Leonardo DiCaprio ‘does not want a family’ & he doesn’t want to get married

This week we learned that Leonardo DiCaprio dumped Camila Morrone around her 25th birthday. There’s actually some debate about whether the breakup happened just before her June birthday or just after. She attended his Fourth of July party, but I think that was the last we saw of her. It’s giving a Kelly Rohrbach vibe – he waited until after Kelly’s 25th birthday to officially dump her too. He CAN date a 25-year-old, but only for a month or two. Anyway, Leo was actually telegraphing his single-ness for weeks. He’s been seen out and about in New York and Malibu, headed to clubs and parties with his bros, looking extremely single. Leo is on the prowl. Since Leo is a creature of habit and past is prologue, my guess is that he’ll be single and mingling for the next six months before carefully selecting a special 20-year-old to date next February-March. That’s how he usually does it.

When the going gets tough, the tough get bro’ing! Sources tell Page Six that Leonardo DiCaprio has been partying with his pals while his now-ex-girlfriend Camilla Morrone has been on vacation in St. Tropez with her mom.

A scenester source told us, “Leo has been out every night partying … he’s been hanging with his old crew and some girls.”

The insider said before DiCaprio’s breakup became public this week: “I thought that was a little weird when [Camilla] was in St. Tropez.”

DiCaprio was also photographed in Malibu by day looking more svelte, heading to a party at a pal’s house in the beach town.

[From Page Six]

Page Six also did a history of all of the ladies who have gone through The Leo D Dating Experience, and one source close to Leo told Page Six:

“By the time girls reach 25, they’re looking for more — they’re looking to get married and settle down. That is not what Leo wants. He does not want a family and does not want to be around women who may press him for that,” the DiCaprio source, told The Post. “The minute a girl meets him, the clock is ticking. If she gets too old, in a couple of years, she is gone. If she gets too close, in a couple of years, she is gone. He’s gotten older but his taste has not gotten any older.”

[From Page Six]

A lot of people are like “wow, that’s gross, he’s so disgusting!” But I do kind of wonder if he’s pretty upfront about everything? I’m not saying I’m on his side or acting as some kind of Leo Apologist, but I’ve always thought that with the models especially, they know it’s a quid pro quo. They spend a year or two with Leo, their profile gets significantly raised, they get more money, more modeling contracts, etc. I feel like he radiates “I’m not getting super-serious” to every woman too. Now, is he still a trainwreck? Yes. He is.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgird.

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  1. lucy2 says:

    There are plenty of women over 25 who don’t want to get married or have children too, so it’s not that. He’s dating under 25 for the same reasons all lame middle aged men do.

    • Colby says:

      This. He’s not just not interested in marriage, he’s not interested in the companionship of someone he can’t manipulate.

      • Colby says:

        I realize I’m showing some hypocrisy here. I have been on this very blog saying that Britney Spears emotional growth was most likely hindered by her mega stardom in her teenage years. I stand by that. Hypocritical of me to not consider the same may have happened to Leo? He just seems so slimy and methodical in his dating approach that it seems purposeful and misogynist, not a result of an abnormal childhood.

      • B says:

        I hope no one tries to educate him on how to hide it better.

      • ElleE says:

        @Colby Leo was very damaged in his early teens-it isn’t his fault. He must have a great therapist bc he is a functioning, ambitious business person.

        And he already has a family: Lukas Haas & crew. He doesn’t need a wife and kids.

    • Macheath says:

      Yeah, it’s a total cop out. There are more women than ever, over the age of 25 who are child free and happy to remain that way.

      The quiet part this friend is not saying out loud is that Leo does not see the value in women beyond youth and beauty. There’s a contempt underneath this bachelor exterior that is all too prevalent in society towards women in general but particularly women ageing.

      • VegasSchmegas says:

        If you don’t believe these are contract girlfriends for him, I’ve got a big shiny bean in Chicago that I can sell you for a song.

      • Macheath says:

        There very well could be, but it’s a strange stipulation to have 25 be the cut off age in the contract. All that does is draw attention to the fact that there could be a contract because people will and have noticed.

        Also, what is the purpose of the contract? He’s currently one of the biggest male actors out there. Is he hiding homosexuality? Possibly, but again why age 25? The man is almost 50. Or is the contract one that satisfies his creepy fixation on very young models? That seems more likely to me.

      • C says:

        No, this source says it quite loudly and directly: “He’s gotten older but his taste has not gotten any older.”

      • SandyK says:

        THIS. I have zero respect for men like this, and biologically it’s just incredibly unfair to women.

      • Fred says:

        I am surprised he doesn’t get bored. I am in my 40ies and I would get so bored if I were going out with people in their late teens or early 20ies male or female.

      • Penelope says:

        I perform standup, so I regularly hang out with men 20+ years younger than me. And I adore them, they are all so pretty and know absolutely everything … but they are idiots. I’m the exact same age as Leo. I haven’t had a conversation outside of a group with any of them that lasted more than 10 minutes. I don’t get the appeal, or why he stays with any of them when he could have a different idiot every night!?!?

    • Kay12 says:

      I think that like a lot of mega mega celebrities that obtain fame at young age Leo may have a very complicated relationship with sex (ala- Michael Jackson, Elvis). Imagine being a child and having grown women coming on to you, wanting to touch you, stalking you. Not to mention as a child star his proximity to peadophiles in the industry make it very possible that he had men coming on to him at a very young age as well. That messes with your mental well being and your ability to function in a conventional adult relationship. He is likly turned off by women quite frankly and perhaps sex is not a big part of his life at all- or perhaps the act of sex is a big part of his life and it’s purely that just an act. He really needs help to unpack everything!

      • bears says:

        This reminds me of Will Smith saying in his book how he had so much sex with so many women when he was young that he actually started to have a psychological reaction where he’d vomit in response to his own orgasm. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Leo’s got some intimacy issues going on as well. He grew up in Hollywood and we know what Hollywood does to children.

      • Kay 12 says:

        Exactly @bears. We have to operate with that assumption. Hollywood is not a safe space for children at all. Leo was a child in Hollywood.

      • Abby says:

        You know, I have never ever thought about this before, but it makes so much sense @kay12. I think you’re right. He was idolized for such a long time from such a young age. That has to mess with your mind.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Awww geez. This is probably all true. And now I one tiny bit less enjoy the gazillion memes about him right now. It’s mostly harmless fun laughing at him. We have no reason to believe everything isn’t consensual and written up in a contract. But my gawd he’s an easy target with this behavior.

      • Kay says:

        Leo was surrounded by sex offenders as a child star like his manager Bob Villard and Brian Peck (there’s a creepy video of them on the set of Growing Pains together).

      • Deering24 says:

        Kay12, I hadn’t thought of it that way, but that makes perfect sense. Being treated as an object of desire before you even know what desire is really about would screw anyone up.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Plenty of single women over 45 out there who would be quite happy to party on yachts with Leo with no promise of a long-term commitment.

    • SarahCS says:

      Absolutely, it’s a youth/maturity thing and not much else. Sure it may be openly transactional but it’s still gross.

      • Julia K says:

        Yes to @sarahcs; part of it is the youth thing. The contract is up at the first sign of that little cellulite dimple on the butt or back of the thigh. A bikini body to show off to your guy friends is a must. Notice all of his “girlfriends” live in bikinis? I’m a cynic but why not comment on the obvious optics of these ” relationships “.

      • lucy2 says:

        I also think that a lot of women older than that are not willing to put up with the same BS we do when we’re younger, and older men like Leo know that, and also want to be the one with all the power in the relationship.

      • Bettyrose says:

        @Lucy that’s it exactly. But the person who used the phrase “girls over 25” isn’t especially concerned about what women want.

    • Heidi Davis says:

      I’m so glad the first comment calls it out. It’s totally not about that. There is something predatory about this.

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s not just under 25, but a specific kind of under 25, with a specific look. It reminds me of Hugh Hefner.

    • DouchesofCambridge says:

      I still think it’s funny that that for years we’ve been crystal balling Leo’s dating habits and be smack-on everytime. It is gross to me that he’s been dating such young women at his age: it makes me wonder how immature he must be, or how his entourage/dating scene isnt filled with a more age appropriate match for him. Also at his age, a lot of women are taken. I also think he probably doesnt want to deal with older women because he’d probably have to deal with kids, and co-parenting, and not being able to do what Leo wants to do at the time Leo wants to do, etc etc. But, I see nothing wrong with not wanting to have a relationship that will end in a marriage or a family. Some women want companionship and don’t dream about a ring on their finger either.

    • Nikki says:


  2. Becks1 says:

    So I do think he’s pretty upfront, I don’t feel like he’s lying to these girls/young women and telling them that he’s interested in forever, etc.

    I also think that Leo is one of those people who just doesn’t realize how old they are? Like I bet you in his mind he’s still 25-30 so dating these 20-25 year olds is NBD. I feel the same way when I drive my minivan, LOL. I always think “wow I bet people are so surprised to see someone as young as me driving this.” CBers, I am a 40 year old mom of two on my way to a soccer tournament. I am EXACTLY who people expect to see driving a minivan, but I don’t see it that way, haha. So I kind of get a similar vibe from Leo, like he doesnt’ fully get how it looks that he keeps dating these young women and then dumping them when they turn 25.

    Finally, part of me wonders if there are contracts involved and this is all just for show.

    • Unicorn with a Sweet Tooth says:

      I love the mini van analogy. I think you’re spot on. In his mind, it’s no big deal because he’s still in his 20s..

    • IForget says:

      hahahhahahahah. Oh my gosh, I do the same! I’m nearly 34 and whenever I see an article that says something like ‘do this if you’re in your late teens-early 20’s for preventative health’ and I’m like ‘YES I’m doing it! How responsible of me!’ ….then it sinks in…. I am not late teens-early 20’s.

      Ahh well.

      With Camilla, it was quite gross as he knew her from the age of 12 and was close with her family. I agree though, he does it because he can. It’s gross, but it could be a lot worse. Ugh, how low is the bar that *that* is acceptable. My gosh.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I saw a sign at a fishing peer this week that had a list of fish unsafe for “women 18-45.” Took a sec to process that no longer applies to me, and then I’m like “woot! Lemme at them chemical filled fishes!!” 🤣

      • SomeChick says:

        Bettyrose, I’m pretty sure that’s code for “childbearing years” but at least they don’t come out and say it.

    • Julia K says:

      I think the contract part is right . Hats off to Blake Lively who may be the girl who walked away from him.

      • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

        I think Mrs. Giselle Brady and Bar also dumped his butt, too.

      • Becks1 says:

        I forgot he dated blake lively. and remember when he and Giselle were the IT couple? LOL. feels so long ago now.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Gisele and Leo split because she wanted a family and he didn’t. There was a time when she was with Brady, before marriage, at a cafe in Miami with Brady and another patriot player and his GF. Anyway, Leo called her, he had just broke up with someone, and Gisele hung up the phone, left the cafe and went to the airport and back to Leo. It was a little time when they reunited. She returned to Boston about 14 days later and she and Brady went on to marry about 6 months after. She held on to the hope of a marriage to Leo until she knew it wasn’t going to happen. I personally loathe Brady and it made me a little happy that she let him know you are my second choice.

        Anyway, He is quite tied up in his boy squad.

      • Persephone says:

        @Snappyfish Wow I didn’t know that about Gisele. I am kinda smirking though (it’s wrong, I know).
        Seems Tom Brady was a second choice and rejected by Bridget too.
        That’s gotta sting.

    • Dutch says:

      There might not be a contract on the front end but given the way that zero of his exes have ever gone public about their time together (or sued him form palimony) it does feel like there’s a severance package and an NDA as part of the breakup process.

      • Normades says:

        @dutch yea, I definitely think there is a contract and it comes with an iron clad NDA, allowance, severance pay etc… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was even IN the contract that the relationship is over when Leo wants it to be or gf turns 25. They know it’s over but they just announce it a bit later.

        I was thinking about that intense conversation/fight they had on the beach just a while back. Girl definitely knew her time was up.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        I think there’s an NDA as part of the joining process. I don’t think he is really into any of these women, but they’re there for his image…and theirs. Times are different. He doesn’t need to project this swinging single image anymore.

      • Lucy says:

        I think I saw this on Deux Moi, so take it for what you will, but multiple folks asserted there that he owns a lot of condos and small apartment buildings, and furthermore he uses them for girlfriends. I can see free/reduced rent as a perk after the relationship has ended.

        I think it is more on the sinister side that he doesn’t want to be “too close” or have a girl be “Too Old”, but probably not in a conscious way. He probably just feels like the vibe is suddenly off 😂. I do think he needs lots of therapy that he’ll probably never get.

      • Ennie says:

        Gisele is the one who has commented in the break up, she did at ain interview. quote:
        As for why she ended her relationship with DiCaprio, Bündchen tells PORTER, “No longer numbing myself with smoking, drinking and too much work, I was becoming more and more aware of things that I’d chosen not to look at. Was I alone in wanting to do some serious soul-searching while he stayed the same? In the end, unfortunately, the answer was yes.”

    • Seraphina says:

      Becks, I agree he’s upfront but you give him way too much credit about thinking he’s still in his 20s or 30s.
      I too think I’m 27 and when my knee pops or my back hurts reality reminds me. I’m sure Mother Nature reminds him too. He’s just a man with fame and money and can get away with it.

    • Kyle says:

      Ach! In this particular commentary, you and I are sooooo one!

    • nisa says:

      Becks1, I think both are true. He definitely doesn’t realize how ridiculous he looks with these women and I 100% think it is contractual. I could believe an old douche canoe dating much younger women because, of course. But every single relationship, for decades, ending before or when they turn 25? It’s just too much of a coincidence. As in, he hasn’t bothered to update the contract. I don’t know why, I’ve seen a lot of comments about his male “constant companion” but whatever, consenting adults and all that. I do think that all the speculation is doing the exact opposite of what these arrangements are supposed to accomplish, so look for his next gf to be “older”, like late 20s/early 30s. Maybe they even have a baby before the contract ends?

      Or as Kaiser said in another post, a witch put a curse on his p*nis and it falls off if he dates anyone over 25 lol.

      • Becks1 says:

        I like the curse idea 🤣🤣

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        Have definitely heard the rumour that he’s actually in a long-term relationship with another man, and the young women are cover. No idea if there’s any truth to it, but it would make sense as an arrangement, and the women are free to go whilst they still have plenty of time if they want children, etc.

        It’s too consistent and arbitrary a cut-off to be organic. There has to be some kind of paperwork or contract behind it.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Oh, let me tell you one thing: that feeling young and cool phenom ends when you hit the big M: menopause! Ride that 40-is-the-new-30 wave while you can, I sure did.

      As for Leo, he is definitely a man who has issues with emotional maturity. I do find it really creepy that 25 seems like a hard deadline with his girlfriends. No grace period, it seems.
      Sad for him in the long run if he keeps this up. He’s going to be a lonely old man. Of course, there will always be a pretty young thing for him, but that doesn’t mean he will have a woman who is anything like a friend and partner, which is something I think we all look for as we mature. I know he has his man posse, but can he be emotionally vulnerable with them-no!
      Maybe he should take a time out and have a good talk with his appropriately aged friend, Kate Winslet.

    • Regina Falangie says:

      @becks1 “I feel the same way when I drive my minivan, LOL. I always think “wow I bet people are so surprised to see someone as young as me driving this.” ”

      SAME SAME SAMIE SAME!! That is too funny!! I saw an article recently that talked about Gen X and showed an older woman as a Gen Xer and I was like, why are they showing a boomer? We’re all in our 30s??????? …..oh. DAMMIT!!! I feel like I’m in my mid 30s. I can’t believe I’m actually in my almost mid 40s. Then I wonder, do I look old like that?!?!? Please say no.

    • DouchesofCambridge says:

      totally true the van story. My group of friends, we’re all in our 40’s and I keep being the party pooper: when they talk about how they all look younger than their age, i’m like – Gurl, nope. You don’t look 25. You look your age and that’s over 40. LOL It’s just the truth! Someone gotta tell them, it’s ridiculous to live in such denial! On the other hand, i’m the only one who looks younger than my age. LOL just kidding LOL

      • Becks1 says:

        LOL I feel like I look exactly my age, and I’m fine with that, I guess? It is what it is. I def don’t look younger haha.

        Its funny bc I have SO many friends who refuse to drive minivans bc they’re “mom cars” or “only for middle aged moms” and I’m like…..but your big-ass gas guzzling SUV is, what, something the young hip people drive? (well okay I know some young hip people like SUVs but not the ones my friends are driving, LOL.) I told my one friend who said that to me…..”you ARE a middle aged mom, no one is fooled by your SUV” LOL.

        I guess we’re all in denial somehow.

        Also, I freaking love my minivan.

      • DouchesofCambridge says:

        @Becks I dont have a minivan, but my sis in law has one – and it’s freakin amazing what’s going on in there – loads of gadgets – I’d love to have one. I drive an SUV and the fun does not match.

    • Fabiola says:

      Leo is also a handsome famous millionaire so this is the type of eye candy that would be expected of him. He is living the life so if everyone is on the same I don’t see an issue since he is not stringing anyone around and making false promises. I also doubt he needs to hire girlfriends. He is Leonardo DiCaprio. He can pull models in his sleep.

    • Beth C says:

      They were living together and got dogs together. He knew her since she was 13 and she was 20 when they started dating. Even if he did tell her that he didn’t want a wife and family, his actions are preying on her inexperience.

  3. Seaflower says:

    From “Jane Austen First Drafts” on twitter:

    “I’m twenty-seven years old, I’ve no money and no prospects. I’m already too old for Leonardo DiCaprio and I’m frightened. So don’t you judge me, Lizzy. Don’t you dare judge me!”


    I spend too much time on twitter.

  4. Emmi says:

    I think it doesn’t matter he tell them upfront, it matters what he tells them during the relationship. Does he tell them he loves them? Because if he draws a line there, the girl could at some point realize he was serious, he does not want long-term commitment and that won’t change. But you date someone, they tell you they’re not looking for anything serious, and then start behaving like they do. Tell you they love you etc. Maybe they all know and are just having fun but if that’s your objective, wouldn’t you pick someone younger and cuter?

    Again, there is a reason he dates girls and I don’t believe it’s because he’s actually a good guy who doesn’t want to waste their “good” years. I’m surprised they’re not 18/19. 50 year old women also don’t want his baby but he’s not dating them!

    • Emily says:

      I wonder that too. Does he say he loves them? Does he feel love? Why even bother with long term relationships and just stay single if he doesn’t have feelings.

      • bettyrose says:

        I mentioned this on yesterday’s post, but a lot of men like the security of an LTR. They like someone to come home to, someone to ease their worries at the end of the day. And most of all, they like the excuse of “can’t do that because my girl would get mad” instead of ever expressing their own feelings. I have no idea if this applies to Leo, but it’s a theory for why the relationships.

  5. Lucy says:

    Upfront or not, it’s still pretty pathetic at this point. Plenty of more age appropriate women also don’t want children or marriage.

  6. Smart&Messy says:

    Yeah, so now that he made it clear he doesn’t want kids and marriage, he can start dating women of any age. But he probably won’t. Someone suggested yesterday that it might be bro wisdom he was told some time in the past and it stuck. That’s my suspicion too. I wonder if he ever gets embarrased enough by the jokes to change it up a bit.

  7. Veronica says:

    Those tweets have me cackling.

  8. Snuffles says:

    Have any of these girls leveraged a career from dating Leo? I hope the next one milks it for all it’s worth then dumps HIM after 1-2 years.

    • Julia K says:

      @snuffles; going through the girlfriend list it seems they are already on a career path before the Leo experience.

      • Lens says:

        That’s true. He doesn’t pluck them from nowhere-land or from a restaurant where a waitress served him. But I felt this was true of George Clooney as well. He dated women in their twenties and early thirties and dumped them when they wanted more. I thought he had an iron clad rule too but then he fooled around and fell in love. I thought this one might be the one since they were together since 2017. That’s quite a run

      • SomeChick says:

        thanks for the earworm! it could still happen for Leo, as unlikely as it seems. this has got to be getting expensive, if nothing else. I tend to think it isn’t so much the actual age as it is about the women becoming more self actualized and less tolerant of whatever his particular BS is.

  9. Denise says:

    They’re so full of bull… I’m 38, nevet wanted marriage or kids. If it was about that he would find a divircee his age or someone who’s not into marriage.

    It’s all about age for him and having the youngest legally possible gf. He’s an absolute joke

  10. Esmerelda says:

    I think they’re contracts, so no one’s hurt, because the lawyers signed it off.

    The disgusting predators (Nicholson et al) of yesteryear seemed more spontaneous, more messy – the 25 yo limit looks pretty scripted, and the “DiCaprio Girlfriend Experience” seems singularly sanitized: these young girls hang off his arm on red carpets, and occasionally walk next to him in public – they’re always over the age of consent (not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s been years and he never picked a 17 yo?), no real scandals. I’m betting ARO/ACE, honestly (not that he has any obligation to disclose anything about his private life)

    But I’m curious, will the mockery get to him, as it did to Clooney?

    • BB says:

      No one seems to get hurt but what I hate about this is that they make it OK to reduce women at accessories in a very official way. I mean, WTF is this? No one force them to flaunt those relationships. Leo could be very much more discreet about this. Or he could go see a mf shrink because again, WTF is this ?

  11. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    I think Giselle was his last high profile relationship. I forget if Blake Lively ever claimed him and it was so short because she was just waiting for Ryan Reynolds to finish his divorce. Leo has been pathetic and only gross middle-aged men who sleep with teenagers think his lifestyle is enviable (And he’s a crap actor, but I won’t digress). He lives in a bubble.

    Anyways, Blake was his last Them. He doesn’t target any girl with her own acclaim or even up-and-coming models with momentum. It’s all Whos. And I think it’s because Whos are more likely to stick around longer. They convince themselves that they’ll see some material gain by being his ‘girlfriend’ i.e., watching him drink, do coke, and play video games with Luke Haas and Tobey McGuire and other washed-up middle-aged men. And they don’t really.

    After four or five years what significant career boost has Camilla gotten? What career? I think she has a role in a movie that hasn’t even started filming…? Is that even still happening? And yes, I know she comes from money, but what’s the point of having 47 year-old Leo D flailing all over you (or not. He honestly seems too out of shape to have the stamina to keep up with a 20-something and that’s not because he’s overweight) if you’re still living off of your own inherited money and connections at the end of the relationship?

  12. Summer Moomin says:

    The thing is, he’s too old now for the “he doesn’t want to take away their childbearing years” excuse to be valid. Women his age are at the very least hitting perimenopause, and if that was truly his concern he could take a leaf out of Keanu’s book and date an interesting Gen Xer who also doesn’t want children. He’s dating twenty year olds because he wants to look like a playboy, and he doesn’t realise that dating girls young enough to be his daughters makes him look at best ridiculous, at worst sinister.

    • Kay12 says:

      Maybe he doesn’t see this becusse for him sex is not part of the equation. I stand by my feelings that his years in Hollywood as a child probably means he has experienced some abuse as well as the scary intense fandom of having people of all sexes and ages come on to you- which can be insanely frightening. His reaction when lady haha brushed past him and startled him was pure fear to me. It made me think of someone who doesnt or didn’t have agency over their body- being scared to be touched or being touched without consent. It was such a guttural reaction. It made me think of abuse situations.

      • Summer Moomin says:

        I agree with you Kay, I think he definitely comes off as someone who is frightened of women, and being in Hollywood as long as he has definitely messes with the psyche. Hollywood demands such a narrow range of displayed sexuality from its leading men, so I don’t wholly blame him for hiring contracted girlfriends, but he has reached the Clooney barrier where his obviously staged relationships are just silly now. Clooney figured out a solution, Leo needs to as well. I hope he’s got a good therapist!

      • Normades says:

        This is very possible. He and his friend group have been predators since they were the ‘pussy Posse’. Look up how they treated Elizabeth Berkley and jumped her boyfriend. He always seemed like he had/has something to prove and it could definitely stem from some childhood trauma.

      • Emmi says:

        That’s a massive stretch. Not impossible but the most likely scenario is, he just likes them very young.

  13. AmelieOriginal says:

    I think Giselle and Blake were maybe the two most genuine relationships he’s ever had, Giselle was age appropriate and Blake was clearly in it for a fun summer fling before her real true love Ryan divorced Scarlett Johannson. I also think Blake was the one who dumped him and it probably confused him so much at the time.

    If he doesn’t have a girlfriend contract, the press has now noticed the 25 cut off and it makes him look like a walking caricature. He may not care and because he is a really good actor, I think most people will overlook it because he never talks about his relationships. His girlfriends also rarely comment on him after breaking up so people are even more convinced there’s some kind of invisible contract. But if he keeps sticking to the same script over and over, it just makes him look like a predator the older he gets. He doesn’t want someone his age who wants to be child free, he wants someone young he can boss around and control so he can call the shots. If he’d wanted to find an age appropriate woman who also wants to be child free, he would have done it by now.

  14. Normades says:

    Off topic but he seems like he would be really bad in bed, like make no effort at all. I mean this is the guy who was rumored to do it with his earbuds on.
    Probably another reason why he likes a less experienced woman.

    • SophieJara says:

      Someone came out anonymously a few years ago and said he just sits there with headphones on while you do all the work and I 100% believe it.

      • Summer Moomin says:

        Wow, the headphones makes it sound like sex (or at least hetero sex) is just something for him to endure, like a trip to the dentist.

      • Andrea says:

        The headphones thing is something else. One of my exes once told me that he had a friend who had had so much sex that it took something very weird for him to actually orgasm(he used to look at videos of women pooping on glass tables) and he felt at that point masturbation was better than actual sex. Maybe Leo is just like eh whatever at this point.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:


  15. MY3CENTS says:

    He’s doing more for the environment by not procreating than by flying around to all of his environmental summits by private planes.

  16. SophieJara says:

    My dear very dashing friend Billy was like this. Not with the under 25, but short relationships with an expiration date or no commitment, never married, never cohabitation. I knew him as a kid though and he was great to us, not a creeper.

    He had this grand idea that when he turned 70 he would finally settle down. And guess what? No one wanted his 70 y.o. bachelor ass that had never shared a house or learned how to compromise or communicate. He’s in a very lonely phase now.

    • Andrea says:

      I have a handsome 43 year old friend like this. He lives in a tiny town (I mean like 1000 people) but works for his dad in a very lucrative business. Therefore, he travels to cities every weekend for Tinder hookups. He has never had a gf the 15 years I have known him, much less lived with anyone. His excuse is that noone wants to live in his town. I entertained the idea of being with him at one point right before the pandemic (he has an amazing loving family and we both come from family money, so lots of similarities), but his partying and drinking were a lot for me. I don’t think he will ever settle down.

  17. Katie says:

    “the tough get bro’ing” – I cannot believe that is a phrase that was actually written out and published. Barf.

  18. Kay says:

    I think Leo is a damaged and emotionally stunted individual because of his experiences as a child star. He was surrounded by sex offenders in his youth like his manager Bob Villard and Brian Peck (there’s a creepy video of them on the set of Growing Pains together). I also don’t buy into most of his relationships, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re contractual. There’s been rumors about Leo being bisexual/gay for years and I’m starting to believe it. Stephen Trask outed him for having fake girlfriends during a discussion about homophobia in Hollywood with Neil Patrick Harris. Leo and Lukas Haas live together and go everywhere together for over two decades now.

  19. Andrea says:

    I have an ex who was very upfront when we dated: doesnt believe in marriage, doesnt want kids. He will date his own age though, but not much older. We are really good friends and he told me he really doesnt want the responsibility of kids and I told him dating is going to be hard for him since he is 45. He also plays video games a lot, which I found very annoying and I mean like 3 hours daily.

  20. Megan says:

    Personally, I don’t think it’s to hide homosexuality. I think that as young boys in Hollywood, Leo/Toby/Lukas became so emotionally enmeshed that they have a weird codependency that has lasted into adulthood. Who knows what kind of childhood trauma they endured together. But their emotional entanglement lasts to today. So, Leo is really only looking for women who scratch his sexual itch. Just fantasy girls for sex and fun. His emotional intimacy needs are fulfilled in his relationships with his male friends. Truly that’s who he is married to.

    • Danielle says:

      I’ve always believed that hiding his sexuality with a behaviour that attracts more scrutiny doesn’t make sense. If he really wanted to hide something, he would have done it old Hollywood style – a marriage/LTR with a woman around his age, more credible as a stable partner, not a string of young, hot women which draws more attention/scrutiny to his dating life.

      Besides, a couple of his girlfriends were already high profile celebrities or came from wealthy families, so they didn’t need a “contract” to be relevant or for material gains.

      IMO, no need for conspiracy theories, applying Occam’s razor here, he’s a rich, famous dude who has the options to date only young, beautiful women – and he does.
      (It doesn’t mean they don’t sign NDAs – they probably do – but many celebrities use NDAs in their private life, even when they date among themselves or in the same circle.)

      • Kay says:

        Look up Bar Refaeli’s tax evasion case. She lied about living with Leo in the U.S. when in reality she spent several months a year living in Israel during their relationship.

      • Twin Falls says:

        I agree the most obvious answer is the right one here. Dating a 20 year old model is a male fantasy. He’s rich enough to live it over and over and over as many times as he wants.

        Why does he want to Groundhog Day his life? Because he can.

      • Andrea says:

        @kay I remember deep diving the Bar tax evasion and it was wild. It gave credence to her maybe being a contract girlfriend.

  21. candy says:

    I have a different theory. Leo is a die hard mama’s boy. As a nearly 40-year old woman myself, I can spot these types of guys from a mile away. Most single men in this age group are either divorced or they’re enmeshed with their moms.

    • Andrea says:

      @candy This is a good point. I discussed my 43 year old friend above and I believe he is a huge mamma’s boy as well.

      • Kay says:

        Bradley Cooper is also suspected of being in the closet and has dated young models like Leo. I listened to the Beyond The Blinds episode about Bradley and there were so many blind items about him and Leo. I definitely believe they were lovers.

      • Andrea says:

        @kay This is WILD blind gossip. My mind is blown.

  22. Oye says:

    If you don’t want get married or looking long term why you need anyone with a baggage or older? You will have it easy ride for all..
    Men think like this…
    Women don’t. I don’t. People don’t do what you want them do they do What they want to do..
    There are worse situation so save it for that imo. Here it happen when they want to involve with him knowing the probable out come. Not?
    I have a different opinion that most on this…

    • Andrea says:

      At 41, I have never been married, no kids. I would prefer an older man with grown kids, so I won’t have to deal with potential drama from exes. Hence, that is me wanting to avoid drama and baggage. Women do think like this too, we just typcially want older men because they are hopefully more mature, responsible, and accomplished.

    • Coco says:

      Yes we know you opinion is to side with abusers.

      Why your here I don’t know unless….

      • Andrea says:

        @coco when have I aligned myself with abusers? I find Leo and Dane Cooke gross individuals to date this much younger.

  23. Trish says:

    He’s a phony. If you go on his Instagram, it is all about the environment and politics. There’s not one photo that shows him as a human being. His twitter the same way.
    Then you see paparazzi photos and it’s a completely different person. A big stunted broski that lives like Wolf of Wallstreet. It’s almost like he’s hiding something. Like he’s crafted this persona to sell to the people, but he’s not that at all.

    This last breakup is it for me. I liked Camila. I thought when I scrolled her IG, he’s crazy if he doesn’t marry this one. She is stunningly beautiful, but also seems like a nice person. Down to earth.

    This, honestly makes me not like him anymore.

    • Kay says:

      Camila comes from a family of social climbers and her career is finally kicking off largely thanks to her association with Leo. She’ll be fine.

      • Coco says:

        Her stepdad and Leo are longtime friends she didn’t need to date him for him to help her with her career.

    • Another Anna says:

      Agreed. Leo reminds me of Tom Cruise. I don’t think it has anything to do with sexuality, actually. I think they are both such controlling and emotionally stunted people that they don’t know how to be in a relationship. That’s why everything looks like a contract – because they’re scripting everything for maximum control.

      To echo what the rest of y’all have said: it’s pathetic.

  24. CAITY says:

    Leo has a live in lover that actor from “The Witness” he gets these young beards to hide and keep him in the closet.

  25. Sam says:

    “I get older but your girlfriends stay my age.”

    • Gutterflower says:

      Hahaha nice. Makes the line from The Man also run through my head “I’d be just like Leo in St Tropez” 😂

  26. Mel says:

    Uhm… okay? Dude, you can find grown-ups with the same goal. A lot of twenty-somethings will expect some kind arrangement after so many years together. Older women who have “been there, done that” will likely will be more than happy for you to go home and not be up under each other all the time. Just admit that you like young women because they are enamored of you, your lifestyle and probably let you do / say whatever you like while they just follow along for the ride. I’ve seen his antics in person, I’m not a fan, he was kind of a jerk and I never thought he was cute.

  27. Jess says:

    Look, does the current (and widening) age gap thing give me a bit of the ‘squicks’ & the ‘icks?’ Yea, it does. But he is up front about it from the jump with all of these girls. They know exactly what he’s about, what they’re going to get out of it & they even know roughly when it’s going to end.

    Frankly, I wish some of my exes would have been so courteous as to be up front with me from the beginning abt their intentions & while also providing a timetable on how long this thing btw us was going to last. 🤣💀💁🏼‍♀️

  28. Isa says:

    I bet he’s upfront, even if he’s not there’s enough info on him on the internet that the young women can see. The problem is that many of these women probably don’t have enough life experience to know they won’t be the one to change him.

  29. Kay says:

    Leo has been linked to some women older than 25 like Rihanna and Laura Whitmore. The fact all of his official relationships ended at 25 gives more credence to the theory they’re contractual.

  30. Cacec04 says:

    Maybe it’s both. Maybe he feels safer around woman not older than him because of early and awful experiences he had in Hollywood at a young age and/also he FEELS safer because he can manipulate them. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. Andrea says:

    Does anyone know if he is friends with Dane Cooke? They seemingly have a lot in common..

  32. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    He’s simply another fine example of a giant douchebag. I have no doubt he has some sickening stories of terrible behavior towards him as a young actor in the industry. Boo f*cking hoo. Women have been putting up with it forever and this shite never seems to change. He’s not an idiot. He doesn’t believe he’s still 20-something. And he might have some serious issues that need addressing, but his pattern is glaringly obvious, and I’ve seen it a million times. He’s a line from, “Dazed and Confused.”

  33. Ameerah says:

    The part that I find funny about all of this is that if he truly doesn’t want to get married or have kids he could easily find a smart, accomplished woman in her 30-40’s who feels the same. But he wants to bang young models. Which is the REAL issue. Not them wanting a family. Or even HIM wanting a family. Because in his mind – he can do that at anytime – he is the only one aging in the scenario. Ans like a LOT pf rich white males in Hollywood he thinks he has no shelf life – just the women.

  34. Cloud says:

    This is a completely different take because it’s saying he doesn’t want to waste their time if they want to settle down and get serious. It’s not about him being superficial but how they’re wanting different things like marriage and kids when they hit 25. Kinder rhetoric towards Leo.

  35. Julia K says:

    I read that he was the one who called it off with Bridget and then
    later found out she was pregnant.

  36. Jillyb says:

    Hahahaha i dunno i remember being a kid when he obviously got influenced by this approach…. I wish women could look at young fluffiest males like this…. The Kardashian clan are our only hope to change

  37. Jewbitch says:

    His chubby cheeks/round face, give me Josh Duggar vibes.

  38. Gorgonia says:

    No wonder this man is considered a god in the redpill manosphere. For him women count nothing, their only value is beauty and youth. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover his girlfriends were “beards”.

  39. LIONE says:

    Yeah, men with this sort of fame, money and social status can do whatever they like, so they do.
    Leo doesn’t want to be a better person, because he simply doesn’t have to.

    Also he has narcissistic eyebrows. Lol! And seems like a giant toddler, without emptional depth and ability to self reflect and grow.
    Giselle pretty much confirmed that last part.

  40. Jay says:

    The thing is, as Lainey mentioned, if he keeps dating under 25 year olds, unless they are truly “on contract” girlfriends, he’s going to get burned on social media sooner rather than later. Remember Brad Pitt and the influencer who posted photos from his chateau? It won’t necessarily be a malicious thing – people in the age group he’s targeting post about their lives as effortlessly as breathing. My students in this age group document everything and post most of it.

    Even Camilla shared pretty innocuous photos of their dogs and vacations, but she grew up around somewhat famous people, right? So it didn’t reveal anything. Leo’s next gf might not be so private, and there’s little he could do about it. There’s a kind of power in that, which is ironic given that he probably dates 20 year olds in the first place so that he always has the upper hand.

    Who knows? Maybe he’ll shock us all and date a 30 something woman who likes to party.