Tom Brady is ‘totally devoted to his children during the offseason,’ you guys

People Magazine and Page Six reported this week that Gisele Bundchen has hired a divorce lawyer and she’s weighing her options. We also heard that Gisele getting all her ducks in a row sort of surprised Tom Brady, and he was scrambling to find good divorce representation in Florida too. Now People Magazine reports that Tom found someone in a hurry. There’s also a curious quote from an “insider” about how Tom feels about fatherhood:

After wife Gisele Bündchen retained a divorce lawyer, Tom Brady enlisted one for himself, a source confirms to PEOPLE. On Tuesday, PEOPLE reported that Bündchen hired a divorce attorney amid their marriage troubles, and Brady, her husband of 13 years, was “trying to figure out what to do.” Page Six was the first to report the news.

The couple, who share two children — son Benjamin Rein, 12, and 9-year-old daughter Vivian Lake, along with Brady’s son John Edward, 15, with ex Bridget Moynahan — have been dealing with “a lot of tension” in the marriage, in part because of Brady’s decision to return to the NFL this season after a brief retirement.

Another insider told PEOPLE, though, that the seven-time Super Bowl winner is “totally devoted” to his children during the offseason, and spends time with his family in between games and traveling.

“No other husband gets six months off a year to be totally devoted to just their family,” the source said. “And during the season, yes he travels for games and trains, but he’s with his family a lot too.”

[From People]

Again, Tom being “‘totally devoted’ to his children during the offseason” is not the flex Team Brady thinks it is. He keeps showing us exactly why Gisele had enough – he’s like “I’m a devoted father, I spent some time with the kids during my off-season!” And what, he spends zero time parenting those kids for the other six months? Gisele has told him repeatedly that’s not good enough, that he needs to be more hands-on, that he’s missing their entire childhood, all because he’s a 45 year old man who doesn’t know when to quit his sport. Also: plenty of men spend more time with their children AND work full-time or part-time. Tom is rich as hell and he’s choosing to be a full-time absentee parent and meathead.

PS… Remember the viral tweet-thread about Dell and Sonya Curry, the infamous “they pegging out here” thread? Well, that guy, Solomon, has done another excellent thread about Tom and Gisele. Mostly Tom and how “You not even ending your marriage over another woman… you ending your marriage over other men.” Please enjoy:

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Ellie says:

    A man ”spends time with his family in between games and traveling”! Let’s give him a medal.

    • taris says:

      ‘weaponised fatherhood’ is fast becoming a thing with so many of these rich, famous men.
      it’s pathetic. and so transparent it’s laughable.

      anyway, tom will regret this…

  2. SarahCS says:

    Those tweets! That guy is good.

    Otherwise yeah, definitely NOT the flex they think it is but doesn’t that sum up the (apparent) issues in this marriage?

    • UNCDANCER says:

      Slight tangent: Solomon Missouri is the pastor of a church near where I live in North Carolina. I went a couple of Sundays ago to one of their services. It was hands-down, one of the most welcoming, gracious, warmest, spiritual experiences I’ve had in a lifetime of church going. The humor and warmth that you see on Twitter is exactly what he serves up in the pulpit.

      • Lucy says:

        That makes me so happy! I cackled over that thread last night so hard I cried and annoyed my daughter 😂. I sent it to a bunch of people, so many gems.

        Brady’s on the Find Out part of the curve now. I think he’s gonna be surprised. Just like I think he”retired” and realized he doesn’t have a personality and the home thing wasn’t a cake walk like he thought.

      • Christina says:

        He’d make me go back to church. His threads are wonderful. You can tell that he is a master counselor to his church. And I’m atheist!

    • C-Shell says:

      I’m buying at least one of his shirts to help fund the abortion charities he’s supporting. I love “Bud …”

      Also now following his Twitter account. Celebitchy and Kaiser teaching me something new everyday!

    • Lucy says:

      “There is nothing in history, life, or prospects of this man to suggest a future with a Victoria’s Secret model”

      “God did for you what she rarely does for slight men”

      I’m crying again 😂😂😂

  3. girl_ninja says:

    Gisele is like “Oh, you don’t wanna co-parent? Well, now you can be a single dad.” I hope that no matter what happens with their marriage that he actually learns that family IS the most important and he can’t put them on others to raise. You have to be present.

    • AMA1977 says:

      I am dying. DYING. “#gohomeThomas” 😂🤣

      He should take that advice. I’ve said before on here but I’ll say it again anyway. Not a Gisele fan in ordinary life, but I am Team Gis 1000% here. She is DONE. He is stupid and has taken her for granted and she’s going to go live her best life while he’s sitting in the smoldering ruins of their life together. She’ll have 2 actual children, not 2 plus a man-baby.

  4. ML says:

    There’s a lot of sympathy and understanding for Gisele among football fans, even fans of Brady. A lot of people are amazed that he chose to dump her for, checks article above, a lot of men. And yeah, a guy who obviously needs to train in the off-season is not a totally devoted parent in the same way GB has been.

    • taris says:


      i’m sorry to anyone who goes through a divorce but, real talk, more women really do need to stand up for themselves and find the courage to do what they know in their spirit is what’s best for them (and their children).

      the men siding with brady in this are exposing themselves for the sad, lonely misers they are, who’ve never and will never know real love nor understand the concept of sacrifice.

    • SophieJara says:

      Yah I don’t understand this whole “he has 6 months off a year!” narrative. You think the top football player in the country is not doing football stuff during the off season? No meetings and roster and strategy discussions? No scoping talent and training? Please.

      • Sid says:

        Exactly. Training camp starts in August and then you can run all the way to the playoffs and Super Bowl in January/February. On top of that there are voluntary activities that start around May, so that 7 months can easily turn into 10 months. And as obsessed as Brady is with football, I have no doubt he showed up for every activity, every meeting, etc. And probably went home and watched film too. No wonder Bundchen finally got fed up.

      • lucy2 says:

        Exactly – you know he’s not sitting around the house for 6 months, he probably trains every single day, and is away a lot.

  5. HeyKay says:

    He can stop with these PR statements.
    He has been a part time Father to his kids all their lives.

  6. Heather C says:

    I don’t doubt he loves his children. But he’s already pretty much a divorced dad in the amount of time he spends with them. Reading between the lines, if he’s only a devoted dad 6 months out of the year (and probably less) that also means he’s a husband to his wife 6 months out of the year and the other six months she’s pretty much a single mother. TB can cry about how much he is there for his kids but there’s the other side of the equation too…Gisele. I don’t blame her, the marriage was devoted to his career (training, travel, games, media crap, and watching game tape after game tape, team conferences, practice, etc). He retired, she figured she’d not only get an equal partner in parenting finally but also an equal life partner.

    It didn’t work out that way. I absolutely believe she was blindsided by his decision, I wouldn’t be surprised if she heard it through the media too! So team kids, but team gisele too.

  7. truthSF says:

    I’m glad Gisele’s had enough! Family 1st always. There are so many parents who can’t afford to not work and be there for their kids. Yet this dude, who is a multi millionaire and doesn’t have to work (esp. when his wife is twice as rich as he is), instead chooses to not be there for pivotal moments of their kids lives…divorce his ass Gisele!!😤

  8. JD says:

    Just to preface I don’t like Tom brady and don’t watch football so this is more of a question to a profession I know nothing about. Is the big deal here that he’s far older than most/all players so this unretirement is a waste of time? Just because if I loved my profession and decided to keep doing it and my spouse wasn’t supportive of it I’d be furious. She knew what he did when they married so is the problem that literally no one plays football at his age?

    • Ameerah says:

      The issue is that he RETIRED. Gisele put her career on hold for his and the deal was that when he retired she would be able to focus on her career and he would spend more time with the family. Ans then a month after retiring he UN-retired. That’s the issue. He gave his wife and and kids a giant middle finger. And is now shocked that she wants out after he broke their agreement.

    • Alexandria says:

      The problem is he may not recover from frequent concussions and have long term injuries which can affect his and his family’s quality of life. Maybe Giselle doesn’t want him to travel for away games either. He’s made a lot of money and allegedly promised her a retirement. He shouldn’t make a promise if he did not intend to.

    • A says:

      The prevailing theory is that she’s mad because she gave up who knows how many opportunities to model or whatever she might want to do so that he could play an absurdly dangerous game for the last ten years and when they agreed he was finished he went behind her back and decided to keep doing it. So 1) the kids keep getting this half-assed parenting job from him and 2) she’s left putting her life on hold because he refuses to be an actual partner in their marriage

    • vertes says:

      No one plans to play ball forever. Tom promised to quit at the end of the last season. Giselle’s actively raising children and didn’t plan on also being the nurse to a guy who reneges on his promise & chooses to continue risking more concussions than he’s already had.

    • Arizona says:

      I think the larger problem is that he announced he was done, and then un-announced. and yes, given his age, the number of years he’s going to be able to play moving forward is limited (won’t be surprised if this ends up his last year anyway) so he went back on their agreement for… another year or two of football? after she’s sacrificed for over a decade in service of his career. it’s a bad look.

    • NCWoman says:

      I guess the question is, How long does she have to be supportive without any reciprocity from him at all? She’s been supportive for, what, 14 years? Kept him and the family on track through multiple professional successes for Brady while aging out of multiple opportunities for herself. And for what? He can’t find it in himself to be supportive–to put her and the kids first for once. It’s still all about him even though he’s 45, plays a dangerous sport that could f up his brain and leave her caretaking a dementia-addled old man, and has no records left to break.

  9. A says:

    It’s so extremely weird that his PR defense is to just confirm what everyone already believes about his marriage and family. ‘I love my kids and I fit them into my life whenever I don’t have something else to be doing’. That’s…e x a c t l y what your wife is sick of?????

  10. vertes says:

    If G gets out now, she can’t be criticized for deserting a damaged husband if/when Tommy’s brain & body start to show the inevitable results of 30 years of football wear & tear.

  11. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Gisele should have left him as soon as she saw that more than accurate sketch artist depiction of him. (The fact that one knew immediately who it was and it perfectly captured his neanderthal-like monster inside should’ve have been all the red flags she needed.)

  12. Ceej says:

    “No other husband” gets six months off pretty much shows how self-centred he is. And how desperate to justify he made a decision just for him, but isn’t the bad guy.

    There are plenty of husbands who do the full year room SAHD for their kids. And plenty of husbands who work year round and still manage to get quality time in daily with their family, probably to the tune of a lot more than 6 months off.

    And let’s not forget he’s still expecting Gisele to be there full time 12 months of the year. So maybe she should get to spend his off-season modelling abroad in exchange for her single parenting the 6 months he’s playing.

    • whatever says:

      Also, doesn’t literally every other guy in the NFL have the same time off that he does? What the heck is he talking about?

  13. Anna says:

    I admire Giselle so much for letting Tom f&&& around and find out.
    He is still so oblivious to what being a default parent is, he needs a bit more of full time parenting to realize this. She gave him the luxury to plan his life as he wishes, knowing that his children are well taken care of. I suspect Giselle had to think of logistics anytime she wanted to work or do something for herself.

  14. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    MerlinsDad and I are in total agreement that Brady doesn’t know any other life outside football. I think I remember him telling me there was a deep dive at one time on t.v. about Brady and he’s been chanting the mantra “I am going to be the greatest quarterback ever” since he was a little kid. I will have to ask MerlinsDad about that to see if I am remembering correctly

    My personal opinion is that his ego just couldn’t take not being fawned over, being called the GOAT and he can’t stand the thought of some young gun coming along and eclipsing his star. I don’t get it. He’s already done everything he needs to, won I forgot how many super bowls and is a shoo in for the Hall of Fame.

    So he would rather bail on his already troubled marriage than give up football. I don’t particularly care for either one of them, but I totally support Gisele all the way down the line. She strikes me as “when I’m done, I am DONE” and she’s walking that walk.
    Good luck Brady. You’re gonna need it

  15. TIFFANY says:

    I wonder if Jack, Ben and Viv all face time with each other and ask if their Dad was always this stupid.

    I have no doubt that Tom loves his babies, but does he now realize that it takes more than love in raising them.

  16. HandforthParish says:

    He also has a 10 year 300+ million dollar contract lined up to commentate for Fox- meaning he wouldn’t have to ‘give up’ football, he’d probably still do lots of travelling and would get people kissing his arse and remind him how amazing his career was for half the year.

    Basically no excuses, I think he just likes the bizarre almost kid-like routine top athletes live by- with the daily training and specially cooked food etc.
    Most of those athletes never get to grow up properly and end up delegating family life to their wives/partners.
    It’s interesting that the only non-generic thing I’ve heard him say about his kid was how proud he was watching his eldest play football. Like a mini-him.

    • JBones says:

      Agree @HandforthParish! That top tier athlete routine would be really hard to shake, especially after SO many years- he’s been programmed to be TOM BRADY, Quarterback. TB’s entire identity is tied up in football. He is football and poor Gisele and the kids thinking they would finally have his undivided attention.

  17. HeyKay says:

    TB is a cold hearted, ego driven fool for continuing to play instead of keeping his promise to retire for his family.
    He has more awards and money than he can ever spend in 2 lifetimes.

    Every parent, myself included, wishes they had the money and time to be with their families more.

    TB can STFU. He should have retired right after winning the last SB, gone out on a win AND kept his promise to his family.

    In a very short period of time, his health will force him to retire one way or the other.

    • a mascarada says:

      Exactly. He was retiring on a very big win.
      And trade his marriage for a retire in one/two years one way or the other.
      Sad for the kids.

  18. the pinger says:

    If Tom were the sole money maker, Gisele would be in charge of raising the kids. Every man I have met at Tom’s level or wealthier views raising children as the woman’s job; there job is making money.

    She has her own stuff she wants to do and I suspect Tom’s retirement was to watch the kids while Gisele did her own thing.

  19. KBeth says:

    Well bless his heart, he really doesn’t know how incredibly foolish this makes him sound.

  20. Steph says:

    I feel like I’m the only woman who has some (maybe misplaced) sympathy for TB. While I agree he failed his wife and children and GB should divorce him and he should retire from playing while he still has his health, what a lot of ppl are suggesting would have me end up committed. I see a lot of ppl saying he should quit working all together and just be a stay at home dad bc he’s already rich. I personally could never be a stay at home parent. Rich or not. I need more mental stimulation than that. And 45 is way too young for this kind of idleness. Unfortunately for TB, he doesn’t seem like the sharpest knife in the draw and only knows football so whatever else he does will still put a to strain in his family.

    • vertes says:

      He doesn’t have to be stay-at-home parent – that was never the plan. He’s got plenty of job options that don’t require playing.

      • Heather C says:

        He has a broadcasting job with an exorbitant salary waiting for him. So football season would still be the busy season.

      • Steph says:

        @heatherc, yes, that’s what i meant. Anything related to football would still interfere with him being fully present as a partner and father. The way people were describing it (yesterday, I think) it would keep him away just as often. So I don’t think it would improve the family dynamic. Except less injury worry.

        @robertphillips he doesn’t have 3 teenagers, he has one. The other two are children. That being said, if you can 100% live for only your children, congrats. Not everyone can. I used myself as an example and it seems he might be in a similar boat. I’d go crazy. He needs to find something that fulfills him that still allows him to put his family first. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s dynamic enough for that so I understand his hesitancy to quit.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      He has three teenage kids. You can get more mental stimulation from that than any job you have. He can volunteer at their schools. He could plan trips for the family for the kids to learn about the world. He could take up cooking so they will be healthy. Just being a part of their lives would be more than a full time job if he wanted to do it. Good grief just trying to figure out what mood they are going to be in each day. Would be harder than a psychology phd. His problem is that doesn’t revolve around him. So he doesn’t care.

    • Steph says:

      Honest question for those who follow him: does TB have the personality to really hold a TV gig?

      • HeatherC says:

        If he’s surrounded by other hosts and just speaks to game play and commentary then yes. He is a GOAT quarterback with a lot of knowledge and experience. He could comment on a game and strategy. As long as they don’t try to extend him beyond that, then he should do fine.

    • JBones says:

      Nah, I get it Steph. I’d absolutely be filing papers if I were Gisele, but I can understand why Brady would go back to what he knows, what he’s lived for all his life. It’s not about money, football is obviously what he loves most in life. Being at home with kids sometimes feels like soul sucking, mind numbing monotonous bs, give-until-it-hurts, your time and space is no longer Yours. He bailed after a month, it ain’t easy.

      Gah, I feel rage-y just thinking about what Gisele must be going through.

  21. BillyPilgrim says:

    Tom Brady doesn’t have an “off season”.
    Sure, maybe no football games to play, but he’s studying film, researching other players to get for the BUCS so he can win another Superbowl, managing all his brand businesses and taking care of his
    45 y/o body.
    I feel for his kids. He’s not an engaged father. Once he does retire, I still don’t believe he’ll actively be involved with them.
    He’s TOM BRADY people!

    I can’t with TB12.

  22. EviesMom says:

    “Is CTE airborne?” Is the best quote!

  23. Msmlnp says:

    Not me hoping Pete Davidson slides into Gisele’s DMs.

  24. DCLite says:

    Imagine a mom saying, In her own defense, “I’m with my kids 6 whole months a year!”

  25. Aud says:

    I suspect she’s more upset about how he managed all of this rather than the fact that he’s playing another year. It sounds like he made a unilateral decision and that’s what really upset her. And it doesn’t sound like he empathizes with her at all. Even highly paid super models can feel like their spouse doesn’t appreciate them.

  26. girl_ninja says:

    It occurs to me that Bridget and Gisele have probably been each others point person their oldest son Jack. I remember how smug I thought Gisele was (cause she was) when Jack was a baby. But they seemed to reconcile over the later years. This man is bragging about how he is a present father in the OFF season and Jack is with him during the season too. We see plenty of videos of him with his siblings hugging his dad after games.

    That means Bridget and Gisele have been raising Jack and Off season dad is talking about not liking strawberry and pliability. Amazing.

  27. Izzy says:

    “Part-time father” is not the flex he thinks it is, particularly when, in five to ten years or so, he won’t be able to remember their names.

  28. GreenTeaToday says:

    Don’t watch violent sports that encourage perfectly healthy people/men to risk serious brain injury. Stop supporting these sports in any way as a consumer.

  29. L says:

    Spoiled man has lost touch with reality and husbandly responsibility. It’s all about Tom!

  30. j says:

    Partners and children are decoration for these guys. Brett, Tiger, Brady. Men so solipsistic and ego drunk they can’t walk away in their prime. Well, enjoy your slow decline into obscurity as a washed up single guy! I give Brady one year on the air with Fox before he says something completely discriminatory with his maga-ass and gets fired.