Brad Pitt’s rep claims that Angelina Jolie’s claims are ‘completely untrue’

On Tuesday, Angelina Jolie’s cross-complaint filing made national and international news. Again, I emphasize that this was a cross-complaint and a response to Brad Pitt’s unhinged lawsuit – he sued her earlier this year after she sold her half of the Chateau Miraval business. Brad claimed that they had an “agreement” that she would sell her half to him. Angelina’s legal response is the cross-complaint, wherein she not only rejects Pitt’s legal argument about the “agreement,” but lays out in detail the timeline of her attempts to sell her half, Nouvel, to him, only for him to financially abuse her and try to force her to sign a gag order about his horrific emotional and physical abuse of Jolie and their children. In the cross-complaint, Jolie also laid out exactly what Pitt did to her and the children on the plane in September 2016. If you have the time, I would recommend reading the full cross-complaint – go here for the full legal document.

For about 18 hours following the reporting of Jolie’s cross-complaint, Pitt’s team was silent. They were likely weighing their options, trying to figure out how to play this from a PR perspective. Instead of taking ownership of any part of his physical, emotional and financial abuse of his ex, Brad chose the “unspecific blanket denial” option. His representative told CNN: “(Jolie’s) story continues to evolve each time she tells it with new, unsubstantiated claims. Brad has accepted responsibility for what he did but will not for things he didn’t do. These new allegations are completely untrue.” What is he talking about? Her story hasn’t “evolved” – she clearly told all of this to the FBI in 2016, and she’s made references to feeling unsafe, feeling hurt and vulnerable, but she’s never come out (before now) to say that this piece of trash choked one of her children, struck another child in the face and repeatedly physically assaulted her.

I also think part of Pitt’s problem, in general, is that he was blackout-drunk during some of his terrorization of his family. He doesn’t actually remember all of the sh-t he did, which probably goes a long way towards explaining his blanket denial. These are also not “new allegations” – maybe Pitt doesn’t remember what he did, but that doesn’t make the information or the allegations “new.” The FBI clearly investigated (to some degree) and much of what we could see in the heavily redacted FBI file is in Jolie’s cross-complaint. I have more to say, but around the same time that Pitt’s representative was calling Angelina a liar, Pitt’s people ran to TMZ with this glittery turd of abusive gaslighting:

Angelina Jolie is on a smear campaign against Brad Pitt, rehashing the same allegations she’s made for years — allegations that have fallen flat with authorities — this according to sources close to Brad.

Our sources say Angelina’s repeated attempts to paint Brad as a child abuser has taken an extreme toll on their 6 kids, who are now all but estranged from their dad. As one source put it, Brad now has a “limited and strained relationship, because of her campaign of alienation.”

The sources point out … Angelina has claimed since 2016 that Brad got physical with at least one of their kids on a private jet and even poured beer on her. Brad has denied the allegations, but Angelina pressed authorities to prosecute him. The FBI investigated and concluded the allegations were insufficient to move forward. Our sources say there was also an investigation by the Dept of Children & Family Services which was closed out because of a lack of evidence.

Angelina then went to family court in an attempt to convince the judge in the divorce case that Brad was an unfit parent who should not have any custody. The judge listened to the evidence and gave them 50/50 custody … essentially rejecting Angelina’s claims of abuse.

She then filed what she thought was anonymous freedom of information lawsuit against the FBI, asking to make public her allegations regarding the private jet incident.

And just yesterday, she filed legal docs in connection with a dispute over a winery they jointly own. As our sources say, the winery lawsuit has “zero” to do with her allegations of abuse, yet she recounted her claims in great detail.

The sources say it’s clear … all Angelina wants is revenge against Brad.

The sources say in some ways Angelina has won, because despite having 50/50 custody, they believe Angelina has poisoned the kids against Brad to the point he has little to no relationship with any of them, and the victims are the entire family.

One more thing … the sources point out, Brad has never publicly uttered a bad word about Angelina, for the sake of their kids. They add, however, he’s deeply wounded by what he believes is a vicious, unrelenting attack.

[From TMZ]

This “vicious, unrelenting attack” is literally a legal response to Brad’s lawsuit. HE sued HER when she wouldn’t allow him to financially abuse her any further and when he couldn’t manipulate her into signing a gag order. Now he’s crying about it to TMZ when all Jolie did was respond to his piss-pants lawsuit. They also don’t have 50/50 custody – Judge Ouderkirk tried that, but he was ethically compromised (he was bribed by Pitt’s lawyers and failed to disclose their financial scheme) and the California Supreme Court vacated his ruling in 2021.

I’d also like to point out that all of this sh-t about “allegations” and “unsubstantiated” claims is purposefully trying to make it seem like Angelina’s word alone is not enough. Six minor children not only witnessed Brad abusing their mother, he also assaulted the minor children too (and Jolie was a witness). Plus, there are third-party witnesses to Brad’s attack on the plane and on the tarmac. Anyway, long story short, Brad Pitt is a vindictive, stupid, violent, abusive monster.

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  1. SarahCS says:

    This is so bad and makes me so angry, I couldn’t bring myself to read the TMZ excerpt. What will it take for these rich white men to face consequences for their actions? If I’m feeling frustrated and helpless what on earth are the victims going through? His and all the others.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    The guy is also hiding behind “sources.” (Where have we heard that before?) And he won an Oscar for physically assaulting and murdering his ex, written by good buddy and former Weinstein apologist Tarantino. Tell me again about poor Brad and how wronged he’s been.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Misogyny in Hollywood is deep and goes back to the very beginning of the industry. Unfortunately, Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg. And the most recent example. It’s a very sordid history that I wish some good writer would document in a book.

    • Andrew's_Nemesis says:

      The other point is – if it were untrue, Pitt would announce that he is suing AJ for defamation of character, loss of reputation etc. He isn’t – only putting out spurioud, gaslighting counter-claims. Therefore, he is guilty. Karma’s going to get this SOB one day.

  3. Lady Luna says:

    Whoever is advising him is doing a horrible job. He brought this upon himself and is now crying. What a dumbass. Typical male fragility.

  4. Emily_C says:

    One good strategy for abusers is to gray rock them, but he’s made that completely impossible. I believe he’s enjoying this. Anything to cause Angelina pain. And also to cause at least some of his children pain. People often don’t realize how much “fathers” like him love to hurt their children, to attempt to be the main character in their children’s lives.

    • Lucy says:

      This part. He will continue to abuse her any way he can, forever, because she had the audacity to leave him. If they were Average Joes, he would have killed her by now. I am so glad she and the children are safe.

      • Ivy says:

        I think he would have killed her too. The reason why he hasn’t had a long relationship since the divorce is because he’s too preoccupied with his obsession over her. Just look at those sculptures he made this year. It doesn’t take a genius to see the 8 figures were representing the family

      • Lurker25 says:

        I mentioned family annihilator in the post about this yesterday. Strong Scott Peterson/Chris Watt vibes, aka “everyone loved him! He was such a low key, charming guy! He really loves his wife and kids!”
        A big trigger for family annihilators is the loss of control that comes from the stress of financial woes. They like to keep up appearances and will borrow, embezzle, cheat to keep it going. The threat of being exposed leads to violence.
        The Miraval drama. Pitt does NOT want to open the books. His recent money making ventures: cashmere? Skin lotion? This is a dude who used to get $5mil for a days work shooting a jeans commercial in Japan. Not paying people, not settling MIR housing with his own funds…
        Conclusion: he needs money, needs it now, needs it bad. He’s stalling on Miraval until he can shift funds back into it to hide whatever financial impropriety went on there.

      • Lucy says:

        @Lurker25 – Very astute (and chilling AF) observations. Holy shit.

      • TEALIEF says:

        @Lurker25 I agree. I’ve said it before, the finances of this winery must be a swirling vortex of debt and mismanagement. If he had any common sense – which given his track record he does not – he would sell. Negotiate with the Stoli billionaire and walk away. Brad fancies himself an architectual artiste, but he, Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage went to the same school of indulgence fuelled by alcohol, vanity real estate projects, dinosaur skulls, and private islands.

      • Christine says:

        This. And Angelina clearly gets it, ergo we know BP hit his kids, and strangles his wife.

        This was the next OJ waiting to happen, but Angelina loves her kids so much, she pulled all of them out of it.

    • KFG says:

      @Lurker25 yep. He’s most likely been embezzling funds and probably was trying to bankrupt Miravel to keep AJ financially strapped. He knows his suit is bs, but what he didn’t expect, was to have an actual impartial judge and for Stoli to say bring it. I do think he will make an attempt on her as they get closer to opening the books.

  5. Plums says:

    I understand the desire for the kids’ lives to remain private and as away from this drama as is possible. Their parents are the ones who chose to be celebrities and public figures, not them, but honestly I continue to be surprised the Brad and his team are acting as if they’ll never say anything publicly to support their mother.

    • Myra says:

      A person who is willing to choke one of their children will stop at no lengths even if they are publicly called out. He’ll likely dismiss their claims and blame it on the “spurned” mother, just like Voight did.

      • Lurker25 says:

        He’ll cry “parental alienation” – the big big bad of the family court system.
        Family courts like to both sides it like, ” he may have strangled his wife bUt sHe ToLd tHe cHiLDreN aBOuT iT!!! SHE ALIENATED THEM FROM THEIR FATHER!!”
        Truth doesn’t matter. You are *supposed* to shield a man who abused you. He doesn’t have to make it right with his kids that he hurt their mother, he doesn’t have to admit shit. The emotional burden of the father having a good relationship with his kids is placed squarely on the mother, through a see-through veil of impartiality, and it’s PARENTAL ALIENATION if she doesn’t comply.

    • nope says:

      The issue with that logic is 3 of the kids are adults in college and the other 3 are teenagers. These aren’t babies. He must think she’s the greatest mother on earth to have that much control over 3 teens and 3 adults to keep them from speaking up because if they wanted to, they would. They can. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he pushes too hard and at least one kid speaks out when their pushed passed their limits.

      • Lurker25 says:

        It’s not my logic, @nope. It’s the family courts. Jolie is on record saying the courts do not give the children a voice, and how shocked she was to find that out. What the kids want isn’t taken into account bc it’s seen as yet another sign of parental alienation if the kids choose one parent over the other. The parent the kids want to be with is assumed to have alienated the child against the other parent. They CANNOT speak out.

        Only the kids who are technically not kids anymore can opt out of visitation or whatever the courts order. Are you clear on the timeline? this happened in 2016 when the kids were *not* ” 3 teens and 3 adults”… Only Maddox was allowed by the courts to opt out of custody decisions. The other FIVE children had to endure supervised visitation with the guy who choked and hit them. And Jolie couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

        I think she’s dropped these bombshells now bc yes the kids are finally “3 adults and 3 teens” and family court rulings won’t matter anymore. She didn’t trust Pitt with the children, obviously now we know why, and she played the insane game, jumped through the insane family court hoops, to keep the children safe as much as possible and run out the clock.

  6. Size Does Matter says:

    The children (and any other witnesses on the plane) gave statements immediately after landing. That evidence has been documented for years now. I don’t understand the logic behind this Streisand-esque litigation.

    • Eleonor says:

      Because an abuser can’t let it go.

      • Emily_C says:

        Yep. And he wants to make his abuse victims feel things. It makes him feel like a puppetmaster.

      • Cessily says:

        Exactly and I would like to add that law enforcement does not take abuse seriously. I am a domestic violence survivor and still have to deal with my ex and his financial abuse along with legal abuse. Some days it is hard to even get out of bed, no matter how independent or financially stable a woman is abusive men seem to never face the consequences of their actions. Women always face greater danger when leaving, especially when the abuser has a weapon or has a history of choking He should have been arrested as soon as they landed by the FBI.

      • lucy2 says:

        Just like his latest lawsuit against her. There is tons of documentation of them trying to work out a deal for him to buy her out of Miraval (in exchange for an NDA!) and plenty of documentation of her then notifying she intends to sell to a third party, and yet he’s suing her and crying he had no idea and she didn’t give him a chance to buy it.
        He’s a psychopath.

      • Christina says:

        What happened here is much more common than people realize.

        My ex did the same thing. My kid, a young adult, wants nothing to do with him. His family still doesn’t believe that he was as bad as he was, and they reach out to my kid like nothing happened. She hates it because she has felt gaslighted for years by him. She refuses to engage with them.

        I am recovering from being a hunted animal now. When I have the strength, I want to fund raise for psychological custody evaluations in DV situations. Too many people can’t afford a reputable custody evaluator. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than allowing a judge to “both sides” this stuff. You can still get a crappy judge.

        Kids deserve that kind of evaluation to protect them from their abusive parent. It helped save my daughter’s life.

  7. Emmlo says:

    Brad is going to FA and FO. I don’t want them to have to do it but there’s a real chance Maddox and Pax get sick of his shit and do an interview telling everyone what they witnessed him doing to Angie and what he did to them personally.

    • Emily says:

      That’s what I think. One of them will talk. But Brad’s team will do their best to invalidate it — claim they’ve been brainwashed.

      • Turtledove says:

        Exactly. If the kids come out, he will just say they are lying and that Angie put them up to it. Angie knows that and probably wants to save the kids the trouble. It won’t help her and will likely be tough on them so why bother?

    • C-Shell says:

      I pray this happens! Like Christian Walker blowing his father out of the water with the truth.

      • ⁷Cait C says:

        Christian Walker is self serving and is doing a cynical rebrand. I do not mind him airing his father out , but it comes less from a genuine place of outrage and righteous fury and more to the fact that the conservative market is saturated with his types that use their identity as a shield to own the Libs. Christian is still cruel virulent anti-black and misogynistic just look at the videos and interviews he has done. He just wasn’t getting the numbers and views he wanted ( especially after the Roe v Wade verdict) ,so he switched up. Christian should not be embraced

    • Lady D says:

      I’m picturing a Youtube/Tiktok type video with all the kids chatting about their experiences with dad.

      • Alycea says:

        @LADY D

        Me too! I don’t see them doing a formal sit down interview but instead a
        YT video or a live randomly.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      I think their just waiting until the younger kids are safely away from ever having to see Brad again. And then I don’t think it will be 1 or 2 of them. It will be all of them together. They do seem to be a tight family.

  8. mia girl says:

    This guy is such a POS.

    I wonder about Pitt’s parents and whether they are also estranged from their grandchildren because they want nothing to do with their dad. Pitt’s parents seemed pretty present in their lives.

    • Lurker25 says:

      I bet that line that Jolie was “too deferential” to the kids came from Pitt’s parents. My money is on his Ma.
      They wouldn’t want their grandkids wearing black “looking like columbine kids” speaking weird languages, studying all over the world… It makes THEM/grandma feel weird and uncomfortable and That.Is.Not.Ok.

      Granted I know nothing about Pitt’s family but the quotes are from the redacted FBI docs. And when I had a kid my white Midwesterner mother in law expressed her deep displeasure at my foreign parenting through her son who was raised to think his momma was always right.

      • Alycea says:

        His mom infamously wrote an anti-gay and anti Obama letter to her local newspaper. l am willing to to bet they had a lot of problems with the way shiloh dressed as well

      • Lurker25 says:

        @alycea, wow. I did not know that. Feel like I’m definitely right.
        My MiL was as full of liberal causes as the day was long and yet, her husband (not white!) admitted to me that she refused to believe that anyone was being racist to the Obamas until WELL into the 2nd term.
        Her daughter (who looks white, blonde highlights) said something about being biracial recently she just blurted “no you’re not!”
        She calls herself a feminist, proudly, but every single marriage she comes across – cousins, in-laws, her own family, neighbors – it’s always the wife’s fault.
        I can keep going. I didn’t notice it much until I had her first grandchild. She pushed her way into my hospital room bc it “was not fair” that my own mother got to be there and she didn’t. It went downhill from there.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        He turned into his own drunken and abusive father. “too deferential to the children” = his venomous jealousy toward the love she shows them. He is jealous of his own children’s relationship with their own mother. What a sick fuck.

    • MsGnomer says:

      I have a small home near the estate where the one time Pitt Jolie family would stay when visiting the extended family in Greene County, Missouri. I dont recall which year, but definitely after the separation, I was walking by and saw the property had been decorated for the holidays. That meant someone was coming into town to see family. I also saw a small, humane, mouse release trap had been placed against the fence along the property edge, so the children were probably there. It was my gut feeling that the children were brought there by AJ to see the grandparents because the grandparents loved them. I dont think any of the children wanted to be there, but AJ was not going to take that connection away from them. All my own speculation, of course. Since that time, Bradley property development has begun a real estate development project on a hill that has a perfect view of the estate. Me, I never want to return to our own place because of the crime and willful ignorance of the population generally. Nature there is gorgeous, but Q is huge as is evangelicalism.

  9. LOL says:

    Still awaiting for that public apology from hitting his children and their mother? Still waiting for that public denial he did not hit any child , he did not hit his wife ?

    • Lucy says:

      His team knows all too well that they can’t do that because it happened and there were third party witnesses who gave statements at the time. Not that it matters, because hell probably continue to get a pass from Hollywood and his fans.

    • sunny says:

      All of this. This strategy is deplorable and proves he doesn’t give a shit about the family he hurt or repairing harm. He really just keeps abusing AJ by dragging this out and lying again and again. Awful.

  10. Meija says:

    One of the kids will write a book. It will be very interesting.

  11. Eleonor says:

    Unfortunately I can see his team taking the Deep’s route.
    This is exactly what was scaring for me.
    And if rich white women cannot escape the DV mess, how on earth us, mere mortals are supposed to survive ?

    • C-Shell says:

      Christopher Bouzy of Bot Sentinel is ALREADY linking the same hate accounts that went after Amber Heard to accounts now hounding AJ. Twitter has a BIG problem that it cannot squelch the coordination of single purpose hate accounts on its platform, in particular those that go after women and WOC (Meghan, Kamala, Amber and now Angelina). I stagger thinking about what will happen if Musk actually pulls off his acquisition of Twitter.

    • teley says:

      Same PR & Crisis expert as Depp (and Weinstein) so yeah, same playbook…unfortunately probably same results…DARVO

  12. mmcaav says:

    At the end of the day even if the public goes after Angelina (I doubt it or at least to the same extent that Amber went through) she’s going to rest well at night because she has the love of all her kids which in the end is the most valious thing.

  13. Jane says:

    Well, sure. Since when did anyone come out and say ‘Yes, I violently assaulted my wife and children. My bad!’ He’s been lying about it for six years, he’s not going to stop now.

  14. SJ (they/them) says:

    hope he rots in hell!

  15. Lively says:

    Rot in hell Brad prick.
    And take tmz and daily mail with yoh

  16. Jay says:

    This statement claims that Brad has “taken responsibility” for what he did. Did I miss an apology somewhere? Cuz I don’t think he has taken responsibility, actually.

    • bergamot says:

      He never publicly took responsibility. He never mentioned the plane incident. The only thing he acknowledged was that he was drinking. That’s all.

    • Emmlo says:

      Brad thinks taking responsibility means going to a celebrity resort rehab and making some sad bastard interview comments about being an alcoholic.

    • LOL says:

      @JAY, I missed that ” Brad Pitt has taken responsibility ” bit too, i have searched everywhere, I haven’t come across any public statement or apology where ” Brad Pitt has taken responsibility “? I guess in Brad Pitt’s mind his mea culpa GQ interview with pitiful tears where he said ” he is only responsible for HIS SIDE OF THE STREET” comment whatever that means, that in his shady mind he threw Angelina Jolie under the bus and saying she is responsible for her side , hence only taking 50% responsibility. So maybe that’s what his PR is getting at..

    • AmyB says:

      Only thing Pitt ever (sort of) took responsibility for is admitting he was drinking too much. Did he ever come out and call himself alcoholic? I really don’t remember. But I can tell you from my own experience of being married to an alcoholic/drug addict, his behavior is not consistent with someone taking his sobriety seriously and working the steps of AA. I always questioned why he would want to retain their winery? What person with an addiction would want to do that????

      Furthermore, the cornerstone of AA is accepting responsibility and making amends to those you hurt in your addiction. Tell me how he has done that? LOL

      • Ivy says:

        he never has. He recently just said he was on a “hiatus” with wine. Best believe he hasn’t been sober this whole time

      • AmyB says:


        “hiatus” with wine LOL

        Give me a break. Yes, he hasn’t been, if he adopts that idiotic attitude. He hasn’t admitted his lack of control. First step in AA, jackass.

  17. Ceej says:

    Quite a stretch to say he’s not publicly said anything negative about AJ as if we are idiots who don’t realise he has green lit every smear article in the last 6 years about her and every bad thing recounted by “sources close to him”.

    He doesn’t deserve time with his kids and I’m glad they are old enough to show him that.

  18. AmyB says:

    I think Kaiser is right here – Pitt was most likely blackout drunk and doesn’t remember the terror and abuse he caused his family on that plane. Furthermore, Jolie has never come out and made statements about what happened EVER, in all the years since this incident. Her statements detailing the abuse has been in legal records. She has never tried to publicly humiliate him. She has shown more restraint than I would ever have.

    Pitt is going to be very sorry when one day one (or more) of his kids is going to open up about exactly what happened. I look forward to it. What is he going to say then? My kid is a liar???

    Fuck him.

    • Laura says:

      He needs better advisors or publicists (or stronger willed ones) because he’s prob his own worst enemy. He’s so used to being the adored golden boy of Hollywood that he can’t accept that his comeuppance is here.
      He thinks he will break her and walk out of this clean. He should apologize, make sincere amends, show remorse.My God people WANT to forgive him the lucky sob. They’re already trying to forgive him now as he does nothing but lash out with
      lies, distractions, misleads, accusations etc. All Angelina has done is shed light on what she previously reported. I really believe he can’t stand that he doesn’t have power or control over her any longer.. Very unlikely this was the first domestic violence incident. It’s a progressive pattern.Being drunk is no excuse. If you’re an asshole when drunk then effing stop drinking.

      • AmyB says:

        I agree. There is no way this was his first time with domestic abuse and violence. You don’t start of by strangling your kids, pushing your wife and assaulting her, and then pouring wine/beer over her and the kids. Let alone the emotional abuse he inflicted on them that day. This is escalation from previous incidents.

      • SadieMae says:

        I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I never abused my spouse and kids. Did I embarrass myself, and sometimes them? Yes. Did I occasionally miss the kids’ events because I was too drunk to go? Yes. Those were bad things, and I’ve made amends to my family as best I can.

        But someone who would choke a child (much less his own child!)?? Hit his wife? Punch holes in the walls? Pour beer/wine over his wife and his kids? That doesn’t happen just because you’re drunk. It happens because you’re an abuser and you want to do those things. The fact that he’s still abusing Jolie – though now it’s through the legal system and the media – tells me he’s not sorry, which is very telling. He obviously doesn’t think he did anything wrong (or if he did, she “made” him do it). It’s revolting.

      • Meija says:

        Laura…spot on!

  19. bergamot says:

    If Angelina’s claims are “completely untrue “, why did he want her to sign NDA, to silence her so she’ll never talk about this?

  20. Navona says:

    Even if Brad Pitt was blind drunk and blacked out, he still saw the FBI report where dozen witnesses state, that should refresh his memory, plus witnesses weren’t lying not all were related so he can’t use the conflict of interest angle either. Bottom line is hd gaslighted Angelina and Maddox as soon as he got off the airplane and thag gaslighting only picked up pace throughout last 6 year’s. He will never take any responsibility ever he’s a Coward

  21. Busy Bee says:

    I believe none of the children will speak out against Pitt until the youngest turn 18.

  22. ML says:

    I thought that the previous details that leaked about this plane trip were horrific and upsetting and then AJ was forced to countersue and “horrific and upsetting” suddenly didn’t seem strong enough. He’s trying to get her financially back under his control with this lawsuit, if I understand this correctly: she had to detail her abuse and that of her kids, which is traumatizing, so she could explain why she sold her share of Miraval, right?

  23. ML says:

    I think AJ has a much stronger case against BP than, say Amer Heard did against JD. However, a scary amount of people seem completely disconnected from their empathy and unable to process the facts, and they seem to think AJ is the problem??! It’s awful. Is this trial headed to a jury? I have little faith in the US justice system and I’m really afraid that a jury might be bedazzled by Angelina’s abuser.

    • bergamot says:

      I don’t think it will ever get to jury trial. If you read her cross-complaint, she has all receipts and the sale was done legally. Brad was asking for a jury trial to cover and stall all other legal problems that he has with Tenuto del Mondo.

  24. Amy Bee says:

    I was waiting for Brad to say that Angelina poisoned the children against him. Here it is.

    • ML says:

      @AmyB, So was I. He’s seriously attacking his ex wife and children and laying a misleading case for why he should be considered “Sad Brad.” Ugh, spew!

  25. Brassy Rebel says:

    This is turning into Amber Heard-Johnny Depp 2.0. The pattern is now established. Abusive pig beats and traumatizes woman (and in Pitt’s case, minor children as well), then baits her into response with garbage law suit so he can then accuse her of smearing and defaming him. Rinse, repeat. My guess is the only reason this was not prosecuted was not because it was without merit which it clearly was, but to spare the children the trauma of testifying against their father and reliving the horrible abuse. Misogynists on social media are already going after Jolie.

  26. Mireille says:

    He rode his motorcycle around her home in L.A. to show that he can get to her. He’s trying to get her financially tied down to Miraval and him so he can control her. His tattoos and artwork display outright violence against his family. He has openly admitted to holding grudges. His friends says he has people that keeps on his “sh*tlist.” And of course look at the people he surrounds himself with. This m*therf8cker a**hole needs to go down. Since she filed for divorce, he has engaged in psychological terror against her and the kids. Angelina has all the receipts. He can take this to public forum all he wants. He won’t win. I do hope she’s got top tier security and bodyguards surrounding her and her family. BP is unhinged as it is. And no one talks about that. Can’t stand the Hollywood press.

  27. girl_ninja says:

    My heart goes out to Angelina and her children. Being terrorized by the person you love and depend on will leave lasting scars. I pray for healing AND retribution.

  28. Mslove says:

    We have been watching, in real time, Brad Pitt abuse his wife & children. AJ has done a wonderful job protecting her kids. They got out with their lives intact after one was strangled on a plane. I wish them nothing but the best.

    As for Brad Pitt, it says a lot about the society we live in that this is allowed to happen. That people are actually rooting for him. And that freaking sucks.

  29. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    This was one of a million arguments I had with my alcoholic husband before he got sober. As a mean ass drunk ASS, he’d pass out shortly after reeking havoc on our hearts and minds leaving us to cry out the rest of the night. How unabashedly wonderful for him to have been able to escape his horrors. Until I started recording.

    • Coco says:

      I don’t know if it’s true, but when the first found out about what happened on the plane someone said their AJ had video evidence of what happened on a plane.

  30. Sammie says:

    If it is all a lie then what was the NDA for?

    Honestly, William. Argue with the wall.

  31. lanne says:

    One thing that Angie has over Amber Heard is that she’s in a much stronger position. She’s wealthier, has more power in Hollywood, and has her humanitarian work. Also, her children were old enough to remember and talk about what happened, and several are legal adults now. I think the old kids are going to come out swinging to protect their mother if it comes to that. And Brad still has a lot of skeletons in his closet. All the Make it Right stuff, his failures in business. Angie’s “messiness” is further in the past than Amber Heard’s. It might be an ugly fight, but I don’t think Angie is going to lose. She has too many resources of her own, and she has the ability to fight dirty if she needs to as well.

    Unlike Depp, I think Brad really cares about his position as Mr. Woke and Liberal. He’ll definitely care about being embraced by the MAGA jackasses in a way that Depp didn’t. Brad wants to be received like the George Clooneys of the world. Even if George is friends with Brad, I think he cares too much about his own reputation to come to Brad’s defense publically, and he isn’t going to do/say anything that would compromise his wife’s work, either (or at least, I don’t think so). Angie will get dragged through the mud for sure, but she won’t be Amber Hearded

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      She won’t be Amber Heard. She’ll just be another woman dragged through the gutter by “men’s rights activists” who are gaining power and followers every day. This is a conscious strategy they’ve adopted to put women in “their place” and restore what they see as men’s rightful place at the top of society, controlling women and children. Jolie is wealthy and powerful but that just makes her a more tempting target for the misogynists. Her wealth and relative power won’t save her from unbearable pain and humiliation. And Hollywood won’t be any quicker to defend her than they were for AH. Hollywood is very much a man’s world. Still.

  32. Turtledove says:

    Here is the thing, we see a lot of cases like this where it is he said/she said and in many cases, it can be sometimes hard to know what the truth is. That is NOT the case here.

    All it takes is the smallest amount of logic to sort this out. They were together for 12 years (?) and have a gaggle of kids. Then one day, Angie got off a plane with her kids, drove away from him and never looked back. She wants ZERO to do with him, including wanting to separate all their joint finances, including the vineyard that he is currently spite suing her over. She didn’t talk shit about him. It has been what… 6 years since the plane and just NOW this is pretty much the most detail we have heard from her?

    CLEARLY what she said happened is the truth. Because if it didn’t, and he was not an abusive asshat, she would likely still be married to him. It’s not like she is a gold digger who married him for money, or she needed to separate because she fell in love with someone else or whatever. She VERY suddenly left her husband and the father of her 6 kids. It only makes sense that he DID do those things on the plane. What could POSSIBLY be the reason otherwise?

    People can say “she wanted to ruin his reputation” but if she wanted to do that, she would not be so silent for YEARS. He’s abusive and ALL she cares about is keeping her kids safe.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      If you actually encounter people whining that garbage, you can counter with “he ruined his all on his own.”

      Let’s remember that he took off in an airline utility vehicle on the tarmac at some point. Fkn lunatic.

  33. TeamMeg says:

    Where is #MeToo when you need ’em?
    What ever happened to #TimesUp?
    I thought we were supposed to #BelieveWomen?

    • teley says:

      The only celebrity I know who has spoken on AJ’s behalf is Selma Hyack and NONE against Brad that I know of…

    • Coco says:

      #Metoo and #Timesup were good for what they were, but it hasn’t played out we’re celebrities support abuse women celebrities.

      Look at Dylan women celebrities still go to bat for Woody Allen to silence her.

  34. Maddie says:

    He’s a monster. That’s all I have. Just a monster. I’m embarrassed about how long it’s taken me to admit it

    • Barbie1 says:

      I can’t believe this is who he is. What a horrible person. I wonder how long he has been this way. And how long he has terrorized his ex family.

  35. Rapunzel says:

    Angie is obviously telling the truth.

    This story explains:

    1. Why Angie left so suddenly and dropped Pitt instantly.

    2. Why the kids need therapy and don’t want to see Pitt.

    3. Why Pitt still doesn’t have unsupervised visits after 6 years. (I’m only 95% certain on this, so if I’m wrong, please correct me).

    4. Why Pitt has worked so hard to slander Angie.

    If this story is a lie, then what’s the explanation for those above things, Brad?

    And spare me the “she’s just ruining his rep” crap. If anything, she’s protected his rep by keeping silent on this for 6 years….as a way to protect the kids, most likely. And this was only released due to his lawsuit. Congratulations, loser, you played yourself.

    • Coco says:

      You are right Pitt still has supervised visitation good thing is the twin are now 14 ( California law ) and it look like they don’t want anything to do with him.

    • Stacey says:

      Well said! She has conducted herself with class and restraint. It is obvious her kids are the top priority and concern. I am dealing with a similar situation, and even though leaving has left me poor, supervised visitation was ruled by the court thankfully! They respect my son’s wish not to see him and do not force the issue.

  36. Facts says:

    All I know is if those two kids get on tv in a courtroom and testify for their mother Brad Pitt is over. Someone should talk to him and tell him to stop it. Now
    Some are saying what does this have to do with Miraval. Everything and why she wants out. She has fired her warning shot. Leave her alone and it will be over.

  37. K8erade says:

    I think the media really needs to be called out for ALLOWING Brad to continue his campaign of abuse and harassment. Also for their complete lack of understanding regarding trauma and abuse.

    • Sammie says:

      Agreed, the media has been actively contributing to the abuse of far too many women for far too long. They shouldn’t be allowed to be a mouthpiece for an abuser and a way to have access to their victims.

  38. Anna says:

    God, Meghan and Angie should have a chat bout leaving toxic “exes” and dealing with them afterwards. Oh, and how handy receipts can be.

    • Isadora says:

      They also could talk about sh*tty dads. Remember that AJ’s dad is Jon Voight , Maga bootlicker and everything opposite that his daughter stands for and Meghan’s dad would sell his daughter for a buck and a gum to tabloid papers.

  39. Jenna says:

    No matter how you slice it – this publicity is bad news for the kids.

    • Nope says:

      It does not compare to his gaslighting and abuse.

      Which he is STILL doing.

      Angelina has kept silent long enough to protect the kids. I’m sure she spoke with them ahead of time and I’m confident they supported her decision. They probably want to see him exposed and held accountable as well. This is not the worse they’ve faced. The POS continuing to lie and use them for PR after the horror he caused is much worse. This is his fault. It’s not the publicity that’s bad, it’s him.

    • Coco says:

      @ Jenna

      Sit down and shut up. You don’t give to sh*t about those kids so spot pretending.

      • jenna says:

        My parents did this to me and I am still damaged. So yes / looking at this through my own perspective – I do care. My dad was super abusive I lived in daily fear for my life. But I will tell you this – you can’t move on when your parents won’t allow you to. Swearing at me? That’s a little aggressive. Simmer down girl.

    • Emily_C says:

      No. Absolutely not. Having to keep being abused secret is what’s bad for kids. Someone abusing you and never facing justice for it is what’s bad for kids.

    • AD says:

      @Jenna Nope ,they know the truth & must have pushed her to file for the cross complaint.

    • OriginalCarol says:

      “this publicity is bad news for the kids”?? Like his constant smearing of their mother with his sources are not bad news? How about him suing her every time she won a case? Not bad news huh? Talk about protecting the abusive parent to the point of keeping it a secret within the family and deal with it by themselves. Seriously, people like these are what make our society worse. Idolizing someone where nothing they do is above reproach. All the people that he abused are just causalities. They don’t matter, only him.

  40. Facts says:

    In this instance publicity is good for the kids. Everyone wants to worry about the kids publicity but won’t acknowledge this pile of dead poop assaulted them and walks around like he is a God!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    The FOIA will probably confirm her version. I’m not sure if it mentioned slap and choking but it was bad. BP needs to leave AJ alone. Bringing her back to the winery is insane. They clearly can’t work together. He can deal with the new owners or sell his part and move on. AJ clearly has (moved on).

    • OriginalCarol says:

      He didn’t want to work with her. He just wanted her back under his control so he could continue to abuse her in whatever way he could-financially and emotionally. He wanted her to beg him for money when she needs it and humiliate her emotionally. She knew what’s like to depend on a man for that. She saw how her mother had to do it with her father when they divorced and she wowed never to depend on a man for anything. She fell for the fake personality that Pitt showed her when they first got together. She made a mistake and it cost her dearly.

  42. Stacey says:

    This SOB is an admitted Satanist which falls right in line with sociopathic and psychopathic gaslighting behavior. She always walked on the wild side, but now with kids to protect, thankfully she realized how dark his wild side was and got the hell out!

  43. AD says:

    The origin of this lawsuits is from Pitt, he provoked her to the max that she is now responding! Don’t forget that she won all the court hearings they had & now this! She must have had enough to respond! What an arrogant human! He is dramatising his truth to the world. The court decides NOT the public court nor the paid media outlets!