction issues (chronic pot smoking, constantly high) and was repeatedly unfaithful to me. I tried to help him as he had some emotional problems resulting from an abusive upbringing (both parents drank too much, fought too much and had numerous affairs). I finally had to throw in the towel though and moved out. One week later he was riding his bike hell bent for leather, got a wheel caught in streetcar tracks, went ass over teakettle and fractured his arm into many pieces. He was in hospital for a week or so, had surgery to insert metal plates and bolts to stabilize the bones, and was pretty much unable to look after himself so I moved back in to look after him because NONE of his friends or family would help him. For 6 months I spent most of my time there as his body kept rejecting the metal and he kept having recurring infections and multiple surgeries. At one point the surgeons thought they’d have to amputate his arm. But he finally recovered and I got on with my life. My family thought I was out of my mind but I felt it was the only thing I could do to help him through a terrible time in his life. To this day, 40 years later, he is eternally grateful for the help I gave him and has actually included me in his will. What goes around comes around, and I firmly believe that despite Ben’s bad behaviour, he is eternally grateful that JG helped him through an equally bad time and that he was damn lucky to have had her around to ensure her kids had a stable relationship with him. Sometimes people come into your life for a specific reason — a lesson to be learned, even though the relationship doesn’t work out they leave you with new insights into yourself and new strengths. I hope he’s learned his lesson and doesn’t f*ck things up with JL.

      • Turtledove says:


        I think it is a testament to what a decent person you are that you did that. And I can also see why your family and friends thought you were out of your mind.

        Sometimes, you just have to do what feels right for YOU. And my guess is that had you not helped him, it would have bothered YOU. Not because it was your responsibility, but because that felt like the right thing to do.

        I’m glad he is grateful.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        That was a good and selfless thing to do. It’s nice that he appreciated it, so many addicts don’t.

  10. Noxy says:

    I honestly don’t understand why people wish him well. His addiction issues are one thing, addiction is an illness and I’m sympathetic to that struggle. But he constantly cheats on women, which is so demeaning and shows he has no respect for women at all, even the ones he claims to love. Not even the mother of his children. I can’t bring myself to wish him well, but I do hope he doesn’t self-destruct in the future and truly gets sober because his kids are definitely old enough to see and understand his addiction and it would definitely affect them awfully. Jennifer herself isn’t someone I especially like – that virgo thing is ridiculous and completely awful, totally unprofessional – but I also don’t want her to have to be demeaned by Ben the way he’s done with literally all the women he’s been with.

    • Joan Callamezzo says:

      This right here. He cheated on JLo when they were engaged 20 years ago, he cheated on his first wife with the nanny and numerous other women. I do not get the excitement about this marriage, look at the patterns. Team Garner.

    • Coco says:

      YES I don’t get how people where praising JLO getting back with Ben as some great Upgrade from A-Rod. Like she literally just left one cheater for another, I’m don’t see the upgrade.

      Ben seems to always get a pass for cheating on his partners while they get blame for his cheating and drinking.

    • A says:

      The Virgo thing was denied by Casper Smart, her choreographer, as completely ridiculous. Heather herself said the story was just hearsay.

  11. Barbara says:

    That picture of Jen G. handing him a bag of take out on the way to rehab is etched in my brain

    • Lady D says:

      Every time I see his name attached to hers, the look on her face while shoving a bag of fast food at him comes to mind. Him wasted, her beyond frustrated and angry.

    • Green girl says:

      I can almost smell that picture, you know?

      I don’t care if jG’s team is sharing a few quotes right now. The wedding was just a week ago, so whatever. It would be weird if her team kept bringing it up like six months later.

  12. Emmi says:

    Wait, she’s FIFTY? Why did I think she’s like 42 years old? Damn.

    I have no idea if Ben’s sober at this point but I think he probably must be, given how happy JLo is. She seems to be flying high.

    • SH says:

      It helps that Garner still dresses and has the same hairstyle as she did 20 years ago, which is a trick many actors use for the public to still see their younger selves, but she hasn’t also done a self-promotion campaign to tell everyone how good she looks for.her age like JLO. Much more than Garner this really stood out to me when I realized Halle Berry is actually older than JLO, but how young Halle still looks isn’t the same talking point as it is for JLO and that comes down to in part JLO’s self-promotion.

  13. Kim says:

    What’s Ben’s upbringing and family like? I’ve read that his brother Casey was sued for sexual harassment. Jennifer Garner’s family is mentioned but not Ben’s.

    • Karisma says:

      He’s from a family of addicts, there is also a history of suicide and depression in his family, his father was an alcoholic during his childhood but has gotten sober now, I don’t think they are close.

      • Kim says:

        Thanks for his family lowdown. It’s a sad situation all around. Between his family history and long-term fame, I don’t know if he’ll ever overcome his addictions. All I know is almost all addiction is rooted in trauma. It’s up to him to address the pain at the center of his behavior and stop the generational madness. I truly hope he will and surprise us all.

  14. K8erade says:

    The media constantly grills Jennifer Garner as ex-Mrs. Affleck so why shouldn’t she say something and speak her mind? They’ll forever be connected through their kids so she has every right to give an occasional opinion.

    Sober or drunk, Ben Affleck is a mess who has his PR team constantly polishing a turd into gold. I think if Jennifer actually said this it’s a more than fair assessment. If I were her, I’d be happy too that Ben is no longer something I’d have to worry about. He put her through the ringer during and after their marriage.

    The fact J.Lo never got over him and was this determined to marry him is something I’ll never understand. I hope she knows what she’s doing. But I expect he’ll be cheating on her before long.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      I don’t need to say anything. You’ve read my mind. He’s a man child, but he isn’t hers to deal with anymore.

    • FHMom says:

      Agree with this. She is thrilled that she no longer has to deal with the clean up. I said this on other thread, but the best thing for Jen Garner and their kids would be for Bennifer to last forever.

      • K8erade says:

        I hope for J.Lo and all of their children’s sake that it does work out. But knowing how awful Ben can be, can any of us be surprised if it all crashes and burns? Though I get the feeling J.Lo will force this to work regardless of the cost.

  15. Kokiri says:

    He’s not sober. He’s been photographed gambling with j’lo’s mother.
    They married in Vegas. Even being IN Vegas, he’s not sober.
    He’s an addict, & you never stop being an addict.
    JenG is stable, thank goodness, because her kids need her to be.
    Ben is not stable. This is the rush. All addicts crave it, every day.
    The rush fades fast, & he’s now married to a woman who is in it for publicity & her own rush.
    This ends badly.

    • Coco says:

      I’m not surprised about the photos of gambling with JLO’s mother. There have been pictures of Ben gambling on social media while he was married to Jen. Ben was there to cut the ribbon at the opening of more than one Casino. I thought Vegas was an odd choice for their first wedding when Ben has a Drinking and Gambling addiction.

    • Niki says:

      He directed a commercial in Vegas last year with JLo’s mother, he wasn’t ‘seen gambling’ with her.

      For the wedding, they flew in with their 2 kids, got the license, got married and flew back to LA. Not sure where does that show that he is not sober?

    • Lucy says:

      Please don’t make “all addicts” statements like this. It’s harmful and unfair for those of us in recovery to hear/read these negative generalizations.

  16. molly says:

    The McDonald’s bag thrust on the way to rehab remains ICONIC. He’s been her fourth child for a very, very long time.

  17. Karisma says:

    Her team constantly putting articles about Ben/Bennifer or strategically talking about her relationship with Miller when they are in the headlines sure doesn’t make it seem like she has moved on and this pagesix article reeks of bitterness. If she’s thrilled she got rid of her 4th child then she needs to act like it

  18. K says:

    JG is living her best life rn. JLO is getting the best revenge right now. Ben looks exhausted.

  19. Beech says:

    The bag thrust is something I’ve witnessed with various members of my own family. Except it was a bottle and done with fury and contempt, “go ahead, take it, I hope you die goddammit!”Not something to be witnessed by children. Addiction is hell.

  20. qtpi says:

    I think his behavior cycles like some people go on diets. He can be “good” and workout and eat right for awhile but always goes off and eats at the Old Country Buffet and screws up his diet.

    So he’s clearly following his diet right now. But for how long?

    It was clear for the world to see that Ben is a one night stand or fling material. Not the marrying type anymore. And JLO just ignored all that evidence and dove head first again. Because her man picker is completely busted.

  21. Shirley says:

    Jen G has never said a bad word about Ben. If her friends feel the need to throw out a few quote’s about Ben because she is too dignified to do it then I am happy they did!
    I am sure she was home getting her children ready for the start of a new school year and Ben was papped by Backgrid
    “Spoon Feeding JLo pasta”
    Now, the charade of the stolen wedding serenade.
    Obviously, Benny Medina earns his money.

    • Oye says:

      I think that is what she feels and who can blame her…she is not quoted obviously but ….
      As for her helping BA then..she doesn’t have to do those things even if he is the father of her kids…after divorce it’s not your responsibility imo even when they are not negative with each other..

      Let j.lo and ben have their time there is a big chance they can fail all by themselves as all high profile relationship do in HW even without the responsblity of blended children baggage and carrier demand and tendencies…so…

    • Ladiabla says:

      Ben’s always shaded JG (in interviews, to her face), and he’s always said his words were taken out of context, blah, blah, blah, etc. No they weren’t. You said that shit, dude. And he’s not stupid. So, if she (or one of her friends) said this, I’m more than fine with it. F* Ben.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        I agree. Honestly, I would find it a burdent to live with a man who appears to be primarily entitled and miserable. I am sure he is fun at times, and probably would be good for some engaging conversations about films, but living day to day with that long/ pissed off face, just a big pass.

    • A says:

      They share custody. I’m over this trend of celebrities (and everyone else by extension) being shamed every time they’re photographed without their kids. He was in Italy for a week and is home before school starts.

  22. Jayna says:

    There is no way Jennifer Garner or her people ae behind this article. Saying she is thrilled to get rid of her fourth child is a petty dig that she would never put our there. Plus, it’s just not her style. She has her shit locked down. Her people nor her friends leak things like this. Her kids are happy right now. She’s happy in a relationship. She has been very busy back in her career. It’s been seven years since their separation, or close to it. It was painful for her, but JG has moved on. I’m not buying the article in Page Six as far as any real source.

  23. tle says:

    For JLO Ben was always the one that got away and the reunion is like a movie come to life for her and I think for him too. But as JenG stated in an interview before about Ben:

    “He’s the love of my life. What am I going to do about that? He’s the most brilliant person in any room, the most charismatic, the most generous. He’s just a complicated guy. I always say, ‘When his sun shines on you, you feel it.’ But when the sun is shining elsewhere, it’s cold. He can cast quite a shadow.”

    And I think JLO will ultimately experience being left in the cold eventually because he will need another “fix” of some sort in his addiction cycle. Hopefully not.

  24. Carolnr says:

    I can’t imagine one having the same feelings for the ” love of your life” after you have had to sit down with your children & explain the reason their nanny is no longer employed with them, even if you were separated at the time. (JG admitted that in that infamous Vanity Fair article) After that interview, she also stated that this was the last interview she would talk about the divorce & she hasn’t. I agree that JG never was quoted as saying that Ben was” her 4th child”, but I am sure that is how she probably felt…
    I hope John Miller is a true partner to her & she settles with nothing less

  25. cf86713 says:

    I don’t feel bad for Garner she knew who he was and married him. I don’t see her as the wronged party at this point. I only feel bad for the kids tbh.

    • North of Boston says:

      You have no sympathy for someone whose husband cheated on her with their kids’ nanny?


  26. Patty says:

    The Garner /Affleck relationship looked really try hard on her side , She reminded me of a woman that had kids to keep the man, it never works . I hope the kids come out relatively unscathed .

    • Lens says:

      she had kids because she wanted them for themselves not for Ben. He talked a lot about wanting kids as well so let’s stop the misogyny.

  27. Maryscott OConnor says:

    Blaming Jennifer Garner OR her “team” for UNNAMED SOURCES’ quoted is absurd.