Johnny Depp really did appear in Rihanna’s Savage/Fenty show, gross

Like most people, I kept waiting for Rihanna to change her mind or deny TMZ’s exclusive. Last week, TMZ broke the news that Rihanna invited Johnny Depp to be part of her Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 show. It was really shocking, and it was also shocking that she had plenty of time to change her mind or uninvite Depp and she just… didn’t. She didn’t care. She hyped the show, she talked about how proud she was of putting the whole thing together, and the show was filmed for Amazon Prime. Depp did “walk” in the show:

Disgusting. For the people – Rihanna’s diehard fans – arguing that Rihanna is getting “blamed” for Depp’s actions… literally, Rihanna made the choice to publicly support a man who physically abused his then-wife Amber Heard repeatedly. This was not “Rihanna liked a stupid post on Instagram” either – do you know how many people were involved with this choice? Rihanna, her entire Fenty team, Depp and his team, and apparently no one thought it was a bad idea? It’s disgusting.

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  1. Soapboxpudding says:

    So disappointed in RiRi. Especially considering her own experiences with domestic violence.

    • Mrs. CP says:

      @Soapboxpudding exactly what I was going to say too!
      I just don’t understand her, having been there herself. So utterly disappointed! 😞

    • Lurker25 says:

      It’s… Ugh.
      Maybe the billionaire curse struck Riri too. At some point you’re so wealthy you lose touch with humanity and decency.

      Also wondering (I’m aware that I’m treading deep into finding-excuses territory) if she was not paying enough attention. The Depp social media trolls, the media himpathy, the DARVO tactics in court all seem blindly obvious to me *now* …but I wasn’t paying attention when the trial started and headlines like “Psychologist Shreds Heard Testimony” and “Heard Defense Team Scrambling to Rebut” (mainstream media! Not rando YouTubers!) made it seem like impartial experts sided with Depp.

      Laineygossip pointed out the Door connection as well. Depp is the face of Dior cologne and Rihanna has some connection (I forgot what) so Dior (plus mutual agents?) are cleaning the stink off Depp through the Rihanna washer. “So fresh and so clean”… Very in your face, no?

      Wonder what she’s getting out of the deal. Didn’t think she needed more of anything, but again … Billionaires gonna hoard without care.

    • sunny says:

      I love RiRi but this was a terrible decision and giving this man a platform of any sort is disgusting. She got it wrong here.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      but let’s also consider how many times she went back to her abuser, and is apparently still friendly with him. she had more hate for “the other woman” (Karruche Tran) who was ALSO abused by Brown than she did for Brown himself.

      I wouldn’t wish her experience on anyone but it’s not like she’s some paragon of feminism.

    • Cait C says:

      Disappointed sure but are you really shocked. Rhianna stayed with Chris Brown after the assault. She even fought back in forth over twitter about Chris with his new girlfriend. Before her girl boss rebrand Rhianna frequently went after other black female artist like Ciara and random women online Rhianna was really catty.She still very supportive of and friendly with Nicki Minaj a women who sent her fans to harass and dox her husband’s ( a convicted rapist) victim. Rhianna is also in a relationship and has a baby with a known colorist and all around loser ASAP Rocky. People view Rhianna through rose colored glasses but she has problematic for a while.

    • Green Desert says:

      Rhianna is a victim of relationship violence and the daughter of a domestic abuser. And has chosen to give an abuser a platform. The whole thing is sad, and the one who loses is Amber Heard. I hope she has good people around her and her daughter. And I hope Rhianna makes the choice to work through her own obvious issues around men and abuse.

      • Christina says:

        I have supported her brand, purchased her products. I won’t be anymore.

        She isn’t dealing with what has happened. In many communities, domestic violence in normalized. She is part of that. It’s like Jamie Spear’s family history of abusing the women in his family. Nikki Minag comes to mind.

        Men aren’t the only ones holding up domestic violence against women.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      It’s disappointing for sure, but not surprising. Rihanna has shown repeatedly that she’s ok with being a terrible person. She insults her fans going to prom, she uses racist insults against Karrueche Tran, etc. But people don’t really seem to care and stan her anyway.

  2. Case says:

    That tweet from Kat Tenbarge is completely correct. Throughout the US trial, we saw Depp’s vengeful side in emails and texts. He wanted to ruin Amber for daring to stand up to him and leave, and he did just that while the masses cheered him on. It makes me sick. Amber now needs to fear for her safety and the safety of her child while he gets rewarded with stuff like this.

    • lanne says:

      Depp got exactly what he wanted. He punished Heard for leaving him, and it worked.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      What has been and continues to be done to her is terrifying and reprehensible. For Rhianna to get him a platform is baffling, especially with her history.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    I just don’t understand this at all.

  4. Maddy says:

    Baffling choice. I need someone to show me a video of Dior execs holding a gun to Rihanna & Team Fenty’s head for this to make sense.

    Rihanna / SavageX has dropped influencers (Draya Michele & Ari Fletcher) for making jokes about DV, but Johnny Depp gets the green light!?!?!?

    • ML says:

      I don’t understand the reasoning behind this either and it sucks. JD is an abuser, he’s also been an a-hole neighbor and he’s been litigious towards former accountants and such. Nothing about this douche screams, “You need me to help you sell underwear.” I sort of believed that she would have edited his presence out of her show. Nope. She’s lost me as a customer.

  5. smee says:

    Interesting choice of music for JD’s walk – “so fresh & clean” do not immediately come to mind

  6. Eurydice says:

    Setting aside his gross personal history – in the video he looks like he just woke up by the side of the road after a bender and can’t figure out where he is…”maybe if I ask this tree…”

  7. Serena says:

    So disappointed, I’ve stopped following her and I won’t support her businesses anymore, that’s all I can do.

  8. Jessica says:

    Putting aside the fact that he is an a-hole..what is even the point of this?? Why have JD or any famous dude walk in her show?! I don’t get the marketing or general idea behind it.

  9. Cee says:

    Done with Rihanna! And I do not find her Fenty line comfortable or attractive.

  10. Abbicci says:

    There are no good billionaires, not even RiRi.

  11. GrnieWnie says:

    This is ringing a bell…I believe Rihanna liked a lot of positive tweets about Johnny Depp during the trial. Or at least his statement post-trial. Barf.

  12. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    And Depp is so gross. He’s been melting for a decade. Will his molten face help sell rayon boxers and polyester robes?

    • [insert_catchy_name] says:

      Yeah even if JD wasn’t an abuser, why would she pick someone so gross? There are plenty of other aging movie stars she could have gone with. I can only imagine that she believes in him as was trying to make a point.

      I used to really admire Rhianna, but now I am questioning everything she has done.

  13. Dee says:

    Depp is a rancid, bloated narcissist and his “fandom” consists of mostly bought troll farms and a few incels.

    He looks like hell so I have no idea why she thought he would be a draw. I guess it is hard to get a feel for public opinion when you live in a super rich bubble.

    • Ihatepeople says:

      I hate him too but we are in the minority. The vast majority of people think he is the victim and Amber is the abuser.

      It really is so disheartening to read any comment section and see people fawning over him.

      Maybe RiRi just wants to make money and she doesn’t give a shit. Whatever the reason she has lots my support.

      • Lex says:

        Reddit is a cesspool for JD fans. So many people are misogynist at heart. Any chance to put women back in their place with their ‘BuT MeN aRe ViCtImS tOo’ nonsense, as if it’s somehow worse than women being victims

  14. ME says:

    I think Rihanna thinks she’s untouchable. Like nothing she says/does can affect her career or money making abilities. This was a really bad look…but oh well Rihanna doesn’t care. We will all forget about this when she does an amazing job during the Superbowl halftime show. This is our scewed up society unfortunately.

  15. Colleen says:

    Darn. I really love my Fenty foundation. Sorry Rhianna, I’m out. So so disappointing.

    • goofpuff says:

      yeah I loved my Fenty face products, but won’t be repurchasing. There are other brands out there that I can put my money behind that doesn’t so blatantly support a troll like JD. Also done with Dior too since they still hire him for their ads.

  16. Solidgold says:

    Good girl gone bad, Bad girl Riri.

    She gives off a vibe of not giving a crap and does not want to be seen as someone who has a victim mentality even though she was a victim of violence. She also gives off being very male identified so her support of Depp tracks.

  17. jferber says:

    I think she really never got over her own abuser, Chris Brown, and only tore herself away after everybody she respected told her to break ties or her brand would go belly up. So this internal conflict turned her into a fangirl of other abusers? Just a theory, but I think she’s not really finished with her therapy yet if she can support other abusers like Depp. Surprised Brad Pitt didn’t walk the runway, too.

  18. trudy says:

    Aside from the obvious, it’s actually horrible, the song, his look, the dancers, it’s so disgusting as a video, not one thing so fresh and clean, pathetic

  19. Kate says:

    She does a lot of 90s sexuality throwbacks , Depp was peak 90s like leo decaprio in Romeo and Juliet. If Depp wasn’t such an abusive POS it would ALMOST make sense, but doesn’t. It’s almost like she’s daring people to cancel her, but so many won’t and she knows it, like it’s making a statement.. She walks on water in pop culture. Also, imo JD pays for support bots 100% that’s his ego making sure everyone sees him being supported and “adored”. It’s like that mob mentality of bots supporting him might make other people support him or who knows. He has the money to blow on that. Reminds me of MAGA twitter