Emily Ratajkowski ‘sidesteps’ Variety’s questions about dating Brad Pitt

Over the past month, Brad Pitt’s crisis management team has been doing a lot to convince people that Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski are happening. It has often felt that Pitt’s team is doing this with Emily’s consent, regardless of whether Brad and Emily are actually seeing each other, it’s like she’s totally fine with the stories. If Emily was just a regular celebrity who ignored the rumors, her silence on Pitt’s abuse of his wife and children would be one thing. But Emily has made it her “brand” as a celebrity to engage with and deconstruct sexism and misogyny in pop culture. Her silence on Pitt has become extremely notable as more time passes, given that she thinks nothing of name-checking Adam Levine and other celebrities. Well, Emily has a new podcast (High Low with EmRata) and she chatted with Variety about it. Wouldn’t you know, she “sidesteps” the issue of Brad Pitt. Some highlights.

On Britney Spears: “She’s gone through things that affect you for the rest of your life, and she has this public stage where we will continue to watch her. It just makes me sad. And the way people are like, ‘Come on, you’re a mother!’ has really fascinated me. It’s Britney Spears! I’m sure she has a very complicated relationship to being sexualized. But she’s now doing it on her own terms. So why are we ripping her apart for that and bringing into the conversation that she’s a mother? I don’t know why we hate women so much. It still shocks me all the time.”

On Joe Rogan: “Obviously I don’t agree with his politics but there’s something there that really works. If you’re listening to somebody talk and the interviewer feels like they aren’t following the conversation in the way that a listener is, then it’s just not interesting — and Joe Rogan does listen. He has a perspective and he asks questions that are aligned with that perspective, and it’s entertaining.”

On Adam Levine sliding into models’ DMs: “I’m very familiar with those kinds of power dynamics between men and women, and I saw another moment where we were choosing to attack a young woman instead of the powerful man, which I didn’t love.” In response, she posted a pair of TikToks explaining her perspective, which have since racked up 4 million views. “It wasn’t honestly about Adam Levine. I just responded to this woman talking about how women need to change and adjust as preparation for men’s behavior, which is something I’ve been talking and writing about for a long time. Like, this ‘Boys will be boys’ attitude that women have? We have to do better.”

The Brad Pitt question: “I have a generally complicated relationship to the internet as a celebrity,” she admits. It’s still strange for her to be the subject of rabid tabloid culture that follows her every move, as she’s recently been amid breathless reports that she might, maybe?, be dating Brad Pitt — a subject she expertly sidesteps when it arises. “One of the things I write about in the last essay of the book is about control and kind of understanding that one of the best ways to actually be happy and have some semblance of control is letting go,” she says. “I’m newly single for basically the first time in my life ever, and I just feel like I’m kind of enjoying the freedom of not being super worried about how I’m being perceived.”

A comeback season for men: “#MeToo happened, and the majority of the conversation was still, ‘You better be careful out there!’ I guess there’s some accountability now, but I don’t think there’s a lot of empathy or deep understanding of women’s positions in the world.” If anything, she says wryly, “it feels like men are in their comeback season.”

[From Variety]

“Kind of understanding that one of the best ways to actually be happy and have some semblance of control is letting go…” So she’ll be completely direct about Joe Rogan, Adam Levine, Marilyn Monroe, Me Too abusers, but when it comes to a powerful and well-documented child abuser and domestic abuser using her name for sexual and cultural clout, she’s silent as the grave. What a disappointment, honestly. Emily is in a unique position – since it’s literally happening to her personally – to deconstruct this mess. She’s choosing not to. Again, it’s not a lack of awareness on her part, she’s perfectly aware of what Pitt is doing and how he’s using her name. She’s just not going to say sh-t about it.

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  1. detritus says:

    She’s actually dating him, isn’t she.

    Gotdamn, EmRata

    I am le disappoint

    • CJ says:

      What’s a girl to do?!! She needs to raise her public profile quick enough that she’s in demand to book some gigs and get back into work. Gotta sacrifice those values for the almighty dollar!

      He doesn’t seem like he’d be interesting at all to date beyond the first meeting – self obsessed and only talking about himself. Or complaining about his “crazy ex” and the kids. And if he’s off booze definitely the type of person who judges all others for drinking.

    • Kitten says:

      It’s just so weird to me how she seemingly espouses relatively positive feminist views but then always dates scumbags. Remember the ex-husb with the hell mouth? What WAS that?
      I really wanna like her but she always comes across as insincere. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s just the vibe I get.

  2. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Wonder is she has been offered a role in some movie he is producing for agreeing to go along with this, or is her picker actually this bad?

  3. Carnivalbaby says:

    Ha. So she is dating him. Ew. Somehow not surprised. I’ve never gotten the impression she was concerned about how she was perceived.

  4. Watson says:

    If she is dating him she literally has the worst taste in men and the biggest sense of irony considering how vocal she is about every other injustice in the world…dating a man who is trying to financially abuse his ex, and has assaulted his children? Come on…

  5. OriginalLaLa says:

    Not surprised to see this to be honest – her cool girl, pick-me feminism has been bubbling under the surface from the start but lots of people refused to call it out.

    • Kitten says:

      Right yeah the Cool Girl stuff always rubbed me the wrong way.

    • Michael says:

      Somebody submitted to Deuxmoi that she was dating a friend of his. A friend of his had a girlfriend but was cheating on her with Emily. I do not know if she is aware he is cheating on another woman but she was rumored to have had an affair with Ben Afflek when he was married so I doubt she really is concerned about other women being cheated on. Just when it concerns her

  6. girl_ninja says:

    She must feel as though she has to keep her name out there and cannot do this on her own merit. I hope that she will reconsider for her sake and that of her child.

  7. Michael says:

    Doesn’t she have better options than Brad Pitt? She is friends with the Hadids, the Kar-Jenners; Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. I would think one or all of those groups could help her find a famous friend with less baggage.

  8. Twin Falls says:

    Or she’s not dating him.

  9. ML says:

    The reason we’re all disappointed is that EmRata speaking out about some people and saying the right stuff feels negated by not speaking out about BP. If it’s not because she’s dating him, it has to be because she got herself into the position where she had to sign an NDA. BP almost had AJ where she would have signed an NDA over Miraval. My guess is that if ER is not in love with him, an NDA is the reason. And I have no idea which it is: love (blegh) or contract.

  10. Pork Chops and Applesauce says:

    Off topic but enough with the overlined lips. It’s reaching ridiculous levels and these women are looking like caricatures of themselves.

  11. Otaku fairy says:

    On one hand, I get why some women might want to tap out of the “No everybody, I’m not involved with this guy” losing (and often fear-based) game altogether for their own mental health. Especially a woman who has had experiences like hers and been slut-shamed and victim-blamed the way she has been.

    On the other hand, she could have maintained that boundary while still putting out a statement supporting Angelina and the kids. It’s very dissapointing.

  12. HeyKay says:

    I would hope that if she divorced her husband for cheating, she’d be smart enough to NOT take up with DV’er Pitt.
    If she’s the desperate for fame or money, then no sympathy from me.

  13. Silver Charm says:

    She said she’s single. But I guess she doesn’t mind the speculation. She’s been getting her name out there for weeks now. For the podcast?

  14. Vanessa says:

    Emily has always been about herself she a feminist when it a benefit for white Woman notice that all she ever talks about is the injustice done to white woman . I have always suspected that Emily was a typical white woman feminist but people on here were all to quick to lauded her as the best thing because she dragged Robin thick for his behavior her true colors are coming out now she only cares about herself she has no problem being a associated with a know abuser as long as she gets attention. So how is Emily about woman rights when she allowing herself to be attack to a known alcoholic abusive man who attack his wife and kids .

    • Mslove says:

      Exactly, Emily is enabling Brad Pitt’s bad behavior, even by letting her name be associated with his.

  15. R says:

    She annoys me, tbh. She tries to come off as this informed feminist, but can miss the mark. It’s also interesting how she hasn’t acknowledged, in her quest to appeal to the male gaze, her plastic surgery, excessive lip fillers, and her constant desire to be perceived as sexy. It’s weird to acknowledge the beauty standard and being objectified while still actively attempting to maintain it and profit off of it. But we’re supposed to be all, “go queen!” I get she wrote a book on the topic, but it still feels dishonest. Even using her baby or dog has props while she’s nude on her IG, which feels desperate. Is that liberation? To me, there are clearly deep, underlying issues. And I don’t think writing her book absolves her of being problematic. She still photoshops her photos and maintains the status quo. The brad pitt thing just proves she cherry picks her feminism, in a quest to seem smart and be liked by us. And yes, terrible taste in men.

  16. vertes says:

    ER is very annoying. At every opportunity, she exposes more of her pelvis than we need to see & her upper lip may explode soon.

  17. jferber says:

    R, yes you nailed it. But I can’t hate on her for it. She just went through a nasty marriage and is feeling super-bad, low self-esteem, etc. In a business sense, she wants to have a connection with him and move on to the next thing. I do get that. Maybe appear in a movie with him. Whatever. I wonder if she’d have a baby with him for the 18 years of lavish living/child support. I don’t know what her finances are. But I think he’d reap more rewards because he’s such an asshole and he wants a new narrative to make the old one go away.

  18. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Why is she standing like that in the header picture????
    Good gawd that’s annoying

    • Anners says:

      It looks like that dead-eyed broken doll look that was so popular in the late 90/2000s. I loathe it.

      Also, hard agree with everything R said.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Maybe she has some kind of private deal with Brad and/or his publicity people to make it sound like they’re dating, whether they really are or not.

  20. jferber says:

    Jennifer, that might be right. Good thinking.

  21. Bellah says:

    She is hedging her bets. Housing is expensive these days. And she no longer has access to her ex’s rent control apartment.

  22. bisynaptic says:

    What has she done to her face…