King Charles plans to ensure that Prince Harry faces a life of permanent exile

The Windsors are just vile people, and they surround themselves with dumb sycophants, and the right-wing British media just eats it up and hypes them endlessly. It’s all a toxic cycle, an ecosystem built on stupidity, cruelty, racism, short-sightedness and buttons. Even though royal commentators are giving the royal institution a hint that, actually, y’all are in trouble without the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the institution is going to barrel ahead with their unhinged revenge plot. Nevermind the fact that, as I’ve said many times, there’s a fundamental miscalculation being made by both the British media and the Windsors. The miscalculation is that Harry and Meghan give a sh-t or that they would come back in any way, under any circumstance. Following the cruel shenanigans of QEII’s funeral, Harry was shown exactly how small and ridiculous his family really is. But please allow King Charles’s aides to brief the media about how Harry is absolutely being permanently “exiled.”

Prince Harry faces a life of permanent “exile,” with King Charles plotting to follow the playbook drawn up by the royals as they overcame the crisis triggered by Edward VIII, the king who abdicated in 1936 and was obliged to live the rest of his life outside the U.K., The Daily Beast understands.

A friend of the king’s told The Daily Beast: “The royals handled the abdication crisis by exiling Edward which meant he and Wallis ultimately came to seem like unimportant, misguided, disloyal, and even treacherous individuals to almost the entirety of the British people. It was a masterful operation in the service of which the Queen Mother, in particular, worked tirelessly. The same thing is already happening with Harry and Meghan, and will only gather pace over the next few years under the rule of King Charles. And of course a wayward second son is far less of an existential threat to the fabric of the monarchy than a wayward king.”

Another source, a former Buckingham Palace staffer, told The Daily Beast that King Charles’ accession statement, in which he encouraged his son and Meghan to “continue to build their lives overseas” was an undisguised message to them to not disrupt his reign by making frequent trips to the U.K.

“Harry and Meghan will get an invite to the coronation but they will be firmly seated in the cheap seats along with Beatrice and Eugenie, as they were at the funeral. That will be it. Charles will be ruthless when it comes to protecting the Crown, and that means keeping Harry and Meghan as far from the center of gravity as possible,” the former staffer told The Daily Beast.

One reasonable interpretation of Harry’s treatment in the days after the queen’s death and at her funeral is that it was part of a strategy of chipping away at Harry’s importance, of reframing him in the public eye from being, “Prince Harry, sixth in line to the throne” to “Prince Harry, minor, non-working royal who lives overseas.”

If Harry and Meghan had sought to blur the lines, via charitable commitments, between their present identity as private citizens and their former identity as royals, the last two weeks offered the palace an unprecedented opportunity to render them again in sharp relief. The most explicit illustration of this was in the seating arrangements at the queen’s funeral which, humiliatingly, denied Harry a front-row seat in favor of his cousins Peter and Zara Philips. Palace sources have insisted that the seating was decided purely in order of age and that there was “no snub” involved.

[From The Daily Beast]

Over the past two weeks, I’ve thought a lot about how sad Harry must be, how much he loved his grandmother, how he was determined to show respect, dignity and class throughout this ordeal, all while his family made asses out of themselves, briefed against him, plotted to destroy him, smeared his wife and kept bringing the focus to Harry and not QEII. I don’t doubt that Charles is making ruthless plans to shun, embarrass, snub and smear Harry and Meghan even more than he already is. I also have no doubt that the media simply cannot play along. Harry and Meghan are where they make their money. The Sussexes’ charitable visit – which got hijacked by QEII’s death – was getting wall-to-wall coverage in the British media. The Sussexes will continue to get wall-to-wall coverage in the UK and everywhere else, even if Charles plots to (somehow) delegitimize Harry as “unimportant.” It actually seems like Harry & Meghan’s importance has only grown and magnified in the past two weeks, as none of these f–king people can keep their names out of their g–damn mouths.

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  1. Brit says:

    So, do you want him exiled and disgraced or do you you want him back in the firm? Charles is truly, truly an idiot. You got your time in the sun and have done nothing but squander it. I really don’t see Charles lasting as King or the monarchy lasting. The Queen was the lynchpin, truly. The family is abusive and hateful. Harry will forever have my respect for getting himself and his family away from this dysfunction.

    Another thing, you can’t expect people to not like or pay attention to something just because you said so. They should’ve let the Harry and Meghan mania die out. No, they made it bigger than what it was and then blamed the Sussexes for it. Leave them alone.

    • Swaz says:

      So King Charles is using a 1936 playbook 😳 to exile Harry😳you just can’t make this shit up😳

      • Lemons says:

        So this is the kingly sh–t that Charles has been waiting to accomplish his entire life? I just cannot.

        Are they going to be briefing against the Sussexes for the next decade? Because I am fatigued.

      • Dee says:

        This is absolutely sickening, beyond belief.

        I have seen that attacks and hashtags on Twitter have been going on, and they are absolutely insane and vicious.

        But there is nothing organic about them. The hashtags are clearly meant to amplify and build onto articles in the DM and elsewhere.

        You can see King Sausage Fingers behind all of this. That sick, sick fuck. He makes the UK look like the Uber racist nation. Why does he think this kind of press does him any kind of good?

        I cannot even believe that Harry and Meghan are thousands of miles away, minding their own fucking business, and this RF and media Kill Them Attack Plan is worse than ever. His own son, ffs.

        People are definitely calling the media and bot attacks out on social media, but Sausage Fingers, not so much.

        I can only hope that the tide turns and that these vipers in the press that Charles and the Wails depend on will turn on them. It has to happen, because they cannot feed on H&M forever. God, this is so disheartening.

      • New Here says:

        Truth! It’s just sooo crazy! How is no one telling them they are making themselves look ridiculous?

        Reminds me of the recent Caribbean tour where Will and Kate cosplayed QE2 and Prince Phillip. That went off terribly! Times change, keep up!

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        The “exile playbook” is what has me laughing. For what crime? Not taking abuse?

        Here’s what I see – the levels of projection coming from the Palace courtiers, desperate to distract from the FACT that:

        1. Someone in the BRF outed Harry’s location to the press in Afghanistan when he was serving his first tour – clearly out of jealousy; and to leak it to Oz was a particular act of cowardice, trying to keep the “palace source” as far away from the leak as possible. That leak could have cost lives.

        2. Someone in the BRF outed H&M&A’s location when they were in hiding in Canada. Now, wasn’t it curious, how quickly that managed to happen, after Charles was reported to have come down with Covid (the “first” time), and yet Charles within days was larking about in public like he’d never been ill? Once again, that leak could have cost lives.

        And I think that was precisely the point, in both instances. A friend of mine expressed a theory that Charles faked Covid so that Harry would be concerned and get in touch (this was after Charles had refused to take his calls). May be far fetched; food for thought though.

        Harry was not kidding when he said “these people won’t stop until Meghan is dead”. I think they don’t just want Meghan gone though. Harry is a living reminder of Diana, and I think Charles and his palace of flying monkeys really can’t stand that. As much as they’re talking about the “exile playbook” now (moot, because H&M have already self-exiled ffs), I think they’re really playing from the Diana playbook, and I think Harry knows it.

      • Anna says:

        And at night he dreams about the times where the Tower of London was used in situations like that.

      • Geekish1 says:

        What the Windsors seem to be forgetting is that Edward and Wallis were literal Nazis. They wholeheartedly supported Hitler and the fascist regime and were actual traitors to the crown and their country.

      • HeyJude says:

        Using that playbook at all is tantamount to admitting Harry is a figure strong enough to threaten his reign as monarchy. Even though Harry in no way is even close to being able to do so technically. Once again they’re telling on themselves and why they really fear him- he’s the true leader among the family. The true one with princely qualities who could legitimately lead a nation. They’re threatened by that.

      • They both Harry and Megan deserve everything they are getting Harry you are PW. You can’t compare Your Mother and what happened to her and say the same thing could happened to Megan. She is so not important to get followed around . She is not anything but a has been TV actress. And quit using racism , but that’s the only thing she’s hanging on.

    • PrincessK says:

      Lots of truth in this. Charles knows how to be ruthless and gets his own way. The Queen implored him to dump Camilla and concentrate on his marriage but he refused and then set about an elaborate plan to not only make Camilla his wife but also his Queen. Charles is the one that gets what Charles wants.
      I also agree with the message in his speech for the Sussexes to stay away in California. Charles is also using the same tactics to ice out the Sussexes which the Queen Mother used to push out Edward and Wallis Simpson. Kate and William have joined in using Charles game plan so nothing disrupts his monarchy. You can substitute Kate for the Queen Mother, she treated Meghan like the Queen Mother treated Wallis Simpson, blaming her for upsetting everything.
      Charles is about to sack a load of staff, the disgruntled ones will start leaking against him. More stories to follow…..

      • Lurker25 says:

        The queen mother’s poisonous influence carries on 😳

        Cecil Beaton called her “a marshmallow made on a welding machine” ie, a steel marshmallow, because she gave off this soft squishy air/exterior while being utterly ruthless and toxic inside.
        Apparently she wanted David (king Edward) first but he wasn’t interested so she married the stuttering brother. She hated Wallis for being the woman Edward loved enough to abdicate. She also hated her for being stylish and elegant – all the things she wasn’t.

        She also had a huge hand in raising both Charles and William in the ways of being king. Guess how they learned that power is being petty?

        It was her cousins who were dumped in an institution and erased from history. She never visited or even mentioned them.

        She coddled Charles while his mother was off being queen so in this 3rd week of his rule it’s becoming very clear that he was influenced more by granny than his own mother, and it’s going to have pretty terrible consequences bc the world has changed.

        As @swaz put it, running a 1937 playbook is just 😳. The more they try to “exile” Harry, the more glamorous he and his already glamorous wife will become in the eyes of the world. Our collective emotional intelligence is much higher than it was in 1937. Not only will it flow in the direction of the Sussexes, they have extraordinary high emotional intelligence and will know exactly how to tap and manage it. Basically all the RF energy that goes into minimizing the Sussexes will only make them stronger.

        The whole situation is playing out so many Ur/biblical narratives – Cain and Abel, the prodigal son, jezebel, black sheep, sin eaters, the threat of the exiled second son raising an army… ALL the narratives around race, blood, lineage.
        No wonder we’re glued to it. It’s going to get bigger, messier, and the RF will inadvertently keep feeding it with their racist pettiness.

        The only way to have “contained” the Sussexes was to have accepted exactly what they offered -half in half out. Let them go dazzle the world, the Commonwealth, and accept that even though you’re compared unfavorably, you are reaping a solidified line of succession, hoarding all the duchy money and zillion acres of land, properties for prince George et al.

        Instead, will George even become the prince of Wales? Given the rumbles from the Caribbean, Australia, Scotland, Wales etc., George might be king of a tiny Tory patch of London, waving his golden sceptre around the grey gardens of Buckingham palace.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Lurker25, the comparisons of the QM and DarkKhate are quite synonymous here as you pointed out. Possibly had the QM, as well as DarkKHate been more willing to experiment in the boudoir they could have had the men that they wanted. As I read that Wallis was quite the minx regarding her prowess.

        Though DarkKHate did land Prince of Incandescent Wailing, she isn’t standing on firm ground neither. As soon as he finds wife #2, he’s dropping her like a leper.

      • Carrot says:

        Perpetuating voodoo pussy mythology?

      • chartreusebones says:

        @Lurker25: brilliant summation. i’d sign up for yr newsletter to hear more of these thoughts, if i could.

      • Betsy says:

        @lurker25 – very good theory/parallel, but Kate isn’t anywhere near as intelligent or determined as the Queen Mother was. She’s got the mean, but I don’t think she really thinks things through like QM did. She’s just… hateful.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I don’t know how many people may be late readers, like me, but I would like to address BothSidesNow’s comment, ‘dropping her like a leper’. I’ve been reading this site long enough to know that BSN is a thoughtful person, however–Hansen’s disease, formerly known as leprosy, is a bacterial infection, that’s it. It’s been long misunderstood, where people who contracted it have been isolated & shunned. Today there’s an increasing global movement to bring more awareness to the disease–easily cured with a round of antibiotics–and former demeaning policies & attitudes, such as the use of the term ‘leper’. Please let’s be more mindful in the future. For more information, go here: or here:

      • Princessk says:

        @Lurker….brilliant analysis.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Lurker25, I don’t doubt that the Queen Mother’s behavior, personality and well-known xenophobia was poisonous and toxic. Certainly, she raised her daughters ill-advisedly, without emphasis on being well-educated. Still, I would like to see more definitive sources for Lady CC’s claim that the QM was ever romantically interested in David (Edw VIII). Lady CC is the source of that particular gossip, and she is not a trustworthy source to say the least.

      • aftershocks says:

        @PrincessK, your attempting to make an analogy between Kate’s behavior toward Meghan, and the QM’s extreme dislike of David’s married mistress, Wallis Simpson, is completely off-base. While there is a wealth of toxic royal family history that can be revealing and comparative, this questionable comparison is not valid. In actual fact, it was the British government who used David’s/ Edw VIII’s obsession with Wallis Simpson to force his abdication and exile, due to his extreme unfitness to be king, exemplified by his selfishness and his traitorous intentions.

        Trying to connect modern day Waity Katie, with sheltered, entitled, old-fashioned, and vain upper-class Scottish/English Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, is inaccurate and misleading. You are only succeeding in perpetuating tabloid narratives, and further fueling unsubstantiated gossip and myths. We should be careful about giving too much weight to tabloid lies, vindictive reassessments, the rewriting of old storylines, and the fictional inaccuracies dramatized in The Crown, that are too often taken as unfiltered truth.

        The Crown mixes true events with dramatized dialogue, composite characters, streamlining of historical moments, chronological divergences, omissions, exaggerations, and intentional straying from factual accuracy in order to serve production needs.

    • ELX says:

      The idea that any of this matters is just laughable! Plot away Hannover/Saxe-Coburg Gotha/Windsors! H&M have plenty to do and don’t need the UK. More to the point, in a few years there probably won’t be a commonwealth or even a UK.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yeah, a lot can turn on a dime in these strange times. Let’s hope that some things can change for the better, that greed and corruption can dissipate, and that the good, everyday people/ commoners and hardworking citizens of Great Britain can succeed in turning their land toward beneficial reform for all.

        Meanwhile, the faux tabloid emphasis on the firm shunning M&H via seating plans is a pile of vile bs, and blatantly false. M&H, even as senior royals, always sat in the second row, quite often next to the Duke of York. So now being seated next to the York princesses (Harry’s dear cousins), is not a comedown in any way, shape or form.

    • Lizzie says:

      I think the Duke of Windsor wrote his memoirs, did the rf cry over that too?

      • Tessa says:

        No but they exiled The Nanny Crawfie for writing the rather harmless book about Margaret and Elizabeth.

      • teecee says:

        I agree with that, though. Nannies or former nannies should not write books or give interviews about the children that are or were in their care. It doesn’t matter if they’re adults now, you are violating a trust in a manner that is unforgiveable. The only exception is if the child/former child is being vilified and you are trying to defend them.

      • Kim says:

        The Duke of Windsor was a POS. He and Wallace were Nazi sympathizers. As a former King, he was entitled to confidential information, which he passed on to Hitler. Churchill had to put them in the Bahamas for the duration of the war. While in the Bahamas racist Wallace bitterly complained about the locals.

        Former Nanny Crawford disobeyed the Queen. The Queen gave Crawford permission to write articles for magazines. However, the Queen specifically told Crawford she didn’t want her to write a book. The Queen feared she would be too swayed by American money, but Crawford had already signed a book deal and had received an advance.

    • Janine says:

      The abuse Harry and Meghan received since the Queen’s death is INSANE! The press has always treated Meghan like they were trying to drive her out of the country but this month’s coverage is absolutely unhinged. I hope Harry and Meghan become billionaires, join world leaders and innovators to fight whatever cause they want to champion, get humanitarian awards and become even bigger icons than they currently are. If I were them, this would be fuel to my fire to, not only thrive, but become LEGENDARY. Then I would sit back, eat popcorn and watch as every hater lose their collective mind over it.

    • Mustang Sally says:

      Can Charles do this if Harry was not first in line for the throne?

      My thought is that Charles has enough of an image problem (marrying his mistress, very public divorce, still-adored deceased ex-wife, pedo brother) – I don’t think he would exile Harry as it would only make him look like a total bastard. I could see him quietly getting Andrew out of town, but I just don’t see him doing this to Harry.

    • TheFarmer'sWife says:

      The royal family is beyond wealthy. The good that could be done with that kind of wealth has the potential to be staggeringly positive. Yet, the rf choose to spend their time thinking up new ways to smear a woman, the mother of the “king’s” grandchildren. Instead of following Harry’s lead (remember the interview he did years ago 2008-2009 in Africa while holding an infant who’d been raped by her mother’s boyfriend and vowing to take care of her for life?), they continue to seemingly delight in finding new ways to belittle a man who’s done more for England than all of them put together. The abject stupidity of these so-called “royals” is disturbing. Weren’t they educated at all? Do they not know how to read? Do they all need glasses? Thankfully their “power” seems limited to tabloid newspapers and those who also can’t see beyond the ends of their noses.

      • Hooboy says:

        The lust for power makes you stupid. You think you are smarter than everyone else but everyone else sees through you and you look embarrassingly weak.

  2. PrinceHarryStan says:

    King Tampon can exile Harry all he wants.


    Stay mad!

    • Chloe says:

      He actually can’t. Unless he plans on revoking Harry’s passport. But making people stateless is actually against international law.

      • Cessily says:

        He needs an American passport

      • Fredegunda says:

        Exile sounds to me like a figure of speech and does not need to be linked to citizenship or passport status. Just make the prospect of a return so unpleasant that the person in question never wants to come back at all.

      • SugarHere says:

        @Chloe: You’re right. The English Dictator can’t enforce his imaginary eviction notice on Henry. There needs to be legal ground as well as a court decision to issue such nonsense since
        – the Sussexes have committed no crime (the Royals’ bruised egoes is their problem),
        – Prince Henry being a British citizen by birth, he is free to enter and exit.

        This whole agitation is clearly indicative that King Chuck-Un is sh…g his pants thinking of the book release, hence the desperate move to intimidate his son into giving up on it.

        Charles seems to have given his blessing for a brand new smear campaign: his raging poodles (Sophie and a few journalists) are unleashed. The problem with Chucky’s combative / destructive strategy is that
        1- the Duke of Sussex is stubborn and undaunted, just like Diana
        2- the Duchess of Sussex’s unflinching determination to speak her truth no matter what, is a verifiable fact
        3- Charles can still play king on a power run and threaten the Sussexes all he wants, his poor health tells us he might not live long enough to attend the decapitation he ordered.

        Either way, no matter how I look at it, the Royals will lose this war. The only remaining question is how much credibility and public sympathy are they prepared to lose in the process.

    • BuzzKell says:

      pretty sure King Tampon is called “King Bladder Leak Liner” nowadays because King Tampon got the royal flush.

      • NemesisPuff says:

        @BuzzKell, just over here lolololing at your comments!

        It’s a mystery how there are so many Buckingham Palace leaks despite the hefty promotions of King Depends & QC Overnight Absorbency?

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      Harry is indeed that dude.

      And he is in no way comparable to Edward VIII other than leaving royal life behind. The comparisons show you how dim the RF and courtiers are. Edward (and Wallis) were content to hang out with their rich friends, lunching and dining out in the evening and traveling and whatnot, but not DOING anything. They didn’t work (and Edward only ‘worked’ during the war because the family wanted to keep an eye on him due to his Nazi sympathies), and they weren’t philanthropists. Actually, if anyone in the current family are like Edward and Wallis, it’s the Wails, not H&M.

      • Swaz says:

        At this point I don,t believe anything that was written about Edward and Wallis anymore, and believe me I’ve read all the books 📕

      • Amy T says:

        That’s the nub of it right there. There’s never been anyone in the royal family like H&M, and rather than attempting to understand and leverage it, they’re just trying every existing script and failing bigly.

      • JaneBee says:

        @TigeerMcQueen Right? David was a legitimate Nazi sympathiser and supported the Third Reich. He was happy for Hitler to commit genocide and take control of Europe, as long as the UK was left out of it. He was a traitorous sh*t head. It’s possible the general population of the UK may have revolted against the British royal family, if the relevant information had not been declared highly classified and kept from the public for 30+ years.

        But, oh yeah, Harry married a woman of colour. Traitor!

        The Queen Mother was likely the architect of the current screwed up, highly toxic environment within that family, and various delusions of deity status going on with KCIII and Bill.

        I look forward to their eventual realisation that it’s no longer the 1930s, technology and society have changed just a tad, and that dusting off their 80 year old family playbook is going to end badly for the House of Windsor this time around.

        Their continued boo boo royal tears over H+M are just going to cause further salinity for poor old Salt Island (excluding Scotland, which clearly is not sticking around for that sh*te).

      • Emmlo says:

        Thank you for saying this! The comparison to Uncle David and Wallis Simpson is so vile. They were narcissist Nazi sympathizers. Harry was never going to be on the throne, and he left to protect his and his beloved partner’s mental health. It’s not at all comparable.

      • Tessa says:

        When he was Prince of Wales, Edward was a tons more charismatic Prince of Wales than Charles and very popular with the public.

      • aftershocks says:

        @JaneBee, what is this ‘blaming the QM for everything’ narrative about!? Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was a sheltered, entitled, xenophobic, upper-class narcissist. She was an old-fashioned product of her times and of her narrow-minded wealthy upbringing. She was probably not well-educated, so she didn’t think it was important to educate her daughters, despite the oldest being suddenly heir-to-the-throne at the age of 10. That the QM was ultimately selfish and trifling does not make her the mastermind of Windsor dysfunction and destructive royal firm machinations, at least not in every regard.

        Check the long, nefarious and bloody history of the British monarchy. Check the embiggening spoils of Britain’s colonialist history. Check the corrupt and powerful influence of British government officials on the firm’s operational decisions and trajectory over the years.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Tessa: “When he was Prince of Wales, Edward was a tons more charismatic Prince of Wales than Charles and very popular with the public.”

        ^^ Which amounts to what exactly? That was a different era, during which the newspapers ruled p.r.-wise. The actual personality flaws and failings of public figures was very easy to hide. During his time, David/ Edw was considered to be charming and handsome. He was a fashionable clotheshorse and he served as a popular p.r. symbol in his teens and twenties, which the government and the monarchy used for their purposes. Beneath his so-called good looks and royal manners, David/ Edw was a selfish twit, entitled and narcissistic to the hilt!!! He had huge character faults and ultimately an obsessive, self-centered and self-destructive mindset.

        Sadly, a lot of David’s/ Edw’s human failings were due to his parents never demonstrating love for him when he was a child. He was raised and educated by conservative male tutors in the palace/ royal bubble. As an infant, both he & Bertie (George VI), and third son, Henry, had been abused in the nursery by their nannies — a traumatic experience which likely contributed to their adult quirks and character faults.

        Sadly, what ChuckIII shares with David/Edward is lack of being truly loved, guided and appreciated as youngsters, by their parents.

    • Debbie says:

      Granted, I don’t understand royal trivialities much but how do you “exile” someone who has stopped performing royal duties, and left the country over two years ago? What’s next, is he going to retroactively “punish” America for that old revolution now? That idiot.

  3. GuestWho says:

    Harry’s stature grew over the past three(ish) horrible weeks because of his demeanor. If Charles could act like half the man his younger son is, he’d be golden. But he can’t…he’s a petty, small minded little tyrant.

    The more they “chip away” at Harry’s importance, the more important they make him. They are not good at this.

    On a different note – I read on Twitter that Edward Young was made redundant. Gloriously true, wishful thinking, or just shifting him back to the Tory government?

    • Lizzie says:

      Ed, this you? ‘Another source, a former Buckingham Palace staffer, told The Daily Beast…’

    • Becks1 says:

      Oooh I had heard Charles was keeping him on! But if he was made redundant, then I’m sure he’s got a cushy job lined up somewhere.

      • Chloe says:

        He’s keeping him on for now. To help with the transition period. But after that charles aide will take over. A certain mr clive alderton i believe?

      • Nic919 says:

        Edward Young is transitioning out so I guess we will see how much of the vitriol against Meghan was EY and how much is from Charles himself.

      • Jaded says:

        @Nic919 — I believe much of the vitriol against the Sussexes came directly from EY. He hasn’t forgiven Harry for taking the issue of not being allowed to pay for his own RPO security public, and he’s an ardent racist who insinuated that Meghan should “dim her light” and tone down the work ethic. I’m sure he’s been briefing Charles, Cam, Willy, Khate and Sofiesta to leak their thinly veiled complaints about Meghan not “knowing her place”.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ GuestWho, you are right that how Harry, as well as Meghan, were treated by not only Charles, but also PoP and DarkKHate, exposed to the world how utterly petty as well as instrumental in trying to punish, humiliate and shun them on the world stage.

      It was only after the very public uproar in refusing to allow Harry to wear his uniform that Charles buckled. But since Charles’s hand was forced, he made certain to leak the ER insignia had been removed.

      All of the actions of not only Chuckles, but TOB with DarkKHate, further exposed the truth with how truly petty, vindictive and jealous Charles and the rest of the BRF actually are.

      I have seen a great deal of public support both in Britain as well as the world over, exposed the actual truths to which Harry and Meghan were treated when they were working members of the BRF. In addition to a great deal of admiration for how well Harry and Meghan handled all of their public exposure with immense grace, empathy and compassion. None of which any of the BRF members had except Anne.

    • susan says:

      Charles did fire Angela Kelly, she gets to keep her house until she dies, but I guess they didn’t want her around the palace snapping pics of Camilla in her underwear.

  4. Merricat says:

    As I’ve said previously, Harry and Meghan should not attend his father’s coronation; Charles does not deserve the shine his son and daughter-in-law bring with them.

    • Chloe says:

      Every single time i think about the popularity Meghan brought with her and blew new life into these soulless people i just get mad.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly @Chloe! M&H’s romance, charisma and substance has brought worldwide attention, sm clicks/ dollars, and intense global media focus to the monarchy that hasn’t been to this level of interest and obsession since the days of Diana PoW.

        Yep @Merricat, I’m hopeful that M&H or at least Meg will NOT show up at the coronation. They will figure out what’s best going forward for their mental health as well as for maintaining a positive public image, regardless of the royal firm’s depravities. If M&H do attend, they will likely limit their attendance to the actual ceremony, and none of the additional fluff gatherings/ pomp and circumstance.

    • Cessily says:

      I hope they don’t attend, because then it won’t be broadcast on news channels here in the states like the funeral was. We will get news clips but not the obsessive stream that they did. Let the palace deal with the lack of world interest and the reality that without the Sussex’s the world truly isn’t interested in the BRF.

      • Chloe says:

        I feel like we are in for a disappointment because I actually do think they’ll be there. I know harry and meghan both don’t want to rock the boat further but i agree. If i had it my way they wouldn’t go to the coronation either.

      • MsIam says:

        Why do you think Harry and Meghan don’t want to “rock the boat further”? There is absolutely nothing in it for them anymore. They maintained ties to the family for the sake of his grandmother. I think Harry tried to have some type of relationship with Charles for her sake. And the thanks he gets for that are his kids titles taken and his father attempting to humiliate him and his wife in public. Harry and Meghan can’t rock a boat they have jumped out of.

      • Kp says:

        @ceccily it will still be broadcasted to the world whether Harry and Meghan are there but the focus will the same …on Harry and Meghan whether they are there or not.

        I think they’ll be there. I don’t think they obsess or every article that is written about them like fans are nor do I think they obsess over every “leak” that is out there about them.

        If we go by their own words they’ll be in the UK often to support their charities but also visit family they get along with. Fans will just have to get over their obsession with the Sussexes exiling themselves from the UK. Why should they when the other royals are trying to make their way into America? No one should have that kinda of power over you..let them shine in American and the Uk!

        They’ll come and visit their charities and family that they love and their hater and other royals will just have to get over it!

      • Becks1 says:

        I think they’ll be at the coronation, but remember it won’t be like the funeral with the 10 days of mourning etc. I think they will literally be at the coronation ceremony and that is it, mayyyyybe a reception along with it if Charles asks nicely enough. They aren’t going to be stuck in the UK for 10 days while all this pomp plays out again. They’ll fly in a day or two before the coronation, and fly back out the day after it (or as soon as the ceremony is over.) There won’t be walkabouts with Kate, opportunities to punish Harry by refusing his uniform besides the actual ceremony, etc. It’s going to be like the Jubbly.

      • heatherthyme says:

        I sincerely hope they don’t attend. I can’t imagine Meghan subjecting herself to their mentally damaging abuse again, or Harry asking her to. I hope Harry doesn’t subject himself to it either.

      • Princessk says:

        They will be there and they will bring the children.
        The plans for the coronation have already started. Charles will not hang about, he wants that Crown on his head asap.

    • Carty says:

      I would love it if they blanked him on his coronation. That’s all that would be talked about is ‘Harry’s not there’. I think it all has to do with his book. They are scared to death of it and are trying to blackmail him into not releasing it.

      • Steph says:

        @carty I’m starting to think that aren’t that worried about what’s in the book. I think they want him to break his contract which would probably bankrupt him and force him back.

      • KFG says:

        I don’t think Harry would put Meghan through this insanity again. He actually loves Meghan and seeing her visibly scared and having her treated like ish is not something he’s going to forget. Why would he subject Meghan to that vitriol and danger again for a man who has placed his life in danger multiple times? They won’t be at the coronation and I bet they launch something the same day which will overshadow the coronation.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ KFG, I actually find your comment emotionally plausible. We all saw how terribly the BRF, as well as KHate the Vicious treated Meghan, especially with regards to the walkabout. Should they entertain the idea, it will be Harry alone IF they intend to come at all.

        Chucky has made his conditional love known with Harry and Meghan. Chucky sees their future in America not Britain. But Chucky knows how desperately he needs them, as well as his future for a successful reign as well. Especially given his incompetent heir as his lazy, dull, maniacal DIL.

      • Harper says:

        Meghan’s face leaving Windsor on Monday was the first time I ever saw her close to breaking down, and I think it was the result of cumulative torture from the preceding eleven days. Harry can go to the coronation if he wants to and deal with the ensuing video clips of him singing/not singing/breathing in relief/looking furious and the headlines of invited/disinvited/snubbed/olive branched, etc.
        but Meghan should stay home.

        Harry and Meghan persevered in the past two weeks only to honor Betty; Meghan owes Charles nothing and I hope she’s speaking at the U.N or on the cover of Vogue or getting an award or appearing on late night tv at the same time the coronation is happening.

      • SugarHere says:

        I would advise Harry and Meghan to NOT attend Chucky’s coronation because it would offer validation to Camilla as queen con, when she scandalously usurped Diana’s place. In order to make it more credible, I would go as far as plan unnecessary surgery, such as tonsils removal. Or to be emphatically cynical, the Sussexes could livestream their vows renewal on Charles’ Coronation day. I mean, they have plenty of options to spare themselves the cownation’s hassle. Uninviting oneselves would be wise.

    • Christine says:

      It is my fondest wish that Chuck schedule his coronation for the same week as the Invictus Games in Germany. These clueless morons keep thinking they can overshadow Harry and Meghan, to knock them down a peg, and it blows up in their faces every single time.

      • Dee Kay says:

        I could see Harry and Meghan going to the coronation — just the ceremony. One event and done. Part of one single day. Then they could go to other parts of Europe for work, like they did this past trip. The funeral was a multi-day event but the coronation won’t be — or rather it won’t *have* to be, for H+M.

    • CuriousCole says:

      I could absolutely see Charles snubbing Meghan with the coronation invite. OR – inviting them both to get Harry there and then disinviting Meghan at the 11th hour. That would definitely provoke Harry into not attending at all. I think that’s the only way Harry wouldn’t go, sadly.

      • SarahCS says:

        Meghan could schedule a trip to Denmark and hang out with CP Mary.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ LOL! Exactly @SarahCS! 🎯 Ha ha 🤣😂

        @CuriousCole, Meg will probably not go anyway. If her presence wasn’t needed at Balmoral when the Queen died, why would she be needed at Chucky’s coronation, which is overdone puffery/ fluffy embiggening in the first place!?

  5. Kokiri says:

    Remember when people were all “the king is is mourning for the mother he loved?”

    Yeah, right. Love isn’t something the RF does, which is why Harry, Diana ultimately had to leave to thrive.

    As for all the rest, others will say it better than I ever could. Charlie is a horrible man and always was.

    ETA: H&M can visit whenever they like, even move back permanently right? Charlie has no sway with whether or not Harry lives in the UK? Like can he get Harry banned?! This article is stupid (not Kaiser, the idea of exile in 2022)

    • PrincessK says:

      Charles sees Diana in Harry coming back to haunt him and so he wants to crush him for it.

      • LizaLou says:

        I don’t see any sign of Windsor genes in Harry. What do you all think?

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Harry mostly takes from the Mountbatten and the Spencer genes, thankfully. Plus, he has his mother’s caring spirit and her charismatic personality, as well as her genuine empathy and love for fellow human beings.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      The article is stupid bc the Daily Beast is Tina Brown’s baby ( yes, that Tina Brown- I ended my subscription when I learned that ).

    • ELX says:

      Charles can refuse to renew the lease on Frogmore, at which point the Sussexes would not have royal protection at home, which may make spending any time in the UK too hazardous.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Hmmm, where is that ‘olive branch’ that Chuck supposedly extended? Yup, all lies.

  7. equality says:

    I think at the funeral it was order of age seating, except, of course, for PW. These types of articles make me wonder about how much of what is said about Wallis and Edward is true. Were they really German sympathizers any more than the rest of the RF (who were photographed doing the salute)? Why does the writer think that this makes KC look less than petty and rageful? The palace had some control over W&E because they were still paying them money. They have nothing over H&M so how are they going to block them from being in the UK?

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Edward’s treasonous actions have been confirmed by historians working with non-british sources from archives in Spain, Germany and the US. The British archival sources on Wallis and Edward are still embargoed.

      The Duke and Duchess of Windsor were Nazi supporters and they continued to socialize with facists in France, Portugal and the Bermuda as well as in the US. They were under surveillance by the FBI for a reason.

      • Maida says:

        Exactly –comparing the Sussexes to Edward and Wallis Simpson is absurd, because it was their irresponsible behavior and Nazi sympathies that turned the British against them. VERY different scenario.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        ArtHistorian, from everything I’ve read, Edward’s actions were indeed treasonous. He & Wallis weren’t just Nazi sympathizers, they were actively helping Hitler. There’s more than enough information out there to show that.

        It always angers me when the H&M are compared to the abdicated King and wife. Well, in case the bm missed it, their titles weren’t stripped. If the brf didn’t strip their titles, what possible reason could they strip H&M’s or their children? I keep saying it, and I’ll say it again, people remember. They may be able to block their history, but they can’t block American history. People in America knew exactly what Edward was doing.

      • JaneBee says:

        Sorry. Posted on this up thread before getting to the discussion here.

        Thank you guys for all of the historical specifics re: David & Wallis, and highlighting how enormously problematic it is to compare them with H+M.

        Windsors’ stupid strategy is going to FAIL.

    • Jaded says:

      It’s true, and there is much, much more that will never be revealed about their Nazi sympathies. When Paris fell they had to make a run for the Spanish border and finally made it to Barcelona, but Francisco Franco was a known supporter of the German axis. Frying pan to fire for the Duke and Duchess. Edward’s presence in Spain and later Portugal would lead to Operation Willi, a German attempt to capture him by any means. If he could be persuaded to come into Germans hands freely, so much the better, and they would set him up as a puppet monarch when England fell to the Nazis. If not, the Germans were prepared to kidnap him and force him to comply. When Churchill found out they had to be rushed out of the country and were then sent to Nassau where he became governor simply to get him out of their hair while war raged.

      • Tessa says:

        I think Edward would have been executed by the Nazis if the plot happened he would just be used to get a foothold in England.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      There is AMPLE evidence of Edward’s and Wallis’s friendship with Hitler, including photographs. Not just Nazi salutes. PLEASE, for the love of sanity stop contributing to the whitewashing of them and their Nazi ties.

      It’s extremely infuriating that people insist on doing this as well as comparing Harry and Meghan to them. It needs to stop, ffs.

      • equality says:

        How is asking if they were any more into Naziism than the RF who remained in the UK “whitewashing” them or comparing them to H&M? If it hadn’t come to a war against the UK, I wonder how friendly the rest of the RF would have remained with Germany.

    • BeanieBean says:

      H&M were hardly in the ‘cheap seats’, they were right behind the new king & QC, which I think is way better than being on the far side of the aisle, where W&K were seated.
      And co-sign everything above. It’s beyond insulting to compare H&M to David & Wallis.

  8. Bettyrose says:

    You can’t break up with us because we’re breaking up with you! Wait, wait do you wanna get back together?

  9. Steph says:

    Harry is fifth in line and will most likely move up to 4th before he moves back down. William was also in the second row.
    Ummm… Does Charles have the power to have the govt deny them entry to the UK?
    Even if they never participate in anything royal ever again, it’s going to make the BRF irrelevant, not them.

  10. Sienna says:

    So many words to keep telling us how important Chuck is. He couldn’t handle being overshadowed by his first wife, and now it’s his son – who got all her charms.

    Destined to a life of sloppy seconds even now with a crown atop his head. No sympathy from this Canadian here, it’s time to end the monarchy.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    I expect some Palace announcements to be made after the mourning period is over that will seek to further humiliate Harry and Meghan. Another thing, Charles doesn’t want a reconciliation but the press does.

  12. MrsBanjo says:

    Amazing that they think this behaviour towards Harry and Meghan actually protects the Crown.

  13. Becks1 says:

    Equating Harry – the man who, as the 6th in line, (now 5th), left the firm to protect his wife from a toxic and racist and dysfunctional environment and press – to a king who was a Nazi sympathizer and abdicated the throne and then spent the rest of his day….doing whatever the hell it was he and Wallis did…. is not a good look for the Firm and KCIII. It’s not a good look to compare him to Andrew, it’s not a good look to compare him to Edward VIII.

    Charles said in his speech that he loved him and wished him well as he builds his life. Just leave it at that. Just STFU and get out of your own way Charles.

    These people are their own worst enemy.

    • TeamMeg says:

      How much stock do we put in The Daily Beast though—is this truly a reliable source? Or is Tom Sykes more of a discord provocateur?

      • Becks1 says:

        Tom sykes does have some good sources (he’s a british aristo, I think he went to Eton?) but that doesn’t mean this particular article is well sourced. And he really does not like the Sussexes, so it could just be a meanspirited and petty article with Sykes as his own #1 source.

        But even so, ANYONE comparing Harry to Edward VIII is doing the family a big disservice.

      • TEamMeg says:

        Yes, totally agree. And now Angela Levin is trending on Twitter for her unhinged Sky News article on how H and M made the funeral all about themselves. As if. It’s not their fault the tabs are obsessed. But it is their problem. I hope they stay far, far, far away from Salty Isle forevermore.

      • kirk says:

        Sykes is clearly anti-Sussex, despite occasional positive words designed to throw you off his scent. The only DB royal contributor I regularly pay attention to is Clive Irving. Some others aren’t too bad, like Tim Teeman and Kevin Fallon. But Tom Sykes is BS, vitriol and high dudgeon in equal measure.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      I came here to say that! Edward VIII was sent away because of his nazi ties. Not the same thing at all as Harry choosing to move to America.

      the whole family is more German than British; hence the change from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor during WW1.

    • sunny says:

      I am consistently stunned by their stupidity and terrible advisors but it is the natural consequence of existing in a system that makes your special by birth and consistently deferred to. Of course these people are dumb.

      The more effort Charles puts into diminishing Harry, the worse he looks. It also reminds people of his past behaviour to Harry’s mother(oh wait, another person the press and public loved more than Charles).

      It is absolutely enraging that they attempt to equate Harry’s behaviour that of villains who committed actual crimes. Just wild. Again, echoing everything you are saying @Becks1, these people make themselves look small.

    • L84Tea says:

      On the day QE2 died, I spoke with one of my girlfriends on the phone and she tried to pull the comparison to Edward VIII. I about lost my crap on her and had to set her straight on that one. It irks me to no end that the same talking points (Harry is just like EVIII and Meghan is Wallis!…they need to stop using their titles for fame!…Oprah!!) get churned out over and over again on autopilot. It’s exhausting.

    • Nic919 says:

      So now marrying a mixed race American woman is as bad as being a Nazi sympathizer? The people leaking to the media are so stupid. This looks awful and if true they also forget that Edward Windsor chose exile to keep getting funds from the monarch. Harry is independent right now and does not need to cater to Charles.

      Charles should be worried about William more than Harry anyway.

  14. MsIam says:

    These people are so stupid. In trying to make Harry and Meghan “minor and irrelevant” they literally made them the whole story of the funeral. How many times have we seen the pictures of Harry walking with the toy soldiers and Meghan and her curtsy? If Charles really thinks this way he’s delusional because from now on if the Sussexes come to anything they will be the story and if the Sussexes don’t come then they will be the story. Lol!

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      Omg, Meghan was the focus of soooo many headlines, one would think that she was the new queen.

  15. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Times have changed. What the Queen Mother could do a million Scaramuccis ago in secret, cannot be done behind closed doors today. People have eyes on the monarchy and aren’t going to accept spoonfed versions of events they’re witnessing in real time, with their own eyes. Ruthless won’t cut it and will only bring Charles’s lack of fitness to light. He doesn’t seem to have the sense G*d gave a billy goat. But do go on, Charles. Your fall will be glorious to watch.

  16. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    The funny thing about seating the Sussex’s in the 2nd row is that they were directly behind the king and therefore in many of the photos of the day. On the other hand, Chuck probably set it up that way so when the cameras turned to the Sussex’s, he was in the shot too.

    • Becks1 says:

      I have two thoughts on that – first, I genuinely don’t think the seating arrangements were a snub, it was the queen’s children, then William as the next in line, then the grandchildren in order of age.

      But the way it worked out with George and Charlotte there is that Harry and Meghan were directly behind the king and closer to the altar and so W&K were out of most shots during the funeral, besides when the cameras specifically panned to them.

      so if that was a snub, it failed, lol.

    • TeamMeg says:

      Exactly! It wasn’t much of a snub, no matter how many times certain people say it was. Almost all the shots of K. C. Turd included H&M, and they were closer to the front than a single Wales.

      • Milly says:

        Remember when they kept saying that Harry regretted leaving for a few months after the Oprah interview? Then Harry said with his whole chest I don’t regret anything if fact I should have done it earlier in TMYCS! All of a sudden that talking point disappeared and they switched to well he must be desperate to come back at the Diana statue event. That was nipped in the bud when he left right after the event. Then it was he must be so embarrassed to not be considered a world leader…he wasn’t invited to COp but then he met with presidents, Jill Biden, UNGA officials, UN speech, etc so now it’s he’s must be embarrassed because he doesn’t get to sit front row or be part of the pageantry..smh.

        Everything they’ve thrown at H&M has and will continue to fail. Instead they literally have made Harry and Meghan household names. I don’t think Harry and Meghan would have achieved this level of fame without the constant outrage from the right wing British media which has only helped draw eyes and ears of people who normally wouldn’t care about “royalty.”

    • Ceej says:

      Second row behind the king is absolutely NOT the cheap seats no matter how much some courtier wants to pretend it was. We saw the video. The cheap seats were in some other chamber without even a view of who was speaking! But that doesn’t fit in with the narrative. Maybe the queen’s courtiers are unhappy with dismissal and plan to get some revenge by making Charles out to be a total jack*** before they can’t get reporters to listen to them anymore.

  17. HeyKay says:

    Harry left on his own. He wanted OUT. Charles has no say in how H&M live their lives.
    Because they are Adults!

  18. Eowyn says:

    Um, nobody is travelling by sailboat anymore. His son can rack up AirMiles™️ wherever he chooses. Exile?

  19. Lucy says:

    Number one, where is this energy for Andrew? The rapist? Friend of human traffickers?

    Number two, the king that abdicated and his wife were goddam nazis, and went out of their way to befriend as many nazis as they could. So they didn’t “seem treacherous,” they absolutely were. They had no higher motivation than, those chaps are really taking this whole white patriarchy thing and doing it big, and wanting to keep their party going. Also, the Queen Mother really hated them, which is why she was so “dedicated” to making sure they were exiled.

    Third, that master class in exiling was accomplished before social media, before tv, when telegrams were text messaging. None of this works the same anymore. The idea that the Queen Mothers playbook is somehow relevant is stupid.

    Lastly, I hope Harry and Meg either never go back, or are back every gd month. If all it takes to throw off the center of the monarchy’s gravity is a “non working” royal visiting their charities and being seen by the news, they are already effed and might as well figure out what the plan is for giving the crown properties back to the people.

  20. OriginalLeigh says:

    This is all so bizarre… Why would Charles want the early days of his reign to be centered around his need to persecute his son, daughter-in-law and baby grandchildren? All Harry did was show up to his grandmother’s funeral, look sad and go home? Where is all this rage and vitriol coming from???

    • Debbie says:

      Agree completely and also laughed at your “look sad and go home” line. But, given these really unhinged stories from people who are supposedly (*cough, cough*) in mourning, I’m beginning to think that since they can’t take away Prince Harry’s money, his independence, charisma or fame, that saying “Charles wants to exile him” may be a euphemism for something else. Cuz he can’t “exile’ him either.

  21. Jais says:

    Exile does seem like Charles’ goal. Will be interesting to see what happens with the security case and any future leases of frogmore. Add in a letters patent stripping titles. It will make Charles look terrible but I’m not sure he still won’t do it.

    • Dara says:

      I think he will do it. My current theory is he will use Harry’s book as the excuse to start peeling away titles, etc. Another possibility is waiting until after the coronation, and bundle it in with other things that signal a slimming down of the firm. That way Chuck can avoid looking like he was targeting Harry specifically.

  22. Bonsai Mountain says:

    So they are following the playbook developed for Edward VIII, who was flirting with Nazis and treason during WW II? How does this apply to Harry marrying a biracial woman in the 21st century? These people are 100 years behind everybody else and it shows.

    • OriginalLeigh says:

      They didn’t exile Edward because he was a Nazi. They either didn’t know or didn’t care at that point. They only cared that he married a divorced American woman (like Harry.) Not sure why are they so proud to let the world know that they’ve learned nothing in the past 86 years…

      • Jodes says:

        His father had both Edward and Wallis under surveillance for their Nazi sympathies. They knew what was going on. Edward was hanging out with Hitler and during the war was conniving to get his throne back through the Nazis. Edward was a very very strange man.

      • C says:

        If you research this you’ll find a lot of Nazi ties. Google Charlie Coburg who was Hitler’s own appointee as go-between for him to try to soften the royals’ stance on the Nazis – and he frequently visited Sandringham and Buckingham Palace. Or George, Duke of Kent and his probable Nazi conspiracies.
        The Nazi thing was helpful for PR against David, but it was just something they could use to hold over his head for publicity.

      • Nic919 says:

        The UK government knew about the Nazi connections and so did his brother. The public were sold the love story back then. Even if you look at movies about them them made in the 80s, they don’t address the Nazi stuff. That only was made public fairly recently.

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        I’m not disputing that he had Nazi ties. I’m just saying that I don’t think that was their reason for asking him to step down in 1936, three years before England entered the war.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        OriginalLeigh, as I understand it, the PM was quietly enthusiastic when Edward decided to abdicate in order to marry Wallis and accepted his abdication with alacrity. They definitely knew what he was doing–and it wasn’t passive, Edward was quite active IMO with the Nazis as was Wallis.

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        @saucy – I’m sure that’s all correct but would they have actually asked him to step down, one month after becoming King, if they didn’t have the convenience of him marrying Wallis? I think we’re giving them too much credit.

      • Becks1 says:

        He stepped down almost a year after becoming king, IIRC.

        i think Wallis was a problem but I think it was all more complicated than “they wanted to get married and couldnt.” I don’t think Wallis especially wanted to marry him, she probably would have been fine as his mistress for the next 20 years. Its not that dissimilar from the Charles and Camilla story, where we have been sold a love story (young lovers, thwarted by their evil families, driven to the arms of others yet pulled back to each other through the power of their love).

        But his Nazi leanings were a problem so the abdication and banishment kind of became a neat solution to the whole problem.

      • Tessa says:

        Wallis was not “named” by Edward as his married mistress. Charles named Camilla publicly forcing the Parker Bowles to divorce (I think they wanted to wait before divorcing). Wallis’ husband SImpson took the blame for the divorce to the point of hiring a co-respondent so he could be “caught” with another woman. Edward’s name was not in the divorce proceedings and he waited to admit to the public.she was the Woman he loved only after the abdication. Edward was wanting to marry Wallis and was not allowed to marry her in a morganatic marriage. Unlike CHarles, Edward did not marry a “suitable girl” even though there was some pressure. He wrote he knew he could not be faithful the her and would prefer the mistress. Charles also did not move heaven and earth to marry Camilla he saw many other women and was serious with several.

      • aftershocks says:

        David/ Edward’s own father, George V, knew he did not have enough character and capacity to serve as king, because of his selfish, self-destructive tendencies. So, it was more about D/E’s human failings than his Nazi leanings (prior to WWII). The government was directly involved in using D/E’s obsession with Wallis to force his abdication (much more so than Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, then the Duchess of York, being actively involved in any machinations). EB-L was actually worried about her husband having to take the throne due to his nervous temperament and his stuttering condition.

        Who knows whether or not EB-L may have secretly coveted becoming Queen. In any case, she did everything she could to get Bertie therapy for his stuttering difficulties, as dramatized in the film, The King’s Speech. It has generally been said that the QM blamed the abdication for her husband’s early death. She may have felt the stress of being king was connected to Bertie’s excessive smoking habit. It was indeed the addictive smoking which triggered his lung problems and early death.

  23. Snuffles says:

    “the playbook drawn up by the royals as they overcame the crisis triggered by Edward VIII, the king who abdicated in 1936 and was obliged to live the rest of his life outside the U.K., The Daily Beast understands.”

    The fact that they think following a playbook established in 1936 is the way to go nearly 100 years later speaks VOLUMES about how antiquated and out of touch with modern times this institution is.

    And while King Up Chuck is exiling his son and daughter-in-law, the Sussex’s are partying with the rest of the world, while he’s sitting on his throne all alone making a stance.

    • PrincessK says:

      They are fools that do not seem to want to learn.

    • GDubslady says:

      So marrying a biracial woman is equivalent to associating with Nazis and stepping down as a working royal is the same as abdication. Are black people the enemy or a threat? Did Harry know the royal family was at war with African Americans?

  24. SURE says:

    I guess there’s no doubt now who influenced RAVEC’s decision to deny H and his family police protection. Can’t see H still wanting to work on his relationship with C after all these cruel machinations.

  25. Erin says:

    All I could picture reading that was Prince John from Disney’s Robin Hood, hugging his money bags and sucking his thumb while saying “mummy”.

  26. Eating Popcorn says:

    I thought yesterday half in half out was still possible if they played their cards right? Today they will be exiled, whatever that means… A friend of a friend is one of Charles’s official biographers and they are convinced that Harry is dim and just too stupid to realize that he is being led astray by evil Meghan.

    • MsIam says:

      Well we know the real truth is that the Royals are the ones who are “dim and stupid” and can’t read the room. And racist.

    • Duch says:

      Genuinely curious – was the opinion he was dim like from pre-Meghan days? Because I think he’s shown some astuteness since moving away. I go back to Harry’s interview with Chas. He clearly adored him, and Harry didn’t have to be smart. But after moving, And surviving everything they put Megan and him through, I think he got pretty smart because he had to.

      I think same thing happened with Diana. They thought she was dim too. But you get pretty sharp when you are in survival mode.

      • sparrow says:

        The impression of Harry was: One, he was much better looking than his brother. Two, he was fun and good with people (like his mum). Three, he was an empty headed, rugger bugger type, running around getting drunk. What never fitted with any of the above was his military service and dedication to personnel injured during battle; it was almost as if people split him in two. I think the UK public preferred to think of him as up for a laugh and well intentioned, but slightly thick and with no serious potential. Really demeaning.

      • Dara says:

        Hasn’t he said he struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia when he was in school and that was a big reason he did so poorly? That’s probably why he was viewed as not smart. That, and as younger brother, he couldn’t possibly be publicly viewed as being better, smarter, faster than the heir so the palace went out of their way to lift William by downgrading Harry.

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        Harry’s clearly very, very intelligent, even if he did have a hard time at school, which isn’t uncommon for those of us who had to go through school with undiagnosed dyslexia and no support.

        He also strikes me as the only member of that family who has managed to mature into an adult. The rest are operating at the emotional and intellectual level of spoiled toddlers.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ You are right-on in your entire assessment @SenseoftheAbsurd! 🎯 💯

    • Jodes says:

      They seem to believe their own propaganda. They set Harry up to be the fall guy for will. Wild child idiot type of thing. Seems he is the brightest of the bunch and commits to his projects fully. They appear surprised by that and the international success H&M are having with their work.

      • Eating Popcorn says:

        Exactly Jodes – I think he is a ‘threat’ because they don’t control him. They seem to really believe his book will completely trash Camilla, I won’t pretend to know him or anything about his upcoming book but he is too smart to go completely nuclear on his family HOWEVER they do seem to be offended by everything for people who never complain. How dare my pen leak, how dare Meghan set the record straight, how dare Meghan send an early morning email, how dare Harry ask to wear a military uniform, etc…

  27. Eurydice says:

    Ow, ow, ow, who do I sue for whiplash? What happened to “we are all family, I love harry and Meghan” part?

    The RF was able to exile Edward because they were paying for him – they threatened to cut him off if he didn’t do what they said. Charles lost control of Harry the minute H&M decided to become financially independent.

  28. Mslove says:

    I lol at this article. Harry & Meghan do humanitarian work & we’re supposed to believe that’s a huge threat to the monarchy? Instead of Chuck’s horrible decisions? Whatever.

  29. NCWoman says:

    The Queen Mother didn’t brief against Edward and Wallis to the media on a daily if not hourly basis. And even if he somehow manages to get WellChild at al to cut ties with Harry and Meghan, there is still Ye Old Internet. People in Britain will still see them doing good around the world–and be upset that they don’t get to experience that energy and hope and kindness themselves.

  30. Concern Fae says:

    Wallis and Edward didn’t seem like “misguided, disloyal, and even treacherous individuals.” They actually were! They spent the was in Bermuda because US and UK intelligence discovered plans for Hitler to put them back on the throne if he defeated Britain in WWII!

    I find the whole “minor royals” thing deeply creepy. It seems to be a way for the Rota and those who believe their swill to get their snob rocks off on looking down on Princes and Princesses because they are “minor” royals. It’s a dangerous game, because it wakens people not caught up in the drama to the fact that this is all pretty ridiculous.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Concern Fae, and I’ve read that the US monitored communication to and from the island to keep close track of what Edward and Wallis were doing. Edward was trying to broker a peace deal that would allow Europe to be divided with some going to Hitler and Edward would get his crown back. The UK seems particularly good at rewriting their history.

      • Tessa says:

        Edward had no real power and was rather wimpy, I doubt he would have launched a rebellion. Plus he was allowed to come into the US and back to the UK and Intelligence did not find things out that prevented him from really being exiled. He was allowed to visit his mother periodically and would quietly return to the UK for visits. If this plot went through he would be scapegoated and probably arrested by the Nazis.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Tessa, I believe you’ll find that there was a thorough house cleaning to get rid of any documents that were held by the intelligence agencies in UK. A lot is missing in the US, too. They definitely knew what was going on as did the US President. The last thing the royal family wanted was to have Edward arrested for treason.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yes @Saucy&Sassy, there’s documented proof, detailed in thoroughly researched published histories that the royal firm had as much of Edward’s archives and private correspondence confiscated after his death, in order to destroy revealing proof of his traitorous activities during WWII. A huge sweep-it-under-the-rug operation, which the monarchy and various governments have been experts at, let’s face it.

  31. Brassy Rebel says:

    First, they put Harry in the same category as Andrew, the sex offender. Now he’s compared to Edward VIII, the Nazi sympathizer. All Harry did was marry an African American woman and attempt to protect her and his children from his disgusting relatives.

    Charles and his sycophants can demonize Harry all they want. It doesn’t change the fact that he and Meghan are the only two people who could conceivably right this sinking ship which is the monarchy.

    • Duch says:

      Ugh. You’re right. Guilt by association, and they are ratcheting it up.

    • HamsterJam says:

      If H&M were petty like Chuck I would love to see them just put the word “Oprah” randomly in all future announcements, as in “we will be attending, cough cough, Oprah, charitable events”.

      And or announce a “future” Oprah interview. It doesn’t even have to be true, just put it out there to scare the bejezzuz out of them.

      Oprah really scares those people.

    • MicMack says:

      An interesting thing frequently forgotten about when it come to Edward 8 is that he was a WW1 veteran and deeply affected by his experiences on the Western Front. I often wonder if that colored his perception towards the old guard post WW1 going into 2

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ But that does not make David/ Edward VIII a hero. Why? Because his WWI experiences, no matter how traumatic, did not serve to help him grow in character nor to mature as a responsible adult, much less to become an empathetic leader. Seemingly, that horrible youthful experience of war, only furthered his selfish insularity and perhaps fueled his sybaritic self-indulgences during the jazz-age 1920s.

        Plus, in any case, as a prince D/E’s physical well-being would have been protected during the war, even on the front lines (which he probably toured post-battles, rather than actually participating in).

  32. Jttrain says:

    This makes me think that William went around Charles for the walkabout. It makes more sense too why Kate would be more pissed. The Crown is coming in November. Charles is a narcissist. Camilla is his #1 enabler. The more they defend themselves, the more they expose themselves. Petty doesn’t play well when people/countries want their jewels back.

    The royal family has and always will be a pr pulse point on western culture. The family is supposed to be the ideal. They can only divorce when the public supports divorce themselves…on and on. It’s why even if you don’t care about the monarchy, the RF is intriguing from a pr/polling standpoint. Charles adult life has issued in a decades long pr study in what not to do. I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

    If I’m William….I’m choosing Harry over all of them…including Kate. Kates lack of poker face makes her a serious liability. The only way he gets America back for himself is in spite of everyone else. The real problem with the brothers is that they both married a version of their parents. They just chose different parents.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Yep it’s starting to look like Kate has been kissing Charles and Cam’s bums for years, because she knows Bill won’t leave her if Cam likes her and tells Charles Kate is an asset.

      So Kate and Cam and Charles are plotting to destroy Harry and Meghan, while Bill is a basket of rage and entitlement and certainly not a good guy, but not as cunningly manipulative as Chuck for sure. Billy might be being out maneuvered… for now. Hell have to get control of himself if he’s going to stand a chance.

      Neither he nor his father are suited to power. They both will abuse it to the point of crises.

      • Merricat says:

        Camilla looks down on Kate as she looks down on most everyone. I doubt Camilla will go to bat for her in any sense of the phrase.

      • Tessa says:

        If Camilla made fun of Meghan to Kate she certainly would be making fun of Kate too, to her posh friends and also her relatives. Kate should not be so smug.

    • Nic919 says:

      William on some level understands Harry more than Charles ever would. He also shares the same feelings about how the press treated their mother, even if he’s also calling her paranoid.

      It’s also possible he wanted H and M at the walkabout so he had buffers around Kate.

      He’s not a hero but his public behaviour toward H and M has been fine.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah I think the past two weeks have been very interesting. We haven’t really heard that many leaks from KP. I’ve always been inclined to think that briefing that makes charles look bad comes from William, and that may be the case over the past two weeks, but if so, then why the eff isn’t Charles shutting it down?

        The idea that William knows he needs Harry even for appearance’s sake, especially if he wants to “win” America is very interesting.

        There is definitely something going on, Harry completely blanked Kate in public, William seemed to reach out to Meghan at the walkabout more than Kate, and Harry and William seemed less tense around each other than at Philip’s funeral.

        I’m not willing to exonerate William, don’t get me wrong, its clear he behaved deplorably behind the scenes, and it could all be one big act, but if it is a big act, its an interesting one, right, because at least William seems to know he has to ACT like he and Harry are on civil terms.

      • Sid says:

        Anyone else remember that commenter from maybe a few months ago who claimed to be connected to an insider within KP/BP? They gave an account of what Kate said to Meghan that made her cry (and their account rang true) and they also said that Charles was one of the real masterminds behind the smear campaign. Considering what we have seen since QEII died, the latter does not seem as far-fetched as some of us thought when the commenter posted it.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Sid I remember. I distrusted that person because I distrust anyone who kind of pops on here out of nowhere, has “inside information” and then disappears again. I know others on here claim to have some inside information (the Hench, Andrew’s Nemesis) but theirs always rings true to me bc its the same tidbits of info and they are regular commenters.

        So I did not really believe that person’s account but I did think her version of what Kate said made sense (for those who don’t remember it was something like “he’s just going to cheat on you too, they all do.”) And she did say that charles was the mastermind of the smear campaign and I think the offputting thing was that she completely exonerated William from it.

        the reason the last part doesn’t ring true for me is that we see the brothers have a troubled relationship, we heard Harry say their relationship was SPACE, etc,

        But these past few weeks have been interesting. I can think that William and Charles were culpable in pushing H&M out while also thinking that William is now scrambling for Harry’s “approval,” you know?


      • Tessa says:

        Charles is horrid but I have this feeling that when William take over he will be 1000 percent worse. He may even help bring down the monarchy.

  33. Mari says:

    What is wrong with these people??
    Harry is a private citizen at this point. He has no power over him and what he does or does not do. Just let it go already. Charles: You are king, go be a king. Do you have nothing better to do?

    • Carrot says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the case Chuck makes to have Harry removed from the succession

      • Merricat says:

        Lol, that would damage the “superior bloodline” justification of the monarchy.

      • Feebee says:

        While I don’t think you’re wrong, at the same time, I don’t know if anyone, even Charles could be that blind to the optics of that.

      • lanne says:

        I think it would take Parliament to do that, especially if it takes Parliament to lose the titles. And then there’s Andrew…

  34. Jay says:

    We’ve all been saying for years that all of the comparisons to the Duke of Windsor are stupid, not least because he kept his title and they were financially supported by the family in exile. They basically paid them to stay away from the U.K. because they were so terrified that people would shift their allegiance. Of course, exile was a lot easier to do before the dawn of commercial air travel, 24 hour news, and social media.

    Every major family event this family has done since 2018 has been surrounded by breathless speculation about whether the Sussexes will attend, and the coronation will be no different.

    • Christine says:

      EXACTLY! This is the part of the story that no one talks about.

      The pro-Hitler couple were sent to live in luxury, and do nothing, paid for in full by the royal family.

      Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry just want to help people, on their own dime.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Spot on.
      Incorrect comparison.

  35. MY3CENTS says:

    That last line had me imagining Will Smith yelling at Chucky- Keep Harry’s Name out of your G***d mouth! And getting up to slap him.

  36. s808 says:

    This exile talk makes me wonder if the talk of exile back in the day was coming from Charles then too. The reasons haven’t changed: H&M are simply
    too popular. What’s different now is that any type of control the BRF had over them is gone which makes this whole exile conversation seem even more ridiculous than it did then.

    • Swaz says:

      I think all of it was coming from Charles but he was hiding behind the Queen’s dresses, now there’s no where to hide 🙈

    • Giddy says:

      Yes, God forbid Charles embrace H&M and bask in the reflected glory. How he treated them actually gave him a chance to re-cast himself in the eyes of the world. If he had been kind, loving, and supportive, it would only have made him look like a gracious father and monarch. Instead, each petty swipe (no uniform, okay uniform but no initials, etc) has made Charles seem small and petty. He could still reverse this hatred and become a loving father and a strong leader. He could announce his pride in their accomplishments, and say that H&M are now Britain’s ambassadors to the world. But no, at the end of the day KCIII is just a small man run by small minded bureaucrats.

      • Sid says:

        Giddy, Chuck is really a whole clown. Some of the best PR he ever received was for walking Meghan down the aisle and for being polite to Ms. Doria and including her when he and Camilla were leaving the chapel. I’ve never seen people comment as nicely about him as I saw after he did that. The fact that he is so petty and insecure that he couldn’t and can’t see the PR forest for the trees is just wild.

  37. JP says:

    Following a 1936 playbook in 2022 isn’t going to end well for them, if that’s how they choose to move forward. World has changed.

    • Another Anna says:

      Tbh I think this is their central problem. As an institution, the Crown is outdated and that is made more obvious by the fact that its current figurehead is a septuagenarian. They’re stuck because if they try to modernize, their obsolescence will become that much more obvious. But what they’re doing instead, acting like it’s still the 1920s and not the 2020s, highlights how pointless the royals are. These people constantly have to play petty power games because what else do they have to do? Not enough enrichment in the royal panda enclosure. Meanwhile I imagine the average UK resident has many more pressing things to think about beyond who curtsied to whom. They can’t modernize because the institution doesn’t make sense anymore but they can’t live in the past because the world has changed too much.

      For people who are such a part of world history, they are shockingly uneducated about it.

  38. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    Harry must not have RSVP’d “Yes” on that Paperless Post coronation invite. Just like the “uninvite” to the BP reception, this smells like The Turd spinning Harry’s refusal and or disinterest into The Turd’s rejection of Harry.

    If The Turd is behaving this way in the first weeks of his reign, I truly cannot imagine how crap of a father he must of have been to his young son. Harry has A LOT of deprogramming to do, so it won’t be his intention at all, but his memoir will likely reveal his father’s emotional neglect and abuse.

  39. Christine says:

    Nah. Charles grudgingly realizes he needs to keep them in the mix or else the monarchy will crumble much quicker than it eventually will. I suspect these are just empty threats because without the queen, everyone is SO UNLIKEABLE the money is going to dry up real quick. They NEED Harry and he’s made it clear his wife is a package deal. I think that’s the stem of where all the gossip is coming from.

  40. Layla says:

    How mature our new king is. We brits are sooo lucky 🙄

  41. Rapunzel says:

    You cannot exile the stars from the sky and Charles cannot exile the Sussexes from fame, fortune, attention, and adoration.

  42. lucy2 says:

    Charles “You are permanently exiled!”
    Harry “Oh you mean I have to live happily with my wife and children in California, away from the toxic BRF, like I’ve been doing for several years now? OK.”

    Is it really “exile” if the person has left of their own free will and doesn’t have any desire to return?

  43. ABritGuest says:

    I mean we knew the palace was trying to control Harry’s movements in the uk with the security position which funnily enough doesn’t apply to Andrew. The palace & press said Andrew still had police protection because he was the monarch’s son. So It will be interesting to see what happens now Harry is a monarch’s son. I’m just glad Harry is putting these things on court record via the judicial review.

    Also people in the palace may be done with Harry & family but the press they are beholden to aren’t & some are already telling Charles to bring Harry back in because they reach people that other royals can’t or saying how sad it is that rift means Harry’s kids aren’t spending time with their cousins in the uk. By Christmas the press will probably be asking if H&M are coming to spend time with grieving king for his first Christmas & the palace will be saying they weren’t invited. Mess

  44. Shawna says:

    Edward VIII was a FASCIST. Come on.

  45. Maxine Branch says:

    What is interesting to me is for these folks to actually think Harry wants to come back to work in an environment that was toxic for him and his wife as a couple. All Harry has to do is what he is currently doing, remain silent as they self destruct and they are doing quite the job of it publicly. The future of this monarchy looks very bleak. The supporters they have are of Charles and Camilla generation or older. Their appeal to a younger generation for the most part is not there, because this generation does not feel they are worthy of this ostentatious living or funds from taxpayers to support them as they suffer and see their parents suffering with so little. My hope is for the Sussexes to decline an invitation to the coronation. However, I will respect their decision and always wish them well. Watching these folks self destruct in real time is something to see. Revenge is never a good look and the more powerful you are the revenge begins to takes on a David vs Goliath narrative.

  46. Chantal says:

    How do you exile someone who already left – years ago? KC realizes that fighting with unsuspecting pens and publicly humiliating an extremely well known and well liked veteran (who is also his son) made him look weak, petty and vindictive. He thinks this weird flex will make him look strong, conveniently (or stupidly) forgetting that he is the king doing and saying these things about his popular and highly visible son. Plus, isn’t he supposed to be mourning his beloved mother instead of “exiling” people living on a different continent and waging one sided wars? Chuck keeps reminding people that at 73 yrs of age, he is still not ready for the big leagues. His kingdom is facing severe and imminent issues and this is how he is spending his time. Careful Chuck or those cries to advance William might become rebel yells, which Parliament might not want or be able to ignore…

  47. jazzbaby1 says:

    The Duke and Duchess of Windsor were treacherous people because they were freaking Nazi sympathizers.

  48. COS says:

    Exile Harry??? Maybe they need to think that one through. Only takes one helicopter or car accident for the Wales line to be wiped out. If Harry is exiled and removed from line of succession then you will have Andrew ascend the throne. 🤡

  49. JD says:

    A petty king and an incandescent prince. Good luck. They both can’t stand Harry (who should be king) out of pure jealousy. He reminds them too much of his mother. Add Meghan into the mix and they simply cannot cope. They’ve literally tried everything and in the end it all only makes H&M look wiser for GTFO and away from these psychos.

  50. Julie says:

    OMFG the irony.

    Mum was queen because of Uncle David’s side piece.

    You married her, and now she gets to be Queen Consort.

    Horseface is Mrs. Simpson. Not Meghan.

  51. L4Frimaire says:

    Just because this is what Charles wants doesn’t make it so. I thought to myself after seeing the Sussexes on that walk about and the way they conducted themselves at the funeral that, quite frankly, their stock would go up. They were heads and shoulders above everyone else there and were the focus. I still believe that , especially seeing how Charles is in the first couple weeks of his reign. It also explains the frenzy of attacks because people saw how poorly the other royals behaved, and now they’re trying so hard to rewrite what we all saw. Let Charles carry on in this manner, let’s see how respected he really is. The goodwill from his mother’s reign will dissipate really quickly, because it is really hard to see what purpose this vindictive man has.

  52. Blue Nails Betty says:

    Charles to Harry: You can’t quit, you’re fired! Off to exile for you and your wife!”

    Harry: Whatever, dude.

    Also, mad props to Charles for reminding the masses of the Nazi supporting British monarch. Just a bold choice to kick off his reign with a walk down shitty memory lane.

    Lastly, Harry Rex, king of our hearts >Charles Rex, tampon of our hearts.

    • JaneBee says:

      @BLUE NAILS BETTY “mad props to Charles for reminding the masses of the Nazi supporting British monarch”

      Who on his team is okaying this crackpot strategy? It’s sooo stupid 🤦🏼‍♀️

  53. B says:

    I hate to break it to these people but sitting in the 2nd row is not exile. They paid the Duke of Windsor to stay away. Harry doesn’t need their money. He’s addressing the security situation through the courts. Is the deeply unpopular Charles going to intervene publicly or privately and risk it being known that he’s working to endanger his son? After what happened to Diana? They are already walking back how they treated Harry during the funeral because of how horrible it looks. I doubt even these dumb dumbs want to touch that live wire. The Sussexes aren’t criminals. So what can the constitutional monarch do to keep them out of the country? Nothing.

    Also why is Charles reign considered so flimsy it can be interrupted by frequent Sussex visits but its okay for these terrible disrupters to be at the coronation? Everything in this article contradicts itself. I guess its how we know its nonsense.

    • Polo says:

      The world of royal reporting where you can contradict yourself even within an article.
      I think a lot of this is fanfic from Tom S, the media and some courtier in their hope for more drama to sell more articles.

      Notice once Harry and Meghan stepped foot within the royal bubble their every movement was briefed to the press. Once back in the US we hear nothing and they have to go back to their original exclusives and create 10 different versions of the same story and palace it as a new exclusive.
      They have to write something in the meantime and this is one..

      They’ll keep doing this until the Sussexes show up somewhere and then they’ll go on a tangent about how “woke, broke or unpopular” they are even though that isn’t reality. The cycle continues until one day people will stop clicking on these bogus stories.

  54. sparrow says:

    Harry reminds me of my brother in law. He was sent to prep at 8 and says it *ucked him up for life. However, his dad is convinced that, because his son has a good job and is married etc, it did him no harm…and yet wonders why his son never contacts him of his own volition. I really think Charles can’t see the damage done to his kids (particularly Harry) when they walked behind their mother’s coffin or were shoved out to look at the funeral flowers. The anger Charles and William feel is because Harry isn’t pretending any longer that he coped well with it, or the ongoing press intrusion and hypocrisy throughout his life. He’s a grown man married to a woman who seems to listen and talk to him with a level of emotional intelligence he’s never had before. What did they want? Harry as the family buffoon, happy to be his brother’s “wing man” for eternity. Exiling! He went.

    • Deering24 says:

      These folks never admit damage. One sucks it up (and drinks/parties oneself to death) or else. Harry is blowing up a lot of the shibboleths The Firm needs to survive, and for that they will never quit hounding him.

  55. CC says:

    I think Charles looks at Harry and all he sees is Diana. Charles feels like he didn’t get to make Diana suffer enough in life, so he is taking it out on the next best thing.

  56. Amie says:

    They can exile Harry and Meghan all they want but the Edward VIII/Wallis Simpson playbook is not going to work because it’s not 1936 lol. There was no Internet, social media, smartphones, tablets, or 24 hour news cycle back then. The public aka the Sussex Squad can push back against the tabloid media/royal family briefings and ignore the Windsor playbook entirely, while continuing to elevate Harry and Meghan which was not possible in 1936 for Edward and Wallis. Not that anyone would have wanted to elevate Edward and Wallis if they were alive today given their rumored Nazi sympathies and seems they were overall really annoying from what I’ve read about them. Harry and Meghan are completely different from them and instead of living lives of aimless leisure like Wallis and Edward, they want to affect change via compassion and take on causes that matter to them.

    The monarchy has continue to weaken throughout the 20th century. Queen Elizabeth refused to evolve and modernize in terms of her attitude and mentality and many Commonwealth nations have found independence and are seeking to remove the monarchy as their official head of state. Charles can exile his son but his grip on his “kingdom” is tenuous at best. Exiling Harry means exiling his mixed-raced grandchildren and that will not endear him to anyone beyond white royalists.

  57. Bikny says:

    The British monarchy has one rule and one rule only and that is to survive. They will and have stop anything or anyone that might threaten their power. That don’t care who or what it is, they will destroy them.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Bikny, and doing so on a world stage. By continuing to try and destroy H&M, they will destroy themselves. How can they be this stupid?

      • Deering24 says:

        They have the arrogance of their stupidity. The Firm has always survived “by the grace of God” no matter what, so they feel secure they will always prevail.

  58. C says:

    The reason the Duke of Windsor playbook isn’t going to work with Harry is that he has more charisma, fortitude and integrity than David ever did. He and Wallis were locked into a perpetual stalemate of being frustrated at the royal alienation and wanting whatever they could from it. But Harry is free. He’s not interested in the crumbs they’ll dole out and Meghan isn’t going to be insisting her friends call her HRH like Wallis.

  59. A says:

    I don’t know why but I truly thought Charles had a lot more common sense then this, but this past week has shown that Bill and Karen’s tomfoolery is a hereditary trait. These morons could easily sit back and shut up till at the very least the end of the month on whatever goodwill has been generated by the funeral. They could call up there media lackeys and tell them knock off the Harry and Meghan coverage and focus on how great Charles is ( granted Charles has made it slightly more difficult by throwing a fit over some damn pens on live tv….but that can be ignored in the long term). Instead they keep briefing over what their going to do about Harry and Meghan instead of just saying Who? To top it all off they keeping running into their on vindictiveness traps, first they happily brag about Harry being the last to be informed of his grandmothers death only to tell another story. God save these palace idiots indeed!

    • Eurydice says:

      I think Charles actually does have more common sense than this. Whether he’s vindictive or not, there are ninety billion more important things he has to think about than trying to keep H&M in California, which is where they want to be, anyway. He’s not going to call off his press lackeys, no matter how unhinged they sound, because he’ll need them in the future. It’s not the first time the tabloids have been bats**t crazy (whether through briefings, leaks or just on their own) and it won’t be the last. In the meantime, he’s got a decaying monarchy to manage.

      • Well Wisher says:

        Look at the two recent hires for now king and heir.
        The connection is daily fail. Rothmere attended the Queen’s funeral.

        Notice the pattern from the Sussexes wedding, Thomas Markle’s and the attempted humiliation of the Duchess of Sussex.

        The successful suit brought by the Duchess despite Jason Knauf’s expertise.

        He is back.

        Who will be William’s new scapegoat?

        Charles will soon learn that Harry and Meghan is the least of his problems.

        As an outsider I am rooting for fairness, truth and justice.

        Go Sussexes!!!

  60. Bluenoser says:

    KCIII and RR strategy – Let us show you how much we don’t need you by always thinking of and talking about you.

    • Alexandria says:

      Before and after Philip’s funeral, Jubilee celebrating the Queen, and Queen’s funeral they CANNOT stop talking about Harry and Meghan. Now it’s mourning period for the Queen and they’re still talking about HM. What is going on? So before Chucky’s coronation, they’re going to talk about HM too? It’s a disease at this point.

  61. JCallas says:

    The more petty Charles is towards the Sussexes, the more people will see them as underdogs. Harry and Meghan were being defended by people who were shading them only a week ago. Charles was forced to reverse himself over the uniform snub.
    All hell will break loose when he strips the children’s titles.

  62. girl_ninja says:

    In my opinion Charles isn’t the one with as much power as he thinks. Harry has shown that both he and Meghan are not just hard workers but smart workers. They have name recognition and with Invictus a world wide presence that is truly respected. Harry refuses to be Wills whipping boy and Charles counted on that being Harry’s role.

    How embarrassing for Charles to allow racism, elitism and arrogance to get in the way of a relationship with his son. What a disgrace.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles is not a good parent he used Diana to continue the line then discarded her i think George is the only grandchild he pays much attention to

      • girl_ninja says:

        He’s trash. He knows power is in popularity and that Harry and Meghan hold that popularity. They showed a photo with little Louis on his lap at the Jubbly so he may like his other grandkids as well but it doesn’t matter. He loves himself more than anyone.

      • ROAA says:

        He definitely doesn’t like Archie and Lili.

    • Tessa says:

      I think he sees the Cambridge children as the most important but he favors George. Charlotte seems to be the one left out I never saw a one on one picture of her with Charles. He released photos with the Male children but not with Charlotte.

  63. Siobhan says:

    Did they really have bad seats at the funeral? I thought second row and behind the king was pretty good? At the end of the day he was a grandchild – the front row was taken up by the Queens children, Cambridges which of course since they’re heirs to the throne, and I don’t think it’s really that crazy that older or other cousins might be in the front row. Other cousins were in second row, it’s not like they put Harry 5 rows back? I think it makes sense he’s on the level of the other cousins now.

    • Becks1 says:

      He’s not on the level of the other cousins bc now he’s the son of the monarch while they’re the nieces/nephews of the monarch.

      But in general I agree that the seating arrangement was not a snub in itself.

  64. Catherine says:

    The articles that Sykes have been writing have been particularly unhinged since the Sussexes announced that they were coming to the UK. He actually suggested that the visit was violating the Sandringham summit agreement and that the Queen might sanction them for it. It was completely batsh*t. Which makes me wonder if certain members of the press had been told that the Sussexes would be kept out if the the UK. I don’t think it’s Charles who is worried. I think it’s William who is specifically worried about Harry. The longer Harry is away from the firm. The more clear it becomes how William was being protected and propped up. Harry’s popularity is more of a threat to William than Charles. I think this piece is a KP smokescreen. It accomplishes two things. It makes Charles look like the villain and paints Harry as a threat to be dealt with. The last time exile was brought up in relation to the Sussexes was The Sunday Times “they will be exiled to Africa” article. That was all KP/William.

  65. Tessa says:

    Ironic since Charles should have been given the same choice as the duke of Windsor be a king or marry the mistress Camilla got to be queen consort unlike Wallis Simpson

  66. CatJ says:

    I wonder when they being the official funeral arrangements for Chuck…..

    • Well Wisher says:

      There are already in place. Planning is not the problem. Poor planning can be remedied.

      The behaviour of the living could be the insurmountable problem.

  67. Tessa says:

    David aka Edward was so besotted with Wallis marriage to her was his dream come true and she liked the social life and partying so it was not all bad for them imo

    • Jaded says:

      Wallis ended up treating him so badly he’d often end up in tears. He tended to smother her
      and she’d often take off to Paris to shop to get away from him. She actually wanted out of marrying him when he decided to abdicate, and after marrying she was alleged to have had some affairs, one with a much younger bisexual American playboy named Jimmy Donahue that went on for years and was quite public. It wasn’t a happy marriage after all — she felt trapped and he was so needy and clingy it drove her crazy. Be careful what you wish for…

      • Tessa says:

        Yes, I have read about Donahue and there was a detailed account about him in the Windsor Story. She humiliated Edward but some writers said he had some “thrill” over that and it attracted him to her even more. Donahue was abusive to Wallis so much so he started kicking her when the Windsors hosted him, and Edward had to evict him from their home and he never got to visit them again. He was alcoholic and died young, he was a Woolworth heir and a cousin to the tragic Barbara Hutton. THe Windsors did reconcile and both wrote autobiographies, somewhat romanticizing things. Wallis enjoyed being the hostess with the mostest and invited society people and movie stars to their home in Paris and to their suites at the Waldorf. They were feted and wined and dined.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Wallis was in love with her husband, she wanted an affair not a marriage.

      • Tessa says:

        Wallis of her own free will broke up Edward’s relationship with Thelma furness another married mistress Thelma returned from a trip and saw Wallis and Edward were a couple Thelma packed up and left I do not think Wallis was devoted to Simpson

  68. D says:

    My interpretation of this is that they plan on continuing to talk about them in the press, but they will go even harder on creating a villain narrative so that the British who only read British rags will be indoctrinated in the “Harry is being shunned because he’s a terrible person” narrative. So they can still sell papers but the point is to now go against Harry the way they have been going against Meghan all of these years.

    • Well Wisher says:

      ‘Exile’ like ‘woke’ and ‘reparations’ are codes and triggers for the shouters who seek confirmation for their biases.
      Silence will expose the lies in the actual numbers.
      The shouters are the main attraction, they provide manufactured consent.

      There is an expectation that would tip in favour of the instigator(s).
      For example brexit, the code was “”immigration”, “migrant workers”. It was a rousing success.

      In progress – the vilification of Meghan and Harry of note recent rehire.

      It will utterly fail, willing scapegoat Prince Charles.
      Good luck with the co-reign.

      Things fall apart………

  69. sparrow says:

    You say exile, I say freedom.

  70. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    So exile him for… marrying someone they don’t really like, and for… wanting to do his charitable endeavours differently?

    Do these people even listen to themselves?!

  71. Over it says:

    Does this petty bitch of a man thinks because he invites Harry and Meghan to his blow hard I am kingpin parade that they actually have to attend? He does know that Harry and Meghan make their own money, decisions and are free to attend or refuse whatever they want . He may wish to invite them just to stick it to them by placing them in the cheap seats but like Kaiser always says, these dumb asses have it so wrong. Harry can say no. It’s them who need Harry and Meghan and not the other way around,

    • ROAA says:

      “Harry can say no” and that’s the problem, Harry won’t say no. He will definitely attend to “honour” his father, the king.

      • kirk says:

        How is it a “problem” for Harry to use his free agency to make a choice that’s consistent with his principles when the time comes? It’s ok by me for Harry to go, or not go, to coronation.

    • ROAA says:

      The problem is that Harry will go to a toxic environment and interact with people who hate him and his wife. They will humiliate him. His father doesn’t even acknowledge Archie and Lili and will strip them of their titles and yet harry wants to “honour” him.

  72. rawiya says:

    How do these people do PR so wrong? Were it I, I’d have gone the complete opposite direction. Oh, the Sussexes would have been invited to A, B, and C! The other family members would have been told to speak to the constantly, especially when the cameras were around. Then I’d start briefing about how much the family were so happy to have them there (during this sad, sad time). That’s when the general public, who doesn’t really pay attention, would start going, “Why are Harry and Meghan still being so mean to poor, poor Charles who just lost his mummy? Look how he’s opened his arms to them! Look at the effort he’s making! Poor Charles! Bad Harry and Meghan.” It’s really not that difficult BP/CH. Gosh, a child could do it.

  73. Katya says:

    A couple of thoughts ….

    Harry isn’t a Nazi.
    He was never King for a minute.
    Harry is financially independent and he will always be financially independent. Edward VIII (David) was completely dependent on HMQ Elizabeth paying 100% of his bills … and she did. Security wasn’t as much of any issue then but they had servants up the wazoo. Valets, butlers, maids, cooks, housekeepers, footman, maids etc. They bought without restraint anything they wanted/needed because vendors knew they would be paid. She paid whatever it took to keep he and Wallis away … or rather the British taxpayer did. Why because Uncle David would have made a massive stink about all the Crown properties etc. QEII had control over family property that rightfully was David’s whether he was King or not.

    Do these mooks really beleive the only reason HArry stayed away from the UK for 2 years was COVID. Or that he wants to come back in any way?

    • Tessa says:

      Harry had no chance to be King. He knew that since he was not the first born. Ironically Philip’s sisters were married to Nazis. Wallis and David were partially “sponsored” by society people who hosted them. They also played hosts to society and film stars. Wallis and Edward’s estate was massive and the auction brought lots of $$$ even down to a slice of the wedding cake (parodied on a Seinfeld episode). I think the Queen was fond of her great Uncle Edward and he was of her, he was very sick and still made an effort to meet her when she visited. He allegedly had a correspondence with Charles. Harry and Meghan are not childless like the Windsors were and want very much to make a difference and do charity work and espouse causes.

  74. Lizzie says:

    If Harry and Meghan are invited and attend KC’s coronation I bet they will arrive the day before, leave the day after and not attend one single other event.

  75. equality says:

    So Bea and Eugenie are the cheap seats? If I were them, I’d find some way to be busy and miss the coronation.

    • Well Wisher says:

      An odd statement from a loving Uncle.
      He also betrayed their confidences when they plead for their father’s sake.
      They will have to attend and be shamed because he owns the Duchy of Lancaster.
      That pays the bills of the Queen’s children and relatives.

  76. QuiteContrary says:

    As I’ve said before, I don’t put anything past Charles or William. They’re both garbage human beings who are surrounded by yes-men, who tell them all day long that they’re the most powerful, the most attractive, the smartest, the most kingly, the most heroic, the most interesting, the strongest, the best royals who ever royaled.
    Then in walks Harry, with Meghan at his side, and Charles and William are forced to confront reality. Of course, they want H&M out of the picture. And they are easily convinced by the yes-men surrounding them that this one easy trick will make H&M disappear: Exile them! Chaz and Billy are such dumbasses.

  77. W says:

    If only King Chuck the Turd spent this much energy in exiling Andrew instead of inviting him on family private jet trips to Balmoral. You can’t exile people who CHOSE to leave unless “exile” is a code word for Diana-ing Harry, Meghan, and their children.

  78. Intheloop says:

    So I have been wondering for ages now why on earth Charles/the Palace would think it was the time to go all scorched earth on Harry and Meghan, and then just today I saw in the Guardian that two men connected to Charles’s charities have been questioned by the Met Police “under caution”. Clearly Charles and co are looking for ANY kind of distraction to hide the fact that people who worked him are now being investigated for criminal charges.

  79. phlyfiremama says:

    They are so stupid. They are totally missing the fact that in this day & age, with the prominence of social media and the relegation of royals to mere celebrities, that everyone can see for themselves how racist and entirely BACKWARDS the brf is. Go ahead, you inbred morons, shoot yourselves in the foot by exiling the only member anybody REALLY cares about. 🤣🤣🤣 See how fast other commonwealth nations look at this inane pettiness and bolt as fast as they can.

  80. HeyKay says:

    Just reading thru all the comments.

    If Charles is so stupid as to think The Firm doesn’t need H&M, he really is an idiot.

    Somehow, Charles, and William are going to need to get their own list of things to “Be very good at, quickly” or they are all out of jobs.
    Charles should be working on pulling the Monarchy forward and keeping his job.

    H&M made their decision to Step Down. You can’t fire “exile” somebody who has already quit the damn job! lol
    Harry and the BRF, had an “At Will” state of employment. Harry gave his notice and quit. He has Moved On!
    Get that thru your royal heads.

    IMO, in less than 20 years, the BRF will be equal to other left over Royals.
    i.e. Still stupidly wealthy, good for tourism, like to play dress up, etc.
    See Albert of Monaco…no real work to do but he still gets press.

  81. Maria says:

    Listen I don’t really follow all the conspiracy theories so I don’t know how wildly out of left field this is, but are we now willing to more seriously consider that Harry isn’t Charles’ biological son, and this isn’t just revenge on Harry for Meghan, it’s revenge on Diana as well?

    • Tessa says:

      Charles is Harry s father harry looks a lot like Charles and his grand father Philip and has the Spencer red hair these rumors are now put out to trash harry and Diana no way would Charles have another man’s child in line of succession harry is Charles and Diana’s son

  82. HK9 says:

    King Charles isn’t making good decisions and quite frankly is leaking too much to the press. He doesn’t know how to handle PR and like his pens, these things will continue to explode & leak all over him. I never knew I’d EVAH say this but he just doesn’t have the forward looking vision that Philip had. Philip managed to do things that would keep the family culturally relevant during his time. Charles is also clearly not capable of managing the situation with the Sussexes like an adult. This is the beginning of the end of the Royal Family.

  83. Tessa says:

    Charles was called the best prepared heir to the throne in history but I never saw such clueless behavior Charles having a fit over pens and all the waffling he has done

    • Well Wisher says:

      Why would he obsess and the sixth in line of the throne.
      Did Harry exchanged confidences with the wrong person?
      His ominous remarks and shift makes him seem unsecured towards his responsibilities.
      The comments about Beatrice and Eugenie and so punitive.

  84. Robin Samuels says:

    Using the word “exile” in the 21st Century says KC3 and his entourage live in the past. Charles waited for this position for over 50 years and gained little experience functioning as a monarch. He inherited 18th-century luxurious living, land, and a bag of money to keep him occupied. It was like Richie Rich in his science lab. He focused on the environment when it wasn’t the most crucial subject, talking to plants and studying cultures and languages. Though not handsome, women pursued him because he was heir to the throne. I shall reserve my opinion regarding Charles and his relationships with women.
    Since Diana’s death, Harry and William have struggled to love and respect Charles. Imagine being 12 years old and trying to put the pieces of a complex puzzle together. Everyone surrounding you tries to convince you that it’s not what you think, but in reality, it is. Charles never loved his mother, cheated on her with Camilla and his public mourning was a facade.
    So let him strip Harry and his offspring of their titles, deny them security when they visit the UK and perhaps cancel the lease at Frogmore Cottage. It should enhance his global appeal, especially in the Commonwealth and Africa. He should also remove Harry, Meghan, Archie, and Lilibet from the London Bridge have fallen details.
    We need a decent pair of boots because the palace source leaks will sometimes seem like an impending flood.

  85. blunt talker says:

    King Charlie-looks at Harry and sees a ghost-the ghost of Princess Diana-it scares the shit out of him-all this gnashing of teeth because Harry wants a better life for his kids, his wife, and himself-Charles really can’t stand to see Harry evolve into another Diana and how that looks on the monarchy-I think he can only truly love Harry and his family if he can drive out any memories of Diana in his son-everything Diana did for her sons was out of love and understanding which Harry felt the most of it-Charles is trying to destroy his son’s soul and mental well-being along with Harry’s family-the man does not have blood in his veins he has cold hard steel.

  86. Elisabeth says:

    There’s a guy called Logan Smith (if i remember correctly) who predicted the right date for QE’s death AND he also predicted the date for Charles.
    He talks about March 2026!!!!

    Pretty scary ….

  87. Well Wisher says:

    This article has a threatening undertone, the royals seem unaware of the obvious disinterested of large parts of the population.
    Harry and Meghan’s popularity goes beyond their perceived status, the world suffers from outward signs of proper decorum and decency.
    I cannot understand the parallels of Edward and Wallis Simpson. Edward wh was suspected of treasonous behaviour married his wife, who was still in love with her husband.
    It’s complicated.
    She married him after it seemed that he gave up everything, which negates the fact that he loved the status and not the responsibilities.
    Harry is sixth in line to the throne, public interest in him is based on his ideas.
    The royal family as presented by the british tabloids is slowly becoming anything but royal.
    This latest outburst is ominous and based entirely on fear, but provided some insight for the Sussexes moving forward while explaining the three demands
    Taking back Frogmore – give it back
    Security – they have earned the right for
    proper security
    Titles – share stories about the grand-mother, Diana and great grandparents. Share with them the wonderful times and what happened with little and no adjectives.
    “Stories we tell” orally inform on our heritage and traditions which is the real legacy. Titles not so.
    No one can take it away.

    There is no need to once more deal with rudeness and disrespect, take a pass on the coronation.
    Watch it on television, to help with the numbers, I suspect that interest in the institution has waned considerably after the Queen’s death.

    In retrospect, it is a disservice to the UK and the Commonwealth that Harry was deterred from being the fitting replace-ment for Prince Philip’s retirement role.
    Exhibit: Invictus Games

    The tone of the article has a familiar, a certain pettiness, an unsinkable feeling that even a onesided competition is a loss.
    The world via the British tabloids will be flooded with slanderous bilge about the Sussexes especially Meghan, but the hate for Harry is more apparent.
    Apart from the bots and quarrellers, there will be a continued downturn in terms of profitability for this production.

    Rothmere(daily hate) and Brooks(the sun) attended the funeral.

    Charles reign will be defined by his embrace of William’s failed plan for Harry’s destruction. The hate for one’s son.

    Love always wins.

  88. Green Coco says:

    The Meghan bashing has started again?and is back in overdrive since a few days, for some reason. I guess someone didn’t get what they wanted

    • Highland pony says:

      Yep noticed that too. It’s so transparent for anyone who has even the smallest amount of critical thinking skills

  89. Pigeon52 says:

    ‘Exiling’ Harry will not be the same as it was for Edward VIII due to one crucial difference. Money. Edward VIII was given money to live on from the Crown after his abdication. This was subsequently used as leverage to prevent him from returning to the UK, with the threat of cutting the money off.

    Harry & Meghan are totally independant of the Crown in a financial aspect. Thank god. The only leveredge that the Royal family really have is the witholding of security, through their links with the Home Office. We are seeing play out and should that be returned there is nothing stopping them coming back on visits.

  90. French Hen says:

    He and his son Billy are racist snobs. If they don’t get their way, they act like petulant children, bent on revenge.