“Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel renewed their vows for their 10th anniversary” links

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel renewed their vows in Italy for their ten-year wedding anniversary. Remember their wedding photos?? [Dlisted]
The whole “Netflix is rattled” thing was completely made up by British royalists and it’s so funny to see Netflix unchained. [LaineyGossip]
Did Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly break up? Hm. [Jezebel]
Joy Behar has banged a few ghosts in her day. [Seriously OMG]
Zuhair Murad’s bridal collection is very, very lacy. [Go Fug Yourself]
Tom Brady clarifies: Football season is not, actually, like a military deployment. [Gawker]
Did Taylor Swift reveal the name of Blake Lively’s fourth child? [Just Jared]
People are mad about House of the Dragon? (Spoilers.) [Pajiba]
Shakira’s new music video for “Monotonia.” [Egotastic]
Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath was arrested. [Starcasm]
Kim Kardashian’s swimwear helps people with body insecurities. [Buzzfeed]
LA cougars are being imperiled (the real cougars). [Towleroad]

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  1. HeatherC says:

    They’ve only been married for ten years? It feels like forever to me!

    • bettyrose says:

      Ha! MTE! But heck it’s sweet that they wanted to celebrate their love with low key renewed vows that were surely meant to be private and not at all announced by press release.

    • Miss Owlsyn says:

      I thought the exact same thing. I thought they’d been together much longer. Did they date awhile before they got married maybe?

      • DouchesOfCambridge says:

        He dated her, and then broke up with her and then got back with her and then proposed, married her and cheated on her, and renewed the vows and here we are. A beautiful story. That mirror song was about them. It says something like it was easy to get back to you or something something like that

    • Geegee says:

      Justins still thirsty I see.

  2. Nanz says:

    Oof. He does not look well in some of those photos. Karma…

    • Arhus says:

      I was thinking the same thing! A little alcohol bloated?

    • Doublesteff says:

      More than likely coke and alcohol bloaTed. Exactly how an acquaintance looks during one of his benders. Yuck. Couldn’t happen to a better trouser snake.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I never thought he was attractive. He looks like 1 million other guys you see every day, but because he was famous was considered some kind of heartthrob?
      Celebrity vow renewals are rarely a good sign, I wonder how much more she’s willing to put up with before she’s done.

      • Debbie says:

        “Celebrity vow renewals are rarely a good sign?!” Hey, I’ll have you know that Heidi Klum and her former husband Seal beg to disagree with you.

  3. MaryContrary says:

    Remember when he got called out for cheating on her while she was pregnant?

    • Alice says:

      Their body language on this photo speaks anything but love and affection. They’re both as divided as possible while pretending to be in the same place. He’s pulling back, she’s twisting away.

      • Serenity says:

        Agreed, Alice. That’s what I came here to say–their body language is SO off! He looks drunk and completely disengaged with her. She looks like he smells bad but she’s determined to get the pictures anyway. Lol

  4. Ceej says:

    I forgot about that people cover. There he is pulling all focus with a frog jump while they have her hunched up so she can’t even show off her dress.

    Having just been married, that is not the way to treat someone who has invested in a specific dress that makes you feel a specific way – by making her a mere prop to your basic black tie.

  5. Lucy says:

    Yeaaaaaah, feels like a divorce precursor for them.

  6. bettyrose says:

    Megan F. Kardashian lookin’ good.

  7. Justwastingtime says:

    He is just so unattractive and needy.

  8. Mcmmom says:

    I’ve never understood the appeal of Timberlake. He’s not attractive and he seems so self absorbed. Why you’d want to hitch yourself to that wagon is beyond me.

    • Josephine says:

      Her career had kinda stalled so maybe she was just looking forward to being a mom and starting all of those odd side businesses. Or maybe she thought she was winning because he was very famous during that time. Their relationship has always been odd to me, but I’m assuming she can live with the consequences of marrying that guy.

  9. Jenna says:

    Tom Cruise jumping pose to over prove his love.

  10. girl_ninja says:

    Jessica looks wonderful, not her fashion but her skin. She looks effervescent. He on the other hand does not look good. He looks bloated? I can’t put my finger on it. He looks bedraggled yes, but something is off.

    Kimberly Kardashian having a body positive swimsuit line is on some bullshit because that entire family is the opposite of body positivity

    • Mcmmom says:

      Oof. I just flipped through the pictures and he looks roooooooough. Too much booze, not enough sleep. As they say, you eventually get the face you deserve.

    • Justwastingtime says:

      Yeah, thought she was trolling him with a bad pic with the first one, but in flipping through them wowza. He is not smiling in many of them but even when he is, he looks well, rough is probably kind. He never was a looker but he is aging poorly.

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t think telling women to pick an insecurity and then COVER it is body positivity. It’s the opposite, and she’s too flippin stupid to realize it. Those women make their money on amping UP the insecurities of other women. They’re so toxic, I really don’t understand why a single woman follows them or buys their garbage.

  11. Gabby says:

    What is she DOING with this egotistical has-been?

  12. ChillinginDC says:

    So…yeah they getting divorced soon. Celeb vow renewals are always a bad omen.

  13. J. Ferber says:

    He looks shrunken and grumpy in the pic with her in the short white dress. I misread one quotation as “ten years is enough.” Hell, it sure is for him. She’s just happily cruising along with the means to do or wear anything she wants. Just my take.

  14. J. Ferber says:

    Ceej, adored your comment. So true!

  15. Jade says:

    LOL I read that as 100th anniversary. Certainly feels like it!

  16. Riley says:

    Netflix caved and added a disclaimer to the Crown 🙁

    • Lady D says:

      They now want a disclaimer put in front of each episode this season. What next, will they object to the name Charles being used?

      • Serenity says:

        @Lady D Yeah, Netflix should have known that if you give Charles an inch he’ll take a mile…🙄 Now he thinks he actually has some kind of power over them. Smh.

  17. SIde Eye says:

    I remember their wedding video where they had homeless people wish them well and they thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

    Such a-holes – and he even manages to eclipse her again in that department. Just like that tacky cover shoot.

  18. MangoAngelesque says:

    Vow renewal at 10 years? Yeah, there’s trouble and likely a divorce in their near future. An early-years renewal is to a marriage what a boyfriend/girlfriend tattoo is to a dating relationship: a death knell.

    My husband and I are big tattoo people. And we made a deal that there are to be NO name tattoos ever outside of memorials (heaven forbid), and no coupley tattoos until after marriage. Because who needs that curse?

  19. ME says:

    Kim’s swimwear line is not about body positivity. She said she has swimsuits with sleeves so you can cover up your arms (insecurites). That is NOT body positivity. She wants you to hide what you don’t like about yourself because God forbid anyone see how “not perfect” you are.

  20. LeggsEgggs says:

    LA cougars are being imperiled (the real cougars). [Towleroad]

    …I’m sorry but this “the real cougars” made me LOL!!

  21. Jessica says:

    Woof. He looks awful. I think he is pretty much his character in the Trolls movies..and she is so lovely. Her skin is flawless. Anyone have an id on that white dress with the disks on it? I love it!!!!

    I give them two more years max.

    I won’t even click on a link that involves the kardashians so congrats on the new line???

  22. Lynne Davis says:

    Celebrity couples who renew vows always seem to break up afterwards

  23. Zoochy says:

    Their faces match their career trajectories tbh

    • ohrhilly says:

      I think they deserve each other. She’s basic and boring and wouldn’t have a long career or any other business ventures (Au Fudge, anyone?) without his “status”. I think she realized she’d always be a supporting role in her marriage to him. The wedding pics says all that needs to be said. I’ve loathed him for years.

  24. Lens says:

    Hate to pile on (but we all gotta put the bitchy in cele-bitchy right?) but Jessica’s pink wedding dress was in retrospect such a miss. So I can’t blame her for wanting new wedding dress pics. But what woman would say ‘you make me a better wife and mother every day’ on their anniversary Instagram? But nobody thinks twice when a man says that.

  25. Icey says:

    I have a rash guard and long board shorts I wear to the beach and love. But I got them from the lands end outlet:-). I have never liked tight clothing, since I was a little kid. Even when I was so skinny I looked like skeletor, I wanted to be covered by loose clothing and be in the water. I hate the feeling of being compressed in my skin and feeling it all over! The range of suits now is awesome. The ks didn’t start it though.

  26. Nosylady says:

    Welp time to make a bet on when the divorce is going to happen. Renewing vows always seem to precede a divorce

  27. Haylie says:

    Being basic doesn’t mean she deserves a self-absorbed cheating husband. As far as I can tell, she isn’t mean spirited or hateful. And she was acting well before dating Justin Timberlake. He didn’t get her film roles. And she may have even been better off without him (a La Nicole Kidman doing her best work after her divorce from Tom Cruise) since JT sucks all the air out of the room.

  28. jferber says:

    Haylie, I never thought she was basic. I never thought she was that talented, though. I may be wrong, but I think she likes having a super-rich husband, having all the luxuries she wants, two kids I’m sure she loves and the option of doing passion projects. Maybe she also has an apartment of her own in Paris where she jets off for shopping trips and whatever else. She probably spends minimum time with him, too. No, I think she made the deal she wants and good for her, if that’s true. I could well be wrong, but I think he married her to suit the image he wants and I think they lead separate lives. Better for her, of course, since he does seem to be a jerk.