Low: Duchess Meghan dealt with disrespect, incompetence at Kensington Palace

Valentine Low’s book is Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Throne. We’ve known for a few months that Low’s book would come out this fall, as royal reporters try to rush their books out before Prince Harry’s memoir blows them out of the water. Low broke a lot of the “Duchess Meghan bullied staffers” stories, meaning he has a direct line of communication to Jason Knauf and the Tory operatives running Prince William as their useful idiot. That’s how Low’s book should be read as well – it’s not *just* William smearing Harry and Meghan endlessly, there’s a political element too. The politics of white supremacy, the politics of a regressive, conservative institution expelling the progressive operatives (in this case, Harry and Meghan) and trying to delegitimize any agent of progress. Low’s book was excerpted in the Times and there’s too much to discuss, so I’m breaking the excerpt into two parts. This is Part 1. It involves Harry’s suspicions of the palace operatives even before he met Meghan, and how much worse everything got when the lazy, incompetent, racist morons of Kensington Palace had to deal with Meghan.

Before he met Meghan, Harry spoke of The Palace Syndrome: “He definitely had mistrust of the courtiers at Buckingham Palace and his father’s palace,” said one source. This could lead to tensions within his own team who were based at Kensington Palace. “He would use this phrase the whole time, ‘the palace syndrome’, when you won’t fight the battles he wants, because you have been institutionalised. Giving in to the media was a key symptom of whether you had developed it. It was a constant test of loyalty: ‘Are you going to protect me? Or have you just become one of them, who won’t fight for me?’ It was exhausting.”

Pre-Meghan tensions between brothers: They both want to get involved in the same areas, such as conservation, and that could lead to tensions. Harry would also express his frustration at the people working for him. They were holding him back. Some of his advisers spent much of their time talking him down from the various things he wanted to do because it would not fit into the bigger picture of what the three of them – William, Kate and Harry – were trying to achieve.

When the media learned he was dating Meghan: Faced with hordes of journalists intent on trawling through every aspect of Meghan’s life, Harry became determined to protect his girlfriend. Meghan, meanwhile, told him that if he did not do something about it, she would break off the relationship. A source said: “She was saying, ‘If you don’t put out a statement confirming I’m your girlfriend, I’m going to break up with you.’ ” Harry was in a panic. Another source said: “He was freaking out, saying, ‘She’s going to dump me.’ ”…Meghan wanted public validation that this was a serious relationship. She was convinced that the palace was unwilling to protect her from media intrusion. She told Harry’s staff: “I know how the palace works. I know how this is going to play out. You don’t care about the girlfriend.”

The challenge of Meghan: Harry’s staff knew that Meghan was different from other royal girlfriends. She had her own opinions and would let people know what they were. In the spring of 2017, more than six months before the couple were engaged, she told one of Harry’s advisers: “I think we both know I’m going to be one of your bosses soon.”

Security issues: In the immediate period after her arrival in London there was no straightforward mechanism for providing Meghan with full-time police protection, especially at a time when the palace was trying to slim down the level of security provided to members of the royal family. Such matters were decided by a Home Office committee called Ravec. Harry’s private secretary at the time, Ed Lane Fox…argued Meghan needed to be protected immediately. “Ed had to wage a huge battle to get them to understand that she would not be able to live her life without police protection. Meghan had no idea that this was even happening, because we did not want her to have another reason to think that she wasn’t going to be welcomed. Ed did amazing things for her behind the scenes, but none of them was really appreciated.” To Harry and Meghan, the two months that it took to get a decision about her security seemed like an age. They felt as if the powers that be were simply unwilling to provide her with the security she needed.

Early staff problems: Relations between Meghan and the team at Kensington Palace were fraying fast. In late 2017, after the couple’s engagement was announced, a senior aide discreetly raised with the couple the difficulties caused by their treatment of staff. People needed to be treated well and with some understanding, even when they were not performing to Harry and Meghan’s standards, they suggested. Meghan was said to have replied, “It’s not my job to coddle people.”

Meghan was being insulted: Meanwhile, she wasn’t dealing with the more junior staff, even people whom William and Kate – and Harry, before Meghan came along – had been quite happy to engage with. It seemed that she wanted respect and having to talk to someone a bit further down the pecking order – in a small office, where there wasn’t much of a pecking order – wasn’t treating her with respect. “She would take it as an insult,” believes one source.

This story made me laugh: At around the same time, Meghan spoke particularly harshly at a meeting to a young female member of the team in front of her colleagues. After Meghan had pulled to shreds a plan she had drawn up, the woman told Meghan how hard it would be to implement a new one. “Don’t worry,” Meghan told her. “If there was literally anyone else I could ask to do this, I would be asking them instead of you.”

Weird how there are no specifics with this story: On another occasion, when Meghan felt she had been let down over an issue that was worrying her, she rang repeatedly when the staffer was out for dinner on a Friday night. “Every ten minutes, I had to go outside to be screamed at by her and Harry. It was, ‘I can’t believe you’ve done this. You’ve let me down. What were you thinking?’ It went on for a couple of hours.” The calls started again the next morning and continued “for days”, the staffer said. “You could not escape them. There were no lines or boundaries – it was last thing at night, first thing in the morning.”

God, the staff was so incompetent: On another occasion, there was confusion over the arrangements for a London engagement by the duchess. Meghan thought that no media would be there, but it was on a press rota. It was the sort of mishap that did not go down well. The member of staff involved knew they would have to talk to Meghan about it and was dreading the prospect. After they missed a call from her, they rang back, but she did not pick up. They said: “She hasn’t called back. I feel terrified.” A short time later, they added: “This is so ridiculous. I can’t stop shaking.”

[From The Times]

There’s so much here, especially if you want to read between the lines. Harry’s comments about “the palace syndrome” are so accurate – even before he met Meghan, he knew that he couldn’t trust anyone and that they weren’t on “his side.” Advisors also had to spend “much of their time talking [Harry] down from the various things he wanted to do because it would not fit into the bigger picture of what the three of them – William, Kate and Harry – were trying to achieve.” Meaning, Harry wanted to get moving, he had ideas and he wanted to get stuff done and William and Kate wanted to be lazy and do nothing, so they held Harry back.

I don’t think Meghan gave Harry an ultimatum about releasing a statement as much as she was completely and justifiably freaked out because the British tabloids were literally hiring private investigators to pore through her life, her bank accounts, her family. I’ve often wondered if Meghan’s fight-or-flight instinct kicked in and she had a moment of wanting to nope the f–k out of there. That’s not an ultimatum, that’s “holy sh-t, are you going to leave me out here like this with no protection?”

The security issues part is fascinating, because while Low isn’t specific about the exact timeline (“In the immediate period after her arrival in London”), it seems like he means the fall of 2017, when she wrapped on Suits and moved out of her place in Toronto. The fact that she didn’t have full-time security then is shocking, because it was clear that they would be engaged soon (if they weren’t secretly engaged already – I’ve always believed that Harry proposed that summer). Low seems to be saying that Meghan didn’t get security until, like, December 2017? And the courtiers act like she should have been grateful for it, instead of completely appalled that the institution would be happy enough to see her without protection and in constant danger the second she moved to London.

As for all of the KP staff stuff – they were rude to her, they were trying to insult her, they were incompetent and lazy. When the staff f–ked up constantly, Meghan was like “Wow, galaxy-brain stuff over here.” And they’re calling that bullying. I hope Meghan actually said this to someone: “Don’t worry. If there was literally anyone else I could ask to do this, I would be asking them instead of you.” That is delightful! If that quote is accurate – and who even knows – that alone speaks volumes of what Meghan was up against with these people, especially since it’s being cited as evidence of bullying! LMAO.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Loretta says:

    I’m more and more team Meghan

    • Cessily says:

      I’m with you 100% 👏🏼

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        Same here. Something about this one sided story does not sit right with me. Meghan is a mentor and from all accounts a good one which means she has a coaching style. For her to go from that to allegedly shouting and berating means that either it was a monumental f**ck up or it didn’t happen at all. I keep asking this question though. What did the person do wrong?

      • N. says:

        There was something with somebody – Janine Gavankar mentioned that she hoped that palace staff would come out with their allegations against Meghan because that would then give Meghan a chance to clear the air, and she mentioned that Meghan still had the receipts. KP should be glad that Meghan says she chooses not to talk, instead of accusing her of making threats and throwing hand grenades etc (re: The Cut). I thought her saying she chooses not to talk was not a threat at all, it was a reminder that she’s not seeking to make trouble for anyone.

      • MeganC says:

        The KP staff were accustomed to working at William and Kate’s speed, which meant they had extremely cushy jobs. When Meghan showed up and expected them to work they resented her. Setting expectations isn’t bullying.

    • Denise says:

      I’m kinda glad that details of “bullying” are finally coming out because if these are the worst allegations they have against her…

      Even if true, being upset over security and over people not doing their job is totally valid and understandable. If this is the jist of the whole “Meghan is terrible” campaign, like wow are these courtiers delusional

      • tolly says:

        Yep. They refused to to work assigned to them, then cried when she held them accountable. The insubordination that they openly admit to is the real problem, and would be grounds for a workplace discrimination lawsuit, especially if their bosses refused to support a WOC who was having such difficulty.

      • DouchesOfCambridge says:

        They probably got her to a point where it was ridiculously ineffective and she didnt know how else to engage with people who possibly were purposely incompetent and didn’t understand a thing about their work? Anyway, Meghan is a sweetheart and a pro, and pros know what they want, just like they know what they don’t want. So it’s just normal to be told to step it up if you’re a twat at your job.

      • Lorelei says:

        It’s absolutely impossible to judge any of this when they give absolutely ZERO details, ever. (First let me just say I’m on Team Meghan and don’t believe she ever treated anyone this way.)

        But for argument’s sake, let’s say that if Meghan was demanding on a Friday afternoon that 10,000 copies of the cookbook be printed and in her office by Monday morning (I’m completely pulling this scenario out of my ass; I know this isn’t how things really work!), and the staffer told her that wouldn’t be possible, then Meghan flew off the handle, screaming at the staffer, blaming her, whatever— then we’d at least be able to have a discussion. But they never, give ANY specifics whatsoever, ever, only that M screamed and was a mean bully, so it’s asinine to try to make heads or tails of it.

        I think if (BIG “if”) she ever did call someone on a Friday night or a weekend, it was because there was something extremely time-sensitive that they’d failed to do and M had no other choice. Also, my former job involved lots of events, and working nights and weekends is just a part of it! Everyone has to do it.
        I don’t consider being called on a weekend if a colleague, or my boss, or even a volunteer needed information that only I had as some sort of bullying abuse, ffs.

        The more they all go on and on about this crap, the more it makes people sympathize with Meghan for having to deal with such cruel, lazy idiots.

    • ADS says:

      Me too!

    • ChillinginDC says:

      What a mess. And honestly I don’t believe any of those supposed comments from her. I do believe that the staff was incompetent.


        Until they name names of the people Meghan bullied, I will not believe this. Lots of he said she said quotes without naming the he or she. Horse manure!

    • Marjiscott says:

      I’m with you. Meghan is very brave and fearless.

  2. SomeChick says:

    these are pretty flimsy claims! I don’t believe she said anything like that. she doesn’t seem petty, and especially “coddle” is more of a britishism. so “it is said.” if I say something out loud in my bedroom I can then truthfully write that it had been said, and that I had heard it!

    I’m liking the mention that there is also a political element to why the rightwing media goes after them so hard. ITA and have thought that for some time. even the racism props up their goals.

    also IJWTS that I so appreciate Kaiser’s coverage, and depth of knowledge about this complicated reality drama! the Royal Housewives of Windsor is my fave reality show.
    thank you Kaiser.

    • Lemons says:

      American use “coddle” all of the time, especially in these situations. And it’s always said at a moment of frustration. And it really just confirms that these people are not working real jobs.

      For those who are trying to do real work, it must be so exhausting.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        I agree. When someone who is bad at their job cries when you call out their mistakes, they expect you to coddle them and tell them everything is all right and you didn’t mean it. F*ck that! I meant it! Meghan is a bad b*tch. “It’s not my job to coddle people.” Lol! And the Firm sounds like a poorly run government. Like they are operating out of the 1600s and haven’t modernized or sped anything up since. Nor do they expect anyone to do any better than they would have then. When Peggings and Jeggings’ stuff is run so poorly and their disatour goes poorly and nothing the courtiers and staff ever do for them is right, you know Harry and Meghan have been telling the truth all along. They have standards for themselves as well as their employees, but the staff there expects a “good job, old boy” and pats on the back and pay “rises” for doing diddly squat…poorly.

      • Jais says:

        There was a clip circulating on Twitter and I can’t remember who the man was but he was speaking about Meghan’s experience at the palace. I think it was with cnn and was part of the funeral coverage? But essentially he said that Meghan was a professional woman and a lot of the women working at the palace were debutantes that were used to working from 9-12 and then leaving.

      • sparky says:

        The debutante comment was made by an historian during the QEII funeral coverage. (I heard it live so it was prob MSNBC as I’m trying to boycott CNN.) The comment was made in relation to a discussion of Meghan being painted as a horrible person to work for. Meghan wanted a full days work and these young ladies peaced out after lunch.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        Americans do not use the words coddle in terms of work relationships.

      • Becks1 says:

        LOL, I love when we disagree over what words Americans do and don’t say. I would absolutely use coddle in a work situation, but maybe not to the person’s face. “they expect me to coddle them and I can’t do it anymore, omg, they’re annoying me so much.” (and I mean I would say that to my boss.)

      • SomeChick says:

        perhaps so, but I still think all of these quotes are completely made up.

    • The Recluse says:

      So basically, the palace is staffed by people who defenders of stale traditions and social gadflies who are like Kate, in that they don’t really want to work. They just want the prestige of the position for bragging purposes. That must have been utterly aggravating for Harry and Meghan, especially Meghan, who had experience dealing with how Americans tend to roll their sleeves up and get to work.

  3. Veda says:

    What this shows is that the palace has NO understanding of how a real workplace works. They consider themselves bureaucrats who are the puppeteers and the politicians/royals they serve as their puppets. No wonder their foreign tours are such disasters

    • equality says:

      Yeah. They proved their competence with the Caribbean tour. And their professionalism when they leaked that Meghan was suicidal and that they called her nasty names. Gee, I wonder why she didn’t like and trust them.

      • Eurydice says:

        Oh dear, the Caribbean tour. And did Will the Incandescent come back and tell his staff – “It’s ok, I looked like a fool, but I’m sure you did your best. Here’s a gold star for effort.”

      • MeganC says:

        The laziness and thoughtlessness with which the Caribbean tour was arranged is really appalling. Their entire staff should have been fired.

      • girl_ninja says:

        The incompetence and laziness shown by the staffers of that tour is a direct result of their leaders. Will and Kate are not just lazy but stupid. Their staff has nowhere to go but down, so that’s what happened.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ girl_ninja, that is how I see it. The Caribbean flop tour was all on Incandescent and KHate NOT on their courtiers. They wanted to stand in the Jeep that QEII and PP had, that wasn’t something that the staff came up with. KHate own actions with the natives was the blaring narrative of how she sees POC, and you can’t excuse her for her own actions.

    • goofpuff says:

      Yes these stories just show how incompetent the KP staff is. Meghan was a miracle worker to be able to get any meaningful work done while having to deal with this useless staff. You can work around one person but when it’s the entire staff. Ugh. I would have left too.

      • ciotogista says:

        It’s funny how the royal family is a family when it’s convenient for them and a firm/workplace when it’s convenient for them.

    • Doobeedoobeedoo… says:

      Yes Veda, this!!! People see the results of courtiers work in the disaster-prone trips and we’re supposed to believe that behind the scenes they have their act together? I mean that doesn’t even make sense.

  4. SarahLee says:

    I’ve thought from the beginning that this “bullying” was Meghan simply pushing people to do their jobs. She expected a certain level of competence and was likely shocked when she saw the truth.

    The only story in here that gives me any sort of pause is the constant calling of the staffer on a Friday night and over the weekend. If it truly was just to berate, then what is the point? Much more effective to make one call and say “I’m really disappointed, and we’ll talk about this on Monday morning.”

    • Amy Bee says:

      A lot is missing from that story. It doesn’t state why Meghan and Harry was calling them. Was she/he supposed to get back to them by the end of the day? Did the person leave work early before completing a task. So without specifics, even this story doesn’t hold water or causes me to pause.

      • Carole says:

        That’s exactly what I thought. What was it about? They don’t mention that. Some pretty awful stuff was done to Meghan and Harry by their staff and the other palaces, which would more than justify them being upset and worried.

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t fully buy that story because it feeds too much into the “she sent 5 am emails” without specifics narrative, BUT let’s pretend that it is true, and Meghan was calling one staffer repeatedly on a Friday night and Saturday.

        Given the lack of specifics, its clear that the reason Meghan was calling the staffer was bc the staffer messed something up or missed something (and wont admit that bc it makes them look worse.) Maybe there was an engagement that Saturday and the staffer didn’t prepare a briefing memo. Maybe it was right before a tour, etc.

        When the only specifics we are hearing relate to how awful Meghan is, then its clear that either its made up, or that the other side of that story completely explains her behavior, and that’s why we’re not hearing it.

      • Feeshalori says:

        There are always two sides to every story and we’re hearing a heavily loaded one side here. If this is true, what was the behavior that caused her to do this? What exactly was the situation, maybe a much needed brief that she required for an event that weekend that was never produced? Yeah, I’d be calling in a frenzy as well if that were the case.

      • Jodes says:

        Could be the leaking of her letter by JK. I’d be continually ringing and blasting also. What a gross breach of privacy.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I think that this entire scenario is utter bullshit. I don’t see Meghan nor Harry for that matter calling an incompetent staffer over hours upon hours and into the following day. Now IF there was a call, it may have been an inquiry as to the supposed “finished” duty.

        I find it likely that Meghan went to the necessary offices and completed the work on her own.

        As someone that has suffered from incompetent support staff, I too have just gone and done it myself as well.

      • Feeshalori says:

        @BSN, rethinking it, that’s a more likely scenario if any of this is true. Maybe an initial call to determine status of the purported project. I’m sure neither of them would waste valuable time chasing after a staffer and would just be hands-on getting the work done on their own or find their own resources in assisting them.

    • equality says:

      To really know the specifics you would have to know what the parameters of the palace work were. Since there are engagements that are in the evening or where they would have to get moving in the early morning, shouldn’t there be some staff in charge of those who would be expected to work odd hours?

    • windyriver says:

      It sounds like a story lifted from The Devil Wears Prada – which, maybe it was…

    • Snuffles says:

      I can give you a hypothetical. There could have been a public event scheduled for Monday that they team should have completed preparations for before the weekend. But their staff decided to fuck off early without finishing anything. If it was something like that, I could see them calling them repeatedly to get back into the office and do their job.

      • SarahLee says:

        Good points all, and yes I know there is no context. My only point is that on the face of it (all these stories) that’s the only one that remotely could be considered overboard, and you are all correct that without context, we don’t even know if it was overboard.

      • Feeshalori says:

        @Snuffles, l said something similar up thread before l saw yours.

    • tolly says:

      First call: Did you just walk out without dealing with X? Get back here.
      Subsequent calls: Where are you? I need this fixed for Monday.

      Honestly, if an employee messed up and the first call didn’t motivate them to rectify the situation, the second call would be to fire them. This B just shrugged and went back to her dinner date.

    • goofpuff says:

      It sounds like an example of an employee not doing their job and the boss having to call to get them back in to finish a time sensitive task.

      • Green girl says:

        Agreed. I am trying to think of what I would do if my boss called me after work on a Friday. I think I would pick up right away so whatever they needed gets resolved right away! Because why would I ignore my boss and let the phone ring repeatedly every 10 minutes for hours even on a Friday night???

        And if Meghan was calling with new directions and additional questions every 10 minutes then that should have been mentioned. I think this “source” would have garnered more sympathy if they took the first call and resolved the issue, then took a second call 10 minutes later with a new issue, etc.

    • MsIam says:

      When you look at how organized Harry and Meghan are with their trips to New York, to Invictus, the NAACP awards, even Meghan’s impromptu trip to Texas, you can tell these people have their shit together. I hardly doubt Meghan would spend two hours calling the same person every 10 minutes. This person, if they even exist, was incompetent and probably not doing their job. Meghan seems like the type who will say “You know what, never mind, I’ll do it myself.”

      • Eurydice says:

        And not just calling the same person every 10 minutes for 2 hours, but continuing to call this person “for days.” And not just Meghan doing the calling and shouting, but also Harry. So, whom do we believe – Harry and Meghan, who have never been known to behave this way ever since the beginning of their lives? Or an anonymous quote cited by a known liar?

      • Truthiness says:

        💯 When you see their work after leaving you see where they wanted to go and they needed the right kind of staff. Hell, just looking at the cookbook and the capsule collection makes me wonder how Meghan did it. Once Meghan hit one homer out of the park Pegging had to make sure staff would be undermining them at every step, even harder than he worked to prevent the marriage in the first place.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Truthiness, oh, I like where you have gone with this. Pegginton certainly would have used his power to cause as much chaos as possible. He certainly couldn’t have his SIL out work and outshine himself!! No, he certainly crafted an hostile work environment for Meghan. They did it to Harry for years and look at how well that worked out for them!!!!

    • Sid says:

      SarahLee, remember how the BM screeched about 5 AM e-mails? Then during the copyright appeal we saw that in the 5 AM e-mail, Meghan profusely apologized for contacting snake Jason Knauf because of the time difference but explained that she was worried about her mother’s safety? If the Friday/ weekend call story is true, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a similar case where if we were to see the details we would all understand why those calls were necessary.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Why didn’t this weekend call scenario submitted along with the 5 am texting complaint back with the bullying investigation? I’m sure if this was around at that time, it certainly would have been additional ammunition in their arsenal of bullying complaints against Meghan. Ooooh, they suddenly remembered! Or just making it up as you go along, as usual?

  5. Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

    I’m going to get that the person who was told “if there was anyone else” was already getting weepy and making excuses, and that WAS a direct quote, but made in a ‘this is your chance to shine, so take it’ tone of encouragement. That’s IF this quote is even true.

    • Carty says:

      Maybe this was the person that was fired for gross incompetence that Janina referred to in that interview, and that Meghan had ‘receipts’. I think they were trying to sabotage her work to make her look bad and she wasn’t having it. Don’t even get me started on them denying her security. What the hell? Can’t wait for Harry’s book.

      • MsIam says:

        That’s my thought, that it was Melissa. She supposedly lied about her experience and only got the job upon Jason Knauf’s recommendation. I can totally believe Meghan saying that about her.

  6. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Every time these reporters try to paint Meghan in a bad light, they make the royals and their staff look even worse 🤣🤣🤣. I’m loving it!

    • Christine says:

      They really don’t get how they are telling on the entire system. Hi, Various Palaces, it’s not going to work out well for you if you don’t figure out that hiring the children of various aristocrats is the very definition of stupidity. Harry and Meghan’s well-educated, and more to the point, MOTIVATED, staff has been running crop circles around you for over two years.

      • TEALIEF says:

        Basic rule before leaving your job for the evening is the obligatory email/text to your team/boss telling them you’re leaving in an hour, is there anything they require of you or need to know. Which means 1) You’re checking in.  2) There is a heads up. 3) There’s enough lead time so all involve can get their acts together vis-à-vis you for the day, the next day, or before the weekend. This email bookends the starter email sent in the morning: I’m here, what do I need to know and to prioritize.

        These people are not used to working in a professional environment or capacity and couldn’t level up.

  7. Miranda says:

    I actually really, really want that “I’d ask them instead of you” quote to be genuine. Meghan deserves one damn moment of angry, fed-up snark, FFS. No one should ever have to be as perfect as what they demanded of her (and then kept moving that goalpost).

    • CuriousCole says:

      I really want it to be true too!! I can barely imagine how shocked she must’ve been by the depths of incompetence of staff at a freaking palace. It must’ve been so validating to Harry to have her perspective on it though, he’d been gaslit for a solid decade about how things *should* normally work.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      You’re right. That’s the only one where I cringed a little looking at it from the perspective of a grunt and thought, “If true, she could have handled that a little better,” but you know what? Nobody is perfect, nobody is always on or always charming when it comes to stressful situations, and she had a lot to deal with. She’s human, and should be able to have an occasional moment where she reacts to stress in an imperfect way without it being spun as proof that she’s some evil selfish person.
      The other stories, if true, are pretty reasonable reactions from Meghan and Harry based on their circumstances. If all of this was Meghan at her “worst”, (over a period of years where she was put through some pretty dangerous shit that not everybody would have safely made it out of) it just confirms what a ridiculous smear campaign this all was. None of this behavior makes her a bully, or justifies the way she gets treated.

      • Shawna says:

        I could see there have been an omitted statement from the staffer to the effect of, “Why should I have to do this?” or “I don’t think I’m able to do that.” Then, “if I could ask anyone else, I would,” would work both ways: acknowledgement of the hard situation and dry humor to get some modicum of her frustration communicated without being too rude.

      • Sid says:

        Otaku, like Shawna said I have a suspicion we are missing some context there, much like no context was provided about 5AM e-mails but then later we found out it was one e-mail where Meghan apologized for the time and explained she was worried about her mother’s safety.

        I also have a suspicion that the personal assistant for the wedding who was brought on by Knauf and who had no prior PA experience is the source for a lot of this.

  8. Haylie says:

    1. The incompetence level at Kensington Palace explains the whole Flop Caribbean Tour Disaster.

    2. That they withheld security for so long tells me they were trying to merk her from day one.

  9. Melissa says:

    (Meghan had no idea that this was even happening, because we did not want her to have another reason to think that she wasn’t going to be welcomed. Ed did amazing things for her behind the scenes, but none of them was really appreciated.”)

    So Meghan was supposed to show all this appreciation for things she didn’t know were happening? And this was about security. I would think a palace staff who have dealt with security over the decades of Elizabeth’s reign would not have a Keystone Cops’ level of fail.

    • Jay says:

      I caught that, too, Melissa! It shows they are really grasping at straws to try to show her in a bad light.

    • ShazBot says:

      “She wasn’t grateful enough for the things people did for her but didn’t even tell her about”

      Meghan isn’t psychic, so I guess that’s another knock against her??

      They’re obviously trying really hard to make her look bad, but they just make themselves look increasingly incompetent.

      We all remember Kate’s pie chart – those KP staffers are effing morons.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Melissa I was SCREAMING at that part!! Were they under the impression that Meghan was a mind reader?

  10. Amy Bee says:

    I was expecting more from Low but he’s just repeated what was said before the Oprah interview and he repurposed actual quotes from Harry or from Finding Freedom. Not great. All this book has proved is the bullying report couldn’t find actual evidence of Meghan bullying staff.

    • Lizzie says:

      IKR, dozens of screaming headlines in the fail for days and I kept thinking isn’t this a rehash of the lies the palaces leaked right before the Oprah interview?

    • Molly says:

      A whole lot of people WANTED all this bullying to be true, but I’m just not buying it.

  11. Jais says:

    Didn’t Kate get protection during the girlfriend years? Was it only sometimes or how did that work? The fact that it was a fight to get Meghan protection is insane.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yes, she certainly did, although I can’t remember at what point that started. Not the whole ten years, I would think. And the entire Middleton family had RP protection for Pippa’s book launch, I remember that.

  12. Eurydice says:

    Ok, I think the “if you don’t say I’m your girlfriend, then it’s over” thing actually makes sense, although it sounds like paraphrasing. Yes, “fight or flight,” but also pragmatic, like “Is this relationship real? Are you going to back me up on this? I’m not going through this all by myself.”

    The calling and screaming every 10 minutes contradicts all the other bullying stories. It’s not efficient and Meghan is being portrayed as someone who demands efficiency.

    I love the part about how the junior staff and how Will, Kate and Harry had been “happy” to engage with them. Sure, Will and Kate were happy to have them bow and scrape and generally get nothing done and Harry was resigned to getting nothing done after having been “talked down” from his ideas.

    • equality says:

      Doesn’t really fit when Meghan has the reputation of being friendly with lower level workers in production companies though.

    • Carole says:

      Also, I think women of colour are wary of being fobbed off to junior staff, because it happens so frequently.

    • Molly says:

      Having watched every interview Harry and Meghan have done, if someone freaked out about lack of security and the potential consequences, it was definitely Harry. Nothing gets him more fired up than lack of literal or figurative “protection” of those he loves.

      No one knows more about what can happen to a rabid press hellbent on stalking someone to get what they want better than Harry.

    • Iris says:

      I buy this. I dated someone who was famous for almost a year and it was all done in private/secret. He said it was to protect me – which I believe- but there comes a point where you wonder if someone is ashamed of you or if they’re serious about you. I gave him an ultimatum and I wouldn’t blame Meghan for doing it too. She knows her worth. There’s nothing wrong with that!

    • ChillinginDC says:

      They already refuted this story when it came out before. Meghan never threatened to break up with Harry over this.

    • Jaded says:

      Meghan had basically given up her old life, her career and good income, her house, and moved to the other side of the ocean for Harry. I’m sure they unofficially had the “let’s get married” discussion but putting those wheels in motion is, as we all know, a hugely complicated and slow process in the BRF. I think her main worry was the lack of support — both security-wise and support staff-wise — that she was dealing with. The palace and its courtiers and dogs-bodies were all in a miff because…American actress divorcee biracial…who does she think she is asking us to actually dO SomETHinG! She ran into a brick wall of white, upper class disrespect and contempt, and it eventually morphed into a tsunami of snooping, briefing, leaking, lying and outright racially motivated harassment from the tabloids by the very people who should have been helping her. If she snapped once or twice no effing wonder, I’d have gone nuclear by then.

  13. girl_ninja says:

    These people clearly didn’t ever really WORK or have any accountability for what they DID do. They dealt with Will and Kate no didn’t do shit and now we’re required to earn their paycheck with Meghan and Harry. And how dare it be a black woman calling them higher and to be better.

    Whew. Racism is a hell of a drug.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      This. This. This.
      The pampered debutantes working at the palace were not just incompetent and lazy. They were appalled that a biracial woman was giving them orders — a biracial woman who is unapologetically focused and determined to do excellent work.
      I hope for her own sake that Meghan was sharp with some of the dimwits they fobbed off on her. But I doubt it. As a Black woman, Meghan has the double burden of needing to be more effective than everyone else, while also needing to be self-effacing about her own talents and goals. Can’t scare the white hothouse flowers, after all.

  14. Steph says:

    I think my Americanism is showing through here bc…. I don’t understand what Low is getting at. It’s like he’s saying the Sussexes should have just kept quiet and allowed their staff to continually fuck up with no repercussions. While I’m all for a respectful work environment, either do your job or get fired. You don’t get to stick around just bc you were initially hired.

    • equality says:

      It sounds like normal conditions to me also. I would be nervous of talking to my supervisor if I screwed something up.

    • Athena says:

      What comes across is how different the American work culture is from the British work culture. Whatever point Low thinks he’s making is lost on most Americans. Here when someone introduces themselves the second comment after stating their name is what they do for a living. When meeting someone new within the first few minutes, the question you get is, so what do you do?. When a person’s identify is so tied to what they do, they tend to take what they do more seriously. In the U.S. people put in a lot of work hours, take less vacation. The American identity is tied to what the person does for a living. American beat themselves up over perceived failure were the British tend to shrug it off.

      Reading about people underperforming, slacking off and being disrespectful to their managers is not going to play well in the U.S. Anyone who has dealt with a co-worker, a subordinate, a manager who is not pulling their weight is not going to sympathize with the KP staff.

      These books, like the newspaper stories are short on details. I would sympathize more if I understood what the person did or didn’t do, but that information is left out, what’s missing is context. I’m suppose to take their word for it that their action was perfectly reasonable and Meghan’s was not.

      • TurquoiseGem says:

        Brit here who is just shaking my head at the unprofessionalism. I don’t think KP’s setup is typical of British work culture in any way, shape or form! I’m used to having to work to high standards for my pay, and don’t know anyone who is sauntering into work for a 9am start and clocking off at noon. This is a whole other world….!

      • Nic919 says:

        I think it’s mostly KP work culture that’s the issue here. I have colleagues in UK offices and they aren’t lazy like this. They have a firm boundary about not doing work after business hours, especially the non managers, but that isn’t unreasonable if the work is done during the day.

      • Creamandroses says:

        Yeah, please don’t do the “Brits are so complacent, not like us hard-working Americans” thing. I see this attitude a lot on this site – it’s divisive and it’s simply not true. I worked in the UK for five years. The standards were high, the work hard and the hours long. Most Brits are not spoiled, rich and idle and it’s very unfair to lump them all in with those who are.

    • susan says:

      A staff member once complained about me because she asked me to translate for a patient so she could do the registration paperwork (there were translators available for this purpose). I responded something to the effect of “well, if I do your job, then who will do mine?” it can be terribly frustrating, and certainly, she would never have made that demand of one of the male doctors.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Similar, I think, in how when a supervisor dumps one additional thing on me & says it’s a priority, I remind them of these five-ten things that I’m already working on and how does this new priority fit in & what does it do to the others? Always a good thing to remind them, as they’ve got their own priorities.
        This stuff, however, I’m not buying it. I just don’t think Meghan is the ogre these people are trying to make her out to be. They’re incompetent with nincompoops (K&W) for bosses, who have never worked a day in their combined lives & wouldn’t know competence if it but them on their butts.

  15. Snuffles says:

    “ Harry would also express his frustration at the people working for him. They were holding him back. Some of his advisers spent much of their time talking him down from the various things he wanted to do because it would not fit into the bigger picture of what the three of them – William, Kate and Harry – were trying to achieve.”

    So, the staff were lazy shits, slow walking Harry’s ideas long before Meghan was on the scene and continued to be so after she arrived.

    Even when these people try to spin the story in their favor, they still come off looking terrible. And based on the above paragraph, I have no doubt their staff was instructed by courtiers and the Cambridges to not give Meghan the support she needed for the projects she was working on. If they did it to Harry, they certainly had no problem doing it to Meghan. Their goal was to clearly to force Meghan to fall on her face. I bet you she did 90% of everything herself.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Exactly. Meghan went into a hostile environment and tried to make it work. Given that she had to rely on her friends to help her with projects meant the staff was not doing what she asked.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Snuffles, that’s what stuck out to me the most. Since they were willing to hold Harry back, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to know that they would pull all out all of the stops for Meghan to be given the most incompetent and vile staffers that they could round up.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Right?! They’re telling on themselves again! LOL!! They deliberately tried to hold Harry back because it didn’t fit into what K&W wanted to do (which was nothing).

  16. ama says:

    even the first thing is very clear – she did not know what the palace would do (not only was that obvious, she has said it), so she would never have said “i know the palace would do x.”
    also – Low is the reporter who knew about meghan’s suicidal feelings back in 2019 and admitted it later, but instead of having any sympathy or concern, just kept it quiet as asked and then used it against her.

  17. Osty says:

    “Imagine being incompetent and doing a shoddy job, your boss tells you, you did a shoddy job and you had the nerve to tell her it will be difficult to do a new one ”
    And this person felt it will make her look good to tell the world she is incompetent and disrespect her boss to not even try to do something. Poor Meghan had to deal with these pple on a daily basis and when she criticise they run to tell their kp bosses that she was mean to them . If this qualifies bullying then we are all bullies cos I have said and done worse to an incompetent staff who frustrates me . Only gullible royalists will read this and believe Meghan was the bad boss not a frustrated boss who tried to get her staff to respect her and do their job , which this book proves

  18. mmcaav says:

    I find it hard to believe that someone who worked in a tv show for years had no bad stories about her not only by coworkers but the staff of the set but suddenly she is the devil lol

    • RoyalBlue says:

      I find it hard to believe too. I think this is all exaggeration and those words they are quoted were NEVER said by Meghan. It is ridiculous how they are quoting words she would have spoken with Harry. Was someone in their presence when she told Harry these things and then happily spilled the beans to Lowlife?

      • Kebbie says:

        I think they took his words “she is going to dump me!” and then created the narrative that she must have issued an ultimatum. I really doubt she said those words in that way.

    • Becks1 says:

      No stories leaked about her prior to her marriage and no negative stories since. So Meghan was this tyrannical bully but only for the 2-3 years she was in England? Sure, that makes sense.

      • Athena says:

        Here in the U.S. we look for a pattern of behavior. We see it all the time, someone comes out and say a politician, an actor, did this to me and it’s followed by others who experienced the same thing in the hand of that person. Theses stories about Meghan have been in the public domain for years now and no one has come out to say the same was done to them. That’s why until they provide real facts and the accusers provide their names instead of “a source” no one is believing these stories.

    • Kebbie says:

      They really expected someone with no opinions, no ambition, and no enthusiasm for the job. A pretty mannequin that would do as she was told without any input or questions at all. Maybe it’s cultural, but they seemed completely offended by her desire to do the work well.

  19. Seraphina says:

    Fist off, any quote can be taken and used to validate an accusation – we have no idea about the entire conversation.
    Second, It appears that the BaRF is very much a broken down system of incompetents with people in power put in place by QE2 (for her team) and chuck (for his team). I get it, I have worked in places like that and I too left.
    Lastly, I can see why Meghan said what she said to Harry. I mean, hell I wanted to legit too and I was dating nobodies. Plus, you are either in or out in a relationship and not being legit show you are out. Good call on her part and if was Kate it would be a whole other story. But I will not digress.

  20. Osty says:

    These pple can never work in the real world if this is what they are crying about . No wonder nothing gets done at kp especially seeing how incompetent their staff is

  21. W says:

    Wow! Talk about fan-fiction! These royal reporters need to white their jobs and just become fictional writers. First of all, the story about Meghan giving Harry an ultimatum and threatening to leave him if he didn’t put out a statement is false. 7 months ago, Valentine Low wrote this same exact story in the Times and got a strong denial from Harry and Meghan’s spokesperson. So the fact that he knows this is untrue yet still decided to write this in his fictional book shows his lack of journalistic standards. But what really got me was the part about not only Meghan but ALSO Harry screaming and bullying staff. So if Harry was also a big bad bully, why didn’t they investigate him as well? Anyway, I can’t wait for all these royal books that completely contradict each other to come out and be forgotten by next month like Bowel’s. They think they’re creating fatigue by putting all these books out but it’s actually building anticipation for Harry’s. People WANT to hear what H&M say about their own lives. The Oprah Interview being one of the most watched TV events of 2021, Harry’s interview with James Corden garnering over 28 million views, Harry’s The Me You Can’t See doc going viral twice, Meghan’s interview with Ellen & The Cut, Meghan’s podcast topping the charts are all proof that when H&M talk, ppl listen.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      100% fan fiction. But this is their intention, to print William’s smears. Put out many false stories so no one knows who or what to believe. This is why it is very important that Harry (and Meghan) get their own books out there.

  22. Becks1 says:

    I mean, I know this is supposed to make Meghan look back, but it just makes me like her more, and confirms so much of what expected – part of the issue was that Meghan didn’t go in there overcome with gratitude and weeping with the privilege of being part of the royal family/the Firm. No, she went in and was like “so what’s next? So what are we doing here? so why isn’t anyone around for 2/3 of the day?”

    The line about “if there was anyone else I could ask” just cracks me up.

    These people were incompetent and could not believe that Meghan wasn’t accepting their incompetence the way Kate did.

    As for this line:

    “People needed to be treated well and with some understanding, even when they were not performing to Harry and Meghan’s standards, they suggested. ”

    Meghan was supposed to be CODDLING the people who were horrible and lazy!

    this all really brings to my mind Omid’s comment from an interview or show or whatever a few years ago – when you’re used to one meeting a month, having a meeting every day or every week feels like too much work.

    ETA also Kaiser I LOVE how you titled this post lol.

    • equality says:

      Did they apply that “understanding” principle to Meghan when they were calling her names publicly and leaking about her break down? It’s like everything with the RF. Things only flow the way they wish. If the staff didn’t respect H&M (who were supposedly bosses), how do you get off expecting respect in return?

    • Rapunzel says:

      This is so accurate- the story about her calling the staffer every ten minutes because she felt “let down” was probably because the staffer goofed up a project that needed to get fixed immediately and Meghan was probably trying to get the staffer to fix the mess they made. Staffer likely went to dinner not caring if they’d done their work properly.

      Meghan was clearly a competent woman surrounded by lazy incompetents who were too lazy to handle her expectations of competent work and too emotionally fragile to handle any criticism regarding their ineptitude.

    • Jais says:

      I’m trying to think how Meghan was supposed to speak to her staff then and give them critiques. Was she supposed to say?
      “it’s okay darling. I know you did your best and I appreciate it so much. Could you try this now? What’s that? You can’t try changing this until next month? Ok, well again thank you so much for trying your best.”

      My good friend moved to New Zealand from NYC and worked in an office setting. Not sure how similar it is to a British setting but it really reminded me of Megan’s experience. She said the first time she gave feedback to a coworker it was as if she had murdered that person. As if she had said the worst thing ever and was rude and hurtful to that person. It was pretty jarring bc she was used to environments that encouraged constructive criticism.

      • Becks1 says:

        I mean, I really do think that’s what they expected from her, or even for her to just ignore the incompetence and not correct it. That’s clearly what was happening with W&K.

        The thing is though, I can’t see Harry not pushing back if he’s getting incompetence from his staff (indeed this excerpt tells us as much.) I can’t see charles just saying “oh well, you tried.” I can see QEII avoiding all “feedback” scenarios because she had people who would do that for her. But the rest of them definitely offer “feedback” (thats what my office calls it LOL) and its probably nowhere near as nice as what meghan was saying.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Becks: I agree with everything you’ve said. I think what I also interesting is that Harry had the same problems with the staff but he was never accused of bullying.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah I thought that was an interesting tidbit and I know we’ve heard that before to some extent but I’m not sure we’ve heard it as clearly as Low is saying it. so the staff didn’t want to work for Harry either.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Becks and Amy Bee-

        My theory is Meghan opened Harry’s eyes to how ridiculously lazy and incompetent staff were and thus Harry changed his behavior.

        Like the more frequent meetings thing: I see Meg talking to Harry and saying, “why aren’t the paid employees actually meeting regularly and working?” And Harry’s like, “yeah, you’re right. We can get stuff done easier if we meet more” So he asks for more meetings.

        Or the story about Harry no longer making coffee for staff. Meg was probably like, “Why are you doing the staff’s job and making coffee? ” and Harry realizes, “yeah, why am I doing that?” So he stops making coffee

        If Harry grew a spine thanks to Meghan showing him things through a new lens, i can see how this led to resentment by staff used to Harry being a pushover. So they blamed Meg and hated her even more.

      • ciotogista says:

        I’m guessing the staff were a lot more deferential to Harry. Not only because of his position, but if they’re “debutantes” and he’s a single prince they’re not going to mess up their work relations with him.

    • Natalie says:

      That might be an US point of view. Switzerland has one of the higher working hours, full-time (42.5 hours), so around 1/3 of the day. Expecting the average staff to work 2/3 of a day is ridiculous. That’s 16 hours, leaving 8 hours for sleep, commute, meals, social life, care work and maaaybe hobbies.

      • Becks1 says:

        LOLOL! I didn’t mean 2/3 of the full 24 hour day 😂😂 I meant 2/3 of the working day. Like if the working day was 6 hours but people weren’t there for 4 of those hours, so were actually only in the office for 2 hours of a 24 hour day.

        (I’m saying 6 hours to make my math easier lol.)

      • susan says:

        full time is the USA is 40 hr/wk, I’m quite sure she meant 2/3 of the WORK day.

  23. First comment says:

    Oh..the horror!!! ” She had her own opinions”..that’s Meghan’s crime according to the courtiers!!! Imagine that!!! She was crucified because she had definite ideas and projects and the stuff in KP couldn’t handle that! (plus, she was an American and biracial!!!).. that’s all we need to know for the women accepted by the courtiers… no wonder, they are so “fond” of Kate.

  24. equality says:

    So it was a problem that Will and Harry shared the same interests but then it was also a problem if PH had interests that W&K didn’t share? Make up your mind. And the staff member “missed a call” but Meghan “didn’t pick up”? Implying that Meghan was messing with the staff but they were all earnest and eager, just incompetent, bless their little hearts. They couldn’t help it.

  25. Harper says:

    Sneaky how Low has specifics of what Meghan said, but the details of how and why the staffers couldn’t do their jobs is all mysteriously vague. It’s Meghan shredding “a plan.” Who uses the term “a plan” when talking about work? It’s assignments, tasks, duties, deadlines. Maybe the staffer getting so-called chewed out on Friday night never did the work that was needed for Meghan on Saturday morning. And remember, Meghan and Harry were interacting with public officials, charities, professionals, and the KP staff incompetence most likely inconvenienced others, which Meghan would have felt responsible for. It’s ridiculous.

    And why hide the staff names? We know that Melissa Toubati got fired for gross misconduct. Did Low suddenly forget her name?

  26. Jais says:

    Meghan loves Harry. That much is clear. Hearing how shambolic it was from the very beginning….Especially with her security. Whew. It just makes me think of John Oliver and Yasmin Alibhai- Brown saying in the week before the wedding that she still has time to change her mind and run Meghan run. Lol, they had the RF’s number. Clearly, they’re two people meant to be together but it’s interesting to think about how some people were concerned before the very start. What a shit show.

  27. MY3CENTS says:

    This was a response to Girl Ninja, don’t know why it ended up here—-
    Yeah. I think it was written in another post how these jobs often went to friends and relation of the aristo set, so yeah these were people who probably never actually worked in a true job setting and never had any critic given to them .
    So to have this non aristo black American woman come over here and tell them they were not actually working was probably shocking for them .

  28. E.A says:

    Man I like Harry, I really do but if I was Meg and knew some of this at the start , bye nothing is worth all of this

    • RoyalBlue says:

      You like him, but you don’t love him. She loved him and stood by his side.

    • sparrow says:

      Love can also make you feel empowered and like you can take on anything and succeed.

    • Jaded says:

      Harry knew, probably from the minute he and Meghan started seeing each other, that she was “the one”. He’s even stated that he fell in love on their second date. He knew he had to make changes in his life at that point, the only time he’d been happy was when he was in Afghanistan with the military because he was away from the cesspool of palace life. Meghan was a smart, compassionate and hard-working professional and the two of them “completed” each other, and this gave Harry the impetus to fight back against the entrenched BRF mindset. That the two of them found such a deep love, which in turn helped them join forces to do good in the world away from the prison-like control of the BRF and rota, is a testament to how strong their love is.

  29. C says:

    Most of this all sounds like the way the Cambridges are used to treating their staff. Given how the BM always projects their issues onto the Sussexes, I’m not surprised.

  30. Over it says:

    Lol, if any of these stories meant to smear Meghan are even remotely true, I am absolutely loving spunky Meghan. Lol. God, she was literally working with incompetent, nepotism babies. It wasn’t that they had to do a job and had zero work ethic or clue, it was the fact that they didn’t want to take orders from a woman of color even though said woman knew how to get shit done.

  31. MsIam says:

    Same ish, different day. Lots of “It was thought, I’m told, It is believed, etc”. Same rehash of Daily Fail stories. As to the staff incompetence, the royals do so much shady ish, whether it’s bags of cash, affairs and god only knows what else, that I think they require a bunch of easily impressed dimwits who will look the other way. In exchange, the dimwits don’t have to do much work and can put “palace” on their resume. The higher level employees like Knauf and Fawcett are more mafia, “where to hide the body” smart. I think Meghan was caught in the middle of those two groups.

  32. Brassy Rebel says:

    Your friendly reminder that we all saw in real time just two weeks ago the so-called “King” actually bully staff, even baring his teeth, over ink wells and leaky pens. There are former royal aides who have gone on record with their accounts of being abused by various royals none of whom are named Meghan. Yet, this is the trash the Times has bombarded us with all weekend.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      That’s why. Affection for the Queen didn’t transfer to Charles, not even briefly. He showed himself to be fussy & mean tempered on camera, Andrew is still lingering like a fart in church, the new Princess of Wales has no poker face around her husband (when she isn’t shuffled off to her cottage) & “pegging” trends regularly. This fall, Harry’s book will be out as well as the new season of the Crown. And these numpties will bounce around their palaces while kids in the UK are hungry & cold.

      So the tabloids serve up a batch of reheated white women’s tears to distract from it all.

    • ABritGuest says:

      This part. Low has an except about Charles today where it talks about how he has a bad temper & can throw things. How he expects response all hours even around Christmas. How Dickie arbiter saw him berate another staffer. This after his valet went on record in the 90s & said he once choked him & ripped sink off wall. Yet Charles isn’t called a bully by Low in the book or had his actions lead to a bullying review. Qwhite telling.

      Interesting suggestion that Harry was held back in his work.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I just read this excerpt. Charles’ temper is portrayed as a virtue, a sign of his strong work ethic. It’s a double standard on steroids. One aide actually says, “He has a proper temper which is quite fun.” There you have it. Charles is a hard worker with very high standards, and when he loses his temper, we all know he’s just having a bit of fun. It’s a game! But Meghan is a sociopath!

    • Truthiness says:

      Those tantrums were so revealing. If there’s stuff on a desk preventing me from having a proper place to sign documents I use my hands to remove them. “Here, can you hold this for a sec” might have been uttered. Baring my teeth and imitating a horse isn’t on the menu.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Absolutely, normal people like you or I would have done that, but here we’re speaking about a privileged, pompous, entitled man child who wouldn’t dare sully his hands on anything so beneath him and shows his horse teeth when thwarted. His mother would have shown more grace in dealing with the same situation and leaky pens too.

  33. aquarius64 says:

    If this story, with unnamed sources mind you, is suppose to make Meghan and Harry look bad, it backfired. It shows the bullying “investigation” is BS and the results were not released to the public because it proves William’s incompetence as a leader and the actual bully. The staff ultimately answers to the new PoW; they wouldn’t be able to run amok like this without his and Kate’s blessing.

  34. Merricat says:

    Who knew it was “American” to expect competence?
    No wonder the palaces are a mess; they can’t even handle daily tasks.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      This is obviously about a workplace clash and seems centered around a few incidences. The Sussexes did not get on with KP staff and they didn’t want to work under her. They set up their own staffing under Buckingham palace, the leaks decreased and no more stories of clashes. Lots of unpreparedness. Agree the palaces are a mess. Look at the messaging coming out of the court of King Charles III. It’s all about punishing the Sussexes, revoking the grandkids titles, and going after the Crown tv show. This is his first priorities. There is nothing of a vision for his reign, what he hopes to accomplish, how he’ll partner with the new Prince of Wails, reconciliation, nothing Like that. It’s just the same old sniping and griping and it makes him look weak and vindictive.

  35. sparrow says:

    I am not going to go down the generalist route that some on other sites have done – ie this is the UK worker not understanding how to work hard as opposed to an American. As a Brit I find that offensive. I do think it could be this – whoever was drawn to working for the royal family at that time didn’t realise what was expected of the job. Given that W&K hardly did anything for years, perhaps the employee was attracted to the role thinking they were signing up for a day of tea and cake breaks at one of the royal palaces with some PR stuff added on. Also, I’m not sold on the anger issues. I’ve heard Meghan has been lovely all her working life. Why don’t these people stop hiding behind authors desperate to make money and come out and say it.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      @Sparrow, Agree. I work with colleagues from the UK ( in US) and they work hard and like or dislike their job like everyone else. What I don’t understand is that they act like Meghan having a bad day at work, being frustrated is something out of the ordinary. We’ve all been involved in workplace clashes, or had performance reviews that have upset us. What would be considered being berated or corrected by our boss is used as bullying against her. Also, notice there is no word of a follow up after these incidences— how was it resolved. Usually there is an apology or meeting to address how to work going forward to avoid future miscommunications or conflict.I guess calling her names to Tatler is how they fixed it 🙄. This is very incomplete because they have a point of view they want to push..

  36. Kris says:

    Team Meghan, incompetence and rudeness would drive me crazy. Meghan was too soft on those bums

  37. HeatherC says:

    I don’t know if Low and the others realize that by continuing with the “coddle” scenario (Low rehashes something that was told a WHILE ago by SEVERAL others) that they are really just making the British “work ethic” look pathetic against an American “work ethic.”

    They keep forwarding the fantasy that, in Britain, if you are spectacularly bad at your job, not only should you absolutely keep your job but your boss should be extra nice to you. “I’m sorry you can’t do anything you were hired to do, but here’s a pat on the shoulder and a crumpet, it’s all right.” All in the name of trying to make the American biracial duchess look like the boss from hell.

  38. Shawna says:

    They’re angry Meghan has boundaries. Good for her, sticking up for herself!

    • ABritGuest says:

      Also didn’t Harry say on Oprah that they didn’t want to give Meghan security & that was a sign things were going to be difficult. Kind of proving that it seems

  39. Deering24 says:

    “ To Harry and Meghan, the two months that it took to get a decision about her security seemed like an age.”

    Gee, I wonder why, given it only takes one nut with a gun five minutes to create disaster…

  40. Mrs. Smith says:

    Valentine Low can kick rocks with her pathetic sourcing. But — let’s say everything she says about M is 100% true … so what? So what to all of it. None of it holds any water even if it’s all accurate. Having to redo a report or change a plan is part of any office job. But to run from the room crying and shaking?? Come on. If those stupid pie charts K used at her early years presentation gives any insight, then total incompetence sounds about right.

    • Jeanette Cromptonwhat says:

      What I have thought all along Megan and Harry are beautiful and intelligent people always knew Kate and William were snide runs in the Royal family and now we have a king that we are supposed to respect I really don’t think I can if he gets rid of Harry and Megan a lot of people will be very unhappy I think they have really disrespected that beautiful couple enough it is awful how they have been treated Diana said how the men in suits were the ones to watch.

  41. Ace says:

    Honestly, all these supposed Meghan quotes only make her look like a boss. We know the kind of incompetence she was dealing with, as nice as everybody else not invoved with the BRF and BM tells us Meghan is she would have given them some truths.

    I also find funny imagining those racist incompetent elititist assholes shaking and crying because they have to call her to tell her they’ve fucked up again.

    • Well Wisher says:

      There are at least two books about the royals that indicate a shift.
      With that shift, there is a shoring up of their sources, Kate and William: this is a re-writing and offering a new, all-be-it misrepresentation of the events.
      It is evident to them, despite all the abuse that the Sussexes are steadfast.
      They will not be the new faces of gravy train of profitability.

      These books were written to make William an impeccable source by blaming “fill in the blanks”.
      Kaiser has indicated the politics involved and I would add for good measure that the tories policies from 2016 continue to be ruinous to vast amounts of people in the UK.
      They need the prestige of the Crown, hence the presence of tories in KP,just as the newspapers need the rf to sell.
      They’ve successfully “divided and conquered” the population.
      Now to maintain this profitabe but dystopia society but convince future economic investors by presenting an alternate reality.
      Answer: Use the last prestige, created by democratic ideals to do so.
      Find the useful idiot, who is now damaged, rehabilitate him by unsuccessfully attacking his SIL by implementing his favourite coping strategy – projection.
      Let her (Meghan) be the stand-in for UK citizens who desire a more equitably and fairness.
      Then give her a metaphorically public flogging.
      Never mind the lies, the rewrites etc.

      The best laid plans, in this case Plan B? C? whatever…..
      The £ is tanking, brexit shown that the UK willing to not honour contracts (sticking point with trade with US), new budget, no environment ideals.

      There maybe have to be another alternative if this fail to deliver in profitability….

      Lead us back to the boss, the badly divided citizens of the UK.

      What if they throw off their “yokes” and “unite”, by simply refusing to accept dogma in lieu of factual-based information?

      In that case what Meghan did or did not do, whether properly reported, would be less important to people who are not interested in her decency, competence and loveliness.

      This is less about her being a deity, she is mortal after all, but more about the endless vilification via the tabloid press with aid from William and Kate pointed in her direction.

  42. Nicole says:

    Maybe I’m being super American about this but I don’t have issues with this. Assuming that the stories are true, it seems like the palace staffers were not used to being held to standards. Meghan Markle is used to working hard. You don’t get to where she was without being focused, driven, and competitive. Good or bad, those are American values. She expected that those who worked for her actually worked and did a good job. I don’t really have a problem with this.

  43. Liz in A says:

    Seriously, they keep trying to smear her and it keeps making me like her more and more, and keeps proving Harry & Meghan’s points from the very beginning. They keep publishing all this stuff, making it perfectly fair game for Harry and Meghan to be asked about it, and answer, give their side and details and the receipts.

  44. Kelsey says:

    “Don’t worry. If there was literally anyone else I could ask to do this, I would be asking them instead of you.”

    I am cacklinnnnnggggg! Oh, Team Meghan for sure.

  45. TangerineTree says:

    This screams Meghan did a lot or most of the work herself. She completed so many creative and successful projects during her time in the UK. So this one-sided/half-story book confirms that KP is full of incompetent, lazy staff. Yeah, we knew that Val, but thanks for clearing that up! We have heard people in their patronages say, “I answered the phone and it was Meghan!”
    Yes, these monsters were out to get her so she rolled up her sleeves and did the work as she did not want to let down her patronages. That’s why she and Harry left KP and moved offices.

  46. Colleen says:

    “Don’t worry. If there was literally anyone else I could ask to do this, I would be asking them instead of you.”

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I have no notes.

    I’ve dealt with people in different markets with my job and the London office is incredibly frustrating. I’m starting to suspect I’ve dealt with people who worked at KP based on this article…

  47. Patricia says:

    I can totally see Harry saying Meghan was going to dump him but not in response to Meghan demanding some silly “girlfriend “ statement. After what she has been through the last 5+ years. The was that man dotes on her NOW I can see he would be in a panic just by her seeing the dysfunctional nature of the whole situation.

  48. matthew says:

    These people should try getting a job in literally any mid-level office in any American city. They wouldn’t last an hour.

  49. Expat says:

    I’ve always wondered why all of their best initiatives happened outside the KP or BP walls. Invictus, the cookbook, SmartSet,…

    I think its now obvious. Anything they truly care about has to be done independently due to the vast incompetence of staff.

    • equality says:

      …Travalyst, Sentebale, the Disney narration money went directly to Elephants Without Borders…

      • tamsin says:

        Wouldn’t funds raised for Sentebale go directly to them? I think moneys raised for the organizations designated went to them. I think the Disney narration went to Elephants Without Borders. Not clear on Travelyst.

      • equality says:

        Yes. Sentebale was set up outside the royal foundation with Prince Seeiso. And Travelyst was set up with various corporations so it wasn’t under the foundation.

  50. MsIam says:

    I don’t know if anyone bought this up but I wonder if Meghan clashed with someone William was boinking? That story about how William having to comfort one of the staff who was crying seemed weird to me, given Baldemort’s lack of empathy elsewhere. Maybe Meghan and Harry found out and called him on it? The way William has been raging about “Meghan bullied my staff!” for the last three years is crazy but what if the one of the “staff” was also his lover?

    • Well Wisher says:

      The KP staff’s behaviour towards her was to be directly disrespectful, so she would respond appropriately but use that against her.
      They were encouraged to behave in this manner in order for her to leave.
      The staff would have engaged in this manner with consent from the very top. This includes the tories under his employ.

      It is a misused mmanagerial approach to indirect firing.

      William wanted Meghan gone, his staff obliged.

  51. Sue E Generis says:

    The point about the person shaking. They literally allowed her to walk into the rota lion’s den that shredded her to bits without any notice. The lack of understanding or care about what she was facing is appalling. Of course Meghan would be livid to be made exposed and vulnerable with no notice. These people have zero self awareness.

    The other incident with the alleged shouting every 10 minutes for days is ridiculous. The person obviously screwed up in an epic way then was refusing to take steps to correct the situation. Because if they were working to correct it, there would be no need to call every 10 minutes for days. Also, this is obviously a wild exaggeration.

  52. Janice Hill says:

    So Ed did some amazing things behind the scenes to get Meghan protected, and no one told her about it. Then they blamed her for not appreciating something she didn’t know about? There’s the logic of someone who wants to shift blame.

  53. Well Wisher says:

    Another take is that Meghan became a part of a system where some staff members expected to work 9 to 12 am, instead of 9 to 5 despite appearances.

    She was unaware of this unique work environment, which is foreign to most countries.

    Their job titles would’ve determined their skill sets, she was under the influence that “what you see is not necessarily what you get” and was subsequently blamed for everything.

    The only clear truth is that she was disrespected and her husband tried to delineate boundaries but was under-mined.

    Harry was thwarted, even before her arrival, by an attempt to co-opt his expression of public service by a lazy incompetent relative, who chose to endlessly pull rank.

    The dye was cast long before Meghan got there, he never intended to tolerate them for inexorably long periods. It was repeated in the engagement interview.
    The problem was Harry always handled microagression and misunderstanding with decorum.
    ( if not scrubbed from the intra web, check out the announcement of the royal foundation, where the 2 ‘lazys’ are being counter-acted by Harry who said it was a temporary affair for 3 people).

  54. tamsin says:

    Women crying in the workplace is a scenario that does no favours for women working to gain equality. Anyway, I have had experience with having to get a female employee who is not working up to standard to improve, and no matter how gently you try to approach them, crying is often a first response. I have had that happen to me at least three times, and believe me, you end up feeling like an ogre and in the wrong. It’s just really hard sometimes to make those meetings productive.

  55. Robin Samuels says:

    Returning to the engagement interview, Harry said that Meghan would be excellent for the job and there’s much work to be done. William, Kate, and the staff were not work-oriented. Harry had ideas with a vision, but they required commitment. He went on his own and collaborated with Prince Seiso to establish Sentable in South Africa and later Invictus. Too many pay attention to what the royal rota print/report about what Meghan allegedly said, but Harry is the one that consistently drops the truth bomb. It’s an intentional distraction.
    During the Oprah interview, it was Harry that explained the Invisible Contract. It was Harry that told Meghan about the Archie skin color conversations. Harry said there was a change of attitude after the Australian tour. Meghan takes the hit and is labeled a liar for Harry’s statements.
    The British media tiptoes around Harry because they know he will address the lies. They use Meghan as a scapegoat because her name feeds the hateful trolls and generates clicks that bring money. She will sue when they cross the line, but the receipts she holds will someday dispel every lie when and if she chooses to tell her side of the story. A six-year smear campaign is a poor reflection on the Royal family, not Meghan.
    Since leaving that firm, they have accomplished meaningful projects, made wise investments, and made better choices of associates because they collaborate with professionals.
    Every reporter tries to get their book on the market before that memoir is released. He may not call names, but I believe he will address the impact of the invisible contract on his developing years.
    Karma for the royal firm has yet to arrive.

  56. Lottie says:

    It really irritates me to read some of this garbage from KP, because they really were absolutely infuriating to work with. I used to work for one of Meghan’s patronages at the same time she was and supporting comms. They told us Meghan was going to be doing something with us for a particular awareness day and then got total radio silence from them. This was after they constantly changed plans for events and not telling us until last second, and even sent out press releases that were incorrect and never fixed it despite promising to do it so we didn’t need to.

    • Justjan says:

      It makes me think she was being sabotaged by her staffers. I will never forget seeing the video of her excellent speech about her program for getting women the proper professional workwear they needed. The background noise from construction and traffic was appalling and, I suspect, deliberately planned to work against her. I saw it when I wasn’t a ‘royal-watcher’ so I didn’t read the skuttlebutt but any decent location scout could have made a plan for moving the venue to ANY where else. You can’t tell me that noise came as a complete surprise. Were they that incompetent or were they just diabolical?

  57. eb says:

    This whole thing is a huge, steaing, pile of bull$#÷+.
    I wis she could sue them all. Defamation of character. But I guess that would give them too much legitimacy. Maybe, she should sue one author and make him cough up his “sources.” And then, sue the sources. I can only hope that their true character is understood by those around them, and that they are treated accordingly.

  58. Sms says:

    It sounds like Meghan and the Palace were a profound culture clash where each side ultimately thought the other was completely at fault. I’ve worked in the UK and the work style is very different. Americans think you live to work and Europeans think you work to live. Neither is more competent than the other and a lot of US work is performative. Even if you come in as a senior person you need to show some cultural sensitivity but there was a lot of anti-American sentiment, most notably from the “upper class” people I encountered.

    • Sid says:

      Considering we are now hearing that some KP staffers were used to working from just 9AM to Noon, I think this went beyond culture clash and is more like the KP staff had a lot of aristo and aristo-adjacent types who viewed their jobs as a fun side gig until they found some rich heiress or banker to marry. It sure would explain why the Wailses basically accomplished nothing during their decade of marriage and why Harry had to go outside of KP and the Royal Foundation for his big projects like Sentebale, IG, Travalyst, etc. Also there’s an article in the Times talking about how King Chuck expected his staff to be available at all hours, so there’s precedent for employees of the BRF being expected to put in a full day’s work.

    • Justjan says:

      In terms of competency I suspect that anyone can be competent (able and willing to compete) if only they would take up the practice. Americans either spend their work hours doing work or they’ll be without a job – quickly followed by a fight for unemployment benefits. (There are political reasons employers fight benefits including that it’s a way to depress employee income levels). A relative of mine told me their experience with British shops, for instance, was that they may not adhere to their posted hours of operation which can be a bit frustrating.
      The situation would have to be really bad for a professional to use the word ‘coddle’ as applied to an employee’s incompetence. It’s not going to be the first time that word has popped into her head about this employee. This is why I deeply suspect that Meghan was dealing with sabotage. I was saying above that my first video of Meghan in her new roll as H’s wife was one such incident… (I suspect).

  59. Remember the Tonga tour in 2018? Meghan had a wardrobe malfunction where a price tag was hanging from the hemline of her red dress. I think as early as that time the KP staff were already sabotaging Meghan. Who would believe that price tag was overlooked by the many staff present in that tour? They really meant to shame Meghan in public.
    They deserved to be told off if they intentionally showed incompetence. They were not doing their job.

  60. Bisynaptic says:

    “If you don’t put out a statement confirming I’m your girlfriend, I’m going to break up with you.“
    These people are stuck in middle school. Who talks like that? This reads like a pulp romance novel.

    • Bisynaptic says:

      “I think we both know I’m going to be one of your bosses soon.”
      LOL these people are psychotic.

    • Bisynaptic says:

      “Harry’s staff knew that Meghan was different from other royal girlfriends. She had her own opinions and would let people know what they were.”

  61. Annalise says:

    I see KP saw all the criticism about Meghan’s bullying claims being too vague and nebulous, so they whipped up some “actual” scenarios. Funny that they didn’t tell us ANY of this when the bullying claims first came out. After all, it would have given some actual meat to those claims. Odd….. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 And look, the book came out right before Harry’s was going to. What a surprise

    • A says:

      Here’s the thing though…these claims are only seen as bullying by these staffers.

      For any of the rest of us normal people who have to work for a living, who don’t have the privilege of trust funds and aristocratic parents and private school educations to fall back on, being expected to do a good job, or at least to do the job you are hired to do, is not actually bullying. Being held to task by your boss, when you f-ck up, is not actually bullying. That’s just normal.

      The case here was absolutely that these people just did not respect Meghan, period. Notice how there are rarely ever any complaints about actual royal family members, like Charles, or Andy, or William, all of whom have ACTUALLY been known to have tempers and yell at their staff. But it’s okay for all of those people to act like that, bc they’re all members of the royal family. It wasn’t okay for Meghan to do something as mild as expect people to do their jobs. That’s what they classify as bullying. It says everything about how these people view the world.

  62. Aiglentine says:

    Meghan’s professional experience is in Hollywood and in that business you absolutely have to have your sh*t together and on point. I bet the culture shock was immense.

  63. A says:

    “Meghan wanted public validation that this was a serious relationship.” Uh, no. She wanted private validation, from Harry & the institution that he is a part of, that this relationship was important, & that Meghan could reasonably expect to have her basic humanity defended & respected, & not be subject to the sort of horrible dehumanization that she dealt with, unchecked.

    But I get it. Palace staffers are unused to someone demanding that they be treated with the respect they know they are owed as a person. I know the institution itself is unused to the idea of someone like Meghan knowing their self-worth, knowing they deserve to be protected & respected, and they are 100% unused to someone like Meghan making that expectation crystal clear & expecting it to be fulfilled, rather than quietly swallowing being treated like sh-t & left out to dry, like Kate. It must have been really hard for the poor sausages to cope with someone who not only didn’t feel insecure bc of their background, but also didn’t understand why they even should in the first place; who didn’t derive her sense of self-worth from being born into the right family at the right time.

    I also imagine it was very jarring for them to be called out on their bullsh-t. “You don’t care about the girlfriend,” is the absolute god’s honest truth, but these people think being told the truth about their own sh-tty behaviour is somehow offensive. They think being held accountable is bullying. What a bunch of weenie babies.

    Wrt the police protection thing–it took 2 months for them to fight with Ravec to get Meghan police protection, during which time these geniuses…just never actually bothered to communicate to Meghan that someone WAS fighting for her to get police protection? And the reason why they didn’t tell her was bc they didn’t want her to know how long it was taking, & how hard they had to fight, bc they didn’t want her to feel like she wasn’t welcomed.

    So bc they didn’t want her to feel unwelcomed, they decided the best course of action would be to just…leave her in the dark completely for two months, with no information at all, which logically led Meghan to conclude that no one gave a sh-t about her or her safety. And they’re upset that she came to this conclusion, which was the result of THEIR refusal to communicate to her on what efforts were being taken on her behalf to make sure she got the security she needed. And they’re annoyed & think she’s ungrateful bc she didn’t appreciate the efforts taken for her, WHICH SHE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT, bc these people DIDN’T TELL HER.

    Like. Is it just me? Am I going crazy? Or is this something that was completely & 100% avoidable if these people had just sat down & communicated transparently to her what was going on? Like???? Are the royal staffers really just this freaking incompetent??!?!? I s2g, workers are held to a higher standard of professionalism & expected to have a higher degree of communication skills at the f-cking Jamba Juice down the street, right??

    What an absolute waste of privilege & public school education, these people are. All that tuition money that their parents dumped on institutions like Eton, only to have these staffers turn out like this. The fact that these fools have every opportunity handed to them, while people who are more capable than them have to languish without funds, without prospects, is just infuriating.

  64. Margot says:

    This constant bashing of Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the public media, which includes white supremacist dog whistles and fully out there messages condoned and encouraged by the Firm – is shamefully obvious. What “duty” indeed.

  65. Christine says:

    ” In the immediate period after her arrival in London there was no straightforward mechanism for providing Meghan with full-time police protection, especially at a time when the palace was trying to slim down the level of security provided to members of the royal family. ”

    Just to put a fine point on this, the people whose job it is to protect high profile people can’t really protect them, unless given many months of notice? Is that the way you would like to present yourself, England?

    You just held a state funeral with dignitaries coming into your country, from all over the world, and you managed to handle it in under a week.

    Little Ol’ Meghan confounded you all? Tiny little Meghan was the Trojan horse that brought down a thousand year old institution, because you couldn’t figure out how to protect her, in a timely manner?

    Seriously, just stop talking.

  66. Bisynaptic says:

    I would guess the harried staffer was Melissa Tourbati—and the weekend in question was the one before the wedding. Something serious hadn’t been done right.

  67. ML says:

    Right, so at least one of Harry’s girlfriends broke up due to not wanting to deal with the spotlight such a relationship would bring, Harry’s phone had been hacked in the past and some contents made public, Harry has had whackos threatening his security his entire life AND just when he starts to date Meghan the RF supposedly wants to cut down on providing security? That doesn’t pass the smell test.

  68. ITA. These racist rota and British media didn’t even hold to task Charles who was recently caught on camera visibly irritated and telling off his staff to move the ink well and do something about his bloody pen. Even Camilla was who was behind him was obviously embarrassed by his behavior. They meant to hide this but was exposed by international media.

  69. Green Coco says:

    I read this, as the courtiers telling on their self. Poking the bear and dealing with work shy incompetent people, can trigger these reactions. They sound plausible. What we don’t know, is what happened before the comments were made….