Whoopi Goldberg criticizes Duchess Meghan for feeling objectified as a Briefcase Girl

The latest episode of the Duchess of Sussex’s Archetypes podcast dropped on Tuesday morning. Instead of listening to the 50-minute podcast and judging Meghan’s words directly from the pod, there seems to be a whole trend for celebrity women to “read a TMZ headline about Meghan and react publicly.” Like, even if you don’t have 50 minutes to listen to every Archetypes pod, Meghan’s talk about her days on Deal or No Deal are part of the first ten minutes! You can seriously listen to it for free and judge her based on her words, without any tabloid filter! It’s that easy! Claudia Jordan didn’t get the memo and she wrote a whole-ass Instagram Story about sh-t she didn’t listen to. It seems like Whoopi Goldberg did the same on yesterday’s episode of The View.

Whoopi Goldberg is taking issue with some of Meghan Markle’s recent comments about her time on the game show Deal or No Deal. On Wednesday’s episode of The View, the Oscar-winning actress questioned what Markle, 41, recently revealed during her Archetypes podcast. In the episode that aired Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex — then an aspiring actress — shared her experience as a “briefcase girl” on the NBC show, telling guest Paris Hilton she felt “objectified.” Markle said she eventually left the show because of these feelings.

Markle’s thoughts didn’t resonate with Goldberg, 66. “On that show, you basically had a suitcase and they wanted to know: ‘Is this the deal you want, or is this not the deal you want?'” the Sister Act actress said to her co-hosts.

“I don’t know that the people who are sitting there are thinking about you like that,” continued Goldberg. “They’re thinking, I want the money.”

Goldberg noted, “[Wheel of Fortune hostess] Vanna White is always in something interesting and beautiful, and she’s been doing this. The objectification might be coming from you and how you felt about how these women were being portrayed, and that’s what you have to change — because we’re performers. When you’re a performer, you take the gig.”

As The View roundtable continued to discuss Markle’s comments, Goldberg talked about what’s expected in Hollywood. “We’re not journalists, we’re actors,” she said. “You left, and that was your prerogative. But I feel bad because I don’t think people were looking at these girls like this, I think people wanted the money.”

Goldberg added later, “That’s TV, baby. But, what did you think you were going to? You know that’s what the show was.”

[From People]

Meghan literally spoke about how grateful she was to work on Deal or No Deal and be part of the union and have healthcare. She said that the spray tan vouchers and the bra-padding were all part of the job and she didn’t complain, but she did leave the show because she wanted to do something different. Whoopi argues that Meghan shouldn’t have FELT OBJECTIFIED because the contestants weren’t focusing on the looks of the Briefcase Girls… even though the women were all required to wear skimpy clothes, pad their bras, get spray tans and suck in their stomachs. Sure. Good talk, Whoopi. Seriously, what is with people this week?

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  1. aquarius64 says:

    Whoopi got dragged on Twitter for this. Read before commenting if you didn’t.

    • taris says:

      whoopi goldberg has spent years on that show dragging beautiful, talented women for speaking of their experiences, while defending domestic abusers and other heinous men for their bad behaviour towards women.
      the last few years she’s tried to be pro-#metoo and all, but occasionally that side of hers comes out that just wants to bash other women for no good reason.

      she clearly did not listen to the pod, and like a lot of people this week she’s reacted off the tabloid headlines. you don’t have to like meghan but, with your platform (esp as a black woman), at least have some awareness of the broader cultural context in which you criticise another (black) woman for no good reason. you’re just playing into the vicious tabloid’s hands with this nonsense.

      it’s sad she reminds me of those older women for whom the concept of solidarity and sisterhood is so foreign. it’s impossible for them to just support other women – they must blame the woman for her circumstances.
      that kind of thinking, endemic to many women of certain generations, is a big reason women continue to struggle to get ahead in our society.

      • NorthernGi says:

        She said that what Polanski did was not r*pe r*ape because reasons. The girl was – that is r*pe no matter what. After that I cannot stand her.

      • BohemianAngel says:

        Well said @Taris 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 The British media used that fellow deal or no deal woman as a stick to beat Meghan with all day yesterday, at least Four morning/daytime shows. When a fellow black woman or poc is being attacked in the press for no reason black people and other poc should not add to the attack.
        Shame I used to like Whoopi. Oh well.

      • SIde Eye says:

        You nailed it @Taris.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        Well said, Taris. Whoopi has and continues to be problematic.

      • Jenn says:

        Yep, she’s always been a bro and, at times, a complete edgelord. I try to have a modicum of empathy for her—her dog-eat-dog “I got mine” attitude probably helped her survive the 1980s—but the fact that her beliefs never evolved definitely makes it hard to like her

      • Lorelei says:

        Honestly the whole point of that stupid show is for one of the hosts to say something “controversial” enough (or getting into some shouting fight with each other) in order to get media coverage for it. And it works every time.

        I haaaaaaate The View. I remember watching the first one or two episodes when it first came out because there wasn’t really anything else like it and it sounded interesting, but now it’s just a total circus with people screaming over each other all the time. I do not understand how or why anyone watches it regularly; I get a headache if I have to sit through like 20 minutes of their screeching at the dentist or wherever.

        As for Whoopi, I feel like she’s constantly getting herself into messes like this, and idk if she’s doing it to keep her name in the headlines in some ploy to stay “relevant,” or because she’s truly that awful and stupid, but I generally ignore anything having to do with her. (Only clicked on this because it involved Meghan!)

      • Blithe says:

        Ummmmm, way to generalize about “older women”….and “that kind of thinking, endemic to many women of certain generations”. Whoopi’s behavior and evident attitudes have surely provided more than enough fodder for discussion.

      • Ana170 says:

        I’ve been side-eyeing Whoopi since she engineered that whole Ted Danson in blackface debacle. I mean she was great in The Color Purple, but that’s where her greatness began and ended for me. She’s not particularly smart but she’s good at making it seem like she knows what she’s talking about, even when she doesn’t.

      • MzScott says:

        @Lorelei Agreed. and at this point (and I hope long before), Meghan and Harry can just regard this type of thing as background noise to be ignored and for them to just continue to do good work.

    • Eurydice says:

      She’s probably thrilled to be dragged on Twitter, also thrilled to be a headline in all the tabloids. More publicity is better than less, and so many use Meghan’s name to stay in the news.

      • N. says:

        Eurydice: Yep, that is exactly what they do – exploit Meghan’s name. Meghan is in a huge global spotlight so they’re trying to steal some of that spotlight any way they can, and with today’s social media it often works (for a second at least) to attack Meghan for her opinions or her stated experiences. Meghan has a right to her own opinions about her experiences and is not required to give her spotlight away or share it with anyone except who or what she chooses (and I think she makes great choices). Whoopi is paid to have an outspoken point of view, so whatever – sometimes she’s right on, sometimes she’s way off.

      • loras says:

        What is up with Meghan Kelly’s podcast .I used to enjoy her show but lately it has just become Meghan Markle trashing and I have had to turn her off

    • AnnaKist says:

      So she didn’t listen to the podcast, and didn’t bother reading reports on what was said in the podcast. That’s fine – just that one short sentence said it all: “I Felt Objectified.” Goldberg completely missed the point. I didn’t realise she is so obtuse.

      • Eurydice says:

        It’s a kind of deliberate obtuseness which comes from being a professional opinion-maker – that her opinion is more important than the subject itself.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      RE: Whoopi-

      Boomers gonna boomer.

    • This is not in response to anyone in particular, but didn’t know how to post an original comment:) I’m one of “them” old ladies:)

      I also DID NOT hear the interview.

      But I adore FACTS. It would be nice if someone in show biz told them and stopped the faux politically correct to the point of absurdity.

      The facts. The Duchess did the show, felt objectified, but wanted to EAT more than she wanted to make a feminist point. Period.

      Sure, at times, the point is more important. Not here. Hey, she got HEALTH benefits. The Lady said so.

  2. Southern Fried says:

    Good grief. Knee jerk uninformed reactions… Do fkn better people. Love her but like us all she makes mistakes. Hope today she at least says she took the time to listen to the podcast.

  3. C-Shell says:

    I have never watched The View, but, oh man, these women are constantly making their own news with their horrible, often racist or misogynistic, rants against people who have done them no harm. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that Whoopi said the Holocaust wasn’t based on race! Kaiser’s right on point — STFD and STFU if you can’t take a few minutes to listen to Meghan’s actual words ABOUT HER LIVED EXPERIENCE. Spare me your opinions about how another woman or person should feel, Goldberg.

    • taris says:

      that show is a total mess.. such an embarrassing representation of women.

      • Lens says:

        The view hasn’t been good since the very very beginning. I mean not since Lisa Ling was on. I’m astounded it’s still on.

    • Twin Falls says:

      Same. I feel like I shouldn’t comment because I don’t watch the view but they all seem problematic.

  4. Eyeroll says:

    Geez…there’s just something about Meghan Markle that makes people froth at the mouth with opinions that make no sense when compared to what she’s said or done. She can win on that front it seems. I really hoped she’s doing well and feeling supported, taking care of her mental health. I’m sure she’s come to understand this is likely what life will be for her after the first 2 years in the UK.

    We’ve been at the ‘people reacting to inaccurate/incomplete headlines’ era for some time now. I wish it would fade away soon.

  5. K. Tate says:

    I had to ‘check’ my husband for the same comment yesterday! People are so ready to attack someone for how they FEEL!! 😤

  6. girl_ninja says:

    Whoopi also that Roman Polanski was not guilty of “rape, rape.” Some people don’t listen and like to pile on. It’s f*cking ridiculous.

    • taris says:

      i remember a clip that went viral years ago from the view of her defending ray rice after that horrifying video of him beating his girlfriend and dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator came out.
      also, pre-#metoo she was in that same seat discrediting some poor women had come forward alleging that some exec had coerced her into giving him a BJ, to which whoopi said something to the effect of “she’s not telling the truth ’cause why didn’t she just bite him”🙄😬

      what’s interesting is that this whole thing with meghan has really been revealing a lot about how we women relate to each other sometimes. there’s a lot of support for meghan, but the hate that’s come from women has been depressing to see.
      as i said in an earlier comment, everybody doesn’t have to like meghan, but the constant pile-ons are so f-cking unnecessary, and symptomatic of something far more sinister and wide-reaching than may be obvious.

  7. Emily_C says:

    Ever since Whoopi said Polanski’s rape of a sobbing, drugged 14-year old girl wasn’t “rape rape,” I have despised her.

    • tisme says:

      @Emily_C…Whoopi said WHAT??
      I haven’t been a fan of her for a long time due to her constant ignorant comments on The View but had not heard about this disgusting comment!!

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Why didn’t someone ask her wtf “rape rape” is?

    • SIde Eye says:

      Same here! Never forgot those comments and I don’t watch this trash can of a show.

  8. lanne says:

    When the hell will we stop policing women’s feelings? meghan’s allowed to feel what she felt. She didn’t have to express her gratitude for the job, but she did anyway, because she got needed benefits from it. We’ve all had jobs or feelings we have felt conflicted about. There’s 2 toxic things going on here. 1 is that women in entertainment “should be grateful” because so many other people would jump at their experience. 2 is toxic positivity–women aren’t allowed to be anything but happy without being bitchy or divas.

    Do better, Whoopi. Let’s do better, women.

    • Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

      YES! YES!!!!!!!

    • SIde Eye says:

      Amen @lanne YES! I am seeing this really disturbing trend of people dictating to women, especially WOC what their experience was like and how they should feel about it. It’s really unsettling. When a White woman cries an ocean of salty tears over tights no one has questions – which is why I come to this site. White Supremacy is a hell of a drug – coddling and excusing White fragility and telling WOC to suck it up in the face of racism, constant bullying, sexism, violence, etc. (and yes I consider Whoppi very much part of the White Supremacy machine – I’m old enough to remember her racist jokes with Ted Danson).

    • Lorelei says:

      I’ve been incredibly disappointed in my fellow royal-watcher friends and family over the past couple of years because none of them can stand Meghan. None of them.

      They don’t follow her anywhere NEAR as closely as I do, because if they did, I guarantee they’d think differently. I’m taking about the most liberal, least bigoted people— and all very smart— but when it comes to MM, they don’t follow the BM drama daily or read sites like this, they just see the most-repeated headlines (or, as I prefer to call them, “lies”) about how she cut off her father, lied in the Oprah interview, didn’t want to do any work, only wanted the attention and glamour of being in the BRF, is using Harry, blah blah blah, and it’s so discouraging.

      I’ve tried SO HARD to explain to them that if they knew more, they would 100% feel differently, but to no avail. I mean, I get it— not everyone is in a position to spend as much time fcking about online each day as I am! Some people have lives, lol. But they’ve fully bought into all of the worst crap said about Meghan, and it really sucks, because these are all of the people I always talked to about the royals. Luckily I have my CB ‘friends,’ lol.

      My cousin made a snarky remark yesterday about the whole DOND thing, mocking her for thinking they’d want her for her “intellect,” so I asked her if she’d actually listened to the episode (or even read the quotes in more context!), and you can guess what the answer was. And, like, this is my very FAVORITE cousin. (Ironically, I learned the extent of her dislike or MM because she freaking writes children’s shows for Netflix! I texted her something like “try to get a job on ‘Pearl!’” way back when it was first announced, and her response was like, “oh…you actually…LIKE her??” and I was so shocked.) The two of us generally agree on absolutely everything and have very similar taste, so it’s baffling to me how she has this one blind spot.

      I’ll never give up trying to convert them, but it’s not looking good. Which makes me so sad.

      I guess my point here was (🙄) that more people in the US than we would care to believe have fallen for the smears, too. Like Whoopi, they hear one phrase from one headline and automatically believe it because they’re so predisposed to never give M the benefit of the doubt. Even the people I *never* would have expected it from.

      • Carty says:

        Lorelei, I can relate to this. People I know just form a negative opinion off some nasty headlines and just believe it. No actual reading or anything. We have a very gullible society

  9. MsIam says:

    Whoopie has been saying lots of stupid ish lately. And then doubling down on it. She and Joy are on a race to the bottom, but at least Joy understood what Meghan meant. And I’m not sure what she meant by the line “We’re not journalists, were actors” at least in the context of what Meghan said. Did she mean actors should expect to feel exploited and objectified? Sheesh!

  10. Maxine Branch says:

    Interesting to me is how little comprehension skills folks display. Meghan spoke her truth as to why she chose to do this show all the while paying homage to fellow participants. This was not for her, she did what she had to do to earn money, insurance and union and moved on. What is hard to understand about her expression. Sometimes in cases Whoppie’s we date ourselves, different times, different era. In the case of the Jordan woman, she is insufferable and just a clout chaser.

  11. Moxylady says:

    So women -esp black women- aren’t supposed to have thoughts, feelings ad reactions to their lived experiences.
    Fricking done with this constant message and the women who happily police their fellow women for the patriarchy.
    Figure it out.

  12. Steph says:

    Whoopi sounds like an ass here. Yes, it’s TV. The audience is at home watching not being a contestant winning the money. These women were absolutely objectified, that’s why there weren’t any Briefcase Boys. Like, stop being stupid on purpose.

    • Christine says:

      Yeah, I am with you. This is fcuking absurd, Whoopi and Ted Danson once did black face, like it was all for shits and giggles, but Meghan acknowledging she took a job for health insurance?? Whoopi is up in whatever the fcuk Whoopi thinks, and I am done.

    • equality says:

      Exactly. Where were the briefcase boys?

  13. Kitten says:

    So none of these women have ever taken a paid gig just to get their foot in the door and then found out that it’s now what they expected and subsequently quit? Like, Megan’s situation is not exceptional and I’m willing to bet MANY women who started off as paid stage props feel the same way. It’s pretty dehumanizing work by most people’s standards. Vanna is Vanna for a reason–she’s one of the few women who could stand to do that sh*t as a permanent career.

    • lanne says:

      At age 16, I spent 2 weeks working at TCBY yogurt and then quit. My manager wanted me to close the store at 11pm, alone, as a 16 yr old girl, on a school night. My parents would have forced me to quit had I not wanted to already. I just wanted to earn a little money scooping yogurt, not jeopardize my education or my safety.

      Should I “shut up and be grateful for paid work?” Of course not!!! Neither should anyone else, including Meghan Markle.

    • molly says:

      ‘You should have been grateful to even HAVE a job on tv!’
      (Um, she talked specifically about that.)

      ‘You knew what you signed up for!’
      (Yeah, it’s clear they all did.)

      ‘If you didn’t like it, you should have left!’
      (Right, that’s why she left after a very short time.)

      I don’t understand why Whoopie is all hot and bothered about this. Meghan’s story isn’t the least bit unique in the acting world or even in life.

  14. María says:

    It completely IS objectification. You’re presenting these women as sex-objects, that’s the only reason why they’re even there. To add sex appeal to a show.

    Of course Meghan, who studied politics at a top university is going to feel that she is only being valued for her beauty, which is a sad reality for so many women.

    • taris says:

      women like whoopi have never had to deal with a lifetime of objectification, and it shows.
      they have no compassion for what other women have been through; for them, women should always be “grateful”.

      it’s funny, there’s a whole sect of black women who’ve always spurned feminism on the pretext that “it excluded women of colour”; more and more it just seems like their real problem is other women.

      • Deering24 says:

        Whoopi’s attitude is the kind of survivalist mentality too many older female performers develop. That they lived through it and “thrived” means they are stronger/ better than all those other women who didn’t. It’s a badge of “honor” at the expense of other women—and justice.

  15. Becks1 says:

    Wait, even putting aside what Meghan actually said….Whoopi sounds like she’s saying those women on Deal or No Deal weren’t objectified because the focus was the suitcase and the money? Is she serious? Of course they were objectified!! That was part of the deal, if you will. It’s why they wore skimpy dresses and were all gorgeous and had big bouncy hair etc. If it wasn’t about objectification, then Howie could have opened each suitcase himself or something. The suitcase girls were part of the “hook” for DoND and of course it was objectification in itself, again without even getting into what Meghan actually said about it.

    • lanne says:

      I know, right? Why weren’t there Briefcase old people in bathrobes and slippers otherwise? Why not Briefcase dudes wearing socks with sandals? Or just briefcases with pop-up remote control lids? Briefcases with pop up lids don’t need health insurance, after all. It was about the girls, about the girls, about the girls. Hot young sexy girls. Not middle aged librarians wearing holiday sweaters. Not nuns in habits. Not men and women in business suits even. Hot sexy girls in heels, wearing skimpy dresses. Not even hot young girls in jeans and tennis shoes. To say the briefcase girls weren’t about sex appeal is utterly ludicrous.

    • HuffnPuff says:

      Bingo! They could have put the briefcases on pedastals or shelves.

  16. Layla says:

    And yet, like I said in yday’s post the British tabloids deliberately used that image of Meghan to introduce her to the British public as Harry’s girlfriend. They made disgusting caricatures of her using this same image: they deliberately wanted to create the image of her as a “bimbo goldidgger” instead of the smart and intellectual woman she really is. I hate the Bristol media and the royal family so much for this: they’ve done so much damage in such a short amount of time so much so that no matter what Meghan says or does she won’t be taken at her word and this was all because a) both institutions are racist and b) two lazy, jealous, and stupid incompetent a**holes were too lazy, jealous, stupid and incompetent

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      She was a”bimbo golddigger” then. Now she’s totally disrespecting Deal Or No Deal, and they can’t let that stand. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

  17. Miss Jupitero says:

    Policing women over how they feel now? Really, Whoopie?

    Oh but of course, under patriarchy, which Whoopie vigorously supports here, women are not allowed to feel anything at all except happy happy happy– no matter what is actually happening. And if you are beautiful and smart, you deserve all this sh*t.

    Suck my d*ck, Whoopie.

    • Anna says:

      In „White Lotos” (check it out if you haven’t!) there is a storyline about young wife realizing that she wants to be a great journalist while her rich husband and his mother try to explain to her that she should not work and organize “charity lunches” with other rich wives. She wants to leave the marriage but in the end capitulates and says “it’s ok, I promise to be happy”. And it just perfectly sums up this need for women to be grateful for what the get and never complain. And while the husband is well aware at this point how unhappy she is it doesn’t matter, he jus wants her to pretend and play her part.

      When Meg joined BRF they tried to use this show to suggest she was almost pornstar and unworthy of BRF. When she was suicidal in BRF she should just keep quite and be grateful they allowed he to be there. Now it turns out the briefcase gig was great for her and she is ungrateful by daring to say it didn’t work for her in one aspect??? Jesus Christ, this is overwhelming just to witness what she has to experience. People will write sociological books and PHDs based on her treatment

      • Lorelei says:

        @Anna, I feel like that’s a large part of the reason that I can say without hesitation that it WAS racism that M was up against, no matter how many people screech that it’s not.

        Because, as you said, when she first came along, they degraded her for being trashy, not “good enough,” a pornstar (🙄), etc. Then, once they got to know her more, they *switched* to hating her because they saw how intelligent, capable, and beloved she was— and they certainly couldn’t have that!
        She was never going to win; they were going to find reasons to despise and put her down no matter what. They can scream until they’re blue in the face that they’re not racist, but it’s pretty freaking obvious that they are. They will latch onto ANY other reason to explain away their hatred, and don’t realize how transparent it is.

        A long time ago, someone on here said —obviously meaning it facetiously!— that M could cure cancer, and still there’d be eleventy billion articles about how it took her too long, and how she spent too much money on it, etc. And I feel like that’s not too far off from being a joke at this point. There is nothing that they won’t denigrate her for, absolutely nothing. (And the fact that that’s what she’s up against only makes me like and support her more!!)

  18. Amy Bee says:

    Whoopi had no problem with her boyfriend wearing blackface; she pushed anti-Semitic tropes on the her show and I have no doubt she supported Chris Rock when he got slapped at the Oscars. Nobody should be surprised that she’s not a feminist and supports women being objectified.

  19. Harper says:

    What’s a more noble reason to move on, Whoopi? This is consistent with Meghan’s message–it’s not how something looks, it’s how it feels. And who is this silent, suffering body of Deal or No Deal suitcase women that Whoopi is taking up for? They all probably left for the same reasons!

  20. NYC212 says:

    Not noted Roman Polanski supporter Whoopi Goldberg diminishing the feelings of another woman and sanctioning misogyny in defense of a white man (again)! This ridiculous take she has on Meghan is the same as her defense of Polanski which is that they both knew what they were getting into.* Just because someone can expect to experience pain or duress when they choose to do something doesn’t mean those negative feelings don’t exist. Meghan was sharing an experience and how that made her feel. She acknowledged that it was a springboard to her career on Suits but also spoke about the negative feelings she had. It’s really not that difficult to understand unless you are hellbent on projecting your feelings on to her.

    *I am still trying to process how anyone can say anyone, especially a minor child, should expect to be raped when she goes somewhere. If Whoopi read the grand jury report, none of which Polanski disputes, and still came away with the appalling “it wasn’t ‘rape, rape’” position, she has no morals.

  21. Brassy Rebel says:

    Next she’ll insist that Hooter’s customers don’t care about the servers. They’re just there for the beer. You shoulda sat this one out, Whoopi.

  22. Eurydice says:

    “But I feel bad because I don’t think people were looking at these girls like this, I think people wanted the money.” Seriously, Whoopi? Meghan made you feel bad?

  23. Who ARE These People? says:

    And they read Playboy for the articles…

  24. hangonamin says:

    this is what happens when you have a show where people just say what’s on their minds with next to no research or context and call it “the view”. Also very reflective of our society now where people just take sound bites, do no research and spin some elaborate criticism. It’s almost like what do you expect when you’re literally paid to have strong point of views and definitely POV that are controversial or cause outrage sell more….

    • Mymooniagarden@gmail.com says:

      And all the nastiness just proves the archetype Meghan was highlighting…. your judgement of my appearance is not necessarily the whole of me according to the stereotype in your head. Meghan obviously moved on to better things but Whoopi refuses to give her the right and the character to do that without reverting to the stereotype in her head.

  25. Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

    The View must not have a research department. And if a research department exists, they should all be fired for causing Whoopi Goldberg this embarrassment. A two-minute read of the podcast transcript by a junior assistant is all that was needed.

  26. Blue Nails Betty says:

    If sexual objectification wasn’t the point then why weren’t any of the briefcase holders male, fat, unattractive, wearing casual clothes, etc?

  27. zinjazin says:

    Seems like Ms Meghan cant say anything without random people rushing in to misunderstand her and share their opinions about her to the world lol

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      There should be a podcast. “Meghan Markle Can’t Say That!” Endless content.

      • Lorelei says:

        @BrassyRebel, I know you’re kidding, but you could have an idea here!!

      • Aviva says:

        Um, that’s actually a really great idea for a podcast. The hosts could dig up instances where the media said something about her, but then when she says something similar, the media is aghast. Talk about the misogynoir, the tropes, the dog whistles, and backpedaling. I’d listen.

      • bisynaptic says:

        I second this.

  28. Over it says:

    Whoopi has been salty ever since Harry and Meghan got married and didn’t invite her . She said her and Harry were friends and I picked up she was annoyed she wasn’t invited because she went on to say she didn’t watch the wedding. She is always making snide comments about Meghan. Like get over yourself already Whoopi . People can invite or not invite whoever they want at their wedding. And furthermore if you aren’t going to listen to the podcast, then don’t have a comment or opinion about it .

    • lanne says:

      Touche! I think we have a winner. Ding ding ding!!!

    • equality says:

      Harry didn’t invite her so she snipes at Meghan?

      • Over it says:

        Yes, because don’t you know, everything is always the woman fault especially if that woman is Meghan. You know it couldn’t possibly be that Harry didn’t have the same friendship feelings towards her. Like maybe it was just Harry being Harry. Friendly to one and all. But since Meghan is the wife to be , it’s clearly her fault because according to Assholes, everything is Meghan fault.

  29. Concern Fae says:

    Whoppie Goldberg’s original Broadway show was amazing. Deep and insightful. Watched it on video.

    There is a real problem with people who become famous for their observations about life, both comedians and media commentators. They become famous at a moment where they had spent an enormous amount of time actually observing the world and participating in it. After they become famous, they get cut off from the source of their knowledge, but TV shows, magazines and newspapers hire the famous, not the people who are saying smart things about what is happening now.

    So our TV is full of jerks saying dumbass shit.

  30. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Whoopie is simply frustrated with her reflection.

  31. NancyPurple says:

    I just listened to this podcast yesterday and was struck at how thoughtful and interesting it was. The interview with Paris Hilton was fascinating – I had no idea she had been shoved into an abusive boarding school for two years. I came away very impressed by both of them, and will listen to Archetypes on the regular now.

  32. Athena says:

    I’m so done with people who feel they need to challenge, question, disagree with someone else’s lived experience.

    I feel bad for Meghan, before she married Harry she had a decent life, a positive social media platform with over 3 million followers. People seemed to either like her or were neutral towards her and now so many people are acting like hating on Meghan is a god given right, it’s sport. The British tabloid and some non tabloid press pile on her on a daily basis, Whoopie as a woman, a woman of color, a member of the human race doesn’t need to join in throwing stones, she should try not to become one more person adding to Meghan’s pain. Meghan talks about wanting to live with joy in her life and it must at times be so difficult to find and hold on to that joy.

  33. Tursitops says:

    Diction matters. If the whole point wasn’t to infantilize and objectify the WOMEN, then how did the term briefcase GIRLS become their descriptor?

    When we stop referring to female adults as girls, and stop unnecessarily adding gender to job descriptions (e.g. “female officers” or worse, “women authors”), then we can stop railing against objectification. Until then, the WOMEN who have suffered under this linguistic hegemony are free to speak their piece.

  34. Jaded says:

    I’m old enough to remember Whoopi when she first came on the scene and did an act in her first big show about wanting to be white as a little girl. She said she’d put one of her father’s white shirts on her head and pretend to be a beautiful girl with long blonde hair. I think she still has that little girl inside her and it comes out in her dragging women like Meghan who speak honestly about being objectified and how useless it made them feel. Whoopi seems subconsciously bitter about how beautiful women get to be objectified but she never had that opportunity, almost like it’s something she desires. Therefore she needs to criticize Meghan and other women for deliberately stepping away from that type of situation to pursue something more meaningful. Whoopi is a bitter, mean woman and The View just gives her a platform to spew bitter, mean bile.

    • Deering24 says:

      Agreed—she fails to see that objectification does no one any favors, including the “beautiful” women who suffer it. Why she hasn’t gotten perceptive enough to see that this is a rigged game beats me.

  35. HeyKay says:

    I can see Meghan’s point.
    OTOH I have worked several crummy jobs for low pay and had a lot of garbage comments from male co-workers.
    Lots of people work jobs they hate. Rent is due, I like to eat at min 2x a day.

    The only way to stay OK is to keep reminding yourself “Just for today”

  36. Slippers4life says:

    Another day another story of the media twisting Meghan’s words around and personalities exploiting it as an opportunity for them and to keep this BS going. The power of Meghan!

  37. Lov3zone says:

    Whoopi…many times I agree with you…BUT NOT IN THIS INSTANCE!
    You are literally saying that there is NO THING wrong with having skantily clad -skinny- fair skinned-long haired women in tight skirts- showing cleavage for no apparent reason while they hold…*gasp* a briefcase…make it make sense whoopi. If whoopi doesnt think that is objectification…then she needs new glasses.

  38. antipodean says:

    All hail to Whoopi Goldberg…she is one of one, and has knocked down a lot of glass ceilings in her time, but do you think she could be angling for an introduction to Our Girl? Just a thought.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      I think it would be an interesting lively discussion, barbs and all. Meghan can give as good as she gets- queen of subtle shade that always lands. Would love for her to spar with the women on the View. But I also want her to play a super villain in a Star Wars or Marvel franchise so maybe I’m not the best advice giver.

    • Hopey says:

      I’m sure the view has reached out to M’s people begging for M to come on their show. I sincerely hope M keeps paying them dust.

  39. Margaret says:

    First of all Whoopi probably never felt objectified, soooo…., how would she know, or understand meghans poverty. Sorry Whoopi you are not that girl.

  40. L4Frimaire says:

    I don’t have any particularly deep thoughts on this latest tempest in a teapot other than to say that Meghan makes so many people feel defensive to the point they need to ‘splain and gaslight her actual words. These were her unique thoughts and experiences, but all of a sudden everyone is mad. She got a job, grateful it paid the bills but knew it wasn’t what she wanted to stay in because she didn’t want to be the briefcase girl forever, and moved on. Now so many people are upset. CNN of all places had a much better and nuanced discussion with a round table of women journalists that addressed this and how your looks are focused on. Anyway, next weeks podcast will bring more discussion/pearl clutching.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Point well taken.
      Whoopi simply over reacted.
      Meghan is doing great work, so the criticism will continue.
      Onwards and upwards.

  41. Robin Samuels says:

    I haven’t watched the View since the days of Lisa Ling. She made the show exciting, perhaps because she was willing to listen and be objective, unlike the others on the panel. I think she quickly discovered that the environment did not suit her, and like Meghan, she moved on.
    Whoopi is a Conservative, so her lack of compassion for a feminist is not surprising. She has spoken fondly of Charles on more than one occasion and performed at his events. It may be safe to say she’s also a monarchist. I’m disappointed she made such scathing comments about Meghan without listening to the podcast but went with the tabloid words.
    The Archetypes podcast is peeling back the layers and revealing that women haven’t come as far as we think, but I will keep hope alive!

  42. Mauve says:

    I mean, in a way, they (“they” being our popular culture I guess?) finally have some thing to criticize her for. Because honestly, before now, she hasn’t done anything wrong in my opinion and I just feel like this level of criticism is worlds better than petty racism bullshit.

  43. blunt talker says:


  44. MsGnomer says:

    The people with the muffin brains keep speaking and believe they say something substantial.