Jesse Williams granted visitation with his LA-based children in New York

Last we talked about Jesse Williams, he’d asked for an emergency hearing about his children’s visitation schedule while he is performing on Broadway. His ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, had taken issue with the schedule of flying the two elementary school-aged children across the country during the school year for what essentially amounts to a weekend visit. As I wrote at the time, flying across the country for just a four-day trip is A LOT for an adult, much less a child. However, the court doesn’t agree and has overruled Aryn’s request, awarding visitation to Jesse in New York, I guess, designed to accommodate his schedule.

Jesse Williams has been granted various visitation days with his kids in New York City, overruling ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee’s previous request to keep their children in Los Angeles.

The Grey’s Anatomy star and the real estate agent, both 41, were together for over 10 years and married for five before he filed for divorce in April 2017. The two share daughter Sadie, 8, and son Maceo, 7.

According to new court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Williams and Drake-Lee appeared in court on Sept. 30 where the actor was awarded his requested custodial visits with his children while he temporarily moves to N.Y.C. from Los Angeles this fall to reprise his Tony-nominated role in the Broadway revival of Take Me Out. (A previous court order granted Williams custody during his spring run in the play that allowed him four consecutive days a month in N.Y. with his children.)

While Drake-Lee previously argued against Williams’ visitation in N.Y., the court awarded that their two kids can visit the actor in N.Y. on specific days in October, November and December.

The court also ordered 10 sessions of co-parenting counseling for Williams and Drake-Lee.

The order also stated that “each party is restrained from making derogatory remarks about the other party, either directly or indirectly to the minor children, nor allow any third party to do so.”

In addition, the judge ordered that Williams and Drake-Lee are not to “discuss this case with or in front of the minor children nor allow anyone else to do so” or use their children as “a messenger to deliver messages to the other parent.”

“The parties shall not ask excessive questions or interrogate the children about what happened while when in the other parents’ custody,” the order stated.

The judge also ordered that neither Williams or Drake-Lee may “post derogatory remarks about the other party that the minor children can see in social media.”

Following the hearing, Drake-Lee appeared to make her feelings about the matter public, sharing an Instagram post about long-distance visitation.

“It turns out the court does think it’s good for children to regularly fly on overnight flights to accommodate a parent who won’t do the same for them,” she wrote. “Who knew? I knew…Those of us who walk this path know what it is and know what we need to do to protect ourselves and our babes to the best of our ability.”

“Every day we show up and do what’s needed despite the circumstances. I know I journey this road with my head held high and my integrity in tact. Let’s see how long it takes for the usual suspects to leak targeted language and storylines painting a particular party as the victim,” she added.

[From People]

I guess it’s good that the court has also ordered that the former couple attend co-parent counseling and can’t make derogatory remarks about each other on social media. Aryn has continued to post, but nothing about it has been derogatory. In fact, everything she’s written has been fairly neutral and rather restrained. Whereas Jesse has behaved shadily from start to finish, but while hiding behind his team and TMZ and his pretty eyes. I was honestly surprised about the sympathy for him. Normal people stay in jobs to support their families and the idea that the children should suddenly make do with much less so he could pursue ~art~ was mind-boggling to me. Perhaps the sheer numbers were influencing opinions, so instead imagine suddenly dropping from $4,000/month to $750. That’s a dramatic decline/change in lifestyle. And I guess Aryn understands that a lot of people are giving her Kim K’s “get your f-ing ass up and work” attitude so she posted a history of her support of Jesse and their family before his career took off. When they met, she was the more established one and poured years of money and effort into him. Hopefully, Jesse eventually comes to his senses and appropriately supports his children instead of viewing it as paying his ex-wife, but it seems like he won’t and the courts and men’s rights’ media like TMZ are helping him get away with it.

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  1. Haylie says:

    Jesse seems like a selfish bastard.

    • Cheri says:

      Missing 2 days of school per month is a significant loss. That’s 18 days of school – basically an entire month. His ego and self-centeredness know no bounds.

      Get your ass on a plane and fly to L.A. to see your kids!

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Tell me again how the courts favor women in custody fights. Not seeing it. In real life or celebrity life. But it all makes sense, the systemic devaluing of women and female bodies across this entire land. Women have never been equal and ww have used their adjacency to power to uphold the power structure, but even WW are suffering too now with rights they “won” off the backs of BW being eroded as well. #AreWeAlliesYet?

  3. Gibby says:

    Okay he sucks. Also that timeline has a ton of red flags….why are you moving in with someone at 3 months, putting his name on a home before engagement/marriage?

    • Mimi says:

      She took a leap of faith. Hindsight is always 20/20, but she gambled on someone she believed in and it worked out (for a while). The custody issue is tough. If the kids can fly to him, he should be able to fly to the kids, no? Unless maybe has rehearsals during those days? Also, the kids are not flying “regularly”–there are holidays in October, November and December. It’s for a limited duration.

      • Steph says:

        What holiday is in October? I’m dead ass racking my brain trying to figure it out. If I remember correctly when I was in school March was the only month where there were no days off but I can’t think of any upcoming October holidays.
        Also, keep in mind, though the kids will have off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, he won’t. The kids will be flying across the country to spend time with someone else.

      • Huckle says:

        Columbus Day is in October plus maybe any other “school’s closed” day in their kids’ school district. Perhaps his family will be there to help him during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I mean, they should probably have relationships with their dad’s side of the family too.

      • Cheri says:

        L.A. schools don’t celebrate Columbus Day. They recognize Indigenous Peoples Day, but it’s not a day off.

    • Andrea says:

      At 1 1/2 years, I felt it was too soon to move in with someone, but my ex’s rent was going up and so he moved it. But it made me uncomfortable.

      3 months I could never at 41. Maybe after a year or two, but certainly not under a year.

    • Yup, Me says:

      He literally could not have made it without her active support (for YEARS).

      I want to know if she’s taking clients. I want that kind of faith and sense backing me up in my business journey.

      Jesse seems like someone who thinks he made it on his own and he will continue thinking that until his career crashes and burns.

  4. Mia4s says:

    Ugh. Well I hope that “on specific days” comment means the court at least gave some consideration to school holidays and long weekends. This is a LOT for a seven and eight year old.

    He’s really off putting. Why wouldn’t it shock me if he starts turning down high paying work because more would go to the family? Oh no I can’t work for Marvel! I’d have to pay more child support. Cut off your nose to spite your face. 🙄

    • SAS says:

      Yep. I’ll never forget reading a comment where a woman’s ex dragged her back to court fighting for 50/50 custody, upended the children’s lives and routines when it was granted, and was furious that he still had to pay some small measure of child support (he thought it would go to zero with 50/50) and then wanted to revert to the previous agreement!

      It’s NOT about the kid’s best interests, and that’s exactly the feeling I’m getting here.

  5. Woke says:

    If you divorce it’s on you to stay and make things work with the kids. At the same time he’s not on Grey’s anymore how is he suppose to maintain that lifestyle if he doesn’t take other jobs like this one in New York ?

    • Peridot says:

      He’s not maintaining the lifestyle anymore. The support was dramatically reduced because he quit Grey’s to take lower-paying jobs like the one in New York.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        Yeah but he made millions of dollars a year for how many years on Gray’s? If they were smart they would have put some of that up. I’m all for both parents financially supporting their kids. That should just come naturally. But some of these child support payments are just ridiculous. Young kids don’t cost that much each month. Yeah some months. But not each and every month. Again they should have put up some of that money. Money seems to be the big feature of this divorce. The welfare of the kids should be. And the welfare of the kids doesn’t mean they have the most expensive things. But that they know their loved and cared for.

  6. Moderatelywealthy says:

    I know what she is hinting at because it happened to me a couple of times before I learned my lesson.

    She is a pretty woman and an intelligent one, but not exactly beautiful. He, however,is a very good looking dude. No question about it. Of course she fell for him hard on and tried to mitiagte the fact she did not feel as special as he was with doubling down on the supportive role aspect of the relationship.

    I can say that because she never says HE asked her to put his name on the deed. SHE thought it would be good for HIM, and that is why she did it. She was trying to hold onto this man she never thought she could land and he just as well let her.

    Fast forward some years, after SHE has houses and money and everything and even got the children from him, his career starts in earnest and she should have known her days were numbered and prepare for crashing, but apparently she did really believe he would stay around and took issue.

    No, I am not blaming her. I was in this position too, desperatly trying to make up for my own perceived insecurities by being the best girlfriend I could be, only to have it blown up on my face. Thankfully, I got smarter before marrying and having children.

    I am sad she did not wise up in time, but at least she has two beautiful children and can proudly say she is a self made woman who never needed the extra help he needed. I understand her need to speak out, but I doubt this is helping her self esteem and her children. In theory, yes, the father should be the one to fly over to visit , but theater has other time schedules than 9/17, so maybe this is it.

    Her psost is not so neutral and insinuates the judge is biased…she should stop posting about it as it may be to her detriment.

    • Laalaa says:

      Just wow.
      She got children from him?

      • Moderatelywealthy says:

        It does sound like I meant having children with him particularly was the best outcome for her I admit. I apologize. I meant she sounds like a caring mother and these children might be the saving grace.

    • Unicorn with a Sweet Tooth says:

      This is a crummy take. He was a broke-ass pretty boy. That he moved in 3 months later indicates he was serious, it doesn’t have to be her hunting for validation because of your perceived opine on her looks. The transference of your experience to hers is strong.

      • Moderatelywealthy says:

        Read again. She is the one admitting she out his name on the house she bought with her own money because she chose to, to show her conviction of their relationship.

        This is a move she is admitting herself. That I shared a similar experience trying to work my own inadequacies (imagined or otherwise) does not erase that she has done the same abd admitting.

        Not projection

    • Taehyung's Noona says:

      Moderatelywealthy: Your criticism–although you tried to temper it–is too harsh and cruel although it’s clear you’re speaking from your own traumatic experience.

      Aryn naming the exact date they met makes me feel sorry for her. It’s clear she feels used.

      • Moderatelywealthy says:

        I agree I was harsh. But I did not mean to be cruel. She is pretty and intelligent as I said. She should move on from this guy and unfortunately Justice does not take lightly when people use social media to discuss such matters.
        Unfortunately in the world we live she is the one who has more to lose than he is my so she better take care.

        It does not mean I wish bad on her. Quite the contrary.

    • Aang says:

      “He’s a very good looking guy”? All in the eye of the beholder I guess because I see nothing special. Although I’ve never clapped eyes on him until I read this post. Maybe these are bad pics?

      • Moderatelywealthy says:

        She is pretty and intelligent i said but not Hollywood Standard.
        He is good looking imo, but being shitty makes one lose some appeal, so I get your point.

    • Lemons says:

      I actually agree with your take. I don’t know if it necessarily has to do with her looks, but she clearly ignored some red flags (and added her own) which created a very tenuous situation for her.

      But I find it really weird that some would force a man to work for a certain paycheck, but we’re not talking about forcing the woman to get a higher paying job if she wants her children to have the same amount of financial support as before.

    • BaronSamedi says:

      I 100% get what you are saying here and I agree. This man is an absolutely catch if you just go by looks and OF COURSE she felt some kind of way about this. So yeah, I can totally see her putting all her eggs in this basket and it actually paid off. He DID go on to bigger and brighter things and she got to participate in that.

      And when they divorced she got child support payments in accordance with his current paycheck. So money-wise she doesn’t actually have a leg to stand on I feel? She supported him in the beginning and then he ended up making more money and I’m sure she got some of that in the divorce too.

      So now she seems to simply still be bitter about the way the their relationship ended or in general and is taking it out on him. It doesn’t look good on her.

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      I know what you’re saying.
      It’s his light-skinned privilege. He’s always been selfish but she was blinded by those light eyes.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      Broadway usually has Monday off. Which if the kids are in school during the day. If he flew out he still wouldn’t be seeing them. Yes he works Sat. and Sunday. But he would be free all day long and would only have to go in right before curtain. So for him to see them this would be the only option. And he’s an actor. It isn’t a 9-5 job. He got lucky with Gray’s. And everybody is complaining that he left it for other things. This broadway stint may be the best thing for his career. He already got a Tony nom for it. So this might lead to bigger movie parts. Or he could have been let go from Grays and not had any job for years. She married an actor this is what they do.

      • Coco says:

        So your saying the kids should be the ones to suffer the consequences.

        Also Broadway may not lead to any more opportunities for him and he has also been nominated for his work on Grays anatomy. I’m not saying he should stay on the show, but the kids shouldn’t have to pay for his choices.

  7. BaronSamedi says:

    I don’t know? I mean why did this dipute even go to court? They share custody, he is working in New York, so the kids go to him while he is there. It doesn’t seem complicated to me.

    It feels vindictive on her part to try and keep the kids from him when there is a clear rule in place.

    Sure, maybe she feels it’s too much on the kids but if it comes down to them not seeing their dad at all ? Also, isn’t going on a Trip a big adventure at this age? How are none of the adults here able to make this a good eyperience for the kids instead of making it a big thing.

    And her timeline speaks for her, sure. But that’s marriage. You share in each others good fortune. She made more money in the beginning and then at some point he started making more money and she benefited from that too? So I don’t know what she is trying to say there.

    I don’t cape for him but she gives me bitter vibes.

    • Unicorn with a Sweet Tooth says:

      I would be bitter. He left a well-paying Job to reduce his child support, and moved to work across country. My children are about the same age as hers. I wouldn’t want them flying red eye to spend a weekend with dad either. SHE has to pack for them. SHE has to make sure they’re prepared. SHE has to pick up the pieces when they’re exhausted at school the next week trying to readjust to their schedule and time zone. Dad gets to be fun time dad for 2 days and then relinquish the responsible parts back to her.

      It’s selfish.

      • BaronSamedi says:

        Yes, it is not easy but this is divorced parenting? I understand her bitterness but I feel like it’s the not healthy kind. They have been divorced for years, she is apparently doing well financially so why does she keep holding on to this bitterness instead of living her best life.

        This issue didn’t need to be resolved by the courts, which the court agreed with since it confirmed the status quo.

        I will always side with children getting to see both parents and in this case we may not like the dad but he has every right to see his children and he is paying child support.

        I am not interested in the private dirty laundry she is trying to wash in the public here. I am just looking at the facts and those seem… not that bad to me.

    • Cee says:

      What she’s trying to say is that just as she supported him for years and worked her ass off to do so, when time came for him to support her and their children, he bailed. He’s the type of man who thinks child support serves greedy and bitter ex wives in their quest for gold. He benefited from her money for years yet now regards her as a gold digger type of person demanding more money.

      • BaronSamedi says:

        But they were married while he made all that Grey’s money. She 100% got some of that money in the divorce and he paid incredible amounts in child support after, so he ‘paid’ that early money back if you want to regard it in this transactional way.

        How is he making her out to be a gold digger? Honestly asking, because I didn’t see that.

        This issue was about her not wanting to let her kids fly out to see him where he works. Which in my mind is weird. Shared custody is shared custody – not custody when it is convenient for all parties involved. The courts are not going to make your bad ex a better negotiating partner. He has a right to see his kids and she didn’t have a good enough argument to make her case.

        I am with the court on this one. Inconvenience is not a reason to keep these kids from their dad.

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      But if it’s going to negatively effect the kids so much, do they need to see their dad while he’s choosing to do this play? She shared in a previous post that she has been cooperating and the kids are not handling the travel schedule well. His children are accommodating his work schedule which means red-eye flights and long nights.

      This concept of 50/50 or shared custody is handled literally by the courts and men to the detriment of children. It’s the worst thing to happen to single mothers, I swear.

      There’s FaceTime, Google Hangouts, phone calls, emails: he can see and communicate with them quite frequently despite them not being physically with him. Or Is parenting something that ONLY happens when you are physically present with your kid? Out of sight, out of mind?

      Jesse chose to work thousands of miles away from his kids, so why should his kids be made uncomfortable? To be babysat while he works, have a meal with him and then be sent back on a plane at the crack of dawn so they can get to school? That’s what Aryn described and I believe her. Is that quality parenting time? It really only makes sense in terms of the calendar but not in any parenting sense.

      • BaronSamedi says:

        I agree the ones suffering the most here are the kids. I just don’t think the solution here can be that they do not see him for however long he is in New York, you know?

        Look, I don’t know why HE can’t fly out to them or why they can’t pick a long weekend or find whatever reasonable compromise here. As it stands she looks more unreasonable than him to me.

        I refuse to believe that two intelligent, wealthy parents cannot manage to make these trips as smooth as possible for these children.

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        I’m triggered: how many articles have published about how the pandemic revealed women are still carrying and performing the entirety of childcare, elder parent care, household management? Aryn Drake Lee described this very thing: she took care of everything—finances, children, finding housing—as he auditioned and worked. She is and has always been the primary caregiver to these children even while married to Jesse. Like many, many, many marriages, This was not a 50/50 parenting situation. She is not unreasonable to not want her kids to miss school to fly by themselves during a pandemic to only spend one on one time with their father for a few hours. I believe her judgment above the court and her ex.

        We need to stop this performing knee-jerk reaction of doubting the decisions women make for their children, what they say when they advocate for their children. There is so much evidence that we need to more closely examine the decisions men with children make because those decisions are often made on the assumption that their children and the mothers of those children should bend to accommodate their desires. It’s not that THEY cannot come up with a solution: he does not want to accept the solution which is that he learn and track his kids schedules and fly out when it’s best for them. Jesse has no regard to how much work it is to actually put two minor children on a plane alone during a school day. He has no regard on how physically taxing it is on his children.
        Drake Lee is not unreasonable. Jesse’s parental rights should not be enforced at the expense of his children, and not at the expense of the person actually performing the majority of caregiving.

    • Courtney says:

      It shouldn’t have gone to court because he’s in the wrong. You don’t make 7 year olds bi-coastal. His interest ≠ kids best interest. He’s grown, he can fly back & forth.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        A broadway show closes on Mondays. The kids would be in school monday. So he wouldn’t see them if he flew out. If they come to him he has all day sat. and all day Sun. to spend with them. That’s the option. Plus people don’t seem to realize he was an actor when they married. He didn’t change who he is. Actors go where the work is. And don’t give me he quit Gray’s. He made millions doing that. She got part of that in the divorce. So money shouldn’t come into any of this. They should have put up some of that to take care of the kids then. Instead of complaining about it now. What if either one of them are run over by a bus tomorrow. Do you still complain about the money then?

      • ChillinginDC says:

        At this point, the judge has told her she needs to get a job.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Thank you. Sorry been following this mess for years and at this point, the judge has ordered them to take co-parenting and therapy because they are both a huge mess. I will say this though, Jesse at least is following the judges orders. At this point she’s been angry for years and I get why, but I am surprised none of her friends have gathered her and told her she needs to stop and focus on her kids. I would be angry too, but at this point the kids are just going to remember how she keeps badmouthing him and has done her best to not allow them to see him.

      This isn’t the first time he had to go to court so see the kids according to the visitation schedule.

    • Cheri says:

      The kids traveling to NY was granted as a temporary order. They went to court because he wanted to extend it for the school year.

      The court is giving too much weight to Jesse’s personal wishes. Kids need stability. They need to be in school full time. They also need 11 to 12 hours of sleep – difficult if they’re on airplanes flying across the country.

      You can’t tell me he couldn’t find a great acting job in L.A. Maybe even the one he voluntarily quit!

  8. Kirsten says:

    He’s obligated to support his children, but he’s not obligated to stay in a job that he dislikes in order that his children continue to have a VERY privileged lifestyle; no one is entitled to wealth.

    Also, a job where you make art is just as legitimate as a job where you work in a factory or a law firm or on Wall Street or a fast food restaurant.

    • Jaded1 says:

      Also, he is still making child support payments that far exceed what a lot of people get for more children. And his work wins awards, so this isn’t some “step down” for him. Grey’s will end, this gives him an advantage.

      From what I have read, he is asking for 3 months of visitation at this point? You’re telling me that missing 2days of school each month for 3 month is going to harm the kids? Please. At their ages, people pull their kids out of school for Disney or visits with grandparents. This isn’t forever.

      Additionally, while she might have supported him on his way up, how long and how much until people consider them even? I’m sure while they were together, she had a beautiful life. She is still received money. I get the feeling he could have divorced her in 20 years and her complaining would still be the same.

  9. girl_ninja says:

    I’ll admit I was indifferent to their story when the separation happened and the messiness of the divorce occurred. I thought Jesse was really dedicated to his former wife because they’d been together for so long and even AFTER his success with Grey’s they married. I thought if he wanted to leave the relationship he wouldn’t have waited until children were apart of the equation. Anyway, Jesse is such a disappointment. More and more I see that he has hurt Aryn deeply and I pray for healing for her.

    I do think it is a great idea for them to get co-parenting counseling and individual counseling as well.

  10. SIde Eye says:

    I also believe he left his high paying job to avoid paying her so much. He doesn’t think Aryn “deserves” that money – but the reality is she took his broke ass in and SHE is the reason he is where he is today period!

    I used to think he was sooooo beautiful. Now when I look at him, I don’t see it anymore. The pretty is gone. I remember when he accepted an award and promised to “do better by Black women” and the camera panned to Aryn’s face in the crowd. At the time they were still married. Her expression said it all. It was over then – she had figured out who he was at his core and who he is a really narcissistic, self centered, selfish person. A few weeks later here comes the Minka story. Ugh.

    Sucks when you’ve poured so much into a person only to figure out they are garbage. We’ve all been there – but what really sucks is when you have a kid or children with that person and you have to continue to deal with someone you’d have otherwise ghosted long time ago.

    I really feel for Aryn on this. Courts really screw women. I know a woman who was prevented from leaving the state (3 hours away) for a much better, much higher paying job. The Court found it would interfere with her ex’s relationship with the kids – which was nonexistent. She had the receipts in court on his visitations and the older kids even testified- where he just dumped them on his girlfriend, his mom, his aunt, his grandma, left them there overnight and picked them up at the end of his weekend while he partied the whole time. But at the hearing here he was crying a whole river of salty tears that the move was going to affect his relationship with his kids. What it was really about was he didn’t want her moving up, moving on, and making more money. He is and continues to be all about sabotaging her life – while his goes on uninterrupted.

    Jesse is a garbage father to put young kids through this instead of getting his sorry ass on a plane himself to see his kids. The kids are young. There’s a time change, school, activities that will be interrupted, etc. This is a hard commute for adults.

    The pretty is gone because his real self has been revealed. I’ve never looked at him the same since he did Aryn this way – reminds me of Matt Damon and the confrontation with Effie. I can’t unsee it.

    • LOLikes says:

      @SIDE EYE I agree.Love your name BTW. I had a GF call me to watch his speech at the Black awards. First time I had seen Jesse & Aryn & my GF couldn’t stop raving abt Jesse’s speech. I side-eyed him then. THEN the camera veered toward Aryn I & had a gut feeling he would leave her. I think she had just had their last child and I felt sad and feared for her then. And here we are today. 😧

      • SIde Eye says:

        @LOLlikes thank you and I love your name too! It’s pretty much what I do all day – side eye people ha ha so I thought I’d use it. We were on the same page about that awards show and we caught the same thing. I had such a bad feeling for her when the camera panned to her. That’s when I stopped fawning over him. “We will do better by you Black women” I don’t have enough eye rolls for him – I’ll start by humiliating my wife and our kids with Minka. Wouldn’t exactly call the Minka buffoonery a great moment in Black history or an example of honoring Black women – but then again that’s just me…then he had the nerve to bring up the whole thing on Jay Z’s rap song like he’s the victim in all of this! Frigging assclown.

  11. Jess says:

    Their whole situation is unfortunate. She put a lot into their relationship and he felt like he needed an upgrade now that he was Hollywood. Happens all the time.

    Hopefully her children won’t be in that position and they can find a way to separate the relationship between her parents divorce and them as individuals.

    • Twin Falls says:

      This. It happens all.the.time.

      He’s a shithead and now she’s in a bad spot having to co-parent with a shithead with the kids in a worse spot being in the middle.

      “As that I can see no way out but through”

  12. ChillinginDC says:

    I don’t know, this seems similar to that messiness from that woman from England doing her best to not allow her children to see her estranged husband.

    She has a right to be angry and upset. But she doesn’t have the right to not follow the judge’s orders because she said so.

    And I am sorry, I don’t believe he took a job on Broadway in order to purposely give her less money. He left Grey’s because that show is not even thought as being critically acclaimed anymore. He’s trying to transition over to movies and more prestigious things like Sandra Oh has and I am sure his PR and agent told him that he was closing in on a window where he was going to be forever shutout and doing Lifetime Movie mess.

    They both have been messy since separating and divorcing. They need to learn to coparent for their kids. Keep hating each other’s guts if that gets you through your day, but maybe care about your kids more. There’s no history of abuse or anything else there. Just a shitty dude who cheated and thought he try to upgrade.

    • Ameerah says:

      That is an incredibly inaccurate and unfair comparison.

      Also he mostly certainly DID quit Grey’s to avoid paying more in child support. Because mere months before he quit he was asking the court to drastically REDUCE his child support and it was actually INCREASED. It’s amazing how y’all will make excuses for men like this.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        No it’s not. She wouldn’t even tell him if their kids got vaccinated during the pandemic. She was refusing to allow them to see him. She filed a few months ago to sever his joint custody arrangement. The whole thing is a mess.

        Please stop with he quit Grey’s to give her less money. Grey’s is ending if not this year it’s next year. Tons of other actors have fled that show, why should he stay with it and watch as his ability to make a name for himself out of a soapy tv drama dries up. He’s honestly taking the Sandra Oh approach. No idea if it will work out for him, but he’s gotten rave reviews on Broadway and got a Tony nomination. If he wants to transition to movies which most actors do, he had to make a leap sooner or later.

  13. Andrea says:

    This happens to regular people who marry wealthy. I have a friend who lived in a huge mansion, all the perks, but she moved out upon divorce after 30 years (he moved the secretary in 3 months later); her kids were already grown. Theyd been together when they both had nothing and he eventually became highly successful. She had to downgrade her lifestyle upon moving out. Bought a townhouse, then sold it for a nice condo. Eventually, she met another man, but he doesnt have the bank the husband had. She bought a house with him, but it is a far cry from her former lifestyle. My point is this woman needs to downgrade her lifestyle. It sucks how things fell apart, but such is life.

  14. Lurker25 says:

    @ameerah, they will be all shocked over on the brad Pitt strangulation thread and then come over here to make excuses for Mr. Pretty eyes.

    I’ve been paying attention for a few years now.
    We don’t know that he…
    Why can’t she…
    He gets to live his life, she can’t control him! (Love this from childless women, esp. Mom’s never get to “live their lives” – any act of self-care more than like, a pedicure, gets “heartless bitch”)…
    I’m with the courts…
    Both sides need to…
    Look at the facts…
    It’s the children suffering by her toxic social media behavior! (But kids can totally handle 7 hr each way red eye flights for a weekend, seems fair)…
    Why can’t woman get a higher paying job? (This one is amazing – you think she’s choosing to forgoe income that she can keep? As opposed to the man who has to pay alimony?)…

    The emotional labor of keeping it together and keeping the children emotionally ok through a divorce falls in the mother, almost every single time. This is taken for granted and expected. The monetary contribution by the father… Well! That greedy bitch!

    How picks the kids up from school since it’s before the working day? Do you know how much aftercare, babysitters and nannies cost just to allow women to work 9 to 5? And they get penalized on pay/promotion BECAUSE they are mothers, all while most of the paycheck goes to pay people to look after kids while they are working.
    And don’t get me started on no fault, no alimony states.
    There’s a graph out there that shows single women with kids vs single men with kids vs childless men vs childless women.
    Here, found it for y’all:

  15. Athena says:

    A lot of men do view child support as paying their ex-wives, but in reality the average child support barely covers the expenses related to the children, ie., food, clothes, childcare, activities, the out of pocket medical expenses not covered by insurance. My ex-husband left a well paid job in the corporate sector to become a substitute teacher, the Court in my State refused to alter the previously agreed upon support. My ex also took me to Court around custody issues. The Court sent us to arbitration. When he realized the arbitrator was not seeing things his way, he dropped the whole thing. He took a one bedroom apartment a few blocks from my house and wanted the children to sleep at his place a few nights a week or alternate weeks. The arbitrator was not having it. I do find it interesting that in this particular case the judge is willing to let two small children fly cross country.

    I read a story recently about an unaccompanied minor who was supposed to have an airline staff accompany her from the plane to the receiving parent, being left to her own devices at one of the largest airport in the country, Miami International. The mother who place the child in the airline’s care was rightfully angry because that airport is a major target for human trafficking. JFK in NY is not that different, and the airlines are short staffed. Parents who are in the military and assigned overseas spend more than a few weeks away from their children and make due with zoom calls. Jesse is being totally selfish in this request. Would not be surprise if there’s a new woman in his life that he’s trying to impress by showing what a caring father he is.

    • Twin Falls says:

      “Would not be surprise if there’s a new woman in his life that he’s trying to impress by showing what a caring father he is.”

      Me either.

      • Fortuona says:

        He has been seeing Ciarra Pardo the former CEO at Fenty and she knew him back in 2009 when he filmed Russian Roulette with Rhi

      • Twin Falls says:

        I don’t even know why I’m going down this rabbit hole but you are right.

        From his custody filing:
        “The children can travel with Priscila [his nanny] or my/longtime girlfriend Ciarra Pardo, who the children have known their entire lives.”

      • Fortuona says:

        Twin Falls

        And that was what Aryn off again when she found out they were dating 4 years ago .But she has known the kids all there lives (back in 2018 she was complaining about in court about Mama C )

        So he is 41 and she is 42 year old Black woman

        And as far as I know she lives in LA (she is the head of LA Fashion Week) . So she is probably taking the kids

  16. jferber says:

    I feel bad for her and the kids. Totally agree it’s inappropriate that young children should fly across the country frequently to see their dad. HE should be making it easier on THEM, not himself. Sucks. Lastly, he’s not all that pretty (why not be petty, too?)

  17. Barbiem says:

    He has rights to his kids. Sounds like she is advocating what she thinks is best for her babies. Nothing wrong with that.. Unfortunately children fly all the time to see parents. Its a divorce. And its not always pretty. Judge should have said he has to fly to them as well as kids flying to him. But whatever. Co parenting class is good idea

  18. Meee says:

    Does the ‘supporting my partner as they come up’ thing work? I’ve seen it fail so many times. Woman puts boyfriend, sometimes husband through medical school, law, PhD etc. he starts making money and leaves.