The updated booster shots for the Omicron variant are available now

I was honestly surprised to read that the updated booster shots for Omicron are already available. I thought that it would be at least another month before they were out, but it’s September already and we heard in April that they were being developed. According to the CDC, you can get an updated booster shot if it’s been two months since your last one. People aged 12 to 17 can get the Pfizer updated shot while adults can get Pfizer or Moderna. Here’s more, from People:

A new COVID-19 vaccine booster shot is available at U.S. pharmacies and clinics.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized updated shots from both Moderna and Pfizer that target both the highly-contagious Omicron variant of COVID-19 and the original coronavirus strain.

The new formula marks the first update to the vaccine since the original shots were rolled out during the height of the pandemic in December 2020. Here’s what to know about the updated vaccines…

Appointments for the vaccines are already being scheduled in some cities, with the full rollout expected in the coming days.

On Thursday, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, paved the way for immediate distribution of the updated vaccine by approving recommendations of the agency’s advisory panel.

The updated vaccines will be free and available at pharmacies, doctors’ offices and community health centers.

People aged 12 and up get the updated Pfizer booster, while people aged 18 and older can get the Pfizer or Moderna booster, according to the CDC.

The CDC suggest Americans wait at least two months from their last COVID shot to receive the new booster.

“The updated COVID-19 boosters are formulated to better protect against the most recently circulating COVID-19 variant. They can help restore protection that has waned since previous vaccination and were designed to provide broader protection against newer variants,” Walensky said in a statement.

She continued, “This recommendation followed a comprehensive scientific evaluation and robust scientific discussion. If you are eligible, there is no bad time to get your COVID-19 booster and I strongly encourage you to receive it.”

[From People]

People who haven’t been vaccinated yet will still need to get the original vaccine before receiving this updated booster. I checked and the updated Moderna boosters are available now right near me! I’m definitely going to get one as it’s been over six months since my last booster and I’d like more protection against the new variants. Incidentally, the growth of new variants seems to have been slowing down the past few weeks. Experts are unsure about how this could affect the spread in the fall and winter, but I would consider it good news. Science has given us incredible strides against the pandemic, but as we’ve seen time and again, we could have prevented all of this with common courtesy and common sense.

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  1. Snuffles says:

    Woo hoo! I look forward to getting it. I think I will wait until October and get my booster and my flu shot at the same time.

    • Joanna says:

      You can get them both at the same time? I thought you had to do them at different times due to possible reaction? I want to get both too

      • Bookie says:

        CNN reported yesterday that you can get both shots at the same time.

      • Snuffles says:

        Pretty sure most can get them at the same time. Unless you tend to have severe allergic reactions to vaccine shots.

      • CFY says:

        You can do both at the same time! Just get them in different arms.

      • tl says:

        I was told that it isn’t a problem to get them at the same time and I know many who have without any issues though my Dr prefers staggering all vaxs at least 2 weeks apart. For whatever that info means to anyone…unfortunately I am due for my annual mammogram this month so I am going to wait until I get that before getting the booster just to avoid any lymph node issues.

      • Kristen820 says:

        It’s perfectly safe to get both at the same time, but I had a much more noticeable reaction when I did the combo with my first booster. The tech who administered my 2nd booster said she never recommends doing them at the same time for that reason.

      • Dss says:

        You can definitely get both at the same time.

      • Case says:

        You can get them at the same time, but it’s a rougher recovery.

      • oke says:

        I’m just here with an anecdote that I had a VERY rough time getting flu and covid shots on the same day — shivers, cold sweats, heart racing, absolute physical crash between hours 12-24. I’ll get all my shots, but I’ll never do them on the same day again.

    • SarahLee says:

      I got both of mine today – the new booster and my flu shot. My arm got sore very fast (the nurse warned me of this), but it is nothing like my first booster. I’m a little sleepy, but that’s all.

  2. Amanda says:

    Got the updated booster and my flu shot yesterday! Sore arms and a little tired but nothing like some of the earlier shots, for me.

  3. Lucy says:

    Where did you look for the shot availability? CVS? My last booster was December, I’ve been waiting for this updated one.

    RIP common sense and courtesy.

    • Jenns says:

      I got my appointment at Walgreens. I was able to book it right online.

      • Jennifer says:

        Walgreens always has it up by the next day after shots are allowed. Yay Walgreens! I have to drive to the nearest city to get the shots, but at least I can get them. My HMO takes so damn long it’s not worth it to wait on them.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m getting mine in a few hours! I was able to book it at my local CVS. I got the first booster in December too, and wasn’t eligible for anything else after that. I feel like I’ve been out here dodging the variants for 9 months like I’m in the Matrix. I feel very lucky to be able to get this one.

  4. ME says:

    So many people haven’t even gotten the first booster. I wonder how many will get this one? We can look at Austrailia as a guideline for what’s to come. They had a horrible winter. HIgher than normal flu numbers and a lot of Covid cases (the most they’ve had). This is due to living with no Covid restrictions. However, we have the advantage of getting this new booster, which I hope helps a lot. I don’t know but it amazes me how many people really think the pandemic is over. I still wear a mask and I HATE the looks people give me. Ask if I’m the crazy one.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      I keep hearing anchors and guest talking about various “post-pandemic world” improvements regarding air travel. Makes me nuts.
      WE ARE STILL IN A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!! And now we have to worry about polio.

      • Jennifer says:

        And the monkeypox.

        I’m so sick of being the only one with a mask on. Save your own lives, people. Don’t get long covid.

  5. CFY says:

    I follow an epidemiologist on TikTok (Dr. Kat) and she said the new bivalent boosters will replace the current booster doses out there, so it won’t be a question of which booster to get (original or updated). Walgreen’s, when you schedule your appointment, has a thing in their drop down that says it’s the updated booster, but CVS doesn’t have that, or didn’t when I made my appointment online on Monday, so I was glad to see her video.

    • lucy2 says:

      I booked mine through CVS and it did say it was the updated booster for variants.

    • SarahLee says:

      I booked my CVS appointment yesterday (got my jab today at 11:30 am!) and it told me what booster they had. I asked when I went in today to confirm, and she said that all the CVS stores in our area (central Indiana) have the new ones. The old ones are not being use anymore.

  6. salmonpuff says:

    I made all of our appointments on Monday (except my oldest, who had covid in early August). Now to schedule flu shots…

  7. Miss V says:

    Had my appointment for Friday so I could have the weekend to rest (in case it made me feel weird). Too late for me, though. Started showing symptoms Monday, tested positive yesterday. Husband and daughter #1 today. Guess I don’t need the booster for a little while….

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh man! So sorry to hear it 🙁 I was around my mother this weekend when she got sick, so I was afraid this was going to be me. She tested negative and was better after 24 hours and a nap though, so…fingers crossed i make it to shot day on Friday.

  8. CC says:

    Finally! My appointment is scheduled for this evening!
    My doctor once told me that getting flu shots early is better for older people but he wouldn’t recommend it for younger people (I was around 30 when he said this), because the peak effectiveness of the vaccine might wane before the peak of the flu season. So I’ll get my flu shot separately in a few weeks.

  9. Case says:

    This is such wonderful news. To get a booster that is addressing the currently circulating variants is a huge deal and I hope will be a step toward lessening COVID. If only the CDC didn’t shoot us in the foot by basically acting like the pandemic was no longer an issue, thus making the vast majority stop paying attention…

  10. rockear says:

    not any more for me, got a blood clot in my left leg

  11. TIFFANY says:


    In the singing voice of Lizzo, It’s about damn time.

  12. Jenn says:

    I got ba5 on my birthday, which was the very first time I’ve gone out or removed my mask in public. It is Day 25 and I am still symptomatic and testing positive (I was prescribed an antiviral, so that could be part of it). Please be careful and stay safe!

  13. Ladiabla says:

    I just went to my doctor yesterday for my annual physical, and she advised to wait since I just got my 2nd booster on June 18th. So, trying to decide if I should wait another 10 days or until October. She said I should still be at peak protection with the 2nd booster I got….but Idk…there’s so much we don’t know. Has anyone else heard anything? If I get it now, will that carry me through the winter?

    • Gelya says:

      I had my 4th booster in the middle of June. I have been advised to wait four months to have optimized immunity.
      My husband works outdoors. I am at home all day. Errands are grocery store. Very little visitors since we don’t have any time. We are in the middle of preparing for a cross country move. Risks are fairly low for Covid infections. My husband and I decided to wait until December or when our health department posts a high alert.
      I read that Fauci is waiting three months to have his. I would talk to your doctor and ask them what would be best.

  14. meme78 says:

    Does anyone know if you have to be a US citizen to get this or can travellers get it as well?

    • EM says:

      I don’t think you have to be a US citizen but proof of insurance will likely be required.

      I think you may also need to show proof of the other vaccines so that may complicate things if different types.

  15. EllaEncanto says:

    I tried to book my booster on the CVS app today and it was still checking for immunocompromised people only. I wonder if they need to update the app for certain cities? I’m on the West Coast.