Duchess Meghan & Kate didn’t speak at all during the UK mourning period

The mood between the Duchess of Sussex and the wider Windsor klan was set as Queen Elizabeth II took a turn for the worse on what would be her final day. Charles called Harry and berated him, telling him that Meghan was not family and Meghan was not welcome at Balmoral. Then two days later, Meghan was “included” in a walkabout outside Windsor Castle and William and Kate barely looked at her or engaged with her at all. That kept happening – Meghan would be included in the procession and the funeral, but the Windsors all made a point of being seen to “freeze her out.” Apparently, that was exactly what happened behind the scenes too – sources say that Meghan and Kate didn’t exchange words at all.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton did not exchange a word in the ten days preceding the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth, reports claimed Wednesday, and Harry’s truce with his brother will collapse if Harry presses ahead with plans to publish a memoir.

Sources told respected royal correspondent Russell Myers of the Daily Mirror that despite careful attempts to portray a united front, including a public walkabout by Harry, Meghan, William, and Kate at Windsor Castle, there would be no reconciliation until all Harry’s “cards are on the table,” and the book is either published or scrapped.

A source described as a “royal insider” told Myers, “The family continue to be in mourning and are now finally being allowed to grieve for the queen away from the gaze of millions. However, any talk of a truce between the Prince (William) and the Duke (Harry) would only be temporary. There is still a serious amount of distrust in the air and there hasn’t been any cause for that to change.”

Referring to Harry’s memoir, the release date of which is unknown, but which may now be delayed from its originally scheduled publication date of “late 2022,” the source added, “The feeling is very much that there is little point in pursuing a repair in relations until all the cards are on the table.”

Myers added that sources said Kate and Meghan were “not known” to have exchanged words throughout the whole period that the Sussexes were in the U.K. Relations between the two tanked after Meghan accused Kate of making her cry at a bridesmaid fitting ahead of her wedding, but said that press reports subsequently twisted the incident to say it was Meghan who had made Kate cry, and that the palace refused to back her up.

[From The Daily Beast]

Hint: the relations between Meghan and Kate didn’t “tank” after the Oprah interview. Kate had already gone berserk on Meghan just before the Sussex wedding, Kate had already made Meghan cry, Kate and her dreadful mother had already launched a smear campaign about Meghan and on and on. Despite all of that, Meghan is perfectly capable of being professional, kind and even conciliatory towards the family. She just didn’t get the chance because they were so busy being icy a–holes. They just f–king hate her.

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  1. Kate says:

    Why would they? They clearly don’t like each other.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yup. Why bother speaking with someone at all when that’s clear.

      • MeganC says:

        Because they were at a funeral where people are expected to be polite and cordial. Kate was just plain rude.

    • tour malinn says:

      Which was clearly written on Kate’s face. Without her hyena grins she just look really really pissed.

      Meghan on the other hand looked moved and emotional. Oh and not to mention that she looks charming without a fake smile.

      • Noki says:

        I hope Wills future second wife freezes Kate out and marks her new territory and gives her a taste of her own medicine.

      • Yvette says:

        It didn’t help when all the articles and photos were of Meghan and what she wore to the funeral, either.

      • San Diego says:

        @Noki.. Will and Kate are Not getting a divorce period. Charles made that clear in his speech and everything coming out of the palace made that clear. The Royals choose Kate over Harry. I think that tells you everything you need to know. There will be no divorce.

      • tour malinn says:

        @San Diego, we don’t know that for sure. There will be no divorce for the time being, but Chuck isn’t getting any younger and in ten years time Will and Khate could grow soo unhappy in their lives and with that hidden separation that a divorce would be seen as salvation for them.

      • Nic919 says:

        At one time no one expected Charles and Diana to get divorced either, but they did.

        Charles has shown that a divorced prince of Wales who cheated on his wife can still be king.

      • San Diego says:

        W&K relationship ( situationship) is different from C&D. W&K were in a relationship for almost a decade before they got married. They knew each other very well and accepted their roles. Also, do you really thing Carole is going to give up after 20 yrs? Come on. That whole family is invested in maintaining the marriage. They may not be in love but they will stay together out of duty. There will never be a divorce between W&K. Kate’s place is set. She has the support of the palace, media and the public.

      • Christine says:

        Only so long as Willnot agrees, once he’s done, it’s over. There is only one person in their relationship who has any power, and it isn’t Kitty.

      • windyriver says:

        Carole’s grandson will be king (assuming the monarchy survives), whether Will and Kate stay married or not. He’ll be Duke of Cornwall/POW sooner than that. How invested she remains in their marriage is an open question.

      • Jen says:

        @Noki – who would want to be Peg’s second wife? There’s no way Kate’s going down without becoming Queen. That’s been her only goal ever.

    • Erma says:

      I am an optimist and hoped for the brothers to speak and be cordial. There is no hope for Meghan with Kate. Kate clearly hates her, as do the other royals. Harry and Meghan now just need to live their happy lives away from those miserable people!

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t see any hope for Harry and William, unless William makes public that the investigation of Meghan has cleared her of all charges and a PUBLIC apology is issued for Meghan.
        And then he fires Knauf. I doubt he will do that.

      • Gabby says:

        He will keep Knauf around to do the dirty work of gaslighting and offloading KKKate when the time comes. The BM’s incessant waxing about how he can’t do the job without Harry or without her is humiliating and he will eventually snap.

    • NicoCollard says:

      Agree. As she has her right to express her perception about the royal family, Kate also has the right to expressing her attitude toward Meghan and Harry’s choices.

    • NicoCollard says:

      IMO Meghan needs to escape any situation where she feels unsafe, and also escape her toxic fandom that taints her image ASAP 😂 really this spiteful fandom doesn’t do her any good.

      • Haylie says:

        Gaslighting isn’t cute. The toxicity Meghan needs to escape comes from the other royals, the racists who hated her on site, and the British media. Also, people who try to peel away her fan base so their constant attacks against her will succeed. If we want to have conversations about toxic fandom, save it for the royalist who wanted to stab her abdomen to prove she wasn’t pregnant and who go on YouTube to state that her children must be removed from the line of succession by any means necessary.

        But I suspect you’re not ready to have that discussion.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Meghan should never have given “Waity” the benefit of the doubt and said she was a nice person. She’s not. She’s calculating, backstabbing, ungracious, unserious, and impeccably stupid.

    • Jennifer says:

      I presume she was trying to be polite about it at the time in public.

    • sunny says:

      We don’t know what motivated that comment. I personally thought it was that she was in the position where she had to be tactful and kind about Kate before revealing the truth about the crying story. A black/mixed race woman does not get the benefit of the doubt over a white woman like ever. She had to be beyond careful in framing the narrative.

      But back to this, yes these two women don’t get along. Aside from having little to nothing in common, one is a racist, vapid, mean girl and the other is Meghan. Sigh.

    • The Duchess says:

      I like to believe Meghan said that out of convenience. If she went all out on Keen, the British media would have gone nuclear. Meghan isn’t going to give those rats the satisfaction. She simply said Keen is a “nice person”. Nothing more, nothing less. It was appropriate for the circumstances of the time.

      • Cara says:

        Nice can be all for show but if you’re not kind, all the niceness in the world doesn’t make up for it.

      • MJM says:

        Correction: Meghan said Kate was a good person. She compelled people not to hate her because you like me and vice versa.

      • Jaded says:

        Meghan also mentioned Kate was “going through something” that was causing her some stress and was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for that reason. Unfortunately it was just the tip of the iceberg of Kate’s all-out ugliness, jealousy and hatred of Meghan.

      • Liz Version 700k says:

        Agreed, she was tactful out of self defense, Kate has shown what a massively awful person she is the attacks on Meghan if she had said more would be EVEN more unhinged than they have been. Kate has no game she has shown her a$$ both literally and figuratively for all to see

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Meghan called Mrs. Wails a good person, not a nice one (which makes no difference as we know that she is neither). It was kind of Meghan to be diplomatic, and a very good decision in hindsight. Kate’s behavior this month has done her absolutely no favors and more people are seeing her for what she really is. Contrast her bitchiness and classless attitude to Meghan’s graciousness, and the story reveals itself nicely.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Maybe Meghan was being diplomatic knowing the precarious position as a biracial woman telling the truth about a white woman being an aggressor. Historically that act hasn’t gone well especially as people don’t have same empathy for people or colour. So Meghan even saying that Kate was a good person, had given her flowers & apology note & giving Kate wiggle room that maybe the institution wouldn’t allow her to correct the story, still didn’t stop the press & KP sources claiming that Meghan attacked Kate on Oprah.

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      Meghan said she was a “good person” a few beats after describing Kate’s apology as “something I would do” and then responded “that’s a good question” when Oprah asked why the story had not been corrected. Describing someone as a “good person” after revealing they are implicated in very not “good person” behavior is a strong rhetorical device.

      Meghan has a high-level of social and emotional intelligence and is a fundamentally polite individual. She’s had Kate number from jump, and I’m sure feels badly for or even pities Kate.

    • heatherthyme says:

      Did you all see Kate bully Meghan at the walkabout? Kate is a stone cold bully. I felt so sorry to Meghan throughout the time she needed to be in the presence of members of the Royal family. Meghan said she was not yet healed from what she went through while living in their midst. I can’t imagine how far this terrible abuse has set her back.

      I hope that Meghan never, ever again has anything to do with the members of this horrible family. I hope Harry abandons them, too. They treated him like dirt as well.

      • Tia says:

        Yep hope everytime he goes to England he just does his charities, interact with the British people, and visit his family (the Spencers.) Cause the only Windsors he loved and is very close with either lives in Portugal (Eugenie) or is dead. 🙁 (The Queen and Prince Philip.)

    • Princessk says:

      I think Meghan was referring to what Kate has to put up with Williams behaviour.

  3. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Racism takes genuine effort to overcome. They’re not even anywhere near a path to change. Their biases serve their goals and desires too much. But, I believe they’re missing out on a better life.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    Other than Trump and his klan, I have never been so disgusted by someone I have never met. Kate is a disgusting human who engulfed by bitterness, hatred and jealousy. Not just of Meghan but of other women too. She refuses to practice kindness and in turn tries to make others lives miserable. It doesn’t matter, she doesn’t have a 10th of Meghan’s charisma, grace, kindness, charm, intelligence or BEAUTY. Periodt.

    What a pathetic creature.

    • MF says:

      Agree with all of this, especially the part about Kate having issues with other women. I actually think one of the reasons Kate hates Meghan so much is because Meghan is beautiful.

      Despite being a year older, Meghan actually looks quite a bit younger and is glamorous without really trying. Meanwhile, Kate is botoxing and wearing wiglets and piling on bad makeup and wearing garish clothes–and she still manages to look extremely ordinary next to Meghan. For a woman doesn’t have anything going for her besides her looks, you bet this probably kills her.

      • Aiglentine says:

        Not gonna lie, I’m a bit of a plain Jane and I would have an internal struggle if a beautiful sister-in-law arrived on the scene. But at least I would know it’s my problem not hers, and that God knew his business when he made us and try to discern what that is. And get some style tips while I were at it. That approach would be at least relatable. Kate’s not even that.

      • N. says:

        Meghan is beautiful but it’s not just her looks that give – her whole soul/aura adds up to that impression – she radiates. Her inner beauty is what is breath-taking. But what stands out for me in this discussion is that she can also be earthy and fun and loves her woman friends. What a GREAT sister–law she’d be. Kate does not radiate, often looks angry, doesn’t seem to enjoy other women or be a fun person, unless she’s trying to flirt with Harry, which definitely doesn’t make her fun for anyone else.

      • sparrow says:

        ditto about the looks. At one level Kate has no principled objection to Meghan, it’s just pure jealousy.

      • equality says:

        Meghan is only 5 months older than Kate.

      • Aiglentine says:

        Meghan is a woman’s woman, which I admire in her.

      • Debbie says:

        All I know is that I’d give a small fortune to be able to take a photograph the way she did in the funeral car. I swear, I’d use it as my driver’s license photo.

      • Christine says:

        Agreed, Aiglentine. Meghan is not a woman who has any heartfelt desire to be the prettiest woman in the room, even though she is. She wants to help women who have been marginalized, and she’s been doing just that her entire life. This is just who she is. Her face, hair, and body could have taken a different turn, and she would still be fighting to help women.

    • Ginger says:

      Same. Before this smear campaign on Meghan I was pretty ‘eh’ on Kate. I didn’t like or dislike her, she was just there. But now? She absolutely disgusts me. What a horrible and mean person she is.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate is thin and tall but outside of that there is nothing remarkable about her looks. The British media tried to sell her as the next Diana for over a decade, but she doesn’t have the glamour that either Diana had or Meghan has.

        If she had not married William, she would have been another forgettable British girl.

        And add to that her issues with all women who are potential competition, even the York sisters and you have a 40 year old woman with serious issues.

  5. Over it says:

    F them, who needs these salty racist bitches anyway. Meghan is all they wish they could be but don’t have the range to ever accomplish.
    Katie, no amount of ice queening Meghan will ever make Harry , her husband look your way and you can tell sophie that giving Meghan the evil eye also won’t make anyone know who she is .

    • booboocita says:

      Yep. Co-sign. I’m done with these salty bitches known as the royal “family.”

      I don’t believe for one minute that Harry’s going to go scorched earth in his memoir. But now that the Queen’s funeral and mourning period are over, and now that Chucky Boy and his cow wife are free to unleash all the pettiness, envy and sour grapes they’ve been hoarding in their wrinkled, saggy chests, and now that we all see the truth of these foul bastards, wellll … I’m done.

      I wish Harry WOULD go scorched earth, and just unleash hell on them all. Spill the tea. Display the secrets. Let sunlight into all the nooks and crannies. He won’t, and Meghan won’t, because they’re truly kind people and blasted earth isn’t their style. But I so wish they would.

  6. Amy Bee says:

    Meghan said everything changed for her after the cry story came out so I don’t think she and Kate had any relationship since then. She was made to go to Wimbledon with Kate because of optics not because of any sisterly bond.

    • MsIam says:

      I always thought Meghan looked super uncomfortable there with Kate and her sister. I bet she couldn’t wait to get away from those two harpies. I would have stayed home, said the baby was sick, anything.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think the only reason she went with them was because Serena was playing, and it was a kind of “if you want to go to see your friend you need to go with Kate” arrangement. (Right? Didn’t Serena play in the two Wimbledon finals that Meghan attended with Kate?)

      • Nic919 says:

        There was a different atmosphere between them at the Wimbledon she attended after she gave birth to Archie, and after the false crying story was put out. I agree she looked a bit uncomfortable and with Pippa on the other side flanking her, and I am sure Kate did that on purpose.

        The first joint Wimbledon attendance they did Meghan looked more at ease, but that was not long after the wedding and before the false crying story was made by Kate or her mother.

  7. dee(2) says:

    You can tell these people don’t actually work for a living, because the way they casually keep saying Harry needs to “scrap” his memoir would lead me to believe they don’t even have passing acquaintance with contracts. Let’s say he did cancel it, are they offering to pay back his advance and any legal fees he would accrue (I’m ignoring the massive reputational damage)? And if I was Meghan I would have kept it at Hi and Bye with Kate and William years ago, so I don’t see why this is some expose. The people who have a story every other day about their feelings, are distrustful of someone else. Ha.

    • MsIam says:

      They know, most of them either have book contracts or are trying to get them. All this talk of scrapping the book is just a set up for more “feud” stories down the line.

  8. Noki says:

    I keep wondering how the car ride to and from the walk about was like. Probably just Will and H making awkward convo.

    • girl_ninja says:

      Or no conversation At. All.

      • Noki says:

        In the car ride Harrys attention was probably all on Meghan..stroking her hand ,whispering to her it will be fine. This probably sent Kate into demon mode because Wills probably forgot she was in the front seat. Lol Meghan stole her second Man!

      • Ginger says:

        Agreed Noki. I was surprised William didn’t drive off without her.

        Harry and Meghan’s love just has to upset her. She will never have that with Will.

      • Harper says:

        I like to imagine Harry negotiating the conditions of the Windsor walkabout. Condition #1: Kate doesn’t say one word to Meghan or they bounce immediately.

      • Gabby says:

        Harry should have negotiated that Waity wasn’t there at all. Something tells me William would have been happy to oblige. He seems most human when she isn’t around.

    • ShazBot says:

      Oh I imagine Will had on his “responsible statesman” persona and told them all the plan and how it was going to go and look and Harry and Kate engaged with him as needed, and Meghan said nothing at all.

    • Abby says:

      Oh for sure, I imagine it was ICY.

  9. Mel says:

    Why would they speak? They clearly don’t like each other. I don’t think Meghan was looking for scraps from their table. I hope she breezed right by them.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Also it is not Meghan who is speaking on it now. This leak did not come from Meghan, she is unbothered.

      So it clearly affected Kate.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Kate is a bitter cold mean horrible racist evil woman who used her white privileged to bully lied on Meghan who did nothing to her at all . Kate is getting the face she deserves all the money all the titles all the access to the queen jewelry will never make her a whole person I truly believe she like seeing all the abuse Meghan went through. Her physical Aggressive Attitude toward Meghan was sight to be seen Kate looked like she truly wanted to physically attack Meghan that day . Every now and then Kate true personality shines through with rude behavior towards Meghan Kate can’t hide her truth feelings about Meghan .

    • Margaret says:

      Meghan has harry, any woman. Of any race would draw k8 ire, if they had harry. Full stop. Peggers knows that, and so do the others, there is more to that than meets the eye.

  11. Jais says:

    Uh huh, and did Harry exchange a word or even a glance with Kate during those 10 days? Mean girl Kate was icing out Meghan which is no surprise. But Kate tried to catch Harry’s gaze in the church but was shut down and Kate speed walked out of the car to get a shot with Harry but was shut down when he quickly walked behind William to get to Meghan’s side. Why aren’t the royal reporters talking about that? Here’s a possible headline:

    Harry’s Hate for Kate:
    Kate’s heartbreak at being snubbed by her beloved brother in law.

    • Ginger says:

      It’s clear Harry has no time for a woman that made his wife cry.

      • Jais says:

        This is definitely true. It’s just interesting how it’s rarely framed that way. Honestly, if the BM truly ran a bunch of stories declaring the obvious, about how Harry is done with Kate, I think it would mortify her. They conspicuously never go there. The relationship bw Harry and William or Meghan and William is discussed. Kate is only ever framed as a possible peacemaker but that was over a year ago. There’s just that resistance to depicting Kate as anything less than desirable and the epitome of something.

      • Nic919 says:

        There is a clip of Harry brushing Kate off after an ANZAC service when Meghan had recently given birth and it was pretty clear that Harry was tolerating Kate only at this point.

  12. CheChe says:

    Maybe Meghan gave Kate a little kindness and grace because she saw up close and personal what a royal woman must endure. Having escaped the royal confinement, Meghan could be a little magnanimous toward this creature.

  13. AnneL says:

    Someone posted a clip on Twitter of a brief moment between Kate and Meghan after they got out of the car before the walkabout. Kate literally steps toward Meghan, raises an eyebrow and gives her a snarling look that says “I will destroy you”. Meghan looks terrified and quickly moves behind Harry to get away. It is unbelievable. That woman is unhinged. Poor Meghan.

    • KrystinaJ says:

      I’ve been trying to find the clip and can’t find it :'(
      Do you have a link?

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s from the end of the walkabout, before they get in the car, not after they got out. I think if you go back to some of those posts about that day you’ll see it linked in those.

      • KrystinaJ says:

        Thank you 🙂

      • Mika says:

        In the original video it’s not 100% clear that Kate is looking at Meghan. But the second angle is damning. I can’t believe it didn’t go viral or get more coverage from American reporters. Especially because American reporters were picking up on a lot of the bad behavior toward the Sussexes.

      • Becks1 says:

        YIKES I have not seen it from that second angle. The body language….whew. The way she angles her body towards Meghan, with her legs apart, and the look……no wonder Meghan stepped back to Harry. Yikes.

        Dark Kate indeed.

        (and not in a good way like Dark Brandon.)

      • Jais says:

        Agree that in the first vid it seems like Kate could be looking into the crowd but the second vid is not a joke. This is what gets me. There’s so much video evidence of Kate being rude and it’s literally never discussed by the BM. Despite all their body language experts. Meghan looks truly disturbed by her. With good reason.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Holy Hannah, that second clip is unbelievable. I had just seen the first one but this angle really gives a good view. Very aggressive body language from steely-eyed Kate and Meghan looks like a deer caught in headlights looking for an escape route. Terrible, terrible disrespect not just to Meghan but also to Harry that Kate behaves that way to his wife right in front of him. This is what they really think of the Sussexes and they can’t even be diplomatic in public. Screw them. I really hope HM don’t return for another round of this abuse for the coronation.

      • Nic919 says:

        The second video also shows Harry without even looking at Kate instinctively offering protection and putting himself in between ice queen and Meghan as he sees Meghan recoil.

        Kate did not need to act like this. She got the title she wanted and had no reason to behave like a bitchy child. So if she’s miserable despite her upgraded rank, it’s what she deserves.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        I’ve seen the second clip several times and I think Harry saw Wails walk closer out of the corner of his eye. Meghan stepped back and Harry put his hand on her back and I think applied pressure to turn her outward. I don’t know that he knew exactly what was going on, but he wanted Meghan to stop looking at Wails. He definitely was protecting her.

        We’ve all noticed that something with Wails has changed with her interactions with Fails. I’m starting to wonder if her mental health is balancing on a point of a pin. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Divorce him. Take some control of your own life.

      • Feebee says:

        @quinn the second angle I hadn’t seen. My insides are shaking. I don’t know how many of us women recognise that look, that behaviour but omg! I hope Harry never puts Meghan in the position again. I now understand on a whole other level his genuine and very real worry about security.

        I seriously don’t know how Meghan got through the week. I’d be a puddle on the floor.

        Can’t help but think of that little witch’s cat-got-the-cream expression talking to the old side-piece at the diplomatic function. That, after this… I feel flattened. William might be what he is but it’s Kate, she’s the poison. Sorry I’m so late to this realisation on an absolute level.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      I saw that video and watched several times because it did look threatening toward Meghan who quickly stepped back. And Harry moved in front of her. Where are the tabs when you really need them?

      • QuiteContrary says:

        I wasn’t convinced anything happened that day until I saw the second view linked above. Yikes. Kate really looks menacing toward Meghan. No wonder Meghan seemed to be rattled.

        Kate is the worst.

    • AnneL says:

      Sorry I didn’t post a link. I actually thought more people might have seen it. Someone posted it in a response to one of Kaiser’s tweets actually. My jaw dropped! Thanks for finding it.

    • Well Wisher says:

      I saw that on social media and on the actual day of the funeral, the Wales had to standby to allow the Sussexes to be seated, as Harry passed by Kate glared at him.
      There is another clip with that scenario.

    • HuffnPuff says:

      She is still butt hurt about Meghan calling her out in the interview. FAFO, Kate. She’s been feeding the British media all sorts of lies then gets upset when it bites her in the rump. She was probably also upset about having to share the stage with the untouchables. This was her first appearance as princess of Wales and it was ruined by their presence. What a brat.

  14. Betsy says:

    Maybe someone should tell the giddy Prince and Princess of Wails that they’re supposed to be in mourning. They couldn’t look happier if they tried.

  15. Becks1 says:

    Look at the picture of the three women standing apart from Meghan. If they can be that rude, that icy, to her in front of the cameras, what the hell do we think they’re like behind closed doors?

    Kate is not a good person (I’m one who thinks Meghan said that because she felt she had to and bc she probably did have sympathy for Kate at the time of the crying incident) and she shows us that in every interaction with Meghan.

    • Meija says:

      Exactly Becks the optics are horrible. The white Princesses freezing out the PoC. They have no idea how awful they look.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        They’re so blinded by their racism that I don’t think they’d even understand why the optics of that photo are so terrible.

        Meghan, meanwhile, looks like the real royal. Her posture is just impeccable; she is just so elegant.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate’s entire life has shown she’s never been a good person. When she and Pippa were bullying the much younger York sisters who were in their teens when some of it started, that’s not the sign of someone decent.

      She then moved on to being mean to Chelsy and then Cressida.

      I didn’t expect much better from Camilla who did similar games with Diana.

      The only one who I expected a bit more from is Sophie, but that was before the commonwealth service and her sided with queen mean kate.

    • kirk says:

      My impression of that picture is that Meghan is holding herself separate from the Witches of Windsor. Thank Gawd! She’s probably already lost a few IQ points just being around that crew.
      Glad they’re home.

      In response to all the comments about physical beauty: Meghan is beautiful on the outside, augmented by her fabulous posture, but her internal qualities make her more beautiful. She’s caring, compassionate, kind, brave, thoughtful, etc. etc. Years ago one of my brothers married a woman who is not very attractive on the outside, but is so warm with such a killer personality that I never questioned his attraction. Surface is only skin deep.

      • Mary S says:

        I totally agree. Everyone’s outer beauty will fade. But inner beauty is timeless. Meghan has that in spades.

  16. lanne says:

    I keep thinking about what a waste it is that these 2 women couldn’t be allies. Kate’s position was set–Meghan wasn’t going to be Princess of Wales or QC–Kate was. They could have been of great use to each other as outsiders. They could have empowered each other by rejecting the “there’s only room for one of us” patriarchy bullshit women are subjected to. Kate needs Meghan more than Meghan needed Kate–Kate has no allies, no support system with any power. Kate is approved of without being respected, but that approval is conditional. So long as she remains silent, remains thin, remains attractive, and remains compliant, she will be supported. But she is completely at the mercy of Charles and William and their whims. I hope the jewels are worth the isolation and lonliness. At least Meghan can buy her own damned jewels. She can use her voice as she sees fit, dress as she pleases, show affection to her husband, make friends, control her own destiny. She’s not a collared bird in a gilded cage.

    • Aiglentine says:

      Diana was astute in a way Kate will never be. She said of her marriage, ‘We would have been the best team in the world. I could shake hands until the cows come home and Charles could make serious speeches but it was not to be.” Likewise Meghan and Kate could have appealed to and worked with different segments of the public. But the Firm is such a basket of crabs that this kind of teamwork is out of the question.

      • Dee Kay says:

        I often think of this — how mutually beneficial the Diana-Charles partnership could have been. It seems Diana would have accepted many configurations, after her heartbreak that it would not be a real, loving marriage. She could have managed to live in a working relationship, where she and Charles both had romantic interests on the side, and where both of them did a lot of work and were very prominent in the public eye, IF ONLY Charles had supported her, had her back, protected her even a little from the press vultures (and, needless to say, from Camilla’s mind games), and been a halfway decent friend and work colleague. If they had been co-VPs in the firm, I think Diana could have lived pretty contentedly. But no decent VP would do to an important co-worker what Charles did to Diana. He treated her like gutter trash. And in so doing, proved HE was gutter trash.

        If Charles III had ascended the throne with Queen Diana at his side, the people would have *loved* him b/c of their love of her. 3 billion people would have tuned into the coronation to see Diana crowned queen. What an idiot Charles was, and is, that he could not see the treasure he was given in Diana, and all the good she could have done for him, his reputation and legacy, and the monarchy. And then Charles made exactly the same f–king mistakes with his own son. What a stupid a–hole.

    • Stacey Dresden says:

      Agree wholeheartedly. I actually believed Meghan was the best thing that ever happened to Kate and I thought they could be sisterly.

    • Nic919 says:

      Based on Kate’s behaviour toward all women around her age I knew they would never be friends. Meghan was too accomplished and so much prettier than Kate that it was obvious kate was going to be jealous. That said, in the early days I thought perhaps they could be allies seeing as they were both outsiders and Meghan has had real jobs and would know that allies are always helpful.

      But kate is too insecure for that. Carole raised her so that any woman who is attractive is a potential threat. The shopping story early on was a sign that they were unlikely to be allies because Kate could not even give her a ride to do an activity that she loved doing. Instead she just copied Meghan’s outfits after the fact.

  17. Christine says:

    I’m sure they traded superficial pleasantries privately. I doubt either of them are that heartless. I feel like this just furthers the narrative that this is all Meghan’s fault, as if she is the one who has to apologize and grovel for the brothers to get along again. Listen. These two were never going to be friends. They’re too different. But had Will and the lot not been racist a-holes with an agenda, I’m sure they would at least stayed on friendly terms.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Seriously? After Kate lied about Meghan to the press repeatedly, ignored her and her newborn son at that 2019 polo event, iced her and Harry out at the 2020 Commonwealth Service, had Uncle Gary attack her repeatedly after the Oprah interview, and showed icy behavior towards her *again* throughout the mourning for Elizabeth, you think Kate isn’t that heartless? Some of you will pull any excuse out of the book to smooth over the image of a terrible, racist white woman.

    • MsIam says:

      When has Meghan EVER showed any heartless behavior towards Kate? Whereas Kate’s mother and uncle have all sniped at Meghan and Kate let a lie about Meghan’s stay out there for years. There is no “both sides” to this, Kate is a b*tch. Who has a history of being a b*tech to other women. Look at all those future queen stories, erasing Camilla from the picture.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      No, Meghan touched Kates hand briefly when Harry had to tell Will to get Kate to move so the Sussexes could sit. Kate refused to even make eye contact with MM.

    • Nic919 says:

      Seeing as how kate knew Meghan was suicidal while pregnant because of all the media attacks that kate helped to instigate, it’s pretty obvious kate has been the heartless one from day one. It’s her own sister in law and you have to be pretty monstrous to do that to a stranger much less a relative.

    • Jaded says:

      @Christine — Kate is a heartless, mean, conniving, jealous harpy. You only have to look at her behaviour at the Commonwealth church service. It was horrific. Same with her behaviour at the funeral and walkabout. She was literally threatening Meghan with her facial expressions and body movement. This is a woman who is too stupid, arrogant and childish to even attempt to cover up her contempt towards Meghan to the point where she’s been repeatedly caught on camera being a miserable CU Next Tuesday to someone who has done NOTHING to incur that kind of wrath other than be her own smart, hard-working and compassionate self. Harry wouldn’t even look at her he was so incensed by her behaviour. One more nail in the coffin of her marriage — even William was acting polite and conciliatory to Meghan. No superficial pleasantries were ever exchanged.

  18. W says:

    I feel so emotional for Meghan when I think of what that family has put her through. I would be terrified if I had to come face to face with the woman that made me cry during MY own wedding and my other abusers. After the way H&M were treated this month, I hope Harry’s book holds nothing off the table. He needs to expose EVERYTHING and finish these people once and for all.

  19. s808 says:

    Not surprised they didn’t speak. Meghan has been done with them since she landed in Canada in 2019.

  20. Aline says:

    Oh my God, people calma down.

  21. Lady Digby says:

    Serious question because I genuinely don’t know the answer, was K ever welcoming to any of H’s previous partners?

    • botoxedtothetee says:

      It has been reported by the roaches from many year ago, that she did not. I believe she was best known for attempting to heavily influence Harry’s life and be very cold towards the ex-girlfriends.

      • JDMyrick says:

        I believe she wanted Harry for her sister, but He didn’t show any interest. Kate let Meghan know how she felt when she wouldn’t allow Meghan to ride with her even though they were supposed to shop together.

    • s808 says:

      I once went back and looked at old CB stories bout the other women he dated and there was always a story about Kate trying to “guide” them even tho they were aristos and fit in better than she ever will and generally being cold otherwise. And other stories about her trying to control his love life/life to an extent. She probably hates M extra hard for being better than her AND not willing to be controlled/cowtow to her

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate told Chelsy that Harry was going to cheat on her. She also made sure that the tabloid narrative portrayed Chelsy as a drunk who was partying all the time. Meanwhile Chelsy obtained a law degree and worked briefly as a solicitor. Kate did nothing but party during the dating years.

      Kate also did not like Cressida. Some of that was because Cressida was the half or step sister of Isabella Calthorpe Thorne, one of the women William had a serious interest and would have married if they were interested.

      So the answer is no. Kate has never been welcoming. She liked her queen bee status as the only woman with the princes.

  22. Plums says:

    I’m sure the wider Windsor Klan hates Meghan for calling out the smear campaign and lies they were a party to in the Oprah interview, especially since she keeps receipts and makes it known she has receipts, so they can’t call her a liar in turn. This is on top of the racism, misogyny, anti-American xenophobia, and insecurity a bunch of haggard, shallow, lazy, ghoulish dumbasses would have around someone so much more obviously beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, hard working, and charismatic than the lot of them put together.

    Not to mention the fact that she got out, her kids got out, and her life is by all appearances amazing, which none of the rest of them have ever achieved when they’ve tried to get out themselves. She lives in a gorgeous mansion, in a positively lovely, ultra exclusive enclave on one of the most beautiful parts of the California coast, her husband adores her and chose her over them, and they all just cannot fucking stand this because they’re the losers by comparison, and they know they are.

  23. dido says:

    LMAO what happened to all those “Kate the peacemaker” stories??? Thought she was a world-class diplomat? Suddenly she’s even more mute than usual and can’t muster a single mumble. Proves that she was never a peacemaker and in fact the instigator of all this drama. Even William was good enough to gesture to Meghan/allow her to sit down first. KKKate can’t even muster an ounce of goodwill, she really is the ultimate mean girl.

  24. L4Frimaire says:

    Kate is a rude b and always has been. These types of articles are the equivalent of throwing red meat to the royalist clowns. They keep wanting stories of how much the royals hate Meghan and snub her, and how William won’t forgive Harry. Right now it’s the memoir but it will be something else in future. These people are coasting on the fumes of Elizabeth but what happens in 3-6 months? What excuse then. They think their natural charisma will get them far?

    • They have no charisma at all. No natural charisma. Nothing will take them forward 3-4 months on but their greed and hubris. And the whole world will know that they are the wealthiest and entitled welfare individuals. People will revolt against these royals and then down with the monarchy.

  25. Dee says:

    Kate’s always been as shallow as a saucer. Had she made Meghan her ally, she would be headed up instead of down in so many ways. But she couldn’t get past the jealousy.

    • Underhill says:

      So True. Kate had a chance to be a bigger person, and a bigger royal personage, and she didn’t take it, and now it’s too late. She could have put herself close to the Sussex household, and it all could have brought so much good will to the RF, and to Great Britain. But now it’s too late.

    • Nic919 says:

      The bizarre part of it was that Meghan was the one person who was never interested in William so she was never going to go for William’s attention. But kate could not handle a smarter and prettier woman in the room.

    • Genevieve says:

      Kate would have to be a completely different person for an alliance with Megan to work. Like, say Kate is consistently pleasant to Megan from the get-go, and they’re super friendly, and everyone is popular. Megan is a hard worker. Kate is not. (Ditto for the husbands, respectively).

      There is no way that Kate and William are going to be able to keep up their side of the impressiveness game in this scenario. Their failings (and possible dodginess with money) are going to be constantly highlighted by the contrast with the Sussexes.

      And given that the Cambridges are dead weight, and especially if there actually is dodginess from the former Cambridges (which was one reason suggested for the Sussexes separating out their charities from the Cambridges awhile ago), why on Earth would Megan *want* to be allied with Kate?

  26. HuffnPuff says:

    Kate is very competitive but she also expects everyone to defer to her (AKA always let her win). When she saw that Meghan wasn’t going to do that, that’s when she started an all out war on her. She thought she had the upper hand with her control of the British tabloids but didn’t expect Meghan to go nuclear with an Oprah interview. That’s what we saw playing out on the walkabout. Kate is super sore about the Oprah interview and it showed. How dare Meghan call her out on TV! I don’t think we will ever see them interact. It’s clear too that the royal family is on Kate’s side in all of this which is a shame. Kate has no one to blame but herself for this mess.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I think Kate will forever be enraged and bitter about the Oprah interview. All those years of whitewashing the dating era and carefully crafting a perfectly bland facade came crashing down with that interview. I wonder what pissed her off more: the correction of her lie, or Meghan reviving the “Waity Katie” moniker. Lots of people either forgot or never even heard of that nickname and its origin before.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate could have saved face and promptly deny the crying story to the media this is all on kate imo

      • Plums says:

        I absolutely think Meghan voicing the “waity katie” nickname made Kate spit fire. That plus correcting the narrative that Kate’s the one who made her cry and referring to the receipt of the apology note to stymie a potential denial.

        I will say, in an utter devil’s advocate way, I genuinely believe Meghan downplayed the abuse Kate got in the press during the waity years. It wasn’t just a rude nickname, she was the victim of extreme sexual harassment, with the topless photos, the upskirt photos, etc. If Kate feels resentment about that specifically, then that’s more understandable, imo.

      • equality says:

        The topless photos with a zoom lens were intrusive. The upskirt photos shouldn’t have happened, at least, not more than once. The fact that she didn’t take actions to prevent them for quite a while doesn’t say that they offended her.

      • Nic919 says:

        Right after the Oprah interview kate could have had someone confirm what Meghan said and say something along the lines of she felt she couldn’t correct the record but wanted to.

        But she didn’t. Mostly because Kate put the false story out there on purpose and hated being called out on the lie.

        These recent videos of her bitch face during the walkabout and church have more than confirmed that kate can make someone cry. Especially someone under extreme stress like Meghan was at the time.

      • C says:

        Kate was the subject of a little class-related snickering, and some jibes at her doing nothing but waiting around for William, but it was not abuse. Not even close.
        Let’s remember the French tabloids were the ones who published the topless photos in 2012, so while a terrible invasion of privacy it wasn’t like the British media was hounding her. They were completely sympathetic to her at that time, as they should have been, and none of them ran in the UK papers as far as I know.
        As far as the upskirt photos – they weren’t upskirt photos. Upskirt photos are when someone surreptitiously takes a photo under a woman’s skirt and invades her privacy. These were just photos of her at *official work events* after her marriage dressed inappropriately where the wardrobe malfunctions took up the majority of the photos, which were taken several feet away with William right next to her. To the point where stories leaked that the Queen was asking why she didn’t sew weights into her skirts.

      • Jaded says:

        @Plums and @Equality — they weren’t “upskirt” photos. For years Kate dressed deliberately in flimsy dresses without weights sewn into the hems AND wearing barely there butt floss. She is, amongst other horrible things, an exhibitionist and always has been. She’s finally stopped the butt flashing but still hogs photo ops any way she can. Furthermore, she knew she’d attract paparazzo with LD lenses but STILL appeared topless AND giving William a beej on an open balcony. That screams tacky and tactless exhibitionism.

  27. sparrow says:

    The look of Kate on the clips from the end of the flower walkabout are in line with her look at the Commonwealth Service, a jealousy she doesn’t have the maturity or capability to hide. To me, she is one of those women who gives every other woman in her orbit a once over on first meeting to assess where they are in her hierarchy and at what threat level. It’s the way she’s been brought up, to essentially hate any other woman who causes her self belief to wobble, certainly when she was in pursuit of William. That she can’t see how childish she looks speaks to her lack of control and her mother’s encouragement of the nasty in her from no doubt the cradle. The first time I saw and heard of Meghan, I thought, here we go, Middleton jealousy. Of course Kate wouldn’t speak to Meghan, she wants to stoke that fire of hate inside herself which is febrile envy.

  28. Myeh says:

    This article misspelled racist as icy in the end….

  29. Well Wisher says:

    So Meghan refused to engage in any way with Kate, she was there simply to support her husband and mourn the loss of their grandmother.
    It was alleged that Kate emulated her mother’s shabby treatment towards their staff at Party Pieces, this was before her marriage to William.
    They were selling an Archie cake.

    Meghan and Harry main reason for being there was to honour their grandmother. It is not a solitary expression,the only appropriate way is the funeral rite.
    As a rule there’s never a need to have social interactions with individuals who openly display improper decorum.
    Lack of manners is an irritant, who has time to decipher its meaning in any particular moment.
    Manners mean ‘I mean no harm ‘.
    Kate has displayed none during that time, does it indicate ill intent on her behalf ?
    At that particular time and place, Meghan just had to endure and ignore, which she did with admiration.
    Simply put, Meghan looked right pass Kate.
    That is a polite snub. Subtle and effective that they have to brief about it. Their side of the story.

  30. Tessa says:

    Harry avoided looking at Kate in some of the photo ops Meghan was right not to speak to kate

    • Nic919 says:

      At the Windsor service Harry explicitly ignored Kate. He looked at William to have Kate move out of the way.

      So Harry is very pissed at kate. That he can interact with his brother, who likely said the racist skin colour comment, but ice out Kate…. That’s bad.

      • Harry was right to ignore that woman Kate. He avoided looking at her while she obviously tried to catch his attention and wanted an acknowledgment from him. But no quarter was given. She deserved that big and subtle snub from Harry.

      • SURE says:

        Maybe it was K who made the skin colour remark. It’s interesting to me that Ch, Cam and W have come under suspicion but never K. That in itself is seems fishy and I wonder whether that’s a deliberate attempt to deflect attention from the true culprit. The skin colour remark would certainly be consistent with K’s long list of vile behaviour towards M.

  31. Athena says:

    Russell Myers reputation is trash amongst Sussex supporters, so I find it funny that he is now being referred to as a “respected royal correspondent” as if that’s his new title. He started out fair in his reporting of Meghan than sold his soul for access to royal gossip.

    I have a feeling that Kate went off on Meghan on the car ride for the walkabout. The tension was palpable when they stepped out of the car and Meghan looked shell shock.

    Kate participated in the attempt to destroy Meghan and it failed. The woman is dangerous.

  32. Stephanie says:

    Maybe an unpopular take, but I watched a lot of the footage and noticed that it was exclusively Kate being icy towards Meghan. William had some surprising moments of decency. The walkabout, he motioned Meghan over to meet the aide briefing them about the walk. Kate, on the other hand, was walking like a linebacker, wide-legged with her shoulders squared up. During the service William held Kate back to let the Sussexes pass and his body language seemed to address Meghan as she was ushered through. Kate ignored Meghan as she passed, even with Meghan giving that gentle arm touch, and stared down Harry instead.

    When all the Duchess vs. Duchess tabs started I was like, “Of course, pit the women against each other…” with an eye roll, but now I’m of the opinion that it was absolutely Kate who had the initial problem with Meghan and influenced things to the point where it spiraled from there. Kate, who thought Harry was on track to marry a little English girl with enough respect for the monarchy that she could boss her around, Kate who must have balked at a woman who had actually lived a life and created her own means prior to marriage which posed a threat to her and Ma Middleton. Like, I can completely see an emergency summit at the Middleton home once Meghan was on the scene. I’m sure William is against Meghan for his own reasons now, but it seems like he can at least be decent to her when the situation warrants it, but Kate is beyond help. She’s so full of distain she can’t keep it off her face.

    • Underhill says:

      You’re not wrong. Kate’s face. It turns hatchet-like when Meghan is around. Right from the first. The looks I saw on her face, and on Camilla’s face during the wedding. It was either stony disapproval or derision. You can’t make friends with that.

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree with your assessment. William was acting polite toward Meghan during the walkabout. It was kate who looked hatchet faced and icy the whole time. Maybe William still has issues with Meghan but he did not make it obvious that day.

      He also didn’t have to look back at them during the jubilee service, whereas kate had to stare at them and make a face.

    • Islandgirl says:

      Totally agree with you Stephanie.
      As someone who gave Kate the benefit of the doubt, even after the Commonwealth Service, the various events of the funeral clearly showed that she was making no effort to even acknowledge Meghan.
      William tried on occasions to be civil …not Kate.

    • @Stephanie. ITA. It’s Kate who instigated the hate against Meghan. I remember William was still decent and civil with Meghan at the beginning. There were pics where William and Meghan greeted each other with a kiss outside a church. But it was Kate who stirred and stirred the pot against Meghan out of sheer jealousy and envy. She and her mother agitated and brainwashed William and the rest of the RF to throw Meghan out to the rota wolves. She’s not kind and compassionate at all. She has no empathy. She’s fake all around and a narcissistic b—-ch.

  33. equality says:

    So old Will can be friendly toward PH if he is under his control and doesn’t publish his book? Love is conditional in the RF. Some family, especially some family to be future church leaders. And Kate is setting herself up with her public behavior. IF PW ever does decide to divorce her, he can lay the whole H&M icing out on her.

  34. Underhill says:

    I have exactly the same relationship with my sister in law. I was friendly at first, but when it was clear that the ice queen act was not a mask she could take off, and when she insulted me to my face, that was it. “It will be nice to finally have a sister”, I said, and I meant it. I felt the lack, growing up. She gave me her best dead eye and said, “I already have sisters, I don’t need any more”. And that was it. I was seventeen, and an insecure little cupcake, but I knew for a fact that I was done with her. Some people are just too toxic to have in your life.

    • Kristin says:

      Ugh, that’s awful! Your sister-in-law sounds alot like mine. Made me a bridesmaid and then spent the entire wedding weekend ghosting me and flat-out ignoring me. Talked to all the other bridesmaids but wouldn’t even look at me. I was almost in tears by the time the whole thing was over. I decided then and there that I was done trying!

  35. My opinion says:

    There was short clip after the walkabout when they all were behind the car. Kate took two menacing steps towards Meghan with an icy stare that made my blood run cold. Meghan shrunk back and Harry reached to pull her near. It was so telling, Kate is a nasty mean and dangerous woman. I don’t want to take any blame off William but it’s clear, Kate tried to destroy Meghan and she’s furious she failed. Kate’s evil to the core and deserves the miserable life she has. I hope karma comes slow and steady for her in the years to come.

    • Just me says:

      Am I the only one who wished Megan would have either stood in place or took a step towards Kate back and met her stare down with her own back ? Why would Megan be afraid of Kate ?
      Kate is hardly scary , personally I would have done just that and made sure my phone was recording in my purse when we all got back in the car.

      Maybe I’ve just been in the corporate world too long 🙃 But Kate’s an easy bitch to take down , the stupid ones always are……

      • yellowy says:

        Kate was playing checkers, pulling focus with gurning and hostile body language in front of her beloved British Media and the hostile royalists in the crowd who smirked at and ignored her sister in law. Meghan was playing 4D chess. She was at a Royal flower memorial and supporting her grieving husband and behaved as such. She was gracious, unfailingly polite and modest in the face of hostility on all sides.

        Advantage Markle.

      • Feeshalori says:

        @Just Me, l agree with you, I was wishing Megan stood her ground and gave her back stare for stare. She could have still been polite, gracious and grieving but not taking that crap from her SIL.

  36. Jean says:

    Just shows what a shallow unhappy, dysfunctional family the Windsors are, women in their 5th decade can’t get along, pathetic!

  37. ML says:

    Given how rude Kate was to Meghan during the walkabout and during the funeral, which Kate did not try to hide at all, I don’t believe that she kept her mouth shut around Meghan at all. Meghan was so uncertain when she emerged from that car. I’m so glad she’s left that family behind!

  38. tamsin says:

    That picture of the Wicked Wives of Windsor with Meghan standing alone and a little off to the side tells the whole story. They don’t look sad- they look mean and haughty. Imagine three middle-aged mean girls displaying themselves to the world. That three women with public lives cannot keep their pettiness under control to present a united front speaks volumes about their character. My heart goes out to Meghan for having to endure them for an entire two weeks. I have no doubt her sadness over the death of the Queen is genuine- both for herself, and for Harry in losing the only and last support in his family.

  39. 809Matriarch says:

    I wish they would just get off this “truce” mess. There is NO truce. Harry doesn’t owe any of them anything!

    They have been taking and taking and taking and taking. Well now they can take one on the CHIN! Harry cannot and will not let them SILENCE him now. If he gives them that kind of major concession, it would NEVER end! I’m glad he has good people around him for support AND therapy.

  40. sparrow says:

    I know this is a big ask, but does anyone have a link to the interaction in the cathedral where Kate had to stand aside for M&H to go into the pew? I’ve just watched some of the funeral again on the BBC and it’s a really high overhead shot at that point and I can’t see any of it.

  41. Jaded says:

    I’d be interested in my fellow CBer’s opinions as to what they think happened in the car just prior to them arriving at the walkabout/flower viewing. From the body language and tension you could clearly see, do you think Kate had some kind of hissy fit at Meghan and it turned into a family feud with everybody yelling at each other? Harry defending Meghan? William telling Kate to STFU? Poor Meghan looked shell-shocked and Kate continued to give her a very threatening stink-eye when they got near to each other as they returned to the car. Something REALLY bad must have gone down on the drive there.

    • sparrow says:

      Wasn’t there a rumour that they all had to wait for Meghan to do her makeup, which was released to make her seem precious and self absorbed but is actually 100 per cent understandable given the following scenario: I wonder whether Kate was under the impression she and William were the only ones going to the flowers or possibly the good old three with Harry joining them, tail between his legs. I can imagine Meghan was talked round last minute and did, naturally, go to get ready. At that point I think Kate was perhaps waiting, getting angrier and angrier. During the car ride I can see William talking to M&H, as in this is what we’ll be doing, this is what security advises, blah blah blah. All very basic but at least talking. Her husband’s interaction probably made Kate reach boiling point – how dare her husband talk to Meghan. When they get out of the car, Kate distances herself from the three of them in disgust, possibly she felt betrayed by William for talking with M&H during the brief journey. Back at the car, I think Kate’s hateful stare and stance was a matter of, there, it’s done, now things are back on full volume hatred of you, Meghan. I wonder whether Kate had been warned there’d be boo-ing of Meghan and when it didn’t happen she was angry as all hell and that look of hate is of a woman feeling betrayed by the British public. It also seems to be a look of, you’ve gone and worked your magic.

      • Jaded says:

        Sounds about right Sparrow, good take. It’s almost as if Meghan and Harry were asked as a last-minute afterthought, and although Kate had all day to get gussied up, Meghan had to spend some time on hair, makeup, get her dress ironed, etc. and Kate couldn’t wait patiently. She may have also been so incensed that Meghan was invited instead of just Harry that she completely lost her sh*t and composure, and threw a tantrum. We all know how Kate HAS to be the centre of attention, and boy did she do that, albeit not in the way she anticipated.

    • Mary says:

      Yes, @Jaded, for Meghan to look the way she did (scared) when she got out of the vehicle, and to react to Kate’s abrupt stance the way she did tells me that something did happen in the car (or just prior).

      • Mary says:

        @jaded, forgot to mention that Kate was well known for giving other women that “very threatening stink-eye” when she was dating William. There are also instances where she did that to other royal family members in public. In particular, I remember the time the royal family came out of church at Kate’s first Balmoral Christmas walk and she was standing in the way of Eugenie who bumped into Kate on her way down the steps to go attend to the Queen (hold flowers). Kate turned and looked at her and gave her the longest stink eye look! It makes me wonder if that stink eye is taken as a harbinger of pissiness to come. Also, during one of Harry and Meghan’s first balcony appearance there was a point at which Kate turned and tried to talk to Harry and he totally blanked her. Kate just stood there and stared at them both for the longest time until she finally turned back around. I haven’t been able to find that footage again but that was another very clear example of Kate staring down someone in public.

  42. Robin Samuels says:

    I don’t comment concerning Kate because I find her demeanor to be so unroyal, if there ever is such a thing. Her behavior reflects the support from trolls and bots; they’re her friends. Kate knew the cameras were on her, so she gave her fans the performance they wanted, one she would someday regret.
    However, Meghan is a trained kickboxer. Her stepping back was not about fear but about Kate not forcing her to display her skills publicly. If Meghan felt threatened by Kate attempting to assault her, she would have planted her entire foot in Kate’s bony chest and the other foot on her skinny neck. Of course, Meghan’s arrest would be imminent, so she let Harry handle the situation.

    • yellowy says:

      Yep. Meghan was supporting her grieving husband in front of the world’s press.

      Kate was fighting in the girls dormitory over the cute ginger Prince.

  43. Sane Person says:


  44. Wild Rose says:

    Greetings Everyone,

    My only thoughts on Bill’s mrs is what a sanctimonious hypocrite who is totally devoid of basic human decency to the extent that even kindness is not worth her time and actually enjoys inflicting more pain which is written all over her face.

    So much for the Mental Wellness platform that both Bill and his mrs preach to the masses at every opportunity. This is a case of stick to the script, do what we say and do not look too closely.

    Shame on Middleton and anyone who believes in the fairy tale that she is close to Sainthood.

    Have a magical day wherever you may be and see you on the other side of the mountain.

  45. blunt talker says:

    The UK royal family offers nothing but hate and division-let them try to reign the UK media and see what happens-they are not the Windsor family-they are the Murdock family-the Murdock family owns the royals lock stock and barrel-the only power the royals have eating each other alive which benefits the real royals Murdock and family.

  46. ThisWitchIsntDead says:

    My stomach is still in knots from the second video of Kate. I don’t even know how to describe what she did. I’ve never seen whatever that was before. I also feel so ashamed that I didn’t fully realize the extent of Kate’s psychopathy. Kate is THE problem. I just want to give Meghan a hug.

  47. CKB says:

    You can put fashionable clothes on Kate, give her title after title and she will still
    be nothing more than white trash. There’s just nothing that can change that. She knows she can’t hold a candle to Meghan and she’s is going to act like the white trash she is.

  48. February Pisces says:

    Kate has always been obsessed with harry and all his girlfriends. She hated chelsy and Cressida. I remember all the stories about how she disapproved of Cressida who was dating harry after kate married in, and therefore Kate seemed to believe she had some say in the matter.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if kate was in love with him, she’s definitely infatuated by him. Even before Meghan when it was the three of them she really loved sandwiching herself between the two brothers like she had claim to both of them. I think kate liked being seen as the number one woman in Harry’s life.

    Weeks after Archie was born when it was trooping the colour, she literally dressed baby Louie up in Harry’s baby clothes, knowing that there would be side by side comparisons of her son and harry. She was probably jealous of Meghan giving birth to Harry’s son.

    But as we all saw during the queens funeral, she is nothing to him, she might as well be invisible.