Princess Beatrice & Eugenie had a ‘summit’ with Prince Charles about their dad

Over the past month, most of the Windsor clan has trekked up to Balmoral, as they are all expected to at least put in a three-day appearance. Many stay for a few weeks at least, although Prince Andrew arrived at Balmoral the same week as his mother, and he’s apparently been in residence the entire time. His ex-wife and two daughters also came up at some point, although they haven’t been photographed going to church. Well, it looks like Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have tried to talk to their uncle, Prince Charles, about their dad. There was some kind of family summit about “the Andrew problem” and B&E advocated on their dad’s behalf. Charles didn’t budge.

Loyal Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have asked Prince Charles directly to hand their disgraced dad Andrew a return to royal duties. Charles rejected the plea by Prince Andrew’s daughters to give their dad a way back to royal life, telling them: “There’s no chance.” The future king, 73, is said to remain “resolute” that the Queen’s decision to strip Andrew of his royal roles and use of the HRH title must not be reversed, sources say.

Charles held a summit with Princesses Beatrice, 34, and Eugenie, 32, over tea and biscuits at his home on the Birkhall Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, The Sun on Sunday understands. Just days earlier, Duke of York Andrew, 62, had a “business meeting” with Charles at the same venue to argue his case. Charles heard all three out but their pleas “fell on deaf ears”. A source said: “There’s no change.”

In June, Andrew asked the Queen to return his colonelcy of the Grenadier Guards and begged to return to major royal events. But Charles and Prince William, 40, stepped in and Andrew was banned from public aspects of an Order of the Garter ceremony. Sources say the Duke made a fresh effort to find a way forward with the Queen earlier this month. Beatrice, Eugenie and Andrew’s former wife Sarah Ferguson, 62, have stood by him throughout.

A source said: “Andrew desperately wants and needs something to do with his life. The past few years since he stepped down after the Epstein interview have taken their toll and losing his royal roles has left him with next to nothing. His family are close so it’s natural Beatrice and Eugenie want to get involved. They were only looking out for their father and this latest development shows just how intense everything is getting. But there will be no return to public royal duty for Prince Andrew.”

Neither Buckingham Palace or a spokesman for the Duke of York wished to comment.

[From The Sun]

I personally think Eugenie has gotten more space from her father and the whole Windsor clan and I kind of wonder how hard she really argued on her father’s behalf. Now, Beatrice? Beatrice believes in Andrew and I could see how Bea would make a personal plea to Charles. If Beatrice was smart, she would save those pleas for herself. She clearly wants to be a working royal and she seemed to spend a chunk of the summer auditioning for the role. Charles would be much more amenable to Beatrice taking on more work rather than Andrew. I truly hope Eugenie popped by Scotland to check on her grandmother, say hello to her father, have tea with Uncle Charles and then she got the hell out of there. As for “poor Andrew, he has nothing to fill his time since everything was taken away from him” – GMAFB. Andrew’s awful team needs to stop with the Woe Is Andy line.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    This article is BS.

    • kirk says:

      Agree. Beatrice’s desire to work for The Firm was dashed by Chuck a while back. She’s using her connections for business development at employer Afiniti, as well as promoting Edo’s company. Eugenie has always expressed interest in having career in art world. They’re both better off without relying on Sovereign Grant or whatever Chuck doles out. Not sure either of them is willing to step forward for 62-yr old parent’s employment.

  2. Christine says:

    I’m confused why he’d even want to go back to being a working royal unless no work = no allowance. I know Charles is taking this stance for probably personal vendetta reasons, but it’s a smart move. I agree that his daughters should be focusing on protecting their own because Charles and Will would happily take that away from them if they had the power to do so without fuss.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Christine, if you aren’t a working royal, you don’t get any ‘allowance’. The Sovereign Grant only funds official working royals, which is why the doddering elders (Duke of Kent) are still working. If they don’t work, they lose their housing, and most of them have no private funds to support themselves. Everyone else, like non-working royals Andy and his two daughters, have to earn their own livings, pay for their own housing, pay for their own security. They’re hoping for a massive payout in Liz’s will, but most of what she’s giving them she’s probably already given through the years to avoid death taxes. The majority of the private wealth will pass to Charles with no tax paid.

      • Steph says:

        @nota i don’t know about B&e but isn’t Andrew still getting security covered by tax payers? I thought one of the big talking points about Harry’s issue with Ravec was the optics of Andrew still getting security but Harry not being able to pay for it himself.

      • Becks1 says:

        andrew is still getting security. I’m not sure if its paid for by the taxpayers or if QE is picking up the bill.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      Pedrew needs an official role to grift and sell influence for cash and a reason to get the wealthy to host him and fly him around. Without an official role, his price and cache of having him around has really dropped. He needs to make military men who earned their positions salute and bow to him and have everyone refer to him as your highness. He doesn’t care about doing good works which is why he won’t do anything unofficial.

  3. equality says:

    This is just PC’s PR to make it appear he is so strong and holding the line against PA. I doubt any of it happened. H&M can be limited to 15 min with QE but PA is there full time? Yet, PC is taking such a hard line against him? PA likely knows too much about PC, and possibly even PW, to be just cut loose so he is likely set for life without having to work, even if QE doesn’t have him some sort of trust set up.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I don’t think Pedo wants to *work*, he just wants everyone to “respect” him, and get *those* perks (monies under the table, gifts, etc). He never actually did any *real* work (ie “trade ambassador” was more of a way for him to grift for himself; everyone around him said he was a bully and a buffoon).

  4. Becks1 says:

    Is this is a strategic leak from Charles’s team to remind us that he’s the one who is holding strong against Andrew? It certainly doesn’t make the York girls look good, that they want their father back in public life.

    • Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

      I’m with you on this theory. It’s the framing of a family chat over tea as a ‘Summit’, that is pinging for me. Family bitch sessions are not ‘Summit’s unless you are thoroughly up your own butt.

  5. Lucy says:

    Good. User that pettiness and stubbornness for good, Charles. Get effed, Randy Andy.

  6. notasugarhere says:

    The thumbnail and pic #2 are the first time I’ve seen any Anne in Beatrice’s face. Maybe it is the (extreme) weight loss after the baby that made it come through? Kaiser, I doubt Charles wants any York as a working royal. He wants them out of royal properties, earning their own livings, and not getting grace-and-favour anything. He has to keep Andrew close because Andrew going rogue is even more dangerous. But he wants Beatrice, Eugenie, and their families to move along and be quiet, self-supporting private citizens. Putting a York daughter on the royal dole wouldn’t win King Charles III any fans.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      notasugarhere, haven’t Edo and Beatrice moved into the country home? She and Eugenie are HRH aren’t they? Do they get security paid for by the taxpayers?

      I can’t see either of these women asking Chuck for anything. I think they know that door is closed, and I wonder if they’ve each figured out that it’s the best thing that could happen to them. I have wondered if the job in Portugal was very deliberate to get out from under the brf.

  7. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Nope. The girls might have had tea with Charles, but I’m sure that was the extent of it.

    This reeks of Andrew’s desperation to get some concessions before the Queen passes. He threw Beatrice under the bus with his Woking Pizza Express nonsense to distract from raping a trafficked teenager. If he was willing to do that, it’s easy enough to tell the Sun his daughters are begging uncle Charles to ease up on their father.

  8. C-Shell says:

    “ The past few years since he stepped down after the Epstein interview have taken their toll and losing his royal roles has left him with next to nothing.”


  9. Amy Bee says:

    So I guess we can assume that CH leaked this to the press.

  10. DogObsessedGirl says:

    I must be naive and unaware of policies because I am assuming any one of them could volunteer their time at any number of agencies if they wanted to do “good works” for their communities.
    Due to PA’s awfulness, the “work” would have to be behind the scenes, but there has to be plenty to do somewhere.
    They are so unaware that doing good things can happen every day with no one knowing about it, and that that goodness can grow and become known, but it’s a “long game.”
    I annoy myself with my commoner thinking. Of course there is no reason to do something good just to do something good.

    • irish eyes says:

      Thank you for your comment, I was just thinking along the same lines. Andrew obviously still has (several) roofs over his head, and drives his large car everywhere, so even if he is not carrying out Royal duties, he is fed and housed. Can he then not spend his time quietly carrying out suitable charitable work in order to show his remorse and aid his public rehabilitation? There are so many worthy causes begging for help, he can work hard to make a difference, not in a flashy “Prince Andrew visited us” way but at ground level, working with people, empathising, basically “getting his hands dirty”. this to me seems a far better way to influence Charles in his favour, than sending his daughters to plead on his behalf.
      On second thoughts, we are talking about Prince Andrew here so………

  11. Mrs. CP says:

    Well, if he doesn’t know what to do with all his time, he can always rearrange his teddies while screaming how important he is. 🧸

  12. Moderatelywealthy says:

    I cannot see Eugenie meeting up with her uncle Chaz for anything of the sort, but I could see Beattrice asking to meet her uncle. but not exactly to ask him to bring back her father if you catch my drift.

    Bea´s husband would be DELIGHTED if she were to become a working royal. His business benefits from the proximity to the RF but dandy boy is always posing to the pictures, would love nothing more than to accompany his wife to cut ribbons from time to time, and he SURELY nevers misses any of the royal engagements Beatrice has been invited to.

    • Both Sides Now says:

      @ Moderatelywealthy, oh, absolutely Edo is pushing that narrative. He is probably pushing Beatrice to make a case with PC, but not for Andrew. Edo knows that he only has so many cards that Bea can play and he wants her to use them carefully.

      As for Eugenie, she came to Balmoral just for a visit to her grandmother, nothing more. She has a job, son and husband with their lives beginning in Portugal. Eugenie isn’t going to waste her time. She has seen Charles in action with his own son. She has his number, as well as her fathers too.

      • Tuille says:

        I still see Edo as an opportunist who’d never have gone near Bea if she weren’t royal. For her sake, I hope he sticks with her. Getting dumped by her previous b.f. after 9 years must have hurt a lot, especially since the guy rather quickly found a wife after shedding B.

  13. Scooby Gang says:

    Let’s just pretend for a moment that Andrew shouldn’t be in prison. If he truly wanted to do something with his life – he could try. But that would mean having to do it without the royal perks. And that’s what it’s really about.

    Also, it cracks me up that something as casual as tea and biscuits in someone’s home is referred to as a “summit.” How significant! How important! Most would simply call it a conversation.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Scooby Gang, well, that’s what you and I would call it. These are not family members. I believe this “tea” was a Firm meeting. Probably Chuck telling them there is no role for them to play. If they’re smart, E & B left the room and exhaled with relief.

  14. Mooney says:

    “….losing his royal roles has left him with next to nothing.”

    All things aside, this is what they wanted for Harry. No life outside the fold, always the court jester and whipping boy. Then thrown aside when the time comes. Thank god for his military career that really broadened his horizon and he could get out and lead a respectable life outside the firm. Harry broke the cycle.

    I can barely see this happening with the camb kids. They’ll be kept on a tight leash forever to prevent any other Harry from happening.

    • Both Sides Now says:

      @ Mooney, I never thought of Cain and Unable keeping a tight leash on them. Unable yes, especially given her upbringing, hell CarolE is probably already programming them as we speak.

  15. Julia K says:

    There are so many things he could do to stay occupied and earn some money. Bag groceries, stock shelves, checkout, write poetry or opinion pieces for papers or mags, help serve food at nursing homes and help feed clients who live there. Help the elderly with shopping trips, supply rides for voters. Work at a children’s zoo (hello Pippa). Work at a library. Work as a vet assistant at a pet hospital, a garden center,you get the idea. With his contacts he could find employment in no time. He’s only 62. Get a job!!!.

  16. TheOriginalMia says:

    It’s the Sun so I have a hard time believing they were privy to what was said during these visits. Would the York sisters really advocate for their dad? Or for themselves? Andrew’s bed is well and truly made. Charles won’t banish him as long as the Queen is alive. He also won’t boot him from Royal Lodge and pay a hefty fee to do it. So…what’s left? Andrew whining about being out of the spotlight? I guess. I’d sit down and shut up and enjoy the perks of being Mummy’s favorite while she’s still alive.