Leonardo DiCaprio dumped Camila Morrone shortly after her 25th b-day

Camila Morrone turned 25 in June. A month before her 25th birthday, there were photos of Camila and Leonardo DiCaprio walking along the beach in Malibu. The walk-and-talk seemed emotional – Camila seemed to be crying and Leo was soothing her and he kissed her forehead. Some thought that perhaps he was dumping her ahead of her birthday. Then weeks after her birthday, she was at his Malibu Independence Day party with their two dogs. People were like “wow, maybe Leo will keep her around even though she aged out of the Leo D Girlfriend Experience.” Nope. They broke up this summer.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have ended their relationship, sources tell PEOPLE.

The Oscar winner, 47, and the Never Goin’ Back actress/model, 25 — who kept their relationship mostly private — had been linked since January 2018 during an outing in Aspen, Colorado, and they made their debut as a couple when they sat together in the front row at the Oscars in February 2020. Reps for the stars declined to comment.

Back in July 2019, an insider told PEOPLE that DiCaprio and Morrone seemed “pretty serious” with each other. “It’s definitely not a casual relationship. Camila spends a lot of time at his house. Camila is long known as Leo’s girlfriend. And Leo introduced her to both of his parents long ago.”

DiCaprio and Morrone were photographed spending the Fourth of July weekend together earlier this summer at a beach in Malibu. In August, Morrone was spotted in St. Tropez with her mother. DiCaprio, meanwhile, has been spotted out to dinner with friends in Los Angeles as recently as last week.

[From People]

This relationship with Morrone was more serious than most of his relationships, you could just tell. It helped that they started up when she was 20 years old, so they had more than four years together. They basically lived together and were raising two dogs together. I think he genuinely cared about her. But he can’t help it – he absolutely refuses to be with a woman older than 25.2 years old. Don’t you understand that a witch cast a spell on him and his d–k would fall off if he dated a 26 year old? Do you want that on your conscience?

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  1. Emmi says:

    Is he trolling us??? Probably not. At this point I would like to say the girls know what they’re getting into but I doubt it. You’re 20 and he knows how to romance the young women so I assume he always stresses how they’re different than the ones before.

    I’m curious, do they sign NDAs? They never talk.

    • Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

      I’ll bet he does follow up the break-up sit down with a lawyer handing the lady papers. Ew. I can’t believe I had a MASSIVE crush on him as a teen. Bleah.

    • Colby says:

      I doubt the girls really understand. That’s exactly why men over 30 date girls in their early 20s….they’re naive. The men know they can’t pull the same BS with someone their own age.

    • SarahCS says:

      Everyone matures in their own way but at 20 you think you know how the world works and you largely do not! Sure 20 year olds make a ton of really smart choices but it must be hard in the face of the DiCaprio girlfriend experience and being swept up into his $$$ world to see the writing on the wall that is clear for the rest of us.

    • Mia4s says:

      “so I assume he always stresses how they’re different than the ones before.”

      I think this is a good bet. And at that age so many of us believed/loved to be told we were “not like the other girls” (We did. Yes we did, we all know it). Each one is going to be the “one” to change him. LOL! Sigh… Have fun girls if you must, but he’s a walking cliche (I mean…a literal joke at this point). Best to go in eyes open.

      • Coco says:

        From what others have said in the past Leo first meet her when she was 12 years old. Camila stepdad and Leo are long time friends, so I’m very sure that she did feel like she was the one.

      • Emmi says:

        I would have no problem with this if the girls weren’t quite so young – I’m surprised he hasn’t dated an 18 year old yet. Or if they were truly just in it for the fun of dating a rich and famous guy. But you do that for a few months or a year. Remember the Blake Lively months? She knew and just passed the time. Good for her. But these girls literally waste half of their 20s on a guy who will absolutely dump them. And I completely understand that after a few years you truly believe he won’t. He’s doing this on purpose and it’s bordering on predatory.

        I have no respect for him at all. Gross.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I’m so grossed out by this obviously true statement. My skin just crawls at his pulling the “not like other girls” gaslighting routine.

      • Deering24 says:

        “And at that age so many of us believed/loved to be told we were “not like the other girls”

        Yep–that’s Promise #3 in the Misogynist’s Seduction Handbook. Guys who pull this really have nothing but contempt for women. And invariably their mother is the standard they judge all women on.

      • bettyrose says:

        @Deering24 – In my twenties, I went out with this really decent guy. On our first date, we were talking baseball (which I was obsessed with in those days) and he pulled a “you’re not like other girls.” It made me sad that he was so culturally trained to use that line and think I’d be into it. I laughed and said I regularly went to games with my female friends. It didn’t work out with this guy because we lived in different cities, but I genuinely believe he wasn’t a gaslighter or creep. It’s just such a routine thing for guys to say. He’d probably heard guys say it and thought it sounded good. I’m not giving Leo any passes, though. He’s the reason dudes think that behavior is okay.

    • Geegee says:

      So I read this article about how our frontal cortex does not stop developing until 25. So in truth we are basically still adolescents up till then. We really are not full adults till 25 which makes this extra gross. Leo likes them in the more pliable adolescent stage so he can be in full control. It’s gross but also kinda sad. He is never going to make an actual adult connection.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        It is indeed a gross and deeply pathetic pattern of his.

      • MeganC says:

        Leo has become a caricature of himself.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I’d say Gyllenhaal is a caricature of di Caprio.

      • Taehyung's Noona says:

        That’s why in much of the US you can’t rent a car until 25.

      • Hannah says:

        I appreciate this take because while I also think he’s the adult and this is reprehensible behaviour, I think he’s all screwed up from being a child actor and a teen heart throb.

      • No says:

        Gee- Let’s stop infantilizing women. The research on brain development means that the brain is still developing through the 20s and finishes
        in the late 20s. This does not mean that the 20 something year old brain is the brain of a teenager.

      • bettyrose says:

        @No – that’s actual science. It’s not infantilizing anyone, and it applies equally to young men (more so, probably). I give young people a huge pass on stupid behavior. Mistakes help us figure out who we truly want to be. I think it’s absolutely fair to acknowledge that Leo can get away with more dating women under 25 than dating women even a few years older than that. And it’s fair to point out that this is probably a factor for Leo. A 30 year old woman could still look extremely youthful, but he doesn’t want to date her because she knows what she’s looking for and is going to ask for it, whereas a 22 year old is probably more into just going along for the ride. Nothing about that observation is insulting to young women. (It’s pretty scathing towards the 50 year old man involved, though).

      • Jaded says:

        @No – nowhere does Geegee say this is strictly about women. It’s actually proven science that 3 areas of the brain — the prefrontal cortex, amygdala and hippocampus — are the last to mature in early to mid-twenties. These 3 areas of the brain involve regulating emotions, impulse control, and understanding the consequences of one’s behaviour and decision-making. The reason Leo dates only younger women is that they are malleable. They may seem mature but they’re vulnerable to being manipulated. Leo couldn’t handle a mature woman, he seems to need to be in control and have an adoring, hero-worshiping young woman by his side instead of someone who is smart, in control of her life and unwilling to be *managed*.

      • Lemons says:

        Leo doesn’t date young women. He dates young models. They are all the same and he lets them go so they can go off to better relationships and have a family with someone else.

        I do not think that anyone in this situation is confused about whether they are “the one” or not. They know the game. The fact that some are here talking about how disgusting it is don’t seem to realize that, much like a VS Angel contract used to be, dating Leo is probably the holy grail for many models who will then move on to better things (career, boyfriends, husbands) before aging out of the modeling industry. It’s not an accident that none of them have forced a baby on him.

        They’re all adults, neuroscience or not.

    • SarahFranscico says:

      Well, now we know why Jeff Bezos has zero worries about Lauren.

      • bettyrose says:

        LOL! I have nothing nice to say about Bezos, but he cheated on his wife with a woman who wasn’t younger or better looking than his wife. The bar is so low that’s actually charming.

      • No says:

        All you armchair scientists need to keep reading. All you are doing is misinterpreting what neuroscience says. The brain is still developing does not mean it is stuck in 13 year old development, and then magically overnight it is fully developed at 29. Look up development! It happens in stages and it is a process. So no a 20something year old is not a teenager. I am not a fan of Leo, and not defending his dating history. But let’s stop infantilizing women.

      • Bettyrose says:

        @No – the fact that you continue to insist this science is specific to women speaks volumes.

  2. Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

    Got to admit: the dogs together part had me fooled. I thought maybe this was his “Clooney grows up” relationship. Ah well. Hell have another model before the holidays. At this point, surely only young women with an eye on the access (albeit temporary) are going to go for him, right? *Remembers her own habit of pledging to heal broken douchecanoes when young* Well, maybe not. Sigh.

    • Arizona says:

      it fooled me as well.

      I am now 100% convinced there’s a clear contract that says they’ll break up after they turn 25, and an NDA that they have to sign – because none of the girls really talk about dating Leo, either, even after they’ve broken up. I think this is all very intentional, at this point.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      Leo thinks he’s too good to be settling with a young pretty model/actress. He’s gonna pull a Clooney: find a woman that will not only be beautiful but intelligent with the potential to change the world. My crystal ball says someone who will do something about the environment. George Clooney was very involved in refugee issues in Darfur I think. Amal was a great match for him.

      • Lorelei says:

        I was telling my husband about this last night and said the exact same thing: I wonder if he’ll surprise us all one day and pull a Clooney long after everyone has given up on him ever getting married or having children. Time will tell.

        Re: the Clooney comparison, I don’t think Clooney was not so gross about the women he dated, the way Leo is? I doubt Leo will be able to get an “Amal” quality woman with his reputation.

      • Lux says:

        They definitely sign a contract and know what they’re getting into. TBH, I actually don’t think this is the worst way to conduct a relationship; he knows what he wants and doesn’t want to waste their time/if they want to get married and have kids they still have time…just not with him. They can always break it off before turning 25 but most of them don’t.

        The comparisons to Clooney are not entirely apt…Clooney’s relationships always have more of an air of spontaneity. Leo’s work like…clockwork.

      • Siobhan says:

        Oh gosh I hope not I really would hate to hear more lectures about the environment from one of the worst private jet and yacht offenders in the world, Leo.

    • fishface says:

      She’s gorgeous. He’s gross. Who got the dogs?

  3. Noki says:

    At least and this is a small at least, the parties involved are seemingly willing adult participants and he does have long term relationships, 5 years is nothing to scoff at. lol

  4. B says:

    If my kid did that, I’d be embarrassed.

    • It Really Is You, Not Me says:

      I’m embarrassed for Leo’s parents, not Camila‘s. She’s just doing what 20-year-olds do.

    • Christine says:

      Yup. Leo is one second from being a sexual predator, at this point. He is exactly my age, I was born November 5, the same year. He is 6 days younger than me. The thought of being romantically involved with someone younger than 25, or younger than 40, is repulsive.

  5. SarahCS says:

    Am I shocked? Of course not. Does it make how young she was when he first met her and what followed seem even more ick? Yes, it does. I mean it was always a ridiculous power imbalance in every sense of the word but this makes her seem even more like a (disposable) commodity in his eyes. I hope she has a good support network around her and can transition to the next phase of her life and a healthier romantic relationship.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      His attitude towards women is positively medieval. Okay, granted, he at least isn’t dating minors, but the age gap is becoming increasingly creepy.
      I feel sad for both of them, because it seemed they had something real, especially sharing the dogs. But Leo is Leo…

      • SugarHere says:

        I hate Leonardo di Caprio with a passion. He has a Peter Pan youth fetisch while almost turning 50 and growing a belly beer. I believe he pays these women off so they won’t tell all.
        Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively were able to escape on time to start their families. Di Caprio is a youth vampire and time waster. How is this not considered mental abuse? So exploitive. Now I understand Ricky Gervais’ mean joke about Leonardo.

  6. Lolo86lf says:

    Going forward no woman who would qualify to date him should have anything to do with him. He is ridiculously fixed on women who are younger than 26 even though he is almost 50 years old. Just because he is a movie star does not give him the right to treat his girlfriends like that. Why do women keep falling for him? Don’t they know they will be discarded when they reach the old age of 26?

    • Miranda says:

      Speaking as someone who dated much older men when I was in my late teens and early 20s: Yeah, I had a pretty good idea of how it would end. But hey, that was Future Miranda’s problem! Didn’t concern me at all. I honestly thought that it made me more sophisticated than my friends, something that, even now as I type it, makes me cringe. At 18, 19, 20…you’re just SO FAR up your own ass at that age. Many people claim that they were unusually mature in their youth, but that’s more often than not just another symptom of being up their own ass.

      • Kate says:

        lol “Future Miranda’s problem”

        I saw a meme recently that said any adult who was told as a kid they had an “old soul” is in therapy now. Or something like that. It’s funny cuz it’s true

      • Doodle says:

        I was mature in certain areas due to trauma in early childhood, so for a while guys my own age seemed immature because they couldn’t relate. I don’t think I was up my own ass, I was traumatized but didn’t realize it. Twenty five years later therapy has given me some great introspection.

        I wish Leo would get therapy. He obviously needs it. It’s like he’s stuck emotionally in his twenties.

      • Just based off of my own personal experiences and observations over the years, it seems that the “mature for their years” label almost never comes from the child themselves, but rather the adults in their orbit, in order to justify putting the child in situations that the adults otherwise know are inappropriate ( forcing them to take care of siblings or parents, bringing them to parties, inappropriate relationships, things like that). I’ve heard adults retroactively describe themselves as “mature for their years” when they were younger in order to justify or come to terms with messed up situations that they were put into at the time, but I don’t think that I’ve ever once heard a child or teenager actually describe themselves in that way.

  7. Izzy says:

    He is such a cliché.

    • Roller says:

      Amen, sis. He’s literally stuck in an emotional and mental time zone that hasn’t aged even though physically, Leo continues to do so. I’m the same age as Leo, if my 21yr daughter told me she was dating a man the same age as me, I would shut it down immediately. Leo doesn’t need another young woman, he needs to see a therapist. And the dogs…what happens to them? I guess they are as disposable as the women he dates. Pathetic.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Izzy, I really used to like him, but he’s just embarrassing at this point

  8. Meija says:

    This is just gross. Unfortunately he will get another very young woman to do it over again as 20 year olds don’t have the experience to deal with his gaslighting manipulation. I am sure they think they all will be “the one” and it makes me sad as women we put up with men such as this in our lives.

  9. Celeste says:

    I’d be grossed out and disappointed if I was his Mom. I’d be heartbroken and disgusted if I was his next 20-year old girlfriend’s Mom.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Another Jack Nicholson isn’t needed Leo.

    The original is still around and he was awful. Remember that.

    • Alice says:

      Even Nicholson managed a long term relationship with a woman older than 25 when he was younger than Leo is now. Leo is…grosser maybe? This is hard to unpack. Ha.

      (Huston and Nicholson were on again off again from 1973-1990, so from the time she was 22-39, he was 34-51).

      • TIFFANY says:

        Nicholson got with Huston the 1st time around in her early teens. She was 16 or 17 and Jack was not.

    • Lorelei says:

      I’d almost forgotten Nicholson even existed until I just read this comment! Haven’t seen him in ages.

  11. MsIam says:

    Maybe she was having fun and he was too. Isn’t that what people said about Pete and Kim? He doesn’t seem to want a long term partner and he likes younger women. As long as he’s not kidnapping and holding them hostage and mistreating them, its their business.

    • Mia4s says:

      We’re not accusing him of abusing them, we’re making fun of him. Big difference. Sure he likes younger women…which would be any woman under the age of about 41 at this point! So his maintaining the “no one over 25” rule is high comedy! His predictability and insecurity are jaw dropping. But hey, if he doesn’t abuse and he doesn’t have kids, he can be as weird in relationships as he likes. Whatever!

      • Carrie says:

        A lot of these young models have their eyes wide open. They are selling their youth and beauty to him for his money and life of luxury and powerful connections. Even if temporary it’s a boost and nice payoff. He prob gives them a form of severence even.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I don’t doubt the women are getting something good from it. They have nothing to be ashamed of. Leo OTOH should be mortified. No one respects him. His colleagues mock his man child behavior. And he’s aging too fast.

    • C says:

      You’re aware he’s known her since she was 10 right? Major grooming vibes.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        He’s known her since she was a child! That just ups the yuck factor considerably. I honestly cannot fathom why anyone would enter a relationship with someone they have known as a young child. Yuck yuck yuck.

      • Charfromdarock says:

        How long before he starts dating the daughters or even granddaughters of other friends?

  12. mmcaav says:

    He’ll probably start daiting girls born in 2000 now :/

    • Hannah says:

      Oh em gee, eeeeuw! Gross. Like someone else said upthread “he’s a cliché”. I see he’s lost quite a bit of weight, he’s probably already ‘trolling for his next *acqusition* 🤮

    • Duo says:

      A few years back, I remember jokes about how women born the year Titanic was released would be eligible to date him. But now they would already be too old for him. Ugh.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Buzzfeed joked this morning that Titanic is only young enough to date him for four more months.

  13. Lady Luna says:

    He is so gross!

  14. SAS says:

    He seems messed up. But then, Clooney was fucking around like this until he was well into his 50s. And god knows who Pitt’s dating these days. They’re gross dinosaurs, wouldn’t wish them on any young woman!

    • lucy2 says:

      Clooney at least did date women in their 30s, but yeah.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Yeah Clooney’s play boy routine was a tired old cliche. But it wasn’t this lecherous.

      • Deering24 says:

        And Clooney was arguably gunshy from being married before. I always got the feeling he honestly didn’t think he was cut out for long-term commitment and wasn’t going to risk hurt on either side. As well, so long as both parties were having fun, well…🙃🙃

      • Andrea says:

        Yeah, does anybody remember the WWE wrestler he dated Stacey Keibler? She went on to marry very quickly after Clooney and have 2 kids.

  15. Snappyfish says:

    I saw this coming ~ Ray Charles

  16. Steph says:

    What’s the deal though? Is it purely an age thing, a contract involved (for whatever reasons), immaturity, etc? I would love to find out the real reason behind the 25 standard. Yes I know he could just be another middle aged dude who likes them young, but someone on Twitter had a chart with the ages of all the women he’s broken up with-its been going on for a long time.

    • Ramona says:

      Léo is emotionally stunted.. but if all parties involved know the deal and he is not bringing children into this mess, more power to them. I also like that he doesn’t care what his image is like he knows he is a cliché and ppl are openly mocking him but he doesn’t care( also not bringing children into his mess👏). I credit him with being honest enough to know he’s not cut out for it and I do commend him for not marrying any women/creating children and being a cheater/deadbeat dad.

      • sunny says:

        I agree with this. Leo is a douche and clearly in some sort of arrested development but he knows his limitations and isn’t dragging children into his mess. I will continue to side-eye the power differential between him and his girlfriends though. I think obviously they are consenting adults but I think the power differential cannot help but be a real factor in his relationships.

        Congrats to the internet, specifically TikTok and and Twitter for their many hilarious jokes on this.

        Also, once again do I bow down to Blake Lively for being able to play Leo for her own ends. An outlier in his dating history.

    • mia girl says:

      Who knows why he does it, but at this point it’s pathological.

      Maybe it’s to do with not wanting children. This is a guy who is the leader of the “pussy posse” and I can totally see him believing some “bro wisdom” he received at a young age aka “dude, at 25 they start wanting babies!!”. This fact stuck, and from that a life mantra was born…never stay with a woman past 25.

      Or maybe it’s a deal he made with Lukas Haas. Lukas was about 25 when he pretty much gave up his career to become Leo’s full-time manservant and bon-vivant companion, so Leo in return must give us the girls at 25. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

      • LIONE says:

        I’m a gay man and have heard men talk about women and girls in different situations, when they think I’m not gay or am on board with the converstation.
        He is probably choosing this age because he, and his buddies, think they are “better at this age”.

        It’s a gross and comment thought among many men. (read: emotionally immature men).
        And only getting to be with the younger ones are for some “status”. Like a Rolex or a nice new car.
        They’re basically just new play objects to them.
        Men are gross

      • bettyrose says:

        Lione – I worked with a group of men (my age, 40s) for awhile who seemed to think I was the “cool girl.” I’m absolutely not, but I played it cool at work because I care about my career. Anyhoodle. I heard some crap. These fools. They were all married or in LTRs, but they were all man-children who liked to pretend the only reason they weren’t baggin’ babes on the regular was because the old ball-and-chain at home kept such a close eye. When in reality, these dudes had zero chance of dating younger women, and loved the security of their relationships and having women provide structure in their lives.

    • EllaEncanto says:

      Came here to post about the chart! So funny that someone took the time to put this together:
      Maaaaybe this will shame Leo from being a gross groomer of barely legal women but sadly, I doubt it.

    • Ange says:

      There are the ongoing rumours about his posse and Lukas of course. However, regardless of Leo’s reasons for getting rid of them, whether it’s his own hangups or a contract, I think 25 is the age where the women still have time to enjoy the career boost from being with him and then find their own partner and have kids if they want.

    • JRenee says:

      Omg, so everyone knows this is his thing. Has he had any 4/5 year relationships at all. If you have a link, please post..

  17. Chloe says:

    I don’t understand the comparisons to George Clooney? Did Clooney consistently date women under 25? It’s one thing to be upfront about not wanting to be married. It’s another to be a total cliche and douchebag. Ha. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

    • TikiChica says:

      Clooney used to date women for two years. Once the two years were up, so was the girlfriend. But I don’t remember them being this young.

    • SAS says:

      I made a Clooney comparison and while I don’t think the exact age stats are the same (only under 25), he similarly had a long series of shower-term relationships, with significant age gaps, as well as the women mostly being much less famous and successful than him. Amal is a staggering outlier.

  18. Melody says:

    At this point, I’d feel worse for any young woman that wasted those 25+ years on him. They need to get a life, a career, a family – whatever they want to achieve that isn’t about cooing over a dumpy, self-important guy that doesn’t really love beyond an image.

    Ladies, don’t waste your pretty and verve on spongy idiots. Go find a good guy who adores you for who you are.

  19. Sherry says:

    What happens to the dogs? That’s all I care about!

    • Shutterbug says:

      Came here to ask the same. I hope they don’t split them up! Are the dogs hers? I think I remember a story that said she is the one who initially fostered -and later adopted-them.

    • P says:

      I came for the dogs, too. I hope she keeps them both. Maybe they’ll help decipher whether her next boyfriend is worth her time.

      I got my dog before I met my partner, but he’s spent most of his life with both of us. I’m still his person, which fills me with so much love and gratitude. And even when he does ask for my partner’s attention, he usually comes to me later for more love.

      So I hope Camila can invest her love in her dogs and continue to build that bond. They’re amazing companions (and honestly helpful in meeting people – it’s how I met my partner).

  20. Fifee says:

    I’m starting to think that he believes 25 is when a woman decides that it’s time to settle down and think about marriage and having a family which is something he obvs has no intention of having, so thinks that breaking up with them once they reach 25 is the right thing to do. Under 25 and women/girls just wanna have fun and he’s into that …

  21. Owlsyn (all hail Queen Meghan) says:

    When Leonardo saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more 20 year olds to date.

    • Seraphina says:

      Not sure if this has been theorized so forgive me. I agree he chooses young girls due to their naivety and older women would not deal with his BS. I am beginning to think there maybe some issues sexually that young girls don’t think about due to lack of experience. Maybe he can’t give as other men can. Who knows but the pattern raises flags. And I know that being older, I know more about sex than I did at 20.

      • Ramona says:

        Allegedly Léo is lazy in the bedroom : he just lays there and the woman has to do all the work…and that’s why I think older women (I mean older than 25 ) who are more experienced won’t accept that

      • Emily says:

        Interesting theory. And they never talk about the relationship later because they’re now getting much better s*x.

      • Seraphina says:

        Nothing worse than a lazy man, especially a lazy man in bed. It gets old. Pun intended.
        So then you have age issues and laziness. Nope.

  22. Enis says:

    Can we talk about how they met when she was a pre-teen? He is friends with her mom, because they are the same age.

    • Ange says:

      Didn’t he date her mum? Or was that someone else

      • Normades says:

        Her mother dated Al Pacino and is a year younger than Leo. That’s how they knew each other.
        Cami learned the sugar daddy thing from her fam. Her mother even said when she broke up with Pacino that he was a stingy f. They will move on and be fine.

      • Ange says:

        Ah that’s it, thank you. Although really if they’re trying Leo and Al Pacino, two notoriously stingy dudes, for the sugar daddy life they’re not that great at it.

  23. cabooklover says:

    I hope she gets to keep the dogs at least.

  24. SIde Eye says:

    If he really wanted no kids – he’d date his own age. He’s almost 50 FFS! But then again you can’t manipulate the older women like the younger ones – and that’s the appeal. He has all the power and all the control.

    I hope she kept the dogs and they aren’t being dragged on yachts with him while he trolls for women barely out of their teens . The dogs are way better off with her – she seems more stable and mature than her damn 50 year old ex. He looks like her father. He’s a gross Creepy McCreeperton. I hope he doesn’t get dog visitation.

    Plantation wedding asshatery notwithstanding, I like that Blake Lively beat him at his own game. He’s run into a few women that were 12 steps ahead of him now that I think about it.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Just wait until his girlfriends start to look like his grand-daughters.

      At least he isn’t producing any children. I’ll never not be disgusted by the fact that Anthony Quinn having a child at 81 with his thirty-something wife.

      • Side Eye says:

        @ArtHistorian you are right that visual is headed our way soon. Romantic yacht trips with Grandpa. I think someone down the road gets pregnant. I’m actually surprised no one has yet.

    • Truthiness says:

      Giselle Bundchen was the one who had equal footing, a “real” relationship where she was making bank on her own and didn’t need him. Remember them at the Oscars? She dumped him at age 23, that should be the lesson for every model that followed her. Blake doesn’t have Giselle money but took a look around and saw the path out.

  25. Kirsten says:

    I know everyone jokes about the 25 thing, but this is just weird at this point. Like pathologically weird.

    • Twin Falls says:


    • LIONE says:

      Agreed. At this point he needs a therapist, not a new girlfriend.

      But I’m guessing he has this thought:
      I’m rich and famous, and for as long as I live I will only pick young girls, cause I should have everything I want.

      These girls are just objects to him. He doesn’t care.

      • TEALIEF says:

        Precisely, he needs a therapist. It’s a pathology. He cannot engage with any woman whose brain is anatomically and physiologically mature. To paraphrase Dazed and Confused, that’s how he loves them. He keeps getting older and they stay the same age. Pathetic.

  26. Lisa says:

    Just wanted to say I saw this trending on Twitter yesterday and first thing I thought was: I knew this was going to happen bc I read celebitchy.

  27. HeyKay says:

    Something is wrong with this guy.
    Wonder what his thinking is?
    Let’s face facts, if he was wealthy and famous, how many women would date him?

  28. Anna says:

    He is so pathetic. There’s something seriously wrong with him. I hope he will die old and alone. When the only women who will have sex with him are hookers.

    • molly says:


      Pathetic is exactly it, and I hope he does go out like that. He will have deserved it.

  29. AnneL says:

    But what about the dogs? That really was the first question that popped into my head. They’ve been raised by both Leo and Camilla. How will Mom and Dad co-parent civilly?

    I don’t know what Leo’s problem is. He is such a talented actor. I know that being able to play characters so strongly doesn’t mean you HAVE strong character, but still, it’s always a little disappointing to me.

  30. Solidgold says:

    Leo is not interested in women… imo.

    • Dilettante says:

      Hmmm….is he friends with George?

    • HelloDannie says:

      Agree, I think he’s bi.

    • Lady jane says:


    • Summer Moomin says:

      I agree, this is classic closeted Hollywood behavior, I think he even prefers the ridicule over his “no over 25s” public dating policy to any scrutiny of his actual preferences. Hollywood as a business is bigoted against gay/bi/etc actors, thinking they can’t play straight romantic leads. These young women are his public companions, he might even be friends with some of them but I doubt it goes much beyond that.

    • Normades says:

      I dunno. I think if Leo wanted a beard he could definitely get one more age appropriate and People magazine ready. I agree with the theory up thread that he is emotionally stunted and likes young women because he thinks they want to party and not have a family yet.

      • Cloud says:

        I agree with you Normades but think George Clooney is 100% bi and had his fun with men until he was done and then settled down with a professional woman and had children for reasons relating to conformity / credibility / political aspirations as well as love and stability. His gf were contracts and they weren’t like 25 years younger than him. He “dated” I think women who were in their 30s.

  31. Case says:

    I really want to like Leo because he’s one of my favorite actors. But this is such creep behavior.

    • Ramona says:

      But don’t you like that he isn’t presenting you a façade ? He is not pretending to be someone who he isn’t… I prefer him being his true self than a Chris Evans who is telling everyone that he wants to settle but in reality he is hoeing all over Boston. He is stunted and he dates very young women and all is consensual. The only thing that I don’t like is he knew Camilla at 12..

      • girl_ninja says:

        No. It’s not cool that Leo met Cam when she was 10 years old, waited until she was of age to date her then end the relationship when she turned 25 years old.

        As for Chris, we single can date AND still want to have a family. That’s not hoeing all over Boston, that’s called dating. How many young women has he dated Ramona? I’m guessing you have no idea because you’re just speculating.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She might be one of those Evans fans who is upset about the Alba B talk.

      • Ramona says:

        @ girl_ninjaLike I said I don’t like that Leo knew her at 10-12 and dated her when she was 20, but can I assume he was grooming her? No, I can’t.
        Can I hold against Leo that he has an age dating preference and not like his acting ? No..Leo is a walking cliché and like I said he is emotionally stunted( like he didn’t grow up since his teens) , he is a sleazy guy but he is not in the same category than a Woody Allen ,a Polanski,or Ezra. The relationships he has with these girls are all consensual for what we know .
        Concerning Chris, I am absolutely not a fan because I think he is fake and super bland but that’s just me and you’re right I was only speculating about his hoe ways.

      • girl_ninja says:

        @Ramona You find Chris interesting enough to comment on unfounded rumors about him so…

  32. Whatnow says:

    Rumors are he’s hanging with Gigi.

  33. Chaine says:

    I’m not crying about this, she will be better off without him. Now she can grow up and move on with her life and find someone more suited. As for him, the reason all of his relationships have been/are with naive youngsters is that they are his unwitting beards. That’s why he has zero chemistry with any of them and you always see Lukas in the background of paparazzi photos of Leo’s supposed romantic vacations.

    • Coco says:

      Who is this Lukas person and how are they connected to Leo.

    • Lady jane says:

      Aren’t they all contract girlfriends? I don’t know who Is representing him but they should do a better job of handling this part of his life as now he’s just looking creepy. Maybe he should just stop with the contract girlfriends.

  34. Julia K says:

    What if she was the one who dumped him? The crying on the beach thing? Was she saying “I’m ready to move on. Sorry”

  35. davidfguetta says:

    Cami is not some Rube from Kansas; both parents were actors and Cami know how the game is played. Besides, she cold dumped Joe Perez to run off with Leo. Also, 25 is not young if you want to be the hot LA it girl.

  36. Prairiegirl says:

    So on brand, Leo. So predictable I can set my watch by it.

  37. Jennifer says:

    What a fucking skeezebucket. I can’t imagine dating anyone knowing he’ll dump me for aging like a human being and his “love” means nothing. How old is he again? He’s no longer that pretty himself.

  38. davidfguetta says:

    Cami will need a Sugar Daddy as will her mother Lucila. Dad Maximo will also need a Sugar Mama to pay his bills.

  39. Emily says:

    I cackled at the part about a witch putting a spell on his D.

    1) Nasty that he met her as a child and is friends with her step-sad. It’s very Dane Cook.
    2) He lost of bunch of weight recently so he can reel in another 21 year old.


  40. Wendy says:

    Every time to goes through this cycle he is 5 years older … 2 girlfriends ago, he was 10 years younger. It gets creepier every repeats.

  41. Hellodannie says:

    “Don’t you understand that a witch cast a spell on him and his d–k would fall off if he dated a 26 year old?…”

    You’re hilarious Kaiser! 😂

  42. JMoney says:

    What I find fascinating is how no one in the media bats an eye at this. No think pieces on age difference and the fact that Leo dates barely legal girls who by the time they’re 25, he automatically dumps them. While it’s “funny” it really is gross and a tad disturbing b/c its clear he doesn’t find women around his own age “attractive”. If he wasn’t a wealthy movie star but that mid level exec or working class dude on tinder doing this (and there are many of them who seek out 20 year olds) you’d rightfully think he’d be a creep of the highest order and he is so why is it more “acceptable” just b/c he’s wealthy and famous? He helps perpetuate the image that Hollywood still does esp in blockbuster films (which are really the only films being made nowadays) where the male lead who is 40+ has to have a 20 something love interest (side eyeing The Northman) and that’s not ok.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The age differences on screen aren’t getting any better, are they? I appreciate that Northman star/coproducer Skarsgard (46) had a baby recently with a 42 year old instead of a 24 year old though. Given how long he worked on the Northman, he had time/influence to address/change the casting and age difference on the screen – and didn’t.

      • AnneL says:

        Yes, I see your point. Still, it kind of made sense due to the fact that they were living at a time when a woman of Skarsard’s age or even ten years younger would likely already have been married and had children, which wouldn’t have worked as well for the character.

        I think Anya Taylor-Joy was a good choice for the role. It was more that Skarsgard should have been younger, not that ATJ should have been older. But he looks pretty young (or at least pretty darn good) for his age, so while watching their relationship I didn’t feel like it was gross or anything.

      • Andrea says:

        Alexander Skarsgard had a baby??

      • notasugarhere says:

        Technically Tuva Novotny had the baby, not Skarsgard himself. They’ve been living together in Stockholm with her two kids for three years now. Tuva showed up very pregnant on a red carpet in late April, talk is the baby arrived late June/early July.

  43. Franek Zavski says:

    Well, Emma Raducanu’s schedule just opened up.

  44. LIONE says:

    I remember Nina Agdal and some other girl he dated (can’t remember her name) talking about him in two seperate interviews.

    He’s quite aggressive when he decides he wants someone and will have his security and team nag the girls until they basically cave and agree to meet him.
    Nina Agdal was bragging about how many times she turned him down because he would never talk to her directly just send his team.

    He would demand having no contact for long periods of time, because he was “so focused on his job”, and they were describing him in a very creepy and icky way.
    They talked about it like bragging, you know “he’s a genius so he have to get his way” and whatever.
    But it shined a light to what sort of person he really is.

    I was waiting for the me too-era to scrutinice him, but I guess he’s so rich he pays people to shut up.

    He has real preditor vibes.
    When he lays eyes on someone he wants, they’re his whether they want to or not. These women, girls really, are just objects to him.

    And of course, these men get to behave like this in Hollywood, being idolized and applauded.

    • EliseM says:

      I have read, over the years, that these relationships are just beards. Maybe its a 5 year contract and he helps these gals get a start in the business? They are young enough to manipulate and possibly broke enough to take on a contract like he offers. Who knows, Either way, just gross.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, he has to dehumanize them, and he can only date younger women because they tend not to have the experience to know that kind of communication and abandonment stuff is abusive from a partner.

      Kaiser, you are such a pro. When I saw this story you immediately came to mind. He’s predictable, but you always call it on a bunch of the knuckle headed celebs.

      Congratulations, goddess of gossip!

  45. saltandpepper says:

    I don’t agree with most comments. Why is he sleazy, etc etc? Does he force these women at gunpoint to date him? Unless they’re illiterate they know all about his dating history and DECIDE to be with him. Sure, his behaviour is not run of the mill, but as far as I know he isn’t hurting anyone. He and the women in his life, mostly street wise models, not innocent little girls from the prairie, are consenting adults. They know the game, they play it – he seems like a decent bloke who doesn’t necessarily want to conform, and there’s nothing wrong with that IMO.

    • Karen Campbell says:

      Saltandpepper, you are spot on. These women know exactly what they’re doing. Ms. Marrone was with him for five years. So what if everyone else is keeping Excel spreadsheets on his girlfriends? That’s what’s gross! It all seems consensual and maybe we need to move on from stereotyping.

    • Mothra says:

      Don’t be so hasty, we’re just starting to finally criticize men for being a*&holes, as they’ve been praised or left alone for ages since it’s just their right to treat women as disposable things. But if you don’t mind, check your “decent bloke” behavior ever since Titanic age. He’s lame.

  46. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    All I know for absolute certain is that when I was in my early 20s, the only man over the age of 30 I loved was my dad. Any other kind of love was reserved for men orbiting my age (+/-5 to 7 years). My husband is (gulp) 5½ years younger lol. The thought of someone in their 30s, 40s, and OMG 50s!!! was absurd and disgusting to me then lol. Ew.

  47. phlyfiremama says:

    As Beto O’Rourke once derisively said about #CancunCruz , #TrueToForm

  48. AppleCart says:

    I think it was Harvey Levin from TMZ has the theory (paraphrasing) people stop growing emotionally at the time they become famous. And Leo got uber famous at age 22 with Titanic.

    So I think he just wants people in the 22-25 age range to make himself feel continually that age.

    Like everyone says he needs a therapist not a girlfriend.

  49. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I know he has a lot of money, but do these young girls *really* want a man who hates women? I mean, he obviously doesn’t hate their thin, white, young, nubile bodies. But when they age to become actual mature women, he has no use for them. Is getting pap’d with a star and enjoying the fringe of his success for a couple of years worth being with a man like that?

    • Normades says:

      I think you answered all your questions right there. It’s absolutely an exchange on both fronts. I’m sure any young woman in Leo’s orbit has signed non-disclosure agreements etc… they get a life of A class luxury, travel, do nothingness, etc…pretty much like all his hanger on friends. She got 5 years of perks which is more than most get with him. I hope emotionally she’ll be ok, but otherwise that was the gig from the get go.

  50. AnneL says:

    I don’t relate to this at all. When I was that age I wasn’t even interested in men five years older, never mind more than two decades older. To each their own, of course. There’s nothing wrong with dating people of different ages, but it’s just she was SO YOUNG when they met and he’s old enough to be her father and then some. Personally, I don’t get the attraction, not even for a rich movie star.

  51. Normades says:

    Nope. This was just more serious because of Covid. If he could have sailed before he would have. Now that he can he will. Nothing new to see here.

    • Oye says:

      20 is not 12 or 17. Make people to be responsble for their choices bc you cannot get in one of these without knowing ….
      Don’t talk like it’s a forced relationship you are trapped to make..
      Who doesn’t know it’s not a good idea to date much older guy at 20 especially when it is a guy with a history of it and you won’t be the last one for him?
      But they want the benefit the relationship will bring if it doesnt work and they will still be young to do whatever after etc..imo
      Stop blaming him, he can do whatever he wants as long as its legal and if no one is forced imo..

      • Coco says:

        He meet her when she was 10/12 and is her stepdads longtime friend , so he was around her a since she was a child.

        Also please sit all the way down we know you support abusers so your opinion to the ground.

      • Normades says:

        Ok whatever. I already said up thread that these gals know what they’re getting into and what they’re getting. I’m not treating her like a child (all though he did know her as a child).
        I was just saying that if it hadn’t been for Covid Leo would have been back sooner on the party circuit and they would have been dunzo a lot sooner.

  52. Valerie says:

    He is such a disappointment as a person.

  53. Frnk27 says:

    I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out but I truly think Leo has the maturity of a 24 and under and when his gfs turn 25 they realize he will never change even though they have grown and matured. He probably doesn’t date in his age group bc women around his age see him as a walking red flag and they are smart enough not to go there. He’s creepy both for dating 25.2 and under and creepy bc he doesn’t seem to grow up.

  54. Jaded says:

    I’ve noticed that Leo likes young women who are basically “careerless”. They’re not working in any meaningful way, they don’t have a job or education path carved out for themselves, they seem utterly passionless about what they want out of life. They simply attach themselves to him like a limpet and have a good ride for a few years. That’s the thing, he can’t tolerate accomplished, ambitious women who have anything in mind other than hero-worshiping him. He’s clearly suffering from an overblown and completely one-sided ego where there can be no *competition* as he sees it as taking focus off himself.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Well, as to being “careerless”…they are pretty much always young models. The pattern is pretty darn clear.

    • Normades says:

      @jaded; Exactly this. He just wants someone to join his posse and follow him around. Lukas totally gave up a career just to do this. That is why they need to be young: no career, no kids, want to party, will travel.

  55. Bisynaptic says:

    Couldn’t see that one coming! Hope she’ll be okay.

  56. JRenee says:

    Omg, so everyone knows this is his thing. Has he had any 4/5 year relationships at all.
    He was friends with her parents before their relationship? She probably did think that gave her an edge in snagging the elusive Batchelor.
    And it’s always right before their 25th birthday or shortly thereafter? Yeah maybe it’s gross to some for observing this but I believe this was anticipated here. He really does seem fixed with 25 or younger.

  57. Mothra says:

    Even my sexist, conservative old dad said he’s gross and no woman should give him their time of day. I’m not sorry for any of those women, but he’s the bad guy here. Or… Maybe he’s secretely, happily married with someone and they have a blast trolling everyone with all of this mess.

  58. Cloud says:

    Her dad was absolutely handsome back in the day as a model. The Daily Fail had pics of her handing out (in a really revealing bikini) by the beach with her papa and every commenter was going, “He’s so much hotter than Leo.”

    All these girls know what they’re getting into and while they might close their eyes and fantasize Leo still looks like he did in Gatsby or Titanic, they don’t care because most of them are models or actresses who enjoy the leg-up and coverage. Blake and Giselle were about the only ones with a similar fame power or potential so I think they possibly genuinely liked him when they dated him.

    Leo will never settle down like George Clooney because he knows/thinks this planet is basically the Titanic. Please look up the painting he had hanging over his crib as a baby. He doesn’t aspire to professional credibility through marriage or a political career like Clooney. He will never have kids anyway, is my best bet.

  59. Kimberly says:

    Someone here mentioned the stories about LEO being LAZY in bed.
    This reminds me of an article I randomly came across a few days ago about former (Dancing With The Stars Member) JUILIANNE HOUGH.
    Apparently her NEICE mentioned on social media that she heard her aunt say, DiCaprio was NOT good in bed LOL!!! So maybe there’s a lot of truth to this specific story.
    I can see MUCH YOUNGER women tolerating lousy bed action from some older men, or men in general regardless of age, compared to most women older than 25 or 30, who generally have more experience.

  60. Original Penguin says:

    At the end of the day – these girls move on- meet other people and get on with their lives. Look at Giselle. Didn’t Kelly Rorhbach just marry a billionaire heir?

    I think this is preferable to him stringing along a 30 or 35 year old who may loose the best years of her fertility waiting for him to commit for him to dump her 5 years later. Just because that age gap might be considered more socially acceptable.

    They know what they’re getting with him. Chance to live the high life for a few years and make contacts.

    What Icks here is that he knew her as a child. If that background wasn’t there and she was a thirsty model- I’d say carry on- enjoy what you can

  61. Layla says:

    Someone commented about none of Leo’s girlfriends having gotten pregnant (that we know of..). I was thinking a while back how none of them say a single word about him. Ever. There’s definitely a contract & money & the promise of some bit parts in movies..but I was also thinking maybe Leo knows he doesn’t ever want children. Or a spouse. Maybe he even has had a vasectomy. So he cuts them off by their “expiry date”, and they’re free to go find someone that wants kids & marriage, and they’re still young. Or…is he not having sex with them at all? Or maybe abortion is in the agreement. I’m doing tons of speculation here lol..I keep waiting for one of the young women to start talking. Also, remember all the gay rumours? Aside from the fact that nearly every actor has gay rumours swirling about them for ages, he really had them going for a long time (as did Clooney).

    I think Blake Lively did the right thing by dumping him. It was probably an utter shock to him. IIRC, he seemed to be pining for her a bit. Young women don’t ever dump Leo! He probably felt a shock reminiscent of 100 ice bucket challenges. He probably walked about like this > 😧 for weeks? Days? Hours?