Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde are looking at London properties together?

People are gearing up for Don’t Worry Darling’s arrival on the film festival circuit. The Venice Film Festival premiere is on Monday, and the red carpet should be one of the most awkward exercises in blocking and timed entrances in years. The obvious prediction is that Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh will avoid being photographed together, or that Florence will ask for other actors to act as buffers in group shots. But what are the predictions for how Harry Styles and Olivia will coordinate themselves? Will they walk the premiere red carpet together, hand-in-hand? Will they also try to avoid being in the same photo frame? I don’t know. I also don’t know if they’re going to last much longer than it takes to promote the movie. I’ve always sort of felt that way – that Harry would find a way to disentangle himself once the DWD promotion was over. That being said, Olivia is clearly making plans for a future with Harry, and I feel like Team Wilde has no problem leaning into those stories for promo. From Us Weekly:

Harry Styles is staying out of Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde’s divorce, a source exclusively reveals in the newest issue of Us Weekly.

“Harry has not reached out to Jason at any point,” the insider says, noting that the 28-year-old singer “doesn’t feel it’s his place to” interfere.

The “Sign of the Times” crooner — who went public with his and Wilde’s romance in January 2021 — is instead focused on fostering his relationship with the Booksmart director, 38.

“Harry is wildly happy and in love with Olivia,” the source adds. “They’re an amazing team together.”

But, while Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde‘s romance is still going strong, the pair aren’t in a rush to take the next step in their relationship.

“Harry and Olivia have talked engagement, but they’re in no rush to get engaged,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now. The insider adds that while the “As It Was” singer, 28, “wants children of his own one day,” he’s not looking to “get married and start a family” any time soon.

Instead, the couple are thinking about moving in together: “Harry and Olivia have been looking at property in London together and want to find a place of their own in LA.”

In the meantime, the former One Direction member is also content with where his relationship with Wilde, 38, and her children — Otis, 8, and Daisy, 5, who she shares with ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis — stands at the moment. “Harry has always preferred women older than he is,” the source noted.

[From Us Weekly]

True story, the whole reason why Jason Sudeikis had Olivia served with custody papers was because she told him that she was moving to England full-time with their two children. While Jason lost the right to have the custody fight in New York (where both kids were born), the issue is headed to family court in California, where Olivia maintains a residence. The whole “Harry and Olivia are looking for a place in London” thing might have to wait until Olivia and Jason figure out the custody issue in court, because I can guarantee that Jason is going to have a huge problem with Olivia moving the kids permanently to London. As for Harry and Olivia… we’ll see. I think it’s interesting that it feels like he seems to be slowing down the engagement talk.

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  1. Impy says:

    The heck is she wearing in that last pic? How can someone be so stereotypically attractive and still dress so atrociously? Bleh, reflects the persona i imagine

    • AnneL says:

      Yeah, I think this concept could work but she overdid it. A tailored skirt with a lingerie-inspired fitted top is quite 90s. The problem is that she is wearing actual lingerie, not something evocative of it. That top is very Madonna-esque. And the fanny pack belt is attractive but looks weird with this ensemble.

  2. Emmi says:

    This is so messy and off-putting. I was looking forward to the film because I like Florence Pugh and while I’m not sure if Harry Styles is a good actor, he’s certainly not bad and has loads of charisma. But now … ugh.

    I wonder if US Weekly made that up or if it’s someone trying to generate some good PR for him. “Hey, whoa, I have nothing to do with this.” while also noting that he’s a devoted and “wildly in love” boyfriend who will definitely at some point want kids … but not soon and thus not with Olivia because she’s 38 already? It’s a bizarre message.

    • kerfuffles says:

      I did think that was odd as well. Generally speaking, if he doesn’t want kids for another few years, that would be complicated considering OW is already 38. But she could have frozen her eggs (a few of my friends did this in their 30s) and therefore they could try to have kids that way in a few years.

      My general belief is that based on their respective public statements and behavior, OW is not a good person while HS seems like he is a good person. But HS is a grown arse man and will make his choices. He’s not her victim, as some would suggest. If the relationship does fall apart, I’m interested to see if OW will end up shading HS in the press the way she has her other exes.

      • Emmi says:

        I think this is exactly what US Weekly is trying to say, he’s not her victim and also not involved in the mess. Because he’s made it a point throughout his career to be unproblematic and now his girlfriend is involved in this clusterf*ck.

        I think if OW at some point decides to drag him in the press, it’ll be a case of f*ck around and find out.

      • Tiffany:) says:

        This whole situation makes me pretty sad, because I have multiple friends who have known her for years through different circles, and they all say that she is a very kind, thoughtful, generous person. She’s always been a big cheerleader for her friends, and I know she gave one of my buddies a ton of support when he was going through something.

        That being said…her public statements recently have been really messy. But I also see the cheerleader for her friends still existing in the posts she makes about the making of her films, and how she supports her cast and crew. Which makes the Flo stuff all the more confusing. While I can understand why others want to write her off, I am not there just yet. What I know of her from friends makes total sense with Harry’s vibe…they both seem joyful and caring.

    • NemesisPuff says:

      @Emmi I agree, the article really was everywhere, wasn’t it?

      “They’re so in love!” / “He’s keeping his distance from all her parental problems” / “They’re ENGAGEMENT-talk close!” / “He wants to get married and have kids SOMEDAY, not now though” / “They’re looking at houses together all over the world!” / “He’s fine with his current level of involvement with her kids”…

      If this piece isn’t stitched together from 2 different PR teams’ quotes, I’ll watch Harry’s acting clip on repeat.

      The vibes I’m getting are less Ashton & Demi and more Pete and Kim, pre-Kanye abuse when it seemed like the biggest attraction after physical, was fun and “how different!”. Kind of like 2016 Taylor and Tom Hiddleston.

      It’s clear a custody battle, no matter how low key and straightforward at this point, would be kind of a stake in the ground in their relationship. Like, “will you start being a father to them? Because look at the mess we surmounted as a couple to finally get to this point!” They’re not babies, they’ll remember Harry. And I don’t think either of them started hooking up with that in mind. Don’t know how similar Kate and Kim’s intentions actually were, but at least outwardly, Kim seemed to keep her kids and her love life separate, until it got to a point of “well, I can’t just fly out for the weekend again…” I wonder, if Jason had become such an irrefutable antagonist like Kanye, if Harry would have stuck around like Pete, and had that patience?

      I’m just not getting the vibes that he’s as into the relationship that Olivia seems to be into, or at least, the one she’s been peddling to the tabloids so she wouldn’t look like an unprofessional cheater: “we are TRUE LOVES who happened to find each other on set! You can’t blame me for leaving my last relationship—this is CAPITAL L LOVE!”

      The problem with banking on that stance is that it obviously puts a ton of pressure on the relationship to work out like a fairy tale, or end with as poetic an ending (we will always love each other, but the stress of Jason and the media tore us apart and I HAVE to prioritise my kids!) that wouldn’t necessarily have had to have been there if a dramatic “escape” isn’t also what Olivia wanted.

      My bet is that OW knows their time is limited, but has asked Harry to stay throughout the release of DWD, then for *her* to break up with him an appropriate amount of time after when all the scandals have “cooled off” because she has more face to save. He doesn’t have to do interviews about the relationship, but please, don’t overtly date other people and don’t refute my PR.

      I honestly don’t think Harry cares or is that bothered by any of it; again, I don’t think this is the life-changing love for him OW’s PR needs it to be, but he’s had a lot of fun so why not. I don’t follow him, but especially if he’s on a huge and growing tour, I’m gonna assume he’s not looking to drill down deep into the intimacies of this relationship so far as to integrate into the children’s lives on his days off/end of tour.

      Also, I think Harry and Florence are coming out of all this hullabaloo just fine and DWD won’t have any lasting affects on their careers. If it’s good, great. If it’s bad, w/e, Florence probably stopped caring about how it would do on set (I’m guessing she still gave a great performance, but stopped feeling any responsibility beyond that), and Harry’s always got music (where he is much more popular and lauded, and interesting?). Both his fans and casual radio listeners who request ‘Watermelon Sugar’ won’t care about DWD after it comes out.

      Olivia really did put all her eggs in this basket though…or as Taylor wrote of Tom: her getaway car 😐

  3. Pinkosaurus says:

    I think a 28 yo man who wants a family but not anytime soon is not really a good long-term marriage match for a 38 yo woman. Biology is not fair and there are many ways to make a family, but none of this engagement/buy property/move the young kids in full-time talk makes any sense at all.

    • Twin Falls says:


    • Lux says:

      Looking past all the movie drama, I’ve never been against them as a couple but always felt like it was a “go get it, girl!” situation with Olivia, and that Harry is her “good time guy.” However, it’s starting to morph into a Ashton/Demi situation where it’s getting very serious and yet, the younger guy wants kids but not now. We all know who Ashton ended up having biological kids with, and poor Demi, post second divorce, was a bit of a train wreck…I really did feel for her.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Bottom line: she needs to freeze her eggs now! This is regardless of whether she has a child with Harry or someone else.
      At least she will be able to afford preserving her eggs, IVF and/or a surrogacy.
      It seems like celebrities especially want biological children so they can see themselves in their children.

      I just finished a dystopian novel involving female infertility, (“The Completionist”-terrifying, although “The Handmaid’s Tale” is the gold standard for this genre) so this is where my mind is right now.

  4. MK says:

    As I said on the Ozzy piece yesterday, I can absolutely understand wanting to move to England. Our school year has already started with 2 lockdowns close to us and 1 district-wide drill (that scared the bejeezus out of my kids, who have had these every year they’ve been in school; something about this one was different to them and none of their friends have been okay). Plus weren’t they in London for two years? IJS its possible the desire to go there has nothing to do with Harry. Definitely not how they are presenting it, and these articles aren’t laying groundwork for a CA judge to say, “sure, go to London it’s clearly best”. Olivia may not be smarter than this but her publicist definitely is so I can’t make heads or tails of anythjng she is doing. If she played the familiarity + gun violence angle, that would play better than this mess.

  5. ellie says:

    All this talk about Harry not actually being that into Olivia and looking for a way out makes no sense. He is one of the most in-demand pop stars/sex symbols at the moment and has both women and men throwing themselves at him everywhere he goes. I don’t see why he would spend 2 years in a relationship with someone unless he’s really into that person.

    I get it, we don’t like Olivia, but it seems Harry really does.

    • Snuffles says:

      One never really knows the truth, especially with rags like US Weekly. For all we know Harry might have one foot out the door. Let’s see if they last after the movie is released.

    • Twin Falls says:

      I agree with Ellie. We can look for alternative conspiracy theory explanations as to how a man who doesn’t have to be in a relationship at all would lie about being happily in one, but why?

    • Mia4s says:

      “ I don’t see why he would spend 2 years in a relationship with someone unless he’s really into that person.”

      Yeah it’s a lot more comfortable for some people to think he has been “bewitched”or manipulated by someone than to accept the fact that what they really should be doing is side-eyeing him (and Suedakis) for their taste in partners and wondering if their “real” selves fit a bit better with her than people want to admit. Somehow it’s always just the woman who is a problem?

    • Snideysense says:

      I agree- he probably does really care about her. But he also has invested a lot in having an unproblematic persona and keeping his personal life private (or at least giving lip service to wanting that) and not really having a social media presence. With all the ridiculous interviews OW has been giving lately (I do NOT understand the strategy there or WTF she’s doing), my sense is he kind of has no choice but to break up with her to preserve his image, whether he wants to or not. My guess is his next girlfriend will be super private and have very little social media presence and the whole rollout around it will be what a relief it is for him to have the private life he’s always wanted.

      • The Recluse says:

        And didn’t he already get a little singed by his run in with Taylor Swift?
        He doesn’t seem the sort to court notoriety or scandal of any sort, but he seems to gravitate to women who make their private dramas public.

      • Isabella says:

        Yes. He did date Taylor Swift. So I don’t see him as no drama guy.

  6. Malificent says:

    I don’t really care about their real estate situation, but Harry needs to quit with the onesies. They look ridiculous on anyone over the age of 4.

    • Sudie says:

      I agree! Someone up thread mentioned the horrible outfit OW is wearing and I agree it is, but no one said anything about Harry’s absolutely ugly clothing choices. He is trying to be edgy, I get it but he needs to draw the line at onesies!

    • AnneL says:

      That striped onesie reminds me of a 70s theater costume. Like something from “Pippin”.

    • NemesisPuff says:

      He really wants to be David Bowie, doesn’t he? I remember when “Sign of the Times” came out, it was lauded by critics as Bowie-esque and all the “is Harry the Bowie of our times?!” has clearly been lapped up like Kool-Aid…but other than staying quiet about his private life, I don’t think he naturally forms the mystique needed for that comparison?

      I’m sure he’s charming and charismatic, and it is cool to see him confidently dress up however he wants and not show that it impacts his masculinity, but whenever he does things like the onesies it’s like, yeah yeah you’re cool but your songs aren’t mind-bending enough for vertical stripes.