Levin: Queen Camilla must go to America to counteract the Sussexes’ popularity

That hateful old bag Angela Levin has written an authorized biography of Queen Consort Camilla. Levin started writing the book months ago, but the whole thing is being revised in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. There’s a cover change too, to reflect the fact that everyone is supposed to call her Queen Camilla now. I’m calling this book “authorized,” because it’s clear that it was written with Camilla’s permission, and it’s told with an abundance of generosity towards Camilla and all of her motives within the family. Bye-bye homewrecking rottweiler and hello Queen Consort, and all of that. Levin is completely unhinged, so I think it speaks volumes about Camilla that she would agree to this and cosign all of these stupid narratives, but here we are. Levin’s book was excerpted in the Telegraph and, as I said, the sh-t is bonkers. Some highlights:

Prince Andrew’s scheme: Queen Elizabeth asked several people for advice on the matter of Prince Charles marrying Camilla, including Prince Andrew. She had always had a soft spot for Andrew, who seems to have had a way of persuading her to do what he wanted. This time, a senior insider told me, he had a treacherous request. “He tried to persuade the Queen to block Charles marrying Camilla by being quite poisonous, mean, unhelpful and very nasty about Camilla.” His claims included that she was insufficiently aristocratic and that she was not to be trusted. The same individual went on to say that “when Diana was alive, through her friendship with Andrew’s wife Sarah, [Duchess of York] she plotted with Andrew to try to push Prince Charles aside so Prince Andrew could become Regent to Prince William, who was then a teenager.

Camilla had always been suspicious of Prince Harry: One insider felt that being Prince Harry’s stepmother in particular wasn’t easy. “The Duchess always felt quite wary of Harry and used to see him out of the corner of her eye looking at her in a long and cold way. She found it rather unnerving. Otherwise, they got on quite well.”

Camilla’s relationships with William & Kate: Today, the Queen Consort gets on well with the new Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales. An insider might call it “a very grown-up rapport”, which basically means their relationship works, but they are not in each other’s pockets. Her relationship with Prince Harry, however, developed somewhat differently.

Camilla was keen to help Meghan: They had lunches together and Camilla spent a lot of time offering advice on how to handle the pressure. She tried to be supportive, was happy to be her mentor and took her out for private lunches. A source at the time told me: “She doesn’t want to see anyone struggling and she is fond of Meghan.” Meghan, however, seemed bored, was unresponsive and preferred to go her own way, with the result that the Queen Consort’s advice landed on stony ground.

Supporting Meghan’s Together cookbook: The Queen Consort and King Charles wanted to show their support and invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, plus their friend Lucia Santa Cruz, to lunch at Highgrove. Lucia recalls: “As a surprise, Camilla went out of her way to make sure the lunch consisted only of recipes from Meghan’s cookbook, and that included a very hot salsa. It was a really nice gesture.” One that made no impact.

Harry & Meghan have been “horrible” to Camilla: A reliable source has told me that Prince Harry has recently been very negative about Camilla, but believes it, “could be part of his therapy process to relive certain things and he may want to blame someone else for his own mistakes. As I understand it his father and stepmother have become hateful in his mind. I’ve also been told that Meghan has been horrible about her too.” Another source added: “What has happened and how [Prince Harry] has behaved has been very upsetting for her. There have been a lot of hurt feelings all round, but like all families you have to embrace it all and hope it will improve.”

The future with the Sussexes: I was told that there are several options. One is to hope that “interest in what the couple say fades away”. My source said, “Indeed, it already looks as if they have written themselves out of the script.” Other options suggested were to “shrug off” any harmful comments Prince Harry might make or “try to privately negotiate some kind of ceasefire. But that is unlikely to work if Meghan just wants to win.” An important alternative is to keep America close. My source added, “The Sussexes are more liked in America than in the UK, which can damage not only Charles and Camilla but the whole monarchy. The American issue has to be dealt with. The Cambridges have to go to the US to show who the real stars are. As will the Queen Consort and King Charles.”

[From The Telegraph]

Yeah… my take is that Harry always made an effort to get along with Camilla, and then something shifted in 2017-18, during his courtship with Meghan and after their marriage. I strongly suspect that Camilla was saying sh-t about both Harry and Meghan and it came back to Harry. And I’m sorry, the whole idea that Meghan would go to lunch with Camilla and be bored and not listen to her? That doesn’t seem in character with Meghan at all. There’s a real eagerness from Camilla, Sophie and Kate to put it out there that they “gave Meghan a chance” and they were all super-nice to her at the beginning, and then Meghan ruined things by “not listening to them” or what have you.

But really, this is the most important part: “The Sussexes are more liked in America than in the UK, which can damage not only Charles and Camilla but the whole monarchy. The American issue has to be dealt with. The Cambridges have to go to the US to show who the real stars are. As will the Queen Consort and King Charles.” Why is America so important? Because of American media, American charitable contributions, American tourism to the UK and American interest in the British monarchy in general. It’s weird that the Windsors didn’t figure that out before they ripped an American woman to shreds for her “American work ethic” and “American mindset.” Can’t wait to watch Camilla’s haggard charm offensive in America.

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  1. Laughysaphy says:

    As an American, let me just say to “Queen Camilla must go to America to counteract the Sussexes’ popularity:” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good luck with that Cams, if most Americans know her, it’s probably through the Crown lol

    • Brit says:

      American here too and once a side chick/mistress, that’s always going to follow you. The press here are not going to kiss her behind like they do in the BM. She’s not popular anywhere and they know that.

      • Another Anna says:

        Can we Americans leave the British empire a second time? Sending the Side Chick Queen over here is not going to help that popularity problem. Also, as an American, I find it quite offensive that the BRF act like Americans are trash but then somehow they expect us to like them? Nah, get out of here. This crew is the absolute definition of shambolic.

      • LizaLou says:

        I’m not one to criticize looks, but she’s a bit scary and America does Not want to see her and Charlie here again. We don’t like monarchy, get it yet?

    • Tia says:

      I know, right? LOL what an idiot. (Also American btw.)

      • Leanne says:

        Americans loved Diana- growing up it was all about Diana all the time! There is no way we are going to give a flying f-ck about the Rottweiler.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        @Leanne, they really do love Diana still. Even older white conservative women. I’m in a FB hobby group that attracts a lot of them. In general, politics aren’t discussed, but when TQ died, there were a lot of comments from them about how much they dislike King Snarles and especially Camilla for being cheaters and how they treated Diana back in the day. It was eye opening. These are women who adored TQ, but they have no love for her son and daughter-in-law.

      • Aiglentine says:

        American and Diana’s generation here. Diana set a high bar and has not been forgotten. And anyone my age remembers Camilla. “Good luck with that” was my first thought too.

      • LizaLou says:

        If they have something to contribute, which Diana had in spades (or hearts), then Americans are interested and care, but royalty for royalty’s sake not so much. They are not innately better and deserving of worship, and we won’t pretend they are.

      • Flowerlake says:

        Aiglentine, I’m the generation of Diana’s sons and not from UK or US, but I still remember as well 🙂

        Not just Diana, but everything that happened since around 1992.
        In junior high we loathed Charles and Camilla.

        A lot of gen Z is now learning about it as well, and you can imagine what they think about all this and him marrying Diana at her young age.

    • Becks1 says:

      My mom has always hated Camilla (not a royal follower or a Diana fan per se, she just hates cheaters and adultery etc) and the only reason she is starting to like her now is because of that wink she gave after walking out of the meeting with Trump.

      Basically my mom hates Trump more than she hates adultery so that wink made her “like” Camilla. And when I say like, I mean my mom talks about that wink but that’s it, that’s the line. she’s still trash, she just winked, LOL. Its not like she’s lining up to see her at an event or anything.

    • Lizzie says:

      The same America where Princess Diana is still loved? Please, do come you old w—- and see how we Yanks feel about you and what you did to Princess Diana.

      • Enny says:

        When most Americans think of Camilla, they remember Tampon Gate. Frankly there is not enough bleach in the world to remove that image from our collective consciousness. So good luck with that, Cams.

      • MeganC says:

        The BRF seem to think everyone in America reads People magazine. Good luck getting anyone here to care about a visit from Camilla.

      • Green girl says:

        Yeah, and I hope she meets a bunch of Gen Zers who only know her from the Crown! She will be on the first flight home after that.

      • Jaded says:

        Let’s take a trip down memory lane in case any of us have forgotten or never heard the infamous telephone conversation, recorded while Chuck was still married to Diana. Cringe warning! http://www.textfiles.com/phreak/camilla.txt

      • Ginni says:

        @Jaded OMG! I can’t believe it! No wonder people call him tampon king. This is delicious! He won’t recover from this! Ever….

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Thank you @Jaded for sharing that link. As cringe worthy the tampon business is..that isn’t the worst part.imo I know, I know, that sounds weird. (reminder C&C’s conversation was recorded 2 weeks before Diana’s relatively boring one). I forgot where I read something and it was in this (maybe 6 months ago). Only say that because my husband and myself overheard a more stranger conversation between lovers one night out.

        What opened my eyes to their machinations was the conversation about Yaraby and Nancy? Nancy Reaghan? We know Charles allowed People mag to print his 1992 personal letters to NR whining about his marriage to Diana in 2017. I’m American. Don’t know what Yaraby is?

        Anyhoo, in that taped conversation, it’s obvious in the Yaraby/Nancy part that Camilla fully understood that there were people/person/s Charles could manipulate because they were ‘in love’ with him or felt important being in his confidence. They (C&C) knew how to work people. I think of people like, Penny Junor and Ingrid Seward, who may have felt ‘special’ with Charles acting like they mattered to him personally. He wasn’t/isn’t Mr. Warmth & Comfort to his own sons…why would they believe he truly cared about them/”journalists”, royal commentators unless it was to his advantage.

        Earlier this summer I watched an older episode of Law & Order: SVU. It was a case where a male police officer was raping drunk females. His female partner covered for him and enabled it. Near the end, Benson is interrogating the female officer and says something like “You’re in love with him, that’s why you’re covering for him.”. Then goes on to say he’s never going to leave his wife for you and pretty much states that the male officer knows he can manipulate his female partner. C & C/the BM/BRF are manipulators. I wonder if Junor & Seward (others) recognize this or if they are just happy being blind royalists.

      • tamra says:

        The tampon king and queen consort can forget it. Diana Is still much loved here. Also the way H&M are treated Is appalling.

      • Kim says:

        Americans are still ticked off over Angelina Jolie stealing Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Anniston. Americans hold LONG grudges. Do they really think we Americans are going to show Camilla love after what she and Charles did to the very beloved Diana?

    • FhMom says:

      “ Can’t wait to watch Camilla’s haggard charm offensive in America.” This has me in stitches. Nothing Chuck and Cam do here in the US is going to make a bit of difference. They are both monarch caricatures.

      • Dierski says:

        Same, FhMom! “haggard charm offensive” is just too perfect a description. 😂

      • Isabella Saxon says:

        Indeed. We already saw how they treat Meghan, because she’s American and biracial. That was just a few weeks ago, at a funeral, no less..

        We won’t forget.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Will & Kate are caricatures too. Don’t know if there is a lesser of two evils between those two couples. Last time Will & Kate were in NY, Kate wore pink to the 9/11 memorial (think she was trying to cosplay Jackie Kennedy’s bloodied pink suit), Kate is on video rolling her eyes at a charity worker and were special guests of Sir Martin Sorrell and a $35K?/per person “fundraiser” dinner of a lot of hedge fund peeps. Sir Martin Sorrell, who may have used company money at a Mayfair brothel and was ousted from WPP.

        Sure, /s, Meghan was too American and didn’t understand cultural differences-though one of her degrees say other wise. THAT was the problem. f8ck that sh*t
        American dollars aren’t too problematic for the BRF. Culturally.

      • Doris says:

        Kate is jealous of megan, Megan is pretty, Kate is just a plain looking white woman. They need to leave Harry and Megan alone.

    • SugarHere says:

      One day, the nanny told me the kids had been rumbunctious all day, so I printed this Camilla photograph from a previous article on Celebitchy, showed it to the children and very calmly told them this is who would be coming to babysit them if they kept acting out. The nanny’s feedback has since been very positive, but I won’t tell her about the Queen Con magic.

      How exactly is Camilla planning to work her spellbinding aura during her American Meghan-Wipe-out mission with a broken raggedy toe and Diana’s ghost looming over her?

      • Dierski says:

        ROFL SugarHere!! Thats a solid parenting technique to scare the bejeezus out of your kids to get them to behave… just show em a pic of ol’ Camil and her upside half smile-snarl of doom. 😳😂

    • Moxylady says:

      So my take away is
      1- Harry – as a child – used to look at Camilla
      2- they don’t know how therapy works
      3- they don’t know how families work
      4- they REALLY don’t get how America works

      • Merricat says:

        Lol, yes, you’ve got it.

      • Becks1 says:

        What? You mean Americans aren’t going to be impressed by a new coatdress?!?!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Moxylady, excellent points. Your #1 point. Harry (and it seems like they want to pretend young incandescent Will didn’t have problems with Cam), who lost his mother and then was suppose to be Mr. Happy-go-Lucky at the woman who attributed to his parent’s divorce, may or may not have looked at Cam questionably per Cam’s peripheral vision? And Levin/Cam decided this was a good look story toward’s Cam to share? Children of disharmonious divorces are reading this like…and, this is a unique problem? I’m refraining, hey I get a gold star, not going off on Levin as much as I want to. If you’ve read my posts about Levin, you’d know.

        Genuinely not being snarky. Don’t remember. Has Queen C*ntsort ever spoke lovingly & warmly about Harry? On record. On video. Not through the BM. I genuinely don’t know. I do know that it’s not the responsibility of children to act like an adult.

    • Jen says:

      She’s not exactly a great choice. 🤣🤣

    • Jenny says:

      🇨🇦Here. I wheezed laughing. Please don’t send her here to us.

    • Carmen says:

      Yeah, right, Camilla, bring your raggedy ass to America after the way you and Chucky treated Diana and Meghan. This I gotta see.

      • Gabby says:

        Not to mention the way she treated Joe Biden. Do they expect another audience with POTUS after blabbing her loose lips about him having gas? Someone send the bitch an etiquette book.

    • Dee says:

      OMFG I had the same reaction.

      Sorry, not sorry, because this is one of the nastiest women from the nastiest family in the world, but…

      Does anyone think *that* face will win over America? I recoil every time I see it. Seriously. Of all the delusions I am seeing in today’s royal news, this has got to be the most risible.


    • Bananapanda says:

      She’s a dowdy old woman who has changed her hair style since 1975.

      I have no doubt they both the mumbly side comment type Brits that is Americans find dull rather than witty.

    • Georgia Walker says:

      Amen to that. I am waiting for Camilla as Princess Diana calls her Charles Rottweiler to come to the United of America, so we Americans can give her what she deserves, and it is not a warm welcome.

      stat America

  2. girl_ninja says:

    Shocker. Angela Levin lying again. I cannot STAND that evil, lying, jealous old woman. Camilla and her rictus grin is barely popular in England and the U.K. never mind her coming stateside to woo Americans. She is deluded.

    • KFG says:

      Real stars don’t have to tell people they’re stars. And kant, won’t, tampon, and mistress are not stars. They are vapid, disgusting, racist trash. Like seriously, no one likes Camilla!

  3. Brit says:

    These people are delusional. People barely care for the monarchy here and they definitely won’t care for Camilla and Charles or the Wales’. Focus on the Commonwealth, where there are calls for removing you and your family. That is something you all need to work on and leave us Americans alone. The more you attack the Sussexes and keep harassing them, the more popular and sympathetic they become. What is going on that palace? No wonder they were flipping out about the coverage in the states during the funeral. They live in a land of delusion.

    • Lurker25 says:

      It about greed. They already bled out the Commonwealth, at least the brown countries.
      I’m in the US and recently started noticing the existence of “friends of (something British)” organizations. There are TONS of them here, in unexpected but very deep pocketed places, like oil money areas of the south, coal money areas of the south east, etc. Basically old money (by US standards but globally nouveau) wanting to feel connected to that steeped in history prestige thing the Brits do so well.
      But coffers dry up when there’s no excitement, nothing new or interesting. Because it’s sure as sh-t not the library that the “friends of Buckingham library” or the river that “the friends of river Thames” care about. (Made those up to stay anonymous)

      • Georgia Walker says:

        Oh, so these friends of British Organizations with deep pockets, oil money, coal money, etc. basically old money wants to be known as racist colonizers, who were responsible for the extermination of thousands of Black People and willing to take cash money from Osama Binladen’s family. The same Osama Binladen who ordered the terrorist strike on USA soil, the Twin Towers, which killed thousands of US citizens. If this is your plan, all you have to do is move to the UK with Charles the turd, Camila the Rottweiler, work shy Willy, and Duchess Do Little. I hope and pray you all gets exactly what y’all deserves. Because karma is a mother!!!!

    • Hooboy says:

      We Americans are glad we got Harry out of all that bunch, and have no intention of changing our favor for Camilla I can assure you. The BRF have treated the Sussexes horribly and I still think they were responsible for Diana’s death.

  4. Selene says:

    Camilla has to be born again to ever have at least an ounce of the charisma and stat power the Sussexes do. All of them, tbh! However, I do think these lunches happened, and that Meghan was happy they did and enjoyed them too. She seems like a warm, embracing person who wouldn’t go out her way to shun someone in the first place.

    • N. says:

      And *possibly* the lunches happened, yes, but Camilla acted the conniving, manipulative old toad so Meghan ghosted her. I can’t even imagine Camilla being anything but – it’s kind of written all over her.

  5. GuestWho says:

    ” The Cambridges have to go to the US to show who the real stars are. As will the Queen Consort and King Charles.”

    Literally cannot stop laughing at this.

    Yeah, come on over and show us your boring POW’s and your craven king and queen. Super fascinating.

    • Brit says:

      No one is going to care about Earthshot because the coverage is going to be about whether Harry and Meghan attend? Will they go to California and visit them? If the Sussexes were still the main story when the Queen died, what makes them think their coverage here in the states won’t be centered around the Sussexes? Hey, it’s not the Sussexes fault the rest of those bores aren’t interesting enough.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      It’s delusional, the whole ‘real stars’ but I think Chuck and Will and their wives absolutely believe it. They’re the K and FK, so in their minds, they automatically are supposed to outshine everyone else. The entitlement is real with them.

      That’s why H&M’s popularity makes them so unhinged. Reality is pushing against their bubble, and they don’t know how to deal with it.

      Anyway, I hope the DO come to the US, all of them. Any attention, any press they get will revolve around H&M. Outside of that, no one will care and the flop will be glorious.

    • susan says:

      None of these people come across as remotely intelligent, articulate or engaged. Every one of them comes across as a stuffy, gin-soaked, pampered idiot, utterly lacking any real intellectual heft, life experience or empathy.

      That’s the thing that has set Harry apart from the rest of them. He has done the work. His authenticity and empathic manner, plus his military bona fides give him credibility that the rest of them desire, but will never attain.

      People loved the Queen. I don’t think that is transferable. Not to Charles, not to Camilla, and not to the rest of the bunch.

    • Jay says:

      Isn’t it interesting that the royals seem to suddenly be waking up to the fact that they are losing (or have lost) the American media market.

      I almost wonder if the idea of sending Camilla is meant to counter the upcoming visit by the Wails — Charles wouldn’t want his oldest son getting too warm a welcome in the U.S. or taking up too much of the attention, would he? I think there’s a little bit of a power struggle going on between the king and his heir, and it’s likely to play out for the rest of the year.

    • Carmen says:

      I wish Whiny and Wiglet would bring their fake assess over here. I can just imagine the American media hurling questions at them: “Are you going to California to visit your brother and sister in law and your niece and nephew? Why not?”

  6. Izzy says:

    Except the monarchy is not as important to the US. Seriously. We had a whole tea party over it and everything. But trying to destroy one of our own publicly using the media isn’t going to help your case, and the media here don’t have a contract, invisible or otherwise. They’ll ask tough questions at some point.

    • C-Shell says:


      I get that they covet American glamour and money, but we don’t have monarchs here, especially British ones. You’d think they have bigger Commonwealth fish to fry. Priorities, people!

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      The arrogance of thinking they are entitled to our respect. I used to visit Britain often, but it’s officially off my travel list now.

      There’s also been a rehab effort by a few commenters who only show up to defend the monarchy. Allow me to say to them: it’s not worth it, minds are made up. Watching monarchy hatred for Meghan now attributed to her being American as some kind of save from racism accusations isn’t helping.

      They hate us so much and treat our president like dirt gossiping about him, they obviously don’t need our tourism money or our allieship. Have fun with Brexit and the coming trade wars as Liz isolates the country even more, Charles.

  7. Grey says:

    The second I saw this title I thought HAHA and reading the article certainly didn’t change that. The royal family is such a joke sometimes.

  8. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    The Windsors will always be popular with the Maga-hat wearing crowd but they have to be careful and not appear too “woke” or in-touch with the “common” folk cuz the Maga-hat crowd isn’t going to tolerate that. Yes, the House of Windsor is in for some interesting times and based on past events, they’ll handle it poorly and then blame everyone else.

    • Haylie says:

      They aren’t even particularly popular with MAGA. They’re move of a non-entity. MAGA already has its king and queen: Trump and Trump.

  9. Emily says:

    America isn’t part of the commonwealth. Camila has no business in the US. Plus, she’s wildly unpopular.

    • Emily says:

      I dislike how Levin blames therapy for poisoning Harry against his family. It’s more likely therapy has helped him see how incredibly dysfunctional his family is, see his worth and break cycles. When someone is the first in a family to break cycles, they’re often labelled a black sheep to justify their ongoing issues.

      • Merricat says:

        Levin should be ashamed. That’s horrible of her.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Merricat, agreed!!! Levin twisting these occasions to create an atmosphere of warmth and embrace on the part of Cam the Rottweiler is beyond ridiculous. Cam MAY have been gracious whilst others were present, but her long, lustrous history states otherwise.

        Yes Cam, bring your husband, step son along with his wife!! We will give you the “welcome” that you all deserve!!

      • Hooboy says:

        THIS! Harry has the audacity to want a better life for his family and that means the royal family has come up short! How dare he!!! Ignorant people seldom like the educated.

  10. Chloe says:

    I see levin forgot to take her meds again.

  11. chill says:

    LOL, LOL, LOL!! Oh yeah, we will fall for Camilla. She is so charismatic. These people are delusional. We see through your systemic classism, bigotry and need to be elevated. Go ahead and come to America. We won’t be bothered.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Can you imagine? Diana came to a state dinner and John Travolta couldn’t wait to get her on the dance floor. When the Rottweiler comes this way, all the men will avert their eyes. Biden MIGHT ask her to dance to be polite, but seriously Chuck thinks the US sees his ex-mistress through the same lens we saw the People’s Princess? Dream on, sausage fingers.

      Oh! The new PPoW is gonna show us who the REAL STARS are? Cannot wait to get my popcorn and watch. Will KKKate try to make a speech? Will she and Willie give a Jazz Hands demonstration? Oh the humanity!

      • KFG says:

        No biden won’t. The sidechick said biden farted beside her and said other bs about him. Kant wasted Dr. Biden’s time with her photo-op and Chuck is just dumb.

  12. Zappy says:

    Seriously people, wake up ..
    Even when you combine all of BRF member, they wont win again sussex popularity. Not a chance

    • Linda says:

      Seriously, I don’t think Dr. Jill would let Joe dance with her after she talked shit about him.
      We’re still in love with Diana here, end of story. The Rottweiler will not get any attention here. Harry is Diana’s son through and through and that’s why we love him.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        Totally agree with this. Dr. Jill is a Philadelphia girl — don’t mess with us Philly girls or our families. She likely has Camilla’s number.

        Without H&M, the RF is a bore. And Cams is a nonentity in the US.

  13. Dee says:

    These people are REALLY asking for their Waterloo, aren’t they? All wishes will be granted soon enough. This dog-faced slattern will be the downfa of her wretched tampon and his genetically damaged son

  14. Steph says:

    Nobody even cared that “the real stars” had to cancel their last trip, what the hell is Camilla supposed to do?

  15. Snuffles says:

    “The Duchess always felt quite wary of Harry and used to see him out of the corner of her eye looking at her in a long and cold way. She found it rather unnerving. Otherwise, they got on quite well.”

    🤣🤣🤣 Yeah, he’s always hated her ass, but was able to be civil towards her.

    As for the whole “We tried but Meghan just wouldn’t listen” tact.

    Yeah, their idea of helping consisted of them telling her to just suck it up and put up with the abuse because it might get better someday. Completely dismissing Meghan’s deteriorating mental health. Telling her to dim her light and be less than her hire ranking in laws. And talking mad shit about her behind her back.

    “But we were nice to her face!” 🙄

    And America ain’t interested in history’s most notorious side Hoe.

    ETA: We know what that family really is


    • Julie says:

      Mum (Diana), right place, right time wise, wouldn’t have been with Dody/in Paris/unprotected had it not been for Camilla.

      What a King Charles will be! Unlike his mother, he did not put the monarchy, or country before his desire to be Camilla’s tampon.

      How the heck is he supposed to gaze adoringly at that?

    • equality says:

      That line is actually hilarious. I bet she got a lot of cold looks from PH and PW, and apparently even from PA.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, Prince andrew who was apparently attempting some sort of overthrow? WTF was that part? Diana and Sarah and Andrew were plotting some sort of coup in terms of succession so Andrew would be regent for William? Like WTF?

      • Christine says:

        Yeah, that’s the part that stuck out to me as well, and it’s fucking insidious. CH is trying to wrap the memory of Diana in a pedophile cloak, claiming that she wanted Pedo to be a regent for Willnot. I cannot stand these people.

        Can’t wait for Willnot’s response, I’m sure it will just further the character assassination of Diana.

    • SAS says:

      Omg Snuffles, thank you for the bottom of my heart for sharing that trailer park breakdown of the windsors, it made my week!!

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      Yes, Harry was side-eyeing you Camilla, you tart and philanderer because everyone man, woman, person, and child knew you were screwing around with his married father in every nook and cranny of England.

      Can someone, anyone buy Camilla THEE Side Hoe some shame? It really doesn’t cost very much. Like at most two buttons.

    • Truthiness says:

      That trailer park video is perfect. He needs to add: cousins marrying (QEll), a lot of day drinking, shooting guns at funerals, Grandpa making a special truck to haul his coffin around, I’m sure there’s more.

    • Another Anna says:

      Linda What Lives Two Trailers Down needs to be added to Camilla’s list of nicknames. Brilliant. No amount of money can buy this trash any class.

      • N. says:

        I love it. 😂 Let’s add that to her titles! I plan to call her Queenie on an everyday basis, which is an insult to my uncle’s favorite hunting dog (in my childhood), but somehow suits Camilla so well that I must.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Suffles, this tweet is gold!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it!!!!!

    • Val says:

      That was absolutely hilarious! And spot on!

    • Deering24 says:


    • Nlopez says:

      😆thank you Snuffles. That tiktok was comedy gold! The only thing he forgot was the racism!

  16. SJ (they/them) says:

    “… to show who the real stars are”


    I’m actually… I can’t….

    I think I’m crying. Like actual real life tears of…. mirth? Chaos? Just… what IS this? oh my god.

    • MsIam says:

      The “real stars” were all on display the past ten days and it wasn’t pretty. Once again they show their contempt for America by thinking we will be bamboozled by the jewels and the ribbons and embrace them without question just because. If even members of their own Commonwealth want to get rid of them, why should Americans feel differently? They will find a welcome with the racist, snobby horsey crowd but that’s about it.

  17. Rapunzel says:

    “The Duchess always felt quite wary of Harry and used to see him out of the corner of her eye looking at her in a long and cold way. She found it rather unnerving. Otherwise, they got on quite well.”

    So we’re not judging Harry’s breathing now– we’ve moved on to judging the way he looks at people when they aren’t even interacting?

    “‘As a surprise, Camilla went out of her way to make sure the lunch consisted only of recipes from Meghan’s cookbook, and that included a very hot salsa. It was a really nice gesture.’ One that made no impact.

    Lol at a “very hot salsa.” I doubt that this even happened and if it did, Camilla probably insulted the salsa. But notice Lucia’s words are cut off after saying it was a really nice gesture. She probably next said, “and the Sussexes loved it” but Levin ignored that part.

    “As I understand it his father and stepmother have become hateful in his mind. I’ve also been told that Meghan has been horrible about her too.”

    Just stop. Really, just stop.

    • dee(2) says:

      This reads like a book report from someone who didn’t read the book. Who told you this? How would they know Harry’s thoughts and motivations? How has Meghan been horrible to/about Camilla? You would have gotten a failing grade in 5th grade turning something like this in, how is this an actual published book? Between this and Tom Bowers’ easily debunked book I’m starting to wonder if these publishing houses aren’t running money laundering schemes.

    • equality says:

      How does a private dinner provide support for a public charity initiative? Does she realize how goofy that sounds. If you want to support something, you post on SM, make announcements, something actually public.

      • Carrot says:

        Right? Even if they couldn’t/wouldn’t make a public announcement, buy a thousand books, and give them to others!

      • Becks1 says:

        You know what would have been lovely? taking a picture of said meal and sharing it on Clarence House’s social media with a tagline like “lovely meal courtesy of recipes from Together, watch out for that spicy salsa!” or something. Thats it.

        Meghan made it SO EASY for these people to support her. Kate wearing an item from the Smart Set. Camilla showing up carrying that bag from the Smart Set. Issuing a statement how proud they were that Meghan’s Vogue issue was the best selling, much the same way the Queen issued a statement promoting Kate’s hold still.

        And yet they did nothing.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Becks1 – that would have been perfect. Warm and human and good feelings all around.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        hit submit too soon

        Exactly @equality & @Becks1, how would a private meal show support for a public charity initiative? It doesn’t. It would have been so easy for CH to post on their SM of said meal to show support. My goodness, Cam would have generated some goodwill amongst Sussex supporters if she did that. It’s hard to do though if it didn’t happen.

    • Eurydice says:

      Maybe someone who has the cookbook can tell me – does it have a recipe for salsa? Or are they calling something salsa when it’s actually a dip or a sauce of some kind?

      • Debbie says:

        What do YOU think?

      • Becks1 says:

        It has a recipe for a “green chile and tomato” dip – if I put it on a table at a party, my friends would definitely call it a salsa, and it is pretty spicy. I prefer the green chile and avocado dip.

        And thanks to this post I’m looking at the cookbook again and thinking what I’ll make next lol.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Becks1 – Thanks. For some unaccountable reason, I never bought the cookbook – I’m ordering it now.

      • Christine says:

        I use Hatch chiles for the green chile and tomato dip when I’m cooking for people who aren’t fans of heat. It keeps in the fridge for a long time, so it’s my fav.

        I sort of love the idea of Cam’s taste buds getting burned out.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I doubt this Together Cookbook recipe luncheon happened. Lucia is a good friend of C&C-think she’s the one that introduced them to one another. It’s spicy depending what type of chile you use-the recipe calls for 2 green chiles. (just noticed Christine mentioned Hatch) It sounds like a lie because generally if you discuss a lunch you’re invited to, the main dish is mentioned.imo That would be a bigger effort on Cam’s part. I doubt she ever even looked at the cookbook. Since the cookbook came out a month or so after Charles was berating Harry about Meghan’s Bad Dad, hard to see them having any supportive luncheons together.

    • Sunday says:

      Based on everything we know about Camilla, I would bet that if this lunch with the salsa did happen, Camilla probably made some sort of bigoted, racist remark about how spicy it was or its country of origin and Meghan was like WTF and politely ignored it because she knew admonishing Camilla about it would start a sh*tstorm.

      Making a recipe from the cookbook and then making some sort of veiled comment about it is textbook mean girl behavior and I can see Camilla being underhanded and passive aggressive about it and Meghan clocking it for what it was. It wasn’t a nice gesture, she was mocking her.

  18. Amy Bee says:

    I don’t know what to make of this book. Camilla sounds delusional.

  19. Sonya says:

    For woman like my mom it’s on sight for Camilla. First for Diana and then Megan, ma’am please 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Becks1 says:

    I do think Camilla is the one who told Meghan to “get over the bad press” or “we all have to deal with it, just don’t leave your house for a year” since that’s what Camilla did, and that was probably where the relationship soured, when the “support” Meghan got from Camilla (who maybe she thought would understand what it was like to be attacked on a daily basis in the papers, albeit for a very different reason) was basically “meh suck it up.” Going out to lunch once and then inviting your stepson and step daughter in law over to your house (where said stepson grew up) for lunch isn’t really being supportive. Showing support in public is what was needed and all the royals failed at that.

    But if that was Camilla’s advice, and maybe she was the one who shot down the idea of Meghan getting help for her suicidal ideations, that would be bad enough, and that could be something they’re worried about coming out in the memoir, because it shows really how unsupportive and unhelpful ALL the royals were.

    That said, LOL at the idea that W&K and Charles and Camilla are going to show Americans who the “real stars” are. This is the land of Beyonce and Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie. We have real stars. We know them when we see them. We don’t need Camilla to show us that the Sussexes aren’t real stars.

    I mean, LOL for days.

    • Brit says:

      Im gagging. Girl, Kim Kardashian is more of a star in the states and has more influence than Kate or Camilla, lol. What are these people on?

    • Lizzie says:

      I imagine Meghan’s thought was ‘Yeah, I’m not taking instructions from this old w—-.’

    • equality says:

      Yeah, advice on how to deal with racism from a racist is, I’m sure, exceedingly useful.

    • Christine says:

      I can absolutely see Camilla being the sort of hag that one-ups everyone around her. “Oh, you think you had it rough? Let me tell you about my last 4 decades!”

      I can also see how that would be of zero help to Meghan, because it is not remotely applicable to Meghan’s experience, but I will never in a million years believe Meghan was unkind to Cam, or dismissive of her, or whatever adjectives they want to use.

      This is all projection, Madam Duchess probably sent a thank you note to Cam, in her calligraphy, no less. But sure, Meghan is the asshole in the room.

  21. ML says:

    Does Angela Levin work for the Prince of Wales? Yes, I’m sure she’s trying to flatter her way into Cam’s good graces, but it’s so over the top as to be unbelievable. No one looking at C the t’ird or his wife truly believes they will be able to counteract the Sussex’ popularity. (Actually, neither will William and spouse.)

  22. Merricat says:

    Lol forever. This is an absurd fantasy, and everyone knows it–anyone in the U.S. who knows who Charles is knows the part Camilla played in the destruction of Diana, just as everyone knows the part Kate played in the attempted destruction of Meghan.
    And they all keep saying, they’re not racist, they’re just anti-American. Sure, come on over! Make your first stop at American Revolution City.

    • Jay says:

      It’s like they still live in the Edwardian times when news of their treatment of Meghan would take months to arrive in the colonies.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      @Merricat “Make your first stop at American Revolution City” I love it (and I LOLed)!

  23. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Americans interested in the monarchy have all taught their kids and youth about Diana and how Charles and Camilla treated her. So yeah…no. Don’t come here. We don’t have to bow and scrape or feign fealty, and we boo liberally and (so far) cannot be arrested for it.

  24. Steph says:

    I’ve asked this before and we pretty much agreed that repeating oneself in columns is bc the “writers” get paid by word count. What’s the excuse for this in a book?

    “Camilla was keen to help Meghan: They had lunches together and Camilla spent a lot of time offering advice on how to handle the pressure. She tried to be supportive, was happy to be her mentor and took her out for private lunches.”

    How the f did these people get jobs to begin with?!

  25. ABritGuest says:

    It’s interesting that all of a sudden every royal & their footman was having Meghan around for meals. I feel that’s added because the press know she was a foodie.

    I mean I don’t doubt that when it was clear a marriage was going to happen & in immediate period after the wedding, some did make effort. However, Meghan talked about Charles berating Harry about Thomas Markle when they visited castle mey shortly after the wedding. And reports from 2019 after they dropped the lawsuits suggested William & Charles had distanced themselves & only the queen was visiting & trying to settle them at Frogmore. So my guess is the larger family outreach cooled down after oceana tour in line with when smear campaign started. I also think people like Camilla, Sophie were telling Meghan just ignore the press, we all went through it but couldn’t relate to what she was saying about the racism.

    I also can’t see Harry being nasty with Camilla the way Levin describes. He was the only one that stuck up for Camilla in public comments so I think that’s just revisionism in line with the current Harry/Meghan hate campaign.

    • Christine says:

      I completely agree with you. This smear campaign is now going after Meghan’s incredibly good job of being a royal, far better than anyone left on Salty Isle, because we all know none of them are actually going to rise to the occasion and be as dedicated as Meghan was…before they tortured her out of the country.

  26. Sophie says:

    My dad had lovely words for ladies like Camilla. “She’s been rode hard and put up wet.”

  27. Angelica+Schuyler says:

    This just makes me wonder even more exactly what Camilla did and said to Harry and Meghan that has her team so scared. She must have been completely horrible. Americans love(d) Diana. There is no way that snobby, biggoted Camilla will come here and “win hearts and minds”. They should all focus on the commonwealth and the UK. By the time Prince George ascends to the throne he’ll only be king of whatever street corner he happens to be standing on at any given moment.

    The Brits seem to forget we had a whole war for independence here in America (that they lost). We don’t bow to any king.

  28. Brit says:

    Kinsey Schofield also said that Kate and William would get the Beatles welcome as if they didn’t come over here before and that didn’t happen. Then someone said on CNN that Meghan’s podcast flopped, when it didn’t and is still extremely successful, lol. It’s the desperation and fear for me.

  29. Cidey says:

    That picture of Waity (still me fave nickname) and Cam talking to each other really highlights the fact that they share wiglet makers. Maybe Brittney Aldean and her line of husband-stealing Insurrection Hairpieces can lend a hand when Cam comes stateside to “wow” the masses. Yeah, we’re really going to LOVE that nasty sea hag over here. PPPFFFFTTTTTT.

  30. SueBarbri says:

    Nooooo, Camilla is so unpopular! What in the world are they thinking? She has NO fans. Even Anne has more supporters in the USA than Cams does–and most people don’t even know Anne exists. Even the oldest and most MAGA royal watchers in America were most likely big Diana fans in the 80s and 90s, which means that even they are not receptive to anything having to do with CPB. Right wingers might be neutral/positive about W&K, but nobody is going to give Camilla a chance.

  31. Pam says:

    They all need to just STOP. No one here is going to be all excited to see either Queen Camilla or the Wales people. They’re already plenty excited about Harry & Meaghan, who have been doing meaningful things here. We might be mildly amused to see King Charles and Queen Camilla, just to see whether or not they’ve sorted out which pens to use, but that’s about it.

  32. Eurydice says:

    *sigh* – I think I’m reaching my monthly limit for letting stupidity into my life. “A reliable source has told me that Prince Harry has recently been very negative about Camilla…” How would the “reliable source” know this?

    • Amy Too says:

      That was my question too. Harry and Meghan moved away literally years ago now, and Harry has been back to the UK, what? Maybe 4 or 5 times total? And of those times, everyone made it super clear that he was being snubbed, no one was visiting him, he wasn’t invited to visit them, etc, etc. The few times he was even in the same room as Charles or Camilla were for things like church services and funerals where they all arrived and sat separately and left immediately afterwards without speaking or even looking at each other. There was some 15 minute meeting that may or may not have happened around the Jubbly where Charles met his grandchildren, and another maybe meeting before Meghan and Harry stopped in to see the Queen that lasted 10ish minutes and was apparently all about Charles being an authoritative ass to Harry, and that was it. And yet supposedly Harry AND MEGHAN (who has been to England *even less* times than Harry and has been in a position to speak to Charles or Camilla maybe once in the past few years) are constantly giving Camilla dirty looks, constantly being rude to her, constantly saying shit to and about her, constantly snubbing and rebuffing her? How!? When!? Where!? And according to whom!?

      Did Levin forget that Harry and Meghan moved away? Did she forget that they don’t actually still live in Windsor and aren’t still showing up at all sorts of working royal/family events? That they’re not still having these supposed dinners and lunches? Because she’s making it seem like this is recent, current, and ongoing behavior from Harry and Meghan.

  33. HeyKay says:

    No thank you. No need for C or any of them to travel to USA.

  34. MsIam says:

    I keep remembering the Biden “fart” story that was credited to Camilla and how she supposedly insisted on the former Daily Fail editor to be their communications person. I think Camilla is a leaky sieve and if she did have “private lunches” with Meghan, I bet Meg saw things were ending up in the press. That would definitely create bad blood. But its funny how Angela Levin-Troll doesn’t write about how Camilla’s other step-daughter-in-law basically tried to skip over Camilla and annoint herself as the future queen(consort). I guess Cam is cool with being erased.

    • SueBarbri says:

      That Biden/Fart story was so lowly and classless, I couldn’t believe it at the time. My mother doesn’t follow any RF stuff, and she was enraged by the idea of CBP gossiping about such a thing. Horrible. Unfunny. Mean.

  35. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    But you guys, she even endured a VERY HOT SALSA. You don’t know how Queen Saltine suffers! *sob*

  36. Onemoretime says:

    Camilla I hate to break it to you but us Americans have not forgiven what you and Charles did to our honorary Princess Diana!
    On top of that they mistreated our Duchess of Sussex, and talked about little Archie.We have adopted Harry as well whom the BRF bullied and smeared his family. Please stay over there where the press freely reports your lies, because it won’t happen here.

  37. Lizzie says:

    Said this yesterday but Camila’s bashing was DESERVED! She had an affair with Charles during his entire marriage to Diana, cheating on her husband as well. Too bad the media bashing has turned to whitewashing. Sorry, not sorry.

  38. Mel says:

    This is all so dumb. She had to know that neither of those boys would like her, EVER. They’re polite to her. Camilla has no star appeal, let her come, they will embarrass themselves yet again.

  39. Tursitops says:

    When I was little, if my brother tattled to my parents about some bad thing that I had done then I would get mad at him for making my misdeeds public. It didn’t mean that I hadn’t done something wrong, it only meant that I didn’t want it known because sunshine brings the heat.

    Same thing here.

  40. ML says:

    Thoughts on the “American issue:”
    The world is hurting right now, but due to Brexit, this is exacerbated in the UK. American tourists spend lots of money, and no one is worried about foreigners with North American accents wanting to flood in. Next, America has a huge media market and it’s blocking the RR from doing its job (pro royal pr).

  41. Kati says:

    Camilla? Mentoring Megan? Camilla???? Mentoring!! Megan!!!!!
    What the h*ll would she even have knowledge about that she could teach people? “Ok so this is how you cheat on your spouse with a prince and MAKE SURE to talk badly about the prince’s actual wife while you’re doing it! After she gets killed act like nothing ever happened and off you go”
    Honestly!! Mentoring Megan! If anything, it should be the other way around. As well as being a good person with ethics, Megan knows much better how to be in the limelight, give interviews, be well dressed and, most importantly, do actual WORK etc etc
    I cannot believe there’s gonna be people who actually buy that sh*t. Smh

    • Debbie says:

      Sure, Kati, she was trying to “mentor” Meghan. Remember how Camilla also took Diana to lunch (while she was cheating with Charles?). I’m sure that an invitation to lunch with Camilla is always benign.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        @Debbie – that’s exactly what that section brought up for me. Camilla taking people to lunch is not a good thing!

  42. equality says:

    So “when Diana was alive” she and Fergie were conspiring against PC? Why was it necessary to stress this was when she “was alive”? Her writing could use some serious editing.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      LOL. Right. It’s so generous of whack job Levin to clarify it happened while Diana was alive. She fails to mention what year exactly of Diana’s aliveness. Diana and Charles separated in ’92. Will would have been 11? Diana had already been for years before slammed, shamed and lied about in the BM/with the Grey Men/BRF. How did this purported conspiracy work and when? Fergie’s toe job stories happened in ’92 (Fergie & Andrew separated in March ’92). Annus horribilis. Levin’s statements without evidence once again. She must feel/think this happened.

  43. AnneL says:

    I remember that I was watching the news with my Dad when they covered Charles and Camilla’s wedding. My Dad just casually said “she looks as nervous as a whore in church.” I DIED laughing.

    My father was a gentleman for the most part. He almost never cursed, had lovely manners but was easy-going, very charming. But once in a while he would say something “naughty” and it would take us by surprise. I mean, I don’t approve of the use of the word “whore” but it’s an old saying, actually. And, I mean. OK. That was funny.

    Anyway, Levin is just so detached from reality it’s sad. Sure, Camilla is going to come over here and charm the pants off of everyone! Whoops, sorry. I guess I take after my father.

    Life keeps imitating art. There was an episode of “The Crown” where Diana goes to New York and visits AIDS patients (and hugs them) and Americans just LOVE her. They’re gushing about her on TV and Charles literally gets mad at her and yells at her because her being so loved and popular and warm and charming hurt Camilla’s feelings and THAT is all that matters to him. He literally said that to his wife, on the show anyway.

    We liked Diana. We still do. No one wants Camilla here.

    Also, we are not a “problem” to be “dealt with.” We’re not your child anymore, England, is that not clear to you yet? I mean, it’s only been 250 years or something. But I guess that seems like a blip to you and you think we’ll come “running back” like you think Harry will. It’s not happening.

    • Carmen says:

      I remember when Diana visited the pediatric AIDS ward at Harlem Hospital. That was two blocks from where I used to live. She made a very positive impression on the community. Everyone thought it was very fine and gracious of her.

      Our impression of Camilla was “tore up from the floor up”.

  44. Deneph says:

    Man, between this book and various articles that have come out about what Harry could say about Camilla, the family (specifically Charles) are very scared about what Harry might spill. I’m dying to know why they’re so afraid. It’s like they feel he’s going to target her directly and they’re putting this book out to get ahead of it. Camilla, what have you been up to?

  45. B says:

    Here comes Camilla with her helpful lunches. I bet she lunched with Meghan the way she did with Diana as in let me pump you for information so I can screw you and your husband more effectively.

    How is inviting someone for lunch offering support for the cookbook launch?? Did Cammy send a tweet, give a donation, or give an interview talking about the book? Man! Whether its their causes or Meghan they make sure royal support comes with no tangible results.

    Welp this excerpt confirms that Cammy did something behind the scenes. Why else would she be so worried about Harry’s book and trying to pretend like these vague interactions were support for the Sussexes? I doubt this will happen but if Cammy does get some bad press from Harry’s book she can just stay indoors and maintain that stiff upper lip until it all blows over. I hear that works.

  46. Roo says:

    Look, if there was a Queen in America, you bet your ass it would be Dolly Parton. Everyone loves her and she’s done more for children and vulnerable adults than anyone else, and certainly more than anyone in the RF.

    Camilla will not be their solution to the “American problem.” I think the RF and RR may be in for a rude wake-up call when the coronation is televised. I doubt that as many Americans will watch it as they did the funeral.

    • AnneL says:

      Perfect! Who doesn’t love Dolly? I adore her. So does my Gen Z daughter.

    • Snuffles says:

      I second making Dolly Parton the Queen of America. She’s a national treasure! And I don’t even like country music (but she does have some bangers). Dolly is just good people.

    • Merricat says:

      The best part about Dolly is that she would refuse the crown, because we live in a republic. I adore her.

    • equality says:

      No monarch needed. Run her for President.

    • Jais says:

      Well, bless Camilla’s heart. That’s what Dolly would say. She has far and away done more work than the RF and has contributed music and joy to the world. She puts the RF to shame and has more class in her pinky finger than the whole of them put together.

  47. Seraphina says:

    Maybe Queens Cams can think into being being – like Trump did about declassifying the documents.
    That second pic of Cams and Wills is GOLD! And QCC looks the opposite of charm .

  48. aquarius64 says:

    American here. Camilla’s sidechick past will not be forgotten. She basically got where she is by sleeping with another woman’s husband. This plot to overthrow Charles as king? Levin implicated Diana & Fergie along with Andrew. Levin just accused them of treason. She just gave grounds for Harry to go after Camilla. As for the US charm offensive, tin foil tiara: UK Foreign Office and PM told the Windsors they are potentially wrecking diplomatic relations with the US because of their treatment of the American member of the family.

    • Roo says:

      Aquarius, did the Foreign Office really tell them that? Do we know when and to whom?

      • Becks1 says:

        No, its her tinfoil tiara theory. She’s saying she thinks the UK foreign office told the windsors they need to clean up their mess and that explains all these different stories about how M was treated.

    • Lady D says:

      Did they have a word with Camilla, telling her to be more circumspect when being ignorant about one of the most powerful men in the world? Methinks she has forgotten her place.

  49. Jay says:

    Oh my god, this is like some unhinged fever dream. Diana and Fergie plotting to depose Charles, with Andrew becoming regent for William? What? What was supposed to happen to the Queen in this scenario?

    But yes, please do send Camilla on a goodwill tour of the USA! We could all use the laugh.

  50. Chantal says:

    Coming to America 3- the White Royals. This, after the 5th season of The Crown and likely Harry’s memoir have both dropped?? Lmao! Yes please (but I’ll always like Eddie Murphy’s versions better).
    We’re not a Commonwealth country. I don’t want us to even pay for their security. They had better set up a GoFundMe for everything else they are too cheap to pay for themselves. Oh right, they already have one – its called the Sovereign Grant. Anyway, the jokes really do write themselves! And the Windsors thought they had it rough after Season 4…

  51. Barfly says:

    All I can say is bravo on the header pic :):)

  52. Paulkid says:

    I thought Camilla was savvy to Megan’s “faults” fron the get-go and labeled her “that minx”. So rich coming from the key player in the destruction of Diana’s marriage and sneaky attacker of the true Princess’ character, before and after her death.
    But, she served hot salsa, so the Sussexes should gaze iat her adoringly? Ridiculous creature!

  53. COS says:

    I would like to volunteer to pack Camilla’s bags for her. I cannot wait for the Americans to give her a piece of their mind! 🤣

  54. Jen says:

    “I joked about their babies having ginger Afros and ordering the cook make a spicy salsa wasn’t enough to make up for that!”

  55. PaperclipExtraordinaire says:

    The American issue must be “dealt with”? How? What are they going to do, summon popularity and sympathy out of their a*ses? What exactly is Angela actually suggesting here?

    • Kels says:

      The funny thing is by claiming to banish the Sussexes to the US they’ve set themselves up. Guess who has access to a plethora of media voices, shows, tv, celebrities just sitting in their backyard? The Sussexes do and they have tons of support especially since Meghan was on Suits for years.

      Meanwhile the rest of the royals trying to “win” America have to travel here which they won’t be able to do often if they want to keep support in their own country and any news about them that doesn’t involve the US isn’t reported on here. Out of sight out of mind…
      I expect a few morning show appearances when they visit in December and for Charles whenever he comes but beyond something major happening (death, baby) Christmas photos I don’t think we’ll hear much from them.

  56. Renae says:

    That picture of Cams : doesn’t look like a rotwiller.
    Its giving me Cassowary vibes.

  57. kelleybelle says:

    Has she finally lost her damned mind altogether? “Queen Camilla”?? I will never stop laughing. The Crypt-Keeper, nothing more.

  58. ML says:

    I don’t like Camilla. She’s lazy, has blackamoor “art”, is nasty toward world leaders… While I do think that Camilla is going to remain forever unpopular due to her treatment of Diana and the fact that she willingly had an affair with Charles, I believe that Charles (the guy who actually cheated on Diana) and Queen Elizabeth (delayed that divorce) are far more guilty in how Diana was treated. I’d love to see those two get a lot more discredit for the affair.

    • C says:

      To be fair Charles is like the first royal husband ever who actually went to the press, and encouraged his mistresses to do the same, to discredit his wife as much as he could. Most of them were unfaithful but they never would have allowed their mistresses to disrespect their wives (like Edward VII). I’m sure Elizabeth had very little real idea of how to deal with that, and she buried her head in the sand anyway.
      Camilla did her fair share. She definitely manipulated both Charles and Diana every way she could. She would call Diana “that ridiculous creature” and encourage Charles to be cruel. She also threw her weight around with his other mistresses.

      • ML says:

        Oh, I absolutely agree that Camilla is not a sweet person @C. I do not like her either, however, looking at how the RF operates today, Charles and Elizabeth could have quashed Camilla being publicly nasty. They had a lot more power than Camilla, but they chose not to use it. My issue is that the mistress is getting a lot more of the blame (think of Angelina Jolie) than the husband or the person who had the power to allow a divorce.

      • windyriver says:

        @ML – Camilla was more than “not a sweet person”. As @C pointed out, she actively and very destructively interfered with Charles and Diana’s relationship from the beginning. Charles and Diana together might still very likely been unsuccessful but Camilla was a cancer in the middle of everything. She being publicly nasty and what Charles and Elizabeth could have done about that is irrelevant as the most serious damage – to the relationship itself, not Diana’s reputation – was being done out of the public eye. Angelina Jolie’s situation isn’t a valid comparison. Although certainly Charles was her partner in allowing this to happen, in Camilla’s specific case, she fully deserves every bit of blame she gets.

      • ML says:

        @WindyRiver, My point is that Charles is a much greater villain and while Camilla is a bad guy so to speak, Charles and the Firm do not get the blame they deserve. Princess Beatrix (NL) and Prince Haakon (Norway), for example, held out to marry in the ones they loved in the face of opposition. Why didn’t KC do that with Camilla? “Whatever love means” dude had a fiancee who did understand that he did not love her and was going to cheat on her. Charles was not discreet, and so neither was Cam. He allowed D and Cam to occupy the same space. Diana suffered, had bulimia and depression and Charles was the one married to her whereas Cam was not. QE did not want a divorce as head of the “firm” and Church. She was the one responsible for forcing this mess in the first place and then her way of trying to clean it up (pretend nothing is going on) worsened it at just about every stage of their marriage. In saying C&C are thinking of coming to the US, people go after Cam. Charles wears the disaster, which I see him as mainly responsible for, less because it becomes a trope of dueling women. And Charles gave Camilla a lot of leeway to attack his wife. When Cam did, Charles supported his mistress encouraging her effed up behavior. I see KC as bad guy number 1.

  59. sparrow says:

    Ha! Seriously. What Camilla needs to do is share a house with her husband so she doesn’t offend people who can’t afford to live separately in glorious mansions or even pay their heating bills on the one home. More important, she should pay the cost of any separate security that no doubt covers her separate housing and separate travel.

  60. Katie says:

    This source seems more looney than usual. Hot salsa, corner eye cold stares, therapy process. I’d like to meet this one.

  61. Saram says:

    Well this American isn’t spending a dime on tourism in London even though one of my parents was born there. We got rerouted on a trip to Scotland this summer and had to choose between long layovers in either Paris or London. I told the airline rep I wanted to avoid London because of what they did to Meghan Markle, and no explanation needed, she said “I get that. Smart” and booked me for Paris instead plus waived the tiny bit more it would have cost to go through Paris because she and her co-workers all hate the Royals now too.

    • RL McGruder says:

      This tickles me! And I’m sure you enjoyed your Paris layover!

      • Sarem says:

        Paris was beautiful and the food was actually seasoned with things other than salt and pepper, bonus! Can you imagine how tough it must have been for Meghan to eat English food for years and even get attacked for daring to like avocados? I would have had to carry around a secret stash of hot sauce. And Cam thought she was being generous by serving salsa once.

  62. Pennie says:

    That headline 😂
    Rest of the piece is a bit annoying, probably because Angela Levin is annoying with dumb takes, but the headline is gold.

  63. Lizzie says:

    If anyone in the rf’s wife is dragging them down it is this old w—-, not Meghan.

  64. Laura says:

    I had to laugh at the lunacy of this article. To begin, very few people gives a rat’s ass about the dusty king and queen consort. They’re in crisis mode as Youtube and Instagram have now revived the disgusting way Charles and Camilla treated the true queen…Princess Diana.

    Harry and Meghan can relax and welcome King Sausage fingers and Queen Dogface to America. Their presence alone will be their own undoing.

  65. TheOriginalMia says:

    Levin is no friend of Camilla if she’s telling old girl to come to the States. Diana is immensely popular here. Still. To this day. Camilla will not be greeted warmly by massive amounts of crowds. I mean…come on. Ridiculous.

  66. C says:

    If there is one name that is known and disliked by everyone here, royal watchers and people who know little to nothing about it, it’s Camilla’s.
    I mean I’ll talk to people who are like “I don’t follow anything those people do” but if Camilla’s name comes up it’s “oh yeah, she’s horrible!”
    Tread carefully.

  67. L4Frimaire says:

    I think they gave Meghan very little, if any, advice and it was along the lines of why are you everywhere and can’t you be 50% of yourself. The fact is all the focus was on Meghan, and worked in her projects which were successful because what else was she supposed to do when they were freezing her out. Camilla and even Kate stateside will only be available for soft photo ops because they aren’t really prepared to answer real questions. Is the US really the goal of the new king, especially with the U.K. in recession and bigger problems at home. This Sussex obsession is not a good look.

  68. Purley Pot says:

    They don’t seem to realize, Americans love the underdog. The more they attack Meghan and Harry the more we care for them.

  69. WhyFor says:

    “Horseface Homewrecking What Color Will Your Baby Be” Camilla thinks she’s gonna unpopular the Sussexes?! BAHAHAHAHHAAHH

  70. Em says:

    I am still 1000000% convinced Camilla is the “royal racist” Harry referred to.

    Working with known and proud racist Angela Levin is further proof of this.

    I know ya’ll think it is William, but it just makes so much more sense that it is Tampon. If it were William, I truly do not think Harry would ever have spoken to him again (or at the very least not have been as kind about him in the Oprah interview). It also just utterly fits Camilla’s personality AND generation/social class – to be so openly and carelessly racist. All of it lines up.

    And finally, let’s not forget all of the out of the blue headlines about how scared Camilla is about Harry’s upcoming book. One has to wonder why…..

    But I suppose we’ll never truly know who it was.

    • C says:

      They’re all racist. But Harry said it was in a personal conversation. I very much doubt Camilla ever has one-on-ones with Harry or that he would care much what she said. But his brother? Yeah, that would help create the kind of chasm we have seen. And Harry said if he revealed who it was it would be very damaging to them (almost in the same breath as saying his relationship with William was space which to me is almost a marked map pointing to who it was). What could damage Camilla more than what she’s already done?
      That said, I’m sure she has a long track record of racist comments and shitty behavior. I’m sure they all did that around Meghan. But the one who repeatedly expressed concerns was clearly William.

    • Becks1 says:

      So I absolutely think that Camilla said racist things to Meghan or to Harry, wasn’t the “ginger afros” comment attributed to her? And I think probably the whole family is pretty racist to varying degrees, meaning Camilla probably uses some derogatory terms that Zara might not use but Zara probably doesn’t have any black friends and probably uses a lot of dog whistles in her everyday conversations, you know? And of course none of them think they are racist.

      The reason I don’t think Camilla was THE racist mentioned in the interview is actually exactly the reason you said – it utterly fits her personality and her generation/social class. It adds up that she would make racist comments. Would anyone be surprised if the 75 year old British aristocrat is racist?

      Meghan said that it would be very damaging to this person, and I don’t think it would be damaging to Camilla for those reasons. I think people would, for the most part, sort of shrug and say “yeah that fits.”

      • Carrot says:

        And not only racism toward people who are black? Prejudice toward any non-anglo, any other-than-white, non-cis, not christian, different, is enough for me to ask pointedly, “Is that what you say about me when I leave the room?”

        So it wouldn’t have had to be only unacceptable black specific language to make Meghan (or anyone) feel incredibly unwelcome. Anything racist or prejudiced will do

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree @Becks1. It wouldn’t be that damaging to Camilla. It’s more damaging to William. I’m just going to go along with this:


    • Debbie says:

      Still, there are so many credible choices about who could have been the “royal racist” who made that statement. As Sarah Palin, brain-trust though she is, said in answer to 1 question, “All of ’em. Any of ’em.”

      • Em says:

        LOL very true Debbie. I mean…look at that racist witch Princess Michael of Kent. She was flaunting it brazenly.

        However, I do think given how Harry framed it, there was a well-known, very senior royal who was more egregious than others. Notably about being “concerned” with how Harry’s babies would look. I really think it’s Camilla.

        And I disagree with you all about how it couldn’t be her because it wouldn’t be that surprising of her. I think that actually only compounds the argument that it was her. Sometimes it really is the most obvious one. And she is not some great aunt or distant cousin. This is his stepmother and the woman who took part in the emotional abuse of his mother.

        I think Camilla was making snide racist comments and Prince Charles did absolutely nothing. And it drove a massive wedge between him and Harry – a wedge that was already there given how little he did to help Meghan. I imagine there was a very nasty discussion between father and son.

        I think William is a true (racist/narcissist) piece of work who needs professional help, but I think Charles and Harry’s issues run as deep, and if not more deep, than Harry’s and Willians. If you rewatch the interview, Harry seems so much more upset with his father. Something is went very very wrong.

  71. Nicki says:

    These people cannot read a room. Their mistake is believing we Americans will respond to the rank and title rather than the actual human being. Cam can come, people will probably be polite, but nothing will have changed once she’s gone. H&M will still be the charismatic stars in the spotlight.

  72. Tessa says:

    Camilla would be so not popular in the USA if she did this

  73. janice says:

    Hello, I’m Canadian and we don’t want that witch here either.

  74. Well Wisher says:

    The American importance is about trade, instead of being head of state and representing their government and various realms , they are now working exclusively for the tory the government and their benefactors.
    All these women are freely talking about what they’ve supposedly did for Meghan for no apparent reason. Why?

    Twenty five years ago we were duly informed that Queen Camilla’s status would not be encumbant upon us, so I as a Canadian chose wisely to have no opinion of her role, and still does to this day.

    My only question is why discuss Meghan? nor Harry?? her husband will take care of her children and grandchildren?? Whilst he tries to destroy his son and his family.

    I am openly rooting for him to fail in is quest to destroy his son, I have no interest in his wife’s opinion about the matter.

    The new king and his wife had 25 years to confront and decode their emotions, to become self aware of their actions towards his exwife.
    They have so many tools available, but chose to do nothing.
    Now they continue to be burdensome to the son, he nor his wife is not responsible for their guilt and feelings of entitlement.

  75. jazzbaby1 says:

    Refresh my memory: wasn’t it in the last 18 months that Carole, Countess of Buckleberry’s brother — Kitty’s very own Uncle HookerzNBlow — was scheming this very same scheme? And in the pages of a tabloid? That Chuckles should be passed over? Interesting that it’s attributed here to Diana, who isn’t here to defend herself.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      It’s a bit ironic? that someone is calling it the Carolean era. Isn’t that what it was called during Charles 2 era? Are they saying it’s the CarolEan era? RRs/”biographers” are great at putting words into dead peoples mouths.

  76. Jaded says:

    Canadian here — they were given short shrift by the Canadian media when they visited the east coast, ostensibly to make nice with our First Nations’ peoples. That went over like a lead turd. So even a commonwealth country couldn’t give a rat’s patooty about them.

  77. tamsin says:

    “Stars” are “celebrities.” I thought “royals are not celebrities; they’re royals.” However, the royals, if they want to stay in the news, must become celebrities, and the British royals these days are celebrities.

  78. Feeshalori says:

    l laughed so hard at this drunken scenario my cat stared at me. l thought we fought a war of independence from that country over two centuries ago. Sure, we’re good enough to for you to come and try to schmooze us hoping to win a popularity war but not good enough for an American to marry into your crazy family, and whom you drove out on top of that. Get outta here! In America, Diana will always be considered the true queen, not you, Cams. You’re a fake, a phony and a fraud just like the rest of that evil, dysfunctional family. Stay home and take care of your own country‘s problems.

  79. Agreatreckoning says:

    BM/BRF Problem: The American issue has to be dealt with.

    BM/BRF Solution: The Cam’ll Fix it Tour

    LOLZ for days.

    BM/BRF are drinking way too much sewage water.

  80. FTBRF says:

    I am cracking up over the salsa anecdote. “I subjected my bland British palate to spicy food, you ingrate! What more could I have done?” These people are really something else.

  81. jferber says:

    Oh, please don’t send Leatherface.

  82. Flower says:

    “She doesn’t want to see anyone struggling and she is fond of Meghan.” Meghan, however, seemed bored, was unresponsive and preferred to go her own way, with the result that the Queen Consort’s advice landed on stony ground.”

    ^^ They’re all preparing their defences for when Harry’s book comes out and the official line from all three of the coven appears to be that Meghan was unreceptive, didn’t listen and wasn’t accommodating.

    As a black woman I can tell you what I am hearing is :
    “we flucked up, we were not welcoming or accommodating. We ignored her, mistreated, maligned and generally set her up to fail”.

    We saw the above again in body language at the funeral. These people can make nice with the most dreadful of tabloid editors who have humiliated, embarrassed them and even chased their loved ones to death, yet it’s Meghan they have a problem with ?

    Put simply – the issue is and always will be racism.

    I hope Harry skewers them all and burns it all down to the ground. No looking back now.

    • Beverley says:

      You better preach! As a black woman, I concur. Not even Betty lifted a finger to protect Meghan, while steadfastly protecting Kkkate from wiglet rumors, Botox rumors and rumors of Willy’s wandering scepter. Racism is the RF’s default mode.

  83. Bisynaptic says:

    These people are stunted kindergarteners. I’m embarrassed for them.

  84. Gracie says:

    American here. I was a bit young to really get the whole Diana experience, and I’ll admit there was a time a couple years ago where I may have not thought ill of Cams, but after this whole funeral fiasco and seeing Harry’s treatment…it’s absurd, and if she really is Chucky’s rock, then she would have had the power to intervene. We’re not that stupid, folks.

  85. blunt talker says:

    What was mentoring Meghan to do-to be more like her -everybody knows Harry told Meghan the whole deal about his parents and Camilla’s involvement in the destruction of their marriage-no one wants advice from a side chick who literally befriended Diana and then plotted to destroy her and her marriage with the help of Charlie boy-give me a break from the nonsense headlines.

  86. blunt talker says:

    PS-talking smack about our president was not cool-maybe Jill will let her know how that went over with them.

  87. Robin Samuels says:

    I knew the book labeled a biography about the Queen consort would be about Harry and Meghan, with a heavy focus on projecting Meghan as non-cooperative and selfish. Angela Levin’s obsession with Meghan is unhealthy.
    She had time to change the cover and revise a few chapters. The release date is September 28th. She must self-publish, and I doubt the book passed through legal inspection. It doesn’t sound like a biography, and I agree with a comment that says it reads like a fifth-grade book report. Her vocabulary is at the young adult readers’ level.
    I purchased the Together cookbook. The recipes’ authors, many of whom are Muslim, are from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Arab nations. I am trying to understand why “hot salsa” would be discussed. I’m also trying to understand why Meghan would need to confer with Camila about the cookbook project.
    Angela presents Camilla as gossipy. She is the family member who smiles in your face and stabs you in the back the minute you leave the room. I don’t think including Andrew in the dumpster fire is a great idea. Shame on Camilla for using a social media troll-labeled journalist to pen a book with her name and probably face on the cover.
    Welcoming Charles and Camilla to America would be amazing. When he came with Diana, he was stuffy and snobbish. If they come, POTUS should request they use commercial and catch an Uber to the White House!
    Lord have mercy!

  88. Georgevna says:

    “There have been a lot of hurt feelings all round, but like all families you have to embrace it all and hope it will improve.”

    Tell me you’ve never been to therapy without saying you’ve never been to therapy. 🙄🙄🙄 Hoping solves nothing, you have to actually work on the problems.

  89. BeanieBean says:

    Wow. Therapy is not about blaming others for your mistakes. Clearly Levin has never actually gone to therapy (not that I think it would help her).

  90. Agreatreckoning says:

    So, the other day, Richard Eden made his passive-aggressive comment about a candle obstructing the view of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Though, on my VERY AMERICAN stations, was not the case. No candle thing obstructed the view of the Sussexes…AT ALL. But, using the intent of RE’s words, I’ll follow his example.

    Unfortunately, there are a number of royal rota books coming out at the same time. Unfortunately, as much as these RR books pretend that they have “new” information or insights, they do not. These “new” books do not have new information, unfortunately. Unfortunately, these “new” books are regurgitating old information and fail to ascribe a credible name to “sources”. They all fall back to tabloid (yes the Times & Telegraph are tabloids-pretending to be broadsheets-there’s a reason the Sussexes named them in outlets they wouldn’t deal with) stories or creating the news, not reporting the news stories.

    It would be very unfortunate if Sean Smith’s book, Meghan Misunderstood, started trending again. I would hate to see a book completely ignored by the British Media newly recognized by people who overlooked it before. It wouldn’t be right that global audiences who’ve witnessed over the last few weeks be made aware of a book SHUNNED/IGNORED by the UK media. Sean Smith’s book, Meghan Misunderstood:The Truth about Meghan Markle, should be ignored by everyone. If the Brit/UK media doesn’t/didn’t want to talk about Meghan Misunderstood..I’m sure it has nothing to do with them wanting it to be hidden. Sean Smith’s Meghan Misundertood: The Truth about Meghan Markle must be so revealing that even the British Media wouldn’t write about it. When the British Media won’t write about something it must be really bad that they bury their heads in the sand. It’s not right that Sean Smith wrote a book that wasn’t filled with ‘unnamed palace sources/staff/insiders/people who visited the lavatories at Buckingham Palace.

    When a financially broke actor was offered $70k+ to lie about sleeping with the Duchess of Sussex by UK tabloids(like the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, The Sun to name a few hypothetically), how could anyone believe what Sean Smith wrote my goodness, he didn’t have the nerve to use unnamed “palace sources”. Especially when the BM chose to not report on that story. Obv, the British Media had no time for it. They’ve only been supportive of Meghan. Those 72 Members of Parliament that addressed a letter recognizing the racist headlines against Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are?????????????????????????????

    #MeghanMisunderstood by Sean Smith would be a terrible thing to trend again over the next two weeks.

  91. Serena says:

    Oh Camilla, you can try all you want but you will always be knows as the homewrecker who destroyed Diana’s life. And the snarky mean old lady who loves to gossip and say sht about everyone.

  92. Beverley says:

    Lemme see of I get this straight: Meghan is hated by the RF and the British press because she’s a Black American, but Camilla and the Cambridges must conquer America with their relentless charm? Yeah, no.

  93. French Hen says:

    As an American, no thanks. She has no ability to counteract anything. She is partially responsible for Diana’s death and lots of folks have not forgotten that.