The British govt will put Pres. Biden & other leaders on buses to QEII’s funeral??

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be huge, one of the biggest international events in probably forty or fifty years. World leaders, presidents, prime ministers, foreign monarchs, Commonwealth representatives, not to mention British domestic VIPs will all gather in London starting this coming weekend for the funeral on the 19th. The security and travel situations will be catastrophic. So the British government’s solution is to have world leaders gather off-site, miles away from Westminster Abbey, then get bused in. They’re apparently also telling world leaders that they can’t bring their own cars? President Biden literally travels with a special armored vehicle and the Secret Service isn’t going to be happy about any of this.

Foreign heads of state and their spouses heading to London for the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II have been asked to arrive in the U.K. on commercial flights and banned from using helicopters to get around. World leaders have also been told they cannot use their own state cars to attend the funeral at Westminster Abbey on September 19 — and will instead be bussed in en masse from a site in west London.

“Can you imagine Joe Biden on the bus?” one foreign ambassador based in London complained via WhatsApp message early Sunday.

Official documents obtained by POLITICO also confirm that only the heads of state and their spouses or partners from each country have been invited to attend the funeral, which is shaping up to be one of the most significant international events hosted by the U.K. in recent times. Westminster Abbey will be so packed for the event that it will be impossible for more than a single, senior representative per country and their other half to attend, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) lamented in the official protocol message regarding the event.

In the document, sent to overseas embassies late Saturday night, the department said it “regrets that, because of limited space at the state funeral service and associated events, no other members of the principal guest’s family, staff or entourage may be admitted.”

Heads of state unable to attend may choose someone else as their official representative, such as a head of government or senior minister.

According to the same document, King Charles III will host a reception for all the overseas leaders at Buckingham Palace on the evening before the funeral service.

On the day of the funeral, the heads of state and their partners will arrive at Westminster Abbey in escorted coaches from a location in west London, where “because of tight security and road restrictions” they will be required to leave their own cars.

“Multiple and comprehensive layers of security will be in place across London and at all the official venues used for the state funeral and associated events,” a second FCDO document detailing the logistical arrangements for those traveling from overseas states.

[From Politico]

So much for President Biden’s plan to not only attend the funeral, but to bring a delegation of American leaders. It sounds like Pres. Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will be the only representatives allowed. So much for the British government’s new priority to make nice with the Biden administration too – putting Pres. Biden on a bus and telling him that he can’t use his secure, armored vehicle will not go over well. The visiting dignitaries are also being told that they can’t use helicopters within London, which is also pretty rich considering the Windsors have been using helicopters as their main form of travel for years now.

This whole mess is particularly revealing though – it shows that Operation London Bridge hadn’t actually taken into account the very real security details and security issues of visiting foreign leaders. It also shows that Liz Truss’s new government is in way over its head.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Lemons says:

    This is a mess. Does the UK have any competent persons working in an official capacity?

    • Enny says:

      Anyone who has ever flown through heathrow knows that British security doesn’t know its arse from its elbow…

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      He shouldn’t go. Imagine having all those world leaders in one ☝️ place with such bogus security and Putin and Trump both itchin’ for a fight? Plus they cannot handle adding security for Harry when he comes back and steps off palace property. How are they going to manage all these heads of state? This sounds like a destination wedding—make it as inconvenient as possible to get there so almost no one shows. I’d oblige the hidden message.

      • Phyllis says:

        @thatsnot I was thinking this 100% it’s too too risky…not that I would want VP Kamala exposed either, but damn there will be so much power and history in that building and it would be catastrophic if someone tried something evil.

      • Sunday says:

        So is this Charles’ master plan to take out all other world leaders and make himself king of the world? Because otherwise this is a completely asinine security plan. Not only the buses and commercial flights, but announcing it publicly like this. I guess ‘asinine’ is on par with every other decision the firm has made recently, but I can’t believe world leaders will comply with this.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Sunday, and I suspect Charles has plans to lure them all back to his island for the coronation. This is destiny. The embiggening of Charles.

    • Anna says:

      I’ve heard about operation “London Bridge” since I was a child, so over good 30 years. And this is this grand plan? Get everyone on the bus? Really? There is not an ounce of competence in this “Firm”. If an actual firm operated like that it would be gone within 12 months.

  2. Southern Fried says:

    Personally I hope he doesn’t attend.

    • Snuffles says:

      It would be easy to say the President had other priorities.

      • Iz_Q says:

        He DID have other priorities! President Biden was scheduled to be at the UN General Assembly from September 18-20 and speaking I believe on the 19th or 20th. The First Lady was scheduled to speak at a side event on September 19th as well. In fact, the UN General Assembly is set to start on 9/20 and IMO it is way MORE important for our world leaders to be there handling the crucial business at hand than at this spectacle.

        They could have also had the funeral on 9/18 BEFORE many leaders had to fly to NYC. It just shows the total sense of entitlement of the BRF that THEY are the most important thing in the world. Some stans just even saying well, the UN is held every year…they can skip it! Like, for real?

      • Lucky Charm says:

        @ IZ_Q
        Wasn’t William also scheduled to appear at a U.N. adjacent summit at the same time? There was a lot of speculation that he would find some reason to cancel, but damn this takes the cake lol! Maybe he fed the queen some poisoned cake just to make sure….

    • LilacMaven says:

      Same. The idea of cramming the POTUS and other world leaders onto a bus and having them travel together through the streets of London is asinine. It’s a security nightmare.

      To even make such a request is ridiculous. Was there really no one in the UK government who paused and asked “Couldn’t this be dangerous?”

      I really hope Biden bows out.

  3. Veda says:

    Yay- such fun! It will be just like the school picnics of yore!

    • Sunshineinfiji says:

      These clowns couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery!

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      This is an insult to the heads of state of foreign countries. The Queen would never deign to pile on a bus, so why are they asking this of world leaders?
      This does not bode well for the courtiers in charge of Charles III or the new PM. Somebody is dropping the ball!

  4. Jessie Quinton says:

    Yeah…that’s not going to happen. LOL

    • Colby says:

      It certainly shouldn’t. If I were president I would say absolutely not.

      Skip this, pay respects after when he’s back in London for a State Dinner.

      • Athena says:

        Can the UN general assembly be moved back three days since most world leaders will be at the queen’s funeral? That’s quite a flex on Charles and the UK’s part that will not be remembered fondly by the world leaders. They should have buried her on the 15 or 16.

        I read that the invite to the current leader and wife only was to keep the orange one and his family from showing up.

    • Liz Version 700k says:

      Yeah ummm no I’m sorry Prince Charles the Turd but we won’t be endangering in g our actual world leaders to ride a bus to the funeral of pretend world leaders. Thanks Mmmmkay Love the US

  5. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Go in, go out, be done with it- maybe that should be the atitude towards the funeral, considering it is a security hazard for many world leaders.

    I know it is not option NOT to go at all and just send the Ambassador as UK is still a world power, but I would like to see that.

    I give people one more week to start openly complaining in the UK about forced mourning period. I know they already jailed at least one person for protesting against the monarchy, which tells you everything you need to know about their ” democracy”

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Wow, jailing protesters? That is definitely not a good look!

      • BeanieBean says:

        At least three people have been arrested for things like holding signs saying ‘not my king’ or yelling out ‘I didn’t vote for him’.

  6. Snuffles says:

    Ain’t no way in hell Biden will follow those rules. As many on Twitter said, it’s like a plot for terrorist movie. Putting all world leaders on one bus… COME ON!

    • Laura D says:

      Exactly. I can see Biden being ok with it but, the Secret Service will probably be blowing a gasket!

      • SussexWatcher says:

        It’s not up to Biden though (to be okay with the plans). The Secret Service determines threat level and security and there no way in hell Biden is riding on a bus. Can you imagine the target those buses would make for some lunatic?

        And is this some sort of power move by Chuck the Turd? Make all other kings and queens and presidents ride on a bus like a bunch of children? It’s absolutely hilarious and ludicrous that they think this would fly. I’ve seen reporting that they’re already caving.

        And yes, as someone else mentioned, this is literally the plot of London Has Fallen! Hopefully with a better ending though 😬 I’m already stressed for Biden and other presidents and foreign royals. What a nightmare.

      • Laura D says:

        @Sussexwatcher – apologies I think the nuance was lost in my post. After watching the Secret Service having kittens while Obama was riding in a car in the grounds of the White House, there is absolutely zero chance of them letting Biden ride a bus with a group of strangers in a foreign country! Obama even tells the story of how they freaked out when he drove a friend’s electric car in the White House grounds. 😆 😆 😆

        As I said Biden might be ok with it but, the chances are the Secret Service will veto it. Especially, as it’s highly likely that those buses won’t have bullet proof glass.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Ah – gotcha, Laura 🙂

    • FC says:

      Exactly! With Putin’s back is against a wall right now this is a recipe for disaster.

      Sorry Liz but we aren’t sacrificing the safety of the leader of the free world for your pageant and pomp.

      • North of Boston says:

        Especially because Liz II has left the building.

        This is Chaz III and Wills and Liz Truss’s clown show now.

    • swirlmamad says:

      There is literally a movie with this exact plot – London Has Fallen. It’s streaming on Netflix right now, lol. Dummies.

      • Harper says:

        Yep, London Has Fallen, except the bad guys take out each foreign leader individually as they make their way to the Prime Minister’s funeral, which made for many more explosions and destruction of the main tourist sites. But, hey, Charles is all about slimming things down so pack everyone all in one bus.

    • kirk says:

      Gotta say it Lizzy, your Operations London Bridge and Unicorn are almost comical. Harry had to fly separately from William to go to Scotland because of the risk of both of them on the same flight with the other counselor of state? And the counselors of state all had to go to Scotland to be with the dead queen, why? As a long time Amtrak traveler, Biden m/b ok, but not Secret Service. First we have Jake Tapper, of rightward lurching CNN, speculate that inviting Trump m/b nifty. Then we’ve got Politico, recently acquired by rightward leaning Axel Springer, gifted with an FCDO document. Biden already said he he told BP that he and Jill would attend. 😳

    • Izzy says:

      Didn’t they actually make this movie already? Wasn’t this the plot of London Has Fallen, with Gerard Butler?

      I’m sure the Secret Service is thrilled by this turn of events. /s

  7. Noki says:

    They sound completely incompetent, they are not capable of hosting a state event,!? All the logistics should have been figured out by now. And to ask the most powerful people in the world to huddle together in a bus sounds ridic.

    • Snuffles says:

      Exactly! They’ve been planning for this for DECADES! And apparently the last revision was done in 2017. This all should be planned to the most minute detail and working like clockwork, but it’s an absolute cluster fuck.

      • Green girl says:

        Sheesh, 2017 and it’s this bad? I would have some sympathy (and be confused) if the plans were last reviewed in like 1975. But this is inexcusable and just lazy.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Right? Isn’t that literally what the whole London Bridge is falling protocol is about? The detailed, well planned funeral instructions? How can this bus idea not have been vetoed? In only a few days, Chuck the Turd is already showing his stupidity and incompetence. What a messy messy reign he’s gonna have.

      • Lurker25 says:

        Same thought here @sussexwatcher. We’ve heard about “London bridge” for so damn long, like logistics and security and diplomacy experts had been working it out for decades.

        Instead, wtf is this painfully amateur wanna be eco sh*t?

        It sounds like a Chuck3 two-fer actually:
        1. Demand everyone ELSE cut carbon emissions to establish eco bonafides, like Peggy and his Earthshat awards.

        2. Focus on keeping things exclusive, like his plan for a “streamlined” monarchy. So only heads+one, no kids or staff or VPs or “lesser” dignitaries.

        Ofc it’s going to backfire: the eco hypocrisy will come but right now the security insanity is top of mind. And the mocking will only continue as ppl realize he thinks of elected heads of state like his own little fiefdom – with senior and lesser status. And lastly, the f-cking short-sightedness is JAW-DROPPING. How will it look when heads of state send their regrets and/or send flunkies to the Queens funeral! The woman held the throne for 70 years and there are empty seats and media coverage is sparse bc foreign dignitaries aren’t recognizable?

        It’s like they haven’t had a crisis with optics involving a non-white family member or anything. Smfh.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        My funeral arrangements are better planned out! This is just…wow. Incompetence doesn’t even come close to describing what this is.

  8. TeamAwesome says:

    And if the Secret Service says no? A bus full of world leaders in one place seems like a terrible idea.

    • Dss says:

      “Jake Tapper from rightward lurching CNN”…..I am surmising from that comment that you do not watch CNN. CNN is most definitely left lurching.

      • North of Boston says:


        Check out the recent news about CNN, and note the verb “lurching” which describes current movement.

        Also to me CNN has for years been going in whatever direction will get them viewers. Left, right and wherever it is the Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen go on NYE. MSNBC they are not.

    • Jais says:

      CNN was recently(?) bought by some guy who I think is a Trump supporter. Cnn is in the process of rebranding and no it will not be leaning left. It is trying to take formerly moderate people and turn them right.

      • Eurydice says:

        CNN is owned by WarnerDiscovery, the current incarnation after Time Warner merged with Discovery, but Ted Turner sold CNN (and the whole Turner Broadcasting System) to Time Warner back in the mid 90’s. The new head of CNN is Chris Licht, who worked for MSNBC, CBS and was producer/showrunner for Stephen Colbert – those aren’t right-wing credentials. From what I can tell, the goal is to make CNN more about news and less about political opinion – the way it used to be

      • Jais says:

        I’m talking about the billionaire John Malone who has praised Rupert Murdoch and Fox News in the past. I suppose it depends on how much influence you believe this billionaire investor has over the new direction of cnn. I will remain wary.

      • Eurydice says:

        Malone’s not the first to lament what’s happened to CNN, whether from the right or the left. The ratings have been terrible and are getting worse. What CNN used to do best was news, especially world news. Now it’s just commercials, ads for other shows on CNN, talking heads spouting opinions and slivers of a couple of news stories that are repeated on a loop. Add to that flashing chyrons and blaring music and it’s impossible to watch. They don’t have to turn CNN into Fox News to make it more watchable.

    • susan says:

      Yah, this sounds like a scene from “London Has Fallen”.

      my guess is that there will be a walk back on this before the end of the day. they can’t possibly expect that the security for ANY of the heads of state will accept these terms. Commercial flights? Buses? I mean, who are we kidding here.

  9. Becks1 says:

    Yeah Biden is flying over on Air force one, lol. The “main” AF1 (meaning that I know whatever plane he is on becomes AF1, but he’s taking the big plane lol.) And of course world leaders can’t use helicopters, those are only for William.

    I said on twitter that this seems like an attempt to recreate that London Has Fallen movie with Gerard Butler, which went really well for world leaders.

    Seriously though they’re going to put Joe Biden on a BUS?

    • Gizmo’sMa says:

      Omg! I was just thinking is this a real life recreation of that movie?

      They are really doing fancy shuttle buses. The UK just happens to have secure state of the art coach buses ready to transport some of the most targeted people in the world?

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Oh, maybe that’s why they’re trying not to give Duke & Duchess of Sussex and their kids the royal security. “Just take one of our secure buses, you’ll be fine!”

      • Ginni says:

        Can Mike Brannigan go with President Biden?

    • swirlmamad says:

      Someone said he can just hash foreign policy stuff out with whoever is sitting across the aisle from him. This sounds more and more insane the more we discuss this TERRIBLE idea. Lol.

      • Green girl says:

        Omg what if the original plans were to take the Tube?!?

      • lanne says:

        Heck, they may as well give all the world leaders skateboards. They can even make it fancy by adding knee pads and helmets.

      • Becks1 says:

        The thing is, Joe Biden probably loves the idea of the bus or taking the tube or whatever. President Biden though is a different story, especially for the Secret Service.

    • kirk says:

      Helicopters are only for William 😂😂😂

  10. ErgGirl says:

    All I can think of is all the unnecessary carbon emissions for this. Objectively it seems so wasteful for any one person. Same thing when leaders jet in for climate summits that lead to unfulfilled pledges.

    This aside, YIKES, hot mess and a bus isn’t happening. At least I hope not. Hilarious visual but so dangerous.

    • equality says:

      All the world leaders should just send whoever they have stationed in London embassies as representatives and avoid the security issues and the carbon emissions.

      • Jais says:

        Yep, they should just do a zoom funeral. This feels really dangerous.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        equality&Prairiegirl, I agree. We should just send our ambassador and spouse. What in the world are these people thinking? They have heard of missals, haven’t they?

        I would urge any world leader to send their Ambassador who is in the UK in their stead. Is someone going to tell me that Scotland Yard endorses this? This goes well beyond stupidity.

        Chuck, I don’t understand what you’re trying to do with this, but this goes to show that you have left reality behind.

    • Prairiegirl says:

      This is what AMBASSADORS are for.

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    They did this for the Cambridge wedding – they bused the VIPs from Westminster to Buckingham Palace. When it comes to helicopters flying around London given the level of security that’s current around London at the moment it makes sense – there are already a number of police and press helicopters flying around airspace at the moment, competing with commercial flights. London’s air space just got a whole lot busier. They are encouraging people to land the private jets at smaller, quieter airports.

    I currently work near Buckingham Palace and the police presence is INSANE – getting near the palace is not easy as they have closed off a lot of access to the palace and the mall, there is a one way crowd control system in place. Security for the funeral is being taken seriously – they’ve even got the SAS involved.

    • Laura D says:

      If I remember correctly Obama wasn’t invited to the Cambridges’ wedding so, the president didn’t actually ride on the bus! I’m sure you’re correct about security but, it’ll be interesting to see what the Secret Service make of it.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Also add, given that this has been planned in advance am not convinced that the ‘leak’ is real – the whole ‘fly commercial’ gives it away. No way they will make world leaders fly commercial flights its just insane – I can see them asking people to use airports outside of London. AF1 often lands and stays at Luton airport – I’ve seen it there several times when I’ve used it during a presidential visit.

    • Louise177 says:

      I think the Cambridge wedding was mostly celebrities and European Royals who had no power. It’s whole different thing when a lot of World leaders are planning to go. This isn’t just about Biden. This wouldn’t go down well with security of any World leader.

    • lanne says:

      A better comparison would be Charles and Diana’s wedding, because that was truly a state occasion in the way that William and Kate’s was not (not being a direct heir). More heads of state at Charles/Di wedding. What did they do w/the heads of state there? I was a child, but I recall that Nancy Reagan went. Was Ronald still in recovery after getting shot?

  12. Mathom says:

    They seriously expect POTUS and other world leaders to take commercial flights?

    • Enny says:

      I’m sure it would’ve gone over well if the Queen were ever told to fly commercial with the riffraff then get on a bus? And POTUS isn’t just a figurehead!

      • Jessie Quinton says:

        They can’t even deal with the commercial flights they have now for regular civilians! This is INSANE.

    • kirk says:

      I’m sure they requested commercial flights to honor Chuck#3 who ALWAYS flies commercial 🤭

    • Jedi says:

      Haha that was my first thought – who TF they think they are telling our leaders to fly commercial. NO world leader is coming on a commercial flight. Military flights, absolutely. But our PM isn’t catching the red eye out of Ottawa. GTFO.

  13. Lilpeppa40 says:

    And even if they wanted to do this awful idea, why on earth would they make it publicly known 😕😕 I don’t understand this lax approach to security

  14. swirlmamad says:

    LMAO. There is NO WAY on God’s green earth Biden and FLOTUS are attending this funeral if they can’t take AF1 and his armored car with them. Good luck getting any leader of any major nation to attend, for that matter. Who the hell does the UK think they are, making such an asinine request that would pose a VERY REAL danger to dignitaries around the world? No wonder they think Meghan and Harry having no security is no big deal. Hot ass mess.

  15. Catherine says:

    I really think they have not thought the guest list out properly or Politico has got a very early draft. Because I can’t, for instance, see how Canada would send only the Governor General and not the Prime Minister who had a very warm relationship with the Queen.

  16. Lightpurple says:

    Well, this should end the ridiculous argument that Biden should include Trump in his entourage. And I must note that in the posed photograph, the Queen didn’t make Biden stand next to a dog bowl, as she did to Trump.

  17. Travelin123 says:

    There is no way that President Biden will be on a bus with other world leaders. Can you imagine what a target that would be??

    This is such a ridiculous concept. And a security nightmare. The idea that all the different prime ministers and other dignitaries will all be together is laughable.

    He won’t be going without the proper security. And the President doesn’t just travel with one car. There is usually 2 beasts!

  18. Mrs. Smith says:

    Maybe they can car pool in the armored cars instead?? Biden and Dr. Jill can scoot over in the limo to make room for a couple more dignitaries, right? /s

    • Lindsay says:

      That would actually make some sense. Put the Zelenskys in the Beast with the Bidens. However, given the Secret Service’s recent issues, it would probably be safer to let the Ukrainians handle the security! They have kept the most valuable target in the world safe in a war zone for months.

  19. girl_ninja says:

    Riding on a bus AND all enemies of the state know this? I hope he doesn’t go.

  20. Pumpkin (was Sofia) says:

    Yeah no, there’s no way a lot of world leaders are going to agree to this. Biden will use AF1 and then travel in an armored vehicle or something. And I assume a lot of world leaders will complain about having to use a community bus.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I can’t see Bill & Cathy Cornwall riding a bus in with the plebs. Bet they’ll chopper in from Windsor, too.

  21. Eowyn says:

    This is beyond idiotic. These proposed buses would be such a target.

  22. Travelin123 says:

    And they are asking Biden to fly commercial?! Lol Just for laughs imagine him going through TSA at Dulles!

    They certainly seem to want to humble everyone else. Helicopters, private planes and cars are apparently only for King Charles and the Wales.

    If they insist on these things the highest ranking person they will get from the US is a cabinet member. Maybe the ambassador.

    And for this to be publicly known? With a war in Ukraine? This is juvenile.

    • lanne says:

      If he flies commercial, I’d feel sorry for everyone else who’d likely miss their flights due to all the security. Imagine standing in the security line while the president is 10 people ahead of you? You aren’t getting on your flight that day.

      • Tessa says:

        Even if Biden did fly commercial, which – no way, he wouldn’t be standing in a security line. Airports have VIP access with no lines, comfortable and personalized security, champagne, and a limo to the tarmac even for lesser dignitaries than the President.

  23. liz says:

    This is a “polite” way of saying to as many leaders as possible “Please DON’T come.” They are well aware that the US Secret Service will not allow Biden to fly commercial, ride a bus with other foreign dignitaries or enter Westminster without a single agent by his side. They also know that the US Ambassador can and will be able to abide by their requests.

    I’m assuming that the personal protection services for other Heads of State will say the same thing – “Protectee, you are staying home and sending your condolences, the ambassador will go as your representative.”

  24. littlegossipboy says:

    The Australian Prime Minister is apparently ignoring orders and taking a private jet.. He is also anti-monarchy generally. In 2016 he called for Australia to move toward becoming a republic. He’s not popular with Murdoch press.

  25. Angela says:

    A friend of mine who does work with the government reminded me that AF1 is actually a military plane (in that it’s run by the Air Force) and we have military bases in the UK. So Biden wouldn’t be tying up commercial travel at all. He will be flying to a nearby base, as will a cargo plane with the Beast, the Beast will drop out of the cargo plane and take him where he needs to go. Now as to the actual trip to the Abbey, I’m sure Amtrak Joe himself wouldn’t mind a bus. He loves people and would be working the crowd and his fellow politicians, but the SS will determine what will happen. Maybe the Beast can become Uber Pool One and he can let Macron and the German Chancellor hitch a ride and carpool like that. I mean, who knows.

    They’ve used buses for the European royals at weddings and I see that happening again along with the UK politicians, but you think the Saudi King gonna want to ride in a bus? Oh what a logistical nightmare.

  26. FancyPants says:

    I don’t think this is that big a deal. The buses worked for all the same bigwigs at W&K’s wedding, so they’ll work for this funeral. Presidents/prime ministers/monarchs from every country in the world will be there, it’s not like the retiree that drives the local school bus is going to be taking them there.

    • Sid says:

      IIRC, the W&K wedding wasn’t considered a state event like the Charles and Diana wedding since Willileaks was not PoW, so the only foreign leaders who were invited were from the Commonwealth and then other royal families. QEII is getting a state funeral, which means invites are going out to more or less all the world leaders this time. Higher security stakes.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      This is just not going to happen. It would be criminally irresponsible for the Secret Service to allow President Biden to ride on a bus with other world leaders. Just not possible.

      As others have noted, it’s ridiculously presumptuous and idiotic of the funeral organizers to even make such a request.

    • C says:

      There were absolutely no dignitaries on the level of the President of the United States at the wedding of William and Kate. The closest to it there were other royals who were also distant relatives. The mere suggestion of this is laughable.

  27. Brassy Rebel says:

    No private planes or 🚁? But how will Charles and William get there?

    Seriously, though, only people landing at Heathrow must fly commercial. POTUS will land at nearby airbase in AF1 as Potuses always do when arriving in Britain. And ain’t no way Biden is traveling in any bus.

  28. tuille says:

    Putin or one of King Chuck’s Saudi pals could pretty easily arrange to blow a bus & disrupt a few Western governments. Wouldn’t even take a whole suitcase of cash to bribe some insider for details & weaknesses in the security plan for ground transport.

  29. Merricat says:

    Lol, tiny island nation. The U.S. president should send an emissary.

  30. Mel says:

    I believe that there will be push back on putting them all on a bus. I mean, just tell a terrorist “Point at that bus”. This makes NO sense.

    • TeamAwesome says:

      They’ll just use a bunch of decoy Harry Potters on brooms, I mean buses, though right? Start brewing the polyjuice potion!

  31. tamsin says:

    The whole idea is absurd, even if the plans originated in the last century when Elizabeth began her reign. Obviously POTUS is not going to fly commercial and neither is any other leader of a major power. The UK is really starting to look like idiots security wise. Determining security needs based on titles for the royal family for example? Determining how foreign leaders should travel? European royals have been arriving on buses for quite some time, for occasions like weddings. Nothing since the Queen’s death has gone smoothly, thanks to the vileness of the BM, the pettiness of the Windsors, and the incompetence of the government. BTW, Williams wedding wasn’t really a state occasion, as is the Queen’s funeral, and all foreign royals were invited, but not foreign leaders.

  32. Concern Fae says:

    This is low key hilarious. When planning an event, you have to take all participants’ needs into account. Think of security needs as a disability or allergy to assassination.

    This is what is convenient to us, so you have to do it is a recipe for disaster. Also a sign that this is a fucking clownshow they’ve got going there.

  33. aquarius64 says:

    Good grief. These funeral arrangements does not take security into questions. The good news is there is no US delegation of former presidents so Trump is not going representing the US. The bad news is Trump is writing valentines of his time with the queen as if he is angling for an invite, or worse, he may crash.

  34. Ace says:

    This is bonkers. A bunch of world leaders in a bus sounds like the part of a movie thriller where there’s a terrorist attack and a bunch of countries end up in chaos because their heads of state have been murdered.

    I know the BRF only employs fucking idiots, but there should be someone in the UK Government in a position important enough to tell them what a terrible idea this is.

  35. Chaine says:

    It’s all so dumb. For what, to sit in church for a few hours and listen to some priests blather about heaven? U.S. should save all the tax dollars that will be spent on POTUS travel and have its British ambassador go to the funeral. Or better yet, notify Charles our country will be represented by its own royals, Harry and Meghan Mountbatten Windsor.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      “Or better yet, notify Charles our country will be represented by its own royals, Harry and Meghan Mountbatten Windsor.” Great idea! Plus, they’re already there so no commercial flight or bus needed.

  36. Chantal says:

    Are Edward Young and Ravec in charge of logistics with Melissa T handling event planning? This is beyond ludicrous and sounds like a weird flex by someone wanting and/or appearing to be in charge. This is not a good look for Chuck3 or the British govt. Any world leader will be wary of any interactions and deals with the monarch and the UK govt from now on with this nonsense made public. The extremely remote possibility of this being a viable plan or a very unfunny joke should have NEVER been made public. They sound like fools and reveal serious problems with competency, the intelligence apparatus, and all other levels of security.

  37. MY3CENTS says:

    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…
    Sorry it’s just hilarious, can’t get the mental picture out of my head.

  38. Bitsycs says:

    This is bonkers and hilarious. Someone should let these fake heads of state (because frankly that is what Chuck is, this is all ceremonial BS) that the British Empire is no longer a thing and no one has to do what they say.

  39. Linda says:

    No to this! I don’t want Joe on a bus full of other leaders. I just can’t imagine the security bells that are obviously ringing for all of us aren’t ringing for the British Government.
    The one thing that would overshadow the funeral and King Chuck would be a terrorist attack.

  40. Athena says:

    The hypocrisy! When was last time Charles took a commercial flight? to expect world leaders to take commercial flights while he’s been on three or four private flights to and from Scotland in the last few days alone. OMG, this institution is so antiquated and out of touch and it’s not going to get better with a 73 year old in charge.

  41. Eggbert says:

    I have the mental image of Biden on the bus having a blast and getting everyone to sing “99 bottles of beer on the wall…” 🤣

  42. SarahCS says:

    This has classic disaster movie written ALL OVER is, Tom Clancy/London Has Fallen/etc. Yikes. Every terrorist around the globe is on high alert and plotting like crazy right now I’m sure.

  43. Lisa lewis says:

    Has no one seen London has Fallen?

  44. jferber says:

    A BUS? AN EFFING BUS for WORLD LEADERS? Are they daft? Do they think every country besides England is a Commonwealth shithole for its leaders to be stuffed on a goddamn bus together? What a moving target for enemies of the Free World. EVERY world leader should say no to this amateurish, dangerous clown show. Unbelievable.

  45. Remy says:

    Has Charles ever flown commercial? Last week, when bojo and Liz truss went up to see the queen, they took two separate helicopters even though they were leaving from the same place and time. No helicopters? Why doesn’t he lead by example? His fam uses helicopters as if they were ubers. Will he and his fam also be on the bus?

  46. Ladyjax says:

    This has to be a diversion? Right guys?! Right?! So they can all take incognito taxis or some such to the event?

    Please, please, someone tell me the bus thing is a lame attempt at sleight of hand.

  47. Smonty says:

    Given that the Brits say only the Head of State and their spouse can attend, in Canada that would mean the Governor General, a ceremonial head of state as the Crown’s representative in Canada, would attend. Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary Simon is an accomplished woman. However, she was only appointed in July 2021, and only met The Queen once. The person attending The Queen’s funeral representing Canada should be our head of government, The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. Not only is he the head of government, he has known The Queen since he was a child. He has met her numerous times and spent much time in her company. He was genuinely fond of her and was very weepy upon hearing of her death. If this rule, only heads of state can attend, is followed through, I certainly hope the Governor General designates the Prime Minister.

    And this idea of putting all those heads of state on a bus!! WTF, one terrorist bomb could take them all out! No way is Biden’s security going to agree to that. Nor should any head of state agree. They have been planning this day for 30 years, and yet this is what they come up with?

    I was looking forward to seeing the funeral with a big delegation of the current and former American presidents. And was fully expecting Prime Minister Trudeau to attend along with former Prime Ministers Mulroney, Harper, Chretien. Okay that’s a lot (and that is not even all the former PMs still alive) maybe not all of them, but surely the current PM and a couple of the former PMs.

  48. Smonty says:

    If this is followed through with, only the head of state or their representative attending, at least that ends the spectre of Trump attending. You know he would try to attend with Biden, Obama, and Bush (assuming former President Carter would be too frail to travel). No one would want the disaster of Trump attending.

  49. jferber says:

    Since when did antiquated, puny, dysfunctional, petty England become the center of the universe? F-ck their buses. The nerve.

  50. Anna says:

    Oh I would love to hear US agents talk to “carnival of experts” and totally diplomatically tell them that the are out of their minds and should let the adults deal with this….

  51. Paulkid says:

    President Biden would happily lead the world leaders in a chorus of “Danny Boy”, but there is no chance that this is a safe plan. The royals surely wouldn’t take this risk, so nothing to feel bad over. Beyond terrorism, why sardine people from around the world together during a pandemic?