Kate Gosselin’s epic interview: I miss the old Jon; I’d do the show again

Kate Gosselin’s epic hour-long interview with Natalie Morales aired Monday on TLC in place of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kate cried repeatedly during the interview as she talked about the failure of her marriage and the difficulties she’s faced over the past year. It was clear that she’s been overwhelmed, and she says there are days when she feels like she’s had enough and nights that she can’t sleep. Watching clips of the interview on E! Online (above) and Radar, it looks more like a therapy session than an interview.

We’ve been inundated with Gosselin news for months and this just adds a pile on top of the steaming heap. Kate is not helping her children at all by talking about what she’s going through. She even revealed how they’re coping with the divorce. She told Morales that Mady took it well while Cara cried and curled up into a ball.

Katie pined for “the old Jon,” and revealed that she’s never felt so alone. As for the way she bossed him around, she said it was wrong of her to treat Jon the way she did, but that she felt “like a lot of weight rested on my shoulders.”

She also spoke about her relationship with her family, and said that she had a difficult, strict upbringing and an unhappy childhood. Kate admitted she only has contact with her family through e-mail, and said there are very few people in her inner circle.

On the rumors that she had an affair with her bodyguard, Kate said Jon started those and that “one day it suited his needs to take the spotlight off his bad behavior and turn it on me.” She said she needs a bodyguard because “People have a lot of contempt and hate for me and at the end of the day, I need to come home safely to my kids.”

I could go on, but I’ll spare you. You can read more details on US Weekly, E! Online, and Radar Online.

My favorite analysis of Kate’s interview is by Ken Tucker at Entertainment Weekly. He writes, in part, “if you transcribed all of Kate Gosselin’s TV interviews, their total length would probably exceed that of David Copperfield and Bleak House combined, with descriptions of teary pluck and children under duress that might well have made Charles Dickens sob in envy of so much drama parceled out in serialized form for profit.”

Images below are screenshots from Kate’s interview from the video on Radar Online

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Honestly, who gives a flying f*** about either one of these Gosselswine people?

    Who cares what she says or what he says? They are both boring, tiresome individuals who have gone WAAAAAY past their expiration date.

    I never thought I would say this, but I honestly would rather hear about crazy Octomom, Heidi and Spencer over these stupid, fame whoring fools another minute.

  2. Maritza says:

    I wish they were already divorced! Maybe then their fame will die as their marriage has. People won’t be so interested in this couple once they resolve their issues.

  3. loca says:

    Same old crap, different interview. They’re broken records, they’ve been saying the SAME stuff for months – WHY do people care? These two are disgusting. If they really cared about their kids they’d stop this media charade and try to deal with the issues. They only care about money and themselves.

  4. YeaRight! says:


  5. Judy says:

    Also sick of both of them. But can’t help asking why the “bodyguard” was there off camera last night…to wipe her tears and protect her from those mean cameras? And while Kate cried, the nannies put the kids to bed, and the Chef prepared a feast. Poor Kate.

  6. Gina says:

    If none of you cared, you wouldnt be reading this. Apparently, you care.

  7. UrbanRube says:

    I’m sure that where there’s smoke, there’s fire, in terms of all the reports of her being impossible to work for. And she herself admits she didn’t treat Jon right at certain points. But I think Jon’s complete selfish jerkfest the past few months shows what/who she was dealing with all these years: a guy who didn’t want to man up and do the hardest work of parenting.

  8. Kerri says:


    I get it, you are gong through a tough time but go to therapy. I understand that in times like these people really feel alone and when there is no one to talk to you can fall apart but Kate needs to stop airing her dirty laundry for all and saundry.

    Give us a break now, go deal with your issues like other normal people – off the air.

    Is she being paid for these interviews?

  9. Lem says:

    My husband wanted to watch it. Actually he was confused that I didn’t want to watch it.
    So he watched it and by jove it was horrible. Half the questions were set ups. Half the questions the chick actually sounded peeved w. Katie.

    it was a very odd. forced & scripted yet at times both interviewer and interviewee got lost mid sentence.

    Kate took no blame and very little responsibility for any of this. Admitted she won’t go back to being un-famous now. Can’t be a nurse and support 8 kids. The paps not her fault. The media not her responsibility. Wouldn’t help the children if she stopped giving interviews. high road blah blah Jon’s a putz. Will stay with TLC in show featuring just her. Mentioned money and income and paycheck far poor than even us poor folk are comfortable with…

    Milkmaid is not going anywhere folks… she’s digging in!

  10. Ginger says:

    Don’t really care how “awful” she’s been, she’s still a woman facing the end of har marriage with 8 kids to basically parent alone and all of it happening very publicly. I, like so many people, am married for the second time and if someone held a microscope up to every minute of my behavior, I’m not sure I’d pass the “test” either. I’m a firm believer that people do the best they can with what they have at the time and I have no doubt that’s where Kate is.

  11. Me says:

    I actually think she looks really pretty and sincerely sad.

  12. Cinderella says:

    She is so full of crap. She would take any “Jon” back at this point if it meant they could film again. She’d just fake it like before.

    Those millions in potential earnings are just slipping away and she’s grabbing at straws. She needs to go home, take care of the eight struggling kids and manage what money she has left wisely.

  13. Meghan says:

    By now, Kate should have MORE than enough money to comfortably support her family. I had read somewhere else that someone who lived close to the Gosselins said that when the 6 were born, a college fund was set up for them as well as for the twins. Not sure if this is true or not, but if it is, then that is taken care of.

    And by comfortably support I mean not in a million+ dollar house, with all manner of nannies, chefs, maids, etc. All the kids are in school now, what the hell could she have to do all day? She needs to go back to nursing or whatever and try to establish a normal life for her kids.

    I used to watch the show because the kids were absolutely adorable. Not that they aren’t now, but I feel like I’ve seen them do everything it is possible for little kids to do. And I am not interested in watching Kate putt around her 8,000 (or whatever) square foot house all day.

  14. Anastasia says:

    Yeah, she can get bent.

    She gripes about how HARD it is with the media, but refuses to get out of the spotlight, even takes it so far as to act like it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get out of the spotlight.

    No it’s not! She admits all eight of her kids have “healthy” college funds already. Well, woman, that’s a heck of a lot more than most parents have for their kids. Sell the huge million dollar mansion that has upkeep costs more than you could afford out of the spotlight, get a job as a nurse, get your divorce, get your kids into counseling and RAISE THEM.


    It was the Hour Long Kate Pity Party and Sympathy Show.

    And more excuses about her abusive behavior. If a husband said he felt like he had too many responsibilities and that’s why he was abusive to his wife, people would scoff and hate him.

    It’s not ok for men to do it and it’s not ok for women to do it.

    You shouldn’t have had eight gorram kids. Especially with someone you didn’t even particularly like.

    Grifters, both of ’em. May they go away and soon.

  15. birdie says:

    2009 will go down in history as the year of the Gosselin.

  16. Judy says:

    Meghan: Through posting on this topic, but you are correct. In 2005 the Governor of the state of Pennsylvania set up college funds for each of the children. Their college educations have never been an issue. Millions and millions have been made by this couple.

  17. Alexa says:

    I’m sick of TLC – and/or any other media/communications organizations – bestowing mega $$$ and perks on this woman. There are many more people/families in “intriguing” (ratings-boosting) situations that would be much more grateful and deserving of such treatment. Please go find them instead – enough with Kate!

  18. danielle says:

    I like Kate’s hair better in these pictures.

  19. Green Is Good says:

    What could there be to talk to this woman about for AN HOUR that she or her idiot husband haven’t already blabbed about?

  20. Lantana says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if we find out this whole thing was planned? They never broke up, they really didn’t fight, they just did it all for the $$$. Kate said “Go ahead and be a slut, I’ll be the devoted mother, we can make this thing rake in big bucks and when it runs its course, we’ll reconcile.” Think of the ratings their reconciliation will pull in. More $$$. Stranger things have happened.

  21. Tammy King says:

    You know what I miss Kate? I miss reading about celebrities that actually have talent. You know the ones that can actually act, sing and dance!

  22. Tammy King says:

    Oh, 1 more thing. People PLEASE quit saying “at thing end of the day”! Geez, you know how many times I hear “celebrities” say that? It’s annoying along with “it is what it is” and “fierce”.

  23. RAMONA says:

    To all who say they are sick of Kate and Jon….Do you know how stupid you all sound….Apparently you are the only ones who feel this way and you are the same ones who post your ridiculous “I’m so tired of hearing about all these stories”, or posting a Yawn….Why even bother….you are nothing but hypocrites because its obvious you are reading their story or you would not be commenting here…Duh..Maybe those of us like me and the other 20 million people who do like to see them on T.V. and read all the drama about them, don’t share your ” I don’t care one way are another view.” So let me enlighten you, If you think for one minute that Tabloid Magazines and Prime Time Television who make millions and millions off these so called “people you are so tired of hearing about,but yet you still read their story,” are gonna stop printing anything they can find about them, you got another think coming. Kate Gosselin was just declared the most photographed woman in the world, so I think she has a little more than 15 minutes. So, for all of the ones who bitch, gripe, piss and moan about their overexposure, you might as well just shut the hell up cause nobody cares what you think…especially me!!!

  24. Alecto says:

    thank goodness she finally got rid of the rabid possum look. seriously though, she needs to get rid of the million dollar mansion. use her savings to pay for a house she can afford. put the rest of the money away for the children and go back to work to support her family like the rest of america does. oh, and hit john up for so much child support he suffocates under the debt and no woman will have him becuase he wouldn’t be able to buy her a happy mill at macdonald’s.

  25. Judy says:

    Well, okie dokie, Ramona a/k/a Kate.

  26. Kerri says:

    @ Judy good one – LMAO

  27. Judy says:

    Kerri: Regarding “Ramona,” as Shakespeare would have said: “The lady doth protest too much.”

  28. nanster says:

    Let’s all hope that we’re nearing minute 15…

  29. Aras says:

    If everyone’s comments on here were true that you don’t care about them and you want them to go away…umm…why is its always the same people reading all of the stories about the Gosslins and always commenting. If you really didn’t care about them you wouldn’t constantly be finding out information about them. It is really annoying not to read a good comment because it is all of the same lameness “Oh I don’t care” Yes you do or you wouldn’t be here so put some thought into a better comment!

  30. AMy says:

    She would do the show again? Did the woman not learn anything? And why is she peddling the intimate, emotional details all over the news? What is wrong with these people? Why do they continue to crave the constant attention that got them in the mess their in now? JOn is just as bad. Jon, Kate, Grow up, Move on, be parents and GO AWAY!

  31. Firestarter says:

    @Ramona- I comment on all the posts. If I want to comment on them, I can.

  32. Tammy King says:

    To Ramona

    Apparently YOU DO CARE about what everyone is saying or you wouldn’t have read their post!

    It’s a free country people have the right to post want they want as long as it isn’t vulgar (Because I think Jaybird would remove the post).

  33. Tammy King says:

    I think “Ramona” is really Kate.

  34. Kerri says:

    @Judy – still ROFLMAO

    Tammy King – well said

    @Aras – its not just about not caring – I care as much as a person can for someone i dont know but do i need to keep hearing about it every minute – NO.

    I still read it however for entertainment value and bloggers on this site are hilarious.

  35. Cinderella says:

    I think we continue to read Jon and Kate stories in hopes we’ll find them leaving the public eye.

    When we read that they aren’t, we’re pissed so we post.

  36. RAMONA says:

    @Firestarter, @Kerri, @Tammy King, @Judy

    To all of you, I am blowing Butterfly Kisses….Catch them if you can~(Smile)

    And no,Tammy King, I am not Kate, but if I were, just refer to my original comment above….And my response to (Aras’s) comment is… “Yeah, What she said!)…

  37. Victoria says:

    Soon it will come down to this: These reality stars have no talent.

    3 years and then they are useless to society and their “fame” is gone. Can you name any of the Bachelors? Who won Season 1 of The Biggest Loser?

    Kate- go away!

  38. Judy says:

    How sweet. And a butterfly kiss back to you Kate…err, I mean Ramona.

  39. flo says:

    She can sell the Estate,move back into the old house, it still hasnt sold and is in a really nice private, family friendly development. Withought the tv crew there will be enough room for them all.

  40. mollination says:

    Just to add fuel to this whole “why read if you don’t care” thing:

    The reason why I read is kind of like why people slow down at an accident (only I don’t do that because I’m conscientous of traffic). It’s not that I *care* about Jon and Kate – I don’t. I can’t stand them. But I do *care* about the fact that this is what our media covers, and this kind of putrid fame-whoring gains relevance. So in that way, I *care* about reading, because I’m horrified and curious.

  41. mia says:

    She will never go back to a “normal” life without a fight because she’s used to a higher standard of living now. She’s said she wants a career in the entertainment industry. It’s obvious that the paps stalking her kids is less important than the fame and money.

  42. kelly says:

    I am not of fan of either one…I’m an advocate for the children. That being said Katie seems centered and honest. I believe Jon went through a mid life crisis and he might possibly be coming out of it. I hope so for the kids sake. It make me appreciate Kate’s assertiveness…she probably had to be that way. Not to say she doesn’t need to work on things because I think she does. Anyways, I wish them all the best.

  43. Goddess711 says:

    Uh-oh. She’s at the “maybe he wasn’t so bad with the laziness and infidelity thing” stage. Intervention time. Round ‘er up and take her to Self Worth Camp. jeeeezus!

  44. Taya says:

    Boo hoo. Now hold on Kate while I get my tiny violin.

  45. lin234 says:

    I saw some of the interview on jezebel. There was one part I really foudn funny was when she took no responsibility in the current situation and the the girl who was interviewing her was like um yea you can do something about it.

    They put need to SHUT UP and go away! lol People are suddenly excusing her behavior towards Jon because of how he’s acting now. There have been multiple stories about her being mean and manipulative towards people who help her. She’s a ugly person inside and out. There was no need for her to get IVF. It’s true they were having trouble conceiving but they were both in their twenties and had many more viable years ahead of them but Kate didn’t want to wait. Those children are going to grow up to hate both parents after they see the continual mud -slinging on both sides. (All done for the sake of the children of course! *Sarcasm*)

  46. For Sooth? says:

    I didn’t see the interview but I have seen several TLC shows when they were still together as a real couple. I have to say I could not have done what they have done, even with all the extra help. Kate is very, very good at organization and delegation. I am actually amazed at her capabilities. Jon was the worker bee. Their worst tempermental day would have been my good day. My hat is off to them for sticking together for so long.

    My wish for them is to not continue to seek fame. Fame found them, as a real family dealing with six new babies, but they have now figured out how fickle fame is. Heal your family. Stay out of the limelight.

    As an aside, Kate is looking better(keep reshaping your brows Kate). Jon, not so much.

  47. emma says:

    Bleak House is far more interesting in that it wasn’t repetitive.
    I feel horribly for their children and for these two parents. Divorce is difficult. This is a painful and confusing event that two manipulative people are suffering publicly. They’ve been spoiled by stardom, so any emotional pain is beyond unbearable. They never did seem to know how to behave, so they’ll make even more mistakes than most couples. I just hope that they soon choose privacy over publicity, for the sake of those babies.

  48. Anastasia says:

    I saw that part too (with the interviewer saying she could stop it) and thought it was great. She makes herself sound like such a huge VICTIM and she’s not! She can make all the paps and media and attention go away like that. She needs to stop granting interviews, stop talking to the media, stop going on publicity jaunts, keep a low profile for a while–it doesn’t even take that long–if you’re out of the spotlight for even two weeks, the rest of the world moves on. The media moves on to the next thing. It wouldn’t take much or take long because her story is played out and not even that intriguing or compelling to begin with.

    But she would never do that because she *wants* the attention, loves it. She’s a hypocrite when she gripes about it. She just wants the perks and the money and the fawning (what little of that she must get) but none of the negatives.

    Well sorry Princess, but that’s how it is. You choose to dance with the devil, then you pay the dues. And no crying about it, honey.

    The few little Kate worshippers here need to get over it and deal with the fact that this untalented grifter’s time is nearly up. And the rest of us say: thank God.

  49. lin234 says:

    My thoughts exactly! I mean look at LC from the Hills. Once she decided she had enough of her life all out in the public, she quit her show and is rarely in the media anymore.

    At this point, both of them are saying the same things over and over and over again. Situations like Jon stealing money that could have been kept quiet and resolved in courts but she leaked it and played victim in one too many interviews. If she was really doing everything for her kids, she would have taken into consideration about how they would feel if they found out later in life all these sordid details between their parent’s divorce.

    In the interviews she gives now, you can tell she has been coached by PR firms to the point that she doesn’t even sound like herself. She’s so calculating now when she speaks. I watched a couple of interviews on their show before this whole mess and you could always tell she was speaking her mind. I think she gives so many interviews because she can’t stand the idea that she’s not in control of things that are being reported on her.

    It really is time for her to go away and actually raise her kids for a change.

    Are there any requirements before a women is allowed to have IVF? If not, certain requirements should be put in place like the age to have IVF should be 35 or something like that…. or that people in their 20’s have to medically show that they have problems with their equipment to have babies… and they should have to show income/ household worth to show financial stability… Just precautions to prevent irresponsible people like octomom having too many kids… Otherwise this insanity of people trying to have as many kids as possible at once or multiple times will keep on going.

  50. The Me says:

    I hate when she makes those ghastly sounds, swallowing her snot or whatever, always pausing to make it all sound heavy while wiping some invisible tears.
    Abusive, manipulative, disgusting creature. Those kids didn’t ask to come to this world and she’s annoyed with them 24/7. So are we with her!!!!
    GO THE ***** AWAY

  51. Maritza says:

    It’s a no win situation, if she cries, she’s faking it, if she doesn’t, she’s a cold bitch. If she talks she’s a famewhore, if she doesn’t she is hiding something. Please, there is no pleasing the people.

  52. Jazz says:

    Not another crocodile tears whine fest??

  53. iced opal says:

    @ Anastasia – HAHAHA, you said “get bent” and GORRAM in the same post!! you’re the best. LOL

  54. princess pea says:

    Ooh, I can’t resist your tempting jabs, RAMONA. Did you know that you can click on someone’s recent comment on the front page, and it takes you to the comments section of that post? And you don’t even HAVE to scroll up and read the post, like me right now. I’m here to read the comments, watch the dramz… and last time I checked, I don’t care about Kate, or Jon or 8. Honestly, I haven’t read the article ad I won’t watch the interview.

    Also, some of us are at work, slacking off. We’ll read ANYTHING, love it, hate it or couldn’t give a sh*t.

  55. Anastasia says:

    No Maritza, if she didn’t talk, it’d be FABULOUS.

  56. ali says:

    Kate has every right to be upset. If you people don’t like her that much then why did you watch the interview? Her marriage ended because of personal reasons no one will ever know! She is a great mother who takes care of her children. I agree she is a control freak, but she also knows how to get things done. Jon is a child and needs to grow up. The interviewer was rude and derogative.. of course she has a body guard! The tabloids have made her famous. She never asked for all this. Paparazzi make up stories and she has to defend herself. Would you walk out in public without protection if people accused you of things? If she did have an affair there would be pictures of them doing something other than walking places WITH THE KIDS. HELLO!? She’s too busy being a mother. I think Kate was a single parent to begin with. She always had to make sure if Jon was getting things done. Eight kids is a lot to handle. If you people think all this is Kate’s fault then why is Jon seeing a Rabbi? Why is Jon apologizing to Kate for having an open relationship? Why is Jon trying to turn his life around? BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE SCREWED UP. Kate loved him and of course she still does.. he is the father of their kids. So no I don’t think she would take him back in a second. You’re stupid.. she knows she doesn’t deserve that. She needs a man who is willing to take care of her and the kids… she doesn’t need a child. As for putting her kids in the spotlight.. well she didn’t know she was going to be all over tabloids. Why this family? Not taking the kids off the show means nothing… paparazzi will still stalk them and still make up rumors… people think Kate is just doing this for the money.. lets think again. The paparazzi are doing this for money. They stoop to the lowest of lows to dig up a story and a pay check. Hopefully you people can understand she is a good person who has been betrayed. Jon seems like a good guy too, but doesn’t know what he wants and is still a child. OHH and what are you supposed to do when you cry you idiot! Of course your nose runs… hello why don’t you finish grade school before you say foolish things. Pathetic! HA…

  57. Judy says:

    Ali, I would use a little discretion in calling people who post here idiots and telling them they are pathetic. For the most part, they are some of the most intelligent, well-informed posters around. You might heed your own advice about finishing grade school before you post.

  58. RAMONA says:

    @ Princess Pea regarding this comment to me….(Ooh, I can’t resist your tempting jabs, RAMONA. Did you know that you can click on someone’s recent comment on the front page, and it takes you to the comments section of that post? And you don’t even HAVE to scroll up and read the post, like me right now.)…

    My response to that is, Duh!…

  59. ali says:

    Judy, why do you feel the need to comment on every post you don’t like? Thanks for your input, but I don’t care. Excuse me, I’m sorry if I upset you by calling someone an idiot. I am very happy for you! You’re an intelligent, well-informed blogger! More power to ya!