Queen Camilla has been walking around on a broken toe all month

Queen Camilla has seemed a little bit “off” in the first week of her queen-consorting. I thought she seemed especially off-kilter the first few days after QEII’s passing, and then I thought, well, maybe the change in status has made her pretty uncomfortable. Camilla has been doing most of the same events as her husband, and she’s been wearing low heels most of the time. I thought that was because of her age and osteoarthritis, which… maybe it is. But as it turns out, Camilla broke her toe in early September, so she’s literally been gritting through pain for all of her first queen-consort events.

Queen Consort Camilla reportedly has been in “quite a bit of pain” from breaking her toe earlier this month before Queen Elizabeth II died. A source told The Telegraph on Thursday that although she’s been in pain, she’s “just getting on with it.”

“It is unfortunate timing to say the least but she’s been an absolute trooper,” the source added.

Dr. Rock Positano, Director of the Non-Surgical Foot and Ankle Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, told Page Six that a broken toe, “is very painful and one of the most painful injuries orthopedically. It is often painful for 4-6 weeks.”

Despite the pain, the 75-year-old been busy traveling around the country with her husband, King Charles III, as they meet with officials and mourn the loss of the long-reigning monarch.

She’s been standing in all the official ceremonies as well as made the rounds to meet with people who have gathered outside the palace while dealing with the ongoing injury. Although she did get a reprieve when she rode in a car during the procession to Westminster Hall on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the king, it appears, may be dealing with some health problems of his own as his hands seemed raw and redder at the knuckles and joints of his fingers while greeting mourners.

Fans of the royal family voiced their concerns for the king’s health on social media, especially after his late mother was seen with discolored hands before her death.

[From Page Six]

Speaking as someone who has some (albeit minor) foot and knee issues, I genuinely feel for Camilla a little bit. What a month to have a broken toe – she’s expected to stand constantly, walk around on uneven surfaces, wear heels, go on parade, be seen every day, it’s a whole mess. My ass would be in bed or, at the very least, walking with a cane. As for Charles and his hand situation… the man’s hands have been an issue for years. They’re always crazy-swollen and discolored. Charles’s face is often discolored too. There are rumors of rosacea but I don’t think he’s ever confirmed that?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Kokiri says:

    Girl was feeling fine enough to snub Meg.

    No sympathy from me for this awful cheating backstabbing horrible witch of a woman.

    • B says:

      I call BS. Who wears heels when they have a broken toe? Heels literally put your weight on your toes. I also googled and found 2-3 pics of her wearing flats on royal engagements. She could have worn flats and the firm could brief the media about her toe and Camilla would have earned much needed brownie points for being the loyal dutiful wife.

      On twitter and in twitter spaces people have been trying to figure out why this woman is shaking. Theories from alcoholism to Parkinson have been proposed. This is clearly a reaction to all that chatter. Just like how the Independent had those stories about pegging when a certain hashtag went viral.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    I was wondering why she leaked this to the press and I figured it out. She wants the public to know that she’s putting duty first. What a terrible person.

    • Sunshineinfiji says:

      This lots are victims of their own design. The wear their ailments like badges if honour because “they get on with it” as if this makes them superhuman somehow and we’re supposed to be awed and grateful. So Cammy, you got the main prize, how’s that working out for ya?

    • Blue Nails Betty says:

      Unless there is actual proof of this I’m going to presume this is yet another lie to boost her public image.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I broke my toe last year and it sucked. I don’t know how she’s wearing heels with one.

    I will say she looks a lot better in a suit in these pictures then in the flowy coatdresses/dresses she tends to favor.

    • EasternViolet says:

      I imagine she’s been given injections into the site – steroids maybe and def something to numb the pain to get through the events.

  4. Merricat says:

    Lol, this sounds like a Middleton publicity push–“Look at Charles’ hands, he’s about to pop off! Then Buttons will be the KWEEN!”

  5. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    It might have been interesting had she needed the aid of crutches lol. I fell and snapped my ankle Saturday TAKING A WALK. I’m an idiot just like Her Royal Highassness.

    I for one would like to see a royal boot.

    • Owlsyn says:

      Yeeesss. They could get a medical boot and just bedazzle the shit out of it.

      The Crown Boot.

      (I hope your ankle is feeling okay)

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I am so sorry!! I broke my pinky toe and it hurt like hell for more than a week but an ankle, ouch!!!! That’s awful!! I hope you feel better as soon as possible!!

    • JanetDR says:

      @Mabs, I did mind stepping out of a car (not my car, a rather low one). How fragile are we? 😫
      As long as we are talking about feet & toes, I was really struck by the very high heels worn at the service. I mean, kHate and Meghan, sure, they are still young, but Fergie?! It seems so unfair that some people don’t get arthritis….

      • Yup, Me says:

        Did you see the videos of Fergie walking? Those shoes were doing her no favors. In still shots, she may have looked fine, but in motion she looked like her feet/body were in extreme discomfort.

      • JanetDR says:

        That makes me feel a bit better😂

  6. Paulkid says:

    Sometimes the Lord has perfect timing.

  7. MLA says:

    His swollen hands and ruddy complexion scream congestive heart failure/high blood pressure/cardiac issues to me (I’m a critical care nurse).

    • VonBarron says:

      Exacerbated by alcoholism, I’d wager.

    • Riley says:

      Could also be Rheumatoid Arthritis – swollen and red joints.

    • LolaB says:

      And he’s totally been wearing makeup on his face this past week.

    • Blue Nails Betty says:

      Thank you for the perspective. I’m not a medical professional and even I did a double take when I saw his hands.

      I suspect William will be king sooner than most people expect.

      • Feebee says:

        Yes all this wailing about how people will never see another event like the funeral in their lifetimes… I was thinking “oooh, maybe 10 years”. Sure it won’t warrant being as fancy as the Queen’s – she earned her send off, but I don’t see Charles hitting 90.

  8. Lauren says:

    I broke my toe years ago. The initial pain was excruciating. I actually saw stars. I never believed that saying, until I actually did. There’s nothing that can really be done for a broken toe, except taping it to the toe next to it, to stabilize it and for support. Tbh, I don’t know how she’s wearing heels and standing so much. She must be doped up on pain meds or something

    • LightPurple says:

      I break a toe practically every other summer. Usually by whacking my foot into something – I’m a klutz. I have had to wear heels afterwards. Getting the shoe on is agony, then it settles into a throb but you don’t dare take it off because you won’t be able to get it back on again without a scene.

  9. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I broke my 2nd toe from the big one, and because I am stubborn I didn’t go to doc till about 2 weeks later. obviously nothing they could do but buddy tape it but meh, I can do that (worked for orthopods for years, learned a thing or two)
    The toe is all cattywampus and doesn’t really bother me unless I’m on it for hours on end

  10. WiththeAmerican says:

    my theory: Diana is that broken toe. Cam is trying for max sympathy to get her through this transition where she’s usurping power the people never wanted her to have.

  11. Mle428 says:

    I’m also perplexed by this leak. An obvious grab for sympathy? Those of us plebs have to work with broken toes. Last time I broke a toe I was working full time and going to nursing school. I just buddy taped it and carried on. That’s what working people do.

  12. ML says:

    Respect for this: C managed to walk around with a painful broken toe and not pull focus from QE or KC and no one knew. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

    • C says:

      Oh no worries, the photographs at that reception with Kate showed her with a drink in hand as usual so I’m sure she had some necessary lubrication all throughout.

    • goofpuff says:

      I’d believe that if it weren’t for this leak of which seems like a health privacy violation.

    • Yup, Me says:

      If it’s true, it makes Charles’ Pen Snits look even more childish and ridiculous. His wife is walking around in heels on a broken toe and he’s having multiple hissy fits about ink pens.

  13. Brubs says:

    I live in Brazil and there were several news articles about Charles’ hands, it kinda became a meme here when people noticed how crazy swollen they look

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yeah I mean Rosacea is treatable… and involves dermatology consults but surely The King of England could get help for this if I could?

  14. Tessa says:

    No pity for me she was not nice to Harry and meghan

  15. Eurogirl70 says:

    I normally do not go onto Hello Magazine, but I was researching the name of Camilla’s personal home. Below is the link to the article. If you scroll down to the 8th picture (entrance hall) she has one of those racist blackamoor lamp statues right in the d-mn entryway. I wish she had broken more than her toe.


    • Becks1 says:

      I can’t tell from the article if those pics are from before she lived there or not (the kitchen pic says it was taken before she moved in),. but regardless she also had a blackamoor statue in one of her offices (pictures of it from zoom meetings) so this does not surprise me.

      • Nanea says:

        These things *ugh* are a favorite accessory of her sister Annabel Elliot, who considers herself an interior decorator.

        They can be found in Clarence House too.

    • ML says:

      Yikes! What is it with this family? How hard is it to ditch the racist ‘past’?

  16. Eating Popcorn says:

    I had a compression break of my big toe this summer from a 7-hour mountain descent with the wrong shoes, didn’t know it until several weeks later when I went for a long walk and had to go to the podiatrist the next day. Still super painful! Props for Camilla…

  17. Imara219 says:

    I saw a People magazine (maybe) article with a horrible headline “Camilla mad at Charlotte’s behavior at the funeral” type thing. The picture had a grimaced Camilla behind Charlotte while Charlotte bore a wide open mouth, as if she was yelling. Anyway, perhaps headlines like that made Camilla want to share why she may have looked hard faced at the funeral events. It’s entirely possible she was mid-grimace due to pain and the paps took the shot and ran with it. Also, may wanted to correct the record so it doesn’t appear that she was being harsh.

    • Tessa says:

      Camilla should leave Charlotte be Kate should have seen to her daughter

      • Imara219 says:

        I mean according to that particular shot Camilla wasn’t bothering Charlotte and Kate was right behind them both. It was just a situation that Camilla had a RBF and now people are speculating all kinds of things. That’s gossip but also weird AF.

  18. Mina_Esq says:

    “Broken toe” is an apt description of Camilla herself. Too harsh?

  19. AnneL says:

    Ouch. I can’t say I would blame her if she WAS a little soused throughout the whole thing. I’ve never broken a toe but I’ve fractured my foot. That hurts. I can barely get through a few hours in any kind of heel besides a wedge even on my best day.

    • Blue Nails Betty says:

      Or she came up with the broken toe story to deflect from how miserable and inebriated she looked most of the time.

  20. Blue Nails Betty says:

    If she would keep her foot out of her mouth she wouldn’t accidentally bite it.

    Zero sympathy, no stars, do not recommend.

    • BothSidesNow says:


      She is always sticking her foot in her mouth, isn’t she?? I am certain that the Biden’s were not too keen that Cam told “jokes” about POTUS passing a bit of gas…….

      She is certainly breed from good stock, isn’t she??

  21. Normades says:

    She’s drunk.

  22. Melissa says:

    As someone with sometimes severe rosacea, yes, it is somewhat controlled with topicals and meds but it also exacerbates at the drop of a hat, with no warning. Stress, emotions, sunlight, spicy food, alcohol…. All culprits. It’s a pain in the a##.

    • JanetDR says:

      Mine is luckily not severe, but the only thing that ever worked was laser treatments which are expensive and rather painful (like getting snapped repeatedly in the face with a rubber band). And insurance covers nothing because it’s considered cosmetic…. I now have progressed to ocular rosacea and have to do all sorts of things for that (hot pads, eyedrops, eyewashes) to lessen the horrible blinding pain when it hits me (usually during a long drive or on screens all day). Again, no insurance coverage because it’s all over the counter. Luckily as far as my skin goes, I think it’s gotten better since menopause, but that’s also when my eyes started acting up.

  23. HeyKay says:

    Yeah, IDK, at C&C’s age, lots of things start to be health problems and as you age they keep adding up.

    I’ve broken my hand, cast, and still had to go to my job trying to get thru 40 hours a week using my non-dominant hand more, which only made both hands and arms sore. Nobody gave me 2 minutes of sympathy.

    Funerals are awful. But most people still have to get thru it and then keep going right back to work, making a living, raising your kids, etc.

  24. Annalise says:

    Just goes to show being royal isn’t JUST bad for your emotional, mental, and psychological health. It’s bad for your physical health. Who knew

  25. QuiteContrary says:

    She’s a pill.

    I can’t muster even a bit of sympathy.

  26. jferber says:

    Maybe she broke the toe while drunk, stumbling around and falling. See, I just made that up. I could write for the tabloids in England. I’d just add, “Close sources told me . . .” And there you go. Camilla is a falling down drunk. See how easy it is.

  27. jazzbaby1 says:


  28. Robin Samuels says:

    Is it possible that her biographer, Angela Levin stepped on her foot while they were laughing and giggling over the nth gin and tonic?