Adam Levine wants to name his third child with Behati after his IG model mistress?

The youths don’t know about Adam Levine’s messy romantic history. Adam has been “settled down” with his wife Behati Prinsloo since 2013. That’s when they got engaged, and they married one year later. Their courtship was shambolic – he went from Anne V to Behati very quickly, then he dumped Behati and immediately started up with Nina Agdal, then he had a wild weekend with Behati (while he was with Nina), then he dumped Nina via text and suddenly he and Behati were back on and engaged. We would hear rumors here and there that the marriage was in trouble and, let’s face it, Adam Levine has always reeked of cheater-douche. But Behati keeps popping out babies, and she’s currently pregnant with their third.

All of that was background for this insane story. So, Behati is pregnant. Enter Sumner Stroh, a 23-year-old Instagram model. On Monday, Sumner posted the TikTok below. In the TikTok, she claims that she had an affair with Levine but she was young and she didn’t know he was married. She says it was a “manipulative” situation. Well, the affair has been over for months (?) and out of the blue, Levine contacted her. He wanted to know if she would be okay with it if he and Behati named their third child Sumner. My goodness…

I have always known – without question – that Adam Levine is completely sleazy and a cheater. The fact that he’s been hitting up Instagram models and carrying on behind Behati’s back isn’t surprising, but it is appalling. Even if a dude is a known cheater, it still f–king sucks when he cheats on his wife of eight years who is currently pregnant with their third child! And what kind of deranged lunatic wants to name their child after their mistress?

Now, all of that being said… Sumner Stroh sounds like a piece of work too. Birds of a feather, right? I think people might have gone along with the idea that she “didn’t know” he was married, but the fact that she was sharing Levine’s texts to her friends? And one of those friends was about to sell her out and that’s why she “had” to make the TikTok? I’m sorry, she’s a tacky, clout-chasing a–hole, even if that clout is from an “elevator music” band.

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  1. Izzy says:

    I never understood why Behati Prinsloo took him back. He treated her like crap and she could do so much better.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I don’t understand how he pulled any of those women at all.

      he’s the most basic of basic conventionally-good-looking (and that’s debatable, IMO) white rockers. like, he exudes mayo. add to that his utter d-bag-ness, and it’s doubly puzzling. does not compute.

      • Onomo says:

        I have no idea how he pulls ANY women. I saw him in concert in 2002 when maroon5 was an opening act for cowboy mouth, so they were a nothing band to most people.

        At first I was so ecstatic to see the band that I was so loud and cheered so hard my face might have broken, but because it was me and my 2 friends, and barely anyone else, then he became demeaning to me, a nerdy teenager.

        All sarcastic and deadpan he said, “wooh. Look at this girl. she is clearly very excited.”

        Teenage me “WTF?”

        What kind of musician is such an arse to his fans? So yeah, I have never liked him or maroon5 after that night. being an arse doesn’t rise above talent- it just permeates into their whole personality and ruins everything including their music.

        Btw I remember as a kid when my aunt bought a house for her and her recently separated boyfriend to live in. She was…40? And he never left his wife. Don’t blame the women, please-these men are really good at lying. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to hear that spiel at 20 from someone rich and famous, and ALevine knows it too.

        Team please all women refuse to date this man.

      • HelloDolly! says:

        Onomo, omg, totally get it! Your story sounds like my John Mayer story circa 2005. I bought tickets to see Mayer, and the opening band was Guster, who I had never heard of. I ended up LOVING Guster and HATING John Mayer. Guster’s set was flawless and lovely, while Mayer kept talking about how all the girls wanted him and “jokingly” told the men of the audience that their girls are “wet” for him. I never listened to Mayer after that—total sexist, egotistical dick.

      • Onomo says:

        @HelloDolly hahaha I was thinking exactly if John Mayer as I wrote my comment.

        john Mayer and Maroon5 are the most scumbag musicians I can think of!

        in a just world there would be an island with men like Adam Levine and John Mayer trapped there until they worked out their misogyny and sexism. Woe be to the person who had to teach them that someone you sleep with is a human deserving of the bare minimum of respect and honesty.

    • original_kellybean says:

      Good-looking? Nah. I always said he has the face of a gerbil but a gerbil face is cute only on a gerbil.

    • Snappyfish says:

      He has always struck me as a huge douche. Never understood the appeal & was shocked Anna V & Behati took him back time & again. Shocked Behati actually married him. Just no all the way around

    • molly says:

      If you want to screw around with him, fine, whatever, just use protection and know what you’re getting into. She certainly wouldn’t be the first gorgeous woman to hook up with a sleezy rockstar, but don’t have kids with him! And certainly don’t KEEP having kids with him! Ugh!

  2. dahlia6 says:

    Steven Seagal has a kid named after his nanny/mistress. So that’s the company Levine is in.

  3. Nev says:

    Poor Behati how awful.

  4. Christine says:

    I mean this whole story is “and water is wet?” Like of COURSE he cheats, of COURSE he is messy. What I really wanna know is if they were really thinking of Sumner for a name, or if he was trying to re-engage the mistress. Behati will know if it is true, too, that way.

    • Myriam says:

      I thought the same. It seems like he was trying to start contact again with the mistress. Stupid way to do that though.

  5. Alexandria says:

    Is this a joke? Certainly a WTF moment.

    Stroh kinda looks like Rose Hanbury with heavier makeup here.

    • ML says:

      She really does look like Rose Hanbury! I agree.
      And this is indeed a total wtf bit of gossip for Tuesday afternoon…

  6. alwaysannarun says:

    Elevator music band! I’m dying at the shade!

  7. Otaku fairy says:

    Yeah, team Behati and kids on this one. 🙁
    That said, I wonder if Sumner will get the same… careful and caring… reactions as August Alsina and Harry Styles. Because those two have definitely been kid-gloved.

  8. Katia says:

    Imagine the conversation with Behati…’Babe, I was thinking of names for our baby today and… Sumner is a good one…you know…as in the girl I was screwing around with the other night…well…what do you think?’

  9. Lauren says:

    If she’s 23, so am I. She looks 40.

    • Gemma says:

      It’s the heavy make-up and the surgeries. I don’t know why it’s en vogue with gen zs to look like 50 year old trophy wives, but it somehow is something way to many choose to look like.

      • Lens says:

        The insta models all look like kardashian wannabes to me and they all look alike. She reminds me of that one Ben Affleck Instagrammed messaged when she refused him on Raya. Adam Levine was trending on Twitter yesterday so I went on and sure enough he was being bashed but a LOT were trashing her for going public with this before any tabloid took it up and taking up with a known married man. I certainly don’t see this with Harry Styles or any man who after all always get a pass on THEIR home wrecking.

    • Same says:

      she got the Kylie Jenner special

    • lucy2 says:

      Right? What a terribly aging look for someone so young.
      Also I call BS that she didn’t know he was married (hello, Google) and this whole thing is messy and gross, as is he.

      • Lauren says:

        I’m 37 and look younger than her. I get what I call “baby Botox”. Some people really go overboard. I don’t know why men find this attractive. And I don’t believe for 1 second she didn’t know he was married. I think she spilled the beans because he didn’t leave Behati, which is what he probably told her he would do…bc that’s what they all say

    • Anners says:

      It’s a really generic look – there are a couple of young women her age where I work and they have all had similar procedures until they become almost interchangeable physically. It makes me a bit sad, but their bodies, their choices.

      • LIONE says:

        Is it really their choice, though? Or are they victims of massive corporations pushing beauty standards on young women to stifle them?

  10. Colleen says:

    She never said she didn’t know he was married. She knew and says she knew but that she was young and manipulated. Anyway, the blame goes to the cheater. He is gross.

    • Same says:

      I have enough disgust that I can spare some for both of them — young and manipulated my ass. They are both trash.

      • Julissa says:

        19 is young, and lying to someone about your relationship status so they’ll see nothing wrong with sleeping with you is manipulative. It’s the same thing and the tamest thing people will be saying once some famous older woman in Hollywood eventually gets caught lying about being separated during an affair with a 19-year-old.

  11. TheOtherOne says:

    Every time I see Adam Levine, I think of that Chipotle bag/Adam Levine meme and I can’t unsee it.

  12. Kiera says:

    I’m calling such crap in her. Not the affair part, that I’m sure happened but that she didn’t know he was married.

    Please! He’s a world famous musician who all it takes is a quick look at his wiki page to see he’s married. Really your telling me you didn’t google the guy you were sleeping with. What kind of twenty something are you!

    I also think her word choice of a manipulative is suspect because she clearly wants to be seen as the victim here. She’s suggesting /using the same language as Armie Hammers actual victims to create a comparison in peoples heads without outright saying anything.

    • Kebbie says:

      I don’t think she said she didn’t know he was married, unless it was in a comment later. She just said she was young and naive and manipulated. I took that to mean he may have given her some line about an open relationship or being separated or something like that.

      But yeah, if she’s claiming she was manipulated, she needs to explain how and not just let that word do all the work.

      • Roxy says:

        Apparently that’s exactly what happened. In another video she said that he gave her the impression that they we’re separated but haven’t announced it just yet. When she finally saw the writing on the wall she broke it off.

        That’s why older men go for younger women. Younger women tend to buy into these kind of excuses and can easily get swept up.

        Plus another girl has come out to say that he started to talk to her when she was only 17!!!! So regardless of how bad she might be, he’s a 1000 times worse

    • NCWoman says:

      I believe she said she was 19 when the affair started and he was already 40. If I have those numbers correct, she probably Was manipulated. Maybe she just didn’t care that he was married. Maybe an older famous man can make things seem different than they are. Either way, 19 year olds aren’t known for wise romantic decision-making. This was Levine’s responsibility not to cheat.

  13. els says:

    Lol, I don’t buy the claims she didn’t know her friends leaked her texts message without her consent.
    I never liked Adam Levine to be frank and I’m not surprised he did that. Although naming his child after his mistress? Yikes… i feel bad for Behati and their children…

  14. Eurydice says:

    Huh, so he’s a cheater *and* an idiot.

  15. LeeLee says:

    He has always come across as king of the douchebags, so this is no surprise.

  16. Erin says:

    I feel like naming the baby after her was just a tactic to reengage her. Say something super shocking to get a reaction to start things up again.

    He is such a loser.

    Plus, she may have known he was married, but guys say things all the time. “We are separated, we have an open marriage, etc” That a young woman would believe. It’s on him.

  17. Jo says:

    If we needed a definition for douchebag. And yes, I am DEAD serious *cackles*

  18. HeyKay says:

    Can we upgrade him from douchebag? Something stronger and meaner!
    What an a**! Scum, vile, nasty, cheater, rotten dog.
    (sigh) This makes me so tired and yet angry.

    What the hell? Ego maniac, it’s all about him, isn’t it?

    Agree with above poster. LAWYER!
    Divorce him. Don’t wait.

    And the female he was cheating with? Rotten behavior. He is famous, she knew he was married and went ahead anyhow. Go away.

  19. The Old Chick says:

    He gives me JT level douch vibes. His wife clearly knows and stays anyway.

  20. Snarkle says:

    Maybe when she said she felt
    manipulated, she wasn’t referring to him being older, richer, and having more power (her victim signaling is a stretch). Maybe she felt he manipulated her into thinking he was a rock star when he really sings elevator music? *shrug emoji*

  21. K. Tate says:

    She looks older cause: EYEBROWS. All I see are EYEBROWS. I’m happy my 24 yo stopped putting these on her face. (Just like my mom was happy I stopped with the skinny ones in the early 2000’s.)

  22. Pilar says:

    Not really surprised at his behaviour. But a bit disturbed by the general reaction to this story ( not specifically here but in general)
    Most of the comments i have seen focused more on the “ mistress”for clout chasing and for humiliating Adam’s pregnant wife ( apparently because we know Adam Levine is a douche and a cheat we are focusing on calling the girl names instead).

    Adam is 43-44, incredibly famous, wealthy and well connected. The girl is at least 20 years younger ( some say she’s 19 not 23) and he’s the one who made a vow and has REALLY humiliated and hurt his wife. And apparently he also told her he and his wife was separated..
    And btw at this point there are bunch of other stories were women says he’s been DM’ing them so it doesn’t seem like this was a one off…

    • ML says:

      Thank you @Pilar. The only one who can and did cheat on Behati was her husband, Adam. If Adam had said no to Sumner, then this would never have happened. He’s 10,000 levels of ick.

  23. pollyv says:

    He’s a mess. After his thirsty, icky, semi-nude Super Bowl performance I completely wrote him off.

  24. Twin Falls says:

    💯 reengagement question. So gross.

    I feel very sorry for his wife. What a vulnerable place she’s in to have to deal with this.

  25. Giddy says:

    I recommend that Behati try Willie Nelson’s wife’s method. Willie came home drunk after catting around one night and she sewed him inside the bedsheets, then beat him with a broom! He says that by the time he got loose she had packed the car, taken the kids and left.

  26. Turtledove says:

    This situation is not shocking, but still just so exhausting and gross to see unfold over and over. These pigs. The guy is in his 43, married, with kids and going after really young (but sure, of legal age) insta models. Dude, you are pathetic.

    I am still extremely curious if Behati and Adam really did discuss using the name Sumner. And if they actually did, did he suggest it to his wife and did she know that he cheated with a woman with that name? Maybe he never discussed the name with his wife at all and was just using it as an icebreaker to hit Sumner up again, as others have suggested. But morbid curiosity makes me want to know the exact details. There is definitely a possibility that as this story breaks, Behati is going to realize that her cheating husband tried to name their child after his “mistress”.

  27. Lady Luna says:

    I have never liked him. There was something about him that screamed douche bag. Now I know.

  28. Lens says:

    So far I haven’t seen it here but you’ll hear me scream if anybody gets on the ‘she knew he was a cheater-douche before marrying him -blame the victim’ wagon. Apparently they broke up the first year they were dating, he was seen dating another model but suddenly next thing you hear he &Bahati were engaged. Shades of Justin Timberlake! But let’s agree men do the old ‘ I learned my lesson that I love you above all others and that fling taught me that’ and the way we hear what we want to hear and forgive and give other chances.

  29. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    Can this trend of young mistresses, paramours, lovers talking about the has-been or nearly has-been old men they slept with or almost slept with end? Like, girl yes: old men who chase and date teenagers are creeps. We have had the memo.
    And Like, who does this benefit? Behati has been with her husband for almost a decade; she knows he’s worthless. And she won’t leave and she shouldn’t leave. She needs to call Giselle and ask for a spell.

  30. Hello Kitty says:

    I have hated Adam Levine and Maroon Five since 2002 when his shrill voice first assaulted my ears with ” she WILLLLLLLL be loveddddd” i have spent the past 20 years angrily jabbing my radio buttons whenever their songs came on. I spent most of the year that “Sugarrrrr” came out yelling at my car radio whenever that heinous song came on. It blows my mind that Maroon Five is still a thing and that anyone would ever sleep with Adam Levine, a known douche. I kind of like The Voice but wont watch it because he’s on it. And have yall seen the video of him pushing off an excited fan who hugs him, and then he acts like the fan has cooties?? Gross. I wish he would just go away!!

    • Mel says:

      And have yall seen the video of him pushing off an excited fan who hugs him, and then he acts like the fan has cooties? Hmmmm, no. Fans don’t get to touch people without permission ( they don’t belong to you) and frankly, the fan is lucky security didn’t tackle them to the ground and drag them off stage. That’s dangerous. Everything else is true, his voice ain’t all of that but it has a distinct sound, that’s why he became popular.

    • Stacey Dresden says:

      Absolutely loathe Maroon Five, what a terrible band! I realize it’s subjective but they are so corny! I don’t get it

    • Liz Version 700k says:

      💯 I get hives when Payphone comes on…dude they don’t even have Payphones anymore and you sound like a dryer with a buzzsaw in it

  31. Mel says:

    You need like/love buttons because I’d give your summation a love. Adam Levine is an egotastic mess and Sumner is trying to be the second coming of Kim K. They’re both messy AF.

  32. HeyThere! says:

    Haven’t commented in a while but he is basic and gross. I’m shocked that anyone is shocked he would do this?! He gives off such barf vibes from day one. I will say, the mistress is stupid because a two second google search would have shown he was still married. I mean, come on. He’s more at fault because he was the one married but don’t play the ‘I didn’t know he was married’ card. Lies. I hope his wife leaves him and takes all that The Voice money on her way out!!

  33. Luna17 says:

    Yuck! He has always sucked and I can’t believe him and Behati are still married. She must really enjoy the lifestyle he can afford her if she is willing to put up with this kind of behavior while she was pregnant.

    Also lol on some TikTok star not knowing how to google someone on the Internet. That’s the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard. Just admit that you’re an “Instagram model” and That’s not exactly a very long career trajectory and you take the (gross) opportunities you can to make money and get fame. Gotta pay for that crappy plastic surgery and fillers to make you look two decades older than you are somehow!

    These people have no shame or decency and deserve each other.

  34. Gibby says:

    His is such a douchebag! Also can completely get why she could have thought he was leaving her and it “hadn’t hit the press/they we’re waiting to announce” also 19 or 23 a celebrity paying you attending and saying they want to be with you is intoxicating. Who knows the love bombing he does or the excitement of “hidden love”. Yeah she should have private messaged Behati, but if she shared with her “friends” and they already shopped it around. Days were numbered? Also again how many women has he done this with in 8 yrs and this is the one that he wanted to name his CHILD her very unique name? Maybe even Behati had seen her name on his phone and he said it was a guy friend etc.

  35. Jean says:

    Lol show me a male Hollywood celeb that doesn’t cheat! Waste of space.

  36. jferber says:

    I focus only on him for this whole thing. He’s the married one, engaging in at least one (or more) affairs and sliding into the DMs of instagram models. It’s true that cheating is not about how beautiful and desirable the spouse is, it’s about the cheater being a total asshole, which is what Levine is– a total asshole. And Behati has to go through this shit with him while pregnant. What a horrible mate. She seems low-key and probably will stay with him–she has before. Jerks will be jerks.

  37. JennaR says:

    Now I feel like she should name the baby Winter just to stick it to him.

  38. HeyKay says:

    Reading thru these comments, I am glad to see how many of us have always found Adam Levine kinda over rated and creepy. Weasel-ly also comes to mind.

    What a rotten thing to do to your wife, mother of your kids.
    Why do these men get married? If all they want is new conquests, rotating women? Why get married at all?

    I hope Behati is OK. To be expecting your 3rd child and have this all splashed out? Awful.

    Take a page outta Jerry Halls book, she finally after 5 kids and decades putting up with Mick constantly cheating, finally got rid of him.

  39. Carolnr says:

    Adam Levine ways struck me as the type that would constantly need his ego stroked ,& be the center of attention.
    I can’t imagine what kind of person would want to name their child after their mistress! Talk about humiliating your pregnant wife even more! How can she ever trust him again? And who knows if he cheated on her while they were married before & it just wasn’t public?
    I hope she at least kicked his ass out into the guesthouse for awhile…

  40. jferber says:

    Jerry has 4 kids with Mick–two girls and two boys.