Brad Pitt went to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin & brushed off Martin Brundle

Brad Pitt made his way down to Austin, Texas over the weekend for the big Formula 1 Grand Prix. He was there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, trying to look like Robert Redford, I think. I’ve said before that in Pitt’s recent public outings, he’s looked especially nipped, tucked, buffed and polished, and I imagine he’s spending a lot on his upkeep and image these days. The result is that most outlets will cover these photos as “wow, Brad Pitt looks great, how exciting that he’s into Formula 1!” The reporting won’t be “wow, Brad Pitt keeps trying to deflect from the fact that Angelina Jolie told the FBI that he physically assaulted her and their children.”

The whole reason Pitt is trying to get into Formula 1 is that he’s going to star in a movie about the franchise, and he’s working with Lewis Hamilton (Hamilton is producing). He posed with Hamilton in Austin too, and he hung out with various F1 executives.

It wasn’t all breezy Cool Guy imagery and abuser-enabling though. As Pitt was walking around the track, famed F1 commentator Martin Brundle tried to speak to Pitt. Pitt brushed him off. Longtime F1 fans and Brundle fans were not pleased. I mean, Pitt already looked like a poseur, but this showed just how little research Pitt has actually been doing.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. BeyondTheFringe says:

    Sorry but f*ck that guy.

    • hel says:

      Do not apologise – he is such a dickhead, and he clearly has not done any research on FI if he doesn’t know who Martin is….just turning up for the photo op.

    • Yup, Me says:

      We’ve started calling him Arm Pitt in my household.

    • 2tall4u2 says:

      Agreed. I don’t support abusers.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      I can’t with BP anymore. His I’m-all-that attitude/fashion boy/edgy artist annoys me so bad, as much as I was finding him so refreshing when he was going out with Angelina pre-abuse and allegedly kid choking on flight.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    Martin always gets embarrassed trying to talk to celebrities because most of them don’t want to talk to him. F1 fans attacked Simone Ashley and Venus Williams for not wanting to talk to him too. You could imagine the dog whistles that were thrown at them by fans. I’m not going to bash Brad for this one.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Poor Martin – I think its because most of the celebs on the grid don’t know who he is and TBH I think they generally don’t want to talk to the sport journo’s as they all look awkward when they do.

    • LNC says:

      Normally I’d agree but this was a work event for him. Come prepared.

    • Shai says:

      Normally I’d agree as I’ve defended Venus over that, but Brad doesn’t have an excuse. He’s making a movie about this and as such, he should know who this man is.

      • AmB says:

        If he doesn’t know, his handlers – sorry, “team” – should.

        If he’s trying for Redford he’s failing miserably. (Anyone else flash on “Buddy Jesus” with the thumbs-ups?)

  3. girl_ninja says:

    What an absolute loser he is.

  4. SarahCS says:

    You don’t disrespect Martin Brundle!

    I don’t know all the in’s and outs of how these deals are arranged but I am disappointed that Lewis Hamilton will be involved in a project with Abuser Pitt. From what I’ve seen of him (and I’ll admit I no longer follow the sport closely) he makes a habit of standing up for what’s right.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Yeah. Sorry to see Lewis participate in this with him. After everything Lewis has been through. But maybe he’s out of the loop. Or maybe it’s more about that man thing—where off-screen spousal abuse abuse is a-okay since so many have been there themselves.

      • michyk says:

        or it could be that no one else was interested in telling his story. it’s not like there’s a fair and level playing field for Black voices to be heard.

  5. SAS says:

    Asshole! Martin Brundle is an international treasure.

    I frequent the f1 reddit sub and a post about his appearance/film had a ton of negative comments about him and the abuse! My contribution was that he is WAY too told to be playing a driver, he’s even 20 years too old to play a previous generation driver, and older than many of the Team Principals! Maybe they’ll have space for a Flavio Briatore or Nelson Piquet type (IYKYK) 🤷‍♀️

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Brundle is a great pundit who seems far better at talking to the drivers, crew etc.. but yeah he’s always awkward AF when he has to speak to celebs – I’ve always got the impression that he doesn’t suffer that side of the business much.

      Also people should read about his friendship and competitiveness with Aryton Senna – they rose those the racing ranks together. Esp their fight for the 1983 championship.

  6. mia girl says:

    What is that green shirt on Pitt?
    The entire look is like straight out of the Ann Taylor Loft Summer Collection.

    • Southern Fried says:

      Hahaha you’re right!
      I hate that Sir Lewis is involved with anything Pitt related.

    • TeamMeg says:

      Hilarious! I was about to say at least he’s wearing a normal shirt (the blue one) but then I saw the green.

  7. CL says:

    Hahaha!! What an idiot!

  8. Mireille says:

    Looks like Brad’s handlers got him to clean up. His slovenly, messy look and behavior on the red carpet may have gotten people whispering about his sobriety, or at the very least, his cleanliness. Meanwhile, Zahara was celebrating homecoming at her college with Mom in support. No Daddy Brad in sight. I guess this is his way of “fighting” for more time with his children, by being ignorant of where they go to college and not showing up for them. Outstanding parenting, Brad.

    • Southern Fried says:

      I’m happy he’s leaving Zahara alone these days, let her enjoy her new life along with her mom.

  9. SURE says:

    I not sure about this photo selection; it’s missing something.

  10. Eurydice says:

    Huh, so that’s him looking nipped, tucked, buffed and polished, is it? Maybe he would have looked better if he had bathed.

  11. BlueSky says:

    Interesting that no one is calling him out for never visiting his daughter at college. Oh that’s right, he only cares about the biological ones.

    • Maddy says:

      I think it’s clear to everyone that Zahara doesn’t want him anywhere near her.

      • BlueSky says:

        My point is that the press is complicit in not bringing it up. I’m sure he doesn’t want anyone digging to deep as to why she wants nothing to do with him.

      • Maddy says:

        Probably, but do you think Zahara wants to read or hear about her non-existent relationship with her former adoptive father? In this case, it might be for the better it’s not getting much coverage.

      • TeamMeg says:

        You both are right. Glad we can call him out on it here, and glad the press doesn’t drag the kids into it although the press are absolutely complicit by covering him in any kind of glowing terms at all.

      • Summer says:

        @Maddy, Can we not call him her “former adoptive father.” Adding the word adoptive implies that he isn’t her father. He is. He might be an awful person and they might be estranged, but calling him her “former adoptive father” implies that because he adopted her, he wasn’t a real parent. Even if he was a shitty parent, he was a parent. Calling someone an “adoptive parent,” as if to distinguish them from a “real” biological parent, is shitty.

      • BlueSky says:

        Former adoptive father???? WTF does that mean? He is her FATHER! stop othering her.

      • Maddy says:

        @Summer I think time has shown that he never really considered himself a father to his adoptive children. It is shitty, but that’s on him. Zahara and her siblings are truly better off without him.

    • Kirsten says:

      I am not defending any of Pitt’s other behavior, as a parent or otherwise, but beyond drop-off/pick-up, most parents don’t visit their kids at college, especially if kids are attending out-of-state.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        I see plenty of out of state parents coming to Homecoming. Especially in the first and last years. But seeing as this poser didn’t even know which college she was attending, I wouldn’t expect him to be there.

      • BlueSky says:

        @Kirsten. Miss me with this BS. This man has the money and means to go wherever he wants. Homecoming is a big deal at a lot of colleges. Just say you don’t give a sh@t that he doesn’t see this child and keep it moving.

      • Coco says:

        Aren’t up you the same Kirsten that on here defending Pitt all time? Their are parents all over social media posting pictures and videos at their kids Homecoming so please take two seats.

  12. Maddy says:

    It’s always hilarious when celebs go to F1 events for the photo-ops, but have no clue who the riders and teams are and how things work there.

    • Mireille says:

      OK, I’m going to admit my ignorance here. Is F1 like Nascar? Is it hugely popular in Europe? Are these events where celebrities go to be seen? I know a lot of celebrities love to attend Wimbledon, but didn’t know if racing was a big deal. I don’t follow Nascar either and not sure how popular that is in the U.S.

      • MangoAngelesque says:

        Formula 1 is massive around the world, NASCAR is only really a thing in the US.

      • Lady D says:

        I went to the Indy 500 in Vancouver in the late 90’s. It was a blast, I couldn’t believe how much fun it was to go these races. We had pit passes, so we actually got to go down to them and talk to the mechanics and the 11-20 other people working in the pit. There were thousands and thousands of people there. Some estimates were over 50K people in the stands and a ton more standing to watch. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

      • gah says:

        F1 is decidedly not like nascar and has a completely different demographic of fans.

        I used to travel to Austin a LOT for work and do you know what sold out EVERY SINGLE F1 weekend?

        champagne and escargots.

        in Austin (the capital of breakfast tacos).

        there’s a technical prowess and theatricality to both F1 and Nascar for sure- but they are different beasts.

  13. Mslove says:

    Of course Brad Pitt doesn’t know who Martin Brundle is, Pitt’s just a pretty face with no brains. And his face isn’t so pretty anymore. Alcohol has ruined it.

  14. SAS says:

    Also, either the perspective is off in that pic with Lewis or Brad is WAY shorter than his reported height.

  15. LovelyRita says:

    Not a Brad fan at all (and I can’t watch the video as I’m in a Dr.’s office atm) but he has said he suffers from facial blindness and so he often doesn’t recognize people he should, even people he’s met on several occasions. He has talked about how embarrassing it is. Just throwing it out there that maybe he didn’t recognize MB, even if he knows mentally who he is.
    I have a mild version of this and it’s awful.

    • Chanteloup says:

      He could hire a million people to whisper in his ear who everyone is if he cared in the slightest though
      Fuck that guy

    • Lady D says:

      My mom inflicted a lot of brain damage on me, one concussion had me unconscious for 7 days, and once for 5 days. I cannot remember faces or names for the life of me. I will forget your name seconds after you tell me what it is. I have to constantly re-ask people what their name is. Now when I meet new people, I just let them know that I have problems remembering names and apologize in advance. I really hate it and I’ve tried every trick in the book for the past 40+ years to remember names and faces, but I just can’t.

  16. Serena says:

    I can’t stand his ham face, I loathe him.

  17. Stef says:

    Love, love, LOVE F1 so this new movie sounds interesting.

    Of course Bratley didn’t do any proper research on the who’s who of the circuit. He just showed up and tried to look pretty because that’s what he does best… except maybe lie and be an abusive POS to his amazing ex wife and 6 beautiful children. (shrugs and wanders off to find more coffee)

  18. TheOriginalMia says:

    I cringed with embarrassment for Martin Brundle. It was clear he was trying to interview Brad, and Brad went out of his way to avoid him. Had that smug look on his face like he couldn’t be bothered. I’m sorry, Brad, but you’re the one trying to make a movie about F1. I don’t buy that he didn’t have some inkling as to who Brundle was. He’s attended F1 events before. Most noticeably when he skipped his son’s birthday to attend a race.

  19. Coco says:

    All I can say is giving Pitt history with all the attention Jolie has been getting this weekend for her new role as Callas and supporting Zahara at Spelman, not to mention the negative press
    Pitt is getting from F1. Pitt PR team will be writing an evil Angelina story in 3 2 1…

  20. AD says:

    BradPitt the abuser true colors, arrogant guy, not surprise, he is full of himself, smug face