Liz Truss ‘ordered’ King Charles to not travel to the COP27 summit in Egypt

An incredibly curious piece was published in the Sunday Times: “Liz Truss orders King Charles to stay away from COP27 climate summit.” “Orders” you say? The woman who became prime minister two days before QEII died and managed to completely crash the British economy in less than a month is “ordering” the king to not do something? As curious as that idea is, what’s even more interesting is that this piece is 100% from Buckingham Palace. This is King Charles announcing that he’s not going to the climate conference, blaming Liz Truss for it, delegitimizing the Tory government’s positions on environmental issues AND embiggening himself as an environmental leader and a king who will not “meddle” in politics. It’s actually pretty sly from Charles, I have to tip my hat to him.

The King, a passionate environmental campaigner, has abandoned plans to attend next month’s Cop27 climate change summit after Liz Truss told him to stay away. He had intended to deliver a speech at the meeting of world leaders in Egypt. Truss, who is also unlikely to attend the Sharm el-Sheikh gathering, objected to the King’s plans during a personal audience at Buckingham Palace last month.

The decision is likely to fuel tensions between the new prime minister and the new monarch, although a Downing Street source claimed the audience had been cordial and there had “not been a row”. The news comes amid suspicion that the government may water down, or abandon, its environmental target to achieve “net zero” by 2050.

A senior royal source said: “It is no mystery that the King was invited to go there. He had to think very carefully about what steps to take for his first overseas tour, and he is not going to be attending Cop.” They said the decision was made on the government’s advice and was “entirely in the spirit of being ever-mindful as King that he acts on government advice”.

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as Cop27, will run from November 6 to 18. Charles is still determined to make his presence felt there, and how he will do that is “under active discussion”. A senior royal source said: “Just because he is not in physical attendance, that doesn’t mean His Majesty won’t find other ways to support it.”

A source who knows Charles said he would be “personally disappointed” to miss it and was “all lined up to go”, with several engagements planned around his Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) which aims to persuade businesses to invest in environmentally friendly initiatives.

The source said: “The Queen gave an entirely non-political address at Cop last year . . . it sounds like he is not being given the choice. That is an error of judgment on the part of the government. The King could absolutely go and deliver the government’s message and give it credibility, given all the kudos he has in that space. It’s disappointing if people don’t believe he’d be able to do that, of course he could. He delivered the Queen’s speech at the state opening of parliament, rattling off lots of policies that went against his personal beliefs. He absolutely can put the government seatbelt on and drive at 30 miles per hour. He has already shown he is more than equal to that task.”

The Prince of Wales was also at Cop26, but will not be in Egypt. He is keen to focus on his Earthshot prize for environmental innovations and will attend its award ceremony in Boston in December, along with the Princess of Wales.

[From The Times]

As I said, Charles is a sly old dog. But the thing is, everyone sees this. I think it’s pretty obvious that this framing is coming from Charles and the palace. They’re actually kneecapping Truss and saying SHE is the one banning him, she is politicizing the crown and Truss and the Tories don’t want to do anything substantive with climate issues. I also wonder if Charles was already looking for a reason to cancel his appearance too – did he really want his first overseas trip as king to be to a climate conference in Egypt?

Scenes from last year’s Cop26 conference in Scotland:

Photos courtesy of Instar, Avalon Red.

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  1. Layla says:

    Charles hasn’t even been coronated yet and everything’s going to sh*t

    Also, what happened to Mr. “I’m so keen on the environment I hired two empty planes to fly across the country to humiliate my younger brother” Elegant Earthshot man?
    Why not just send him?

    • Smart&Messy says:

      Yes, this is an environmentalist Prince of Wales job! Why not send him( the grand Statesman) and Lady Bugs? Or did Liz T order the whole family to stay back in their lanes?

      • MeganC says:

        Liz Truss is as tone deaf as she is incompetent. Benching Charles was a momumentally rookie move.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Apparently he won’t be going either, though I did only see one Telegraph tweet/story claiming this yesterday.

    • Yvette says:

      @Layla … “The Prince of Wales was also at Cop26, but will not be in Egypt. He is keen to focus on his Earthshot prize for environmental innovations and will attend its award ceremony in Boston in December, along with the Princess of Wales.”

      William and Kate will continue to do as little as possible. I really don’t think their laziness will change any with their Prince and Princess of Wales titles. When William and Harry were little Charles wouldn’t hesitate to stand in for the Queen when asked.

      I have a feeling William has never had a problem telling his King ‘no’ (we all know that he had no problem telling the Queen ‘no’ because she ordered everyone to a family luncheon before the Sandringham Summit with Harry and he refused to do so). I also think William and Kate will use their kids as reasons not to travel (unless it’s a place Kate really wants to go) and not to work/take on projects until Louis is 21-years-old.

  2. Scorpion says:

    Billy the Pegged has been benched too 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Dee says:

    Charles and his family take a lot of money from oil magnates and their families and charitable associations. So any “environmental activist” identity he has cultivated (and make no mistake, it was deliberately cultivated solely to improve his image post-Diana by copying her), is just that: an image that he holds up when convenient, but that doesn’t match reality. William’s Eatsh*t Awards are the same way, a flashy attempt to kill to birds with one stone: elites fool us into thinking they actually care about all the damage they do, and royals get to look “down to earth” or whatever, with no actual lasting impact except on their likability.
    So here is newly acceded Chucky trying to use a Tory government on the ropes to simultaneously burnish his eco bonafides AND explain away a decision to skip an appearance that would have ticked off at least some of his donors? Seems like a no-brainer.

    But it appears Charles has forgotten the ACTUAL true role of the modern English monarchy: to provide a stately distraction to constant shrinking of the British government and the transfer of its assets to the wealthy. Rather than provide a handy distraction now that Truss and the tories are on the ropes, he pulls this ego-driven PR stunt. Now Kwarteng has had to walk back the latest giveaway to the elite class. Truss may not be a great stateswoman, but she’s still a ruthless politician with no innate love of the monarchy. I expect her and her government to cut Charles down to size very quickly.

    • Becks1 says:

      I agree with your overall comment, but hasn’t charles been involved in environmental activism since the 80s? I didn’t think it was something that just popped up post divorce.

      • Dee says:

        He’s had environmental INTERESTS, yes, meaning he was very enthusiastic about gardening and, to a limited extent, agriculture. All the royals are into “conservation”, which is very different for rich people than it is for college kids. For rich people, “conservation” is about hoarding large amounts of land so you can have expensive shooting expeditions with friends and people you want to ingratiate yourself to. The money goes into maintaining the land (aka your property) so the shooting is framed as being good for the land, so…conservation. Not very environmentalist, is it?
        Anyway, THAT was the extent of his environmentalism, and actually largely still is. Real environmentalists today are focused largely on the effects of Western consumerism on damaging the or exploiting environment and its indigenes in developing nations. Charles is head of the Commonwealth and also monarch of one of the largest Western economies. When last did you hear him speak out about what Cadbury does to children in Ghana? Or what BP does in places like the Niger Delta, including the fact that they hoard the high-quality petroleum extracted in Africa for European markets and instead send the Balkan-extracted, lower-quality, much more polluting product to African markets for sale? Even his own dear egg of a son is Patron of a charity that stole land from indigenous Caribbeans. Calling the man an environmentalist is a grave insult to thr many brave and selfless people, some of whom gave their lives, that do this work.

      • Snuffles says:

        Even before the 80s. He was routinely mocked for it before it became a hot topic.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I remember him being mocked for talking to his plants, not for environmentalism. I think Dee is correct that Charles and all the royals used land conservation to jump into climate change after cc became trendy.

      • Gabby says:

        King Tampon’s environmental “activism” means imploring others to donate vast sums of money and adjust THEIR lifestyles. When he starts flying commercial, maybe I’ll listen. Maybe.

        Please don’t take my opinion as supporting the Tories. Tories will Tory.

      • Nancy says:

        Actually Charles has been an active environmentalist since the 1970s when everyone thought he was a kook for talking about it. It has zero to do with Diana. He made his first speech about the environment in 1970.

      • equality says:

        Have to agree more with @Dee. What has KC done environmentally outside of his own properties and improvements for himself?

      • Becks1 says:

        @Equality I don’t think anyone is really saying that Charles is the be all and end all for environmentalism. I’m just taking issue with her comment that his environmental interests were all solely cultivated post Diana to try to compete with her. He clearly had interests in that area long before his divorce from Diana.

        that doesn’t mean he deserves an award for Mr. Anti-Climate change or something; its two different points IMO.

      • Dee says:

        I didn’t say his focus on the ENVIRONMENT started to compete with Diana. I said his interest in ENVIRONMENTALISM, which is very different, was insinuated (without much to back it in action) as a response to her own focus on marginalised communities and the degradation of their environments by things like famine and war. Environmentalism is a robust field of activism that is a LOT more than talking to your plants or telling people not to drive their cars anymore. It’s an ethical worldview that views the earth as sacred and, especially, sees the natural world as being superior to humanity and our laws. That is VERY different to what Charles believes, even in the most charitable light. His brand of “environmentalism” involves cordoning off vast tracts of land from natives in the name of “protecting it”, then profiting off the exclusivity those barriers creates. His version is making entitled demands of working people while holding himself and his family to zero of them. His version of environmentalism, like his interest in architecture and indeed everything he does, is sollipsitic, narcissistic and immune to the pressures of reality. You can’t put enough lipstick on this pig.

    • Bisynaptic says:

      Great take.

  4. jo73c says:

    One of Liz Truss’ central campaign points (to appeal to her fellow Tories) was a promise to roll back the UK’s commitment to achieving Net Zero.
    Say what you like about KC3, he is historically a sustainability champion. You can see how it would be a blow to be ‘told’ to stay away and STFU. In his new position though, getting pas-ag via the press is about as much as he can do about it.

    • HandforthParish says:

      Absolutely. The Tories don’t want anything to do even discussing climate change. They are too busy fucking up the British economy.
      Truss can’t have her king go against the government and the story has been a but more complex- it’s showing how limited Royal authority really is, Charles has been allowed to speak on political issues for a long time now, and he is realising he has lost that luxury (that he shouldn’t have had in the first place).

      • Tessa says:

        Diana said the top job would put limitations on Charles and she was right

      • Becks1 says:

        Charles has always known the job would put limitations on him. I think he’s publicly acknowledged that he wouldn’t be able to pursue some of his interests as king, the way he was able to as Prince of Wales.

        I’m just not sure he thought the limitations would kick into place so fast or that he would be told he couldn’t go to an event that the queen attended last year.

      • BeanieBean says:

        But The Queen attended last year because it was in Scotland, basically home (or what the BRF pretends is home). She didn’t ordinarily go, and I don’t think he was a regular attendee. I could be wrong on that last point, because all the press is about this year’s conference. Oh, I see he did attend in 2009 in Copenhagen, so that’s twice before. Is this Truss trying a flex?

    • L4Frimaire says:

      I think that Charles’ environmentalism is more about preserving a bygone way of life for the landed aristocracy or profiting off green technology, since he owns all the sea beds and will profit immensely from technologies like off-shore wind farms. It doesn’t mean he is wrong, but that he is not completely right either. His motivation isn’t exactly progressive or to benefit the global south for example. It reminds me of Jefferson who wanted a nation of yeoman farmers as opposed to the metropolitan mobs. At least Jefferson believed in democracy and a bill of rights ( as close as a plantocracy scion could get). The benefit for the masses is secondary, a trickle-down effect. From what I’ve seen, it’s boutique environmentalism and probably clashes with the roll- back regulations post-Brexit Tory policies.

  5. littlegossipboy says:

    I love this crown/Tory government drama. I wonder who Murdoch will support? In the photos it looks like Peggy cringes every time Kate speaks.

  6. North of Boston says:

    So that awkward picture of KCIII and Truss, it’s shots like that and the one of the Fab (cough) Four posted here yesterday that Charles in Charles didn’t want the Sussexes to be around for, wind up in?

    Let me just say H + M dodged a bullet because these are awkward AF, and not a great look right before the funeral of the Queen, sovereign and Charles’ mother.

  7. ThatsNotOkay says:

    I hope they continue to clash. The government and the monarchy are both failing the people. Someone needs to get the blame and be taken down/regime changed. Which one or if is anybody’s guess. Can’t wait!

  8. Snuffles says:

    This should be interesting. What is Charles end goal? I saw some on Twitter saying Truss overstepped and that Charles can and should dissolve Parliament and call for a new election.

    Or is Charles overstepping? Charles has notoriously never been politically neutral and has for decades tried to influence laws overtly and behind the scenes.

    Either way, he’s not going to “do nothing” like the Queen. So much for continuity.

    • Mara says:

      If Charles dissolved parliament without the consent of the majority of its MPs there would be a constitutional crisis and he would probably have to abdicate.

      When the first Charles dissolved Parliament without its consent, civil war broke out and the English chopped off his head.

      • Chaine says:

        Well that would certainly start his reign with a bang, wouldn’t it? Perhaps he’s scouting out a tree in which to hide now.

      • Duchess of Hazard says:

        @Mara- Charles dissolving Parliament might be the best thing right now. Truss lost £65 billion off the economy in less than a month of being PM. I am crying over my Pension pot now.

    • EPLFan says:

      Truss is down to something like 15% popularity in the polls, and I suspect Charles is more of a Lib Dem than a Tory. There’s already talk that some of the Tory’s are going to join up with Labour to block a lot of her agenda, or change the rules to remove her and bring in Sunak. Charles is shrewd to also throw out there that he doesn’t like her either — he may not be Mr. Popular, but she’s downright toxic and showing that she’s screwing him over too probably helps him a bit.

    • Jaded says:

      Truss’s own party is bitterly divided and she may have shot herself in the foot with the economic chaos her tax cuts are having. She’d likely not win the next general election but things may get so bad for her that a non-confidence vote could be called and Labour would step into the breech.

  9. Becks1 says:

    Well well well, the knives are out early, aren’t they? this is definitely Charles ticked that he was told not to go, when he was planning on going (maybe he would have changed his plans anyway since I’m sure the trip was planned before his mother died, so he would have been going as PoW and not the king, but I’m sure he doesn’t like Liz Truss telling him not to go). You can hear the bitterness in the source’s quotes about “putting on his seatbelt and driving 30 mph.” The queen went to this conference last year (a little different since it was in Scotland but still). There would be nothing wrong on its face with Charles going.

    charles is absolutely resentful at being ordered about by Truss at this point. The next few months are going to be very interesting.

    and yeah this is absolutely something where you could send the Prince of Wales.

    • C-Shell says:

      So, this BP spin to reflect CIII’s pique may have scored a win against Truss, but it’s hardly strategic, so yep — knives out. Charles’ reign is lurching around from grievance to grievance with no clear approach for his monarchy. It’s entertaining, but the UK is in dire straits. Charles could choose to be quiet and make a strategic plan, but he lacks that skill.

    • Nic919 says:

      Seeing as how the queen spoke at last year’s conference, there was probably a way for Charles to go and give a speech.

      But Truss has messed up a lot in the last few weeks and has been dumb enough to try to pass a mini budget that sent the pound crashing to historic lows. So perhaps with another PM there might have been a sensible reason for him not attending. With Truss, who really knows and since she’s not popular right now and viewed as incompetent, it is the best time for Charles to be critical of this decision.

    • BeanieBean says:

      If he wants to be Mr. Environmentalist on the global state, the new PoW absolutely should be going to this conference. Missed opportunity, but of course the conference doesn’t revolve around him, so….

  10. equality says:

    If the monarch is essentially just a puppet for the government, what use are they? Get the PM a punch and judy set and let her use that. Would be far less expensive.

  11. Tessa says:

    Would will want to go

  12. Harper says:

    Could one go so far as to say Chuckie was disinvited by Truss? Karma is not wasting any time.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      I don’t care how vile or incompetent she is, as long as she can score some hits against him and limits him to ceremonies and sashes events. This was the equivalent of landing the first punch to show your nemesis who’s in charge, especially if her time as PM may not last long. You don’t expect to see her hosting state dinners and hosting OBE ceremonies. He can keep up by reviewing the contents of his red boxes.

  13. Tessa says:

    William looks a lot like Charles in the photo where he looks annoyed with kate

  14. Eowyn says:

    I can’t believe how mad it is that we’re still discussing monarchies and their roles rather than eliminating them altogether. That we are pretending that an institution that has destroyed a much and people that consume so much have any legitimacy speaking on the environment.
    When we’re joking about the pomp and nonsense at least we’re acknowledging the absurdity.

  15. LovelyRose says:

    The shade in what the “palace source says”! Wow!

    • MsIam says:

      Yeah that was super shady, lol. I thought word on the street was that Liz is not long for the job. Maybe that’s why Chuck feels free to jab his knife in too.

  16. Jay says:

    Charles must have Royah Nikkah on speed dial, lol. I don’t doubt that he is committed to his role as the “passionate environmentalist” in the family, and that he’ll find it difficult to reconcile that with a Tory government that seems hell-bent on bringing the UK to the edge of ruin. For a long time, if people knew anything about Charles’ work, it would be his environmental efforts.

    What’s noticably missing from Charles’ version of events here is Mr. Earthsh!t himself. Why wouldn’t he say, “I’m going to stay neutral, but the new POW will be there on his first overseas trip”. That would probably bring some attention.

    Instead, the article makes it sound like William will be underground for 5 months, emerging only for a trip to the US in December. Is it that workshy William refuses to go? Or does Charles not want to send him because he doesn’t want to give his heir a chance to outshine him on the world stage?

  17. Alexandria says:

    What’s the point of him attending anyway? His carbon footprint is not small.

  18. Amy Bee says:

    It just goes to show that Charles will brief against anyone. Diana was right when she said that he wasn’t suited to be King.

  19. Ocho says:

    This was another misstep by Liz Truss.

    She makes the monarchy seem more important than they are by caring whether Charles attends or not. Which makes her look weak. Just treat Charles like any other wealthy philanthropist flying his private plane to the COP.

    And if some of Truss’ fellow Tories disapprove of this perceived slight to their not-long deceased Queen’s son (and some Tories are a bit mushy about the Queen) and they manage to let Charles go, Truss will look weak.

    She looks weak either way.

    • Jan says:

      She is not a Monarchist.

      • sparrow says:

        With Jan on this. There are several Tories who value meritocracy over monarchy. Problem is, within their ranks are the traditionalists and royal sycophants, such as Rees-Mogg, who tend to have been born into the top branches of society rather than working up from the bottom.

      • Jaded says:

        She’s changed her spots over the years — once a rabid anti-monarchist, she jumped over to the conservative side while at Oxford. Once anti-Brexit, she’s now in favour of it. She’s also been one of Bojo’s biggest supporters. Former Tory MP-turned-columnist Matthew Parris said it was best to “stick to your first impressions” of the new prime minister. “Liz Truss is a planet-sized mass of overconfidence and ambition teetering upon a pinhead of a political brain.” Methinks Ms. Truss will let the wind blow her wherever the chances of success are greatest.

  20. Pinkosaurus says:

    You know what? Good for Chuck3. As much as the Rota talk about soft power, they don’t understand it. THIS is soft power. KC3 just kneecapped an unpopular PM to weaken her and send a strong message to prevent her from walking back a commitment he supports. BoJo was strongly in favor of the commitment and Charles is too, of course, not enough to stop using private keys himself but for the changes everyone else will make.

  21. SolitaryAngel says:

    I found the most interesting sentence in this story to be that KkkHate is now coming to Boston. I wonder if she’ll behave the same way she has been acting recently…🤔

  22. Laura D says:

    I’m not sure where I stand on this one as I dislike Charles and loath Truss with a passion. I wonder if she stopped him from going because he doesn’t support her controversial Fracking Bill. The local Tory MP, the local council and the people in the area do not want fracking but, she’s trying to push ahead with it anyway. Environmentalists are (quite rightly) up in arms about it and I could see Charles siding with them and bringing it up at COP27.

  23. dominique says:

    whilst i understand the schadenfreude moment this is a shocking piece of news. The new PM of one of the largest economies in the world doesn’t want to even pretend to show that she cares about the environment. This is bigger than Charles, frankly none of the royals (including Harry) has any business talking abt climate change and should first get their own carbon footprint under control. Here Charles would have been speaking as the Head of State of the United Kingdom (which is entirely different to when he was Prince of Wales) now what he says has meaning and the PM said nope, F the environment, not on our agenda. Liz Truss is worse then Bojo, i cant believe i’m saying this but she is more than incompetent bumbling fool, she is right wing conservative with an agenda, as her dismal budget has shown. Just a shame that she is using POC in her parliament to push that through. Kwasi Kwarteng and Suella Braverman are both shameful.

  24. Chantal says:

    C-REX is using the BM to attack Liz/the govt. Unsuspecting ink pens and the Sussexes aren’t exempt from his wrath, so why should she/they be? In less than a month, he’s shown what a petty, vengeful and ruthless king he is. C-REX is testing his powers, real and perceived! He’s power tripping, ready to do battle and isn’t taking any prisoners. Parliament better nix that pending bill allowing the monarch to remove titles or watch out and prepare to kiss his butt regularly. POW and the Middletons better watch out too. C-REX won’t tolerate their little games anymore. This sh*tshow saga continues! Meanwhile, my sympathies are for the British people who will to continue to suffer as the elites fight for control. At least we have an election coming up next month where hopefully we get more seats in Congress, undo more damaging Repub policies and implement better ones.

  25. BeanieBean says:

    Has he always gone to these conferences, or did TQ & the Cambridges go this last time because it was in Scotland, part of the United Kingdom?

  26. L4Frimaire says:

    I wonder if it was “suggested” that he not attend and the PM is the messenger. I seriously doubt Charles would just give some little speech and be done with it. This guy is so anxious to act like he has a real say in government that I doubt his micromanaging ways are happy to just let Westminster go about their business. What exactly could he even do? He can’t enact any actual policy changes and with an energy crises, a lot of governments aren’t exactly shelving fossil fuels right now. Truss is a mess with delusions of Reaganomics, but this is what they wanted for their leader. You know who can go to that conference if they chose to, is Prince Harry. No permission needed.

  27. A says:

    This is the difference between Charles and William, at least to those who think they are the actual power brokers in Britain. Charles, who is definitely NOT a progressive in any sort of way, is not well-liked by the Tory party, OR the British press that’s owned by Tory supporting billionaires. They don’t like him bc, while he is not a progressive, he has at least a smidgen of decency in some respects, like when he made his opposition to the Tory party’s decision to send refugees in Britain to Rwanda, and now here, when it comes to the environment.

    Charles has been concerned about the environment, long before it was in the public interest to do so, and he was routinely ridiculed for it in the press, until concern for the environment and climate change because more mainstream. He was also ahead of the curve when it came to stuff like organic farming.

    Compare that to William’s environmentalism, the most notable aspect of which is just him going to African countries to loudly talk about how the world’s poors need to stop breeding already, bc he wants there to be enough giraffes and zebras and lions for his THREE children (higher than replacement level) to gawk at when they tramp through those countries for safaris. Which is just racism, at the end of the day.

    As for Charles opposing the Tory party policy on refugees in Britain…yes, Charles behaved in a lousy way towards Meghan, that is true. However, you have to compare Charles to William here again. William, who openly said he’s “bored of racism.” William, who again, went to Africa to tell the poors to stop breeding already, while having three children.

    William, who went on the Flop Racist tour of the Caribbean, which flopped even though the Tory party tried to help him by delaying the first deportations of those affected by the Windrush scandal. William, who hires former Tory party staff members for his staff at KP. William, who along with Racist Waity has decided that he wants to be the king of only a specific segment of the UK, who with his silence demonstrates his consent for the dog whistle racism that’s becoming more and more inherent in his PR in the British tabloid press.

    William is an unrepentant, Tory supporting reactionary, and the Tories in the establishment and the press LOVE him for it. He has a great deal of political support from all quarters, both in the Tory party, and the Tory supporting press, including broadsheets like the Times (he’s got connections with the political editor for the Times, don’t forget, who was the first person to break the news abt the potential exile story).

    And in return, he goes out purposefully to push the Tory party political line. Just last week, him and Waity were out at a food bank, where Waity was alleged to have said how she “loved” the “sense of community” there, and how there needed to be more food banks. Anyone who knows anything abt British politics would know right off the bat that this is NOT an apolitical statement, but rather an open and brazen attempt to promote Tory party neglect of the poor during a terrible financial crisis and the spiraling cost of living. And wouldn’t you believe it–just days after that outing, Liz Truss “defiantly” stuck by her economic plan, and said she was going to curb social benefits and impose even more austerity measures. The two are absolutely linked, and anyone who says otherwise, or insists that the BRF is “purely ceremonial”, and that the monarch is “above politics” is fooling themselves. To act as if ceremony and symbolism isn’t a crucial component of politics is to be ignorant, especially now.

  28. Ace says:

    I’m not so sure that it’s so obvious that this comes from Chuck, or at least it wasn’t obvious to my UK politics journalist twitter list when this came out. Everybody was shocked that Truss had fucked it up so badly, not commenting at all on who had clearly leaked the story.

    Meanwhile I was thinking of how good a move this is for CIII because as well as everything you’ve said, it sets him apart from the Truss government which is not very popular. That’s good for his popularity with anybody not completely right-wing, which he really needs.

    • Lionel says:

      I have to agree. I just don’t think Charles is nearly as much of a savvy political manipulator as this theory gives him credit for being. When I heard this tidbit of news, my first thought was that it makes Truss seem brazen and Charles seem weak. Which is more-or-less what I thought of each of them anyway. They’ve had, what, one meeting? Two? While I get the advantage in his distancing himself from the Truss trainwreck, it’s still a bit soon for the new king to be making a power play against the Tories.

  29. Well Wisher says:

    And so it begins, the real power behind the powers that includes heads of state and government, but unelected at the moment.
    The real story is one of avarice and asset stripping at the expense of democracy.

    • Well Wisher says:

      It has begun, he is being accused of leaking. Despite the fact that he is expected to access the machinations of the day, everyday behind the scenes.
      He has to read the contents of the red box daily, and to be accused of leaking can only cast him as untrustworthy.

      He is going to continue to be the target of the blame games especially if he’s the victim.
      There’s no way he would’ve leaked the humiliating ‘order’ from Lizz, who got it from whomever? hedge funds ?

      It part of a new wave to deliberately keep voters aka citizens, uninformed but distracted especially if they can think critically.

  30. Athena says:

    If Charles leaked this he shouldn’t have, this is not a good start. Is this going to be his reign, leaking conversations with the prime minister, leaking stories about his spare? Is that the operating model for KCIII? I guess this is the results of hiring a PR person from a tabloid. Let’s wait and see if there’s more of these leaks.

    QEII would never have done that.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Agree. It’s a bad look and makes him look petulant. He should know better and set a better example. It shows a certain arrogance that he expects the government to accommodate his needs and ego, then moan to the press when they shut him down. He’s so used to briefing against his own family but forgets that there are factions who would be quite happy to exile his ass to Monaco or Dubai and do away with this whole apparatus. Maybe he should pause and actually listen. He meets with the PM directly so no reason he needs to do this.

  31. Maremotrice says:

    Charles and William could have waved on the COP27 baton relay. Oh well.