Julia Fox is a ‘real-ass bitch’ in a sea of ‘phony, social-climbing clout-chasers’

Julia Fox is still around. While Julia was “famous in New York” for many years, most people didn’t really figure out who she was until she dated Kanye West for about six weeks this year. It feels like a lifetime ago, honestly, but Julia and Ye got together on New Year’s Eve and their relationship lasted up until this year’s Valentine’s Day. Some said that was Julia’s fifteen minutes of fame and now she could shuffle off back to New York. Julia refused. Julia is still trying to force everyone to pay attention to her. Julia covers the latest issue of ES Magazine and the interview is just… completely bonkers. I mean, I don’t hate the woman. She’s fun and she doesn’t take any of this seriously, but please stop interviewing her! My God. Some highlights:

She’s always loved fashion: ‘I remember being young and poor and really loving fashion. I would steal the magazines from my lobby that would go to other neighbours who had subscriptions to Vogue or whatever, and I would cut them up and make collages. But it just seemed so inaccessible, so far away. Now that I have the stage, in terms of fashion, I want to show that you don’t need everything head-to-toe Balenciaga. And if anything, all those designers are ripping off the kids who are in their f***ing room cutting sh-t up and pasting it together.’

Whether she’s doing this for comedy, for humor: ‘If there is, it’s not intentional. It’s just who I am. My approach to being famous is not that serious. If you’re gonna be famous and be inauthentic, people are gonna see that. Right now, you have to be a real-ass bitch in a sea full of f***ing phony, social-climbing, clout chasers.’

Her relationship with Kanye wasn’t some setup: ‘That’s such bullsh-t,’ Fox says, chuckling at the prospect of her dating life being orchestrated by a publicist. ‘He got my number through a mutual friend, period.’

There was ‘a good amount’ of romantic spark between them but Kanye had issues: ‘I was just going day by day and seeing where it went. It was just like, he still wants to hang out with me today, let’s do it. And then real life set in and the lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. I couldn’t fly away once a week. And I tapped out at the first sign of a red flag. The unresolved issues that he was dealing with. It just seems like he had a lot to work on, and I just don’t have time for it, or energy. I don’t have the bandwidth or emotional capacity for it. I’m proud of myself for that. Pre-Valentino Julia would have definitely stuck it out and been there for longer.’

The F–k Men Era: ‘I’m in my f*** men era. Or, f*** the patriarchy, rather. Because I know men are victims of the patriarchy as well. But I’ve realised since having Valentino that women really do get the sh-t end of the stick. That was a revelation for me. I always thought stay-at-home moms didn’t work. But it’s domestic labour that goes uncompensated and also never acknowledged. It’s a thankless position to be in. Women have always worked the most. Even when we were cavemen, most of the communities survived off 80 percent of women’s foraging. The men would go out hunting, but rarely did they catch something. We’ve been carrying men for thousands of years. And that’s why now I’m saying, get off my f***ing back.

Famous men want her: ‘Men approach me all the time, like, famous men. And there’s something in my head that’s like, don’t do it. Because there’s more for me. If I go down that route, I know where that goes: into submission, into surveillance, into jealousy and insecurity. I want to shine. And I know that most relationships I’ve gotten into, men have dimmed my shine, big time. I’m so susceptible to that, and I’m old enough now where I cannot repeat my mistakes over and over.’ She says she isn’t currently dating because ‘there’s just nothing for me there. Maybe in the future, if I want companionship.’

Toxic masculinity. ‘Usually abusive men are just sad, broken men, or closeted gay men. How sad it must be, to be in the closet and feel like you won’t be enough of a man if you’re gay! That’s the patriarchy, though. And I’m a boy mom, so I think about that all the time, 24/7. How am I going to teach my son that he can be dangerous? And that he’s super f***ing privileged?’

She’s not doing Real Housewives of New York: ‘They called, but I told them, I’m just not really there yet right now. But maybe in the future… I would only do it if it could be me and my friends on it.’

She’s already losing interest in the fame game: ‘I’m already losing interest in being famous, to be honest….the press, and just being famous. It just is getting old. It’s very intense, people stopping me all the time, people wanting photos, it’s like, ay yi yi, what did I get myself into? But for right now, I’m going to ride it out and see where it takes me. Either way, it’s a great position to be in. It’s a luxury problem. I’m not going to complain. I’ll show you, how about that? I’ll stop telling you and I’ll just show you.’

[From ES Magazine]

While I don’t watch RHONY, I think she would be fun on that series. Just Julia, trying to gatecrash everything in New York or hanging out in her apartment in her sad dominatrix gear. As for what she says about Kanye… I don’t doubt that there were tons of red flags from the very first moment. I don’t doubt that Julia was just along for the ride, having fun and loving the attention. But I also think Kanye dumped her, not the other way around. What else? I don’t know – it’s honestly like she’s trying to deconstruct modern celebrity to show everyone how stupid it is.

Cover & IG courtesy of ES Magazine.

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  1. Aud says:

    Everything she touches looks cheap, tacky, and fake.

  2. ChillinginDC says:

    I laughed through the whole thing. She’s a mess.

  3. K says:

    This is too easy.

  4. Sam says:

    She always looks dirty, to me. Literally, like she’d smell bad.

  5. Lizzie Bathory says:

    She reminds me of a friend of mine who’s over-the-top, outrageous & very aware of how she presents to the world. I love her to death, but she’s insane so I have to take her in small doses. Fortunately, that’s pretty easy since she tends to disappear for long stretches before texting on a weeknight to tell me she’s in from out of state, is a block from my house with friends I’ve never met & can they come over for drinks?

    I always say yes & I’ve never regretted it (well, maybe a bit the next morning lol).

  6. Christine says:

    I can see what attracted Kanye – they’re both delusional. I do believe that she doesn’t take herself seriously at all and is just riding the wave, but her statements about being over fame are completely false LOL. Girl wants to be famous.

    • Hawaiiangymrat says:

      I respect her Hustle but this look for this magazine cover is a little off and bad. quite honestly she kind of giving me a Vibe of Jeffree Star with
      missing eyebrows and a minimum makeup look, just saying🤷🤷

  7. Delphine says:

    Whatever I thinks she’s awesome.

  8. Lala11_7 says:

    I like her hustle…the fact that she survived her childhood…would rather see a reality show about her than any Kardashian…

  9. MC2 says:

    Her fast takes on patriarchy & abusive men are not wrong (shrugs)

  10. Colby says:

    If you have TikTok, I recommend finding her on there. It gave me a new perspective on her and she has really grown on me.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I’m pretty sure Kanye ghosted her. Which is probably all for the best.

  12. jferber says:

    I don’t mind her at all. Girl has to make a living. And she does have unusual clothes and poses. Why not Julia? She rebounded from the Kanye stuff and good for her. Hold onto your hustle, Julia.

  13. LIONE says:

    I find her refreshingly genuine and honest, compared to the usual celebrities we have.
    There’s something artsy and avant garde about her deconstruction of modern celebrity.
    And even if she’s not aware of the comedy, what she’s doing is like a caricature of celebrity culture. Her whole thing is almost like performance art.

    Though, I don’t believe she fully is “over being a celebrity”, she’s speaking some truth about different topics here.
    And good for her, being so aware of why she doesn’t want to be in a relationship or with a man!
    I’m surprised I like her, but I do love eccentric people with truths to share. Our world, and especially the celebrity world, is SO dull.

    Am I the only one who sees her Lady Gaga-ing a bit?

    And lastly, OF COURSE she’s an aquarius!! Explains everything.

  14. Miss Owlsyn says:

    Where is the “taking advantage of a mentally ill Black man” and “she didn’t seem to mind his racist misogynistic antisemitism when it benefited her” crowd for Julia Fox? You know her name because she dated an abusive, racist, antisemitic misogynist for the clout. Remember, like, 8 months ago?