Kim Kardashian wore Balenciaga to the Baby2Baby gala: Barbiecore chic?

Here are some photos from the Baby2Baby gala, which has become one of the most A-list charity events in LA in recent years. Baby2Baby is a charity which helps families in poverty by providing essentials for children, everything from clothes, shoes, diapers, bottles, etc. It’s an incredibly popular charity with A-listers, and they really get a good turnout for their events. This year, the charity gala honored Kim Kardashian with the Giving Tree Award. I wasn’t even aware that Kim did much with Baby2Baby, but it’s likely that she just donates money or sponsors families. Kim wore this Barbiecore pink Balenciaga gown which… I mean, it’s fine, but it also feels like A LOT for a charity gala? I also wish she would ditch the blonde. The event was sponsored by Tiffany & Co, and a lot of the women wore Tiffany jewelry, including Kim.

Kylie Jenner came out too, and she wore Loewe. I don’t think much of any of the Kardashian-Jenner ladies’ styles, but I appreciate that Kylie seems to take more chances and she wears some offbeat designers sometimes. That being said, this is kind of meh. Still, it was her sister’s night, maybe she wanted to look more lowkey.

Olivia Wilde was a presenter at the gala. I LOATHE her ensemble. Olivia has been going through a phase where she’s making her looks all about her chest, and I don’t really get it. While the skirt is fine – even comfortable-looking – I have no idea why anyone would think a thin bandeau top is appropriate for a charity gala. This ain’t the beach, Olivia.

Lori Harvey wore Off-White to the gala. This, too me, is a bit too much as well, but I kind of like that she went for it? Why not, you know?

Miranda Kerr had my favorite look – I love velvet, I love this shade of blue and I love the cut of her two-piece dress. Slinky but classy. Her husband came with her too.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Steph says:

    I don’t like any of the looks. OW is the worst though. She looks so childish.

    • SAS says:

      It’s like she’s screaming “MOMS CAN BE SEXY TOO!!” to this room full of some of the most staggeringly gorgeous mothers in Hollywood. Like… yes, and?…

    • Emme says:

      Why on earth would you want to make your look all about the chest when you don’t have one?
      Not body shaming, just genuinely puzzled.

      • Sugarhere says:

        Now, I’m no longer laughing. Miss O’s ensemble choice – too much fabric at the bottom and way too little at the top – screams depression and mental breakdown, due to the complete lack of self-awareness. She needs a long break from public life.

  2. Hannah says:

    Kylie looks amazing, sultry, sexy and possibly even comfortable in her skin. Kim still looks like she has the same backside she’s always had, she just had *all* the fat lipo’d out of her tummy and arms. I wish she’d go back to her natural hair colour

    • SquiddusMaximus says:

      I really wish media outlets would stop normalizing the Kardashians. None of what they have done to themselves is normal, and they should not be extolled as any standard-bearers of beauty — this is body modification. That’s it.

      Now, Squiddus does love herself some Botox, and she has no problem with women having the agency to tweak and amend. Awesome! But when you look nothing like yourself… that’s something else. Scary. And I hate for it to be normalized.

      Nice to see her droopy eye has rebounded. Guess it either relaxed after the last injection, or Dr. Miracle worked on that the same time he inflated her lips? They look ridiculous. SHE looks ridiculous. I guess she needs a new face to match skinny fake bod?

  3. Amy Bee says:

    I didn’t realize that was Kylie next to Kim.

    • bananapanda says:

      Kylie has completely changed her looks. I think it’s all due to insecurity and carving a place in that family. In high school she was rather cute but plain compared to her sister, Kendall who got the model lankiness and looks. For Kylie the metamorphosis started with the lip plumper kits and carried on from there.

      • Waitwhat? says:

        Didn’t she start super-young, though? I feel kind of sorry for her because I think she never really got a chance to become her own person – her mom was just determined that all her daughters, including the two youngest, would be famous, and Kylie got her face carved up before she was even an adult. She would probably be lovely-looking if she’d had a chance to grow up, both physically and mentally/emotionally.

        I think they’ve all been damaged by the way they were raised but Kylie and Khloe have been the worst affected. It’s not that they’re not complicit but their mother is to blame for so much!

  4. Danbury says:

    The outfits are fine, but I just cannot with Lori Havey and Oliva Wilde’s looks. Just … WHY?

    • Lemons says:

      Lori must not be getting headlines so we keep seeing these off the wall ensembles. I just hope she’s getting paid to wear them.

  5. Lolo86lf says:

    The only outfit I like is Miranda Kerr’s. The other dresses look like outfits that trend-setter wannabes will wear in the year 2100.

    • Carrie says:

      Agree Lolo ☺️

    • AMA1977 says:

      Agree, Miranda looks dynamite and everything else is meh (Kylie) to no (Kim) to OMG NOPE!! (Olivia and Lori.)

      Side note, while Kim’s is…something (and I don’t mean good!) I would like to say that her tone-on-tone dressing (slightly darker pink shoe, slightly lighter pink bag, but all the same base color/tone) is GREAT and Kate Middleton should take notes. THIS is how it’s done, not that sad whatever we keep seeing from her.

  6. CTgirl says:

    It is a Kardashian gift that all of them take a designer dress, put it on, and make it look like something from Forever 21.

  7. Mcmmom says:

    I also love that shade of blue – it’s not a color I see often and it’s so pretty.

    I don’t know what OW was thinking with that outfit.

  8. Seraphina says:

    I know I am in the minority here, but I like all except Olivia’s and Lori’s. Kim’s looks great on her. It’s Kim and she has worn worse.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Unfortunately Kim wears more worse than better. How did she put that dress on? It’s too tight and twisted.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Kim prides herself on being able to squeeze into something the designers send that is clearly too small.

  9. Ameerah M says:

    Both Olivia and Lori though this was a red carpet and instead of a charity event. And both looks were awful. And inappropriate. Especially Olivia’s. I don’t hate Kim’s dress but I don’t love it. The only person who looks appropriately dressed is Miranda.

  10. girl_ninja says:

    Yes. Kim ants to help families in need so much she endorsed a man for mayor who is essentially a republican who hates the poor and disenfranchised. She always makes me was to gag a little. The surgeries on her face, that kiss pose she always does and her tooth shaped body is just awful.

  11. BaronSamedi says:

    Hate all of the looks, I even think Miranda’s is too much even if it is at least very pretty.

    And with Olivia. She seemed to make the entire DWD press tour about her body (and chest as Kaiser pointed out) and it almost feels like she is showing off the results of whatever not eating she has been doing?

    It was really noticeable to me because I wasn’t used to seeing an actress showing off her emaciated frame like that anymore.

    I guess all that drama did have an effect on her. I hope she deals with it in a healthy way.

  12. Lucy2 says:

    Olivia’s is so inappropriate for the event, he looks really odd. Of this group I only like Miranda’s. This seems like something you could go to with more of an understated look.

  13. SAS says:

    I’m a complete weirdo but I adore Lori’s look, I can’t even explain why. Totally the wrong occasion though! Guess she didn’t feel certain she’d get another chance from Off-White?

  14. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    I really like Kim’s dress, her whole look here actually. I first saw the dress on Tyler Perry’s Instagram—he presented her the award. They posed together a few times and I thought…I would ‘ship them.

    Miranda Kerr is dressed like a rich white lady who has never heard of hip-hop and I love it.

  15. MaryContrary says:

    Not shown here-but Jessica Alba (one of the founders of Baby2Baby) wore a gorgeous pink gown.

  16. Sumodo1 says:

    For the love of gawd, that’s the worst celebrity fashion in one place at one time (tho Miranda Kerr nailed it). Olivia Wilde has no idea how bad she looks. I can’t even call that “fashion.” Also, what’s up with her eyes? I have an idea what’s up, and I hope it’s not white lines.

  17. Hello Kitty says:

    Kim Kardashian to her hairstylist: “First, it needs to be hyper white. Like void of any pigment whatsoever. Then, I’d like visible roots; yep, at least 2 inches of visible black hairs showing. Then, I need you to slick my hair into an oblivion with absolute gobs of gel. Then take out one random piece by my face– I want it to look like you simply forgot to comb that piece back. Also, take a straightener and crisp the sh*t outta that piece. For the finale, take a whole can of aquanet, and spray away!”

    • molly says:

      The worst part is, it’s a wig! They’re all wigs!
      Meaning, the white/black roots were intentional and deliberate.

  18. Lens says:

    I am about to get real sick of Barbie core pink but as the rest Of the gowns go hers was one of the best. I love this charity event because everyone usually looks beautiful and not trying to prove anything and just want to have fun and meet up with each other. That said Olivia seemed the only one who was try hard and not appropriate. I’m always complaining about the Kardashians and their overt materialism but Kim gave one million so I guess she deserved the giving award here.

  19. SIde Eye says:

    Miranda looks great here. I love the dress and her hair looks amazing.

    Everyone else is a hot mess. Lori Harvey is gorgeous. Ugh why did she wear this – it looks like she has on a speedo underneath Wtf. Olivia looks ridiculous.

    OMG Kim’s eyes! What the cat face is going on here? I said earlier she is veering into Jocelyn Wilderstein territory. She needs to stop messing with her face. Her nose is almost gone. I get so sad looking at her. I need to not click on her posts from now on.

    Napoleon Dynamite once asked if the chickens have large talons. I don’t know the answer but I do know Kylie Jenner has very large talons with those tacky ass nails.

  20. AnneL says:

    Lori Harvey’s looks like she’s wearing a very high-end Star Trek costume. Like, one where they find another planet and the local aliens are beautiful women in futuristic fitted garments. She’s a high priestess of some kind, hence the hood.

    I agree Miranda Kerr looks the best. Kylie looks decent. Olivia looks ridiculous. It WOULD look good at the beach, in a different color. But for this event it’s embarrassing.

  21. Case says:

    Miranda is the clear winner here. Olivia’s look leaves something to be desired, but it’s hardly bad. It’s just plain. If the bandeau had straps or if she wore a statement necklace instead of the earrings, it would be lovely.

    I’m extremely confused what the dress code was based on this assortment of looks tbh.

  22. Philly says:

    Olivia’s look is taking me back to early 2000s when that look (big ballgown skirt with bandeau) was all the rage – I don’t hate it tbh. I also like Kim’s look – I know she’s not natural but her body looks amazing nonetheless. Miranda is always dressed in a way I can only describe as aggressively appropriate. She looks gorgeous but also somehow boring.

  23. Nicegirl says:

    I adore velvet and that ensemble on Miranda, so fab.

  24. Joanna says:

    What did Kim do to her face? Even her jawline looks different.