Millie Bobby Brown: With Henry Cavill, ‘it feels like a real adult relationship’

Enola Holmes 2 is already out on Netflix! I will watch it this weekend, eagerly, because I loved the first one. Millie Bobby Brown is the lead, Enola Holmes, the younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. The first movie was about Enola figuring out her place in the world and problem-solving without her mom and solving her first case. In the second film, she’s set herself up as a detective in London, just like Sherlock. Henry Cavill returns to the role of older-brother Sherlock, and apparently a big chunk of the movie hinges on their relationship. Millie and director Harry Bradbeer spoke with Deadline this week about the film, and Millie’s quotes about Henry Cavill are going viral. Some highlights from Deadline:

MBB on being undermined & underestimated in the industry: “I think the industry can easily have its faults and its great accomplishments. This is one of them. Yes, of course I’ve been undermined in the past, but we don’t focus on those things. We focus on the positives, and I have not been undermined in this situation. I was given an opportunity to be a female lead in a film. And that is a step forward.”

Who is the least likely to “break” on set? “I would say Henry. Henry is a problem solver. He’s a very rational man. Me, I’m a bit manic. I’ll try everything in order to solve something. Whereas he usually just gets it dead on right.”

MBB on how good Cavill was acting with a young actress: “It’s shocking because he doesn’t have any sisters. So, for him, it must be completely different. I have a sister, a brother, and an older brother. So, I’m very much used to that kind of dynamic. I had to implement a lot of that into my relationship with Henry offscreen and onscreen and just pull him out of his comfort zone.

The difference between her working relationship with Henry Cavill vs. Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp and Charlie Heaton: “It’s different because I grew up with Noah and Charlie. I met them when I was 10. So, for me, it does feel like your schoolmates. And with Henry, it feels like a real adult relationship. Like a really good friendship, a really healthy one. One that we have terms and conditions. I know Henry. He has terms and conditions with me. I’m not allowed to ask about his personal life. It’s like, “Millie, shut up. No.” And I’m like “Understood.” Whereas with the Stranger Things kids, it’s different. There’s no boundaries because it’s like we’re all siblings. But with Henry, he’s very strict with me, which I appreciate.

[From Deadline]

People are bringing up the fact that in 2018, when Millie was 14 years old, she repeatedly talked about how she was/is “close friends” with Drake, who was 31 years old at the time. Drake is gross though, and he has a history of grooming teenagers and I still believe that was what happened there. I don’t think that’s what Millie is saying here – she’s 18 years old and I suspect she’s saying that Henry Cavill treated her with respect, like she was a grown-up actress and colleague. Then she would ask him about his romantic life and he would remember how young she is and he would shut it down. It sounds like Cavill was enforcing healthy and professional boundaries with a young colleague? But what do I know.

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  1. ME says:

    Oh God for a second I thought this was about them being in an actual romantic relationship !

    With regards to Drake, he’s all about making up controversy to stay relevant. His current album with 21 Savage is proof of that. He is literally going after everyone. Dude loves a good viral moment. It’s kind of pathetic really.

  2. Molly says:

    God he needs to lose that suit.

    • laurie says:

      Yes!! Whoever told him he looks good in a double breasted suit should be fired stat!! He looks better in his Witcher stuff!

      • Ameerah M says:

        He can’t wear single breasted suits y’all. The man is too wide. Single breasted suits are for narrow shoulders and chests. He wears double breasted because that’s what FITS. Traditional suits tend to be looser in the chest and thighs. Two places where he is bigger than most men. My brother also has broad shoulders and large thighs and has to wear traditional cuts on pants and jeans and suits.

      • Abby says:

        @Ameerah M but…. that’s what custom suits are for, right? My husband used to work for a custom tailored suit company. Many of their customers were football players. It wasn’t even THAT expensive.

    • Abby says:

      THANK YOU! I said this on the other post about him. I think he’s really handsome but I do NOT love a double-breasted suit on him at all.

    • Eurydice says:

      That looks a lot like the suit he wore as Sherlock in the first Enola movie – I rewatched it the other day. But yeah, he’s too broad chested for this look

    • HamsterJam says:

      And she needs to lose that dress. I have never seen two such attractive looking people in uglier clothes.

  3. MK says:

    IPV/SA/TitleIX specialist here: I truly love this and wish it was the norm.

  4. Moxylady says:

    Sounds healthy to me. She’s talking about having an adult colleague who refuses to get too confidential/ friendly / talkative with his much younger colleague.

  5. Bettyrose says:

    Her parents or whoever did a great job of keeping her public image very youthful, but the internet is a sewer. She was always going to be sexualized and aged up by predatory men. Until we see fundamental changes in our culture (read : never) the world will not be a safe place for little girls in the public domain.

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      Her parents, especially her father, have always given sketchy vibes. It sounds like the family broke the bank to make Millie a star and sacrificed the well-being of their other kids by uprooting them multiple times (there are lots of interviews from Millie herself describing this). Also her parents supposedly let her date a 20 year old when she was 16 and let the guy live with them under their roof for 8 months (the ex did a Tiktok about it). Which isn’t surprising considering she was talking to Drake when she was 14 and he was 31. I wouldn’t be surprised if Millie’s siblings ever come out of the woodwork accusing their parents of being neglectful or of Millie going off the rails from not being properly parented/supervised by her parents. She is very talented and very young but I do fear for her, I really hope she manages to avoid the stereotypical young Hollywood path of addiction and risky behavior.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I didn’t know that about her parents but I’m not surprised. I was thinking more of how she was always dressed age appropriate in public appearances before her 18th birthday. Designers are happy to sex up under age looks so someone was doing a good job on that front anyway.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Exactly, Bettyrose. That’s part of the reason why the “iT wAsa PROTECT-SHUN” excuse for virginity tests and the violent way we’ve talked to and about teenage girls/young women over the past few decades is bs.

      • bettyrose says:

        The most recent example being the bathroom BS, ooh we can’t have transwomen in public bathrooms because they present a threat to our delicate ladies. Yeah, so convenient to care about the safety and dignity of women when it suits a particular hate filled agenda, but never under any other circumstances.

  6. Moxylady says:

    That’s not a scandal. It’s appropriate behavior between colleagues.

    • SpankFD says:

      Are you certain? Is she holding his hand in that one photo?

      Please tell me I’m wrong because … ick.

      • HeyJude says:

        She’s also holding the hand of a much older female colleague in another pic there. You know like cast members tend to do when posing together to pull in close for group shots?

        That’s quite a double standard to say that’s not also a problematic “hand hold” too.

  7. AmelieOriginal says:

    That pinstriped suit needs to be burned lol, he needs to stick to a boring black suit. His shoulders are too broad and the suit makes him look bigger than he actually is.

    I think it’s healthy for Henry to have a “no personal questions” with Millie. He’s 39, she’s 18. Also I think he really dislikes being a focus of gossip stories and is generally very private. Millie is young and 18, at that age people have no sense of healthy professional boundaries. She grew up with the kids on the Stranger Things set, it makes sense they all became close and there weren’t those kinds of boundaries as they were just kids having fun. But she’s 18 now and like most 18 year olds is learning how to transition from childhood relationships to adult ones.

  8. Aviva2 says:

    This is a pleasant surprise. Way to go, all involved parties.

  9. HeatherC says:

    Due to the headline I thought this was about to go sideways. I was pleasantly surprised and good on Henry Cavill! As Millie Bobby Brown transitions to more adult roles, I hope she remembers this relationship on how working relationships should be. It sounds healthy, and boundaries are always important. But the need for boundaries isn’t always something one learns and appreciates until they’re a bit older (source: personal experience)

  10. thaisajs says:

    Maybe she’s too old for him now. But I’m glad there’s no ickiness there. I like MBB and excited to watch the sequel this weekend.

    • escondista says:

      He has a partner who is in her 30s.

      • Another Anna says:

        Yeah, but he’s dated suspiciously close to an eighteen year old while he was in his mid-30s. I’m glad he and MBB have what seems like a good, healthy relationship. From what I know of her, it sounds like she hasn’t had a lot of that. It’s just that I don’t trust him.

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    She’s ok as an actress but good luck to her as she moves into the adult movie world – hopefully she doesn’t go the same way as many other child stars before her have done, esp ones with pushy stage parents like hers. I just fear the problems will start when the work dries up.

    As for Cavill – as my gay friend recently told me ‘be honest you only watched The Witcher to look at him with his clothes off – I know I did’. LOL its partly true. My point is is that he’s easy on the eyes, esp when he was less beefy.

  12. PunkPrincessPhD says:

    Tangent but her makeup and styling here ages her in not a good way. She’s only 18 – she doesn’t need to look harsh.

  13. Lala11_7 says:

    Men with broad chests & wider waist should NEVA wear double-breasted suits…those are for men with broad shoulders & slimmer waist…Henry is acting the way I think one should act with EVERYONE in the workplace…at least that’s how I ran my plate on the job…WAY LESS MESSY in the end.

  14. tealily says:

    I know he leans younger, so I was concerned, but this sounds good. Sounds like she’s learning how to be professional from an older colleague.

  15. Becks1 says:

    Count me as someone else who was concerned that this was about a romantic relationship between them, lol. I’m so glad its not!

    I understand what she’s saying. My relationship with people I’ve met as i’ve gotten older is very different from the relationship I have with people I’ve known my whole life. there’s just a different dynamic there. here, it sounds like there is a lot of respect and he’s definitely setting boundaries with his younger costar. And she respects that from him, so good all around.

  16. Concern Fae says:

    She strikes me as wonderful onscreen and a bit yikes off it. Hope she navigates the transition to adult roles and running her own life successfully. College really does work as the buffer zone for many people. Hope she finds some way to navigate healthy boundaries for her family, especially if they weren’t building their own independent financial security.

  17. AppleCart says:

    As we know it’s not like Henry is adverse to dating a teenager. But it seems he has grown up and is in a healthy adult relationship with an adult woman over 30. I didn’t take this as them being freaky on set. More he treated her as an equal but was aware of her age and respectful of the boundaries.

  18. Case says:

    Sounds like he’s reinforcing the personal boundaries that a lot of professionals should, regardless of age or profession. My boss has a tendency to ask about if I’m dating anyone, or question the COVID precautions I’m continuing to take, and I’m just like…why is this your business?

  19. NeoCleo says:

    I have to say that I truly hate Bobbi’s hair and make-up. She looks like a 45-year-old Connecticut housewife.

    • AppleCart says:

      I think she tries to be as adult as the people she works with. She seems wise beyond her years. She had a great role in a series Intruders on BBC. She was playing a serial killer that body jumped a little girl. She was amazing and scared the crap out of me. She was only Ten at the time in 2014. I wish that had a second season. But I digress….

      I hope she can just have a fun teen life. And stop trying to be older than she is. It all goes by so fast.

  20. LIONE says:

    Have you all forgot how misogynistic Henry Cavill has been? Forget about the age-stuff, he has straight up been quite conservative in his view of women.
    This site even reported on that years back.

    Sure, it probably was work boundaries, but when you put everything Millie is saying about him they paint the same picture of him as when he was quite misogynistic.
    Millie’s mentioning how he can’t relate to women because he didn’t have a sister…. Uhm. Ok.

    He screams male fragility and closeted gay to me. (I’m gay as well, my radar is usually right). And yes, I know he has a fiance.

  21. jferber says:

    Speaking of Drake, he just released an album with 21 Savage denying that Megan Thee Stallion was shot by Tory Lanez. What a piece of shit Drake is. I never saw him like this before, honestly. On Issa Rae’s show Insecure, the main character says how well Drake “gets” women. I thought so, too. But actually DENYING that Megan was shot by Lanez is absolutely disgusting. Megan responded with something like, Don’t talk about my shooting for clout.

  22. Bad Janet says:

    I wish he would just dress as Geralt all the time. Hummanah hummanah.

    I have some concerns for Millie. It seems like she grew up too fast.

    Her face is giving me Katherine Heigl vibes as she gets older (who is gorgeous, whether or not she is personally heinous).