Prince William & Kate finally made their first visit to Wales with the Welsh titles

Well, the new Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales have made their first official visit to Wales now that they’ve secured the PoW bag. I wondered why their first trip wasn’t to Wales as soon as QEII passed away, mourning period or not. The mourning period didn’t keep other royals from traveling to Belfast, Manchester, etc. William and Kate’s first stop was a local RNLI Lifeboat Station in Anglesey, where they lived early in their marriage. They’ll also visit the Holyhead Marine and Cafe Bar and do a walkabout. Nothing strenuous, no wall-to-wall schedule.

As for fashion… Kate is wearing red for Wales. That is LK Bennett’s “Spencer” coat, which retails for £599. She bought it because of the name, right? Wearing a Spencer coat on the new Princess of Wales’s visit to Wales. Her staffers don’t know how to be subtle! Plus, this coat has THIRTEEN shiny gold buttons for the Princess of Buttons. Don’t forget that weird gold chain on the pockets too, my God.

As for actually becoming the PoW formally, plans are already being made to keep the investiture pretty simple:

The visit comes as Kensington Palace said there were no plans for Prince William to have an investiture “anything like his father had” as Prince of Wales.

A petition calling for the Prince of Wales title to be scrapped has gained more than 35,000 signatures. Following King Charles’ announcement that William would take on the title, there was delight for some but uncertainty from others, with one politician labelling it divisive.

The king’s investiture as Prince of Wales in 1969, held at Caernarfon Castle, was watched by a TV audience of millions around the world.

Kensington Palace said it currently had “no plans for anything like” the King’s investiture in 1969. It added: “Right now is about deepening trust with the people of Wales and representing the dynamic Wales that there is today. There are no plans for the investiture yet.”

[From BBC]

It’s still kind of remarkable to me that one of King Charles’s first acts was to hand the PoW titles to Will and Kate. I still think that was a mistake – it’s not something which needed to be decided right away, and it would have been much more diplomatic to perhaps wait and do some kind of listening tour through Wales? A lot of Welsh people simply want to see the title retired completely. Anyway, the investiture will probably happen after the coronation, and we still don’t have a date for that either.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. Unicorn with a Sweet Tooth says:

    They just look soooooo happy…, can you at least try to not look ecstatic?

  2. Seraphina says:

    Kate sure does look happy. And the video is frozen on Wills listening but his facial expression shows nothing but disengagement and disinterest.
    As for wearing the correct colors (I’m referring to the other article about Meghan wearing white to her wedding) – should the newly titled POW be wearing red so shortly after QE2 died????

    • Well Wisher says:

      She took her medication.

    • Yup, Me says:

      It’s not like she died in waves of blood. Why not wear red?

      • Merricat says:

        I think because they’re technically still in mourning? Isn’t it “protocol” to wear at least a blank armband for a year? Lol, maybe just in Victorian England.

      • First comment says:

        Yes, it is true..the queen died peacefully and she was 96 years old… however, in my culture, we avoid bright colors for at least a month as a sign of mourning and grieving…. I made my comment based on my cultural beliefs..I don’t know what Brits do in similar situations.

      • Seraphina says:

        Because traditionally the mourning period lasts a bit longer. I read QE2’s court mourned her father for 16 weeks.
        Regardless the POW, who rarely puts a foot wrong, could have chosen a more subdued color. Chuck better take note, the mourning for him will be even shorter.
        And I hate to do this, but we all know what would be published if Meghan wore red so shortly after.

    • First comment says:

      I was ready to comment this! I mean, the queen died 3 weeks ago and she’s wearing red ? I think she could have chosen a less bright color even if it meant not cosplaying for the Wales… anyway, we properly expect too much from the woman who wore purple in 9/11 memorial in new York…

      • Rapunzel says:

        It was hot pink, not purple. Which is even worse.

      • MeganC says:

        William isn’t wearing black either. I think post-funeral it is fine to wear whatever you want.

      • Layla says:

        Also don’t forget, Diana, Princess of Wales wore red and black on her first official engagement to wales as Princess of Wales so….

      • Becks1 says:

        @Layla NO. Did she really?? OMG.

      • DouchesOfCambridge says:

        It’s been 3 weeks already? Feels like last week. Anyway, I agree bright red seems quite thirsty after your GM-in-law, the QUEEN just past away. But that matches how incompetent the team is according to Meghan’s to have chosen that coat for her and how disconnected KKKhate is to everything: she’s not even able to spot that it’s too soon for color. Everything is me me me me me me Wales me Princess me Outfit

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Layla, FFS, Wailey Katey has some balls popping up in red and copykeening her dead MIL, that her own son has called out as paranoid.

        I see that she brought her buttons and maniacal face with her as well!!!

        And her off color wiglets too!! Mustn’t leave home without those as well!!!

    • HillaryIsAlwaysRight says:

      The dragon on the Welsh flag is red, so maybe she was trying to dress like a flag again.

      • Seraphina says:

        Sooooo many endless possibilities with dragon – I need to behave and not show my mean girl side.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Seraphina, you are so right. We can never tell what’s going on in that little pea brain……who is she copying now?? The QM?? Elizabeth?? Diana?? The flag?? Meghan?? The lamppost???

      • Liz Version 700k says:

        Both sides now do you think anything goes on in her brain? Does she reflect on anything ?

    • cerys says:

      The official court mourning period for QE2 finished yesterday so they can all go back to wearing whatever colours they want.

    • Anastasia says:

      She really does struggle with the coats and somber events.

      Remember the NEON PINK 9/11 memorial?

      • Feeshalori says:

        I live in NY and remember that visit well and thought that color was just awful for the occasion. So tasteless and ignorant of the environment she was in. And while l like her outfit in Wales, l also think that she should have worn a muted color. Since she always likes to honor people who have died, a dark plum color or deep blue would have shown some respect to the late queen just recently passed away. I’m sure she could have customized that Spencer coat in another color so she could have still cosplayed Diana. But that’s just my personal opinion.

  3. MaryContrary says:

    I think this is one of her best looks that I can remember. Her hair looks good too-I like it shorter.

    • Lurker25 says:

      Cut is good. Color is… Not. Weird yellow ochre/muddy brown steaks that don’t work with her pink undertones.
      It’s frustrating to see how she STILL can’t get it together. It could be pulled off: a charming personality quirk, like the anti -fashionista who can never get it right but it’s funny and relatable.
      Instead it’s desperate, amateur, wannabe with no sense of self.

      Nevermind. It’s on brand

    • molly says:

      A lot better than the parade of identical coat dresses. She really does look modern and nice.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Plus a wide black belt to boot!! I actually think her pants are wide legged, not boot legged. Sorry, details on the pockets and not 48 buttons.

    • Isabella says:

      Yes, she looks years younger I’m this relaxed look.

  4. Laughysaphy says:

    The coat is gorgeous. That it’s called the Spencer… ultra cringe. Kate just can’t help herself.

  5. Well Wisher says:

    At the present the titles are bright and shiny like the gold-plated buttons, which will wear off with time.
    After the euphoria is gone, back to pulling rank for a living.

  6. Amy Bee says:

    It’s interesting that they chose not to go to Cardiff or to meet the First Minister on their first visit to Wales as Prince and Princess of Wales. Plus Kate has a number of red coats was it necessary to get a new one for this visit?

  7. aquarius64 says:

    This story is in the Fail under the caption Harry and Meghan. The Wailes can’t get any ink unless the Sussex name is somehow attached. ALL of today’s royal stories in DM are under this caption.

  8. Becks1 says:

    omg, she really wore a coat called “Spencer” to Wales as the Princess of Wales.

    Someone on here had a great comment last week about this….basically how creepy it is (which we all know) but how the press has normalized it into a “tribute.” but if this was anyone else copying anyone else like this, it would be seen as problematic and quite likely sick. Like imagine if Carolyn Bessette had worn pillbox hats a lot or always wore a double strand of pearls. That would have been creepy and yet with Kate it’s celebrated.

  9. Noki says:

    She actually looks really nice and the most modern you going to get out of her.

  10. Yup, Me says:

    William’s lips always look dry and ashy and like he pinches them hard when he kisses.

    I do like Kate’s jacket. She’s still a snooze in it, though, poor old oatmeal lady.

    It’s like they only have a limited amount of (personality) seasoning and they have to dole it out in tiny amounts to make it last 50 years … just like their ancestors, funnily enough.

    • Becks1 says:

      The coat actually fits her nicely and the proportions of this outfit work. Often when she wears trousers and coats like this the proportions are off and that’s why the outfit doesn’t work. Here it works.

  11. Chloe says:

    I wonder what the derangers have to say about her trousers considering they are always quick to hate when meghan wears similar trousers. Calling it ill fitting.

    • Amy Bee says:

      They absolutely love that she wears pants now.

    • Vs says:

      Now more coat dresses… she now dresses like Meghan! I wonder how Meghan feels to be so blatantly copied by that mediocre woman; imagine being criticized for something and having a white woman like this one just trying to replicate you …

    • tolly says:

      I suspect that they’re mostly well-dressed white women who never liked Kate and knew that she looked silly, but they had a racist meltdown when Meghan entered the picture. Fawning over polyester day dresses is just cover for their truly wild feelings about her poor SIL.

    • [insert witticism] says:

      I’m in no way a deranger, but real talk…

      Kate is pulling off those loose-legged pants better than Meghan ever has. M’s hems always pool around her shoes and drag as she walks.

      Meghan definitely has better style. But she needs to employ an experienced tailor.

      • MaryContrary says:

        I love Meghan, but yes her pants were always way too long. This has to be one of the only times Kate is wearing pants that are fitting.

      • Erin says:

        Yeah, Meghan’s are usually too long but when she gets it right she gets it so right (see black suit for well child awards after they got married, perfect length, perfect proportions, perfect styling). Which is why it can be so disappointing when she gets it wrong. I think the other thing that throws it off is the width, because when they are super wide (and too long on top of that) they seem to swamp her, but that black suit was wide-ish to flare and absolutely amazing.

      • Concern Fae says:

        Meghan reminds me of a friend who got her pants hemmed to match her highest heels and then would inevitably decide that she would be standing too much to wear them.

        Have also heard of women who buy multiples of their favorite pants and have them hemmed at different lengths to go with different shoes. Crazy town.

      • Barbara says:

        Meghan has such gorgeous legs, I love when she wears slim trousers. I probably still have PTSD from all the bell bottoms I wore when I was a kid because I don’t like this trend of super long flared pants on anyone, let alone thin women. It just overwhelms them sometimes.

      • Becks1 says:

        I actually think most of Meghan’s wide leg pants fit more like this. Its really only two pairs that I can think of that were too long – one from one of her first engagements, and the white pants from Wimbledon. Her black pantsuit for Wellchild, for example, fit her impeccably.

  12. Macheath says:

    Why not scrap the PoW title and call him Crown Prince instead? It’s essentially what he is anyway.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Way too simple & logical, it’ll never work.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      That’s actually a really good idea, which is why the BRF will never do it.

    • Moneypenny424 says:

      These people collect titles like kids collect Pokemon cards. All they’d do is call him HRH Crown Prince, Prince of Wales or something.

    • Becks1 says:

      Other countries have a crown prince or princess. The BRF has to stand out, don’t you know!

      (except for Spain where Leonor is the Princess of Asturias, but do other countries do that with different regions? I should probably check before I type LOL.)

  13. Peachy says:

    Dull and boring!

  14. Margaret says:

    Hyena grinning back again. Strange that, if that is her sincere happy look. Wow, and by the way her hair looks dry and somewhat harsh, maybe she should ease up on the dying.

    • sparrow says:

      The gurn is to detract from her eye bags but it just makes them worse. She tries to lift her face by grinning like that. Thing is, on one of the DM photos she looks really old. They don’t often let the true photos through. Kate will be almost completely grey by now. She had grey roots after George was born. The amount of dye and touch up going on must be continual. Add the stress to her hair of clipping in fake hair. She is stuck in a cycle of hair pain!

      • JaneBee says:

        @Sparrow My immediate thought on seeing these – must be from her fave photog because there is some excellent quality photoshopping going on here.

      • Lady D says:

        There really aren’t a lot of completely grey 40yo’s. Is it a brunette thing?

      • sparrow says:

        Hi Lady D. It is a brunette thing for sure. I have/had dark hair, almost black. My roots are grey pretty much all over and I spend a fortune having my hair done and touching up with root spray/mascara! in between colours. I suspect Kate is having serious work to her roots on a continual basis, which must be making her hair stressed out. I think she’s tried the blonde/caramel highlights recently, which is supposed to blend your roots out. I don’t think it suits her colour and tone. I also imagine her wiglets will have been highlighted to match! I suspect most brunettes in their 40s have grey roots going on. My colouring looks awful with grey, tho; I can’t even wear grey clothes without it clashing and fading me out. I am olive skinned with dark brown almost black eyes. If I were blonde with blue eyes I’d happily go grey. Blondes must get away with hiding grey easily? I’m not sure. Any blondes in their 40s care to comment?

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate had a lot grey in her mid 30s and is likely completely grey by now. The missing st Patrick’s day event was because she needed to touch up her roots which were visible a few days before the event.

        She can’t pull off the blonde highlights to hide small amounts of grey that many women can pull off starting in their 40s.

        If you have light brown hair you can do the highlights thing, but Kate has always had dark brown hair, until she had to start dying it completely. The bronde doesn’t work on her skin tone and the tanning she does doesn’t make it any better. The photographers tend to be generous and blend out the roots if she’s done a few engagements in a row and hasn’t been able to get a touch up. The end of the Caribbean tour shows a few of these photos.

        Grey hair actually isn’t something to hide, but Kate’s vanity is pretty obvious with the lies about botox and hair extensions from day one . The next decade will be even more rough because she’s relied on being the young one and she already looks much older than the average 40 year old without access to cosmetic enhancements and expensive hairdressers.

      • Becks1 says:

        I am exactly month younger than Kate with dark to medium brown hair (darker in the winter, lighter in the summer but always definitely blonde) and I have a few grays, but nothing significant. Not that it means anything, its no one’s fault if they go gray younger.

        I don’t blame Kate for not wanting to be full gray at 35, but she’s now in the position that a lot of people find themselves as they get older – they start dyeing their hair and then its hard to stop bc you have completely gray roots. My mom didn’t go gray until her 60s but she always dyed her hair so once she went gray, she had to keep doing it even though she didnt care about being gray in itself, bc the roots were so bad. Finally during the pandemic she went full gray LOL.

        Like everything else with her, I’d actually respect her more if she just let her true self show. There are a few moms at my school whose hair is going gray in a very carefully managed way (they actually get gray streaks put in to help manage the new gray hairs, since their natural hair color is so dark) but Kate would never do that.

        I think the blonder look is meant to help the grays blend though.

    • sparrow says:

      Exactly, Nic919. Someone advising Kate (or Kate herself) misunderstands her tone when they attempt caramel clothes or highlights on her. The hardest part for Kate must be the halo around her face – the grey there is so difficult to colour without it fading almost immediately. However she is, like you say, committed to her hair now. I think it’s because her hair is the one fake youthfulness she can sustain (despite all the interventions money can buy, her skin is aged). Her hair was long but never overly thick when she was younger, so now she is committed to clips ins to plump it all out. I tried growing out my grey during lockdown but it wasn’t for me. There are patches of white against steely grey that I just didn’t like. Let’s face it, if Kate grew out her grey, it’d be the bravest thing she has ever done, which says a lot about her life.

  15. JMoney says:

    All that money on cosmetic procedures yet the result is Katie having the eyebrows of a 90s cartoon villain will never not be funny to me.

  16. ThatsNotOkay says:

    William probably wants to be Prince of Wales in money only, not even in name. He doesn’t care what state the monarchy is in when it’s his god-given “turn,” only that all the money is left behind for him. Kate, the Wicked Witch of Wales, wants the pomp and subservience. She’s spent her life thinking she’s better than everyone else and wants to prove it to the world that she was right. Deeply insecure pick-me girl. Can we do a new version of Taming of the Shrew and Kiss Me, Kate, and base it off Catherine and call it Pick-Me Kate?

    • Erin says:

      I don’t think they get any money from the title, but I could be wrong. The money comes from being Duke of Cornwall, with the billion dollar property portfolio. He gets the profits only from that, and can’t sell anything. But still a good chunk of change.

    • Ang says:

      KC gave them the new titles immediately to try to keep them in. Wills doesn’t want the crown at all and they are in crisis-mode regarding succession.

  17. Deneph says:

    Not living with William looks great on Kate, she’s looks happy and rested.

    • JaneBee says:

      @Deneph omg you’re def on to something with this observation!!!😂😂😂 Plus I guess being the queen of the Lambrook mummies – who are apparently less threatening than London mothers (because it’s impossible not to be a competition for her).

  18. tolly says:

    In the video, it looks like only one white-haired lady actually curtsies to them. Maybe some public officials don’t want this meeting to come back to haunt them, if the anti-investiture movement gains steam.

    • sparrow says:

      I would never curtsey and I would never call them “highness”. They are not at all special or elevated. It is all so anachronistic in this day and age.

  19. Brassy Rebel says:

    I understand that the schedule is not being published in advance. They’re not giving anyone time to organize a protest or even for individuals who might object to a British PoW to show up where they are.

  20. sparrow says:

    Oh, save us. Whenever I see her smiling like that I hear “here comes the sun” in my brain but it’s “here comes the gurn”! And now people on here have helped me see the wiglet, I can’t unsee it. I found some amazing photos of her online where it bunches up like a hat when she wears high collar coats. I got to thinking why I’d lost track of her “big” hair and it’s because she was socially distanced from her wiglet during lockdown. Kate has never had thick hair; long hair but not very thick. And her natural hair was back during the pandemic. See her garden centre photos where she has bunched it as much as she can in a low pony. And for that poster who thinks Kate is a great beauty, those garden centre photos are the reality of an attractive woman who is prematurely aged. Nothing more, nothing less.

  21. Emma says:

    Could someone please get William a better (properly cut) pair of trousers and decent shoes?

    • Noki says:

      Is it the suit or does he go commando or wears boxers when he really should be wearing briefs/boxer briefs with certain trouser cuts?

    • Chaine says:

      I would just be happy if he stopped trying to make those last fourteen strands of hair into a combover.

      • EveV says:

        Thank you @Chaine! Just shave it already. As another commenter posted on here, bald is beautiful a lot of the time, but balding never looks good.

  22. Over it says:

    If someone were to tell me that these people lost and buried their grandmother a couple weeks ago, I would say stop telling lies.
    I don’t know when last I have seen two people this happy to finally be getting everything. They really need to work on their we are still grieving and full of sorrow face and stop looking like a bunch of pirates just delivered them trunks and trunks of jewels and gold

    • sparrow says:

      I always felt Kate would be relieved the day the queen wasn’t around to judge her lack of work ethic any longer. K’s upset during the funeral was about how lovely Meghan looked and how well she was received despite the hate campaign.

  23. Laura D says:

    Call me “petty Betty” but, I notice a distinct lack of jewellery. After the Tomb Raider appearances we saw during the official mourning period I thought we would at least have an OTT bling brooch! Even her earrings are more subtle than her recent choices. I have to admit I do think she looks nice, going casual suits her far more than the “look at the price tag” outfits she normally favours.

    Apart from “visiting” did they do anything to promote the RNLI or was this just a photo op? I mean I thought Charles told us they were going to work hard to promote welsh causes/charities. Obviously I misunderstood. 😉

  24. Kaylove says:

    I can see the Holyhead Marine from my bedroom window. I’m currently in Canada but as a Holyhead-er I can guarantee you that our town will not be super excited about this. The older generation maybe..

  25. Ann says:

    I’m convinced Charles gave them the titles abruptly in order to control/stall William from making their separation official. A “dook” is more likely to bolt than a prince. (Charles is a hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do.)

  26. Alexandria says:

    They really using those faces?

    Are we gonna speculate whether William is pegged when he goes on these walkabouts. His face begs for an explanation. Look at him. Look.

    • sparrow says:

      Ha ha! The day that story broke was so fun. I can’t look at either of them too much, esp today. I hate gold or silver metal on coats, and I don’t like red and black together. LK Bennett always blings up its clothes – they couldn’t just leave the gold at the buttons, which is bad enough, they had to add it across the pockets.

      • Jais says:

        I like the coat and don’t mind the buttons but would rather see it worn with maybe a nice pair of jeans. And that’s because I’m also not a fan of red and black, due to being a UGA alum and it just reminds me of game day outfits. Go dawgs and all(obv I’m not the biggest football fan) but it feels like a game day costume. I get that others would not have that association.

      • Lorelei says:

        LK Bennett is the winner here. They were smart enough to name the coat the Spencer, *knowing* that Kate would buy it, and now it will probably sell out. Well done, LKB. They knew she wouldn’t be able to help herself.

  27. ShazBot says:

    Oh I have no doubt he made them PPoW immediately to start his reign by banishing memories of Diana.
    There is a new Princess of Wales now and it happening immediately starts his reign off “fresh”.
    I’m sure William was shocked which is why they jumped the gun on updating their social media to say Cornwall.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I also think he wanted to prevent any momentum for those who wanted the title retired. Giving them the title almost immediately and ignoring the diplomatic route suggested in the story is the point. They don’t want to give it up.

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m starting to think there were a few reasons for it:

      1) to banish memories of Diana (which is hard to do when Kate keeps cosplaying her at every turn)
      2) to kill any thoughts of a divorce from William
      3) to get William and Kate to work more – the expectations are different for the PoW
      4) to head off any talk from Wales about the title being retired.
      5) to complete charles’ transition as King. He doesn’t want people talking about him anymore as the PoW, which was bound to happen just bc we’re so used to calling him that. he wants people to think of him as the King and William is now PoW.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks, I agree all of these reasons make a lot of sense. I wonder if it will work, though, w/r/t stopping a possible divorce.

      • Jttrain says:

        All of this. I actually think Kate’s tie in to Diana this time is more than a simple cosplay. There are only 2 people now that benefit from the online burying of Diana, and those 2, Charles and Camilla, are in for a ride this November. The whole point of making them p and p of wales was to wash Diana away.

        This is a shot to Charles from Kate. It’s impressive. The color choice might as well say “I don’t care, do you” on the back and here we all are talking about Diana again!

      • Irish Eyes says:

        Just a quick question – when Charles became King, William became PoW, this is the natural order of succession. Which means William has known this his entire life. He has also lived in Wales during the first years of his marriage. Why then on his visit is it reported that William “tried to say a few words in Welsh”? Surely he has had the last 40 years and endless resources at hand, to learn to speak the language of his people fluently, and so be properly prepared for this day? This to my mind is an insult to the Welsh people, and very shortsighted on the part of the RF – the Welsh people want to retire the title, if William had shown interest and enthusiasm over the last 20 years, that might have gone some way to softening the feelings of the Welsh people towards the RF.
        Second question really flows from this – what do the courtiers DO? Is there simply the same mindset among them as among the RF – we’re right and you are wrong? A “firm” must always be thinking ahead if it is to survive, but the RF thinks “tradition” trumps everything – they need to get out into the real world more.

    • Tessa says:

      Yet the media says she wears red to channel Diana

  28. Chaine says:

    After almost three years of pandemic all I can do watching that video is cringe at them shaking bare hands from one person to the next to the next.

    • sparrow says:

      I know, Chaine. One good thing to come out of covid was my feeling it would kill the handshake, particularly amongst strangers. My doctor used to shake hands with me when I walked into appts and I always thought it was unbelievably unhygienic, given his job. However, we have to remember who K&W’s target audience is – the DM covid deniers who will go wild for this return to indiscriminate human contact.

    • Laura D says:

      Let’s not forget that William made a big deal about joking about Covid to ambulance workers at the beginning of the pandemic. I believe his cavalier attitude about the virus is the main reason why we never heard about him catching covid and not the hackneyed excuse we heard afterwards. Like his Etonian mate BJ, William never worried about covid at the beginning so there’s zero chance he’d worry about catching/spreading it now

  29. AmelieOriginal says:

    She still looks super tired and rough here, like she’s hardly gotten any sleep. She’s looked like that since QEII died. That heavy eye makeup she favors is well… doing her no favors! And gosh she and William could be two strangers, they never look at each other or interact, it’s so awkward.

    Her outfit is great here though I could have sworn that coat was a repeat, she has so many like it.

    • sparrow says:

      She’s looked like that for years, but it’s mainly wiped off photos by her photographer and huge amounts of photoshop.

    • Andrea says:


      Did you see the picture where William is holding his hands tightly together and standing away from her. It speaks volumes. There is no great love match here or even companionship at this point. He appears to loathe to be around her.

  30. A says:

    The main reason why Charles gave William the title right away is because he knew that if he dragged his feet on it, the opposition to continued use of that title would get way, WAY too loud, and it would become another thing to damage his reign.

    Not giving William that title would also be disruptive. The monarchy is about preservation and continuation. Charles knows that. Seeing a row of people lined up from the King to the King’s grandson (the FFK) is a message to the people that Charles is not going to be cowed by the opposition to the monarchy, or opposition to his own reign. He is going to act as if the monarchy is going to continue into the future, and that means passing on the title to William, whether the Welsh people like it, or not.

    It also likely has to do with Charles’ fears of the UK breaking up into separate units. He’s already stressed about Scotland, so I imagine he sees this as an easy way to “hold onto” Wales, even though, like with the whole Meghan security issue, their cooked up solution to the problem only winds up exacerbating the exact problem even more.

    I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that the royal family genuinely thinks that they can’t been seen to give an inch to anyone. I’ll go so far as to bet that they, and their staffers, see the Welsh people raising objections to this as nothing but a bunch of annoying rabble-rousers. I know Baldy certainly has no small amount of contempt for them. At any rate, they started off Baldy and Weasel with something easy and do-able for them. Go to a place in Wales they have a connection to, do something light weight, then come home. The whole thing is just an ice-breaker, to see how people will react, and it’s very convenient of them to go on this trip around the same time as when the British economy is apparently descending into shambles. People are distracted by other things, which lets these two fly under the radar. I’ll bet the official strategy is to just keep it low key like this in the hope that, a few years from now, no one will have the appetite to bother challenging the Prince of Wales title any more, and they’ll have forgotten all about it.

    • sunny says:

      Yup to all of this. I think this is exactly the right take. I do wonder how Donot and Cannot will make these new titles and whether there is time to ease them into more responsibility given how lazy and unprepared they are.

  31. Interested Gawker says:

    So is QEII’s mourning period over? I thought half mourning meant going from black clothes to dark blue.

    That red coat is not respectful she should have had a feather or a dragon brooch on a dark coat IMO.

    • Erin says:

      I have never understood this criticism that they should “continue to be in mourning” for some extended period of time. And I really don’t get what people think that should entail? Never smiling in public? (I suspect that would not be well received, either by the people they are visiting or the public.) Only wearing black for months? Their self-declared “private mourning” is over and ended yesterday I believe.

      And someone dies and you move on, you go back to school or work. I certainly didn’t wear black beyond the funeral and wake when my grandparents died. And I didn’t go into half mourning because I’m not a Victorian widow. I don’t think that’s a thing for most people these days.

      And sure they’re sad about losing the Queen, she was his grandmother after all. But should he be crying and carrying on in public? What is an appropriate or proper mark of mourning? And for how long?

      • Interested Gawker says:

        I am not suggesting BRF should not smile as they greet public or be weepy and crying and carry on for the sake of performative grief.
        If the mourning period is over, which was the original question, wearing dark blue (or purple? Grey?) still would have been in better “taste” than wearing red. Mourning traditions of dress for ordinary people have certainly changed but if those older prescriptions for mourning/half mourning were still “a thing” to any degree one might have expected the protocol bound BRF to perform them or at least choose not wear a ‘fire engine red’. coat.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Interested Gawker, l made a similar comment upthread saying she could have worn a dark plum/purple or deep blue coat. No one is expecting a continual wailing or gnashing of teeth after the death of a loved one, but l would think wearing a toned-down color at a public appearance so soon after the queen’s death would have been more appropriate. Especially since the RF seem to have such hidebound protocol for dress and behavior. I’d think the half-mourning dress protocol would still exist. But Kate looks very happy these days and that vivid color certainly reflects it.

      • Nic919 says:

        This family prides itself on tradition and protocol. Half mourning should be expected but Kate is too dumb to know or care. She has to wear red to go to Wales as if they don’t know the colours on their own flag.

        Dark colours like navy would have been fine, or a plumb as mentioned. This red coat was worn because someone labelled it Spencer and basic Kate thought this was great cosplay.

        This isn’t a modern family and giving them slack as we would normal people who don’t rely on a thousand year old tradition is just ignoring Kate’s lack of decorum.

  32. Vanessa says:

    It’s amazing how William and Kate can continued to be seen out and about their oblivious not In mourn . Kate looks like she enjoy herself she wearing bright Red smiling three weeks after the queen is dead but Meghan and Harry are supposed to cancelled all their projects for the mourning period . The rules only apply to Meghan and Harry their the only two who should be hidden away not seen for the alleged mourning period. But William and Kate can be jet setting all over the places while Kate buys need outfits it’s ridiculously.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      Even an armband on that coat would be ridiculous looking against the red but at least it would have acknowledged the death of the queen.

      Kate’s been prancing about like Veruca Salt ever since she wore that crazy oak leaf brooch and the BM pick on Meghan and Harry apart for everything and anything the Rota Rats dreamt up.

  33. Jazz Hands says:

    Khate needs to check the weather forecast before she heads out to events. From the video, it was clearly very breezy. She should have had her hair back so she wouldn’t need to constantly run her hand through her hair as she’s greeting people and chatting with them.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      This, Jazz Hands. It drives me nuts when her hair flies into her face. A professional ponytail would have looked so much better.

  34. Observer says:

    That fake Hyena laugh is tedious & exhausting.

    • sparrow says:

      It is really weird. Thousands and thousands of photos with her teeth and tongue showing, mouth wide open. People go on about Miley Cyrus always showing her tongue, but it is chronic with Kate. It’s actually pretty grim and unbecoming of anyone, let alone someone in her role. I am sure her PR and hopefully those personally close to her have advised her to stop. A lot of the time there’s nothing going on around her to merit her huge gurning and laughing. So, you have to conclude she is aware of what she is doing and carries on despite it being excessive and sometimes joked about. I’ve read that she relies upon it consciously in order to pull her face up and minimise her jowls/hide her eye bags. She couldn’t do it during funeral week, of course, and that is why Meghan must have thrown her, looking so naturally beautiful without distorting her face.

  35. sparrow says:

    Can someone help me out. There’s a picture on the DM that’s not featured here. It shows Kate up close in daylight with her mouth open. All along the bottom of her top teeth are these small areas that seem a bit see through, like thin ridges. Is this because she has veneers over her teeth, which are longer than her original teeth and therefore slightly see through at the bottom because there’s nothing behind them? Thanks in advance.

    • Jazz Hands says:

      I haven’t seen the pic but my teeth are like that and they’re natural. I always assumed it’s because front teeth get thinner at the bottom so slightly more translucent (I don’t think it’d show up in a photo but I notice when I’m flossing under bright lights). My dentist/hygienist have never said anything about it being out of the ordinary.

      • sparrow says:

        Thanks, Jazz Hands. Really helpful. I know she has veneers because they are too big for her mouth but it sounds like that’s what teeth can be like naturally. Really interesting.

    • Jazz Hands says:

      I found a good pic of her teeth from 1999. I don’t think she necessarily has veneers now but I do remember reading that she had her teeth “tweaked” slightly before she got married and it was noteworthy that they didn’t make them perfect as that would be too unnatural looking.

  36. tamra says:

    At least she looks modern. She looks happier. She must be putting the screws to them to get EVERYTHING she wants! LOL

  37. NessaBee says:

    It’s not a chain, it’s a SNAFFLE darling. *strangled giggling*

  38. Andrea says:

    I say this kindly, does she take uppers? I have never seen anyone be this manicly happy before. I know she has been doing it for years, but it just seems either she is acting or is acting like Trump. It is very odd. We see the mask come down at times and how she truly feels. Doubt she is that happy irl.

    • JaneBee says:

      @Andrea I think clearly yes, she does. Think it needs to be said that commenting on this aspect is not necessarily mental health or medication shaming. A responsible psych would not normally prescribe an single dosage that results in her degree of mania – so assume there is some misuse going on with dose or what it’s being combined with…

  39. Tessa says:

    Open . Mouth guffawing again

  40. EveV says:

    They are so freaking boring. But, I do think Kate looks better in that video than she normally does. So glad she could break out the hyena grin now that her beautiful sister in law has gone home. No matter how hard Kate works now (which, LOL), I will neva like her because of the horrendously bitchy way she treated Meghan. When I saw Meghan nervously take a step back from Kate, I wanted to punch her in the face. That ice cold stare she gave Meghan and then immediately smiled for the crowd, it was SOOO creepy!! Anyways, I hope Wales takes back their title!!

  41. Digital Unicorn says:

    The BBC covered this and the reporter made a point of saying that they went to a place where they KNEW they would get a warm welcome. The snark was there as he then went straight on to talk about how the Welsh want to dump the title lol.

  42. Danielle says:

    If Wales voted to leave the UK, what would happen to the POW title? Would it just disappear?

  43. SIde Eye says:

    The maniacal party over here, ain’t nothing over there grin is baaaaaack!

    Never thought I’d say this … I like the outfit here.

    All this hand shaking and touching during a pandemic! If only they had a chain linked fence to keep those peasants back.

    Oh wait…never mind.

  44. Liane says:

    I love that you do a button count.

  45. NorthernGirl says:

    They couldn’t go to Wales before the official mourning period was up or else Kate couldn’t have worn red.