Did Lindsay Lohan & Gerard Butler hook up in Morocco?

CB sent this link to me with an apology, but at this point I know my imaginary boyfriend Gerard Butler is a total horndog who will nail anyone and anything. In the past few months he’s been linked romantically to everyone from Jennifer Aniston, Priyanka Chopra, Jessica Simpson, random reporters and me (in my dreams). Now it’s Lindsay Lohan’s turn on the merry-go-round known as Gerard’s jock. Here’s the thing – and this could totally be my crush talking – but I think Lindsay was the one trying to hook up with Gerard, or at least get press for it, while Gerard couldn’t have cared less. See what this sounds like:

It seems there is yet more heartbreak in store for unlucky-in-love Jennifer Aniston. The Friends actress has been romantically linked to her latest co-star Gerard Butler, but he’s turned his attention to another Hollywood bachelorette – one Miss Lindsay Lohan.

The Scottish actor, 39, was spotted kissing the 23-year-old Mean Girls star at a lavish party to mark the opening of the Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco on Saturday night.

The pair spent much of the night dancing and flirting in the hotel’s Sanctuary nightclub before eventually leaving the party together in a golf buggy, according to an onlooker.

Before she was whisked away, Lindsay told the Mirror: ‘He’s hot, he’s mine! I’ve got no ring on my finger so I’m going to have lots of fun. This is the most romantic place in the world.’

However, another party-goer said Gerard was busy flirting with lots of women, and that they didn’t lock lips.

Either way, Lindsay’s on-again off-again romance with DJ Samantha Ronson has quite clearly cooled, with Lindsay saying she is ‘fed up with all the drama’.

Gerard was also behaving like a single agent despite reports of a romance with 40-year-old Aniston, who co-stars with him in The Bounty. He has previously insisted they are just friends.

Gerard and Lindsay were among the celebrities, businessmen and socialites galore gathered for an exuberant party to mark the opening of the new five-star hotel in El Jadida, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Costing an estimated £2million, the celebrations featured 20 fire-eaters, scores of belly dancers and 50 Arabian horses lined up to greet guests.

A team of workers spent three hours lighting 100,000 candles dotted around the pool, petals from more than 100,000 red and white roses were scattered around the resort and a huge fireworks extravaganza – created by Phil Grucci who did the Beijing Olympics display – was the highlight of the evening’s entertainment.

While endless bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne flowed all night, guests feasted on a mouth-watering spread of fish, sushi and traditional Moroccan cuisine. Photo opportunities with snakes and monkeys were even on offer for the more daring members of the party. Guests were flown in from around the world for the all-expenses paid two-night stay at the lavish 500-room resort.

[From The Daily Mail]

Gerard was actually photographed entering the event with some random orange-clad woman, so he might have had a date. And I’ve been looking at pictures from the event, and he was photographed with lots of other women, but no Lohan. Of course, if you’re really going to have a downlow hookup, you’d probably be sure to avoid being photographed, so that could be one explanation. Argh! So, what’s the verdict? Is Gerry a big enough skeeze that he hooked up with Lindsay?

Grand Opening - Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort: Party Arrivals

Grand Opening - Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort: Party Arrivals

Photos above are from the event in question. Photos below are from a photocall in Berlin today for Law Abiding Citizen. Credit: WENN.com

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22 Responses to “Did Lindsay Lohan & Gerard Butler hook up in Morocco?”

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  1. Bubulle says:

    He could do so much better. Ew!

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I know he gets around, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that he stooped that low.

  3. DoMaJoReMc says:


  4. Jazz says:

    Gerard is like a dog in heat but Lindsay is 100 times worse. Someone save Gerard!!

  5. Mari says:

    If he turned down meeting Kim Kardashian, surely he would turn down this crazy girl as well. I’m not blind and I know he sleeps around, but I’d like to think he still has good taste.

  6. Bodhi says:

    Does that mean we can look forward to crack tweets about JA?!?! Oh god I hope so!

  7. Sigh. says:

    Photogs left and right (that pic of him w/ the orange-clad chick is from him first entering, and there’s 2 other people on his side), multiple “Gerry & Me” pics w/ other women, and NO ONE has not even ONE pic of him and Linds even standing next to each other, although this kissing was done in public.

    The “source” – DAILY MIRROR – a tabloid.

    Besides, she NEVER do that to SamRo. Right?

  8. Pole says:

    Too bad if this is true – I thougt the woman in orange looks nice.

  9. Firestarter says:

    As far as I am concerned, they are both gross and would be perfect as a couple. I suspect that neither is terribly fastidious about personal hygiene.

  10. wow says:

    Ger would not touch LL even if he were covered head to toe in 50 condoms.

  11. Nev says:

    That would be yucky…I would hope he didn’t do that but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

  12. almost dead says:

    No… no no no. NOOOOO!

  13. KateNonymous says:

    I guess I’d feel worse about this idea if Butler didn’t always look so sleazy and unclean. I just don’t see the big deal about him, and I haven’t heard anything that would lead me to believe he’s too discriminating to hook up with Lindsay Lohan.

  14. Eden says:

    I just threw up in my mouth.

    First, Gerard is totally HOT, I’d do him in my dreams, but not in reality! He’s been with way too many women and has a very high chance of having an STD. Second, Perez Hilton ran a pic of Lohan’s crotch and it looked like she had a visible genital wart….HPV is very contagious and genital warts are FOREVER!

    Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!

  15. CDot says:

    Gross, I used to find him dreamy…well that fantasy is gone…he should get tested…STAT!

  16. jessica says:

    OMG i dont understand the hate against LL!! i mean just coz she dated a girl once? how more immature can u americans get? i think she is waaaay too good for him!! and dont even make me start on JA!! coz jen can buy and sell him..LITERALY!! LL had more hit movies than gerard can imagine having!! Shes also like a thousand times hotter!!

  17. I hate fat people says:

    Now all we know Gerard officially got STD.
    Too Bad

  18. really says:

    Gerry was with his guy “friend”, Nick Boyle.

  19. Dee says:

    Gerry was enjoying the company of his male companion he arrived with, so he probably didn’t pay any attention to Lindsay.

  20. WB says:

    I was at the Mazagan Beach Resort opening and I was at the private party at the Sanctuary and I confirm that Lindsay Lohan did not hook up with Gerard Butler at all during the party since she was with us in the table. So guys, just cut the bullshit !!

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