Elle Fanning wore a custom Sharon Long gown to the Emmys: cute or meh?

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Elle Fanning was Emmy-nominated for The Great, which everyone raves about (which I’ve never seen). She decided to pay homage to the costumer on the show, and she got The Great’s costume designer Sharon Long to design a gown for her for the Emmys. The seamstress on The Great actually put this entire dress together. It’s a gorgeous piece of couture and you could tell that Elle felt so honored to wear it. My only note is that the pale pink reads as flesh-colored in most lighting – I kind of think it should have been all-black? But it’s very cool-looking.

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A lot of people were talking about Lily James in this Versace. Like Elle, Lily was an Emmy nominee. Unlike Elle, I doubt many were rooting for Lily, especially because she was nominated for playing Pamela Anderson in that messy AF miniseries Pam & Tommy. While this Versace is very flattering on Lily, her styling kind of brings this down? I have no idea what her natural hair color is, but this flat shade of brown is doing her no favors, and neither is the heavy makeup.

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19 Responses to “Elle Fanning wore a custom Sharon Long gown to the Emmys: cute or meh?”

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  1. 4pibs says:

    I LOVE The Great! She and Nicholas Hoult are sooo good in it!

  2. Hannah says:

    Elle has had some knockout red carpet looks lately, she looked to be growing out of her Disney Princess fairytale gowns and going for something more *youthful*, fun and a teeny bit daring but I see we are back to being a Princess again. That hairstyle. OMG! Disney Princess meets 1930’s debutante meets Princess Leia

  3. Mariana says:

    The Great is SOOOO good! It took me awhile to even realize the lead was a Fanning sister!

  4. FhMom says:

    I love Ellies’s two tone dress. She sparkles. Lily James’ look is harsh.

  5. grace says:

    Elle! LOVE the dress! Gorgeous! Her hair “style” ages her. She’s too young for that frump!

  6. lucy2 says:

    I like Elle’s dress, but not her hair. She always makes interesting fashion choices, you can tell she enjoys that aspect of her job.
    I actually like the design of Lily’s a lot, but her make up and hair were quite harsh and make her look much older. And I’d prefer a more coppery color to the dress.

  7. Savu says:

    Whatever the opinion of Elle’s dress, you have to hand it to her that wearing something by the costume designer is such a classy move. Good for her!

  8. NMB says:

    Yikes. Lily James looks rough. Horrible make up. She looks bronze. I didn’t even know it was her until I read the text. Wow.

  9. Case says:

    Elle’s dress was a wonderful idea, honoring her costume designer. But it didn’t really photograph well and at first I thought her hair was still in curlers!

  10. Agatha says:

    I find lilys dress a lot more interesting. Elle looks good though

  11. AMA1977 says:

    Elle’s dress is gorgeous, but I agree that the pale pink detailing is lost since it’s essentially the same color as her skin. Any other color would have shown off the bodice detail better. Her hair is…not my favorite but she looks SO happy and pretty. I’m glad she’s showcasing the costume work from The Great, because it’s amazing!! Much like everything else on that show (if you haven’t watched it, DO IT!! It’s, well, GREAT!!)

    Lily’s styling is not doing her any favors. That makeup is hideous.

  12. tuille says:

    I really like both dresses. I do wish Elle’s bosom ruffles contrasted more against her skin color, maybe a couple of shades deeper or brighter.

  13. Kirsten says:

    Lily’s make-up is maybe too severe? The dress is gorgeous though and she wears it well. And whatever else you can say about it, she was absolutely fantastic in Pam & Tommy.

    • tuille says:

      I love the molded bodice on Lily’s dress. It’s much more flattering and sexier than all the bare sternum slashes or boob cones.

  14. MsGnomer says:

    So excited to see Elle in this dress and styling. It’s very theatrical and so interesting, like a costume. I bet that was more fun than getting dressed up for another award ceremony. I am going to subscribe to Hulu (finally) to watch this series!!! Thanks for the post!

    • MsGnomer says:

      This costume idea has me wondering if Lily James was trying to capture a heavy metal look to promote the work? After all, Motley Crue was very metal in music and styling. nice to have these two photos together for that reason. I hope more themed outfits are in the future of red carpet walks.