Anthony Mackie is personally repairing homes damaged by Hurricane Ida

I know only about five people will comment on this because Anthony Mackie keeps a low profile and these “celebrities doing good deeds” stories don’t get much attention. People always ask for them though so honk if you want more stories about celebrities being good people! As many of you know I love Anthony Mackie. I know The Falcon and The Winter Soldier came out a whole year and a half ago, but don’t sleep on Anthony Mackie. He is an incredible actor and I’m excited to see him as Captain America. Mackie spends his non-acting time running a remodeling business in New Orleans, where he lives. He has a crew of people working for him and he does a lot of the work himself. That includes when he is volunteering to help others. Anthony is part of a volunteer effort with roofing company GAF that is helping repair homes in the Seventh Ward which were damaged by Hurricane Ida last year. He met with the homeowners he was helping and posed for photos, but it looks like the local news were the ones picking up and promoting this story – not his publicist. He did post about it to Instagram.

A superhero is now coming to the rescue of families with roof damage in the Seventh Ward and beyond.

“Captain America” actor Anthony Mackie didn’t bring his shield but showed his skill with a nail gun on top of William Evan’s home on North Johnson Street.

The Marvel Studios star was part of the crew installing a new roof on the storm-damaged house.

“To be able to show up and help somebody with the basic foundation of their home is very important,” Mackie said.

Evans, a 90-year-old Korean War veteran and his daughter Redell Warren were excited to meet Mackie.

“He was up there too with the guys on the roof and everything,” Warren said. “I knew the face then I said I know that face. My grandson, he’s 14, he watches the movies and he said that’s the man from Marvels, the hero, you know.”

The award-winning actor is proud of his roots.

“I always tell people I was born in the Seventh Ward,” Mackie said. “I grew up in the Seventh Ward and I’ll die in the Seventh Ward. Right now, I live in the Seventh Ward.”

Mackie’s father was also a roofer in the Seventh Ward.

“There were many people in our neighborhood, he would go to their houses on the weekend and do some patchwork on the old lady on the corner’s roof because he saw that some of the shingles were not right,” he said.

Mackie is teaming up with roofing manufacturer GAF and Rebuilding Together New Orleans to repair and replace 500 roofs throughout the Gulf Region, starting with 150 in the Seventh Ward.


As my friend Zakia who sent me this story said, “Brad Pitt would never.” Also, look at how Mackie just showed up, did the work and interacted with people and didn’t center himself in this story! This is so rare. It took other people recognizing him for this to get coverage and I would bet he’s done this for countless other families without being noticed. I respect and appreciate him so much.

Captain America: New World Order is in preproduction now and filming starts next year. Mackie told E! News that he wants a fight scene that will rival the elevator fight scene in The Winter Soldier. He also had the most wholesome interview with Laverne Cox at the Grammys where he told her that he’s known her for 25 years because she used to wait on him and his friend at the restaurant where she worked in Union Station.

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  1. Ariel says:

    This isn’t the point – but this makes me despise Brad Pitt more for using my magical city for pr and screwing over poor people.

    It’s nice to read about human decency from time to time.

    You know Mackie is a New Orleans boy when he starts talking about his momma’s gumbo.

  2. Jais says:

    I like the feel good articles. Sometimes there’s nothing to really comment or say except yay! And love him. Which I do love mackie. Also love the dolly and lil nas articles.

    • jo73c says:

      Yes – this sums it up. There’s not always a lot to say, except that we need to hear these stories to give us hope amongst the dumpster fire that is everything else.

  3. Michael says:

    He is a very low-key guy who is very dedicated to New Orleans and sticks around instead of flying in to play Super Hero and then leaving. You never hear about his personal life at all. When he got divorced I was shocked because I never even knew he was married and I still do not know his ex wife’s name or the name of his kids. There are quite a few stars like this who do their job but live their lives as normal people outside the LA bubble. It seems healthier to me

  4. Owlsyn says:

    Honk for the Falcon, us birds need to stick together (I know he’s Captain America now but my bird joke doesn’t work with that).

  5. Margot says:

    Thank you for this – respect.

  6. Alice in Wonderland says:

    Honking for Mackie!

  7. Laugh Lines says:

    THIS is how it’s done!! Such a class act – big love to Antony!! Just wish I liked Marvel shows more, but I do watch everything he’s in.

  8. LolaB says:

    As a fellow New Orleanian, people in town have nothing but nice things to say about him. Total mench.

  9. Steph says:

    Honk! Especially if it involves Anthony and/or Sebby.
    When art imitates life. It reminds me of Sam and Bucky fixing the fishing boat in FatWS

  10. t fanty fan says:

    Honk. Seems like a great guy.

  11. El says:

    Another honk for positive stories. This was a nice morning read.

  12. libellule says:

    Mackie seems like a great guy. I haven’t heard a bad word about him.

    Please more stories like this! I know royal stories bring more clicks but I’m getting tired of them

    • laurie says:

      @ libellule. Agree 100%. Love this story, love Mackie, and he’s pretty damn hot too! I can’t read any more fakaka sh*t being written by those loony toon racists. I subscribe to vanity fair and ripped out the articles on OW (and the cover) and the royal family because they just enrage me.

  13. Queenie says:

    So much more meaningful that someone making an announcement about how amazing they are. Also, i love the positive celebrity stories And also anything that has to do with animals doing cute stuff!

  14. Lauren says:

    I have always liked Anthony Mackie in the roles I have seen him play even before Marvel. The fact that he is an actual decent person who is also literally doing the work to help repair homes in New Orleans just makes me a super fan now. More stories like this please.

    • MF says:

      Yeah, big fan of Mackie, even outside of Marvel. He’s very charismatic and can play anything–comedy, action, drama, etc. I hope he gets more big headlining roles in addition to a few Cap America movies.

    • elle says:

      Bravo! More stories like these, please.

  15. souperkay says:

    Cap deserves that next level fight scene because he isn’t a mutant, alien or adopter of the super soldier serum. Let him have a bigger, better one just through the work he has put in to be Cap.

    Also, he’s doing Cap IRL with his New Orleans business & not staging it for his gain. Go Captain America!

  16. stacia says:

    honk! 😀

  17. Donna says:

    Honk! Honk! Yes more articles like these especially for those celebs who are on the ground actually doing the work and not just attaching their name to it.

    • equality says:

      It’s great when those who have the skills can help and not just attach their name. But attaching their name at least brings attention for those without the time or ability.

  18. TIFFANY says:

    Honk for Anthony.

    Look at his Spike Lee film, She Hate Me.

    It is a little known film from all involved, but it is very good.

  19. KansasGal says:


    • T says:

      I love that there are still worthy people in the world just doing their own small part to try and help one another. Thank you Anthony!

  20. Sara says:

    HONK-HONK for hunky do-gooders!

  21. Eloisa says:

    Honk! This is great, a man who do things for altruism and a big Hart and not for pr. Thanks

  22. EllaEncanto says:

    Thank you for this great story! I still enjoy the royal stories but it’s always nice to have some positivity to start the day 😉

  23. BeanieBean says:

    I clicked on this story because I liked the sound of it, not knowing who the fellow was (sorry, don’t watch superhero movies). Sounds like a great guy who came from a great family. New Orleans should be proud.
    It’s also hard not to contrast this with what Brad Pitt did. Anthony Mackie is worth a gazillion BPs. Yes, please, honk for more stories like this, and just more Anthony Mackie stories in general.

  24. happy_fat_mama says:

    what a lovely way to start the day, with a storey like this.

  25. girl_ninja says:

    Well done Anthony “Captain America” Mackie. Screw you Brad Pitt.

  26. HeatherC says:


    I love these stories, great way to start the week with some IRL super heroism. Other celebs (* cough* Brad Pitt *cough*) could learn a thing or two. He isn’t a celeb stamping his name on some initiative. he IS the initiative!

  27. Bridget says:

    Good job, Anthony! This is a man who loves his home town and is showing it.

  28. Truthiness says:


  29. IForget says:

    Honks for more stories like this!

  30. EmVMe says:

    This is amazing and inspired.

  31. Beth Coffey says:

    He is such a beautiful man — inside and out. And how lovely that he doesn’t have a publicist on site!

  32. Annaloo. says:

    I worked on the film Shelter that starred him. He was a pure gem, and not surprised by his generosity of time and spirit.. The producers of that film, not so much. Awful to crew, just terrible.

  33. HillaryIsAlwaysRight says:


  34. chumsley says:

    Honk honk! As much as I like to read all the stories about the royals, it’s nice to have a short break and read something about celebs helping people rather than being awful.

  35. JRenee says:

    W2G, it’s nice to be this generous and stay low key!

  36. Janet DR says:

    Honk! What a good celebrity story 💗

  37. SomeChick says:

    honk! I’m guilty of not commenting on the happy stories, but I love reading them.

  38. Formal Gumby says:

    These kind of stories are my jam. What a nice human he seems to be.

  39. Mosie says:

    More of this!

  40. This is not a Ghoul! says:

    HONK!!! Honkhonk!!!!111oneoneone!

  41. Tiffany:) says:

    I don’t watch Marvel movies, but I love this story. He seems like a very kind person, love to see it.

  42. jferber says:

    I love this man for so many reasons. Good actor? Check. Kind person? Check. Handsome af? Check.

  43. SophieJara says:

    Honk honk!!!!!!! Love it. Too many people are the absolute worst I like a little joy wirh my day

  44. KimmyChoo says:

    HONK! I love these stories! I am guilty of not commenting as often as I should.

  45. Dazed and Confused says:

    Honk! A few years ago he did a “Day in the life” video…I think for Vanity Fair or GQ and it was delightful. Also, his Lip Sync Battle with Joseph Gordon specify is epic.

  46. sweet_chilli says:

    Love this story! Honk!

  47. Stacey Dresden says:

    Thank you Anthony Mackie!!! Wow, what a man. I was always a fan but now I will be sure to support any of his film projects!

  48. Mary says:

    Honk for Mackie and more stories like this!!! Love hearing how he partnering with others to help his community, unlike a certain “you know who.’

  49. Coco McGee says:

    Honk honk…beep beep. Sign me up for any story where the outside matches the inside.

  50. abritdebbie says:

    More nice stories. I need happy escapism.

  51. littlegossipboy says:

    He’s a great actor so I’m pleased to find out he’s a great person in general. Brad Pitt eat your heart out.