Matthew Perry apologizes for wishing death on Keanu Reeves in his memoir

Matthew Perry has written a memoir called Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing. Perry details his addiction issues and how much he spent fighting for his sobriety. He also talks a lot about Friends and all of the celebrities he’s known/dated over the years. I had no memory of Perry knowing the late River Phoenix, but they worked together in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon and became friends. Perry wrote about finding out that River died, and Perry chose that moment in his memoir to tastelessly note “Why is it that the original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die, but Keanu Reeves still walks among us?” Perry also makes another reference to wishing Keanu would die later in the book. It’s bizarre – it reads like he’s trying to make an awkward joke, but it comes across as deeply unkind and rather macabre. Well, now Perry is apologizing.

Matthew Perry is clearing the air. Earlier this week — and ahead of the release of his new upcoming memoir, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing — several excerpts of the book were released by Variety and The New York Post, with both outlets sharing sections where he talks about Keanu Reeves.

In one section, Perry, 53, is talking about his friendship with the late actor River Phoenix and writes, “River was a beautiful man, inside and out — too beautiful for this world, it turned out. It always seems to be the really talented guys who go down. Why is it that the original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die, but Keanu Reeves still walks among us?”

But the Friends actor now says he misspoke. In a statement to PEOPLE, Perry says: “I’m actually a big fan of Keanu. I just chose a random name, my mistake. I apologize. I should have used my own name instead.”

Reeves is cited again in the upcoming book when Perry writes about the death of comedian Chris Farley. “His disease had progressed faster than mine had. (Plus, I had a healthy fear of the word ‘heroin,’ a fear we did not share),” Perry writes. “I punched a hole through Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room wall when I found out. Keanu Reeves walks among us.”

[From People]

Yeah, I think he was trying to “joke” and it didn’t land. Perry thought it would be supercool to start some kind of random beef with Keanu Reeves and he was surprised the general public found it disgusting. Keanu is one of the most low-key and well-liked people in Hollywood, so of course people have his back. Beyond that, Keanu has had so much f–king heartbreak and grief in his life, and he carries those sorrows around every day. Why would you even put that out into the universe, the idea that Keanu is the one who should have died? That’s completely horrible.

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  1. vanna says:

    ugh the apology is lacking IMO. Crawl and bawl for forgiveness for commiting crimes against Keanu

    • Sugarhere says:

      As far as I’m concerned, Matthew Perry can bend over backwards to apologize, he strikes me as a small human being in every respect: immature and inconsistent when he decides to flirt with girls 30 years younger on Raya, immature and inconsistent when he dumped Julia Roberts after pursuing her like a hound dog. He’s a cheapskate, he’s petty, narrow-minded. I can’t stand the self-pitying childishness. Basically, Perry’s writing a book because he needs the money, not because he has anything uplifting to bring to the world.

      Keanu can boast some sort of self-taught wisdom. The man has a sound philosophical approach of life, hence Perry’s jealousy.

      • Moxylady says:

        F Matthew and his apology. I don’t care about his motives or believe this is a joke. He’s a small nasty bitter man who doesn’t understand kindness or empathy. He came out of addiction with no self awareness or introspection on the life he’s led. A hole.
        Also Keanu is such a kind and gentle soul. He’s incredibly generous to the crews he works with. He is a solidly good person who has dealt with so much tragedy already. May blessings flow to him.

      • Blue Nails Betty says:

        THIS THIS THIS! Matthew was my fave “Friend” and I think he is a terrific actor. But wow, does he come off as a pathetic person.

      • molee says:

        Agreed. I think he really means, “And yet, I, Matthew Perry, still walk among us.” I support his sobriety 100%. Let’s be honest, though, his addiction and recovery journey is hardly original thinking. Young handsome rich and famous actor suffers with addiction and either dies or recovers and writes a memoir of his struggles. While telling our addiction stories in all their horror is serious and important for recovery, it’s almost a Hollywood cliche to write a lurid, shocking, expose book. What’s original is a young, handsome, rich and famous actor suffering with addiction and quietly living his recovery in a thoughtful and peaceful way. I wish them both recovery success.

    • wordnerd says:

      Omg, crawl and bawl!!! I’m stealing that!

  2. Noki says:

    Did he steal his gf or something!? To mention him once may be a silly joke but twice sounds personal.

    • Ornamental says:

      Jeez. The more Perry talks, the more of a nasty, thoroughly unenlightened a-hole he sounds like. What a bad call, on several levels, to keep those comments in there. …Perry’s book editor must dislike him, too. Think I can understand why.

    • TIFFANY says:

      For real. I was gonna give his book the read because I’m down for a celeb memoir, but no more.

      Keanu. Of all people. Naw.

      • Christine says:

        Yeah, this is where I am too. I feel like even Tom Hanks would have landed better than Keanu, why on Earth would Keanu Reeves be the random name that came to mind? The man is beloved. Maybe in his second book, he can smack Brendan Fraser around, and complete the utterly pathetic look.

    • Roxy says:

      I think he’s bitter that Keanu not only recovered from his addiction but also became a huge movie star. Living the life Perry feels should be his

    • Wilma says:

      It does reveal so much about Matthew Perry that he thinks some people deserve to live and some people don’t.

      • Liz Version 700k says:

        Absolutely agree! To say this about a man who has donated millions to children’s hospitals when he has suffered so much in his life? What a pathetic excuse of a man. No interest in any words this man has to say going forward

  3. truthSF says:

    I don’t think it was a joke at all! And his apology was sh!t as well! Talking about he “randomly ” chose a name. Sir, you randomly chose the same name to question why were they still alive, instead of your drug addict friends?! Yeah, he highkey hates Keanu. And knowing how close Keanu was to River, and how hard he takes his death even to this day, is doubly disgusting on Perry’s part. I’m so glad he got dragged for filth on twitter!

    • C-Shell says:

      What a lousy “apology’! This does seem personal for some reason. And ghoulish.

    • sunny says:

      All of this….it doesn’t feel random at all.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      I was reading that all four of them, Perry, Reeves, Farley, and Phoenix, we’re friends and drug users. When River died, Matthew and Keanu had a falling out. Maybe Matthew blamed him for River’s death. Then when Farley died, more of the same. Don’t know if a lick of that is true, but it would make a little sense in explaining why he’d write such stupid and terrible passages. And insist on keeping them in the book when I’m sure the production manager, all the copy editors, and legal were like, The fuck you doing??!

      • Alice says:

        You are correct they were all using and were part of a crowd visiting the same club in Hollywood.

    • Bettyrose says:

      There’s no interpretation of it in which it could be a joke. Blaming someone for still being alive after a tragic death is cruel. Worse when that person has suffered their own traumas and is a truly decent human who hasn’t used their pain to hurt others.

      And it wasn’t an offhand joke. It’s published. In a book. He was probably asked several times about it in the editing stage. Advised against it and doubled down. There’s no coming back from this.

    • FhMom says:

      It is a truly shi**y apology and Matthew Perry can STFU and go away for good. I’m glad he’s sober but beyond that, he is a miserable bitter person. And of all the people to pick on, he chooses our beloved Keanu? How an editor didn’t take that out is mind boggling. I bet Perry fought to keep it in, and the editor was like, FU Perry. You’re going to regret this.

    • HelloDannie says:

      Agree I don’t think it was a joke. I had no idea how nasty Matthew could be. I’m no longer a fan even though I loved him on Friends. Such a gross and disturbing thing to say about one of your peers and certainly not funny. So glad Twitter dragged him, it was well deserved.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    I see Perry still has some serious issues he needs to work on.

    Keep Keanu’s beautiful name out of your angry, jealous mouth.

  5. Jenna says:

    His editor and whoever else proofread this should have caught it. Or maybe they left it in wanting to generate headlines.

    • HeyKay says:

      Nasty. Petty. Unkind. Not at all anything he needed to publish in his book.
      These comments make MP sound jealous and spiteful.
      I said yesterday, I had pre-ordered the book and once the excerpts started coming I cancelled the order.

      Huge fan of Keanu. He has been open about his tragedies, tries to be polite and kind in interviews, etc.
      MP has lost me as a fan. IMO, MP needs to keep working on his own issues.

    • Bettyrose says:

      They probably did catch and checked with him him on it, tried to advise against it, and he doubled down. That’s how you know it wasn’t just an off color moment for him.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        More telling, he did it TWICE in different parts of the book. So definitely, absolutely not a mistake or oversight.

    • Tanguerita says:

      Maybe his editor hated him well enough to NOT edit it out. I mean, it was supposed to be about Perry’s heroic journey towards sobriety and now it’s all about him being a unfunny jerk.

      • Bettyrose says:

        But it’s the wrong kind of publicity. It’s cancel publicity not salacious publicity and it doesn’t benefit the publisher financially.

    • FhMom says:

      I bet Perry was a nightmare to work with and the editor was like FU. They are going to come for you hard, a$$hole.

  6. hangonamin says:

    keanu is a gift that keeps giving. i hope he’s never taken from us. man…matthew perry, i thought sobriety usually makes people nicer and be more generous but not in his case.

  7. DouchesOfCambridge says:

    Why would you put something like that out there that is so mean. People, me included, love Keanu this much because we want to offload him a little bit of the sadness he still carries

  8. Jan says:

    Matthew got his arse handed to him and now he is trying to back track, not fooling anyone.
    Someone said yesterday that he went to school with Justin Trudeau and use to brag about beating him up.

  9. Flowerlake says:

    Bizarre indeed.

    There are so many stories about Keanu doing nice things for random people.

    If he wanted to be edgy, he should have picked someone less likable.

    • Lurker25 says:

      I think he’s culturally about 10-15 years behind the times. probably due to worsening addiction? IDK.

      What i DO remember is that poor Keanu WAS a bit of a punchline 10-15 years ago. People mocked his acting mercilessly and his affect on talk shows was seen as weird and wooden. People stopped making fun of him, gradually transitioning to sad Keanu memes and “eh, nice guy, whatever” takes.

      Keanu being the internet’s favorite celeb really happened a bit over 5 years ago with #metoo showing one guy after another for filth and Keanu being this paragon of unproblematic behavior and unparalleled kindness by comparison. (Or just stand alone awesome in general really.) The talk show/interview affect that was mocked before, was seen in retrospect for the irony-free sincerity that it was.

      The interview with Colbert about what happens when we die blew up long after it actually aired. People came out of the woodwork with stories from 5, 10, 20 years ago.

      The point is that i think Perry thought his Keanu joke was easy low hanging fruit, bc it would have been had this book published 15+ years ago.

      Now? Oops.

      Laineygossip does a great job these days of showing how celebrity sausage gets made and how opinions are not our own but shaped by the constant media babble, both legacy or social, around us. And how that can be manipulated. Keanu is doublyloved bc it’s like, this is a really good guy finally getting his due.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Who goes after Keanu Reeves? Sounds like Matt has some unresolved issues concerning Keanu.

    • North of Boston says:

      Especially because Jonny Depp was right there … and … Right. There. with with RF that night, at his club.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        Yeah, exactly. Why didn’t he hold a grudge on him then?

        That aside, I was a R. Phoenix superfan and got distraught for months after he died, I think I started disliking Depp from that point onwards…
        Now we know that my gut feeling was also right, unlike Perry’s… :-/

      • Lucy says:

        Right? Johnny Depp still walks among us. Or, if he’s looking for someone still shockingly alive after too many drugs, Charlie Sheen.

      • bettyrose says:

        I’m just gonna jump in and say that I’m not fan of Charlie Sheen or JD (any more) but even with the likes of them it’s absolutely unacceptable to say that they don’t have the right to be alive because others in their circle are not. He could’ve gotten away with saying something like – It’s seems unfair that the truly good people die young while others live on, and let whoever cared to read his book parse that.

  11. Emme says:

    Sure it’s a “joke” when you got the backlash. Perry is repugnant.

  12. Chantal says:

    Wow. I can’t believe this fool tried to come for my sweet humble Keanu! Keep his name out of your mouth Matty! This bs apology is as weak as the guy who made it. He clearly needs more help. Hope he continues his journey for self improvement.
    I loved Keanu in Speed and The Devil’s Advocate! And I’ll always be grateful to Will Smith for turning down The Matrix, thereby showing the world that Keanu is indeed “that dude”!

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:


  14. Sierra says:

    A good person will not wish someone else had died.

    The only time I wished something like this is when my beloved mother died from cancer and I wished I had died instead.

    Matthew is not a nice human being.

    • justwhy says:

      I’m so sorry about your mother, Sierra; I lost mine last year in the same way and had similar feelings in the immediate aftermath. I hope you’re in a better place.

      To me, wishing death on someone is the most cruel expression one can utter to another. Because if you tell a person that the world would be better off without them, they just might take it to heart.

      Hurt people hurt people, as they say, so hopefully MP gets to a place where he does not feel the need to lash out against innocent people in this way.

      • Sierra says:

        Thank you JustWhy, it’s been years and yes, I am in a much better place. We miss her everyday but live goes on.

        I am sorry about your mother as well. I hope you are better now.

        People who lost someone will never wish another person to die. It’s horrible to tell someone that they shouldn’t be alive. Just imagine what poor Keanu would have felt hearing this.

    • Relly says:

      I’m not proud of it, but I wished death/illness on someone once — when my young niece got COVID. She’s fine now, thankfully, but while I was scared, I wished all sorts of unpleasantness on a Certain Politician who made the outbreak so, so much worse.

      • justwhy says:

        Glad your niece is OK. At least half the electorate had the same thought during That Guy’s tenure, so don’t beat yourself up too much.

        I don’t think the thought itself is necessarily harmful, anyway; there are so many thoughts that arise in us every day that are more reflective of passing frustration or anger than our genuine desire to see that event occur. It’s more so understanding the impact that verbalizing it to another person would have on them.

        It does make you think, though, that if MP had swapped Keanu’s name for That Guy’s, he probably wouldn’t have received such backlash. Keanu must be a good man that so many have defended him–an example for all!

  15. Chaine says:

    Matthew Perry is a trash person. Now that he wrote his memoir can he just go away and live off his sitcom residuals and shut UP.

    • TikiChica says:


      He also made some ridiculous comments about previous girlfriends being more interested in his money that in him, and how the next one needs to have her own money. And I’m thinking…. what is he bringing to a relationship, besides his money? His sobriety is fragile at best and he seems to be a commitment-phobe with a LOT of baggage, who also doesn’t look good for his age. I’m personally not impressed.

  16. Becks1 says:

    It’s just a bad joke/point to try to make. I can understand, I think, the general thought process behind his comment, but its still a bad joke. (general thought being that when someone who is so talented dies tragically it can be an easy step from “why them” to “why not this other person?” but its still twisted.)

    But even if that was his thought process…….first off, why Keanu, and second, you don’t need to share every thought that comes into your head, even in a memoir.

    • harpervalleypta says:

      I could also see if he had been talking about himself, like why was he, an addict, still alive while these other great performers, also addicts, had died.

      But instead of dealing with a weird kind of survivor’s guilt, to transfer that over to Keanu? He still got some ways to go on his path of recovery.

    • notasugarhere says:

      My guess is it was deliberate, some people must resent KR and his success. Charlie Sheen did something similar, about KR getting to work with great directors and why not him? Now we know Perry shares the lowest common denominator with Sheen.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      @Becks1 No really, it’s not understandable at all. If his intention was to convey the point that talented people were taken too early and useless people with nothing to contribute still walk among us, there are endless actually horrible people he could have used as an example instead. It would still be a crappy way of thinking to actively wish death on anyone, but at least it would have made more sense. Matthew Perry is a garbage person.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s exactly my point? Not that using Keanu Reeves was understandable, but that the intention of “talented people taken too early while useless people still walk among us” is something that I think people can relate to, on a twisted level It’s not a healthy response to loss and grief, but it is a response. Kind of like when RBG died and people were saying “Mitch McConnell is RIGHT THERE!”

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I think I agree — it’s poorly written, but I think he meant why are talented people gone but untalented people like Keanu still here? Which is really sh!tty to call Keanu untalented, not necessarily in relation to River or Heath, but in relation to HIMSELF. He’s the narrator, and he has the nerve to use anyone else as an example of “untalented” when he, himself, has no talent. And not just anyone else, but someone who has repeatedly been shown to be a good person, regardless of how anyone feels about his talent. Perry is a garbage person.

      • Twin Falls says:

        But who uses talented/untalented as a stay/go marker? I appreciate the person who said MP is 15 years late to the we are thankful Keanu walks among us party but I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say in the context of losing a gifted person early, that a merely less gifted person should’ve gone instead. Shitty people should go, if you’re feeling all judgment day.

        MP has room to grow as a human.

  17. North of Boston says:

    Why are they gone, Matthew? You already know the answer to that, you lived it. Drugs can kill you; it’s a crap shoot when you get something from whoever whether it’s going to be what you thought it was, whether you’re going to dose it safely, whether it’s going to react to something else in your system, whether your body is going to tolerate it in the same way it did before. Accidental overdoses are a thing.

    Also, substance abuse or addiction can impair judgement and take down anyone, good or bad, no matter how unique or talented they are.

  18. Sasha says:

    How utterly bizarre. What editor ok’d this?? Seriously????? Surely everyone knows how beloved Keanu is. It’s just such a strange misstep. And the funny thing is this is only going to make people like Keanu EVEN more now.

  19. Cessily says:

    Never had much respect for Mathew Perry, but I used to have some compassion for his addiction struggles. He just destroyed that with his unforgivable attack on Keanu.

  20. JW says:

    I have that kind of humor. I laugh at that kind of humor. I have cracked jokes at funerals of loved ones. Chandler was the only character on that show I could stand. In the context in which he referenced Keanu, these do not read as macabre jokes. He was truly pissed off at the death of Farley. He punched a hole in a wall in a rage. In that context, that wasn’t a joke. There wasn’t a remove there. Occam’s razor: everyone who disagrees with you doesn’t get dark humor, or Perry has issues?

    • C says:

      Mm. The darkest Chandler ever got was talking about his own depression not other peoples’ deaths. Perry didn’t have to say this in a carefully written and edited book about his addiction, mentioning Keanu Twice. Eh.

    • North of Boston says:

      It’s not lost on me that he punched a hole in the wall of someone else’s dressing room.

      It seems that guys like, in a fit of do-called “uncontrollable” rage, big emotions, never wreck THEIR OWN stuff. It’s always someone else’s.

  21. Susan says:

    I am an avid reader and love the juicy celeb memoir. I was going to buy this one…but based on the excerpts, I have changed my mind. Interesting the quotes and stories pulled show a very unlikeable narrator.

    • Twin Falls says:

      This exactly. MP comes across as extremely unlikeable in his own words. I do not want to know this person.

      Keanu is kindness and humility. I don’t believe for a second his name was a random choice. A jealous choice, a bitter choice, that I would believe.

  22. Merrie says:

    I canceled my pre-order of Perry’s book. Maybe I’ll read it someday, but I won’t pay to do so.

  23. s808 says:

    wishing death on keanu reeves is WILD

  24. TheOriginalMia says:

    Not a joke. It almost read like Keanu was doing heavy drugs like them, so why didn’t he die instead. But we know that wasn’t the case. Hell, who even knew Perry was friends with either man. Ugh. I had to keep my real thoughts to myself in DM yesterday, lest I get thrown in Twitter jail. Don’t mess with Keanu! In spite of all the tragedies he’s faced, he’s still the nicest, kindest, most humble star out there. Matthew Perry can f@ck right on off with that mess. Apology not accepted!

  25. SAS says:

    Pardon my ignorance but is this quite … un-recovery-like? Wasn’t his initial press all that he’s all good, recovered, never again etc. Isn’t it part of completing recovery that you forgive grudges? And now this pettiness is immortalised in your memoir? Cringe forever.

    I feel more vindicated at how crappy I thought he was about the colostomy comments!

    • Sophia says:

      I’m sorry I get that we don’t want to make people with colostomy bags feel like they can’t thrive like anybody else. However, can we just be honest and admit that if somebody has a choice between a colostomy bag and no colostomy bag that they’re going to choose no colostomy bag?? My father-in-law has one after bowel cancer and he’s doing well, but he’d be the first one to tell you that he’d rather not have it. Obviously for some people it really improves their lives, but an MP’s case it’s not like he was suffering from bowel disease.
      A lot of the things MP says are s*** but saying that this warning was a wake up call for him was not an offensive thing to say.

      • SAS says:

        I take it personally as I do have an ostomy bag and that stigma really hurts. What’s different about your statement here to saying “of course people would rather not live in a wheelchair, of course people would rather not be fat, of course [insert “undesirable” body here] etc. It is offensive.

        The choice between living with a bag or not is a false equivalency, it’s between living with a bag or dying. Moreover, Matthew’s “scared straight” moment to never want to take drugs again for fear of needing a colostomy bag is useless as he could live like a monk for the rest of his life and still end up with one.

      • GreenEyes says:

        @SAS 100%! I have an ostomy bag. Have had it 26 yrs now. It’s 26 years of having an actual life I would not have had.. in that 26 years I got married to my love and we just celebrated our 26th anniversary (got married between operations w/ drainage tubes and all). I had no choice. i will never forget lying in the recovery bed after the first operation and my sister accidentally walking in the room as the nurse was looking at the site w/ bandages off and checking the bag. My sister‘s shocked reaction was to say omg I could never live with that. The nurse told her to get out and told her well if she couldn’t then she would be choosing death how sad for her. I had a second operation that was an emergency a few weeks later right after ostomy surgery; due to complications from first operation. The doctor really messed me up and had to repair my abdominal aorta. Now I need life saving surgery but I can’t, only a 30% chance of fixing the major problem but 99% chance I will not survive due to the type of complication, my lung situation, and a few other things that are not in my favor at all. But I am still living life til I no longer can. I have had & continue to have the gift of 26 years and enjoyed & will continue to to enjoy every single day given.. that with the bag and all. I have done amazing things thru those years and have been lucky to do so. I have fought for patients rights on capital hill and for our veterans rights, etc.. I have been in beauty pageants, chaired major fund raisers for other cancer patients etc etc. Most of all I have loved and felt love… and I have a bag to thank for that. Not due to addiction…but at 27 yrs of age I lost my reproductive system to ovarian cancer, at 31 I lost a Major part of my intestines due to Ovarian cancer coming back (left a small enough piece of ovary behind by accident the first round and the cancer spread) and also lost my urinary bladder due to bladder cancer. I have no respect for Matthew Perry. I have never cared for him… now I just don’t like him period and I think he is a horrible human being. No one that is in a good place ever wishes death upon another person. Most importantly No one that is supposed to be in a good place now…

      • Nicegirl says:

        Love 💕 to you @GreenEyes.

        Love 💕 to you @ SAS!!

        Solidarity & gratitude. Tysm 🖖

      • GreenEyes says:

        Thank you so much and love and solidarity to you as well @NICEGIRL ❤️

      • SAS says:

        @Greeneyes, oh thank you so much, you get it!! I felt absolutely sick, alone and dehumanised about the other ignorant comment, thank you so much for sharing your strength and positivity. I could never wish away my bag as it’s the symbol of me being alive after years of ill health from childhood and then surviving a similarly catastrophic medical event.

        No-one’s fallen in love with me yet lol but I’m still young and I finally have a life I’m in love with. For any other people who uphold negative attitudes around ostomy bags, I wish you could feel the joy and vitality I’m living with. (Which to get back to the gossip, seems like Matthew clearly doesn’t have, bag or no!)

      • GreenEyes says:

        @SAS… I most definitely feel your positivity and joy. I have come to the conclusion thru the years a lot of others’ outlook has to do with their outlook regarding life in general. If a person is negative to begin with then having to wear a bag is going to be seen as dark and the worst thing ever. While the rest of us are so grateful
        To be alive, negative people can’t see the positive side.
        You keep shining SAS and embracing life as you are. Thank you for
        Sharing as you have. It still
        Is always nice to know someone else totally understands. Sending huge hugs your way! ❤️🥰

  26. NEENA ZEE says:

    I’ve been reading all the coverage and comments about this book over the past week and wondering if I was the only person who didn’t feel warmth and compassion for Perry? His story literally revolts me. He gets more chances to screw up and try again because he has more resources. And he is very, very lucky. What a complete waste.

    His “joke” falls flat for me because Keanu isn’t an addict while he, River, Chris and Heath all had well-known substance abuse issues. There’s no equivalency. He just wanted to say it. So he did.

  27. TIFFANY says:

    It read like he is completely ignoring Keanu’s relationship with River. They were close and Keanu took River’s death hard. Or maybe Matthew did know and was jealous and has been holding on to this for decades.

    Also, River’s death felt personal for alot of us Gen Xers. To just see those photos of him on the sidewalk. My memory is still fresh. For us River and Keanu was it and Matthew was the definition of ‘Who?’.

    • Casey says:

      Exactly! River and Keanu were actually very close friends sooooooooo… not impressed by Matthew atm

    • Size Does Matter says:

      It looks like jealousy. Matthew Perry was on an iconic show but wasn’t iconic himself. He never rose to that level of Gen X adoration (at least for me). He’s too cutting, it’s mean. He’s coming off as an angry unhappy person inside and while I wish him the best in recovery, shooting himself in the foot is very unhelpful in that regard.

  28. Casey says:

    Chandler bing for life but no one I mean NO ONE insults Keanu. Ppl forget all that man has been thru and he is still one of the most gracious, giving and nicest men in the business! So no I will not be reading this book based on that.

  29. Izzy says:

    WHY?? Maybe because Keanu wasn’t dropping speedballs left and right. Maybe because he wasn’t such a drugged-out mess that he was a major liability on sets. But you know, I’m just guessing…

  30. Nicegirl says:

    Keanu 💕forever ♾

    We want him to 🖖♾💗.

    Not cool, Matt Perry. Uncool triangle level not cool. Leave.Keanu.Alone.

  31. Stacey Dresden says:

    Not cool and I can’t believe his editor let this go to print. It’s on the publisher as well.

  32. Flo says:

    I was looking forward to this book, but will not be buying or reading it now. How horrible is he?

  33. HeyKay says:

    I am checking in to see new comments because
    #1. I’m disappointed by MP and his book. #2. Where does he get off dumping on Keanue?
    #3. Lousy excuse for an apology too, his PR team told him to apologize and he mumbled a few words.
    I’m glad to see from the comments I am not alone in feeling MP has no right to be awful to Keanu.
    That book is going to backfire on him, big. People can now see that MP is a small, petty, grudge holding, bitter person and IMO, that has nothing to do with his addiction troubles.

  34. Peanut Butter says:

    Quoting Maya Angelou, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. I’ll always admire Keanu’s gracious, generous heart and good humor.

  35. Emily_C says:

    Why on earth did he pick Keanu Reeves of all people? Was Keanu not one of the “cool” kids doing way too many drugs? Middle age can bring out a lot of jealousy in certain kinds of people, and I guess Matthew Perry is one of those people.

  36. Cel2495 says:

    oh nooo! he did not try to play with our BF. Hard pass on his book plus that apology is shit.

  37. DiegoInSF says:

    Weakest apology ever, if you can even call it that! He “misspoke” on a published memoir on two separate parts??
    Yeah, he’s just “apologizing” because the backlash was swift.

  38. Nikki says:

    The irony is that Keanu does SO MUCH GOOD in the world, and has made the world a much better place every day.

  39. Ceej says:

    I’d like to just put put into the universe how glad I am Keane Reeves is alive and walking among us. And I want it to stay that way. Just as a counterbalance to the tantrums of a petty white man.

  40. greenmonster says:

    Yesterday I gave him the benefit of a doubt. I was wrong. I never cared too much about MP and I will keep it that way. No-one talks like that about Keanu!

  41. Sassy says:

    How dare he insult my imaginary husband!

  42. Annalise says:

    The reason Keanu Reeves walks among us, but River Phoenix and Heath Ledger are dead, is because River and Heath were opiate users and Keanu is not. And sometimes opiate users overdose.
    No big philosophical mystery there.

  43. paintergal says:

    Matthew speaks through an addicts brain, which can be pretty f**ked up. Not an excuse but he scrambled his brain and psyche to the point just before death.

  44. Sophia’s Side Eye says:

    Certain celebrities should have kept their memoirs to themselves, Catie Couric anyone? The lack of self awareness these people have is just beyond me.

    I’ve never warmed to MP, now I know why. He’s a bitter, miserable, egotistical jerk, probably tells himself that Keanu has the career he should’ve had. The fact is MP was funny on one show, Keanu has been a movie star since the 90s, his career has grown slowly and steadily since then. And, even with all his heartbreak he’s always come across as a humble, kind person. Plus, let’s be real, he’s beautiful too.

    I love me a celebrity memoir, but I will not be putting my money in Perry’s pockets. We’ll keep Keanu, thank you very much!

  45. tealily says:

    I think he seriously underestimated the esteem in which Keanu Reeves is held by the general public. He thought he was picking a generic dumb actor, but a lot has changed since the 90s.

  46. Justwastingtime says:

    15 times in rehab and he learned nothing about kindness or taking responsiblity for one’s actions? And yes, no matter who he named, it’s a terrible thing to say.

    Am baffled by the continued love of Friends. I never made it though a full episode when it was on network TV, kind of why watch boring Friends when you could watch Seinfeld?

    • Emmi says:

      I don’t get people‘s obsession with Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld – on the show and in life – seems like a douche and someone I wouldn’t want to spend any time with. Elaine is awesome but the men are unpleasant at best.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Agree that it hasn’t aged that well. That being said, would still watch it anyday of the week over Friends.

      • tealily says:

        He always looks like he’s laughing at his own jokes. I never got the appeal either, but I appreciate that other people dig it.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      I’ve tried and tried to get into friends as I was a teenager when it ended but much prefer Seinfeld, in fact I’m a super fan lol

  47. MsGnomer says:

    Well, holy cr*p. Is this guy is living in 1992 or what? Sounds to me like he is still bitter that Keanu was close friends with River, and is holding onto some jealous grudge from that time when he wishes he was close to River instead of Keanu. Matthew was never as creative as either of them. How broken do you have to be to fuel the flames of an old resentment like this. Talk about an inflated ego and sense of entitlement. He is LUCKY he had 9 million to spend on himself for drug addiction. Other people dont have that kind of resource. So now that he has stirred up some sh*t and got some publicity, can he go away now? Please and thanks.

    I am grateful for KR creativity and heart. Beautiful soul. Beloved for many of us.

    • MsGnomer says:

      So beloved I would defend his performance in “Dangerous Liaisons.” I thought he and Uma did a great comedic performance of the two dorky and beautiful teenagers, even if unintended.

      • rottencandycorn says:

        As an old timer who watched a lot of 90’s movies and read gossip stuff when I could. I don’t remember MP and River Phoenix being BFF’s. Keanu was in “My own private Idaho” with River and they seemed pretty tight.

        Phoenix’s father was angry at John Frusciante (Red Hot chili peppers) ect over his son’s death. In an interview, he said, “If I find him, I’m going to kill him. He’s very rich and very young, 23 like River, but he’s a terrible addict who’s become a pusher…” This I’ve seen this before I saw it on Wikipedia .
        Keanu has seen and been through some shit .
        MP is some shit for saying this in his book, I’ll never read it.

  48. Elsa says:

    MP has always been vile. I remember he made fun of a girl who went on a date with who had never seen the ocean. He took her to see the ocean and said “I thought it would be bigger” and he endlessly mocked her. Sure it was dumb, but I always thought she meant that in her mind she was seeing the entire ocean and when she actually saw it, it was smaller than in her mind. Even if she was kind of silly, I hated him for being a jerk. I never forgot that about him. .

  49. Emily_C says:

    I would also like to add: Keanu Reeves isn’t the type of actor who’d be a great Hamlet. What he is, is an absolutely brilliant physical actor. In the days of silent films, he’d have been the biggest star there was. He needs movies that allow him to show his amazing talent in this area. Matthew Perry, otoh? I mean he was fine on that TV show. I would not call him in any way brilliant in any area.

  50. Meow says:

    Of course he doesn’t wish Keanu’s death, duh! people are insane. I think he grabbed the most innocuous name he could think of, or unproblematic, and yet…here we are. I accept his apology. He did misspeak and yah he should have used his own name, frankly an editor should have caught that.

  51. HeyKay says:

    I want to thank the posters here who spoke about having an ostomy bag.
    Health issues make some medical decisions on their own.
    The choice between an ostomy bag or not = death.

    Medical devices or any type are if needed, nothing to hide.
    There should be no stigma.

  52. Delphine says:

    Matthew is clearly jealous of Keanu. Because he’s successful and beloved while Matthew Perry is pretty much a has been

  53. trudy says:

    Ya he’s just so jealous that he’s a little wooden and yet his wooden is exactly what’s needed in his even comedy roles, entitled drunk matt was probably up for one of K’s romantic roles that were not that memorable and he’s bitter as feline!!

  54. Joey says:

    I’m sorry but this whole having to apologize for every single thing that people don’t like is over the top. Those were his feelings that he wrote in his memoir. He wasn’t saying anything evil or spreading hate speech or anything of that nature. When people grieve a loved one (which i am assuming he still is grieving the loss of his friend River Phoenix to drugs) you do sometimes say Whey that person? Why is my friend gone but Joe Schmoe is alive and kicking, wtf?!
    i know because I have done it myself. Losing a loved one I sometimes will think why is this asshole still here but not my loved one?
    People just need to not take EVERYTHING so personally because at the end of the day it’s not about you.